Lost Island - Misty Falls

The jungle opens to a wide clearing that reveals a high, broad lip of rock over which water cascades in a thin sheet falling into a clear, wide pool that appears deep enough for swimming. The sound of the drops hitting the surface of the pool is musical and soothing to the ears. Almost level banks are thickly-carpeted with rich emerald moss shaded by giant ferns that cluster in graceful arcs, perpetually be-jeweled with beads from the mist given off by the falls.

Behind the falls there appears to be a ledge that allows one to pass behind the sheet of water and remain dry. The path skirts the clearing and continues on up towards the peak.

Days off have been few and far between lately with sweeps and drills and the added training with firestone, not to mention the ongoing drought at Xanadu. Even so days off do come and today is one such day and as promised D'had has brought Thea out to the island for a day of relaxation.

Thea is quite content to get away from the pressures of the Weyr, and the baking heat as well, for though the island is tropical, the air is moist and there are fresh sea breezes! Anticipating the day, she's packed a bag with towels, cool drinks and something tasty snagged from the kitchen. It's already baking on the sun-drenched beach, so heading inland for some shade sets well with her and she's following D'had without protest as they head up the trail.

Just up ahead there's the sound of water rushing over the falls and not so far off the edge of the stream a hammock is strung between two trees. It's there that D'had is leading, tossing a smirk of a smile over his shoulder for her as he comes up to the spot and ducks to set down his bag.

Thea's taking a moment to enjoy the sight of the falls and the pool. She closes her eyes, inhales the sweet scents of flowers with appreciation. Hey, she's a girl, she can't help it! Opening her eyes in time to catch that smirk of D'had's she gives him a funny 'what?' sort of look and stepping to catch up. She spots that hammock a second later. "That… wasn't up here last time we came. I walked up to wash while you went fishing." So she is sure. A grin flashed at the man as she steps up beside him, nudges with a shoulder at his side, "You popped over to drag this up from the beach beforehand?" Donn, working at sneaky-surprises?

D'had can manage surprises sometimes, and yes he did this once. "Figured it might be a little cooler up here," he replies, an arm sneaking around her waist at that nudge. "And change of scenery couldn't hurt either." Right?

A low laugh ripples from Thea, she smiles a quirky smile up at D'had, allowing her bag to slip to the ground beside his as his arm encircles her waist. "When did you manage this?" It's early, they were both at breakfast and he was there when they awoke - or he seemed to be. Not that she isn't pleased. She leans into him for a moment, then wipes at her forehead where the heat is beginning to cause wisps of her hair to stick. Her loose sundress helps, but it is summer, even in the tropics, is warm.

D'had chuckles, "I managed. Lets just leave it at that, hmm?" he replies tauntingly leaning to press a kiss to her lips, fingers brushing back a strand of her hair from her face. "So now, today. No working, no worrying. Just relax."

Thea would pout and plead to be told because she's bedeviled by a curious nature, but alas! She's busy being kissed. Her lips move under his, "We'll get back to this later." It's a promise, unless he manages to sidetrack her and make her forget. With another laugh she promises, "Alright, no worrying." A brief pause, then since the man went through the trouble to surprise her, she asks innocently, "So. What did you have in mind?"

"Nothing," D'had replies, lips twitching in a grin. "Can do whatever ya like. Its your day. We're just spendin' it away from the weyr." He shrugs, turning to settle on the edge of the hammock and pull her with him. "Figure a nap, some lunch.." Really he hadn't thought overly much about what to do when they got here."

Nothing seems to suit Thea just fine, at least she makes no argument as she's pulled down into the hammock with him. "Hmm, as long as I'm with you, it's good." She's relaxing already, not tensing with the sway of that hammock underneath them as they sit, her head finds a spot on his shoulder. He might sleep, she's likely to lie there awake. "Sleepy are ya?"

D'had shrugs, though not so much as to dislodge her head from his shoulder. "Not so much, just nice ta sit and not think about anything for a while." Simple as that. "Wouldn't mind a nap, just not yet though."

No… thinking? This is gonna be tough for Thea. Since thinking usually involves talking and talking usually leads to questions that remain -unanswered-, she bites her lower lip, nods with a little smile to humor the man beside her and swings her feet, eyes roving the clearing. That lasts all of less than a minute. Gonna be a long day. Yep.

