Eggs - Exactly As Expected?

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Rukbat is bright overhead. It's the middle of the day, and perhaps the season's making up for the cool and rainy days lately, because it's warm - really, it's getting on toward hot. Hot enough for ya? …not according to Luraoth. The egg-heavy gold's spent the morning lazing near her weyr, but now she's coming toward the hatching grounds with a determined step - and perhaps gaining an entourage along the way. She meets Soriana just outside, because the goldrider's leaving after a morning shift in the Annex. It's lunchtime! Or at least it was, because brown eyes meet faceted ones for a moment, and as minds touch, Soriana blinks. "Now?" she asks aloud. Luraoth croons, and continues to the sands. Soriana… sighs. Apparently, lunch will be later, because right now, she turns around and follows her queen to the sands, where Luraoth is snuffling at the heated sands, inspecting them to see if they'll meet with her satisfaction.

And for the bronze who flew the magnificent Luraoth, it would seem the time is at hand to come to her side. Having been laid out by the pond near the feeding grounds, the inclination Sharuth had received from the gold sent him heading /directly/ to the sands. Entering after the gold, his thoughts ask her permission before he'll enter and observe. His rider is close behind, So'l being ever cognizant of the Queen and not wanting to interfere in any way. Instead, he hangs back and offers a wave to Soriana should the young woman look in his direction. This is his first time being on this end of a clutching and with wide eyes does he survey the sands, wondering what the offspring of Luraoth and his Sharuth will produce.

Raelii has heard the humming. But dragons are noisy creatures and so she pays it little mind. She's headed in to lunch, stepping aside in bewilderment as people begin rushing out of the caverns past her. Does this make her turn around and follow? No, no it doesn't. It makes her edge further on it and eyes the caverns warily, unsure what's in there that is causing people to flee. Is lunch really that bad? Or is there a fire?

Ka'el still has his riding goggles on his head as he makes his way up to the observation stands, having made a stop at the office…only to have a voice in his head tell him that there are things happening that he might want to know about. And soooo, here's the Weyrleader, following a growing crowd up to the observation level. Yes, that's definitely Luraoth down there. And Soriana. And.. His eyes make a sweep on the eggless sands before eyeing the fold-down seats of the area. To be on the other side of the looking glass… It's definitely not much cooler up here! He moves to find a seat.

Just returning from Northern Sweeps himself, M'kal slides down Xeosoth's neck and strolls towards the galleries to observe. Cause that how he rolls.

So direct! Soriana might have preferred that there was a stop along the way to get her dinner, but… oh, the dragons have their own plan for things, and her lunch isn't one of them. Sadly, because she's sure it's quite tasty, but… no. Luraoth circles the sands, like a canine seeking to lie down in bed - a dragon seeking a spot to her satisfaction. Sharuth gets barely a glance, a swirl of pale gold that curves toward him and then beckons. Well, come on. Just don't get in the way! Soriana watches her dragon, then glances up at a second. Sharuth. Which means… she looks for So'l, finds him, gives a nod of greeting. "Hey." A word of greeting to go with, and then Soriana looks back to Luraoth as the gold nudges at the sand. Hmm. It does seem warm, yes. A dig of her claws tests it. This might, in fact, be suitable, and so her circling slows.

Visiting Xanadu's resident Beastcrafters, Nornon finds himself getting a rare treat as the Weyr raises with the voices of countless dragons announcing the impending arrival of the latest gold's clutch. Curiosity compels the youth into motion, and he bounces out and across the bowl with barely a 'by your leave' from the overseeing Beastcrafter, making his way up into the stands and finding himself a spot to roost, peering with keen interest at the happenings below.

The humming could be heard even in the infirmary, thus the small group of apprentice wearing healing knots join the rush towards the gallery seats. Among that group is Kera, she pauses at the first landing to peer out towards the sands below before turning her attention to something very important. Finding a seat.

Thea hasn't been here long. Seryth's nudge has roused her from her paperwork and she's made her way without delay. And though she's not here much ahead of the Weyrleader, she's already seated when he arrives. He's given a casual salute and a smile before her attention returns to the sands.

Mur'dah was quick to find Raelii and haul her (maybe literally) to the hatching caverns, up the stairs and into a pair of seats near the front. Ka'el is spotted and saluted, and others are given friendly greetings as he leans down to whisper to Raelii, explaining what is going on. He sits up again as others arrive, waving to M'kal and Thea and Kera and others he knows and recognizes.

Ka'el sees the Weyrwoman and gives her a salute back. "Feels like half my life since graduation has been spent in this place," is said to her and he finds a seat next to her as he settles his eyes on the sands. He rubs his head. Oh hey. Goggles. He pulls them off and plops them on his lap. He acknowledges those he knows in the stands with smiles or nods afterward, noting a handful of unfamiliars.

