Lurking Awkwardness

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.

The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.

Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.


It's happening again! Leirith got another terrible idea in her head and nobody can really answer why Risali hasn't stopped her. But overnight, by some miracle of « MINIONS! », an amusement park made up ENTIRELY OF CARDBOARD BOXES (there must be a shortage somewhere) sprung up by the water overnight. Everything about it is questionable, but functional: a ferris wheel, carnival games, vendor booths, a merry-go-round, even a cardboard ramp where you can slide down on a crayon-decorated cardboard monstrocity. Those mimosas probably aren't mimosas at all, but they're always suspiciously in supply along with cakes and spun sugar. There is plenty enough to do, all of the crayon-scribbled doors are even functional, and the Leadership hasn't torn it down, so it's probably (questionably) safe. So sit back, relax, and go for a wild ride! Afterwards, please be sure to post that log on the wiki! We want to see all of the fun and shenanigans you get up to, though you certainly don't have to get up to any of them if you don't want to!

The evening is growing late in Leirithtopia, but that hasn't lessened the continued frivolity. There are enough glow baskets spread around to provide enough light for those who want it and enough dark nooks for those who'd prefer the shadows. It's not yet so late that certain privilege stunted candidates (STEFYR) are supposed to be in the barracks, but the time isn't too distant yet. The big man is alone tonight, fingers of his hands tucked into his pockets, thumbs to the outside, shoulders tense. He's watching the world with that intent blue gaze of his, standing where he can see both those still daring the slide and the many laughing on the merry-go-round a farther distance off. Tonight, the young man appears without drink, and there isn't even a single tuft of pink spun sugar anywhere to be seen on his person. Just Stefyr, quiet, in one of the slightly more shadowed nooks. Being a creeper.

See, the thing about having a carnival spring up outside your weyr is that if you want to take the ground route home, you have to go through said carnival. That must be N'on's destination, because he hasn't stopped to partake of any snacks or ride any rides. His path is not exactly a beeline, since the layout of the carnival doesn't permit that, but he's finding the shortest path he can. This just so happens to carry him past the shadowy nook where Stefyr is lurking, creeper-like. N'on almost passes right by without spotting him, and when he does, he does a funny little double-take. Once that moment's startle is over, he gives a half-grin and wave.

Stefyr wouldn't have to tell N'on that the thing about being a creeper is that you have the advantage when it comes to seeing things before you, yourself, are noticed. Blue gaze took in the greenrider before the double-take, and were (inconveniently) on him when the candidate was spotted, so he can't even pretend he didn't notice the silent rider, even if he wished to. Which he might. It's hard to say. His expression is subdued, quiet. It's not closed, exactly, but it's not the sort of look that is easily decipherable. "N'on," is a rumble of a greeting, like the assistant hasn't been using his voice much today so it holds a little of the quality of the just awoken. He nods at the man. His friend? But there's not an immediate, obvious invitation to converse or join him in his creeping nook.

N'on headtilts. Yes. There is no other way to describe the precise expression N'on wears as he takes in Stefyr's current state of being. He glances forward along the path he had been walking, but whatever his destination was, he decides to abandon it to join Stefyr in his creeping nook. He stands next to Stefyr, looking around to see what might be visible from the area. Probably trying to figure out what's so interesting about this spot. He doesn't figure it out, because he looks aside at Stefyr with a raised brow.

Once the greenrider has stepped over to join him, one hand comes out of a pocket to rub the side of a forefinger on Stefyr's brow before sliding to its previous, cozy home in his hip pocket. He doesn't actively engage the greenrider, but nor does he make any kind of deterring movement or speech. He's not unaware of his fellow lurker, though, because as soon as that look comes his way, he's turning his face to meet N'on's gaze more directly. "Just watching." It's not untrue, but, "Looking for someone," is possibly more true. Judging from the way that his tone darkens a shade with a brush of something less than pleasure, looking for someone, here, doesn't seem to imply a late night rendez vous or other pleasanter variety of encounter. "How are you?" is asked, but a little awkwardly. He hasn't been avoiding N'on since their flight together, but he has been conspicuously absent from those places where they may've had casual encounters before.

N'on sweeps a gaze around the part of the carnival currently visible from the lurking space, but it's unclear what he's looking for. He answers the question of how he is with a thumbs up and wry wink, then goes back to people watching. After a moment or so, he checks to see if he's lost Stefyr's attention, then signs a question. "Waiting for who?"

