A True Xanadu Welcome

Xanadu Weyr - Rustic Treetop Cafe
Perched on the cliff overlooking Xanadu's beach is a gnarled and massive skybroom tree. The bark and outer layers are sturdy enough to support the thriving, brushy top, but the interior, which is hollow, contains a spiral staircase that leads to a cafe built on a high platform amongst the branches. With a panoramic view of lake, sky, Weyr and the mountains beyond, the treetop eatery offers both sheltered seating just inside the trunk and tables on the wide deck that encircles the old tree.
The cafe's decor is comfortable and rustic, but closer inspection shows the smallest embellishments to be artfully combined into one detailed masterpiece. The wood of the doors, floor and walls of the trunk have been stained a dark mahogany that lends the space a sense of intimacy. Tables in various sizes have been carved to mimic driftwood, the chairs and benches padded with oiled sailcloth cushions to provide weather-proof comfort. Each table has an aged brass lantern filled with shells and agates gathered from Xanadu's shores, the sparkling natural mosaics holding tapered candles upright in their embrace. Lamps hang from the ceiling on silver poles, the thick frosted glass carved into intricate pastel shells or swirling white-capped waves. At night the colored glass softens the glowlight to enhance the ambience.
During the day, the retractable doors allow leaf-spattered sunlight to fill both the outer deck and the smaller interior with green and gold light, as well as allowing pleasant breezes to cool the interior. On clear nights, farviewers perch on the elaborately carved railing are free for use to enhance the gorgeous view of the stars over the Caspian Lake, the Sea of Azov beyond and the rock formations of the Weyr.

It's really weird to think that Taeli's sorting-hat might pick Hufflepuff (unsurprising) or even that dumbass Gryffindor (she sure does a bunch of dumb shit) when she really should be in Slytherin. Let's just say that she's a future Slytherin, and that's exactly why she's sitting in the middle of the quite-respectable Cafe doing fucking jello shots at near-closing time for this fine dining establishment. She has a knife stuck in the floor in front of her. Yeah, she's sitting on the floor. CROSS LEGGED. Is she singing? She might be singing. #fml

Nessalyn is just a straight up Slytherin regardless of doing dumb shit, because HAHAHA SHE HAS NO CHIVALRY. Which is probably why she just elbows her way past someone as she enters the cafe, ensuring that she's the one who gets served first because she's convinced she deserves it more. After being harassed by a proddy Risali MORE THAN ONCE, she deserves all the alcohol Xanadu has to offer. And she's this close to placing her order, when she hears the sound of someone singing, and makes the mistake of turning her head to glance at the source of the sound. It's Taeli, on the floor, with the knife. "What are you doing?" she demands, signaling for an entire bottle of something.

"Drinking booze," Taeli says, hiccuping in the middle of that somewhere. BUT THEN. "Well. Eating booze, really." She slurps another jello shot out of the little container and crumples it up, tossing it over her shoulder. "It's fantastic." She totally has a little half-demolished pyramid in front of her. There's no way she's had as many jello shots that are missing. She would be drunk AF if that's the case. (then again well … … .. she might have had them.)

"I couldn't possibly have guessed that from your general posture and that pile in front of you," Nessalyn responds dryly, rolling her eyes for the benefit of Captain Obvious over there. "Give me one of those." Her demand is delayed only by the bartender bringing her an entire bottle of whiskey, which she clasps in hand as she makes her way over to the hunter. "Now give me one of those." No please, and there probably won't be a thank you. "Then I can tell everyone I did my part to try to stop you from drinking yourself to death."

Rinian makes her way slowly up the curving staircase, one hand trailing along the inner wall of the trunk, the other keeping a traveling bag balanced over her shoulder. Her expression is a mix of one fairly lost, but alse some awe with the very unusual tree and its building.

"Uh no," Taeli says, grabbing that fucking knife of hers and brandishing it upwards at Nessalyn. If Nessalyn was fifteen degrees away from where she is now and currently weaving on her feet. "These are mine." Emphatic. The huntress is off-duty and obviously getting a little toasty, a half-destroyed pyramid of jello shots in front of her. She's busy threatening Nessalyn with a hunting knife as long as her slender forearm, but she's not doing a very good job at it. Her knife may or may not end more or less pointed at Rinian as she finishes mounting the stairs.

