Leap of Faith

Xanadu Weyr - Forest Pool
Formed by ancient volcanic activity and composed of mostly of a single solid rock, the uneven surface of this island contains little dirt. Tree roots delve into cracks and grip tenaciously while the thin layer of humus provides nourishment for the moss, ferns and sparse plant life of this park-like woodland and cushions the forest floor underfoot. Shafts of golden sunshine slant between the trunks, creating emerald puddles of light upon the moss, encouraging flowers to bloom where insects flitter.

That crack where the bowls falls had drained here opens to a deep, still pool cradled in cliffs of stone, the depths of jade waters therein probed by fingers of light filtering through the leaves overhead. Large enough for a dozen people to swim comfortably in, the rise of rock shelf above provides a thrill for those daring to cliff-dive or a perfect spot to sunbathe upon.

Another clear summer day and what better way to beat the late afternoon heat than to find some shade! There’s plenty of it, all over the Weyr, yet for whatever reason THIS place is the place — at least, when Keruthien pitched it, it came off that way. It certainly has it’s own alluring appeal, what with the larger amount of rock, soft moss and overall layout. Not to mention peaceful, which might lead some to a false sense of security. Really, anyone knowing him, should know this is likely not all it seems! Even the arrangement of blankets, some purloined edibles (hey, picnic parties are cool, okay?) and drinks (non alcoholic for REASONS), make this seem like nothing more than a little ‘getaway’. Sure, he probably cornered each and every individual he could find to spring this spur of the moment invitation on. He would even lay the reassurance on thickly that his suggestion of wearing (or bringing) swimming attire was purely optional but heavily recommended! Are some likely going to get deterred by his rather poor directions to this ‘awesome spot’? Possibly. For those who do make it though? Congratulations! You may (or may not) come to regret it! Keruthien’s already waiting, having setup most of the blankets in the meantime. He’s dressed in his swim shorts, humming some nameless tune to himself while making one last round of the small flat space thus ‘claimed’ for this little gathering.

Rhodelia may have cheated her way out instead of trudging through the Weyr's forests. She's certainly not got a shoe to be seen as she's already lounging on a blanket on that flat sunbathing rock, getting down the the VERY IMPORTANT BUSINESS of both sunning herself and nomming off a plate full of bubbly berries. The smith's humming of the not quite recognizable tune gets one of the little berries flicked in his general direction. She aims for an ear, but really Rhody will take what she can get. "Do you think there are weyrlings that end up sunning with their dragons whenever they can get away with it? As like… bonding or something?" She can totally practice for being a dragon. Not a weyrling. Gotta have dreams.

Stefyr took so much convincing, you guys. Really. There is no chance that Keruthien said something like, "Hey-" and Stefyr was like, "I'm there." Okay, there were probably more words than that actually exchanged between the bros, but Stefyr was an easy to guess check yes for attending when this spur of the moment invitation was issued. He even volunteered to help play pack mule. All that brawn needs to be good for something to warrant the cost of feeding him, after all. And he is eying up that picnic with no small amount of interest, but he's also dressed in swim trunks and a short-sleeved shirt and among the items brought here, somewhere, is a towel and his ridiculously small daypack and canteen. Always come prepared, that's Stefyr's motto~ (Or did he borrow it from someone? Can't remember, not important.)

When the idea was pitched to Evangeline, she agreed enthusiastically, but then all of the walking to reach the spot started to feel like EXERCISE and Evi is a conscientious objector. Despite the, to her, grueling walk, she arrives in the forest spot fully prepared for a picnic. She is wearing a swim cover-up of light, flowy white fabric that does NOTHING to hide her neon green homemade swimsuit. The pants of her swim outfit go past her knees, and the top goes to mid-forearm, in this way, she is only SLIGHTLY less dressed than usual. Settling herself on a blanket, she gives a small wave to the gathering candidates, her hand running along with the blanket before flopping backward and staring up at the sky with a sigh."Keruthien, are there not picnic spots closer by?" All of that walking was hard Y'all.

The fact that Katailea made it to this place with Keruthien's directions mean one of three things: a) they weren't all too terrible, b) she didn't get turned around or c) she walked with someone. Maybe a combination of all three. Whatever or however she did make it! Any reason to get away from Weyr for a short time. "Well, there are certainly days I think it could sound like a good idea," the trader replies to Rhodelia's question, arriving just in time to catch it. "Closer wouldn't have the same effect," she comments to Evangeline. Atmosphere? Whatever the word she's looking for that's what she means. She's dressed as usual, for the walk at least, no swim cover-ups for this girl but there are buttons to be undone as she kicks off her shoes.

