Marshmellows and Dancing With Dragons

Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

FIRE! It's hot, it's big, it's ON THE LAKE where one massive queen is sitting admiring all those licking flames while her lifemate tries to get some feeling back into her hands. And her toes. And her face. Okay, just ALL OF HER. So it's not Risali that is luring out candidates that she knows have an affinity for music making; no, today that's up to Leirith', whose mind is expanding indiscriminately outwards, brushing over every-damn-body's with an invitation and a request: « FIRE! AHAHAHAHA. COME PLAY FOR ME! I REQUIRE MUSIC! » And it's there, the impression of frozen lakes, of a goldrider doing her best to stay warm despite layers, and that epic rhythm being hammered out with metaphysical bass and drums. And now they wait, Risali already moving her body to a beat that Leirith continues without straying too far from the fire (or getting wild enough to fall into it), humming a melody without giving it words - yet.

Leuka is very bundled up right now, deep hood sorta shieldling his face from of the surprise gust of air. For a little bit there, he thought he had a new song stuck in his head, til he realized it wasn't his song, but someone elses. " Talking about dancing to another's tune. A thick blanket is wrapped around the Harper's cello as he trudges carefully towards the beach. Several others are venturing out with him, each carrying some form of musical destruction. Spotting Risali and her dragon by a bright fire, Leuka laughs "And just what're you up to this time Weyrwoman?" Hopefully she didn't drag them out simply to twist about in a Warping manner. Could have done that inside, where it's nice and warm. The Harper gives a nod to Leirith as the queen herself begins to set the tempo she wants to hear. He glances around to the others with a shrug. "Who're we to argue?" Making sure the cello is braced, he settles on a chunk of log close enough to the fire to stay warm before the bow starts adding a mellow voice to the growing melody.

Despite the oh-so-tempting invitation by Leirith, fire is not the reason why Z'ki and his bronze arrive above Fort's skies. Fort in winter definitely isn't the Igenite's favored time of year, though his flight jacket does much to stave off the cold — perhaps less cold after between — as Jizunoth circles down to land near the lake shore — perhaps drawn by the gathering crowd there. The bronzerider descends to the ground, pausing at his dragon's side to strip helmet and goggles, stuffing the latter into the former and tucking it into one of Jizunoth's bags. He leaves his gloves on, though, as he takes stock for a moment. Familiar figures make his lips twitch upwards briefly, and he angles towards the group.

Riohra some how got roped into carrying equipment again, seems if he doesn't impress he would make a good Roadie. He is dressed in his heavier jacket and cloak that he uses for hunting in the cold snow, the wind doesn't bother him as it will toss his hair around. He sees Risali is the summoner of the group he salutes her saying "Ma'am" before he sets down a set of hand drums for a harper. His own guitar is carefully tucked under that white cloak that helps him blend into the snow. A nod to the visiting Rider form Igen, before he looks back to the gold rider in question as she is the higher ranking person.

WHAT IS SHE UP TO THIS TIME? Everything. At least… that's what Risali's smile says as she turns it on the first to convene, showing too much teeth in a smile that might be wolfish on a man, but is curbed to mere deviousness on Risali. "Leuka," she says, breathless, giddy with an excitement that's surely encouraged by Leirith and her desire for a melody that will make them dance. "You came." Because maybe Risali was expecting to be ignored, given the dropping thermostats and the climbing amounts of snow that practically required that bonfire she spent a good while making. And before Leuka can sit, she's moving to tuck herself in against the Journeyman's side for a hug, tilting her head so that grey eyes can seek his from so DINGDANG FAR DOWN, and then she's giving another delighted look to Riohra. She moves, releasing Leuka, pulling Riohra into a hug that's punctuated by laughter, and then - « DANCE WITH ME! » Sunbright, effervescent exuberance that beats at Jizunoth like that bass and drum rhythm that she doesn't interrupt simply to talk. Leirith's attention elsewhere draws Risali, holding onto the hunter as she turns and leans and sees Z'ki coming their way, and she's letting go. It starts out as a walk, turns into a bounce, a hop, a full out run filled with more laughter as Leirith bounds behind, alongside, ahead to greet that younger bronze with a good bunting if he doesn't runaway. And Risali? Well, she's catching at Z'ki's arm when she finds him, cheeks and nose red from the cold, excitement in those stormy hues as she breathes, "Dance with me." And she doesn't wait. She pulls him into a dance as Leirith continues that beat; as Leuka adds to it; as Riohra DEFINITELY CONTRIBUTES WITH SHEER AWESOME ALONE and Risali… sings. Better run, Z'ki, if you don't want to do that slow dance it starts as, blossoming into something a little more primal - not sensual - that commands turns, and footwork, and movement. If she's refused? Well. She'll figure it out.

Leuka laughs and isn't extremely wary when the tiny wweyrwoman darts in for a hug, which we returns. Okie, a little worried about some payback from a prior short joke maybe. But thankfully, he seems to be mostly intact when she's distracted by Riohra. "Well yea. What else do ya do when you have a queen demanding to be entertained?. Stay nice and snug in the mostly warm barracks?" Not if he wants a peaceful night. Laughing as the Hunter falls into the queen pair's trap, Leuka starts to weave on the log, bow adding a counter voice to Risali's range. The visitor is spotted landing further away nd he'll nod to the man when he gets closer.

There might be no particular significance to the way Z'ki greets those at the lake; he gives a nod to Leuka and a, "Candidate," a grin for Riohra, "Been meaning to catch up with you — congratulations," to the hunter, and finally, "Ma'am," with a nod for Risali, just a flicker of a smile. « Dance? You cannot dance on the ground, » is Jizunoth's dismissive response, mental landscapes starting with Igen's dry heated desert, but quickly shifting to something colder. Z'ki's expression might well echo his lifemates, a dubious furrow of brow visible, growing as Risali approaches. "I-" he knows her well enough to already be holding up a warding hand, but let's face it, Risali is a force of nature, and before he can do much more than voice a syllable of protest, she's already got his arm, pulling him along. He gives Riohra a look that could be interpreted as 'help?', something resigned settling into his expression as he's pulled into a dance with the goldrider.

Riohra is saved by the bronze Weyrling, sorry bud your the one with the shiny gold bait. "Hey Z'ki, it is nice to be seeing you again…." And a laugh as he is dragged off by Risali he will sit down somewhere behind some other harpers as he can hide from further dance attempts this evening. His own guitar is retuned quickly and starts to add in to the music with the others, though he doesn't do it with quiet as much shaking as those with lesser constitutions to the cold are.