Nessalyn might look slightly concerned about the drunk girl waving a knife, if said knife were pointed anywhere near her. As it stands, she just looks distantly amused, like Taeli is some small, precious child who just said something silly. "You look ridiculous, and I'll just take one when you get distracted." Drunk people are easy to distract, after all. Rinian's entrance earns a glance from the woman, who takes the opportunity of Taeli's knife-brandishing to say, "Pay the toll, or meet the wrong end of the blade." WELCOME TO XANADU.

Rinian steps up that last step, and proably wouldn't have even noticed the knife that's wobbling in her general direction if Nessalyn hadn't spoken. She was still too busy being in awe of the treehouse. The voice calls her attention to the speaker, then to the knife, then to its weilder, and back to the speaker. She offers a witty retort…"Pardon?"

"You're not the Ness monster," Taeli says to Rinian once the woodcrafter's face resolves into not-Nessalyn. And then she .. wait for it .. BRIGHTENS, like a living labrador retriever made human flesh in eagerness to please incarnate. She point-firsts her knife into the floor and uses it as a lever to her feet, grabbing two of those jello shots and starting to sway her way over to Rinian, distracted. DISTRACTED. DON'T STEAL ALL HER DAMN SHOTS NESS. "WELCOME TO XANADU!" she enthuses at the obvious newcomer, shoving them shots at Rinian. HERE. TAKE THEM. Be merry and free and why is Taeli beaming? For such a short thing she sure has enough intensity when it comes to her bubbly personality.

There's a snort of what could be laughter as she's termed the 'Ness monster', but she hides it by taking a swig off that bottle. By the time she lowers it again, her prediction has become reality, and the woman quickly kneels to swipe a few of those jello shots. Not ALL of them, but a few. They're downed in quick succession, the little cups toosed aside with little care for where they land. "Meet the secondary welcoming committee." Not quite as loud as Leirith, BUT CLOSE. "So, about that toll. You can pay for our drinks."

Rinian's eyes go wide as the knife goes 'thunk' into the wood, and then more confusion as she takes one of the cups thrust at her with the one free hand available to her. The other still steadies the bag over her shoulder. Why are these people so loud?? Her reply has considerably less volume, "Ah…thank you…" She looks to Nessalyn again, confused, "Toll?" She's either very, very lost, or not the sharpest tool in the box.

Puzzled, "Who pays for their own drinks?" Taeli SQUINTS at Nessalyn, evidently very confused by this. Little miss leather pants doesn't pay for her own drinks. Mostly because she forgets to do so. And she's like the goddamned energizer bunny so nbd, someone loves her enough to pay for her past-due bills. It may or may not be Cousin Rhody cooking the books at the Wherry too, but let's not talk about that. Seems irrelevant. "Just ignore her. She's sober," Taeli leans in, the jut of her machete over one shoulder pointing out she's come in fresh from the field, though at least she doesn't SMELL like entrails this fine evening. "Don't worry about the toll. I gotchu." And then BRIGHTLY, "I'm Taeli! And this is Xanadu! And you've got alcohol!" She digs out her own jello shot and toasts Rinian. "Cheers." #happypuppydog seriously if she had a tail she'd wag it right now.

"People who don't want men to think they're issuing an open invitation?" Nessalyn retorts, because she always pays for her own drinks. She's not here to field off over-eager men, thanks. She takes another drink from the whiskey bottle. "I'm sober by comparison, sure." But after the three shots and a few swigs of whiskey, she's not likely to be considered sober for long. One hand gets thrown up as Taeli allows this newcomer to get away without paying this imaginary toll. "Why do you have to ruin everything, Taeli? Can't you let me have one damn thing?" ALL SHE WANTED WAS TO CON SOMEONE INTO PAYING FOR HER DRINKS, GOSH. That hyper-cheeriness of Taeli's requires another drink, and so the woman tilts the bottle back once more. "How do you know she's new, and not just a hermit who's fond of carrying her things around?"

Rinian is clearly not used to drunk puppy-energetic people with large knives, or other people who want her to buy their drinks. It takes her a moment to look less confused, and offer a smile to the knife wielding one. "Thank you, Taeli was it? Thank you for your kind welcome." She casts a glance down to the cup she is holding, not entirely sure what is in it.

