What disasters?

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

Night time at Xanadu: while there are some little groups of people sharing late meals or relaxing after a long day, the caverns are mostly deserted. Sitting in one of the larger chairs near a fireplace is the Weyr's friendly neighborhood wildwoman, Bowyn. The huntress has draped herself across the seat of the chair, legs hanging over one of the arms, and she's scribbling in a little notebook. If one were close enough, they would hear her muttering to herself as she concentrates on whatever it is she's doing. One can never tell with her. She shoves a chunk of dried meat in her mouth, muttering and muttering and scribbling some more.

Kiena is one of those looking to relax after a long day. The bluerider walks up from the entranceways leading to the hot springs looking freshly scrubbed and squeaky clean, which is a vast improvement from her earlier state when she finally stepped out from the forges. Now with her damp hair loosely bound in some wild, messy affair and dressed in clean clothes she tromps her way in and makes right for the serving tables. A quick browse by and snaring a plate she'll fill it with a little bit of this and that, followed by a pint of ale. One would think too with the caverns empty as they are she'd pick an empty table. Not tonight! Kiena spies the muttering, scribbling huntress and recognizing her she will approach. "Mind some company?" she drawls.

Stepping quietly from the infirmary tunnel, Kera glances around the sparcely occupied cavern's. Rubbing tired eyes briefly with the heels of her hands, the apprentice blinks a time or two as her sight readjust. Some of the lights are off, with it being night, but there is still plenty of light to see by as her steps starts towards the buffet tables for a snack. A full mug and still warm roll finds there way into her hands before she turns to head back to the infirmary. A few steps are taken before movement out of the corner of her eye drags her gaze towards the fireplaces. Even in the dim nightime light settings, it's hard to mistake /that/ hair. Winding her way through the tables, she waves her roll in greeting. "G'evening you two." A quick nod and smile offered to the huntress and bluerider.

Bowyn doesn't even glance up at the rider when she says, "I don't mind," and takes a moment to finish her scribbling. Closing the book, she gives Kiena a little smile and nods at her while saying, "You're that blueridin' smith I met in the tavern the other day, right? K…Kiena?" She rips a bite off of a large piece of jerky with her teeth and proceeds to chew it in a rather unladylike way. "You look fresh." Suddenly, a Kera! She eyes the girl for a moment, not having seen her in some time, and gives a sly smile. "Hullo. How've you been?"

Kiena isn't shy about giving a rather obvious curious look at the notebook Bowyn was scribbling in, though she stops herself from outright craning her head to sneak a peek at the scribbling. No, she'll just focus on pulling out a chair by hooking her boot around a leg and settling down with little grace. Barely has her plate settled and already she's taking a deep pull of her ale and using the pint to toast the huntress when her guess is correct on the name. "I am and you're Bowyn, right? Hunter… Huntress? Preference?" Does she have one? She snorts, chuckling. "Better fresh 'n clean than what I was prior. No one likes the smell of metal, chemicals and sweat with their food. Business or pleasure?" she drawls and flicks a few fingers towards said notebook. Then she's turning her head to glance up and she smiles crookedly. "Hey, Kera! Just off shift or just about to start?"

Kera shuffles around the back of Kiena's chair and plops down in another to join the fireside group. A tired grin slips over her features as she nods agreeably to the Kiena. "Yea, just getting off duty. On top of normal duties, routine cleaning and scrubbing of everything. Checking and double-checking supplies…files in order.." she ends with a yawn, which is hidden behind her roll. Why not disguise a yawn by taking a bite, so what's what she does. Settling back more comfortably in the chair, Kera chuckles a little to Bowyn. "Up to my elbows in studies and duties. How bout yourself? Hunting been good this season?"