« See, minion! They are badass. » And no, Leirith does not limit that solely to her lifemate; she sends it with the same indiscriminate enthusiasm as that continuous beat she provides them, so that they can hear it for themselves, just how highly this demanding queen regards them for their (very badass) choice to leave the SAFTEY AND WARMTH OF BARRACKS to play for her - with her - in mounting snow. And then it blooms into laughter, sweeping across desert and cold both as she tilts her head to regard Jizunoth and informs him, « But you can. » AND LOOK AT HER GO! That massive queen bobs her entire body to the beat, thumping her tail as her head rocks to the song she makes with her rider and Leuka both. And Risali? Well, she's biting down on her bottom lip when she looks to Leuka, scrunching her nose as she mouths, 'Thank you,' because he still didn't have to come. And then she's answering Z'ki's greeting with, "Sir." But what does it matter? Because now they are dancing. They are dancing, and Risali is singing, sparing Z'ki glances every now and again around a bright smile that doesn't leave, doesn't change, doesn't falter. Lyrics are sometimes lost to laughter as they move in circles, increasingly fast, faster, because there IS NO ESCAPE. And then the music doesn't require her voice. And Leirith lets harpers and talented hunters take it away with her golden beast as she DUCKS UNDER Z'KI'S ARMS in spin, after spin, after spin. And when it requires her voice? She steps back in, for a slower dance, for a slower rhythm that lasts… seconds before she's letting him go to clap hands, and stomp feet, and finish off the song. AND THEN IT'S OVER. Because all good things must come to an end, even undulating bodies lost to music as Risali leans sideways into Z'ki - a shoulderbump, another smile, and then she's linking her arm with his, moving towards the fire so that she can get a little warmer. « Don't stop now! » Leirith tells them, because MUSIC. "Leirith wants you to dance with her," Risali says, brows arched at Riohra. Because HECK YES that queen wants to jam with tiny, squishy hoomans. "And you." A nod to Leuka. "And you." A shift as she tilts her head to look up at Z'ki… if he hasn't run yet.

It's cold out here, so Kaitlyn takes extra special precautions to heed that queen's mind-blowingly-loud command, a fleecy blanket wrapped around the thickly padded, protected case holding her acoustic seven string lovely. She's smirking, rolling her eyes a little, but much more eager to get to the heat of that big bonfire, even in her many layers of outerwear and thick socks inside protective boots. Once she's reached the destination, the tall flamehead curtsies to everybody present (easier that way, even if it includes Leuka), settles 'Beauty's' case a cerfully measured distance from the fire (not too hot, not too cold, like the kid's rhyme!), and actually leaves a little sign on it that says 'Touch me and my owner breaks your fingers. That is all.' Kait is breathing deeply from her hurried jog, but she's good to go, shedding her thick winter duster with fleece lining it, laying to Beauty's side, and then leaping like the graceful dancer she is into the semi-spotlight of the fire's brightness. A proud stance is struck, and - whether her fellow Harpers are ready with music or not - the candidate-cum-dancer stars to sway her form, then moving more animatedly in time with a rhythm (either inner or outer), swirling and twirling…pivoting and rippling like a banner of flame, herself.

Leuka's still hooded head nods to the rhythm Leirith leads them with, grinning as the large dragon begins headbobbing and tail weaving when she really starts getting into her groove. Glancing around as Risali drags that poor frozen rider all over the beach, away from the nurturing bonfire. Le's dirfting this way and that on the log, leaning a litlte towards Riohra with a chuckle "Wonder how long he'll still feel his feet?" Looking around to ther other Harpers and grinning, they are all insane candidates, apparently,. They each walked out ofa perfectly warm cavern to sit around the icey lake and jam. Isn't this type of mental mishap the type of thing the Weyr is trying to weed out of it's candidate ranks? Oh look, the diva finally rused herself to come entertain the visiting queen. He'll just nod towards his fellow Harper, maintaining a mute truce for the time being. Leuka will peer to the Risabeasty quickly, already shaking his head "OH no, can't play this cello and dance as well pretty Leirith." expecially he if wants to stay warm by the fire. He sway on his seat, bow still looking good, even if it is starting to appear slightly frazzled.

There's something to be said for resigned participation. Even if it might be merely dutiful obligation, that's one thing that Z'ki is good at. Also dancing, though he's rather more notably stiff and formal in his movements than the goldrider is. Still, he's capable enough to keep up with the fast pace, even if the visceral nature of the dance clearly discomforts the Igenite. And then it's done with, and he dutifully escorts Risali towards the fire, a hint of a smile perhaps visible in the flickering light. "Leirith is far too big to dance with. Surely it is Riohra's turn?" he suggests, oh so casually, offering a wry grin to the candidate. "Z'ki," he offers to Leuka, "Bronze Jizunoth's of Igen. You play well; harper?" he guesses as he edges closer to the fire as the heat from the dance dissipates. Jizunoth, meanwhile, is having none of this dancing-on-the-ground malarky; once Z'ki is out of range he leaps into the skies. It's not warm, so there's no thermals to enjoy, but he does seem content to explore the skies, the winter winds of Fort, his mental landscape changing and flickering as he does.

Riohra eyes the Risali and then the dragon saying with a shrug "Sure as long as she doesn;t mine me stepping on her toes as I don;t dance great." He grins over at Z'ki and Leuka as if to say what now boys! then there is Kaitlyn who by all rights can dance circles around them and still make them feel good about it, to her he grins and nods as he strums along with the others.

"Who said anything about playing and dancing," Risali inquires, devious implications communicated in a single look alone as she takes in Leuka and then… laughs, leaning sideways to shoulderbump Z'ki again as she tilts her head up to look at him once more. "Faranth, sir. Telling her she's too big to dance with is only going to make her -" Want to prove him wrong? YEP. But Risali's cut off mid-sentence because Jizunoth has abandoned Leirith (DOES SHE HAVE OFFENDS? No; just amusement that chases the bronze with bass and drums and COMPLIMENTS about how BADASS HE LOOKS IN FLIGHT), and that means the gold can move across the lake shore and boop Z'ki with her snoot. Don't worry; the queen is careful (despite all her bombastic enthusiasm) because she knows that FIRE spells DOOM for squishy human-types. And so, she bumps him from the side opposite of Risali. Risali catches at one of his arms again, just in case, but those grey eyes are on Kaitlyn as she joins the fray and moves in time with the fire, becomes the flames, and has Risali cheering and clapping. Because why wouldn't she? And she's laughing - goodnatured laughter - as she leans sideways into Z'ki, gives him another smile, and then turns her attention onto her gold as she moves to Riohra. « Lucky for us both, » comes for the hunter with gregarious amounts of humor. « I don't have toes! » AND THEN SHE'S JUST PLOPPING HER HEAD ON HIM AND BOBBING HER BODY. This definitely counts as dancing. And Risali? Well… she's laughing harder. "Put some legwork into it, Rio! You're getting put to shame!" By Kaitlyn, of course.