“Hey, if it’s sunny out and they happen to take a nap outside, why not?” That’ll be Keruthien logic right there, fired off at Rhodelia. As for the blueberry, well. It’ll miss his ear and ping off his shoulder, which earns a snickered breath. “Was my humming that terrible?” he teases, only to turn and face the thicker forest below. ‘Lo, there be more! “Hey you guys! Glad you can make it!” There’s genuine enthusiasm and energy in that statement. A broad grin to Stefyr and a gesture for him to spread that wealth of stuff out as he sees fit. “Thanks for bring all of that! Now we’ll really be set!” What’re bros for! That same grin turns to Evangeline, along with a chuckled breath. “Yeah, there’s tons? But none as awesome as this one! This one is the ‘word of mouth’ kind!” Yet everyone seems to have a vague idea of its existence! “We’re less likely to be invaded here too, just saying.” Sometimes even a Weyr feels too crowded — or something. Hey, he’s vague booking his reasons, okay? Regardless, he pauses a moment to finger-gun towards Katailea. “There’s that too. This place is beautiful! You got to at least give it that!” Chuckling to himself, he’ll step up a little higher along the incline of rock and suspiciously backwards to what looks to be the edge; it’s hard to tell from that angle and with the foliage around. “But,” His voice is pitched, to gain attention. “I’m glad you all came out! Figured we could use some R&R and change things up a bit. So, make yourselves comfy! We got food, drink… no alcohol, sorry. Don’t want ‘em skinning me alive when we get back! …And some entertainment.” Uh oh. That pause, along with the fox-like grin isn’t boding well, is it?

"Maybe?" Rhodelia will snicker back at the smith as she sits up now that the crowd has finally arrived. It's hard to tell if her outfit is swimwear or regular wear as the shorts and halter top might serve double duty. She'll nod in agreement to the answers she gets to her own questions. She'll pat her still dry towel as an open invitation for anybody to join her. Plenty of room. "Farther away also means you can be as loud as you want. Less risk of any kids wandering up that may have decided YOU'RE THEIR BEST FRIEND after nanny duty. Or an assistant weyrlingmaster with a task that just has to be done…" She rolls her eyes as maybe both of those things have happened all too recently. Keruthien's last vague statement gets a suspicious eyebrow raise. "Entertainment? I hope it wasn't your humming…" Cause she has plenty more berries to toss if needed.

Spreading the wealth, Stefyr can do, and does, in short order, pausing to put onto Rhodelia's plate a small red berry tart with whipped cream. She needed it, right? If she looks at him, he winks at her. With all the minor pranks he's been pulling lately, it may not be safe, or maybe he's just trying in a pre-apology for when she starts finding pin-up playing cards in the office files. He'll even turn to offer that plate of tarts he got Rhody's from to the other ladies present and even his bro, before he does his obvious bro-ly duty, and inquires as if he's been coached, "What do you have in store for us today, Ruthien?"

Evangeline blinks hard and bounces her head from side to side in overdramatic exasperation, eyes finding Katailea "I would still take the trade." Grumbling for a moment and kicking her feet on the ground, her excess energy finding outlets wherever it can. As Keruthien begins to speak, the youngest candidate present presses her neck and back into the blanket, pulls her knees to her chest, and using momentum rolls herself up onto her butt with legs crossing underneath her. Despite all the protests about the walk, she doesn't stop moving, body wiggling back and forth like a small child who can't contain herself. "The Weyr does get crowded… Set? " Both eyebrows go up and then she flops herself forward on her stomach, so her elbows support her head, her legs are bent at the knee and feet are kicking her rear. "So, set?" Looking from one candidate to the next as if maybe they will fill her in. The offered food gets a nose wrinkle and shakes her head, "Thanks, though." Is said to Stefyr before she tilts her head back at there host.

"I don't even want to hear about another thing that must be done now," Katailea rolls her eyes with the reply to Rhodelia's remarks. Has it ever ACTUALLY been something that needed to be done that exact moment? A smile shot towards Keruthien with a 'your welcome' sort of nod, "And no, you're humming isn't that bad." Dress semi-folded to an out of the way pile with her shoes leaves her dressed similarly to the older girl in a tanktop and short bottoms. "Thanks!" Yes, she'll have one of those amazing looking tarts Stefyr, though the big blonde does get a slight raise of a brow for that coached question, a glance shared with the girls as she settles on a blanket. "Does too," shot back towards the younger girl. The Weyr can feel crowded.