M'kal gives a roguish grin and wave towards the twin of his weyrmate. "Hiya Mu'dah." and he spies WL and WW so they get salutes and everyone else gets waves

Kiena may be a little late but she makes it just in time, still dressed in her flight gear and likely going to regret that all too soon. She had business to attend to however and now she's swept up with the rest of the crowd into the observation levels. Late also means that she'll have to pick her way to a seat and so she does, muttering a few hasty apologies before finally plunking herself down. Nods are also passed to those she recognizes but otherwise her eyes are drawn to the sands.

"Hey," the bronzerider smiles back, drawing nearer but keeping his distance as appropriate. Rather determined to represent Fort well, So'l quickly donned the outfit he'd set aside for this particular occasion. He wears a comfortable though formal looking tunic of forest green — bedecked with his Fort Thunderbird Wingrider knot — and pants of dark brown, light enough to breathe in this heat but not quite as casual as what others in Xanadu might choose. Standing back, So'l looks out towards Sharuth, who has followed the gold's invitation to join her and moved out onto the sands proper. Quite large for a bronze, Sharuth croons with encouragement as Luraoth seemingly finds a satisfactory (?) spot. His eyes whirling excitedly, he watches with great interest, his tail twitching anxiously at the end.

The question of 'where can one find the Weyrleader' is invariably answered by 'the sands, duh', leading Haya on a trek populated by several others until she climbs into the observation level. Attention shifts gradually from finding Ka'el to spying on the sands, leaving her about halfway to him before she slows to an absolute standstill. Somebody bumping her shoulder in a bid for a better seat jostles her into awareness and she progresses.

Satisfactory enough, at least! But yes, these sands will be suitable, and Luraoth's steps slow entirely for a moment. It's a good thing they are, given that her instincts tell her the time is now, but… she still had to make sure. (Not that there's an alternative.) They're - maybe not perfect - but good enough. So here she is. And - visible as she steps past it, nudges sand up against its sides - the first egg. The first of… who knows? But Soriana nods with a bit of her own satisfaction at the sight, then glances back to So'l, taking in his outfit. Fancy. "Were you in the middle of something?" She's in casual clothes herself, from dragon-infirmary work.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bundle of Imperfections Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It's easy for the mottled colors of an egg's shell to give odd impressions at times. The heat of the sands wavering faint blue until a myriad of individual points of light shift into something the eyes recognize. There are the greens of distant trees, the outlines of ornate archways, and the outlines of buildings. It's a splash of blue that takes up most of the egg's surface, though. It's the sort of palette that draws the mind to recognize familiar sights. The contours outline human faces, with all of their imperfections. A girl with a too big nose, or a man with scarred features - the images seem different to everyone who looks at it. It's all up to interpretation. Whatever images linger on the surface, something more interesting surely lies beneath.

Innes' plans to hit the road have once again been confounded by circumstance. Although she has her meager belongings all gathered together and packed up to go when the activity starts, her resolve to continue on her way doesn't last long. Curiousity - as always - gets the better of her. She joins the crowd in the observation area with her bag still tossed over her shoulder. After a moment of hesitation, she picks out a spot near the back and sets her things down beside her, settling in to watch just in time.

It's a miracle that Ka'el spots those tightly coiled ringlets of a semi-familiar face standing there not too far from where he sits near the Weyrwoman. "Excuse me." He rises from his seat to take the few steps necessary to get to Haya. "Standing there in the way is a good way to find a meatroll tossed at your head," he warns as he taps her shoulder and gestures with a headnod for her to come with him. "Come, there's an empty seat near me. Quick, or you'll miss seein' them. Kanekith was quick to bury the eggs when he was down there. Luraoth will get this other one in line soon enough."

From the sands, "Just back from some hunting," So'l says in response, his smile dimming a bit as his eyes follow what's happening out on the sands. "The bow kind, not the dragon type. Been using some of the time here to get in some practice." His eyes shift away from the goldrider and settle back onto the gold herself. The first egg is laid into the sands and as Luraoth moves away, Sharuth tilts his head sideways to regard the blue-green orb. With a warble, the bronze wonders at the first of their progeny to be laid before looking again to Luraoth and crooning with a note of encouragement. "Pretty one," So'l notes to Soriana. "So much detail in the patterns," he admires warmly.

The first egg is laid and Nornon's eyes are wide with intrigue, despite having seen his fair share at Ista. Every clutch is different and equally interesting to this youth, the splashes of color and contents unique each go round. He's a stranger in a sea of friends, but that doesn't prevent him from openly gawking with the boldness only a teenager can have, hands on his knees as he leans forward, on the edge of his seat.

