Up A Tree?!

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves. The meadow continues with gentle rolls and dips, grass tall and short waving in the slightest of breezes, and eventually those hills grow higher and steeper, ending in a large ridge that provides a fine view of that meadow and the rest of the Weyr, gazing out over the multicolored roofs of the houses and the cliff that holds the caverns.
Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, and a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing. Trees border the northern side of the meadow, and more of those low, rolling hills can be seen to the northwest. A road passes through the meadow, coming from the east and used by traders and crafters alike. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests or ore from the mountains are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

There is NOTHING heroic about being being trapped in a tree. Not for the erstwhile and clearly demonic kitten, nor for the beskirted and neatly (before climbing the tree) youth holding it. Niether of them look at all happy, not on any level. And from the amount of yowling, and subsequent shushing, that is going on, they are not particularly pleased to be trapped in a tree /together/. That the tree is on the far northern border of the meadow, and clumped with other such growths? Certainly not helping the pair to be spotted. The one, ONE, clear sign that something is amiss comes in the form of a cloth covered basket sitting all alone at the base of the aforementioned tree. And, of course, the occasional disgruntled call of "SHILOH!" that is promptly followed with an equally annoyed and very feline yowling. Alas, whoever the mysterious Shiloh is, they are out of hearing range for the moment. Now, generally speaking the appearance of firelizards would be a GOOD THING. In this instance, however, their sudden appearance has the human side of the trapped equation starting enough that there is a pointed wobble in the trees— with a good deal of rustling to accompany it, a yelp, and a very annoyed yowl! "SHARD IT ALL, CAT!" Now, it should be noted that Avi never cusses.. Rarely cusses.. But, teetering on a branch with a BEAST FROM THE DEPTHS trying to claw him to ribbons /and/ trying to keep his skirt (Yes, he is wearing a skirt— a very long, very comely skirt, but skirt all the same) wrapped around his legs is proving more then a little difficult. Fortunately, even over the yowling, he hears Lyubomir, one arm (The one not holding the cat) raising to wave toward the approaching handyman. "HELLO! HELP!" What is less obvious, but still happens, is the assessing look he casts at the kitten. Would it be inappropriate to throw the kitten to the other man? Technically, he's still helping? Maybe? Alas, he is, as yet, unaware of the assistance approaching from the woodward way. "Stay /still/," is hissed to the kitten. Which, of course, results in another fiendish yowl in return.

It's quite the predicament, really. Lyu draws near enough to assess the situation and rubs at the back of his neck, brow furrowed deeply in thought. Calculations of risk are surely made before a final result is determined. Eventually, he does spot D'lei and tosses a salute to the man before turning his attention to the cat and the gent-slash-lady? Person. The person who is currently wrangling the fussy feline. "Here- ah. Can you lean forward? I can catch it from here, I think." Considering the scars on his arms, this probably isn't his first feline wrestling rodeo. "Just be really slow and careful, if you can. I don't have leathers on, else I'd have you toss it." Once he's under the tree, he reaches up, fingers splayed. Hopefully it won't be too far to drop the kitterino. Hopefully. "D'lei- do you think you can help, ah- what's your name? It can't be easy getting down in that skirt."

"…you'll want to wrap it up," D'lei calls out by way of… well, not introduction, exactly, but it's the first thing he says as he comes out into the space beneath that tree, along with a nod-greeting sort of thing to Lyu before his attention shifts back to the treed pair. He thinks they've been taking they've been taking too long? Well, not exactly, because D'lei continues that thought with, "Cat's going to fight you, otherwise." Arguably, the cat is already fighting Averil, and nearly as arguably, winning. But now… there's reinforcements for the human side! More targets to claw, yus… but D'lei is certainly coming near and showing intent to help despite those risks, looking up at beskirted Averil (but not up the skirt, because that's not how he rolls).