"An open invitation for what?" Taeli squints at Nessalyn again, and is ABRUPTLY distracted by a gold flash. "NIKO," she yells, the roly-poly firelizard swooping and diving and ending up briefly landing somewhere on Rinian if the poor lady doesn't just fall over. (Totally okay response, legit.) "No, no, you can't DO that, I'm so sorry, she's just," and the firelizard just chatters away, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and possibly even more energetic than her bondmate. Taeli finally gets a stranglehold on her. She somehow keeps her jello shot at the same time. "Oh, you kinda, you kinda finger the shot out," THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID, "And just slurp it down. Like an oyster! It's delicious. The bakers did them just for me! And not that awful Sylvie, did you know he doesn't even taste his own food? Ugh no, he didn't do this, it was one of the other guys, the one with the dreamy eyes but the unfortunate arms, I mean seriously, haven't they ever heard of working out?" She rolls her eyes and then turns to glare-beam at Nessalyn (listen it's possible, TAELI'S DOING IT RIGHT NOW), "See! She's NEW." And then she sticks her tongue out at her 'cause she's real adult.

"To try even harder to get your pants off." Nessalyn states this bluntly, although there's a moment after she speaks where it appears she might go even further, but she bites her tongue. Taeli is probably too drunk to appreciate her talking about what men are hiding in their pants. But while the girl is still oh-so-distracted by teaching Rinian how to finger things, Ness takes the opportunity to steal another shot, tossing the evidence away again. Someone should probably feel bad for the people who have to clean up after this. "Sylvarin isn't awful, he feeds me," she objects, defending her future husband's honor. "And everything is delicious. Also, he's plotting revenge against you." She takes another swig as an unspoken sort of 'cheers' to that sentiment. "She never said she was new."

Rinian is startled and slightly unbalanced when the firelizard alights on the bag on her shoulder, and she just starts to regain the balance when the weight is removed and she over compensates wobbling to the other side. And she hasn't even had a jello shot yet! She gains her balance, which is a good thing as she is still at the top of the stairs. "She is right though, I am new. Sorry, I should have introduced myself. I'm Rinian, a senior apprentice from Woodcraft, and now posted to Xanadu." She feels like she is missing parts of the conversation these two are having somehow. She adds, though the bag makes it rather obvious, "I just got in and was trying to find my way around."

Was there something about an open invitation? Because one particular man who takes pleasure in inviting himself to just about anything he desires has arrived. His figure darkens the doorway for a somewhat prolonged period of time as Kaellian looks over the cafe's population, that stare lingering on a familiar face that draws a smug, crooked grin over the rogue shadows of his features. A silver ring'd hand moves over his head, pushing the brownish, ragged tan cloak's hood down to reveal the dissheveled black hair that crowns him and falls haphazardly over his forehead. Said cloak doesn't match the much more neat, black clothing 'neath, the hint of silver embelishments caught in the lower light as he moves in that telltale swagger. One dark brow rises after he's crossed some distance, the entrance into this conversation being something particularly.. intriguing. "You're trying to get her pants off, or the other way around? Either way, I believe I arrived just in time." Graveled voice is heavily accented, the cause of an extra slur to it the flask that is evident in his hand. Pre-gaming, of course. What else. That's an absolute necessity at this Weyr. Can't even make it to shore before being readily prepared. "Are you part of this too, lass?" To Rinian, her name rightly filed for later, perhaps, as chilly seablue eyes sweep over her, assessing longer than they really should.

Or whoever's going to have to figure out how to fill in all the unfortunate puncture wounds from Taeli's profligate knife usage to the fine wooden floor. That's going to suck. The hunter manages to scarf her shot down and send her crumpled shot-holder back toward the stack of them. This Pern totally has plastic, right? nbd w/e it works #handwave. With her hands firmly around Niko, she wrinkles her nose at Nessalyn. Not for pants. "Listen, I know you and Sylvie have this thing, and you guys are gonna make super cute little babies someday, but I've SEEN both of you around kids and NEITHER of you are adult enough to have them, so you REALLY need to not let him into your pants until at LEAST two turns from now." and then of course "HI RINIAN!" She tilts her head and crinkles her nose a little. "You kinda look like a cousin. You got any folk down by the shore?" Taeli is obviously from the fisherfolk down there, see, it's in her voice and in how she rolls her eyes at everything about Kaellian's entrance. "Ain't nobody asked you for nothin' and ain't nobody gonna let you in their pants, you might as well go somewhere else 'cause that big bad wolf act isn't convincing. Did you know this is Rinian? She's NEW!" run on sentences and abrupt happiness shifts 'cause taeli and sweet jesus this is gonna be a long af pose sorry guys