D'had chuckles given her silence. "Well what'da wanna do first?" he finally questions. "Nap? Picnic? Swim? Up to you babe. I'm open." He did say he had no plans other then coming to their current location.

Thea lifts her head from D'had's shoulder and just smiles sweetly at him, her voice teasing, "Nothin'." She retreats back to silence for a few moments, just to needle him, maybe. Finally she kicks off her sandals, "Swim, lunch then nap?" A glance towards the sky, "Since it's too early for lunch? And it is hot."

"Swim sounds good," D'had agrees given her final answer though the silence that precedes it causes a questioning glance her way. "Then the question is here or down at the beach?"

"Beach." Thea promptly answers with a light laugh for that questioning look he gives her. She rises, brushing a kiss on his cheek, "You're so much fun to tease, you know that?" She bends, scoops up her sandals, resting a hand on his near shoulder for balance, slips them back on her feet one at a time. "I want to try those big waves on the other side of the island." An unreadable look is slid his way, "I've been practicing my swimming." Though, of course the lake hasn't these sort of waves…

D'had chuckles. Fun to tease huh? Good to know. He simply grins for that kiss and holds still for her balance in slipping on shoes. "Beach it is," he agrees, "But I think we should stick to the shallows anyway." Practice or not.

Thea frowns, but only a little, although she does snort, "Oh, please! I'm not a child. Shallows indeed!" She reaches for his hands, an attempt to pull him up out of the hammock. "C'mon, live a little. We'll be fine. You'll be there."

D'had nods, "Fine, fine," he agrees with a light chuckle. He moves to his feet with that tug on his hand. "Stay inside the reef though," he warns, not too strongly but its still a warning of sorts.

They're walking back toward the beach and Thea just shakes her head with a smile. "Meant the side of the island without the reef. You know - the one we flew over on the way here?" She slants a curious look up at D'had, "There's no waves inside the reefs, you know that." She's keeping it light, but a note of concern for him enters her voice. "It'll be fine, really."

"That's why its good for swimming," D'had replies with a slight shrug, "and not good for it outside it." But what does he know. Really…. "The beach though," he agrees simply, laying a hand to her back to give her a nudge towards the path.

And so Thea moves on down the path, turning along the beach towards the other side of the island. As they round the bend, they can hear the booming surf before they're in sight of it. They're several feet high, coming into the beach with regularity, large glassy curls that break and surge up the sand in a seething white foam that reaches only to slide back into the sea. Perfect! At least the junior looks delighted.

D'had follows a step behind on part of the path, falling into step beside her once it opens up a bit more as they come closer to the beach. "You're sure about this?" he half questions sending a look towards the waves as they round that last corner.

Thea eyes the waves, not at all looking concerned, but then, she doesn't know the sea at all, really. "Yeah, it looks like fun." That sundress is off, tossed aside and she sprints towards the shallow water where the foam shoots up the beach, tossing a teasing grin over her shoulder at her weyrmate with a dare-ya gleam in her eye. "Come play." If he's not with her, she's going to be plunging in without him.

D'had chuckles, pulling his shirt off and tossing it towards the pile that's Thea's dress. Pants follow soon enough, after shoes, leaving him in a pair of short which make well for swimming. "I'm comin'," he laughs after her. Undressed he jogs to catch up with her, and if he reaches her before she gets to the water he'll scoop her up.

Thea thought ahead, she’s got her bikini on under that sundress, so there will, alas, be no fainting bluerider to stop Thea from attempting those waves. She's only ankle-deep, kicking at the froth as D'had reaches where she is. Thudding footsteps are heard and she's bending to scoop a handful of spindrift as he comes up behind her.

D'had doesn't actually pick her up, but he does wrap his arms around her as he comes up behind her. "So… glad we came then?" Curious perhaps. Or maybe its just a good question for conversation. She does always want him to talk to her after all…

Thea is laughing as D'had's arms close around her and she's turning to him with that handful of foam which gets poofed in his face with a giggle. "Always!" Indeed, she couldn't look happier. The next wave comes in, bigger this time and the water boils around their legs almost up to their knees. She leans closer to him, the sea reflected in the glass-green of her eyes, "How 'bout you?"