Is it weird that Stefyr seems to be in tune with N'on? His eyes had gone back to the people, to the ongoing levity caused by not only the enjoyment of the carnival but the moments when some previously sturdy cardboard thing - like that shipfish on the merry-go-round - collapses because of over-use. There must not have been injuries yet, because such hiccups are greeted with laughter and comment but not outcry and concern, but when N'on looks at him again, his chin turns slightly toward the shorter man, and he watches the question. His hands leave his pockets and his arms draw up, folding over his chest. It's a tight movement that is forced into less tension with a breath. "A man with hard questions. I have ones for him." Those words have a grim set to his face, but after a moment he has a short sigh. "I don't think I'll find him here, but here's where I ran into him before, so…" It seemed like the place to do so again. "How is Zhelinath? And V'ayn?" It's only one part distraction; the other part is they're friends, right? Friends ask. Friends care. So… even if maybe there are some other confused feelings in light of their disagreement, here is stalwart Stefyr, asking, caring about the answers.

N'on winces a bit at one particular collapse, but then tries not to watch it anymore. Instead, he watches Stefyr, with worry starting to color his expression. The abrupt subject change back to his own well-being earns an intensifying of that expression, but he answers. "They are well. Zhelinath bickers with V'ayn's dragon, but normal." He shrugs with a slightly rueful smile, which fades back to that former look of worry. Almost tentatively, he signs his next question: "What sort of hard questions?"

Evangeline moves into the shore of lake caspian, from the meadow.
Evangeline has arrived.

The evening is growing late in Lirithtopia. It's not quite so late that Stefyr with his reduced privileges should be back at the barracks, but the hour isn't far off now. The big blond stands - lurks, really, - in a slightly shadowed nook that affords a good view of the entertained many, lit by glow baskets and the occasional electric light, daring the big slide and the not too far away merry-go-round. N'on stands beside him and there is some conversation, but broken by silences. Somehow, the mental image of Zhelinath bickering with an as-yet-unknown-to-him dragon makes his lips quirk in the first brighter spot of emotion he's displayed this evening, but even that look of amusement is a little muted. "At least you are kept entertained?" He suggests, shrugging his shoulders a little as if to release the conjecture if it's not at all the case for the rider. "It must be complex. The way dragons make friends or not. It's complicated for humans, so it makes sense that it would be for them as well." He hesitates a moment and then asks, "What kinds of dragons does Zhelinath like? Or not like? For that matter. If it's not too personal." He doesn't sound too stung with the use of that last phrase, because it's as real as anything else he's said - he's interested but it might bring to mind recent discussion of boundaries, even if it hadn't been phrased quite that way. He might not answer at all, given his attention to these topics, but his eyes flit briefly out to the crowd for quick scan and then back to N'on. "About why I'm standing. It felt like I had good answers. I thought." Only he doesn't sound sure anymore, and the mood of that muted subdue redoubles, his expression becoming duller, dimmer.

N'on is looking faintly worried but mostly puzzled by the whole conversation. He nods his agreement to the question of complicated dragon friendships, then blinks a few times at the passive aggressive dig that comes next. He looks genuinely lost, and he's more cautious than ever as he offers an answer. "She's shy, with most. She knew V'ayn's since she was hatched, so she's not shy with him." He lets it go with that, still watching Stefyr with that slightly cautious expression. To the last, he adds, "Very few bad reasons to stand."

The Carnival is the best thing EVER. Evangeline is wearing her brightest outfit, plaid green and yellow top that buttons at her neck and wrists and a chartreuse skirt. If colors could talk, these would scream. Her hair is pulled back in a messy bun, and she is SKIPPING. Arriving at the fair, she is carrying a basket full of cat cookies, and if one were to watch her progress, they would see her handing them out with a shy "HEllo, here, have a cookie!" Before moving on to the next person, this continues for a while as she is coming from the opposite side of the Carnival grounds, spotting the two men she flounces up and then stops. The happiness in her expression falters, and then she approaches cautiously, holding out a cookie. "Evening! Do either of you, um, want a cookie?" She takes a few steps closer to their hideout but does not come close enough to be invading their space.