Rinian may very well be wondering about the wisdom of this posting. Might explain the grin on her Master's face…. Knife wielding drunk girl, girl who wants her to buy the drinks, and now someone who looks like a pirate. And all three seem to have already had enough to drink. Her cheeks go pink, making those faint freckles stand out a bit more as she addresses the latter, "No!" Then she's quick to look to Taeli again as there'd been a question there too. "I mean, no to him, but..yes. Some cousins." Maybe she should just slowly back down the stairs and find some sanity.

Nessalyn offers Rinian a dark look when the younger girl confirms that she is, in fact, new. "She's not right," she replies obstinately, despite the fact that Taeli is obviously right. Y'ALL CAN'T MAKE HER ADMIT ANYTHING. "You found the cafe." She vaguely gestures to the whole of the place, just about the time that Kaellian enters. "I can just shove the kids off onto someone else, who cares? We can have as much sex as we want." Callous to the extreme over here. "I don't have to have anything to do with them." She takes another swig off her bottle, definitely feeling it now. A chair is grabbed, and she turns it around backward before dropping down into it. Almost immediately she leans forward, balancing on two chair legs as she demands, "Don't listen to her about cousins, she's making things up again. Compulsive liar." And then there's Kaellian to contend with. "No one's pants are coming off."

Another slight step and a shift of his posture lets the man lean against the edge of a table. There's the clinking of metal as he moves, subtle, muted beneath fabric and against his form. A drink from his flask is brief, probably becomes it's empty - And that is confirmed more or less by the way he looks at it with disappointment. Those light eyes, kohl-rimmed and amused flick back up to Taeli through her rambling as idle fingers screw its lid back on and it's thusly tucked away in the folds of his attire against his chest. "I do now." He replies simply in regards to the newcomer's name, honey'd venom tones unhurried with their inebriation mixed with callous nonchalance. His arms fold across his chest then, the assurance by Taeli turned to something more humerous to him, apparently, than confirmatory by the abrupt negative of the woodcrafter, "Is that so? Well, that's a shame. I suppose there just haven't been enough rounds yet, then."

CUE THE HUGE SHIT-EATING GRIN 'CAUSE "COUSIN RINIAN!" is all Taeli says, releasing Niko (who spazzes out in similar happy-labrador kind of fashion) and throwing her arms around the other girl unless she gets punched in the face (listen weirder things have happened to Tae) to claim kinship, because unlike what Nessalyn the sad Slytherin has to say or do, Taeli actually likes her family and it's an HONOR, really. Really. "I'm totally right! Have you met my cousin Rinian? She's awesome!" The blonde bounces around, all her associated weapons jostling with the movement. Oh shit. Her knife. She swoops down to retrieve it and just stands there for a minute staring at Ness. "No but seriously, no kids dude. He's going to want them but really, do you really…" her hands FLAIL a minute (it's made worse 'cause y'know, the knife) and then she just kind of gives up. "You and Sylvie deserve one another." It's the WORST CURSE Taeli knows. She even sticks her tongue out. Again. Cause she's real fucking adult y'all. "Listen cousin, I got all these shots, I think you should take them. 'Cause I gotta be up at like four AM tomorrow and it's late and I should probably go to bed." Why does she still have that knife live? Why doesn't she sheathe it? Jesus woman. Safety first. "But for now I think you should have all of them BEFORE NESSALYN EATS ALL OF THEM." She points her knife at the woman in question, then beamks to all and sundry and starts to bounce her way toward the staircase, 'cause internal consistency and/or waiting for the natural conversational repercussions of her typical actions isn't something that's super intuitive to this one.

Then she stops dead in her tracks as a THOUGHT occurs to her and she turns to Nessalyn. Serious-faced here. This is BUSINESS. "You know if he doesn't taste his own cooking he's probably not going to… you know." And with that grave knowledge imparted she's for real leaving now. "BYE COUSIN RINIAN!"

