A Proposal Answered

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond. At the far edge of the clearing, beside the trail leading to the forest sits a clocktower.

Ice pops! It's not every day that the frozen, fruity treats are given out at Xanadu, but the weather is appropriate for them. The whether’s been odd lately. One day, it’s autumnlike and cool. Some days, it’s rainy. And still others, summer seems to reclaim its grip. Today’s one of those summery days. It's hot. It's humid. It's uncomfortable. But today there's a perk, and many children and adults alike had bombarded the caverns to get their share before rations ran out! Ka'el, being the privileged sort that he is *snicker* had the luxury of getting his at his convenience, for a kitchenmaid would be mad to not set aside the favored treats for the Weyrleadership. He has secured his. Strawberry! And he's taken it outside since he's tired of being in his office, tired of looking at the stacks of papers, and the Caverns have become too crowded. So, Ka'el meanders through the clearing. Meandering really is the best fitting word here, as he has no clear destination in mind and his walk is as aimless as his gaze. His popsicle is, like popsicles tend to be, on a stick and threatens to melt if he doesn't eat it quick enough. Hence the constant licking. Ice and summer don't mix very well!

There's another meandering about, but it's not for ice pops! In fact, Kiena is entirely oblivious to their existence and if the caverns are as crowded as they are because of the treat, it's just more of a reason for the bluerider to stay away. Her stint of being off duty is nearly at an end and with the stitches now out of her hand and the wounds all but healed, the bluerider has been slowly picking up a bit more light duty here and there. So is it any wonder she comes from the forges? She's dressed in her work clothes, but hardly looks as though she's been smithing at all. Aimless is her path, until movement catches her eye and then she comes to a slow stop, smirking. "Afternoon, Weyrleader!" she fires off and for the first time actually using Ka'el's rank rather than his name. Still, the title is drawled in a way that it's lighthearted and pushing back a loose strand of hair back behind her ear, she will stride forwards. "How're you? And… what's that you're eating?" Cue a curious glance at the treat, though beyond that not much interest.

Ka'el licks the bottom of his pop to keep it from dripping and wasting precious sweet ice. Where should he go? Wander to the taverns? Meander the gardens for peace? Head to the beach and relax while not eyeing women in bikinis and tank tops? .. >.> <.< Decisions, decisions. Luckily for Ka'el, the decision of where to go is made for him as he hears a call. He glances ahead and raises his brows in surprised to see that it's Kiena. Surprised, why? She called him Weyrleader, that's why! He grins and lifts his free hand to wave at her, directing his walk her way while his eyes dance over her familiar, yet oddly clean clothing. "Back to work?" he asks, looking a bit guilty. He probably should know this, but there's so much paperwork to keep up with! He hasn't had the time to check up on his friend. Sigh. "You look … clean," he notes, his smirk crooked. "Not back at the forges yet, are you?" He slows his walk when he's near and stops altogether at a conversationally close distance. He glances at his popsicle as its questioned, and he boggles at her afterward. "Don't tell me you've never had an ice pop. Kiena they're amazing! The kitchens only ever make them every once in a while, and so it's a bit've a madhouse when they're here," he notes, nodding back to the Caverns. "I've been alright. Busy…but that's hardly news anymore is it?"

Kiena is just full of surprises! She'll return his wave and at his question she'll shake her head. "Not fully." she explains and whether by habit or to simply prove why, she'll rub her fingers over her still-healing hand. The wounds are scabbed now and well healed, but as she flexes her hand, it's obvious she hasn't quite regained full range of motion. "Just doing light work for now. Have to be careful how much I do or what I do. It's getting better though… day by day. Thank Faranth! Just about at my wits end here…" she mutters and then rolls her eyes. "Gee, thanks? I'm clean, huh? So what're you implying I am otherwise on a given day?" Hmm? Kiena's just teasing him though and soon laughs softly, only to blink when he boggles at her. What? "I've… not? I'm not big on sweets." Surprise, surprise? Her eyes dart to the cavern and her nose wrinkles a bit. "If it's a madhouse in there? Forget it. No sweet… or ice pop, can be worth that!" Nope, totally not sold on them! "No, I'd say that's not news at all. So that's it then, huh? Been claimed by nothing but work?" she drawls.