From the sands, Hunting? There's a curious arch of Soriana's eyebrows for that, given So'l's outfit, but… "Oh," she says. "I've never really done more than the basics, myself." A shrug, and then she looks back to the dragons, watching as Luraoth moves on - though not far. There's more eggs to be laid, and as she settles again, there's a longer pause this time, with a rock of her hips as she waits over. Another egg, with sand mounded against it as she moves - no, wait. Two eggs, though one, larger and brighter than its sibling, is more likely to draw the eye. Pretty? "Heh," Soriana says of that detail. "There's papers written about what patterns mean what dragon. None of it's reliable."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sea of Tears Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
At first glance, the shell of this egg appears not solid, but liquid. Night-dark ripples, silvered by moonlight, lap at the edge of a shadowed forest slumbering 'neath starry skies. Silhouetted against the heavens, stark black firs stand sentinel over a lake of shimmering waters, fed by neither springs nor streams, but wept into being long ago. Abandoned, limpid and unstirred, it has been forgotten by all but one.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Big Blue Box Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Though still rounded, this particular egg has a solid, boxy sort of shape. From its stout, heavy base, its sides rise in something closer to straight lines than the curves that might be expected, tapering abruptly at the top in a blob of white. Flowing down from there, royal blue coats the shell almost entirely, interrupted only by light, square-like splashes that roughly resemble small windows. Perhaps they are meant for the life inside to peer out at potential partners? A dark line runs down between two of these shapes, lending the appearance of doors that might spring open at any time to release whatever's inside. Covered with grain-like striations that run the length of the shell from top-to-bottom, this egg looks nearly wooden as it stands tall and inviting in the sands.

Kera waves and smiles to people as she catches sight of them, then spots a few empty seats in the back upper rows where most of the other apprentices have gravitated to. She does manage to catch sight of a bluish egg just bedfore someone stands up a few rows ahead and blocks her view. Where's a meatroll to fling when ya need one. Leaning this way and that trying to see, she's just about to stand in her own seat when the blockade sits back down. Okay, now all is right as it should be.

Raelii is willingly hauled - and without question! She's never seen a dragon lay eggs! So she half-runs to keep up with Mur'dah, skipping now and then to accommodate his long strides. She's a touch breathless by the time they reach the 'level, her gaze takes in the ones already there and she blanches a little when she spots the Weyrleaders sitting together. That'll be her guilty conscience but they've nothing with them that will explode. She finds herself shown to a seat and leans forward to watch, brown eyes wide with anticipation. When the first egg appears, she claps her hands and crows with enthusiasm, "Oh, they're sorta like chickens!" She beams.

"What? Oh!" Articulate as ever, Haya, but she manages to take the advice, plodding after Ka'el with some speed while a few people with worse seats look on with jealousy. "Thank you, sir. I was comin' to— Bury the eggs, huh?" A swift exchange of looks from the Weyrleader to the sands bobs those distinctive-enough ringlets. "For the warmth? Or to keep us from prying with our eyes?" Speaking of 'this other one' brings her whipping gaze to the bronze dragon allowed on the sands, buoying from there to the display Luraoth puts on with two more. "Oh hey, look at that, then. Huh."

Mur'dah waves to Kiena when he spots her, and then he looks back to Raelii, coughing a bit. "Uh. Well. Not really. I mean. They're /eggs/ but look at them. Aren't they amazing? Maybe I can get you onto the sands to see them up close, later…" he muses thoughtfully. And very quietly.

Kiena tips a few fingers off in a very lazy, sloppy half-salute and half wave to Mur'dah when she spies his greeting wave. Was that a bit of teasing? Or is the bluerider just distracted? Probably the latter. She too has to crane her head a bit to catch the first eggs clutched, but she just needs a quick glimpse to satisfy her curiosity before she's settling again. "Wonder how many there will be," she muses to herself.

"I wouldn't think so /now/," So'l replies, "but there was a time — when I was wide eyed and very young," the bronzerider grins, "that I was /sure/ those patterns meant something. But it's all just random, really," he shrugs in agreement. Two more eggs…and these two are particularly interesting. Sharuth thinks so too, for he is trailing at a safe distance behind Luraoth to study each of the new eggs in kind. The liquid-night egg, especially, takes his interest but the bronze croons to both with greetings into the world before moving on, careful not to disturb them. "I do wonder, though," So'l says, his eyes tracing the new arrivals, "how exactly the eggs /get/ those patterns. I'm no dragonhealer, after all. Is it something chemical?"

More eggs, more eye candy! The Beastcrafter peers down at the sands as the gold drops two more in quick succession. Blue seems to be a theme here and Nornon taps his chin, wondering if diet might play a role here, head tilting as he contemplates this latest theory. A casual onlooker might even see the cogwheels turning as his expression writhes through the various potentialities of emotion and thought. It's almost comical, but clearly that is not the concern here!