It would be too easy for Stefyr to realize that what he'd intended as respect for boundaries he's still navigating came out so poorly. OH WELL. The big blond nods in response to N'on's answer. "That makes sense. I ass-" he starts what probably was "assume" and cuts himself off with a clearing of his throat, trying again. Because he doesn't need to be any more of that thing than he already is. "Does it help or— not … help…" What are the right words? Stefyr doesn't apparently know and is trying hard not to use the wrong ones, which results in more hiccups and uncomfortable silences, "that you are close with V'ayn? Like. …" Awkward stop. Blush. "Feel-" he starts to try to explain, but there's Evangeline to the rescue, with cookies. His expression is blank a moment as his eyes bounce from offered treat to the ebullient-turned-cautious bearer that his conversation with N'on distracted him from noticing approaching The Lurking Place. "Thanks," he unfolds one arm from his chest to take one, "Evi," is added after a beat. He looks at her a moment, like maybe he's waiting for her to do something, to wave flags or manifest smoke signals to clue him into where exactly they are. Awkward friendships abound tonight! "…Having a good time?" He inquires, politely, but his manner is dull, mood… something out of his norm at any rate.

N'on amusement flickers across his face at the question about V'ayn. He tilts his hand to one side and the other in a 'maybe' gesture. "V'ayn and I mind our own business," he signs, which is the best answer he's going to get because here's Evi! N'on gives her a welcoming grin, and accepts one of the cookies. It may be a welcome distraction from Stefyr's odd mood. He inspects the confection to see what type it is, then takes a small bite.

Pulling two cookies out she is more than happy to hand them out, they are sugar cookie base in the shape of a feline's head. The one N'on got is blue with darker blue whiskers and features, Stefyr's is lavender with purple highlights. Stefyr gets a long puzzled look, Evangeline gives a partial shrug as if to say 'whatever' and goes back to bouncing. "I am! This place is the best, I won this." Reaching into her basket, she pulls out a feather duster, "For the cats!" Incredible how much joy one can find when they're intent on it. Without another word, she takes two steps forward and folds her knees underneath her and plops down in the criss-cross applesauce position. She has thoroughly inserted herself into whatever this is. After that, she is quiet, bebopping along to her own little song with small sways of her shoulders. Whatever is going on between her and Stefyr, for the moment, she is ignoring it. Women are weird. Folding her hands in her lap, she asks, "Have you done the Ferris wheel, N'on and me did it, and it was the best." You know what that could be a matter of perspective; this is Evi's.

Stefyr's eyes follow Evangeline to the ground, his feet shifting slightly in subconscious reaction. "I'm glad you both survived the experience." His eyes bouncing from the far down to his fellow candidate to the far less far down of N'on's face, a single brow arching slightly at the search and rescue rider. "I'm big for most of the rides." Really, even though this place was built under Leirith's purview, there are only so many people who are the size of Stefyr with his broad, muscular build and 6'3" height (R'hyn, to name one), and so many more that are significantly more regular sized, so that many of the structures are not made for his weight to tempt them to destruction might not be much of a surprise (or maybe it's just in Stefyr's head). "I don't want to get injured before the hatching if it can be helped. I'm getting bruised enough with self-defense practice." His chat is enlivened with Evangeline's presence, but the particularly keen or attentive to Stefyr might detect the subtle mask donned for surface exchanges; maybe N'on should feel complimented that this feigned okayness wasn't in place when they were alone. It sure does make for better conversation though. "I'm sure the cats will be thrilled. I think I found Curtains trying to chew open my pillow the other day. Maybe to get at the feathers in it." He shrugs. Felines. Whatchagonnado. If you're Stefyr? Nothing at all.

N'on looks aside at Stefyr with an expression that suggests 'the best' is not exactly how N'on would describe the Ferris wheel. But he leaves it at just a look, because who wants to rain on Evi's parade? She's just so enthusiastic. Instead, he focuses on Stefyr's words, and answers with a signed, "Smart. If you are hurt too bad, you must skip the Hatching." Is N'on surprised that Evangeline is already accumulating cats? Nope. The answer is a big fat no. He's sure enjoying that cookie, though.

Evangeline is quiet, pulling a cookie out of her basket and nibbling away at the ears like a small Evi-mouse. Nom nom. Does Evangeline notice the change in Stefyr? Possibly. Her eyebrows go up, and head tilts to the side so far that her ear touches her shoulder, one hand slipping up to sit under her cheek. There's a moment where she stares at Stefyr as if he had math written all over him, and she was trying to do the equation. Pursing her lips, she twitches them to the side of her face and leaves them there, anytime she's not talking she is making the most peculiar thinking facial expression. "I'm sorry, I can take her to Ony's when I am out." Looking a tad chagrined by the misbehavior and a bit guilty, "They mean well." Sure. They're cats Evi. At Stefyr being oversized, she looks despondent, eyes full and pouty "That's awful I mostly fit! I got stuck in a castle yesterday, but I clawed my way out." Destruction of Carnival property, at least it was cardboard. "Why, self-defense?" Her brow furrows, which only adds to how odd she looks in the head cocked position. "Leirith would not let us on the rides if they weren't for everyone, I am sure N'on can go with you if you're scared." These poor people, her voice is so sure of all of this. WAKE UP EVI LEIRITH IS NOT A MASTER BUILDER.