Ka'el moves a little closer so that he can see the wounds on her hand. Definitely healing, yes. Scabbed and on their way to a recovery! But full recovery has yet to be attained, as she demonstrates with her less than fluid flexing. "Still, it's good to see that it's gotten better," he says nodding. "Sometimes wounds don't heal properly." The both of them have been lucky with that, and Ka'el goes back to licking his pop. Yum, yum! He can only grin at her playfully offended remarks regarding her clothing, and he coyly (though just as playfully) turns his eyes away and looks skyward. Innocent face. Innocent face! He laughs after though, blue gaze returning to her only to roll at her reluctance to try the summertime treat. "You're missing out," he says, waving his half eaten pop from side to side, as if trying to hypnotize her. "It's coooold. It's deliiiiicioooous." You're getting sleepy. Sleepy! Heh. "If you stop by later, m'sure the kitchenstaff has another set aside for me … *cough* .. only because I asked them to." A smirk. "And yes, it's been mostly work. Not all entirely though. I've had a chance to kick around with my forge at home for practice. Figure I'll still need to keep up with some skill if I'm to get back to apprenticing once this is over… However long this lasts." Oh! That sparks a question. "How long has your brother been a Weyrleader?"

Kiena will hold out her hand when she realizes Ka'el has approached for his own inspection and does not seem to mind before she lowers it back to her side. "It's going to take more than a few shards of metal to slow me down," she says with a bit of a cocky and crooked smile. She's tough, after all! Or they're just both very, very lucky. "Oh, I know. I was careful… Hated being so idle and whatnot but the consequences were — well, not worth it." Obviously. She frowns, almost scowling but in a playful manner for that innocent face! Uh huh? Call her skeptical! Snorting, she'll eye that half eaten ice-pop but his attempt at winning her over about their awesomeness is still met with a wrinkled nose. Nope. "I'll take your word for it and let others battle it out for one." she says dryly, only to roll her eyes a bit and shoot him a teasing look. "Why am I not surprised you have one set aside for yourself for later? So that's the perk of your fancy knot, huh?" Kiena's mood sobers a bit then when he mentions smithing and maybe she's just a touch jealous. Him and his personal forge! "What'd you end up working on?" As for the next question, she blows out her cheeks slightly and has to stare thoughtfully at the ground. Wait, is the answer there? Nope. She's just doing some math in her head. "I'd say Th'ero's been Weyrleader of Fort for about eight Turns now? Give or take a few months. Why do you ask?" Peer.

"One of the many," Ka'el replies of the perks, inclining his chin a bit and grinning. Haha yes! He can save himself treats and thus not have to worry about there not being any at the end of the day! The extras, or at least one of them, are all his! "Ah, just little things," he says in response to his personal projects. "Basic stuff to keep up the skill, y'know? Bending. Drawing. Keeping smooth edges. That sort of thing." Basic, as he said, but important when one hopes to acquire skills greater than what he has currently. "Doubt I'll have much time for real project work. Unless it's something very important." Important enough for him to disregard his work for a while to work on it! He trails there, watching her as she thinks on his question, and he's patient for the answer. But when the answer comes … to isn't exactly one that he expected, if one were to judge from the widening of his eyes and brow lift. "Eight turns?" he echoes, whistling afterwards. "Shards an' shells, his bronze must be a grand flier. That or … the gold doesn't rise much?" He's not sure. He's never had reason to pay much attention to the other Weyrs and their doings. He begins to walk again, inviting her along with a nod of his head. A continued slow meander. Why did he ask? "Wanted to see typically how long a Weyrleader…stays Weyrleader, you know?" A smirk. "Xanadu's not typical. A'dmar lasted…what, a turn? Maybe less. N'shen's bronze never won Seryth's flight to begin with, and didn't this last time. So.. I don't have much to refer to in trying to guess how long I'll be Weyrleader. So, I wondered about other places."