D'had sputters at that foam in his face, unexpected as it was. "Thanks…" he mutters, making a face as he tries to get a bit out of his mouth. Well at least it should be amusing for one of them… "Yeah," he finally answers that question. "Glad your’re happy."

Thea sways as that waves swirls about them, laughing softly, she reaches gentle fingers to wipe the foam from D'had's face. There's a bit of concern in her eyes, but some tease as well, "Don't you know how to fight? It's fun." A hand reaches to scoop up some more foam and flick his way before she's twisting away towards the deeper water. "Come on, retaliate! I dare ya." More splashing as she backs away into deeper water.

D'had laughs. At least that bit of foam isn't getting quite so much in his face as the last. "Don't think you want me ta really try here," he teases back, but he is chasing after her good naturedly, a smirk on his face.

It's hard to run in thigh-deep water and this is doubly-so with the wash of waves to further hinder, but Thea gives it a try anyway, turning towards the open sea and beginning her flight. She makes it out to her waist, "Deserted isle, remember?" She's reminding him of this with a giggle over her shoulder. "Retaliate away in whatever way you wish. But first, you have to catch me!" She turns back in time to get smacked in the chest by another incoming wave, which causes her to stagger back a few steps.

That wave mishap is just the opening D'had needs to catch up with Thea as he chases. A grin pulls at his lips as he reaches for her in the midst of that backwards stagger. "Got ya!" he chuckles, scooping her up only to spin around once and toss her into the next oncoming wave.

"Ack!" Not so much surprise as amused dismay. Thea might have an idea of what's coming having been tossed in the lake at least once by a male. And don't all men think alike? Her fingers cling to D'had's shoulders, but they slip off his slick skin and she's flailing through the air solo despite her best attempt to drag him with her. SPLOOSH! She lands headfirst in that incoming wave, the surge lifting her and sweeping her backwards once again as she sputters and tries to regain her footing. It's two against one: Sea/D'had: 1, Thea: 0

D'had chuckles, wading over to where she's trying to gain footing once again. "That enough retaliation for ya?" he questions, voice full of amusement. "You're getting better at that," teasing still.

Better at…? Being subdued? Thea will perfect that, of course! She reaches to sweep soaked hair, nearly black now, from her eyes, blinking seawater as she appears to seriously consider her answer. A gleam of challenge still lurks in her green eyes as her lips twitch, giving her away. "Nope." A handful of wet sand lands on his chest as she tosses it, but the next wave washes in, undoing her work, but she doesn't stay to find out. She's already plunged headfirst into the same wave and attempting to swim further out and away. Hard to laugh and swim at the same time.

D'had can only laugh, glancing down at that sand on his chest for a second before it's washed away. "I'm gonna head in," he calls after the junior, turning his back to do just that and wade through the waves back towards the shore.

Thea's finding headway difficult. Waves tumble and foam towards her, she takes a deep breath and ducks, only to find herself pulled back towards shore in the wake of the one just passed by. Determined, she swims against it for a few strokes, D'had's voice reaches her and disappointment clouds her face for a moment before surrendering to the wave and turning to ride it in. It carries her to him faster than he's wading and she tangles with him, one last try to knock him over. She eyes him, laughter fading. "Did I upset you?" She's finding her feet then.

D'had has Thea suddenly tangled around his legs, that with the waves is enough to cause him to misstep which has her succeeding in knocking him down. Laughing he finds his own feet once again. "No, no," he assures with a shake of his head, hand reaching to find her chin as if that might help convey that he truly isn't upset with her. "Not at all."

Thea evens the score. Yes! Triumph twinkles in her eyes as she returns, "Got you." She reaches for D'had for support as she scrambles to her feet, her form stilling as that hand cups her chin. Pale green eyes regard him steadily, before a slow smile replaces her concern. "I'm glad," she says simply before inhaling the tang of the ocean and adding, "I love it here." Relaxed, content to be away from the daily cares. She tilts a look at him, "We should get into the shade." Indeed, the sun overhead is near it's zenith. Their lunch by the falls awaits…

D'had chuckles, leaning in to steal a quick kiss before leading the way back to the shade. "Like it here too," he agrees. Though that might have been clear enough given that he comes back every time they have time off. "But yeah, shade is good."