Yep, it appears as if music is the only thing that'll make Kaitlyn and Leuka call a temporary truce, the tall woman even looking to the putz for the proper extra 'feeling' she'll put into this dance. Arms, hands, legs and feet…all join her torso and neck, head and hips to draw patterns upon the chill, fire-warmed air, making a picture for all of the music that's performed, whatever it may be. And always that dark-copper red hair of hers - unbound and lashing like it has a life of its own at times - swirls, expands, waves and ripples about the woman's athletic form. She notes Z'ki's formal stiffness at the dance as it ends, the Harper silently feeling a touch sad for it, then flurrying her way around and about Risali for a moments, as if tempting her to join the flamehead…Kait then swirling and leaping nearer the golden queen who seems to enjoy music and dance so much. Have some of *this*, Leirith! Bob that neck and head, thump that tail and wiggle that butt! It's DANCE, baby! Just please don't squish her or slobber on Kait accidentally. yeah? Rio's grin to her ev inces a huge one from Kait and a little sashay of her hips as she claps her hands once, strikes a quick pose again. DANCE, YOU FOOLS! Lierith's ploping of her head on Rio makes Kait pause for a few moments, concerned and surprised… but apparently this is par for the course, so she just laughs aloud and continues to BE flame for everyone, especially Leirith and Risali. Where's the fire? It's *Kaitlyn*, not the bonfire!

Leuka grins as he listens to what Leirith sahes and watching Risali antics. Oh no! She just claimed poor Rio too. He will be missed. We'll send Kassalla out heartfelt sympathies. He still playing and stubborning hold his ground, or log seat as the case may be, choosing to stay by the fire nd play his cello rather than chance busting his ass on the icey beach. Even with the bonfire, it's really cold, more so the further you get from it. when the queen chancging up the song, Leuka just smiles nd start plucking strings for a few minutes. He'll nod to the visitor when he introduces himself "Good to meetcha. What brings ya to this lovely vacation spot today?" It's obvious he's being a tad sarcastic there. "Yea, Name's Journeyman Leuka. Well add in a candidate on that somewhere now I suppose." he'll pluck another few notes before giving some enthsiastic smacks to the back of his cello, then flipping it front once mor and dragging the bow along with Leirith's demanding tempo.

One could get the sense it isn't the first time Z'ki's earnt the attention of the enthusiastic Xanadu gold; the Igenite manages to stand his ground this time, however — helped undoubtedly by the fact that Risali still has his arm and he couldn't retreat even if he wanted to. "I rescind my statement," he corrects himself, after — with bemused look — taking in Leirith's head-bopping motion with Riohra. There's an equal sense of bemusement, if fleeting, for Kaitlyn's energetic dance, the Igenite taking the opportunity to observe: "Ma'am, it seems the candidate there is the perfect amount of enthusiasm to match yours," with a gesture of gloved hand as if inviting her to join the candidate. With a brief smile for Leuka, he answers, "I'd been hoping to visit with Riohra for some time, but things have been busy since I graduated. Well met, Journeyman," he offers a nod towards the harper in lieu of a hand — since he's busy playing.

If it ain't the rider it is her dragon wanting to dance with the tall hunter-candidate, Riohra should really check to see if he has some kind of Gold rider bait attached somewhere that no one told him about. When the large gold, ENGAGES DANCE MODE on the man he does the only thing a person can do when danger is this close and flirty… He dances and while he is not work of art like Kaitlyn is he still does a pretty good dance with the dragon. He gives Risali the 'oh bet you can't do it better' grin because if he is going to be out here the others can tooo.

"YOU GRADUATED?" Risali is full of offends that she turns onto Z'ki when she swings to look at the honest-to-Faranth bronzerider and gives him a (gentle) shove in the shoulder - in the direction away from the fire. GIVE HER SOME CREDIT HERE, YOU GUYS. "Why didn't you tell me?" WHICH IS WHY HE MAYBE GETS A (gentle) ELBOW TO THE SIDE TOO. She's perfectly lady-like THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Don't you want Risali representing your weyr? Still, she's patting his arm with a sigh, breathing out, "Congratulations, sir," as those grey eyes jump towards the aforementioned Kaitlyn and her movement. Risali grins; Leirith tilts her head to take in that movement with a mindvoice that encourages movement even if Risali doesn't immediately step in to dance with the redhead (despite the quasi-invite to swing hips and lose themselves to Leirith's beat). But then Leirith's Riohra's hat and Risali is returning that grin with an answering smile of her own - one that seems to say, 'Challenge accepted,' even if she hasn't moved yet. She is letting Z'ki go, because maybe he wants to RUNAWAY or go sit with reasonable company as Leirith moves. « It is an easy mistake to make! » Leirith tells Z'ki (directly, because she's rude), all good-natured laughter as Risali turns her attention back to Kaitlyn again. DANCE, GIRL! SHAKE WHATCHA MAMA GAVE YA!

Spin-pivot, leap-toss! Er, Kait tosses her hair and arms to the sky, imitating fire… oh shells, BEING fire a best she can…and doing a very good job, for a human! She's finally warmed up, and now the flamehead's moves are even more enthusiastic and dramatic - or conversely subtle and rippling - just like the ever-changinng, complex nature of fire itself. Rio's dancing with the booping Leirith makes the Dancer laugh with thrilled abandon, the pair watched on and off only, for she's got a Risali to tease with motion. And she does so - aggressively, gently, forwardly and backwardly, always in writhing, twisting, leaping motion. She is indeed shaking what her momma gave her, and it's a damned incredible sight to see…all her ferocious fury, sweet rippling, sky-high lashing, ground warming blazing. C'mon Leuka, Rio! (When Rio CAN, that is.) Play fire woman music. Or maybe even Fire Woman! For Kait IS ON FIIIIRE!

Leuka flickers his attention from one dancer to another, stretching fingers from one note to the next easily with these adapted gloves. Head shaking stubbornly as Risali's attempts to get him dancing. "Not right now nopenope. I'm out here playing at he edge of a frozen lake. We'll call that good nor now." Besides, with most evryone else dnacing, poor Leirith would have to supply all the music herself. And right now she looks like she'd much rather be the one dancing. Everyone just better watch out. Easier for them to avoid her than the other way around. Leuka glances to the bronzer, who he gathers just graduated according to Risali's reaction "Ahh, so you already know each other. And I bet his Kassala as well?" As the song is switched up and Katilyn lets loose, he just gives his head a shake and taps or plucks out the desired notes to her moves.