Rinian decides there and then to make sure she at least stays sober, not that its a difficult thing for her as getting drunk is not really her realm of experience. She starts to move as if to do something when she's suddenly hugged. She toddles at the sudden release but manages, for the second time, to not fall down the stairs. "Cousin?" She debates the wisdom of reasoning with the drunk knife wielder about the possibility of them having unrelated family in the same area. Though, they are both small, but still… She moves to the side, more than happy to let Taeli make her way down the stairs to reduce the confusion in the room. "Ah..Bye…"

Nessalyn actually facepalms, because she saw this coming a mile away and yet it's no less ridiculous to watch Taeli embracing this stranger as her cousin. "Don't worry, everyone is her cousin. Inbreeding." She shrugs her shoulders in a sort of 'what can you do?' gesture. "Have you met Sylvarin? He's not going to want kids." Even if that were actually on the table and not just an over-extended joke, the baker clearly isn't fond of the little troublemakers. "And you deserve to trip over that knife, the way you're waving it around, but we can't all get what we deserve." And that much blood would really ruin the evening, so it's just as well that Taeli's exit is made without any injuries. As she's called out, Nessalyn makes a point to lean over and steal another one of those jello shots, staring Taeli in the face the ENTIRE. TIME. "I have no idea what you're talking about. Try not to kill yourself on the stairs, I don't want to have to try to climb over your body on the way out." She takes one more shot for good measure, before glancing between Rinian and Kaellian. "He tried to rob us, I'd keep a close eye on your possessions, whatever your name was."

Through the majority of the 'family reunion', Kaellian is rather silent. Both brows had risen at some point, perhaps in traces of surprise at the outburst- he's not yet met Taeli, this isn't known to be the norm, ofc. He may lean back a bit, in avoidance of flailing knives, but it's a small motion. Just enough to be noticable that he moved, lacking a general dramatic flare that the rest of him has by simple existance. That gaze follows Taeli to her exit, just long enough for her to disappear from sight. Shameless is the huff of breath of amusement and the flicker at the edge of his grin for those parting words. Then, "Not the welcome you were expecting?" There's a certain gauging to that question for Rinian, his volume significantly lower than the others. "The offer seems to still stand for you. Consider it your greeting party, aye?" His left hand wrapped in black thread-worn cloth gestures to the collection of jello shots left behind.. Left to Nessalyn's care. And to her, "I had no idea you had your future planned out even to the makings of little footsteps running 'bout your room. Have you names picked out, too?" To the warning that comes later, that hand rises to scratch at the base of his earring'd ear, before returning to the fold o'er his chest, "How kind of you to look after your new friend."

Rinian finds a moment to breathe with the exit of Taeli, but she hardly relaxes. Not with the pirate and hussler still about. She finally gets to move frome the vicinity of the stairs and sets the shot that had be thrust upon her at her entrance on the table with the remainder. To the hussler she offers a smile and a reminder of her name, "Rinian. And you are welcome to the rest of those if you like." She eyes the pirate, "And you as well sir, if you care to, since my 'cousin' seemed it fit to gift them to me." Her gaze finally gets to return to admireing this truely astounding tree, since the waggling knife is gone, and her firm grip on her bag ensuring its safety, so far as she is able, from the pirate. She addresses an earlier comment, "Yes, I found this amazing tree. But I haven't yet found the craft area of the Weyr, or much else."

Feeling thoroughly satisfied with the amount of Taeli's precious shots consumed, Nessalyn returns to her whiskey bottle. Her chest rests against the back of her hair as she leans it forwrd, almost far enough to send both the chair and herself toppling to the floor. Almost, but not quite. She hasn't reached that level of intoxication just yet. "Work on your listening skills," she commands of Kaellian, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye. "I said I'd be giving them away to anyone who wanted them. Or even if they didn't, I don't, I don't really care." She'll be the Oprah of babies. One for you, and one for you, and ONE FOR EVERYONE. "Rinin." The smirk upon her lips suggests that mispronouncing the girl's name is deliberate. "They're all his, I'm done." She waves to what's left of the decimated stock of jello shots which sit upon the floor. Really, there's hardly anything left to remark on, what with Nessalyn stealing them this entire time. "Oh, the craft area is over there." She waves her hand in a general direction in a way that's 0% helpful. It's not even the RIGHT direction.