Bowyn narrows her eyes and hums a bit as she considers what her preference would be. "Whatever," she concludes. "Hunter I guess? 'Huntress' is a little too frilly for me." We wouldn't want that. When her notebook is motioned to, she holds it up and clucks her tongue. "Sadly, just business. Adding up money stuff, planning my rations, that kind of thing. Not very exciting, but necessary. How was work today? You make anything new that you've never made before?" Kera gets a smile and a little nod, then, and Bo lets out a sigh. "Well," she begins, scratching the side of her head, "it's been slightly less productive than I'd like, but I'm managing to do well, I guess. I know a couple of better hunting spots that no one else has found. Yet. Likely they won't, either, unless they're…crazy. Or stupid." She offers no explanation for that comment, whatsoever. "How have your studies been?"

Kiena snorts, "How is Huntress too frilly? Don't think there's anything frilly at all about hunting. But 'hunter' it is then!" She'll try to remember too and while the notebook is held up and the scribbling explained, the bluerider will sneak a few bites of food. "A necessary evil, as some would say." she mumbles around mouthfuls. Manners, who needs them? Not her, apparently. "Nothing new," she admits with a shake of her head and holds up her one hand briefly. It's lacking it's bandages now, but there are two long gashes - now reduced to scabs - but clearly still healing. "On light duty…" There's a sidelong look to Kera then and a knowing little smirk. "But thanks to Kera here and a Journeyman Healer I'm well on the mend now. A little longer and I'll be able to go back to full duty." And none too soon! Curiosity has Kiena tilting her head to peer at Bowyn then. "Why crazy or stupid? These grounds dangerous?" Do tell! Back to Kera, the bluerider grimaces a bit. "Sounds like you've a full plate… err, work wise. You ever get a free day to relax?"

"Frilly?" Kera leans forward slightly, scrutinizing Bowyn, before smirking and settling back with a shake of her head "Nope, sorry. With that hair, I just don't see anyone calling you frilly Bowyn." A quick shrugs is offered. "Not more than once at least." She takes a moment to give her roll and mug attention while listening to the others. Her gaze does take in Kiena, her injured hand to be more precise. "Glad it's healing well. Looks like it's at the itchy stage. Need more numbweed?" A quick nods dips her head "I've got a couple days together next sevenday." Tearing another bite from her roll, and glances back to Bowyn "Studies have been good, new topics that are interesting. And I'm assisting the Journeyman in procedures more and more."

For some reason Innes is still here, perhaps because it's been a spell since she slept somewhere with a roof over her head and she's enjoying the luxury. Or perhaps she's just lazy. Either way, she's still here, fresh from a bit of time outdoors and with a bit of color in her cheeks from her quick steps. A few strides into the cavern she catches herself and slows, glancing about for a familiar face. Or just a decent place to sit. Her gaze falls on Kera, and she perks up immediately. Is it possible one of her few acquaintences is busy and she shouldn't interrupt? Of course. But that doesn't stop Innes from slipping into an empty seat at the table and announcing, "Kera's going to save us all from fire-related disasters."

Bowyn shakes her head. "Hunting isn't frilly. The title is. I think it's unnecessary to separate male and female hunters like that. I don't like it." She wrinkles her nose as if the word itself leaves a bad taste in her mouth, even if she only hears it. Bowyn eyes the rider's hand and wonders, "What happened, anyway? Meant to ask you at the tavern but I got distracted, I guess." At the mention of the hunting grounds, she nods. "Quite dangerous, actually. After observing how to get there I finally found a safe way, but it's hard to find." When her attention turns back to Kera, Bowyn grins and says, "Good! Glad t'hear you're able to do more procedures. I bet you're learning a lot more that way than just watching or reading, huh?" The joys of hands-on learning! The appearance of Innes takes the hunter slightly by surprise and she flicks her eyes in that direction. "Fire-related disasters? Are we expecting them?"