Why didn't Z'ki tell Risali? This is why. He manages equanimity in the face of Risali's shove — that barely even sways the bulky Igenite. "I didn't think it was worthy of discussion," the Igenite says, rather blandly. "But thank you, regardless." And then he's free, gaze settling on the pair of women for a moment before he steps closer to the bonfire, tugging off his gloves and holding bare hands out towards the warmth. He's definitely not dancing, and with no impetus to do so, merely stands warning himself, content to chat to the candidates. "Indeed, Kass Impressed with me." He glances at Riohra with a brief smile. "I hear the hatching might not be too far away. I'll cheer for you in the stands." Or, you know, do something more Z'ki-like and low-key, more than likely.

Riohra would love to chat about information that is clearly news to him but well, he has dragon on the brain pan. Or to be more Z'ki-like and accurate, there is a gold dragon on his head dancing with him. Not much one can do about this but he can grin and give a thumbs up to the newly minted bronze rider. With a glance over at Risali because again she has yet to take up the challenge and he will gloat about it unlike others who seem to not want to engage in betting and challenging of the fierce gold rider.

Oh, Risali gives Leuka a look, but it's a playful look, one that diminishes in the face of Z'ki's bland answer and - Risali looks up at him, really looks at the Igenite for a moment, as if seeing him for the first time. And there's a flicker of something in grey eyes, something that the goldrider mutes and hides behind another smile that, perhaps, isn't as bright as the others. But it's still a smile. And she does lean towards him as he moves closer to the fire, whispering, "This is because I'm better with a bow, isn't it?" PLAYFUL TEASING, utter sarcasm because they both know she's not. But she's looking to Leuka and nodding her head. "We met at Fort's winter games." Where the now-bronzerider helped spare her some humiliation. But Leirith's lifting her head just as Risali meets that smug look, and the goldrider's looking, for just a moment, contemplative. But she doesn't pursue. She leaves him to his dance with Leirith - for now - and settles… in the snow? Yes. She's settling in the snow, and pulling MARSHMELLOWS? (they totally have marshmellows now) out from somewhere in her riding jacket. And she's offering them around as grey eyes seek out a stick to poke with. Probably not the best place to be looking, but shhhh. BECAUSE WHO DOESN'T LIKE ROASTED MARSHMELLOWS? "You can't deny us forever, Leuka." But for now, Risali is content to catch her breath and watch Kaitlyn dance, Leirith turning the beat to FIRE WOMAN because AWWWYEAH. DANCE KAIT. DANCE! She's even patting the snow next to her, like this is some kind of invitation for Z'ki to sit beside her. PERFECTLY REASONABLE.

Power, flames, oxygen for burning… FIIIIRE! Kaitlyn burns with her lust and love for the dance like no other in current history, mayhap, the tall, regal woman eating up even inch of ground with her motions, movements. Is she dancing with Leirith's big head? That's an enthusiastic *yes*, if the queen allows it! Swirling like heavenly flame with Risali? Again, shells yes! *Kait* has the tough lady bits (man bits are actually rather weak, sensitive things, exposed things, really) to challenge Risali, and continues to do so in the most lovely and equitable way possible: dance with me, woman! The flamehead is on fire in one of the best of ways, and draws others in to burn along with her! What? She chooses marshmallows and a cold seat to burning? Kait looks almost hurt for a moment…but then there's a return to her love of poetry in motion, the redhead almost seeming to bow-curtsey to Risali in a lovely swipe of hair and motion before she returns to leaping, swirling, dancing all about before the bonfire. GOTTA DAAANCE! GOOOOTTA DAAANCE!

Leuka snorts over to Riohra and shakes his head, playing interupted as he gestures with his bow "Hey Leirith, you got something dangling from your chin there. Might want to get your rider to take care of that little growth you've acquired." He snickers in amusement at Riohra's 'dragonhat' as he resumes his cello work again. The Journeyman pointly looks away from Risali when she turns her attention his way. He's sooo not looking at you crazy lady! To the newly met bronzer he chuckle "I sorta met her recently, at a little dinner Riohra arranged, granted I was just one of the music minions." Leuka grins around eyeing Risali when she drops down and pulls out marshmellows. Well what else would one bring to a bonfire!?

"It most assuredly is, ma'am," Z'ki answers Risali without missing a beat, giving her that concession without a second thought. Also, you know who doesn't like marshmellows? Z'ki, because he's clearly not a fan of fun. The fun that Risali pulls out of her jacket, anyway. He waves ungloved hands in polite decline of the marshellows, and the brief pause suggests just as much hesitation over the offer to sit on cold snow. Perhaps politeness wins out in this case — or practicality, since he's weather leathers that'll protect him — since he settles, somewhat awkwardly and cross-legged, on the snow. "She seems very much… like you," Z'ki observes to Risali, of Kaitlyn, admittedly in a low voice. "Related?" is a bland sort of guess, like he knows it's unlikely.

Leirith abandons post! YOU DONE MESSED UP, LEUKA; YOU DREW HER ATTENTION. But it's a brief interruption, the gold laying her head on the Journeyman harper with a low rumble of sound that's definitely the queen's version of affection, and then she is tilting her head to dance - in so much as she is capable - with Kaitlyn. DANCE, DANCE! She's got the beat and the drums to make the rhythm for feet and hips as Risali is conceded to, and then declined, and then acquiesced by Z'ki. She leans sideways with a tilt of her head to hear his words, smiling as she leans away and those grey eyes go to Kaitlyn. One, two, three, and Risali breathes out, "She's prettier. And taller. Are you sure you were a guard?" And she knows that his bland guess means he didn't think it was likely, but SHE GOTTA TEASE HIM, because guards are supposed to be observant, and his sarcasm opens the door for her own. Still, she seems to note the hesitation and looks towards Kait when she says, "You know you don't have to sit by me." But then she's pulling out a marshmellow, and shifting onto her knees so that she can creep that little bit separating her from Leuka and SHOVE THAT MARSHMELLOW IN HIS MOUTH. Okay, she doesn't shove it, but she extends it for him to bite if he wants, since he is playing while Leirith and Kaitlyn dance. And then she's putting one in her own mouth as she moves back to Z'ki and settles, leaning sideways with a shoulderbump. OM NOM NOM. "If I ask you really nicely, will you teach me how to get out of a pin-hold?" And she's suddenly… serious? Brows furrowing as she looks to the once-guard. DON'T WORRY KAIT. She'll join you eventually; for now, Leirith's totally got this.