Kiena scoffs at the reply about perks and just shakes her head, letting that topic slide. "Mhm, good stuff to always keep honed. No pun intended there, but you know what I mean." she drawls, giving him a look not to elaborate further on the unintentional 'joke' buried there. "Still… some smithing is better than none at all?" she points out. The bluerider quirks a brow when Ka'el seems so surprised by her answer. At his whistle, she smirk and at his next question, she laughs. "Have you ever seen Velokraeth before? He's a cunning bronze and a grand flier I suppose too. But if you ever saw him… you'd be surprised he's ever caught a gold. And I think their golds rise frequently enough. He's sired… four clutches now." She shrugs. Beyond that her knowledge is sparse and likely heresy at best. At the invitation, she will follow and walk alongside him at that slow meandering pace. Kiena grimaces, "Every Weyr is different I suppose. Xanadu must have had a string of bad luck or… something. From what I gather though is that a lot of it rests on the dragons and the Weyr. They sway the decision… Which may be how my brother has held his rank for so long. Get the Weyr behind you and the gold will favour because it is for the best of the Weyr… or something like that. Don't make much sense to me, really." she mutters and after a moment of silent thought, she cants her head a bit to the side to peer up at him. "You stressing about keeping Weyrleader?"

A curious look is given to the bluerider as she speaks of the unknown bronze. "Is he small?" Ka'el assumes with an elevated brow. "Couldn't be smaller than the browns that chase, huh?" Not that he is any expert onf flights nd catches and the likelihood of a brown catching a gold. He isn't. But still, the description given by her and the cryptic words regarding his success has left him curious. The mentioning of bad luck within the weyr gets him chuckling though, and he nods, thoug not without rolling his eyes while doing so. "I guess every Weyr has its hardships, but .. shards, Xanadu takes on extra. Last winter was the first that I can remember where we didn't lose power for sevens. A few turns ago, we lost most of a clutch because've the sands getting too hot.." He shakes his head. Hopefully bad luck won't rear its ugly head again at the start of a new turn. He quiets to continue to listen, eyes showing interest as she speaks of golds favoring those that the Weyr favors. Interesting theory. "It .. kind've makes sense, but it's hard to think of anything being able to favor any one person .. or dragon in the middle of everything that's going on in the head." And there's a lot going on up there during flight times! Her latter question has him thinking, though it's only breifly, before he shakes his head. "No. Not if you mean stressin' as in worrying. Figure… it's too early to worry about it. But I am wondering…when the time comes, what I'll hope to happen, you know? Will I want to keep this up or would I be better off without?"

Kiena almost plays coy with her answer, the words 'why don't you see for yourself' on the tip of her tongue. Instead, Ka'el ruins the fun by guessing semi-correctly. "He's stunted, yeah. Not so much as to be so small that he cannot chase golds but some browns come close to him in size. He's also just… oh, how to put this lightly… ugly? Fate was not kind on him. Yet he doesn't seem to pass the trait on to his offspring. You know that Fortian bronze who won Luraoth's flight? He's one of Velokraeth's get. Grandchild, guess it can be dubbed…" she shrugs. Lineages! Who keeps track? Not her, unless it interests her and clearly she's done a little bit of digging concerning her brother's bronze. Kiena's expression twists and she looks ahead for a moment, "That must've been awful to loose half a clutch because of a sands glitch… I don't think Western ever had bad luck as Xanadu did. There was one instance involving renegades. I remember Fort going through a bad time a few Turns back too, though I stayed well out of that mess…" Namely, she wasn't even on speaking terms with her brother at that point. Here's to a streak of good luck for all? Kiena can only shrug her shoulders helplessly. "I've no idea how it works either, unless the outcome is determined even before the gold bloods. Which I mean… what's the point then, right? Though we all know there have been upsets before. The so called 'expected' winner ends up losing despite what everyone had wished or hoped for." she points out and then gives him a lingering look before smiling crookedly. "Guess you'll just have to figure that out, huh? Who knows. Maybe you'll find that Weyrleader grows on you as time goes by." Right?