"Not my.. ah.. choice drink. There are other sorts if that isn't yours either," Kaellian's gaze lifts to the end of the room that should supply such things, "You only need help yourself." Paying is optional, and that's already been covered in some prior lecture here. The man watches Nessalyn with a lengthy, casual patience at the rap of her command, his tongue sliding over the inside of his teeth in the huff of another bit of laughter that never fully comes, "That doesn't sound like a no." In regards to having her future planned, but he doesn't seem stuck on it since there's a roll of his eyes in responds to her direction-giving. While ultimately he knows little about the Crafts here, he has at the very least figured out the layout. However, there's no correction that comes. Nothing that paints that as the wrong direction except if that reaction is read into. Kaellian sighs, a silver ring'd finger of his good hand tapped against the bicep of his other arm, "I would imagine you have plenty of time to get to know the place. Nessalyn is, afterall, a crafter. Despite her being-" Well, her, "She finds great pleasure in escorting newcomers of the area."

Rinian is perfectly happy to have the pirate's attention more on the hussler than herself, but the last catches her attention as she didn't notice any obvious craft affiliation. "Oh? Of what hall?" She does take a look out in the general direction indicated, but finds it unlikely that the crafters meet in the water.

THEY MIGHT MEET IN THE WATER, RINIAN. Maybe there's a mandatory crafter wet t-shirt contest. Nessalyn has no great allegiance to this lie about the direction of the crafter areas, so she doesn't push the point any further. She does, however, shoot a dark look over at Kaellian when he helpfully volunteers her services. "I'm a Journeyman Techcrafter," she answers grudgingly, gritting out the words like it's actually painful for her to do so. Nessalyn lifts her whiskey bottle to her lips again, seeking anything to avoid answering the question of whether or not she'll provide any assistance. She kicks one of the leftover jello shots absentmindedly, sending the cup skittering into Taeli's half-collapsed tower and making even more of a mess upon the floor. She's not going to be the one to clean that up. "I could show you around." Why does that sound faintly like a threat?

Rinian carefully considers the state of woman who offered, and the tone in which the offer is made. With a last wistful glance cast around the amazing tree, she assures her, "Oh no, that won't be necessary. I imagine I'll find it on my own." She gives Kaellian a wide birth as she makes her way to the stairs. She will simply have to come here again when less crazy people are around. "Thank you. And down she goes to hopefully not get lost on the way.

The dark-clad man of the sea rises with the same amount of ominous intent as he has done everything else, granting Nessalyn a wink for that dark look. That arrogance-dripping grin hasn't gone anywhere from his expression, outlining him further in the depths he must have crawled from. Kaellian steps away from them if only to go hail someone to bring him a bottle of rum from the back in the span of time Rinian asks of her Hall and Ness takes to more of the whiskey. "No glass, mate." Barely audible from further in the room, spoken between himself and the man beyond the bartop. Just the bottle, and it's delivered in short, simple retrieval- now that the distraction of some drunken knife-weilding lass doesn't have the cafe-keepers concerned for the the safety of everyone and the woman herself. Kaellian's strides past the people of the room, like parting waves of the sea- not that there's many, so it's no hard, yet he claims the space he's in regardless, effortless, just by the nature of that pompous sort of walk and ominous presence. He looks like he's to leave, too, though he pauses, lingering there as Rinian announces her departure and descends the stairs first. While his attention follows her for a second, it returns to Nessalyn, "I would gladly take you up on such an offer." Because it was such a shame the new crafter had not! But the way he says it is as expected, with just as much dry sarcasm and inappropriate inflection as his roughened accent gives her.

Nessalyn pouts a little when the subject of her drunken (and nefarious) plans chooses to make an exit rather than take her up on her offer. HOW DARE. It might have been the smart choice, sure, but it's the choice that's less entertaining for Ness. With a heavy sigh, she turns back to the bottle. If you can't torment the newbies, drink. For a moment she believes Kaellian to be already gone, before she sees him about to make an exit. There's no move made to stop him, not when she has her drink and has lost all other potential interruptions to solitude. Well, except for the people working here, who look rather like they're considering telling the woman she needs to clean up the mess she and Taeli made all over the floor. Maybe that's why she actually considers Kaellian's offer for a moment, tilting her head thoughtfully before she nods. "Yeah, okay." A woman is making her way over to her, and Ness stands quickly, deliberately knocking over her chair in the process as she speeds toward the exit. She probably didn't pay for that bottle of whiskey, either. "Let's go." Maybe she'll ditch him outside. Maybe she'll make him the victim of her intended pranks instead. But either way, they're out of there.

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