Messages exchanged, and soon, there's another gold to be seen circling the center bowl as darkness falls. Landing there, it may be some time before finally the pair of Kassala and Xerosaeth, make their way towards the lake. This time, it's without escort, which is quite nice. In fact, the redhead has a new knot on her shoulder, showing she's graduated. Yay! Now if only the pair could agree upon a weyr at Igen and move out of the old barracks! With a chorus of flits following them, they seem to be searching for a certain candidate, "They said he was down this way…" It's all good until the moment that Xero spies the dancing harper, whirling eyes to take in her movements, a low croon given in appreciation. Oh my. Look at Kait go! Didn't Kass mention that the dancer would be found quite interesting to her lifemate? Oh yes, yes she did, and it's proving to be truth! "Xero?" The question is raised as the gold moves closer to peer at Kaitlyn, though not so close to crowd. For now.

Kaitlyn and Leirith for-EVAH! Well, as long as Kait's stamina holds out, anyway…and the redhead's not even really begun to dance! SHe's had *Turns* to build up her stamina to high levels, and this new dancing with a dragon thing excites and fires her even more. When Leirith sways and wriggles and moves feet and ips, tail, Kait claps almost like a little girl for some moments, excepts its an artful wey to blend her enthusiasm within her dance so as to not *look* childish. She doesn't get *too* close to the gold, not wanting to inspire an accident OR inhibit the queen from expressing herself. A quick glance all about shows her Risali and the unknown bronzerider sitting together, Rio getting offered a marshmallow, and soon the arrival of the recognized form of Kassala…who gets a grand, sweeping bow-curtsey in dance form. Wait-whu? There's *another* giant golden dragon peering at her, now? SHould she be more careful? But Xerosaeth's not very near, so Kait will continue to leap and swirl, pivot and sway, flutter and burn like a flame all over the place…though with great grace and a strange stateliness that must be inherited…or perhaps taught, somehow. Grin. Play those bongos…er, strings, boys (Leuka and Rio)! Music and dance are the mana of the gods!

Leuka blinks and is suddenly the proud owner of his very own queen hat. At least for a moment. Laughing at the silliness of the moent, the Harper sway along with Leirith's movements, cello producing a soft voice that accompanies the queen's shared beat. Glancing around she grins nad leans to Risali's outstretched hand. Making a couple of tries for the marshmellow before he finalyl 'catches' it. And he didn't miss or slur a note either! That's what the Journeyknot gets you folds. Imagine the damage he will do with a Master Knot one turn. He chews and sways witht emelody, foot tapping to the beat as another queen circles in to join the dancemellow party! It takes him a moment recognize the face of the new rider, but glances back to Riohra when he does. "Bet you'll not complain about dancing with that particualr queenrider huh?"

"You could have different fathers. One never likes to assume," is Z'ki's easy response to Risali's teasing. And while a brow lifts at her observation that he needn't sit by her, neither does he move, even when she's leaning forward to try and feed one of the candidates. "I—" he pauses, stops. "When would you ever need to have that knowledge?" is his first question. And, "What will you give me for it?" his second — perhaps teasing? But then he seems serious enough. Xerosaeth is greeted by her clutchmate, Jizunoth exploring the skies of Fort to the south of the lake. It's undoubtedly the dragon that draws attention so that Z'ki's half turning, lifting a hand in greeting to Kassala.

Riohra is freed as Kaitlyn distracts the gold who for all intensive purposes had him by the nose… or top of the head as it were. He flat out laughs as Leuka gets his turn at being /loved/ on but the visiting Queen. When Z'ki asks if Kaitlyn is related to Risali he almost misses a chord because as much fun as the Gold rider is he doesn't think he could handle two of them. And then there is another Gold dragon and Rider, really going to have to check for that bait stuff… Rio still in his snow cloaked hunting gear was trying to make a hasty retreat for safer ground IT IS A LEGITIMATE STRATEGY RISALI FIGHT ME. He sees his flame haired love and as Z'ki already dropped the news of there graduation, will step over to her and will take Kassala in his arms. Now maybe it is the music, or the the fact he hasn't really gotten to see her in a REALLY long time but he will dramatically dip her and then kiss the woman. Because kissing isn;t against the candidacy rules, he checked Twice.

When Leuka finally gets ahold of that marshmellow with his teeth, Risali laughs and cheers because that was - « Badass! » See? Leirith's totally got this. And despite the equally foreign, but very new queen on the scene, Leirith's attention stays - mostly - with Kaitlyn. Oh, she bobs, and weaves, and she moves in close. She even extends a forepaw for Kaitlyn to use as a hand, to spin with, because Leirith is used to these shenanigans with her own rider (who, by the way, is easy to miss because SHORT). "I heard that, Leirith." DELIGHTED LAUGHTER, that expands and contracts like that beat that she makes; that Leuka complicates and turns into something beautiful that they can dance to. But she's reaching out to Xerosaeth with her mind - effervescent, sunbright, unhindered joy. « Dance with us! » No; Leirith is certainly not the most dignified queen to prowl Pern, but she just might be the kindest. Then Rio's dipping his lady-love, and Risali is cheering for them both and tossing marshmellow fluff their way because it's soft and totally like throwing rice at people when they get married. So that smile is still on her lips when she slowly shifts grey eyes from the pair to Z'ki - where that smile falters as she looks down to her bag of marshmellows and fishes out another one slowly. When would she need to know that? "When six and half feet of pissed off bronzerider pins me." And the way Risali says it sounds like maybe it's already happened, though she doesn't elaborate. Instead, there's mischief in her eyes as she leans sideways. "What do you want? Archery lessons?" Ha. But… she sounds serious, for all that she's being playful.

Intrigued is the newest gold to join the group, only a tad smaller than Leirith is Xerosaeth. Whirling eyes take in the movements of Kaitlyn and the other gold, and it starts with a bob of her head slowly, getting the rhythm. Then comes the twitch of a tail. By the time she's being urged to join them, Xero is trying to dance. Trying being the word here. Circling around, she will get somewhat closer, still keeping her distance so her movements won't knock someone over.
Kassala grins at Riohra, lifting a hand to wave at him, and before she might give him more than a 'hey', she's dipped. And kissed. Mrrow! Gloved hands go to his shoulders, and the kiss is returned, even while being pelted by marshmellows. No doubt, the gesture even manages to pull the gold's attention from dancing to look at her lifemate in Riohra's arms. «About time.» Weyrlinghood was not easy!