A small and ugly bronze? Huh. Ka'el .. has never really been one to judge a dragon's looks. He's never had to before, since he had no dragon. Kanekith? He's a playboy type. Smooth and suave and oh so confident. Ka'el has always thought that his lifemate was good looking, though … he's his lifemate. Of course he'd be biased! But now he wants to meet this Fortian male who has dominated the skies for so long, just to see. The mentioning of the winner of Luraoth's flight reminds him of something. "I've yet to meet that rider," he says, more of a revelation to himself rather than to her. "A part of me wishes never to, but even I know that's a wasted wish. I don't know how I'd feel about him, but I know how I'm expected to feel." Warm and welcoming. Happy to see him here, whoever he may be. He smiles at a passing face that travels through the clearing and finishes his ice pop which was beginning to melt as it was neglected over time, passed over for conversation. Conversation about dragons and renegades, which has Ka'el lightly lifted a brow but not interrupting as they walk. From dragons to leadership, which may or may not grow on him. "Maybe…" he agrees with a light grin. "Maybe it'll grow on me like a wart on the nose," he jokes, knowing that he doesn't hate the position at all. But, his time with it is still early! "Can say the same about you," he says off-handedly, eyeing his fingernails a moment. "Weyrsecondship may grow on you as time goes by, too. If you let it." A grin. "No pressure!"

Kiena doesn't usually judge either but Velokraeth is just that downright off that most people just can't help but do a double take or stare. The pale bronze also has a reputation for his lusty appetites, but the bluerider keeps that on the downlow. Funnily enough, she knows more of her brother's bronze than she does of Ka'el's own lifemate but that could be in part from Ujinath's antisocial behaviour. Meeting Th'ero may answer some of Ka'el's questions that she cannot, including anything he wished to know about Sharuth's rider (or not). Kiena has no idea of what she may have sparked by rambling on about Luraoth's flight, though she senses something of it by his response. "You don't have to feel anything? Neutral. Go through the motions of warm and welcoming but keep it there." Why bother going further? In her mind, that's how she would behave. It's true, their conversation seems to have wandered over all sorts of topics and spectrums and Kiena laughs shortly at his joke. "Oh common, it can't be that bad or you'd have handed your knot in by now, right?" Can Weyrleaders even DO that? Pressure? What pressure? She regards him for a moment and then seems amused. "Maybe." she agrees, only to glance about to be sure none are lingering close or passing by within earshot. Coast clear? Alright. "Actually, I'd been meaning to come find you. Just was figuring you'd be anywhere but in the clearing eating an ice-pop…" Smirk. "I've made my decision. Think we can discuss it?" Not here, is what she's implying.

Luckily, that particular flight is a bit easier to talk about these days. As for So’l .. he’ll cross that bridge when he eventually comes to it, and he’ll likely keep Kiena’s advice in mind. The number of new and unexplored situations he’s finding himself in this turn is .. mind-boggling! He grins at the thought of handing in his knot. Poor Thea. Whatever would she think? Luckily, giving up his position hasn’t quite crossed his mind. The job is not . as…exceedingly awful as he thought! Plus, there’s perks. (Extra ice pops!) And so whether or not he can quit won’t be something he tests, and he starts to devour the last of his icy treat before the sun claims it and turns it into a drippy mess. And it’s in the process of fast-licking that she drops her bomb. A decision? A decision! His brows lift as he pauses mid-lick, then promptly chomps the rest of it down. Nom nom. No brain freeze! “Definitely,” he answers to her suggestion of discussing. And since discussing business, be it good or bad, shouldn’t be done in the middle of the clearing, as nice of a day as it is, he redirects his walk back to the Caverns. “The office is quiet,” he assures with a look to her. Not to mention official, and such talks should be done in an official place, yes? So, unless she deters him, he’ll lead her back to the Caverns, past the crowd of the ice pop line, and towards the quieter administration hall and offices beyond.