Kiena stares good and hard at Bowyn for a moment and then she grins a slow spreading grin. "You know, I agree with that. It is unnecessary!" she agrees and then grimaces, flexing her still healing hand once before lowering it to grip her pint of ale. Another swallow and then comes her little tale. "Harsh reminder to go slower with my work. Metal I was working on was weak 'cuz I rushed and got too cocky. So… it snapped and.." She demonstrates with her opposite hand just how the shards of metal sliced. "I got caught on it. Stupid mistake and I won't be making it again. Cost me fourteen days of work!" Dangerous? Kiena is intrigued, but her attention focuses back on Kera. "Nah, I've got some leftover still from the other batch you gave me. Thanks though! And good! Never good to work too hard." Pot calling the kettle black there! Innes' arrival earns a cursory look over from Kiena and a curious tilt of her head. Who is this? And fire-related disasters? Blue eyes dart to Bowyn and Kera then and a hand lifts up. "Not from me! I swore I'd not set fire to the clearing anyways or any other forge-related disaster. Honest!" She's kidding, right?

Kera finishes most of her roll while the bluesmith explains how she was injured. Glancing from Kiena to Bowyn, she sighs "Her injury turned out to be a bit of a learning experiance for both of us. To not rush through standard procedures." Popping the last bite in her mouth, she brushes her fingers over the bottom of her shorts and nods to Bowyn. "Sometimes it's nerve wracking when I'm doing a new procedure for the first time, but it passes." Seeing the redheaded visitor, she gives a nod her way, then blinks in confusion at the girl's statement. It takes her a second or two before she chuckles and rubs her tired face "Hi there Innes. Oh please, no explosions tonight. I warned both you and that seacrafter to be cautious." Casting a glance around "Did he ever go find he Headwoman like he said?".

Innes rolls her shoulders a few times and then tilts her head from side to side, seemingly unconcerned with the fact that she just appeared out of nowhere with a potentially alarming comment. When her muscles feel sufficiently loose she glances back toward the company. Bowyn receives a blank stare for a moment before she breaks into a sly sort of grin. "You should always be expecting fire-related disasters. They could happen at any moment." She rests both arms on the tabletop, bending one so that as she cants her head, she can comb her fingers through her hair. Her eyes widen a bit as she takes in Kiena's hand and gathers up bits and pieces of the story from what conversation she has managed to overhear. The healing marks are eyed with new interest, and maybe just a bit of admiration. "Do you think you'll have a scar?" she asks, a little too eager. Kera receives Innes' best imitation of an innocent grin, which can't really be considered innocent at all. "I haven't caused any explosions lately, promise. And I'll be out of your hair before the Weyr burns down." Probably. "He went, but I haven't seen him since. He's probably dead."

Bowyn grins back at the bluerider and bows her head at their agreement. If she had a drink she would raise it in 'cheers' but alas! She has none. She winces right along with the other woman, shaking her head a bit and letting out a great sigh as if living through the pain with her for a moment. "I bet that ruined you…I guess there's no better way to learn then, right? I've got similar stories, though I bet mine hurt far less. Well, aside from the time I almost got an arrow in my head," she adds as an afterthought, pointing to the scar on her scalp. Kera gets a thoughtful expression and Bo changes her position so she can lean forward to inspect Kiena's hand. "Suppose it'll leave scarring?" She says it around the same time that Innes does, and chuckles a bit. "I would guess so, but I don't know if there's a way you can avoid that now. What would you have done differently, if she'd come to you now?" The last question was directed at Kera, Bo's eyes moving to look at her again. Innes' sly grin is mirrored by Bowyn and the hunter quirks a brow without saying anything. Is she in the midst of a pyro? What's happening here? She likes it!