"Welcome, young lovers!" Kaitlyn notes as she swirls by the kissing pair of Rio and Kassala, her sweat-dotted features smiling and pinkened from her efforts. Anyone who wishes to join her will likely be dancing with Leirith as well, in some kind of fashion…both woman and queen moving their respective bits of bodies and bobbing, moving with the beat. She slows for a few moments to shed the Tillekian-knitted pull on sweater, soon swirling it over to her pile and settling the lovely thing underneat her long coat…just like Beauty in her case hides beneath it, now. Then it's back to dancing with the stars - er queen! - and Leirith extended forepaw makes the dancer just stare for a moment as she sways. And then the lightbulb comes on, and Kait laughs brightly, settling one of her long-fingered hands upon that huge paw's longest digit, then dancing literally *with* Leirith as if she had a human partner! Twirl, spin, sway! Around and around the flamehead goes 'in' Leirith's 'grasp,' the dancer delighted beyond words. Tossed marshmallow bits to the kissers from Risali makes Kait again laugh in almost child-like fashion, the woman leaving the gold dragon for only long enough as it takes her to dance over and 'beg' one of those treats from the weyrwoman with a supplicant look and extended, yearning arms. Whether she gets it or not, it's back over to Leirith she dances, taking the gold's paw again if it's still out. Xerosaeth's dancing in to join them, now? Why not?! The more the merrier! Between the bobbing of heads, twitching of tails, sashaying of huge dragon feet, Kait pivots and swirls like a small flame, bright and cheerful, urging the younger queen with hands and gestures that are still a dancer's own. Sorry Leirith, but Kait must dance with you *both* to be fair. Marshmallows for ALL! And FIRE! Delicious! Where's the graham crackers and chocolate?!

Leuka grins to at Riohra when he goes from trying to make an escape to willing walking into a gold's trap. Normally, he would have switched upthe song to something a bit more bawdy for such a 'sweet' touching moment for the pair, but with a couple of dancing queens and their riders, he's not about to tempt fate. Leuka's fingers stretch down for a portion of the song, only to slide right back up the strings hurriedly as the increasing tempo demands. He keeps up with the diva's moves, as if that was ever in doubt. The Harper turns an accusing look to Risali and Z'ki "I don't expect you to be stingy with those fluffy bites, but give me one of two more before you toss them all away aye?"

Well, that's hardly a surprising greeting, and Z'ki is polite enough to avert his gaze when Riohra greets Kassala rather amimatedly, albeit with a brief smile. Instead, he fixes on Risali with a lift of brows, catching her expression and reading into it with all the astuteness of his former profession. Her offer of archery lessons earns a shake of head by way of answer: "How about a favor instead. For something in the future." Unspecified favor, the most dangerous kind! Kaitlyn's 'begging' of marshmellows from Risali earns his somewhat steadily bemused gaze, pretty much a default expression, one might assume, though he doesn't comment. Z'ki's lift of hands — still bare — in response to Leuka clearly indicates he isn't in control of the marshmellow flow. As if that reminds him, he pulls gloves from his jacket and pulls them back on.

« You make this look easy! » Leirith badumbadumbadum sings to the younger queen, laughter chasing after bass and drums as Leirith keeps up that beat and Kaitlyn dances with her. And to be sure, the massive gold continues that bobbing - though her dance is slightly more subdued, in the interest of not crushing Fortian candidates under a wayward paw. And then those wingsails snap out, their impressive length covering the lot of them, making shadows that dance an insidious tempo to echo Kaitlyn's firey beat. And Risali's grey eyes are on Kait as the harper comes to her, generous with sharing those marshmellows (and even putting one in the dancer's mouth, if she's willing to lean down and bite it) before Leuka's drawing her attention back. And Risali is laughing, shifting onto her knees again as she shuffles her way through snow to give Leuka more of that FLUFFY GOODNESS. "Don't choke," is all the warning she gives him. She's terrible enough to push two into his mouth at the same time, aiming to overstuff his cheeks so that he's got something to chew for at least now as she crawls on knees and shins back to Z'ki and settles again. She's pulling her knees up to her chest this time, glancing back towards Kass and Rio before giving Z'ki her attention and nodding her head readily. "Done." Why? Because Risali is the type of woman who sees a cliff and jumps from it. She doesn't give herself enough time to think about whether or not it's too far up, or what will happen when she hits the ground. She's wild, a right force of nature, and undaunted by what those future favors may be. "So, when do we start?"

Riohra will let that kiss go until the all might need for oxygen wins out and he has to up right the newest gold rider and says softly still holding her close, because it is just them right "Hey you.." He will blink a moment as there is marshmallow in her hair where did that come from, he blushes when he remembers there are people around.

Xerosaeth croons out more, the dragonsong to mingle with the harper's music, a counter beat given by her own stomp and flick of her tail. While she doesn't offer her paw to Kait, she does however, keep an eye on the way she moves. At some point, those graceful sways and twirls may be transferred into the sky when the gold next takes to the air. Alone. No trying that with her rider on her back! «She is most graceful..» The comment is given from one gold to another, though soon she does look up and over, having heard her clutchmate, «Good eve to you, Jizunoth! Have seen this one dance? Do you think Z'ki could do this??» Ever curious, yes.
One will have to excuse Kassala being a little dreamy-eyed when finally put back on her feet again by Riohra, staring at him for a moment, "Hey.." She murmurs, completely oblivious to the fact that there's a marshmellow in her hair. Oh yeah, quite lovely!

Kaitlyn will indeed take the sweet treat from Risali's fingers with careful teeth, a grin and spin giving mute but obvious thanks for the tiny boost of energy as the candiadate-dancer pivots away towards the pair of queens. Om-nom! The unfurling of Leirith's wings is reason for Kait with startle for a moment, but somehow she makes it look almost natural in her dance…the woman then grinning up at the light and shadow interplay those vast wings cause…and simply going with the flow. She's not fainthearted, and that goes for being close to dragons, too! Dance-dance! Put on your red shoes and dance the (not) blues! Let's SWAY! under the moonlight…the serious moonliiiight! Once every bit, the redhead's fingers seek to touch or drag over any part of both queens if the allow, to make them more involved in her MUCH smaller moves…that still eat up the air, set fire to it, somehow. By this point, the flamehead's dancing like *she's* a dragon, no swirl of cloth to aid her this time…though she'd doing quite well in her various pantomimes, leap skyward, dips down. And are those actual *smiles* at Leuka and Rio? She's gotta be DEEp into this right now to give such an expression to the putz (aka Leuka).