Stefyr takes in N'on's look with just a little shift of his lips, that isn't really a smile, and a subtle blink and just the barest of shoulder movements that might, might be another, 'whatchugonnado.' His eyes return to his fellow candidate and his shoulders do now lift and fall in a more defined way. "It's not any worse than that dog of Rhody's stealing my fuzzy slippers." And yes, he does look sad about the plight of his fuzzy slippers versus the tiny puppy with teeth too small to do much damage and body weight not great enough to take aforementioned slippers very far. It's… muted though. There's a theme here. Someone slap him. "The cats are fine." He'll reiterate that much with enough firmness that he probably means it. "There were animals all over our farm." Animals, it might be understood, don't bother him in the least, though perhaps he takes a very farmerly approach to the need for an animal to justify its keep through usefulness. He certainly hasn't been anything less than tolerant of the barracks menagerie. Except maybe keeping his distance from the firelizards. BUT WHO'S KEEPING TRACK? He looks down at Evangeline and then h e s i t a t e s. He takes a slooow breath. "I was part of that small class Ila'den taught the seven after Leirith rose. After the flight…" he glances quick to Evangeline clarifies quickly, "I saw Risali and R'hyn not long after, you know. Their…" FACES? BANDAGES? EXCESSIVE NEED FOR NUMBWEED? "I thought I knew how to fight if I had to, but I wanted to know I could defend myself if…" NOT THAT IT HELPED R'HYN, HA HA HA. "Anyway, Ila'den taught some of us who'd asked," candidates, presumably, "And now I practice with Jaynas in the mornings," a quiet candidate about two turns younger and a lot leaner and smaller than Stefyr himself. "Leirith once asked me to jump off Risali's desk wearing a cape while Risali was working," he adds, raising two brows at the younger girl. "Do not listen to what Leirith says is a good idea without using your own brain to think it through first." It's not meant to be insulting, but it is candid from the man who gets Leirith-targeted daily. DAILY. "I'm impressed you're both such dare devils." His eyes flick to N'on, something…. thoughtful there.

N'on listens to the back-and-forth between Stefyr and Evangeline with a vaguely worried expression that mostly centers on Stefyr. He offers a signed, "Leirith is not normal." Perhaps that's meant to be comforting, but WHO KNOWS. It's also notable that he finger spells Leirith's name rather than inventing a unique sign for her. "Don't worry about flights. But self-defense is a good idea. There are other dangers." He finishes off the cookie, and smiles at Evangeline. No, he's not going to contradict her certainty that the rides are perfectly safe for any and all. That can be someone else's job.

That facial expression is hard to keep, so after a few minutes, Evangeline's lips relax into a neutral position. Anyone observant enough might notice that her lips have been chewed through, teeth marks all over them, and she is in desperate need of chapstick. "Ila'den…" Repeating the name, her voice sounding skeptical and wary. As if the bones in her body are slowly melting, or it's possible she can't stay; still she leans forward with her head in her hands. With eyes locked on Stefyr, she slowly melts into the ground until she is lying on her chest with her head supported on her elbows. "I um." Quiet, the flight subject being a touchy one and her voice catches with apprehension, "I do not think fighting would have helped R'hyn or Risali. I… Onyxia had her arm broken once by a green rider. Outside of a flight, if anyone broke anything on Ony, she would be hiding a body." There's a roll of her eyes and a giggle, implying that her cousin might be a bit of a rough character. The continued discussion of Leirith has her in a small fit of laughter, "She was SERIOUS" a hand covering the absolute glee she is experiencing from the mental image. As N'on begins to sign, she reaches underneath her body and pulls out 5 slips of folded up paper, unfolding them and following along by rapidly moving from one slip to another. There's a long pause, and one of her fingers goes up to Stefyr, she is staring at N'on with deep concentration. "L-e-i-r-i.. Ok, Leirith!" Each sign she understands brings a small kick of her feet, the childish joy in being right. "Flights, um… Ok. " Back and forth between her papers, she looks, squinting and wiggling around with joy in her scavenger hunt. "Flights, dangers." A nod to N'on, as if somehow she is sure she got the gist. With a huge smile to Stefyr, she holds up her extremely full papers, with everything from drawings, to names, to sign language interpretations in the margins. "I was scared, but N'on wasn't, was the best." The experience was special for her mmk. "If um, I miss something, please tell me, but. I am trying." She points to all her papers with a small grin.