Ka'el nods in answer to Haya. "Yeah. They've to be kept very warm. … I suppose 'hot' is the better word for it," he says with a smirk. The sands are stifling! "And as Luraoth herself can't very well sit on them … sands do the job." He settles into his seat and watches in time enough to see more eggs come to be. "How many were there last time? Six I think… Yes. Six. She clutched six last time," he tells her. "There should be more this time around. Her last clutch was her first and…if I paid attention during the Weyrling lesson… first clutches tend to be small." Or he could just be making that up, but at least he sounds as if he knows what he's talking about. Spying Kiena, he grins and waves to her.

This isn't Innes' first experience with a clutching, but that doesn't deter her interest in things. Kera gets a little wiggle of her fingers in greeting from across the way, before her attention returns to the sand. She leans forward where she sits, teetering on the edge of balance to get a better glimpse of things. She squints a bit as though that might help her make out more details, before rocking back in her seat again. Oh well. Whether or not the minute details are visible, it's still worth watching.

They hold secrets, these eggs. Dragon-secrets. Or maybe secrets of dragons? The fact that they hold dragons (or what will be dragons) is known, but as Luraoth moves on toward the next spot in the sand she finds suitable, the egg she places there… well, just because you know something's hiding doesn't mean you can see it. Soriana watches Luraoth's progress, relaxed - but then, other than her urgency, so's Luraoth. The impulse of clutching is what carries her onward, the eggs following each other - larger and smaller, varied in colors and patterns - all of them finding nesting-spots on the sands, half-covered by Luraoth's claws. Soriana smiles. "I wouldn't say random," she says. "We just don't know what they mean." There's a half-grin there, though it turns to a brief frown as Luraoth turns back to look at her eggs laid thus far, and snorts as she turns back along her course, mounding sand back over the ones partially exposed. Gotta keep her babies warm! It's important! (Though, in truth, a few moments now won't do them harm. Still, instincts are strong.) Soriana, while she watches, explains. "Best guess is, it's the waste chemicals." A half-smile, again. "They get pushed out to the surface of the shell while it's still forming, and they coalesce in patterns. Which ones depends on how the soup splashes."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Never Born to Regret Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A sea of lilac and lavender and hints of grass green covers the base of this egg. Standing out in stark contrast are deep, rich dark brown streaks that overlap, taper and bend in such a way as to lend the illusion of the rising trunks of ageless trees. Flecks and spots of green give the image of sparse foliage, the thicker leaves and canopy hidden beyond the tip of the egg's shell. Light spills from the broad curved midsection of the shell, cloaking some of those trees in a fine and ethereal mist and maybe, just maybe, if one peers close enough they will see the slender white figure of a mythical beast — or was it just a trick of the eye?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rolling in the Deep Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This great egg has a smooth and symmetrical shape. It is taller than it is wide, with a sturdy base and rounded tip. Its shell is marble-like both in color and patterning. Aquamarine. Royal blue. Deep gray. They swirl around the surface as if racing, dancing, to an unmarked finish line. Wisps of thin silver curl throughout, far brighter than the other hues and etching a shapeless pattern. Its bright formless designs at a glance seem to shift and move like an unruly child unable to keep still. It challenges the colors darker than itself, stirring the pot like a stick to paint. Greenish gray gather as storm clouds. Turquoise rolls like the raging waters of a storm at sea. Or maybe, it's merely the angle of the light and the positioning of colors that plays tricks on the eyes? The undulating storm stills. Nothing has really moved at all. But right there, just beneath those swirled colors of beauty, are tiny marred markings etched in deep earthy hues. Blurred zigzagged cracks spider-webbing beneath the surface, like hidden veins seen out of focus.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lord of the Castle Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Once upon a time, there was a great castle that fell to ruin within a dark wood. The splashes of color upon this egg seem to recall those frightening childhood tales. Dark streaks of green and black form shadowy crevices where creatures might hide, lurking to scoop up unsuspecting passers by who dare to wander this far into the darkness. Stormy gray is offset by a streak of yellow, like lightning arcing out of the sky, casting light down upon castle ramparts. Paler stone-gray splotches outline craggy spires. Tattered swipes of pale blue form impressions of old flags now left to molder. Flecks if red and orange glow from the windows, as if someone might still be living in these cursed halls. Only the brave of heart would dare disturb what lies within.