Fact- Climbing UP a tree in a skirt is pointedly easier then climbing DOWN a tree in a skirt. FACT - Climbing DOWN a tree in a skirt /WITH/ a kitten is /impossible/. They are lessons Averil has learned over the course of being trapped in a tree with the aforementioned kitten. The fact that the kitten is /still/ hissing and spitting and making it's displeasure known? A clear indication of the suggestion that Kitten is well aware of the utter lack of logic involved in it's presumed rescue. Fortunately, Averil is not thinking about facts at the moment. At the moment, he is thinking solely about avoiding tiny sharp claws and bracing himself as he leans forward to peer at the people below. "Toss it?" The incredulousness of his tone is only over shadowed by the protest from the kitten that has him promptly following it with "OW!" as those tiny, /wicked/ claws sink into his flesh. "I don't think he likes that suggestion very much." Point in fact, the kitten has no idea what the suggestion was. It's protest, at this point, is over everything that is currently occuring. "Avi," is breathed in tones that are slightly less tense. Although, in retrospect he is not entirely sure giving his name was a great idea. Still, he's pressing on, his head turning toward D'lei as he calls his suggestion. "There is a cloth covering my basket, can you please toss it up?" Cause he is not sacrificing his clothing to the fanged and clawed demon in his lap. That the suggestion is a good one? Clear when Avi holds up the spitting, hissing ball of hate and hellfire only to promptly press it back down against his leather skirt. That leather might be fine, but it's at least some measure of protection. And yes, /yes/, the Demo- er.. cat.. is definitely winning.

"Well, cats generally don't like anyone else's ideas," Lyu deadpans. There's a moment where he starts to pull at the hem of his shirt, but the suggestion of the basket cloth is a much better one and he glances to D'lei. Since the bronzer is probably in a better position to get the cloth, he settles on patting his pockets down to try to find some kind of treat to potentially bribe the feline with. Cats dig bribes (about 50% of the time, but still, it's worth a shot). "Ah, here. I have some fish jerky, if he likes that." Patch definitely does and the deep blue firelizard cranes his head around in search of treats. "We'll get you down and out of there, Avi. I promise." Notably: no promises of keeping Averil intact. "I'm Lyubomir, but call me Lyu. Once you get the kitten all wrapped up, just pass him down to me."

D'lei hehs at Lyu's claims about felines and ideas. "…well, that's partly because if they do, they just claim the idea was theirs all along." He grins a bit, and steps over to that basket to… yoink! The cloth is taken, and the contents of whatever Avi was taking to grandmother's house are revealed! With that in hand, D'lei… well, just tossing it up seems likely to end up with it stuck amid the branches and doing no good to anyone, so instead he does a bit of climbing himself. He's wearing trousers, after all, and he's got practice climbing up dragon-legs… which aren't exactly the same as trees, but even so, he's pretty capable of getting himself far enough up that he can extend a hand toward Averil with that cloth… though he doesn't actually try to get all the way, because that seems likely to either further terrify the terrorizing kitten, or - worse - overburden the branch. Halfway, though! Halfway is good. And maybe they can bucket-brigade the wrapped kitten and leave D'lei in position to further help a treed Averil.

Introductions are being made to the accompaniment of demonic hissing and the litany of "Ow, ow, ow," as tiny sharp claws find tender flesh. And while Averil would, under different circumstances, be much more polite, at the moment, the entirety of his focus is on the RAGING BEAST of DOOM in his lap and trying to minimize the damage to both his clothing and his person. Below, the great unveiling of Avi's basket reveals meat pies, apples and a beatly arranged box of pastries! Oh. Yes, and a thermos of juice! Course, Avi's attention is on the bronzerider climbing to his rescue. YES. HIS RESCUE! The cat is the villian in this particular piece, OKAY? "/Thank you/." The words are breathed as he takes the cloth— with a bit of kitten juggling and a renewal of the YOWLING. Armed now, Avi is quick to twist that ball of furry fury into the cloth and— while he's relatively gentle about it— pass it down to the man not so far beneath him. "It bites," he warns as the squirming mass of hate and violence is passed over.

"Thanks," is tossed to D'lei even as D'lei's handing the cloth off for the purposes of catnapping catwrapping. There's also a wry twist of a grin for the rider's words, but no time to discuss further because it's business time (but not that kind of business). "Okay- good. Nice and easy, just like that." Lyu rolls up on the balls of his feet to facilitate the feline retrieval process, his expression set into hard, grim lines of anticipation. Needle teeth and claws are not unfamiliar to the man and it shows. And, once the bundle of RAEG AND DOOM is eventually handed down, he's quick to check the bindings to make sure it's not about to fall apart before he tucks the squirming mass of nightmares in against his chest. "Shh, shh. It's okay, kitten. It's okay." Nevermind that the kitten probably can't hear him over all the caterwauling and all that it's making, but the man can hope. He's definitely going to get bitten and clawed, but that's okay!