"N'on says," Stefyr, the ever-helpful translator offers, "Leirith is not normal. Is Ilyscaeth or Xermiltoth related to Leirith, do you know?" Stefyr ASKS FOR A FRIEND. A friend who might be considering how worried he is about traits that run in bloodlines as the farmer in him would certainly be aware can happen. He might look a little more concerned than he did a moment before. Then he looks out at the crowd. He translates a touch belatedly, distracted, while looking out, "N'on said not to worry about flights, but that self-defense is a good idea because there are other dangers." There's a pause, a breath, then: "It… wasn't really about flights." And if the assistant knows more about whether or not fighting helped Risali and R'hyn, which he almost definitely does know something given how there's a subtle closing of his expression at Evangeline's words about them, he's not telling. What he does say is: "It was about violence being able to touch even people who should be safe." That's at least honest, even if it's a little dark for Usual Stefyr. His eyes slide toward N'on, expression troubled and his eyes very briefly drop to the location of what remains of a long ago accident. "Accident." He doesn't look like he's making assumptions or drawing conclusions, but he does seem to take the greenrider's words to heart. His hands, now free of cookie, (When did he eat it? WHO KNOWS. BUT HE DID AND IT'S GONE NOW), look like they want to go to his pockets, but instead, he gestures down to Evi's papers. "Learning?" This time, he signs along with the word. "It helps if you make yourself do it all the time. Speak while signing. It lets the person listening check that you said what you thought you said." His hands only have to hesitate once during the physical harmony with his words, pausing to pull one of the gestures from memory, but are otherwise fluid, if not as swift as one who's been at this long term.

N'on doesn't correct Evangeline, but he does give her a little grin when she pulls out all her papers. Hey, he can't help it if she's adorable. The grin fades when he glances over to spot Stefyr looking at him. No, not at him, but at the part of his neck that he works so hard to hide with those specially-sewn high-neck undershirts. Self-consciously, he tugs on the neckline to make sure it's in place, then lifts a shoulder. "Accidents. Bad people." He shrugs again to make it clear that he doesn't see any difference. He reaches into his pocket to pull out a piece of paper and scrawls a note, which he hands to Evangeline. "You don't have to unless you want to."

All of the subtexts in the conversation might be going over Evangeline's head, her eyes follow Stefyr's to N'on. "Oh." Her smile fades, and the line her lips make is a bit hard and out of place on her face. "I've never been in a fight." Admitting quietly, face now laying on her hands in the sand for all the world, it's like watching a puppy get tired as she moves less and less. The papers sit in front of her, one hand holding them down. "I will practice, I feel silly, though." Her face brightens up, though it could be hard to see in the evening glow light. The tug at N'on's collar seems to remind her of why she is even learning sign language, her lips roll in and purse out with a small hummmmm that sounds similar to a puppy whine. "Yeah, stuff happens." Silence, Evi isn't going much further than that with it. Reaching a hand out, she takes the paper and nods to N'on, "I'm doing it for you. You do things for me." Bobbing her head up and down to emphasize her dedication. "Bad things might happen even if you're fully prepared, though…" Yawning softly, she says this with a knowing grimace. A bit dark for the brown-eyed girl.

Evangeline may or may not catch that Stefyr signs a couple of extra words to N'on. His hands say, 'You don't have.' To. What? Say? Explain? Offer anything else? And, 'Sorry' his hands add, his eyes drawn away, expression bleaker than before. Still, he translates, using his own hands to mimic the motions N'on used. He repeats the greenrider's words for Evangeline, in case she doesn't have those ones down yet. He glances briefly to the paper passed to Evi, but he lets his eyes go back to searching the crowd, expression turning briefly from bleak to stormy and then to something blanker. Then Evangeline replies to the note and there's enough there, even in those few words, that Stefyr's jaw stiffens. He doesn't look at N'on. He doesn't look at Evangeline. "I think I see…" But he doesn't finish the sentence. "Excuse me," is dully polite as he moves to step away from the pair, with every intention of striding off into the glow-lit dim and din of the revelers.