Haya looks as though she wishes she were writing this down. Instead, she cocks her head and pays extra due attention to the next few motions of the clutching queen. "If you paid attention…" she murmurs sidelong, "What confidence you inspire." Turning her head with a flick of hair, she eyes him, half-smiling already. "Should I keep that in mind for meetings, then, sir?" Teasing, as fun as it is, can't even grasp her full attention now. With a sling of her arm over the chair, she looks back and studies more eagerly the faces of the people watching the eggs than she did the eggs themselves. "Imagine. Being able to capture all that attention, so quickly." It doesn't seem to be quite intended towards Ka'el, but spoken outloud by an unthinking accident. "And just by doing something utterly natural to you."

Thea's ice green eyes flick to Ka'el, bright with merriment, "Tell me about it!" is her dry reply to her Weyrleader. Though, truthfully, he's probably spent more time here than she has with his bronze winning two goldflights in a matter of months. He's off and finding someone to speak to, returning with a young woman in tow. Thea flashes her a smile and a nod, then asks, "How did your trip to Western go, Ka'el?" Meanwhile her eyes scan the observation level briefly and she notes they have visitors. She'll, no doubt meet some of them later but for now, Nornon and Innes get a friendly smile from her before she returns her attention to the sands.

Well, blue was the theme, but the gold clearly has some surprises in the wings. Or is that in the flanks? Nornon's lips purse in obvious contemplation as brows scrunch intensely. Three more eggs. Fingers are ticked off thoughtfully, clearly noting that she first laid one, then two, and now three. Will four be next? Thea's wave does register on his radar and the lad offers her a grin and a wave before a momentary flicker of worry creases his forehead. Should he have saluted instead? Ah, well, the moment passes and the eggs draw his attention anew, the the Apprentice content to try and sort out this mystery.

The turn-back-shovel-shovel maneuver has So'l smiling, too. But there's conversation going — that answers long held questions — and the bronzerider turns to nod as Soriana explains. "And here I thought dragon eggshells were made of stardust, wishes, and rainbow dreams." Smirk. Smirk x2, because Sharuth is now shadowing Luraoth and stopping at each egg to carefully regard it. The first, especially, seems to grab his focus. Did he see something flitting through the striations? Or was it merely a trick of light? No matter, it isn't the shell that matters…it's the wondrous creature inside. Warbling to the eggs after trying to stare practically /into/ them, Sharuth carefully follows that fantastically beautiful golden queen and cheers her on with warm notes of loving support.

There are surprises to be had in every clutch, whether it's in consistencies of color and pattern… or their absence. The soup of chemicals - whatever their reason - must be an interesting one. There's probably papers written about that, as well, whether it's why eggs have multiple colors, or why - sometimes - they've got only one. Luraoth works her way back along the line of her eggs, burying them more fully, and pauses along the way twice - two more eggs, two more mounds of red and white sand to cover them, though likely not before curious eyes see and speculate. Why are they so? "…hah. Wishes won't keep the embryo safe. The rainbow dreams…" Soriana pauses a moment, considering. "They're probably just fever from the heat."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dare to Gain an Immortal Soul Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Blues such as those found on a clear summer's day sky just hours before final sunset coat the top portion of this egg, broken only by wisps of white where a few clouds linger. Below, a vivid swath of green heralds a grass cloaked ridge of sunbaked stone that rises steeply upwards before sheering off to overlook the rolling waves of the sea-green ocean below. Winding away from the cliffs is the shoreline itself, a beach made of smooth sand that from the angle seen seems to invite you to come forwards and tread along the fine line between land and sea where the waves wash up close and behind them leave swirling patterns of seafoam in their wake.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Great Green Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A very round sort of egg, and a very green one. It's not all one shade, instead dappled with different shades of green in a complex overlay that evokes a sense of pattern and meaning without quite revealing what it's meant to be. Near the bottom, pale green streaks might be a ring of flame - or perhaps they're blades of grass, and the round blotches just above are little flowers nestled amidst them. On one side, a pattern of light and shadow might be a face - but whose? Is that shaggy hair, or a gauzy dress? There's no telling what lies inside, though the other side of it holds a pair of pale green spots, a darker splotch between them giving them the appearance of spectacles - though there's nothing to be seen but green.

Kiena is still there, honest! She's just caught sand and egg gazing (ogling?), even if this is hardly the first clutch she's ever seen laid. Ka'el's wave is caught though and returned, with a bit of a tipped finger gesture too. Not as sloppy though, she has to behave a little, right? Though she's still got her Craftrider knot so… she'll squeak by for now. Three more eggs arrive and she's hastily recounting on her fingers just as two more are clutched.