Leuka grins to Z'ki's reaction and leans as much as he dares while playing and 'ooomphs' a bith when Risali shoves two of the fluffy bits of sugar in his mouth. "dank eww." He manages to get out before straightening back up. After a moment, he lets his cello go quiet, and rest the bow on his lap. Why? SO he can blow on is hands a moment, then hide his fingers in his altered gloves with a flip and tuck of digits. Seems the Harper is done playing for th emoment, he can't feel his fingers right now. Go ahead, glare all ya want Diva, this Harper… Wait, what just happen, is Kaitlyn smiling? Leuka will all too casaually peer himself him to see who's got her attention before frowning and peering forward. Shaking off the wary thoughts, he waves to Kassala when Riohra lets her up for air. "It's not dinner this time. But a ncie fire going."

Stretching out a gloved hand towards the goldrider, Z'ki clearly intends to shake on the deal with Risali. "Give me a few days; Sephany's helping decorate my weyr, and we should be done with that by done." Little does he know! Decorations never end. And then he's pushing to his feet, just as Jizunoth can be seen sweeping down from the skies into the bowl just beyond the lake. «I do not think even I could make him, Xerosaeth,» comes Jizunoth's amused response as he lands. "I should be going. It's much later in Igen," he says, as he strides towards Riohra and Kassala, clapping the former on the shoulder and smiling at the latter. "I'll make sure to be there for the hatching. Good luck, my friend." And then he's nodding towards the two other candidates, presumably in farewell as he picks up his pace and strides towards his waiting dragon.

Riohra is shook out of his love gaze, as Z'ki comes by and drops reality on him hard! "Hatching, Right.. Yeah that is soon from what they say." he is looking less and less thrilled about that but hey can't let that come and bother us so he turns and says "Do you remember Risali? She was at the Games we did" almost two turns for her now.

« She is like the fire! » Leirith concedes, but she does not limit herself to a pathway arcing towards Xerosaeth alone; no, Leirith is indiscriminate in the sharing of her voice, loud and enthusiastic in her observations that she shares with… well… everyone. And she dances! SO MUCH DANCE FROM ONE… ENORMOUS QUEEN. But when Leuka stops, it draws Risali's attention to the harper, a crease of concern on her brow was she watches him tuck away his fingers and Leirith readily picks up for the absence of cello to accompany that drum and bass. SHE'S GOT THIS. IT'S FINE. Or… maybe she's got this? She's shifting that big body of hers, careful not to tread on the squishable people around her as she PLOPS HER HEAD RIGHT ON LEUKA'S LAP and croooooons. It's a wuffle of sound, a release of hot breath as she turns her head into the motion much like a cat bunting hands for a good scratching. She's mindful of instruments, though; surely wouldn't want to destroy those because THEN WHO WOULD BE HER MUSICAL ACCOMPLICE? Risali slips her hand into Z'ki's, taking his hand in a firm shake, smile blossoming as she nods her head and breathes out, "Tell her I said hello." And then she's watching Z'ki go, Leirith calling a goodbye to the bronze as Risali gathers marshmellows and shifts to her knees, coming to hog the bit of log left over by Leuka. Marshmellow? She extends one to him. "Are you okay?" But her attention comes up, grey eyes on Kass and Rio both as her name reaches her ears and Risali raises gloved hands in a hello with a muted smile. She would be Risali! The one that crawled through the snow because she couldn't stand on skates.

Xerosaeth is quick to croon a goodbye to her clutchsib as Jizunoth circles to land in the bowl. With goodbyes given, she no doubt says she will see the bronze soon enough. But then, perhaps they might stay a few days here at Fort. Who knows. As the cello's song ends, the sunset gold turns towards Leuka to peer at him curiously. No music? With one dragon to warm him up, surely his hand will warm up quicker if two dragons do so? Laying her head opposite, she will brush against his back. Awww. Leuka sandwich.
Kassala turns, waving to Z'ki, then looks to Risali, the petite woman recognized, "Yes, I remember her.. " And so a wave is given, "I remember meeting your dragon very briefly as well." It would seem that Xero has a friend. Just wait till she starts asking her questions. "Sooo…" A glance given aside to Rio, "What's up tonight?"

Leuka pages: That's what I should do. Assign themesongs to each of Leuka's friends lol
Looking around and up with her motions allows Kaitlyn to see Z'ki's and Jizunoth's departure, the woman sparing a quick glance at Risali to catch the goldrider's mood. If she looks down or lonely, Kaitlyn will swirl over to her and grin, perfomr a few specatular ballerina's moves (as best she can in her boots) to try and alleviate any potential negativity. If the goldrider's fine, well then it's continued Dancing with the Queens (special!). Perhaps Leuka had better be careful, with the firebird's smile resting on him a moment. Might be wickedness afoot for the putz! To the loud Leirith. Kaitlyn calls out, I *am*!" Laughter again, and more dance ensue..until the elder gold plop her head on Leuka's lap to warm him. "Hahahaaahahaa!" Kait barks out, still for a few moments while the glee takes her! And then Zero joins her golden 'sister,' and Kait's just laughing with total abandon, now…and yet not sounding terribly mean in the process. Who cares if there's no music right now? Not *her*! It goes on in her head, and her mody moves to it as if the real stuff were being produced!

Leuka rubs his hands together some, extending them tothe fire. That is until his lap is suddenly become a golden pedastal. Hands lift uncertainly "Well hello there." His gaze drifts to Risali a moment before focusing on Leirith, who seems to be trying to wrm up his hands. That draws a chuckle from th e Harper candidate and he will even tugs the finger portion back to expose his digits to dragonbreath. Gaze flickers around, watching his friends have fun. Well, Rio And Risali, wouldn't call that Diva Harper a friend. Just someone who hasn't succeeded in stabbing him properly yet. The departing rider is looked to quickly at his departing words, and there goes some of Leuka's humor. Then Risali is dropping on to the log next to him and it takes a moment for his brain to catch up to her words "Um, yea. I just….cold fingers." He leaves it at that and flexes said digits when there is suddenly another queen head resting on the ther side of him "OH, well, hello to you as well…" He looks to Rio and Kass before looking quickly back to the new queen "You'd be Xero then?" Well if he's got two hand warmers, he might as well use them. Leuka will offer a few ridge scritches if they are allowed.