Nobody said that wrapping an angry kitten up in cloth was easy or safe, but… it sure does beat trying to carry around said angry kitten without some form of restraint. It reduces the number of pointy ends! And sometimes, that's about all that can be hoped for. D'lei keeps his spot on the tree as Avi manages - amid many yowls, and probably while acquiring a few more fresh scratches - to get the kitten turned into a cloth-wrapped orb of still-has-teeth. "I'd expect no less," he says with a crooked grin for the warning, shifting so that he's stable enough with hooked-legs and lean to accept the burden of kitton. Now it's his problem! …but not for long, because he leans down and passes it along to Lyubomir. Here you go! Did you want a terror-beast of darkness? Yes? Good, because that - or at least, a terrified and thus very angry kitten - is what you've got!

Hey now! Hey! Listen. There is STILL a kitten in the tree, OKAY? Those of you under the mistaken impression that the DEMONIC BALL OF HATE AND FURY was the one needing rescueing? SORELY MISTAKEN. "Don't leave me up here!" The words are uttered in the wake of the passing of the hellion, Averil's eyes widening as turns a look on D'lei that suggests he might just hurl himself at the man if he tries to leave him there. Wildeyed? Yeah, a little bit. Okay, more then a little bit, but can you blame him? "Don't leave!"

Oh, there will be blood. A little - but blood, all the same. Lyu's left eye twitches a little as the furred hellion snags a tooth or claw or barbed tail or whatever it is that kittens have that hurts so danged much into his chest. That eye waters a little. "Kitten's doing just fine," he states after a moment, all matter-of-fact about it. And the kitten is fine. He's the one that's suffering here. His attention tilts to Avi and D'lei, sizing up that situation as best as he can with a mini-mauler wrapped up against him. "If you want to take this, then I can help Avi down, D'lei." Look. The man has to try, okay.

D'lei's gaze shifts back to Avi once Lyu has charge of the kitten, and there's a slight sideways tug of his mouth. "I'm not going anywhere," he says, and if there's maybe a bit of that same soothing tone to his voice as Lyubomir offers to that kitten, well… there's still a kitten in the tree, right? Right. D'lei glances back down to Lyubomir again, a slight tilt of his head at the offer, and there's a moment before he lets out a slight exhale, with a flicker of a smile. He looks back up to Avi, that smile lingering. "Seems you've got your choice of assistance, so… I'd say you're in no danger at all of being left behind here."

The relief is immediate at the reassurance, Averil's hands raising to pat his hair and twist stray strands of gold back into the neat twist at the back of his head. Yes, he's trapped in a tree. Yes, he's been clawed up by the furry fiend in Lyubomir's arms. But that is no excuse for looking mussed, okay? And, while there is a measure of satisfaction at having two handsome, strapping men there to rescue him? At the same time, he REALLY wants out of the tree. He'll be swoony once his feet are securely on the ground, OK? "Don't. Leave." The words, while breathy in tone, are accompanied with a pointed wildness of eyes that makes it abundantly clear that he is just shy of panic. JUST SHY. Maybe a breath away. Climbing trees? NOT something he does on his best day. This? Clearly not his best day. Course, it doesn't help that sunconciously he is worried he'll get left behind, a fact that becomes clear when he inches closer and promptly sets the tree to swaying. The tree swaying? Well, freed of the DEMON, that has him immediately twisting around to cling to the trunk. If he had claws, they would most assuredly be /out/.

"We aren't leaving until you're out of the tree." It's a promise, through and through, even if he's not about to add that pesky p-word to the deal. Lyubomir continues trying his best to settle the fiend, simply holding the bundled beast against his chest and occasionally petting it through the cloth. Mostly, though, he just makes soft, quasi-rumbly sounds to the stressed creature, in the hopes that the low vibration might do the trick. A glance goes to D'lei, then to Avi, then back to D'lei. "Seems a decision has been made, eh?" Which means D'lei's going to be dealign with a human-sized kitten soon enough! Or not, considering how Avi clings to the trunk of that swaying tree. "It's okay! It's just a little wobbly. Take a deep breath, Avi."