“Also valid points, Rhody!” Keruthien agrees readily with that, while keeping comment to himself on Stefyr’s special treat set on her plate. Does he know!? Of course. Maybe! Good luck proving it. There’s a wink sent his way for his question, along with a lone finger held up in a ‘just a moment’ gesture. He’s getting to it! “Well, I couldn’t get anything as cool as say… live music or dancers.” Sorry guys. He’s got connections but not those connections! Evangeline is given another bright grin, which broadens by Katailea’s remark. Why thank you! “But this place does offer it’s own built in amusement that’ll help with the summer heat!” Another step back, then one more and he pauses there, fixing them all with a too-pleased, too-bright expression of bemusement. “I’ll show you!” Belated response to Stefyr but sweeping them all together as he explains by demonstration! With a generous leap up and back, he’ll be comically suspended in air for a half second before gravity takes hold. Just enough time for him to grin wildly, fire off a mock salute and… fall past the lip of the cliff they may not see clear from their vantage point. There and gone… and then a small splash. By the time anyone investigates, he’ll be surfacing, completely unharmed and safe, in the pool below. Which of course, has him grinning UP at anyone peering down. “Come on!” he calls up, in an effort to coax the next to make the leap. “It’s very refreshing!”

The arrival of the surprise tart does have Rhodelia looking a gifthorse in the mouth, or at least turning her dubious stare from Keruthien to her coworker. Possibly delicious food seems to outweigh any hint of danger, however she'll stare down the giant as she takes the bite, both challenge and dare. IF she gets sick or it turns out disgusting, they both know who she'll be puking on, hidden pin up cards or not. Keruthien's very brief bout of gravity doesn't get much of a shock from her, more just a grin as she shoves the rest of the tart in her mouth and jumps up. "Lastoneincleansthisallup!" Except… there's a mouth full of food and possibly a few crumbs flying as she bolts to not be said last one. Rhodelia's jump is more of a spin as she pulls her knees up to her chest into the perfect plummeting ball to make a fairly sizeable splash. Once she surfaces, her hair is moved out of her eyes as she swims out of the landing zone, laugh at least signaling she did survive.

"KERUTHIEN!" For Faranth's sake, you asshole, you don't stop a bro's heart like that. Really, it's fortunate that Stefyr is pretty good on his feet and can stop his bulk from going straight over the edge after that curly-haired idiot. He teeters, but catches himself, face turning from pale to red. "I'm gonna kill him." That's the second time he's threatened it in front of witnesses. MAYBE ONE DAY, KERUTHIEN. WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT. In order to do that, of course, Stefyr whips off his shirt, tossing it behind him, see them muscles ripple as he yanks off boots and then before he has time to think (because if he stops to think, he just might stop, and he did say he would do this, at that long ago, pre-destined crossing of the bro-ly stars bringing himself, Keruthien and Rhody into one another's collective orbit. (Well, Rhody was already with Stefyr in the gravity well that is Risali but, that's neither here nor there; their bro-ly-ness was incomplete, was not even real before Keruthien. Obviously.) With a whoop and a leap, he goes, right after Rhodelia, though on a different trajectory, one that might let him drown the Smith all the faster. He comes for you, Keruthien. WATCH YOURSELF.

The scream that comes out of Evangeline's throat followed by how fast she gets to her feet, not as fast as Stefyr but still. Reaching the edge, she looks down at the water and shivers, taking a step back and shaking her head before SCREAMING at an octave so loud, you would never expect such noise from her. Except if you're Stefyr and Khavro from flight club, they know. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU." As Rhodelia goes after him, she moves back and shakes her head fast and frightened, "NO." Her hands are out in front of her at Stefyr, but the man suddenly jumps too, and she stares at Katailea. "I am not going. Nope." There has to be one person with whits around here, and Evi at least believes it is her. Wandering to the edge, she stares down at the crazy people and says, "WHY. WHY?" Screaming again at the highest pitch she can find, maybe they are so far from the Weyr so no one can hear EVI. "YOU GUYS ARE DUMB." A bit of a teen pout as she starts to pace the cliff edge. At that moment, her foot slips, she's not known for her grace, and she finds herself being forced to jump or fall. Bunching up her legs, she pushes off from the cliff and SCREECHES. Someone is going to hear her because that noise could travel for miles. As she hits the water and comes up, she is not finished screaming, "You— all." Water sputtering out her mouth, and she is so angry she is close to tears, "What. WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THIS!" Furious splashing as she shakes the water from her ears.