"And it wasn't your fault, Kera." Kiena murmurs in a low undertone to the young Apprentice but likely still overheard by all. "Ruined me?" Her eyes flick back to Bowyn and she smirks, "Not quite. Just… was sharding bored and there is surprisingly little you can do on your own with one hand. Ujinath is getting restless too, so it will be nice that I can fly with him again." she murmurs, only to stare at Innes. Are they in the presence of a pyro? Kiena is beginning to wonder. "So can any other disaster, big or small." she counters with a crooked half-grin and blinks at the over eagerness. "Uh. Probably?" Right? "Wouldn't be the first scar I've collected and… shells, Bowyn, seriously?" Seriously! An arrow to the head? Kiena leans forwards a bit to get a closer glimpse of that scar on the hunter and then whistles low. Daaaang. "You're lucky!" Aha, so the mysterious one does have a name! Kera and Innes are given curious looks again, she pipes up with a: "So are you new here, Innes?" Only to frown. Dead? "I'm sure he's just fine! It's not THAT dangerous to find or speak to the Headwoman." Kiena scoffs and helps herself to a little more of her late night meal and ale. As much as the conversation intrigues her though, the bluerider's gaze suddenly drops with a frown, distracted and unfocused. With a sigh, she knocks back the rest of her ale with hardly a grimace and then gathers her half eaten plate of food. "Seems there's no rest for the weary," she drawls. "I'm being called away. Enjoy the rest of your night! Was nice to see you Bowyn and Kera and to meet you Innes." Sort of, though they never got to the proper introductions! Another time perhaps, as the bluerider dips her head in farewell and then briskly strides out.

Kera watches the stairs to the admin offices a few long seconds before shaking her head and turning back to the group sitting around the fire, chuckling to Innes "He didn't show up in the infirmary. Guess I owe him a meal at the tavern or the new cafe on the beach when his ship though again." A little shrug is given over it as her gaze drifts around the trio. Bowyn's questions of what she would do differant gets a quick snort. "Check the wound under the thick glass." That was the 'simple' step she overlooked. "But I highly doubt that will happen again." She glances at Kiena's hand with the mention of scarring comes up. "It won't be too bad. And besides, thought riders were supposed to have a few scares." Wiggling her fingers to the bluesmith as she's clled away "G'evening Kiena."

Innes stares at Kiena's hand for a bit longer - probably longer than is strictly polite - before her attention begins to drift toward the other scar on display. She untangles her fingers from her hair to lean on her forearms, pushing herself a bit closer to Bowyn to get a peek at that scar. "An arrow in your head?" She inhales through her teeth in a hiss, but she's grinning as she does. Morbid? A little. She leans back again and her hand goes back to its former occupation, twisting and tugging at her messy hair. "I don't know," she offers, ignoring questions about her arrival, "I think he might be dead. I thought I heard screaming before everything went silent." She's grinning as she speaks, but given the ease with which she talks about other disasters, it isn't a great indication of whether or not she's joking. She lifts her free hand to wiggle her fingers in farewell as Kiena leaves, calling out a farewell of her own. And then her gaze falls back to the other two.

Bowyn waits for the inspection of her head to be complete before leaning back in her chair. She chuckles at the talk about a possible dead person and then stretches and lets out a great yawn. She cracks her neck and then pulls herself out of the chair to stand, looking at the other two women and saying, "I'm afraid I've got to go. I have to be up early in the morning. Sorry to leave so suddenly myself," she says, nodding toward Kiena as she departs. "I'll see you two again soon, I hope. Later." With that, she slowly makes her way toward the exit, too.

Kera looks to Bowyn's scar again before she leans back. "You're lucky though. Could have been much worse." A few degrees either way.. A little smile is given to Bowyn as she has to leave as well. "G'night Bowyn. Happy Hunting!" Is called out to the woman's back before she chuckles to Inness. "Screams huh? That probably explains why he hasn't been seen. Though I guess we could check with the dockmaster to see if the ship sailed or not."

Does she smell funny or something? Although Innes smiles and offers Bowyn a decent farewell, her expression is slightly disgruntled once the other girl is out of sight. At least Kera is still here, the only one whose name she actually knows. "Screams," she affirms, her expression lightening at the chance to relate more of her fictious tale. "Blood-curdling screams. I couldn't take it." She twirls a strand of ginger hair around one finger directly in front of her face, before releasing the corkscrew and watching it unfurl. "Checking with the dockmaster seems like a lot of work. Assuming his death seems easier."