"Only if you wish to find yourself without employment," retorts Ka'el to Haya, the corners of his mouth quirking up as he watches her from the corner of his eyes. But he too can't keep the teasing up for long without getting distracted by the eggs that are being set out on the stands. He hasn't been keeping count. One, two, three….four…five six…seveneightninemaybe.. It doesn't look as if Luraoth is done either. He smirks a little as his suspicions are confirmed, and blue eyes flit to the human side of the clutch parents momentarily even as Haya's words drift to his ears. He has no reply for her other than a thoughtful nod. Good thing, for they weren't intended for him anyway. Hearing Thea, he straightens a little as he answers. "Very well," he answers. "Everything went smoothly. .. Oh, and have you met Haya?"

Kera watches a moment before the extreme warmth has her reaching for her satchel. Rummaging around in it a moment, a folded scrap of paper and some strips of dried meat are plucked out. Smiling to those near her she offers out a couple of peices before tearing off a bite for herself and fanning herself with the folded paper. The eggs are starting to arrive quicker and she seems to have missed one or two's arrival while digging around in her satchel.

Raelii squeaks and tosses Mur'dah a wide-eyed sidelong look at the idea of going down on the sands to see the eggs. She says nothing but that's because there are more eggs arriving and she doesn't want to miss even one of them. "Well, yeah, not exactly like chickens. For one thing they're a lot bigger." Then without taking her eyes off of Luraoth below, she giggles and nudges his shoulder with hers. She's kidding!

Picking at his collar, So'l laughs lightly. "The heat /can/ play tricks," he nods, watching Luraoth continue down the way. More eggs, it seems, and it looks as if more are coming even still. It's with a little bit of pride that he looks to Sharuth, the bronze looking back just long enough to reply without thinking a word. They're /both/ proud but for Sharuth especially, this day is one he never wants to forget. Tail dragging in the sands, the bronze moves forward, angling away as Luraoth turns back and changes direction before once more resuming in her wake. His eyes briefly sweep out across the sands, Sharuth's eyes scanning the observation deck for any who might seek to disturb Luraoth's efforts. Is he standing taller now? Wings raised just enough to appear intimidating? Maybe. He has babies to protect too, after all.

Squirreling quickly around to sit properly in the chair at the sounds of introductions, Haya looks to find Thea and bobs her head politely, offering a hand across to the woman. "Hello! I'm Haya, ma'am." It lasts not long, not wanting to much interrupt the possible business talk, or the display below for the others looking more curious and engaged than her. She can sit quietly, really.

Well, that's one theory out the window! Nornon spies as the next batch brings two eggs instead of the theorized four and is forced to hastily revise his theorem. Not to mention the seeming predominance of green and blue. Does that mean more blues and greens dragonets? Anyone listening closely might actually hear him muttering on about it, though it may come out as just disjointed snatches as voice fades in and out from his engrossing examination.

Some eggs are easier to miss than others, though they're all pretty obscure once disguised by the sand. Luraoth turns again, circling back to add another to her clutch, the eggs nestled near each other - all the better to be guarded and protected while their shells harden. "Can and does," Soriana says of that heat. "But you can get used to it." She knows. (Sigh.) Another egg is laid, and Luraoth buries it with careful motions before she glances to Sharuth, follows his gaze to the stands. Yes, there's people there. She chuffs softly. They're allowed. There. (She might change her mind later.) But for now… she moves on, giving another egg to the hot sands. Watching is allowed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Light Our Darkest Hour Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Standing taller than one might expect, this imposing egg shines with a metallic-seeming exterior. Randomized and mechanical-looking shapes — coated in cardinal, silver, and royal blue — armor this hulking ovoid, looking as if they could be reordered at will to form something new. But what? Clearly, there's more to this egg than immediately meets the eye. A gilded, sphere-like shape graces the center of one side-face, an eerie sky-blue light appearing to shine from within its center. Radiating out in a faint starburst pattern, this faux-glow may pull the eye in, lending the promise of something truly magnificent contained within. Though this egg is quite large in size, it is also exceedingly curvaceous. Be careful when touching: you wouldn't want it to accidentally roll out of reach.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One Thousand Eyes Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The surface of this egg is etched in feathery whorls of iridescent olive arching gracefully to the apex in gilt-chased curls. Peeking out from amidst the pinion-shapes are circlets of lime, filled with gold and centered with a bullet of teal-edged blue. There appears to be thousands of them. Eyes? Perhaps they are watching you!

Mur'dah just grins at Raelii briefly before he too is peering down at the sands, leaning forward with his hands laced together. Quietly, he starts describing Kalsuoth's egg to her. He remembers /all/ of it. Every detail.

Thea turns her head to give Ka'el a look of approval. "Good," she says warmly. "We need to visit Fort soon and meet their new Weyrwoman." The question draws her gaze back to smile at Haya. "I have not," she says pleasantly, her hand moving at the same time Haya's does to meet across Ka'el. Her grasp is warm, firm, the shake businesslike but genuine. "Well-met Haya. Welcome to Xanadu." She knows a new face when she sees one. "Your assistant?" she guesses with a flick of green eyes back to Ka'el.