Riohra grins and says "well besides the fact we all got called out here at the beconing of a Queen dragon, it is shaping up to be a great night." He pulls her close and wraps an arm around her waist and holds her as close as he can. "How long are you hear for?" He looks over at the dancing candidate before chuckling "awww I think they like each other"

Risali is fine! In fact, there's no melancholy to be found in her expression as Z'ki up and leaves, 'cause SHE AIN'T NEED NO MAN. Not that Z'ki is her man. LISTEN. JUST GO WITH IT, OKAY. She Kaitlyn is left to dance with queens, though her glance Risali-wards is greeted with a smile much like Xerosaeth's participation in this LEUKA SANDWICH is met with amusement (of the very endearing kind) from Leirith. "I haven't met yours," Risali tells Kass, grey eyes on the younger queen as she moves to settle beside Leuka. And speaking of Leuka, that look he gives her is met with raised brows and a quiet smile as she nods her head. Go on. Leirith is probably one of the most friendly dragons you'll meet, but she's still speaking to Kass when she says, "She is beautiful." « She looks like the sunset and the sunrise, » comes from Leirith, all cheer. "And you're beautiful too," Risali tells her own lifemate, reaching out to scratch those places she turns her head into, shifting back and forth between Leuka's touch and Risali's. « Said NOBODY EVER! HA! » Which earns the queen a little swat on her muzzle, laughter bubbling from her as Risali digs out more marshmellows and offers one to Leuka, extends another to Kaitlyn in case she needs more fuel for those gracefully beautiful moves. And again, to Kass, Congratulations, by the way." A beat, as she looks to Rio, and back to Kass. "To both of you." And there's Leirith, swindling her way back into Kaitlyn's mind (OKAY SHE NEVER LEFT, YOU LITERALLY ALL CAN HEAR EVERYTHING SHE SAYS BECAUSE SHE'S OBNOXIOUS), giving her a good BEAT to move that body to. But then Risali's attention is on Lueka as she looks at his hands, and then her own, and knows that they won't fit, but pulls her gloves off to extend to him anyway. "I'm sure you'll be warm soon enough." Because DRAGGOS.

Xerosaeth gives a soft blow of air, a hint of a croon. Yep, that would be her! «His paws… hands… are cold. It is amazing how quickly they get cold if not covered up. Such little paws though. » She might be tempted to ramble on more to her sister gold, but there seems to be some word spoken by her lifemate that reminds her that not EVERYONE finds such things interesting as she does. «He'd be warmer at Igen. The sands are quite hot there. So hot, we take naps in the afternoon.» Ah, the life. When complimented, there is a shy sense of happiness from the youngest gold, «Thank you.» But then, she is quick to lift her head, to peer at Leirith with eyes that swirl a little faster. «You are just as beautiful as well. You are happy bright shades of gold. Sort of like my egg was.» And so, Leirith is quite beautiful to her!
Kassala steps forwards, dipping her head to Risali, "Her name is Xerosaeth. She wanted to come back, since we no longer have to have an escort." Surely Risali remembers those days of weyrling hood? "And.." She leans into Rio, glancing up at him, "To see you again. I got your letter about the eggs hardening and how no one can leave. Figured we might see if we could stay close.."

You are the Dancing…. queen(s)… young and (not so) sweet! Only… 20 Tuuuurns! Nah, not Kaitlyn's type of song. She's dancing to something like 'You Shook Me All Night Long, now, the rock-and roll rhythm perhaps recognizable to those in the know (like Leuka). Hard, fast punches of her body, somewhat salacious but not going over into tawdry, are made between smoother motions, Kait's hips rapping out the unheard beat as her backup is heated by the proximity of dual headers…er, dragon breath! Marshmallow? Why "Thank You!" good Risali, Kait nipping into it with careful teeth as she sashays by…only to be co-opted by pushy Leirith's mind! Wow! "Okay, *your* beat!" is laughed aloud, the woman still dancing rock-and roll, but at a different pace, now. Kait twirls and Umphs along and around in front of Leirith, though she also moves towards the other humans at times, particupating in their conversations that way. "Soon, hopefully!" is breathed deeply out to Kassala's words of staying close. Grin.

Leuka grins as the queens shift their heads a bit to better get scratches from the seated Harper. He accepts the second pair of gloves "Thanks." and somehow wiggles his fingers into the larger portion of them, and folds his altered gloves over them, it works, really. His fingers will be warmed back up in no time. Til then, he resumes scratching the golden slices of bread he seems to be surrounded by. After a moment, he waves over to Kassala when they come closer "Hi ahead weyrwoman. And I suppose congratulations as well." On the whole Graduating thing. His attention drifts to Kailtyn, and assumes a smug grin since he seems to have 'stolen' her golden dance partners." But he'ld look alot smugger about it if they were inside where it's actually warm. Afte a moment, Leuka's figners actually start doing intermittent drumming on the two dragons eye ridges. Perhaps picking up the beat they are sharing. A few seconds later, he looks to Risali next to him and states "Marshmellow me." Then opens his mouth for the demanded treat with a grin.

Leirith is not that kind of dragon - or, well, even if Leirith doesn't find something interesting, there's still a sense of adoring humor behind that bombastic mind; undeterred and unhindered even by those who snub and despise her for that bubbly cheer. See, Xerosaeth is not the only one with qualities that can grate. And so, Leirith's adding on with, « All of them is little! Everything that they do is so very different. » BABUMBABUM. That must be laughter. « My Zekath is from Igen. My Garouth is from Monaco Bay. My minion is from Half Moon Bay. They all come from the heat, though you and Zekath come from the hottest! » Yeah, Leirith just thinks EVERYONE IS HERS. BE CAREFUL, XEROSAETH. She's gonna start calling you, 'mine,' too! AND THEN WHERE WILL WE BE? But the compliment seems to give Leirith pause, a falter in her mindvoice that brightens with laughter as Leirith lifts her head to look at her golden sister and says, « … Compared to my minion! HA! » Nah; Leirith doesn't find herself beautiful. But it doesn't seem to concern her, for what it's worth. "Xerosaeth, is it? Hello, Xerosaeth. I'm Risali, and this is Leirith." BOOMBOOMBOOM! Kaitlyn swoops by, Risali delivers more mellows, and then Leuka is leaning in to get a marshmellow himself, with words that have Risali laughing, "Shut up, Leuka," in a playful way. But she does it; she leans forward to push one, two, three marshmellows into his mouth, and then pinches his cheeks as she breathes, "Don't choke." EVIL WOMAN. Still, Leirith is dipping her head to press muzzle into Kaitlyn, demanding some scritches and giving heat. « But you are right, my Xerosaeth, » WHAT DID I TELL YOU. « They are cold. We should, perhaps, make them go inside. Disappointments. » But she's laughing. And Risali is rolling her eyes as she moves to her feet, pulling Leuka to his, linking arms with him, with Kaitlyn. She's gathering Leuka and Kass along the way, and dragging them all with her to where it's warm, for hot drinks and conversation. And who knows? Maybe there will be more dancing. And music.

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