Kera cants her head to Innes and chuckles over her mug. "Maybe the Headwoman's office could use some sound proofing. At least enough so the screams aren't quite so blood-curdling." Flashing an amused smile to the other girl "One thing I /have/ learned during my posting is never to assume anything. That'll get ya in trouble." A few drinks are taken from her mug before she continues on. "Did you manage to get your books dried out? They looked pretty waterlogged before." She doesn't ask about the girl's soaked clothes or anything else that was in Innes's pack. Just the books. Shows where Kera's priorities are.

Innes laughs, and quickly shakes her head. "You need to be able to hear the screams; they're inspirational." Her gaze falls on Kera's mug with just a hint of envy. She twists in her seat for the moment, surveying the lay of the land and considering a drink, but she doesn't move from her spot. The part of her which is trying to be as unobtrusive as possible in her stay here has kept her from eating or drinking more than is absolutely necessary. "I did, for the most part. They'll survive, even if they're worse for the wear. They're not so bad that they have to be replaced," she explains with a little shrug of her shoulder. There's a bit of practicality to her, somewhere in there. "How's your studying?"

Kera snickers, eyes rolling upwards in amusement. "Inspirational? Maybe for a Harper looking to write a scary tale to frighten little ones into minding their manners perhaps." Looking back down, she doesn't miss the glance given to her mug. Nor fidgiting Innes is doing. "Are you hungry or thirsty?" The apprentice gestures towards the buffet tables. Being late night, there aren't kept covered, but there are several platters with rolls or sandwiches laid out, along with the beverage pots. "Go help yourself. I'll still be here when ya get back." Kera nods with an encouraging smile. Then again, that little warm roll isn't exactly gonna keep her going til morning, so she rises to her feet. "Now that I mention it, I'm still a bit hungry myself. I'll come with ya."

"Harpers always need inspiration for those things, though," Innes insists, with a wry smile. "They never worked on me, but I'm sure they work on /someone/." Her nose wrinkles as Kera catches on to her predicament. She wasn't exactly subtle, but even so, she's disappointed to be caught. "I guess," she mutters hesitantly. A drink does sound tempting. It's harder to resist when the other girl gets up, and Innes finally relents with a reluctant sigh. "Yeah, okay. A drink sounds good." Her fingers unwind from her hair and she gets to her feet, crossing the cavern to the buffet tables. Showing restraint, she only grabs a mug and fills it, commenting, "I ate earlier."

Kera still has her mug in hand, which she tops off before grabbing one of the dry sandwiches and putting a little plate under it. She's amused by Innes's insistance that Harper tales never work on her. Stepping aside to let the other girl have a clear path to everything on the buffet, she eyes the side of her sandwich "Looks like roasted herdbeast strips…sure ya don't want one?" She doesn't push the issue though, simply waiting til the redhaired visitor gets what she wants before turning back to their prior seats by the fire. "Where were you heading before the rain made ya turn for Xanadu?"

Innes shakes her head, holding up her mug with insistence. "This'll do me. And if I do get hungry, I don't think this table is going to walk off any time soon." She follows Kera back to their previous spots, sliding into her seat and quickly raising her mug to her lips. She takes a few sips before seeming to realize that she's been asked something. Her shoulders lift in a little shrug. "I wasn't going anywhere in particular, really. I'm just traveling around. I like sticking to the Holds more than the Weyrs, though."

Kera sinks onto the edge of her chair when they return, setting her mug on the nearby table. Resting elbows on her knees in a slouchy posture, the apprentice healer tears off the corner of her sandwich. "That sounds exciting. I've thought about what it would be like to do that sometimes. To just head off travel around whereever ya wished. Only, I'm not very bug on all things to do with camping." She shakes her head over that and smirks "Totally useless." She ends with a yawn she tries to hide and winces as she gets back to her feet. "I'll have to eat this in the dorms. Sorry to run off, but I need to get some sleep." Gesturing with her sandwich and gathering her stuff, Kera smiles "Have a good evening Innes."

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