Ka'el smiles. Sounds like there's a diplomatic meeting in the works! His attention flits from Weyrwoman to sands, watching as more eggs are set out on the sands by Luraoth. Woah. That one there looks … weeeeird. Are those eyes? What an odd looking egg! "Yes," he answers Thea, "my .. much needed assistant, I've been told," he says with a crooked grin. "Maybe now I'll find it easier to come to the office with my head on straight?" he jokes.

"I'm sure," So'l nods back, his thoughts drifting back to suffering the sands while waiting for Sharuth to hatch. To come forward and Impress him…and now, they're here again — different sands, different circumstances but still — repeating the cycle that keeps Pern ever so stocked with those incredible creatures called dragons. Ah yes, there are more eggs again, and So'l tries to see as much as possible of them before the sands obscure some of the finer detail. Sharuth, meanwhile, has taken his cue from Luraoth and lowers his wings, assuming a less defensive posture. Allowed? Of course. But that close and no further, at least for now. Turning, he watches and yet /more/ eggs find their way into the sands, a low rumble welcoming them, too, into the world.

There's a half-smile from Soriana for So'l's surety. At least waiting for hatching is only one day! Even if it is a rather important one, for dragons and riders both. Luraoth circles her eggs, checking on on them - not that, once buried, they're revealing much more of themselves than mounds of sand… at least not until the shells have hardened and they're ready for touchings. And once Luraoth (and Sharuth!) have been convinced they're ready for touchings, which may take rather longer. Still, they're here. One more is settled to the sands, buried with the rest of the clutch, and then Luraoth stops, looking over her clutch and crooning a warm welcome to them. A final trod around the perimeter, checking them over, and then she stretches herself out on the sands, curled partway around them. All here. All is well. The cycle has moved to its next stage.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tears of Ink Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Foreboding darkness. This egg is glossy and pitch black. An inverted mirror, for its surface is glossy enough to be reflective, but an egg so soullessly black seems nearly evil. This one is relatively small and shaped like a drop of ink squeezed from the tip of a pen. A teardrop egg, and perhaps it's fitting for its shape to be reminiscent of what one does when sadness and fear grips the heart. But subtle beauty lies within the deep obsidian. Hope within hopelessness. Within the gloss, made as if with the tip of a tiny blade, are intricate patterns. Some blocklike. Some curvy. Like the hieroglyphics of another place and time. So slight the figures are that from a distance they are near invisible. But up close, if one takes the time to look past and through the obvious, there's an entirely different shell to be seen.

Raelii will listen too, with eyes glued to the sands and head bobbing animatedly to the story of Kalsuoth's egg. All the while watching those pretty colorful eggs appearing.

Sharuth — after welcoming that last egg as well — follows the gold's lead once more. He moves to curl on the other side, mirroring her position and firmly keeping his eye on /you/. That's right! You! And you and youand you and you up there in the observation deck looking down. The bronze knows these folks are allowed there but that doesn't mean he won't keep his eyes alert for any potential sources of trouble. He only looks away for a moment — just long enough to nuzzle Luraoth with loving congratulations — before Sharuth is once again keeping guard. So'l, meanwhile, nods once more. "Especially when you spend so much time out here," he says empathetically for what's coming. "Beautiful clutch. Can't wait to see what hatches," the bronzerider grins.

"And go home earlier each night," Thea responds with a straight face while her eyes sparkle in a subtle tease gently aimed at Ka'el's late-night working habits. Not that he isn't doing a fine job, but she wants him alive, not dead from a lack of sleep! But yes, a diplomatic meeting. To which his assistant may accompany him. Thea will drag along whichever Junior Weyrwomen who are free as well. And the Weyrsecond. Quite an entourage! To welcome the newly-knotted Senior. She eyes the activity on the sands, focusing on Luraoth especially as she stretches out. She doesn't appear to be in any distress and so the Weyrwoman's faint tension dissipates into a smile. "I'm heading to lunch. I'm starved. Nice meeting you, Haya and don't let him work you too hard." Her grin is warm as she rises and makes her way to the stairs.

This gold is just thwarting all attempts to pin her in a pattern for this Beastcrafter. Nornon shrugs, seeming to give up on the attempt as the gold settles in, having done 1, 2, 3, 2, 2, 1 by his reckoning. Head shakes, trying to clear out the lingering theories that float up as he just examines the final tally and all its colors. "S'pretty," he murmurs to no one in particularly, relaxing back finally and rolling out tense shoulders he had unknowingly clenched during the laying.