Gratitude is clearly written in the smile that N'on sends Evangeline. Even if she never gets the hang of sign language properly, he seems to appreciate that she is trying. But then his attention is distracted by Stefyr's sudden change of mood and attempt to storm off. The greenrider holds a single finger toward Evangeline in a 'wait' gesture, then takes a few steps to catch up to Stefyr, attempting to catch his arm. If he can get the Candidate's attention long enough to sign a question, he does exactly that: "See what?"

For a moment it almost appeared that Evangeline might fall asleep, her eyes slowly closing but then suddenly Stefyr is in a mood, and she pops up. Tucking her knees under her, she starts to stand, "Stefyr, wai-." The word falls flat, and she sighs loudly. As N'on motions for her to stay, she says, "He has been like this recently, maybe just let him-" Shaking her head as he goes to confront Stefyr. She begins to follow him; she sits back on her rear, pulling her cookie basket into her lap and counting them out. Her eyes go to Stefyr and N'on, and she stands up and watches, hands wringing on her skirt with pent up anxiety before turning to watch the Carnival goers move about.

Stefyr's arm is caught not many steps away from the Slightly Shadowed Lurking Nook that they had all been occupying. He's not so far gone into whatever mood this is that he's rude(r) than he's already been. He doesn't, for example, refuse to look at N'on. His lips do press flat as he sees the question arm flexing under N'on's hand as both hands clench into quick closed and then opened again fists, agitation escaping through the brief gesture. "It doesn't matter." He glances back toward Evangeline. "I should go." Because there's still that controlled temper - that storm that's being held in check, barely, right now. N'on has had the dubious pleasure of seeing Stefyr angry before. This isn't anger, but it's perhaps something working up to that and other troublesome feelings.

N'on presses his lips together. Uh-oh. It's Stubborn Face. This is not going to end well… N'on has to let Stefyr's arm go to continue communicating, since his next statement is a two-handed sign. "Matters." He repeats the sign for emphasis, plants himself, and waits for an answer. Poor Evangeline.

Evangeline is watching the Carnival goers with distracted disinterest, a little POP, and a brown firelizard comes out of nowhere and flitters above her head, eyes whirling yellow and chittering loudly at her with agitation. Offering her arm, she allows the juvenile creature to land on her and then pulls him close, snuggling her face into his hide "Shhh shh, is ok, yeahhh shhh." Once he is settled, she rocks him back and forth, only glancing at N'on and Stefyr for a moment before turning to give them privacy.

There go those fists again, tightening. It's not actually a violent movement, in fact, if anything, it's the opposite, something to do that occupies his hands that isn't destructive. Then Stefyr's hands open and shove hard into his pockets, containing them. There is something wounded, something vulnerable, something downright awful in the big blond's face for the briefest moment as he meets N'on's eyes. Then his Adam's apple bobs and something stubborn sets in the younger man's face. Eyes locked with the greenrider's, there's another flash of his own hurt as he says words that might seem a little familiar, since they were last N'on's, "'You don't get to decide which of my thoughts are private.'" Then he rocks back on his heels. "I need to get back to the barracks before I get in trouble." More trouble than he's making for himself here and now. He gives a glance over to Evi and then turns again into the crowd, his path in the general direction of the barracks.

The only possible description of N'on's expression is 'You've got to be kidding me.' But he holds up his hands, making a big show of stepping back and leaving Stefyr alone. In fact, he turns away and starts back toward Evangeline. He'll probably have to touch her shoulder to get her attention, but once he has it, gives her a slighty weary apologetic smile, and a signed apology.

The touch on Evangeline's shoulder makes her jump, as usual, but she turns back to N'on and catches the tail end of the tall blonde Stefyr heading back to the barracks. Cradling her little flizzard she whimpers a little, both shoulders going up, "I know it's my fault, he's mad at me not you. We got in an argument." Pursing her lips, she glances around, as if maybe Stefyr might hear her talking about him. "He um. Well." Both shoulders rise in a gigantic sigh. "He does not want me to talk about him. " Shaking her head violently, "But like he is mad because he thinks I am going to get him kicked out of candidacy, because.. during the flight I was. I was not myself. He doesn't want me telling anyone, I told him I trust you." A small blush reaches her face, and then she whimpers the saddest little toaster again. She has gotten through all of this without crying, though she is using her hands to rub her firelizard as hard as she can get away with.

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