Katailea is back on her feet in a second, the tart forgotten where she was sitting for now. She for one suspects nothing. What pranks are those again? She just might be racing Rhodelia to the ledge to be the next in. She does pause a second however to get a glance of what she's getting into first. Just to make sure you know, and send a shrug and a grin to Evangeline before diving in herself. Surfacing, her comment is directed towards Keruthien as the planner, "This is perfect." because what could be better on a beautifully warm and sunny day such as this? "You'd think someone died," the next comment follows as she pushes her hair from her face and those sea green eyes find Evangeline. "You're fine," she more remark than assurance really, and as for why? "It's fun." Duh!

DOMINOS! Is that how Candidates fall? Keruthien probably wasn’t expecting it to be THIS easy and he cheers loudly on Rhody’s quick successive jump to his own. By now, he’s swam far enough away but in the lull and chaos of several reactions, he’s likely drifted back. Enough that he ALMOST ends up drowned by Stefyr, when the giant bro of his comes crashing into the water. Spluttering and laughing, he’ll have to sweep back his hair from his face and promptly go on the defensive incase some dunking under the water is in order. “What!?” he shouts to him, all INNOCENCE AND SWEET GRINS (seriously, this guy), over the screaming Evangeline is now stirring up and moderately buffeted by distance. He’s about to yell back at her, but oop — here she comes! He’s treading water now — or for now! Who knows when revenge will strike for his choice of surprise! Next is Katailea, who’s resurfacing comment brings a broad, happy as a clam, smile. “Thank you!” He tilts his head a little, briefly puzzled, towards Evangeline’s anger. “Because it’s fun? And it’s perfectly safe! I’ve done this since I was a kid, with the other weyrbrats. If you’re not good at swimming,” Here he goes, with his assumptions! But it’s not out of malice but some misplaced concern. “Head towards that dip in the shoreline there. It gets shallow enough that you can stand comfortably… and it’s also the way out.” This he passes on to the others as an important FYI! “And up again. Rule of thumb is always check quick to be sure you’re not gonna land on someone and those who have jumped, you clear the landing area quickly. Pretty laid back, eh?”

Rhodelia winces a bit at all that shrieking from the top, which quickly turns into a gasp as Evangeline Slip-Jumps, but then the girl is up and screeching again. "Look, if you don't want to do this, you can go back. There's a path to climb up right over there. If you are going to stay, you have to promise that you're going to stop with trying to break our eardrums. We'd all appreciate it." Rhody doesn't really wait for the reaction as she takes a deep breath and dives under the water, aiming to give Katailea's feet a little tug. Maybe the surprise would be enough to get the other girl under the water, that is if Rhody can even find them before she needs to resurface?

Well, dunking would be predictable. "That was awesome!" Stefyr declares before he's even swept the water out of his eyes. "But you," he looks right at Keruthien after he's spun treading the water to find him. "You're an asshole." His brows are lifted, but his expression is one on a natural high. Nevermind that Keruthien prompted this adrenaline-spiking experience. Nevermind that he's grateful. He still ducks under the water and there's shortly a grip on Keruthien's ankles (if he can get purchase), and a yank designed to drag the other man under briefly before the big blond surfaces nearby. He'll even have the gall to try to float on his back after that. Like he isn't owed any comeuppance. He even grins at the women in the water. "How long do you reckon it'll take to climb back up?" The question is addressed to any and all. He wants to go again, obviously.

Once in the water for a few moments, Evangeline calms down, her volume follows, and she exhales with one loud sigh. Glancing upwards, she examines the cliff where she once was and gulps, shaking her head a few times in disbelief as her adrenaline is still pumping. Turning her body towards Keruthien, she scrunches her nose up, "For who." As Rhodelia speaks, her face goes from frightened anger to smarmy, her lips downturned and nose up mockingly, "Thanks MOM." She says to the older woman. Something keeps her from going further with this, and she swims in a few small circles and dives underwater, resurfacing to smooth her hair back. Still, she is looking up at the cliff, eyes tracing the dissent down with calculation. "Not fun." She tells herself out loud, lips curling in. To Katailea, she says, "I'm sure this is someones definition of fun." Obviously not Evi's. Watching Stefyr play at least brings a small smile to her face, even if it's fleeting. For the moment, she is brooding quietly while treading water.