"… Forgets… direction of head…." Haya pretends to dictate to herself as she mimes writing on a notebook full of Ka'el's potential flaws. Her lips pursue importantly as she puts all of her attention into this most important task of charting the Weyrleader's apparent trouble. Interrupting herself as Thea exits, she nods, "Well met!" Then it's time to actually look back at those eggs that wrapped up so much of the Weyr and she begins to raise a finger and count off.

Innes cants her head to the side, eyeing each egg as it appears. Some of the… odder looking eggs cause her nose to wrinkle up or her brows to arch, but her expression is otherwise simply one of rapt attention. Of course, her face falls slightly as the eggs all subsequently become more mounds of sand than anything else. So much for that. As it appears things are finished for now, she takes a moment to stretch her limbs and breathe a heavy sigh. "That was fun," she remarks to no one in particular. And now, perhaps, she really ought to get going if she's ever going to leave Xanadu.

Luraoth - as she settles - seems to have her eye on Sharuth, more than the figures in the stands. She watches him, and that nuzzle makes her arch her neck, snorting softly before lowering her head to her eggs, nudging one of those sand-covered mounds to check on it. She'll be fussing over all of them, in the sevens to come, and making sure they're just-right. But, for the moment, she's satisfied. Soriana confirms this - all good, yes? - and smiles with a satisfaction of her own. A brief one. Because… "Yeah," she says to spending so much (too much!) time out here. But she keeps smiling. A nod for the beauty of the clutch - "Also seems healthy." So claims the dragonhealer, having seen no signs of distress or markings unusual enough to be medically notable. As for what'll come after? "Dragons. They'll be hatching dragons." The smile quirks her lips a little further, and then - "I'm off to lunch. You're welcome to watch," it is his first time, she recalls, "but it'll be rather dull." And Luraoth's willing to let her go. So yes, Soriana's going to leave her - though probably just long enough to get a tray and bring it back here. Sigh, the heat.

Kiena begins to stretch out as well as the last egg is clutched and then dutifully buried under sand. She's lost count, but no doubt there will be an official tally or she could found the mounds. Yet the bluerider seems set on quietly slipping out now, before the crowd shifts again. Out she goes and off to whatever duties or pressing matters remain in her day.

Mur'dah gets to his feet with a grin for Raelii. "And that's it! Now we wait, and watch them harden, and the candidates come in. Shards, I wonder how many Kalsuoth will pick up this time." He tosses a smart salute to Kiena when she goes, his grin crooked before he's offering Raelii his arm. "And we go back to work."

Ka'el hms. "To go home before the hour marks the turn of the day…" He wonders on this concept as if it's an entirely new one to him. "I may enjoy that.." A grin, and he quirks a brow at Haya's imaginary list of flaws. "If you're starting one of those, you may need to add a few more hundred pages." Another grin, though he soon begins to pluck at his shirt a bit. It's hot here, and it looks like Luraoth is done. He eyes the sands, eyes lingering on Soriana before he too rises, nodding his goodbye to Thea and looking to Haya afterwards. "It may be a good time to show you the office. With the eggs clutched, there will be Candidates soon and we're going to be busy."

"I'm going to change first," So'l chuckles in response. "And maybe take care of those rabbits I caught," he nods. "Have a good lunch, then. And thanks for letting me hang around," the bronzerider smiles before looking over to Sharuth and Luraoth. "Well done, Luroath. Guard well, Sharuth," he grins, pride shining through his link with the bronze dragon. And with that, he'll look up to the stands — who is he looking for? Apparently, she isn't there — before turning to make his way out of the building and back to his weyr.

Raelii's going to get the misnomer of 'follower', but she rises and takes Mur'dah's arm nevertheless. "I'm eating lunch first!" she says pertly with a saucy grin up at him. "Don't they give you a break to do that? You can eat with me if you'd like!" And off she goes, either to eat with him or without him.

Kera chews on the dried meat while fanning herself through egg after egg finding homes on the sands. Once the last arrives and the galleries begin to clear, KEra sighs and gets to her feet reluctantly. Great. Now back to work.

Soriana nods to So'l, though she seems a bit surprised at the gratitude. "Sure," she says. "Luraoth doesn't mind." And that's what matters here. "I'll see you around." And with that, she heads out for lunch. Luraoth remains here, with her eggs. Her precious, precious eggs. Croon.

More theories will have to wait, as the original purpose of his visit is not to be completely derailed. With a little smile for the newly arrived eggs Nornon pushes himself out of his seat, moving with the energy of youth as he makes his way from the galleries, eyes bright in their contemplations as he departs back for the Beastcrafters complex.

Innes gathers up her things, slinging her bag over her shoulder. She gives a brief nod to those still hanging about - not that she knows any of them - and then with a few quick steps she's headed toward the steps and away from the stands.

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