"Office it is," Kiena is swift to agree to Ka'el's suggestion and with just a touch of a smirk. Where else would they go? She'll try not to stare either as he chomps down on the last of that ice pop, still trying to fathom what would be so enjoyable of something that melts so quick and can be so messy! Onward he leads and onward she follows, distracted briefly as they walk past those crowds for the special 'treat' offered in the Caverns and it only reassures the bluerider that she made the right choice in not battling it out in hope of snaring one. Kiena will not speak again until they've stepped inside of the office and not until Ka'el or herself close the door.


Xanadu Weyr - Weyrleaders' Office
Office and retreat, this is the domain of Xanadu's Weyrleaders. The door is in the eastern wall, quite close to the southern end while the northern wall is dominated by big, expansive windows, framed by sumptuous deep blue drapes edged with a brilliant gold braid and tied back with a thick rope of braided gold and blue cord. In between, the eastern wall is covered floor to ceiling with shelves that house all sorts of records, manuals and supplies that are used on a day-to-day basis. The southern wall has the Weyrleader's desk — plain fellis wood, well polished and masculine. From behind his desk, the Weyrleader can look straight through the windows and out onto the main airspace of Xanadu. The western wall is where the Weyrwoman's desk resides: a lovely piece of furniture made of warm cherry wood. From her seat, a glance sideways gives her an equally good prospect out the window. There are a few other seats, some comfortably arranged around a low round table for small, informal meetings while there also some that can be drawn up to one of the desks.
On the south side of the door, the space is occupied by a low oblong table where refreshments can be set without someone needing to intrude. There is also an 'incoming' tray where incoming correspondence or similar items can be left.

"So I've given it some thought," she says in a carefully paced tone as she strides into the room and then slows as she nears one of the empty chairs. But rather than sit, she simply traces her fingers along the back of the chair itself, her head and gaze lowered as she frowns. A decision she has made but it still is not easy for her to put it into words. "And if your offer for Weyrsecond still stands, Ka'el… then I accept it." Now she will look up and over at him, posture straightening as she does.

Ah, the nice, quiet office. The closed door shuts out the remnants of Cavern noise that drifts down the administration hallway, leaving the Weyrleader alone with the bluerider. Ka'el moves with her towards those chairs, opting not to sit behind his oh so formal desk (even though this is an official thing, yes?) and positions himself at a seat next to hers. He doesn't sit either, watching her frown and unsure if this is a .. yes I accept or no I decline and how dare you ask me! sort of answer he'll be getting. That frown doesn't look promising. But, in fact… her answer is. Brows lift at her acceptance, as does his spirit. Hooray! This is felt on the inside. On the outside he remains far more muted, likely due to her own subdued expression. Regardless, there's nothing stopping his smile as her eyes meet his, and it's a smile that shifts to a grin before long. "You had me worried," he answers, sounding a little relieved. "But.." A bit of his smile falters, "you seem … unhappy?" It's a question more than a statement, for he himself isn't sure what she may be feeling. His head tips in question, and he gestures to her seat in invitation.

Kiena's shoulders seem to drop a little, a release of some tension she hadn't entirely realized had crept up. Her eyes watched him carefully after she stated her decision and when he grins, her mouth draws up into a vague smile. "Did I? Why?" she asks curiously just before frowning. Chewing at her lower lip, she takes a moment to mull that over while slipping silently into the chair after his gesture of invitation. Shrugging her shoulders, Kiena will look up again and now her smirk as returned, along with her usual attitude. "It's not that I am unhappy, Ka'el. I'm just… It's a lot to absorb, you know? But I want to give it a shot and I'll damn well do my best at it. Yet I'd be lying if I said I still didn't have… lingering doubts, you know?" she snorts. "Even I know I am far from perfect. But if you feel confident enough to trust me to step up as your Weyrsecond…" Not just a Weyrsecond. His Weyrsecond. "… then why not try, hmm?"