Katailea was treading water and then suddenly "Ack!" she's being pulled under. Rhodelia, you're going to pay for that before the afternoon is over. Fair warning! Nothing a little extra kick can't resolve even if she is spitting out a mouthful of water when she resurfaces, and pushing hair back off of her face again which moves into splashing Rhody (or whoever happens to be where she thinks the older girl is coming up). "Jerk" it's all in good fun though, evident enough in the laughter in her voice. A glance up the cliff and she considers a moment, "Can take too long, you're the one who's done it before though," she's looking to the smith for the answer to Stefyr's question once the other man has recovered from his own dunking.

“Of course it was—!” Keruthien’s touch-belated agreement to Stefyr’s declaration is abruptly cut off with a rather grunted noise of surprise as he’s suddenly dragged under the water. He doesn’t immediately resurface. In fact, there’s a rather telling lull in his ‘disappearance’ that gives it all away. Stefyr should enjoy floating for now, as Ruthien’s about to crash that, surfacing again almost directly beside and slightly under the larger Candidate in an attempt to flip him… or merely drag him down enough to dunk him. What’s a little rough housing in the water? What could possibly go wrong!? (Nothing will, obviously.) Eventually, he’ll swim away, laughing between slightly sputtered breaths when water gets in his mouth or his unruly hair that sticks flat to his skin. “… it only takes a few minutes to get back up there.” He explains to Katailea, unaware of answering one of Stefyr’s previous inquiries. “If you hurry!” Meaning running. “It only looks a lot higher than it is.” Should be be freed of any further mischief, he’ll swim on by to that “shallow” end, standing up to show that the water only just comes about midway up. He grins at the others, on a high of his own. “Glad I could share this with you guys!” It’s said to all, even Evangeline where she’s settled and followed with a broad, genuine smile. “It’s like a tradition, y’know.” Aww. “Well, one of mine, anyhow.”

"If you act like a child, people treat you like a child," Rhodelia would shrug, but she's focused instead on trying to do a backstroke while dealing with her revenge-splashes from Katailea. Somethings are worth it. "If you're just going to complain, you can do it elsewhere. This is a fun only zone." And the oldest woman present is really looking forward to getting back to her day of just chillaxing and not worrying about eggs or lecturing for a while. She lazily glances over towards the path up and continues with her floating. "You all run up there. I'll stay down here and judge who makes the biggest splash?"

IF WHALES WERE REAL ON PERN… Well, the splash that starts with a startled, "AUGH!" would be close to the human version of that thanks to the fact that when Keruthien rolls him, Stefyr flails, limbs slapping the water as he goes under. There goes all that water scattering to— well, whichever girl(s) are in the line of fire. He doesn't surface in time to hear the answer, but he comes up spluttering and giving Keruthien a look that promises more, later. He hasn't gotten out of this so easily, but the big blond doesn't immediately pursue his bro. Instead he swims toward Evangeline, "Alright, Evi?" He doesn't get too close, mind, but he does come to check on her all the same.

"At last check you can't really decide anything I do. You're not anymore in charge than I am." Evangeline snipes back at Rhodelia, her voice has a rough grouchy edge to it that is unique to teenage girls. Her age really showing in her mocking tone of voice and nose wriggling. Otherwise, she continues quietly, treading the water with small strokes and staying mostly in one spot. Keruthien gets a small smile; it's forced and fake, but it's an attempt to meet his thought and acknowledge him. "I'm sure others liked it. Just.." Motioning towards the cliff and the water. Relaxing back on her back, she closes her eyes and allows herself to float with no real direction, coming up to nod to Stefyr. "I- this is new." For her part, it's clear she was genuinely scared. That's her explanation before she lays back into the water and goes in mindless circles with hands pushing her through the water at a relaxed pace.