Thea returns that brief kiss with gentle warmth, her eyes crinkle in a loving smile for the man as he pulls away and she's following him from the surf. Back up the beach she's stopping to grab her sundress, although she's too wet to put it back on just yet. She hands D'had his shirt, falls into step with him. Back up the trail to the falls, she's quiet, content, perhaps thoughtful. Oh, oops. This was to be a no-thinking day.

D'had holds that shirt in one hand, the other searching out Thea's hand, giving it a light squeeze as they head back to the falls. Once there he ducks down, leaving his shirt by the basket, to pull a blanket free from inside and spread it out before any food stuffs are produced.

Thea's fingers lace through D'had's after that squeeze, her arm relaxed, swings just a bit as they walk. She releases him to prepare, kneeling to rummage through the bags she's brought. When he's got that blanket ready, she sets out plates, napkins and some delicacies the cook so graciously prepared: cold spiderclaw salad-stuffed pastries, a fancier version of the usual meatrolls, some cheese, fruit and chilled peach brandy. It's not really man-food, but hey! Was a woman who packed lunch.

No, not man-food, but food none the less and that is something he can be all about. Food. D'had settles back onto the blanket, hands splayed behind him as he leaves Thea to setting out the food, surveying it as she does so. "Looks good."

Thea throws D'had an appreciative smile as she gracefully lowers herself to the blanket, folding her legs under herself. "Thought seafood might remind you of home." Though perhaps not this fancy, maybe. She holds that bottle of peach brandy and two empty glasses up to him with a silent question. "Cenlia's gift for your turnday," she adds. "It's her good stuff."

D'had nods, "Does a bit," he agrees, leaning forward when that bottle is handed over. The glasses are set down in front of him, opening the bottle and then pouring each of the glasses half full, handing one back to Thea. "Tell 'er I said thanks when ya see her," he notes taking a long sip and reaching for one of those spiderclaw pastries.

Thea reaches with both hands to steady her glass as she receives it from D'had. "I will," she assures him right before she sips carefully. She makes no move to take food just yet, instead she turns a quizzical look at him, "You mentioned you have a brother. Tell me about him. Are you two close?" Because he just never seems to mention his family and she's curious. She just sips that brandy quietly, thoughtfully and watches his face closely.

D'had takes a bite, chews, swallows, and follows it with another sip before he replies. "Yeah, Lairgnen. We were pretty close growin' up. Haven't seen 'im as much since impressing' an' all. Couple turns older." Perhaps not much said, but it's something more than she knew before.

Thea lowers her glass, eyes widen just a touch. "How-" she swallows her dismay, carefully steadying her voice, bringing it back to neutrality, or at least trying, "That's a long time to go without seeing someone you were close to." She reaches for one of the pastries, drops it on her plate. Lashes are dark on her cheeks as she keeps her eyes there, "I can't imagine going like that with Tharen." Her voice trembles just a bit and she swallows once more, lashes lift as sea-green eyes seek his, "How can you stand it?"

D'had chuckles, "Ain't said I never see 'im," he points out. "Just don't see 'im as much as I used to. Hard to beat living on the same boat though." And being that dragons don't fit well on boats it makes sense enough.

Thea eats while D'had talks, nodding agreement. "It's not the same for Tharen and I either, being here and not at Cold Stone. Changes are good and bad sometimes." She nibbles thoughtfully from her pastry, swallows her food to clear her mouth and points out, "With there being no Thread, though. You should be able to see family more." And she knows Siebith would just as happily land on the sea and he would the ground.

D'had nods, "Can understand that." In some way or another anyway. "And yeah, could, but ain't always that easy to find a boat on the ocean though. Usually try to catch up with 'em when they're in port."

One pastry is enough to satisfy Thea today and she leaves the crumbs to the birds as she sips her brandy. "Your firelizard could help find them." Not like she's telling the Weyrsecond anything he doesn't know. "Though I can't recall seeing him around much." Idle conversation, right? Perhaps D'had knows Thea better than that. Brandy hitting stomach on one small pastry is having it's effect, however and she's mellow enough not to push him to go visiting family. Instead, rises and heads for the hammock. Clean up can come later.

"Yeah.." D'had replies with a shrug. "Maybe. He's not much of a help really." Then again that would require that Donn try to tray the little beast. She's moving and he's watching until it register's what she's up to. Then another of those pastries is snatched and he rises to follow.

