An Epistolary Episode

Month 2, Turn 2735


I made it to Fort Hold safe and sound and my, the winds are already settling in for a biting winter. It's jarring, going from warmth to the cold. I Imagine I'll wind up sick with the sudden weather change but what can be done? Send some of that sunshine my way.

I will write again after I get settled in, maybe I can send some treats next time, Fort Hold has enough gathers to stockpile them…


Dear Ava,

At least you're in the right place if you do get sick from the cold — but I really hope you don't! Make sure you dress warmly, especially if you go to all those winter gathers.

I had to let out Qil's straps again. I'm almost afraid to keep working on his first permanent set. He's still growing, and he's so picky. His lordship will have to wait for something fancy until I get a real job into a wing.

(a few blots of ink dot the page, as if the author held the pen in mid-air, mid-thought)

Good luck with your training,


I'll have to let out my straps too if I am here too long. I forget how much they feed us here. Unless he somehow develops the ability to manipulate time, he will just have to wait.

Do you know which wing you might be in, and how are you setting into your weyr? It was such an adorable little spot, I hope Qil likes it well enough too. I feel like I will be forever bunking with one or more.

Training has been going well, I've been allowed to start observing more complicated surgeries as well as work on a few more myself. I assisted in the removal of a gallbladder the otherday that might as well have been a fire stone sac. They are healing well though and it seems no issues with the bile ducts. They will just have to stay away from fried onions.

Not me though.

Miss you, I think I will be home in the spring for a visit

P.S. OH! I forgot, attached is a little weyr warming gift.

(A tiny little glass dragon is carefully wrapped and harnessed to Rukaban, separate from the letter)


Dear Ava,

Where did you find this?! Qil and I love it! It's going to look great in our new home, thank you so much!

Our weyr cottage is really about as close to perfect as it gets, I think! Sure, there's that one little leak in the roof that I discovered when it rained the other night and the way the door squeaks because no one has used it in so long, but it's totally ours. We're still mostly sleeping in the barracks, but I'm trying to get it livable when I'm not studying. Qil likes the new space without all of his siblings crowded nearby, but I bet he misses them in his own way

I don't know yet where we'll end up. We're supposed to start shadowing some riders in the next few sevens to give us something to think about.

That surgery of yours sounds really, uh, gross, but it's good that you're getting to try new things. Should we all stop eating fried onions so we don't end up there? Or onions at all?

Qil and I should be able to go between together by the fall. Maybe we can try to get permission to help escort you home! Or at least wave at you when we get to between to the hall for the first time.

Stay warm,

Andy (And Qil too!),

Dad is a glasscrafter so I requested it from him after turns end. I'm so glad you both like it!

Hopefully many hands can help get the cottage in shape so you can both settle in. Oh how do you plan to decorate it? Or how would Qil like it decorated? (A little ink smiley face ends the sentence.) I hope you get some time for yourself between classes, cottage crafting and Qil care, you deserve it.

It can be gross sometimes but I really do find the inner workings of the body fascinating. Systems that echo so much in our day to day. I would really like to pick up on my study with the dolphins again, eventually. They can pick up much with their echolocation but I bet it could be refined, or they could be taught to describe things better. Is it granular tumor, a lipoma? How far along is a baby in pregnancy by how it's forming…so many things to do, not enough time.

Gallbladder though, avoid too much fatty food and sugar and you should be fine!

I would love that! If you're able to stop in we can grab lunch or I can show you around. Pop up to Fort even. I know you'd be busy but one can hope.

Oh this has gotten long, sorry! Talk soon

Dear Ava,

Qil says, and I quote: "No chamber could possibly be infinite enough, but this one will do." I don't think there's a weyr large enough for his head, much less the rest of him at this point!

I guess I can sort of see how bodies are interesting, if you squint after two drinks while half-asleep with your eyes burning. Dragon bodies are kind of interesting, sometimes. And weird. And sometimes a little gross. Even when it's your own dragon.

It feels like we've been in training forever, even if we're starting to learn how to actually carry people and stuff, but it feels like we have so far to go. I'm starting to forget what it was like to not be a weyrling. I really hope I don't get held back. I'll never hear the end of it.

Hello from Xanadu,

Dear Andy,

I had a good laugh at that middle of lunch at that, thank you, I needed that. Had a difficult class today and it was sorely needed. Just don't tell Qil I had a laugh at his big headed expense.

That, sounds a lot like a human body. Weird, wonderful and well, kinda gross. I imagine you'll be learning your whole life through, as will I, I seriously doubt you'll be held back. Im not sure Qil would allow it! I Feel like there's always some new or very old procedure or practice they keep throwing at me.

Talk later

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