Katailea is on her way towards the 'exit', standing once the water is found to be shallow enough. That leaves her far enough away to avoid Stefyr's splashing. "Come on Evi!" Do it again. It will be more fun the next time. Right? She's trying to be encouraging in her way but, like the guys, she's ready for a second go it would seem. "Biggest splash it is!" the trader grins for Rhodelia's offer to judge. She may have a disadvantage in size against Stefyr and Keruthien, but obviously that's not stopping her from having fun with it. That grin slides to the smith next when she pauses in front of him. "Seriously, perfect," she repeats her earlier statement, leaning up on tiptoes aiming to leave him with a kiss before scampering up the path for take two.

"You're right," Rhodelia actually agrees with the angsty teen complaint. "I can't make you do anything. I can try to offer some advice, but if you don't want it, suit yourself. Just don't be surprised if nobody wants to be around if you keep it up." Advice-giving is pretty uncharacteristic for the assistant and she frowns as she stops with the floating and swims further away while she can still see the splashing. There may even be something muttered about not knowing and why try as she paddles away until she can sit herself down in the shallows. "I THINK I SAW AN EXTRA TART UP THERE FOR THE WINNER!" Is yelled as if they needed any encouragement for the jumping contest.

It was all TOTALLY WORTH IT! The setup, gathering people here, the jump and even hearing Stefyr make those whale-impression sounds. That look too, from the larger Candidate? Just earns a mischievous grin and all knowing wink from Keruthien. He’s game for further ‘revenge’ or, at least, another round of jumping! “Hey, not a bad idea, Rhody?” About the judging! “Or if you want to compete against me, maybe we can have her,” A nod to Evangeline. “Judge! If you’re feeling up to it.” No pressure from him, though there’s a momentary furrow of his brow in thought before that smooths out. Ahh, but then there’s a CHALLENGE offered by Rhody and Keruthien laughs, clearly letting others get a headstart on him. WHY? MAYBE HE KNOWS A SHORT CUT! (He doesn’t). No, he’s stalled by Katailea, whom he’s going to thank again for her approval. Only she’s going in for a kiss and he’s awkwardly dodging, though she’ll manage to get his cheek. That earns a light laugh and a playful splash of water to add to further confusion. “Hey now, save that for other boys!” Did he… just allude to something there? YOU BET. Only leave it to him to be vague about it. Ruthien, breaker of everyone’s hearts!

"It was good of you to try it. Now you know," Stefyr offers to Evangeline, although his eyes do a little dart between Rhodelia and the younger girl, brow dipping down but not really in a way that says he's doing more than observing. He does grin at Katailea heading out and makes broad strokes across the water to follow her. He doesn't even need Rhodelia's encouragement of a tart to be following on her heels. And if he shoves Keruthien aside - you know, while on sturdy ground - to try to get the jump on his biggest (literally biggest; not discounting the powerful women up ahead), then that's all in the name of good fun or, more importantly, good food.

For her part, Evangeline is quiet. Stefyr receives a small nod, the young woman residing deeply in her head. Rhodelia gets an eye roll before she is pulling herself to shore and getting out of the water, Katailea gets a small smile for her encouragement, and she starts up the path to the top. Slowly. Very slowly. The progress up the cliff is slow, and once at the top, there is one last glance over the cliff before with a small bleck sound. She sits down on a blanket and nibbles on a tart. At the very least, she does clap a few times before everyone jumps, but her butt remains firmly on the ground and far from the edge. NOpe. Nope. Nope. Content to nibble at snacks and watch others have fun, her relaxation time being spent how she pleases.

“Hey! NOT FAIR!” Now it’s Keruthien’s turn to shout after Stefyr, though it’s completely ruined by the laughter in his voice. Shoved aside and now really at the back of the pack, he’ll continue a rather colourful array of ‘insults’ which aren’t really insults at all, but comical slights and jabs. There’s plenty of time to jump again but there is definitely FOOD that should be consumed and enjoyed before the heat makes a mess of it. Not to mention that summer sun, as the flat rocks do indeed provided the perfect sunbathing opportunities! THIS was also largely the reason why he dragged them all out here, with the cliff jumping meant to be the fun surprise by choice, but not the whole heart; truly, it was for relaxing and enjoying each others company, along with good food, drink and just being away from it all! And thus it will remain, until it’s high time they get back before folks are sent out hunting for them. Leave it to Keruthien too, to setup some little words of gossip or maybe help stir what might already be shared: that this place exists and that, so long as the summer month holds, it’s the Place To Be to get away. So they may not be the last group to venture here; Ruthien may very well be back himself, but others may venture this way too, on their own or in smaller or larger groups, and that, truly, was his aim. Why keep such a secret to himself?

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