Silver and the Twilight of Solace

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow


A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

In what little cool there is left in Xanadu's mornings, these days, the meadows around the weyr proper are surprisingly empty, with those who would be out and working already on their way, taking advantage of the heat's brief absence. Because of this stillness, when the massive brown finally begins her descent after appearing from *between* in the sky, it's quite notable. The large dragon lands in the transport area with a heavy whuff of air from his lungs and then nestles to the ground with a murring bugle. On his back are two: his rider, an older woman named Kherissni, and her passenger, a wan-looking Tenebrous, clad as always in that long, hooded coat of his. No sooner than they're grounded, Tenebrous is clawing that the straps to his harness and half-tumbling from it to land in a heap on the ground. The sounds of his retching and dry-heaving are notable in the post-dawn hush.

D'had's path leads him through the meadow as he makes from the coastal road towards the weyr proper. The brown's arrival is noticed and the Weyrsecond lifts a hand in greeting to him and his rider, though its the passenger that grabs his attention a second later. "Take it easy there, hmm," he comments drawing closer. "Out too late last night?" the question holds a teasing tone to it.

The Brown's rider snaps D'had a smart salute in reply, her face full of an easy smile. "My greetings, sir," she calls over cordially before bending over a little in her dreagonsaddle. "You're back-sliding a little, Fetch." Then, at some unspoken command, the brown rises again, almost delicately stepping around Tenebrous and then leaps to the sky again with an amused bugle.

Another dry heave twists Tenebrous for a moment before, spitting a little, he looks up slowly. Even beneath that hood of his, the skin on his face is drawn and pale. "You know," he rasps, slowly getting to his hands and knees, "I've…only ever been drunk once…in my entire life." He spits onto the ground again before gingerly plantint one foot and raising himself up into a slow kneel. "It was…by far the …well, one of the most, anyway, miserable expleriences I've ever had. This has nothing to do with that, though part of me wishes it did." He finally manages to look up, and it's only then that he truly realizes who it is that's come to speak with him.

"Greetings ma'am," D'had replies with a simple nod towards the rider before the pair is on their way once again. "Ah, well then," he goes on looking back to the healer. "Hope you're feelin' better sooner rather than later." Beat. "And, well, welcome to Xanadu."

Tenebrous finally manages to struggle to his feet, though he does wobble a little once he's there. One hand drift to his stomach while the other drifts back to his satchel, groping for something. It finally emerges with a small vial of brown liquid, which he promptly quaffs. The air is briefly filled with the sharp, sweet and strangely bitter scent of Ginger. "Thanks," He rasps quietly, coughing into his hand once. "It'll go away soon enough. I just don't… fly well on dragonback…" At least when the dragon's *betweening*. He looks at D'had for another long moment before finally offering, "I would offer you the duties of my home, but I have none at the moment. I'm just here to speak with my apprentice, and then I'll leave again…"

D'had remains a few steps off from where the healer stands. A slow nod is the reply to the note on flying. "Ahh, well some ain't so much for it." Another nod follows shortly after, "Well welcome all the same. Welcome ta stay as long as you like I'm sure."

Tenebrous rubs the side of his face for a moment, the skin of his hand rasping against a day's growth of hair before he finally murmurs, "Oh, I have little doubt of that. The Weyrwoman has said as much…though I find it to everyone's benefit if I come and go unobtrusively." The empty vial is pressed back into his satchel, and a moment later, he comes up with half a loaf of pressed sweetbread, tearing off a small piece for himself and then offering it to the Weyrsecond. "You," he murmurs, taking a small bite, "Are…calmer than I remember you being."

D'had is calm. When there's not reason to be freaking out over something as there was (or maybe wasn't) the last time they met. "Ah well," he comments in reply, lifting a shoulder in a shrug of unknowing, dark eyes momentarily following the putting away of that vial. A shake of his head follows for the offer of bread. "I'm good, thanks." Though that last comment from Tenebrous earns the raise of a brow. "Oh?"

Tenebrous nods once, wrapping the bread back up and tucking it away too. "Yeah," he says simply. "You are." Then, just simply, he taps the side of his neck. "Be sure she gets it looked at…deep blistering. She'll need her dressing changed, and I think you know how much she likes infirmaries." Then he ooohs quietly with his mouth and reaches back into his satchel again, rummaging for something.

D'had nods again, "Right," he agrees with that tap of reminder after taking a moment for the meaning to register. "Make sure she gets it checked again. No problem." Now if only he could write it on his hand for later, but that reminder will have to do.

Tenebrous comes up a moment later with something in his hand. It's a delicate, silver chain, and where once it was broken, it appears to hae been mended. "I don't think I should have this anymore," he says quietly, holding it out to D'had. "I'm not sure what you'll want to do with it…I don't know if you'll ever want to give it to her, some day down the line. But it was…special to her once. before she met me, and maybe before she met you. I don't…think I have any business carrying it around." He smiles wryly. "I'd always thought that I might give it back to her someday, but I was ignorant then. Illusioned." Then he takes a slow breath. "I'm sorry…"

D'had blinks, confusion showing on his features for a moment as he eyes the chain, reaching a hand out as it's offered over. "Um.. thanks?" he replies uncertainly. A long pause follows, "For what?" he finally inquires most likely to be in response to the appology.

"Enkavir gave that to her," Tenebrous warns quietly. "Be careful with it, whatever you do." He pops the last of the sweetbread intohis mouth, chewing it thoughtfully at th eman's question before swallowing. A free hand ducks under his coat, coming up with a small bladder of water, and he drinks from it briefly, washing it around in his mouth before spitting it out, away from D'had. Then he drinks again, deeper, and swallows. The bladder vanishes a moment later. "For what?" Only then does one side of his face slide up in a smile that never reaches his eyes. "For what…" Then he shrugs. "Either you don't know, in which case telling you does you no favors…or do you do know, and it's irrelivent to you." He begins fastening his satchel to himself in various places, preparing it for running. "I'm sorry that it took me so long to mend her headwound, dragonrider. Let us simply say that."

D'had takes a long look at the chain that now rests in his hand, winding it up carefully on itself before tucking it away into a pocket on the inside of his jacket. Only once its safely away does he look up again. Another nod. "Right," he agrees, "Thanks again for lookin' after her."

"It's what I like to think my calling in life is. Some days are better than others." He shakes hishead a little before looking at the horizon, where the sun is slowly rising. One hand reaches up, pulling his hood just a little lower over his eyes to shield it from the growing light. Then he turns back. "I have a long way to run before I can get inside, and away from the heat," he murmurs by way of departure before nodding his head to the man. "My respects to your Weyr, sir."

D'had nods once more. "Save travels," he replies, sending a subtle salute after the healer before he departs.

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