"Because usually," Ka'el begins, answering her first question, "when one accepts someone one is happy about, it comes with a smile," he explains with a laugh, sitting after she does. "You on the other hand looked like you were bein' brought to slaughter, so…I worried that your news wasn't good news." But it was good news after all, and he's consoled by her grin. "I get that," he answers, bobbing his head. It is a ton to absorb. And maybe it's a little scary to think about. But he definitely has his confidence in her, else he wouldnt've pestered her so much! And now…he has her! He's not sure why, but he feels immensely relieved. Perhaps it's the fact that he has someone in his corner that was actually someone he chose to be there. He smiles a genuinely glad and happy smile at her as she speaks, and at the end of it, he nods. "That's all I can ask you to do. Try. And if you hate it, or if it doesn't suit you, I won't take offense if you want to walk away from it, and I won't beg you to stay if that's what you choose to do. I know you've a lot of things to tend to personally, and I'm understanding of that. But…" There's his usual Ka'el grin! "Shards, I'm glad you said yes."

Kiena chuckles, "Afraid I'm not one to be very clear with my emotions." she admits and perhaps also shares as a warning. A brow quirks and then she laughs briefly. "Well, it kind of felt like being brought to slaughter at first? Until I really weighed out the pros and cons and realized it really isn't that bad." Yet see now? Now she's smiling! A true and genuine smile too, not one that is tense or forced. His happiness for her accepting his offer must be contagious! That or she's relaxing enough not to be so guarded. "Exactly. I don't feel… locked in." she points out, only to grimace a bit. Unlike him! He can't quite so easily back out as Weyrleader, yet she can just up and quit if she so chose to do so. Yet that's not quite Kiena's way. "Thanks Ka'el. For understanding and being patient." It helps! Now it's her turn to tilt her head curiously, grinning back faintly in echo of his grin. "Really? That glad, huh? It meant that much?"

Locked in. Caged, like an animal. .. Yes well, that does describe Ka'el's predicament in a way, though luckily he hasn't felt quite so caged lately. Knock on wood, things have been sort of smooth sailing so far, minus a minor hiccup or three. But a lack of renegades, murderers, crisis, and animosity from other Weyrs has been great! Let's keep it up! He combs his fingers back through his hair, crookedly grinning at her latter questions. "Honestly?" he says, dropping his arm down. "Yeah." He gives her a look that's borderline sheepish. "I'd like to say that I've pre-ordered your knot because I knew with certainty that you'd accept, but … I haven't. So it'll be a few days. I'll expedite its shipment. But, goin' back to what you said, yes. I really does mean a lot to me. You could've said no. You have every right to, and I know I'm not always … the easiest person to work with." Cough. "An' I'm sure not everyone's words about me are all rainbows and butterflies. So you optin' to be my Weyrsecond when you don't have to.." He trails with a grin and a shrug. "Plus, it feels good to finally have a say in just who's working with me, you know?"

Luckily for him and luckily for Kiena that she hasn't felt caged or backed into a corner. It never ends well if she does feel trapped with no means of escape. As far as peaceful stints as Weyrleader, Ka'el certainly has lucked out in that respect too! Perhaps that will make him the envy of the other Weyrleaders? Kiena quirks a brow at his borderline sheepish look and she snorts, giving him a slightly disbelieving glance in return. "I thought the Weyrsecond knot is always around, just locked up somewhere in some secret special drawer?" she drawls, almost teasing him. She sobers then, listening closely to his answer and her head lowers a bit. All the better to mask the emotions that may flicker in her eyes. "Nobody is perfect, Ka'el and I don't expect you to be any more perfect than I am. And I'm mature enough to form my own opinions of others and not rely on the gossip." She peers at him then and shakes her head with a faint smirk. "Guess I can see how that'd be a nice change to have had a choice in the matter," she agrees slowly and then seems to slouch a bit in her chair. Relaxed? Or is it only sinking in now just exactly what she's done? "So when do I start?" Cue another crooked half-grin.