"Easy, now…" D'lei murmurs to Avi as the panicked candidate clings to the swaying tree. "Eaaasy now…" There's that calming tone to the words again, the meanings themselves… not irrelevant, but let's be honest, the emotional content of don't-panic-and-flail is just as important. Which is also a piece of why he doesn't try to swap with Lyubomir, because even a promised return seems like it might not be enough to stave off flailing. Though he does glance down at Lyu, and give a crooked smile. "Happenstance happened." So. Here he is, looking back to Avi, and D'lei nods along to the assurances from below while keeping his gaze steady. "When you're ready…" which - depending on the wind - might be a while… "- come toward me, okay? I'm here."

To his credit, Averil /is/ listening to Lyubomir, that much is clear when he sucks in an unnaturally deep breath and holds it. That that breath is more suitable to pearl diving then tree climbing is something that he is just not thinking about at the moment. What on Pern possessed him to think he could save the treed kitten is utterly beyond him. Course, then D'lei is crooning to him much like Lyubormir is crooning to the kitten below. See, that could seem weird. It could. But it /still/ works. At least enough that Avi is twisting in his perch to eye D'lei as the man speaks to him. "…Ok," he notes on the exhale. When he's ready. Still, while it's really not /that/ far, it looks like a yawning chasm to the artist. A fact made clear in the wildness of his eyes and the few aborted attempts before he is finally closing the distance between them. Course, the moment that he is able to transfer clinging from tree to human? Well, D'lei may find himself being on the recieving end of spider monkey of his very own. There is clinging that will be happening, what form it takes, however, is completely up to the man being clung to. Needless to say, Avi will do everything in his power to gain as many points of cling-i-ness as he possibly can. "Don't fall!" Cause yelling that is always helpful. >.>

"Happenstance does happen." Wry, that. Lyubomir grimaces and shifts the bundle o' murder around slightly, though - hopefully - it's less fighty than it was before. Maybe. He keeps some distance from where D'lei is coaxing Avi-the-cat from the tree, but he's not so far that he can't step in to assist in the process. Patch and Kludge watch from their perch, though their interest has signficantly waned since fish jerky was taken off the menu for them. "You're almost there," continues the reassurances, more for Avi than the rider, of course. "Keep breathing nice and slow, Avi. It'll help." Low tones, all of it, meant to be as calming and soothing as D'lei's own offerings. Maybe, between the two of them, they'll succeed in settling the artist. Maybe.

Sometimes, kind and helpful urges only serve to get people into trouble! It happened to Avi, it's - arguably - happening to D'lei and Lyubomir… but then again, for all Averil is still treed and in need of aid, the little dark-furred kitten below is already safe, so… maybe there'll be happy endings all around! "Mmhmm," D'lei says as Avi starts edging closer, and "That's okay…" when the vast expanse of not-far-at-all proves too much for the moment. "There you go," is… probably said a couple times before it's actually true, but eventually, it does in fact achieve reality. "Okay. Arms around…" D'lei manages to pry-and-reposition that clinging enough to get Avi's arms around his shoulders, torso between him and the tree, and legs tucked off around one of his sides (because, well, the skirt makes it hard to spread them) with one of his own arms tucked beneath to help support. It's probably not the most comfortable of positions, what with the roughness of bark against back, but it at least may feel more secure than being out on the tree alone.

The signs that the soothing tones and reassuring words are working are subtle. The flairing of nostril has lessened and Averil's breathing is at least something closer to normal. Fortunately, comfort will come with being freed of the tree and Avi is all to happy to cling for dear life. That it is not the most comfortable of positions? Not even a problem. He has the tree at his back and a potentially soft landing to his front and they are moving DOWN. Mind you, he's still clinging and it is probably not comfortable for D'lei, either. Cause while he's small? He does have a grip. And, the moment that they are on the ground, there is a sound (sob?) of relief, his arms clinging a bit tighter as he murmurs a litany of thankyous before finally getting a hold of himself and letting go. Stepping back, he immediately takes to righting himself, the look on his face most assuredly a human version of the feline 'I meant to do that' as he fusses with his hair, the folds of his shirt and the fall of his skirt.

And all is right in the world in the end - despite the bit of trouble! Once Avi's on the ground and preening, though, Lyubomir crosses over with the cat-in-a-sack; this is unceremoniously presented to the formerly treed soul, with a faintly crooked grin offered along with it. "See? You did it. Well done." And, once he's hopefully divested of his feline parcel, he plucks at his shirt and grimaces at the faint pricks and small blooms of blood where a claw snagged a little too deeply. "Next time the cat gets up a tree, just put some food at the base of the tree and offer it treats. They're pretty good about getting themselves down." Of course, that ties into the whole 'it has to be the cat's idea' thing, but hey. His attention shifts to D'lei, then, with a small salute for the man. "Well done, by the bye. I need to get this cleaned up, but I have some sketches for you to look at when you have a chance."