"Can use Shep." Since a day of no worrying means solutions instead of fretting, Thea offers some! She sits, then flips backward to relax with a blissful sigh, moving to give him room as he approaches. She smiles up at him ruefully, "I can't help it, Donn. I think about you. I've been to see my family recently." And they both know how -that- went. "But it's been a little over a turn we've been together and I've never known you to go see yours."

D'had shrugs. "Keep in contact when I can. Messages and that," he replies, settling beside her. "Later this summer there'll be a lot more stops on the route, so maybe then can make a jump up ta see 'em if you like."

"I think you should." Thea murmurs, dropping the subject as he joins her in the hammock. She lifts her head to use his shoulder for a pillow, snuggling close, getting comfortable. Eyes are half-closed and it's a drowsy sort of way she informs him, "Was out in the forest yesterday. Took a walk to see how dry things are." There's a hint of unease in the words, sleepy though she is as she says them.

"Welcome to come with," D'had notes, but then he lets that subject drop as she settles in. An arm snakes behind her supporting that snuggling. "And…?" he did pick up on that hint in her tone and its not exactly making him relax.

Thea's head turns towards him, lashes veiling her eyes as she observes his face with a quirky-smile upon her lips, "Would be interesting to meet yours. See if they look like you. Talk as little as you do." She pokes his side with her fingertip, teasing. The light tone fades just a little, "Hmm. Yeah. Everything is dead. Grass, bushes." She raises her hand, rubs her fingertips together, "Leaves crumbled to dust when I touched them." Her fingers snap, "A spark would ignite all of it - you've seen it on sweeps, haven't you?"

D'had nods, chuckling. "They talk more, yeah." He's teasing there, but her remarks on the drought have him sobering, though only slightly. "Yeah, seen it on sweeps. Rain would be nice, but I'm just hoping nothin' sparks."

Thea's smile grows, eyes opening enough for him to see the icy lights dancing there, "Words aren't the most important things." The back of that finger she'd used to poke him with is drawn lightly across his rough cheek. "They're nice, but it's what you are that's moreso." It's there in her tone for him to hear; she's pleased and proud of what he is. "Absent rain isn't the only problem with the forests." She's relaxed, sleepy, but there is some undercurrent there, "Tenebrous came by while I was out there. He had a warning."

D'had's gaze grows darker at the mention of the healer, a frown pulling at his expression. "Yeah…" He pauses a second before continuing, "and what did he want this time?"

Thea shudders in spite of the tropical warmth and D'had's arm about her, frowning just a little as she answers slowly, "I'm not sure. He was lurking about the forest-" her eyes slide to meet D'had's with an odd expression in them, "-you know how he does - wearing that coat and hood pulled up to hide his face? Anyway, he said the trees are immortal or something like that." She grimaces, this really having no meaning to her. "He also warned me about felines having moved in closer to the Weyr." She eyes that frown, "I thought you should know about them."

D'had nods, "Well.. Thanks for letting me know." Might have picked better timing, but either way. "I'll have sweeps keep an eye out for anything about 'em," he adds, giving her a bit of a squeeze of assurance.

Thea snuggles in, contrite for having spoken of worrisome things on this restday. She offers no excuses, simply sighs, half-closing her eyes, she wraps one arm across his waist and returns that hug. "Love you, Donn." With the jungle insects and the constant whush of the falls to lull the Weyrsecond into peace, she begins to hum ever so softly one of the mountain melodies she grew up with. It is sad, hopeful, sweet and haunting all at the same time.

D'had runs his fingers gently through her hair. "Love you too," he whispers. "Glad you’re happy." At least that's what he's assuming given current setting. "Could spend the night here if ya like…"

That song fades into falling water and faint, far-off surf. Thea's eyes remain half-closed, watching him through her lashes. Although she's not asleep, she is tranquil. "Hmm, could we? I'd like that." She turns her head enough to press a gentle kiss to his bare shoulder; she's too lazy to move further. "Reminds me of our first night together." Well, obviously she's not referring to the two spent on his couch. And then, because she rarely asks him questions (yeah, right?), "You happier than you used to be Donn?" Wistful, she's not seeking reassurance, but honestly want to know.

D'had nods, a simple drop of his chin. "If they need us we can be back." Dragons are good for that. The comment brings a quirk of a smile to his lips and he returns that kiss with one to her forehead. A pause comes before he answers however, "More than I've been in awhile, yeah."