"One of them might be," Ka'el answers of the knot, "but who knows whose knot that is? My Weyrleader knot was made, not a hand me down. Yours will be the same. Plus, I want a thread in there for Ujinath. The last 'Second wasn't a bluerider. It'll be ordered," he says decisively, knowing without at doubt that he wants that to happen. His expression warms a little at the next part though. Perfection. Gossip. Forming her own opinions. That last bit is especially comforting, having heard the opinions of others loud and clear enough to know that not everyone thinks he's such a great guy. But then, she throws him for a loop. When does she start? Uuuh. Hm. He hadn't thought that far ahead! He was almost sure she'd say no, anyway. "When your knot arrives," he says after a moment's worth of thought. "So, three, four days. A seven at most. That'll be time enough to get things in order before you start. Let the forges know, of course. M'sure there's a manual…or something around here I can send to you if y'd like. Don't laugh either," he says with a snicker, "There's a manual for everything and I read the one for Weyrleaders. Probably wouldnt've survived the first seven if I hadn't!"

Kiena blinks and looks genuinely surprised, "Knots aren't handed down? Really?" And she will tilt her head to try and awkwardly peer at the Craftrider knot she has pinned to her shoulder. One that will be replaced soon enough! "Oh, right. I guess you got a point there about the colour." She'll give him that! It's true that for all the listening in that she does, Kiena has become good at sifting out the truths from the outright lies. Sometimes she blunders, but usually she will see for herself before coming to her own conclusions. Ka'el has, in his own way, gained her trust and so long as he does nothing to break it then he has nothing to be concerned about. "I've already spoken with my Journeyman. We worked something out that I could still continue on if time permitted though we both know it's not going to be likely… Not right away at least." Not when she's trying to adjust to her new rank. A manual? Kiena doesn't quite laugh, but she does scoff a bit and groans jokingly. "Oh no. Just how… big are these manuals? I'm not laughing!" Oh, she totally is on the inside! "Jays… they're pretty serious about this administrative stuff huh if there are manuals even for Weyrleader?" What oh what has she got herself into?

Ka'el shakes his head a little. "I think it depends on the knot. The higher-ranking administration ones I think are all made new since they don't change as often as the others." Ooo look at that! Kiena now falls under one of the 'high ranking' types? Awesome! As she mentions having already spoken to her Journeyman and arranging things, that only makes his smile wider as he nods. "Yeah, I"m sure you'll find time for crafting once you've gotten a feel for things," he says confidently. Reassuringly, and he has a look to match that tone at the mentioning of the manual. "If I can get through it, so can you," he assures as he rises from his seat. "I … won't tell you how long it may be. I'll leave it as a surprise," said with a wicked grin. "And I only think there are manuals because … well, you get people like me in positions like the one I'm in. Clueless, not ready for it all." A smirk. "You'll do fine though. I feel in my bones, and my bones never lie." So he says right now anyway! He's never actually checked his bones for truths are intuition before! "I'm going to draw up the request for your knot right now. Hopefully it'll be here this seven," he says, already beginning to move back to his desk. "You'll have an office with the Junior Weyrwomen. If you have questions about anything, please ask. Can't promise I'll know all the answers," he admits, "but I can try to help." He pauses nearby her, a pitstop between himself and his desk, then juts his hand out to her. Time to seal the deal with a handshake! "It'll be a pleasure workin' with you."