Down the tree they go, one step at a time… though they're less steps and more joggles and bumps, but hey. It works! They reach the ground, everyone survives, it counts as a victory. "It's fine," D'lei replies to that cascade of gratitude. "You're fine." Which is true, insofar as he can see, and also yet another of those assurances that have been pattering their way to Avi's ears from him and Lyu both. D'lei smiles, then… steps back a bit, the better to let Averil fix hair and clothes and pretend that none of this ever happened. Or - maybe - to let Lyubomir step in and take his share of the glory, along with presenting that kitten. He gives a lopsided smile to Lyu at the comment directed to him. "I did some turns in Galaxy." And hey, maybe the search and rescue wing is a bit over-grand for what that particular mission entailed, but still. "Good to know I haven't forgotten everything." His grin is a touch wry, and then he hehs. "Anyway. I'd definitely love to take a look… but yes, crises and cleanup take priority." Even if they're small cat-shaped crises.

Averil couldn't look more appalled at being handed the kitt- er… demon.. And the look he turns on Lyubomir? Definitely a whole lot of.. 'What am I supposed to do with this'? "What?" Still mildly horrified over being handed the cat, he turns wide eyes up to Lyubomir's face, his head giving a tiny little shake. "I don't.. It's not mine." Which is promptly followed with him holding it right back out to the handyman. "You can have it." It's evil, a little fanged and clawed monster! Course, then the kitten does this little mewl that is entirely to adorable and Avi is drawing it right back in against his chest with a little "Awww." It's only the mention of sketches that has him looking up curiously, his head tilting as he craddles the kitten, who is now the sweetest baby in the WHOLE WORLD against his chest. "Thank you so much for saving us," is breathed at them both, the thanks followed with a little coo of affection for the now sweet (DECIEVER) kitten in his arms.

Averil's appalled look is met with one of utter, grim certainty from Lyubomir. "You found it, so I think that makes it all yours." That might not be how actual property law works, but- he's just a handyman, not a lawyer. He is resolute, though; he's not taking the wee kitten, no matter how fervently it's held out to him. And while Averil might be curious about the sketches, no further information is forthcoming on that topic. Instead, he adds to D'lei, "You did great. I suspected you must have been in Galaxy from all of that, but- ah. I'll send Patch along after my chores are done for the day." And, with a final salute and an amiable, "Clear skies, both of you," the handsyman-candidate heads off to get cleaned up.

Averil isn't sure he wants a kitten despite the fact that he is cooing to it and clearly not about to give it up. When Lyubomir announces his departure, Avi raises his head and smiles. "Thank you so much. I don't know what would have happened had you not come along when you did." Lyubomir should not be surprised to find himself on the recieving end of a portrait in the future. Nor should D'lei, a fact made clear when Avi steps over to his basket with the kitten in his arms and affords the man a smile, as well. "Thank you for your help, Sir, I appreciate it." Course, the demonic kitten, mewling and purring and looking sweet as you please. NOW.

D'lei grins a bit at the exchange around whose problem this feline is now, probably because nobody's attempting to push it off onto him. And, in the end, Avi decides it's adorable anyhow, so… that problem's solved, at least until the cat gets a hairball in the middle of the night. He nods to Lyubomir. "I'll be around much of the day… and if it gets too late, there's always tomorrow." His hand's lifted in a farewell, and then he looks back to Avi again and smiles. "Next time, perhaps make your plans for help before you get into trouble," he says, though he's got a somewhat playful smile and doesn't actually seem upset. "You may not always be so lucky as to have someone suitable just happening by."

Averil exhales a breath as he stoops to retrieve his basket and glowers up at the tree. "I absolutely will," he assures. "Of course, I think I've taken tree climbing off my list of things to do." He's just not cut out for that, that much is clear. With the basket over his arm and the kitten against his chest, he nods in the direction of the barracks. "I have to deliver lunch, but again, thank you so much for the help, Sir." Bobbing his head in a polite nod, since saluting with a kitten is impossible, he takes a step to the side before moving to continue on his way. Mind you, now he's coo'ing to the kitten, so there is that doom in his future. "Have a wonderful day!" he calls over his shoulder.

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