From her utterly relaxed posture, D'had might not know how intently Thea absorbs this answer with both ears and eyes attuned to his vocal timbre and facial expression. Perhaps he does know, for he knows her better than anyone. That pause is noted, unremarked upon. "I'm glad. You deserve to be happy, you know." The junior's voice is colored with that same wistfulness, almost poignant as she asks, "Do you ever… wish for anything more? Anything you haven't got?"

D'had shifts, making himself comfortable in the hammock while still holding her close. "What you mean?" he asks turning a slightly questioning glance towards her. He just said he was happy the way things were, didn't he?

Perhaps she's misinterpreted that pause of his. "Oh," Thea avoids his questioning glance, "Nothing I guess." Her arm tightens about him as he shifts, reflexive as his movement causes the hammock to sway a bit. She shifts her head so that her hair tumbles onto her face, thereby hiding it. From underneath it, she says in a rush of words, "Do you ever wish you had… a son?"

D'had seems content enough to let her resettle herself, one foot dangling over the edge of the hammock giving a bit of a push to set it to swinging just a bit. "I.." he starts, that question having been perhaps the last thing he was expecting. "I guess…" Beat. "You aren't?" he questions, starting to sit up as he peers at her.

Thea doesn't seem to want to look at D'had after that 'I guess' of his. He may be starting to sit up but she's keeping her head down and staying within the safety that dark tumble of hair provides. She doesn't answer him.

D'had blinks. What'd he say? Or not say as the case may be. "Babe?" Now she's gone and got him worried with that non-answer. "Sugar… what's wrong?" Something must be wrong. She's always the one telling him to talk to her. "I love you?" That'll fix it. Right?

D'had's anxiety has Thea instantly contrite and pushing past her own concerns, she lifts her head to look at him, eyes still half-veiled by her lashes so that he cannot see the expression in them. "Nothing's wrong," she answers at last on an outrush of breath. "And no, I'm not…" Having one. Not that she's sounding happy about that. A little distractedly, she continues, "I love you too, I just know how you hate surprises." Her hands twist the rope of the hammock between them, "I just… think often about ways to make you happy is all." The less-than-enthusiastic answer of his regarding a son, has apparently given her the answer.

D'had sighs. "Babe.." he starts, offering a bit of a smile of assurance. "I'm happy just us. I got three girls. I mean… well sure there's times yeah, but…" He shakes his head. "Not that I don't like surprises, just… Love ya babe."

Thea raises herself up enough to wrap her arms about D'had and rests her head on his shoulder. "I know you do, but the little ones aren't with you…" By the tone of her voice she is saddened by this. She continues, "And someday - not now - I will want one of my own. Ours." Her voice is firm. "There's nothing I want right now but you." And with that she tugs him back down so he can relax and have that nap he wanted. And allow his poor heart to slow down?

The little ones aren't exactly so little anymore, but no, they're not with him. "I know," D'had replies, "Could have 'em visit if you wanted.." he offers,. For that next remark though he just nods, not sure what else to say. That tug has him settling back beside her. Nap? There's more than enough to think about now though.

Thea snuggles him back to her, "Hmm, an eight turn old needs to see her daddy more often than once in awhile. They're always welcome." Thea doesn't seem to expect further comment, just murmurs, "Think about manly-bonding stuff and teaching him how to fish and sail, throw rocks and dig in the dirt. Whatever little boys do. Maybe someday you'll want one?" From the idle way she says it, it's just a thought, not a requirement. And if he's got too much on his mind to nap, she can always help him stay occupied.

"Ain't sayin' I never thought about it babe." There were certainly times where he'd thought about if he had a son. "Good with us though," D'had repeats what he's already said as he snuggles in with her, fingers running through her hair.

"As long as you're happy, I'm not changing a thing." For a moment Thea's eyes close as his fingers run through her hair, then she's opening them to meet his dark eyes with the sea-green hazy with contentment. "It's good with just us," she agrees with a faint, nearly asleep voice and a tremulous smile at him before her eyes close once more as she drifts off. He may not be able to nap? But romping in the surf and shocking her weyrmate took all her energy. She's all twined around him arms and legs, so likely he's stuck with her for awhile.

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