So she does! A concept that probably won't hit home for Kiena until the knot is pinned to her shoulder. It still doesn't quite feel real to the bluerider, who never had had ambitions higher than attaining Journeyman and maybe asking to be considered for Wingsecond. But Weyrsecond? It's a huge leap, but Ujinath is supporting her choice and she's never quite been one to balk. So she leapt and time will tell if she can keep from falling off the other side. "That's what I figure too. Won't be a constant thing anymore with smithing but… I don't have to abandon it." she agrees. Never could she just drop her Craft entirely! "Oh great! More surprises. Thanks. Just what I need!" she drawls with a smirk to match his wicked grin. "I figured you learned by trial and error and just pestering the folk already in rank for advice," Kiena mutters and pushes her hair back behind her ears again when a few strands slip free. "Your bones never lie, eh? That's got to be the first time I've heard that one." Shaking her head, her eyes will track his movements as he moves to his desk and then she frowns. "A shared office?" What else did she think? Her head nods in agreement though and she pushes to her feet to stand. "Got it. Can't say I'll know all the answers either but… we're a team, right?" And teams help each other out! Kiena will look a touched surprised by jutted hand but she'll grasp it tightly in hers with a crooked grin. Deal is done! "Same to you, Ka'el. Only hope that I don't make you regret this choice of yours."

And if Kiena has lept too far and has to face that cliff's edge? Ka'el will be there to pull her back. They're a team after all. Weyrleader and Weyrsecond. He won't leave her dangling to fall into the abyss! "Trial and error's a good way too," he agrees with her. Faranth knows he's been doing a lot of that since day one! But even so, she'll find that manual within a drawer of her desk in her shared office. Perhaps a little dusty, considering just how long it's been since there has been a Weyrsecond on Xanadu! As his hand is grasped, he smiles greatly and gives her arms a few hearty pumps. "As long as you don't try to maul me for my knot, I think we'll be fine," he says with a snicker. "But sooomehow, I don't see that happening with you." A grin and he releases her hand. "Hey, you'll be sharin' an office with Soriana. She'll be a grand help. Esiae is alright too, though I hardly speak with her." The Juniors aren't really his domain, and so he leaves them be for the most part, except for one…for obvious reasons. And now, with this change of rank…there's paperwork to be done to make it an official thing. Always paperwork! And he'd better get on that, with that knot being the first on his agenda. "Get an ice pop," he says, grinning. "If you want, I can write you a note sayin' that you're the Weyrsecond now and so should be moved to the front of the line!" His tone is joking, and he laughs as he heads to his desk to shift through the papers and get to work. Now…hm. Where was that knot request form again? He saw it the other day… or was it the other seven? Where did he put it? Gah. Organization. Definitely something he needs to work on!

Ka'el will have to be careful then that Kiena doesn't pull him down with her if she does fall. She can't help but grin when he pumps her arm a few times, though is grateful for the gesture to end. Not so that she can step back! So that she can lift her hand and clasp him by the shoulder instead, grip firm and a bit rough as she grins up at him. "You're perfectly safe in that respect. No mauling, promise!" Now her hand recedes to be held up, palm out flat as if pledging to that promise. On her honour! Which she does have, in copious amounts. "I've not met Esiae or Sorrin, but I do remember Soriana." she reflects and from her tone, she approves of her. So she'll be a source of help? Excellent. Kiena relaxes a little more, knowing she at least vaguely has some connection to another among the team. Laughing, she shakes her head again and takes another little step backwards towards the door. "I told you, I'm not fond of sweets. It's fine, really. Now, if I had the girls? That'd be another matter." Which reminds her! "Once all is settled here, everything is set for me to go and gather them from Western. I'll try to get a more concrete date for you." In case he does still intend to come tag along. As he begins to sift through the papers on his desk, Kiena chuckles dryly. "You need an assistant." she teases him, before gesturing that she's just going to let herself out. There business is done here for the day, right?

An assistant? Meh. "Tell me about it…" Ka'el says as he eyes a paper he could've sworn he already sent off to the woodcrafters like…two sevens ago. Uh. Oops? Okay, do that first and then request that Weyrsecond knot! -.-; He looks towards her again with a sheepishly crooked grin before nodding to her as she moves off. "Good day to you, Kiena. See you soon!" As soon as that knot gets here. Perhaps even sooner!

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