Worrisome News

Xanadu Weyr - Windswept Windmill Weyr

The day has been a troublesome one. Not /dire/ trouble. At least, not at first. At first, ka-els day started as normally as any other. Up before the sun to ready the forges for the journeymen. Carrying ashes and mopping up muddy prints from the storm, with Shahani doing the same, thankfully on the opposite side of the room. And when the sun rose with the Journeymen, he was off to breakfast. It's not a daily ritual that he eats with his friends. With all three of them apprenticing now, their schedules aren't so wonderfully synced as they used to be. He's gotten used to it, and the absent faces of both Soriana and Idrissa was not a sign of a problem. Not yet. And the day continued on, with him in the bellows. The start of trouble was already beginning with the runnerfolk, but…Kale is not one of them, and their gossip did not reach the forges. And so he remained blissfully ignorant til lunch. Lunch time is one of those rare times that schedules fall into place. Moreso for Idrissa and himself than Sori, who usually finds herself on other weyrs. And so, as usual, he waited for her and listened to the usual chatter of folk. And on this particular day, the chatter seemed to be about the same thing. A bad storm. Missing runner. Missing people? That strays from the usual. Missing weyrmate. Missing apprentice. Missing … Idrissa?

Lunch was left uneaten, but if Kale hoped to score any useful information from the other beastcraft apprentices, he was sadly mistaken. Mere rumor and speculation. The only fact? Lost. Search and Rescue have been informed. Thus, the rest of his day was less than productive. Mistakes made due to a distracted mind. Consequences taken. Shahani finally told to shut the shell up. And now, after a troublesome day, he finds himself in a place he's laughably never been before. With a dragon who probably would rather eat him lurking quite near below them, and a mother who…well. She let him up. He's waiting, standing, not trusting his brief dusting off to be a good enough job to not leave ashen marks upon the elegant furniture here. He's eating a breadroll, biting and chewing almost mechanically while seconds silently tick by.

For Soriana, time is a tenuous thing. She woke up in the early morning, and then she went to midafternoon, and then back to morning… this is what happens to a dragonhealer grade one who's neither entirely enrolled at Ierne (where there's nice regular classes) or just training at a weyr where she'd be shadowing the same dragonhealer all day. Oh, no. She does both! Sometimes. It makes for wild and crazy schedules, but on the bright side, at least she's spending it with the experts. Mostly. At long last, that busy day is over. It's evening (again), and Soriana's making her way back. Time to sprawl carelessly across an elegant couch. There's a sound from beneath, the shift of hide against stone, and then feet on the stairs thudding their way up. Her jacket's already off, and she tosses it onto a hook near the door, kicking off snowy boots and turning to see… Kale. Blink.

Nibble, chew, swallow. Nibble, chew, swallow. Kale has gotten a nice rhythm going with that breadroll as he stares at random things, his mind processing too much. How has he never been here before? Sori's mom has nice things. Would Idrissa have eaten lunch with him anyway, or is she still upset about the whole…Thing that happened before? That was never resolved. Who was the other missing person? Lore something. He can't quite remember, but is this person a capable person? Has search and rescue started flying out for them yet? If not, what's the hold up? It's during this thought that he hears someone making their way up, and he swallows his food hard just as Soriana arrives. Blink. Yes. Kale is here. Geeze. Of all the things he's thought about, the one thing he didn't was how to even begin this. "Hey," he greets, awkwardness obvious, as he brushes crumbs from his fingers, then immediately apologizes for mucking up the floor. The half eaten roll is set on the plate it was offered on. "Have a good flight over?" Lame.

Sooo what is Kale doing here? Not that Soriana minds seeing him, her weird schedule interfering with that has been one of the few bad things about her new role in life as dragonhealer, but what is he doing here, now, waiting for her? It's not like he couldn't have just sent a message. Alloy knows perfectly well how to deliver small slips of paper, and so does Kale. It's not like they don't still end up meeting each other on a regular basis, either. Maybe not for as long as they'd like, but… they do. So. "Hey," she says back, and gives one of her boots a kick, nudging it so it's more or less upright as it drips snow from distant lands. At least that's something: in Xanadu, it's still summer. Sori crosses the room toward Kale, and shrugs. "Fine," she tells him, and gives him a long look before she goes ahead with the plopping herself onto a couch, still looking up at him.

Snow! Ok so it's better to break bad news after some…idle chit chat, right? Or possibly, idle chit chat will give Kale some time to think of how to break the bad news that he's already had time to stew over and let fester and morph into wild assumptions. Wild assumptions of night beasts, growling and hungry. Renegades prowling with ill intentions. That murderer from long ago…mysteriously returning, catching the scent of innocent souls to molest and murder. Yes. Mission Chit Chat is a go. "Snow?" He gestures to the boots. "Where'd you go this time, and what was wrong? Dragon stuck on a mountaincap on…" What's a cold, snowy place at this time of year? He can't think of one, and so he lets the statement hang unfinished. Though she sits, he remains standing, his palms brushing against the side of his trousers once.

Yeah, snow. Soriana nods. "Fort," she says. "Just checking up on an old injury." She frowns for a brief moment, then tilts her head. "So. What's up?" She indicates Kale with a hand, then crosses her arms a little as she puts her feet up on the table next to Kale's plate. Has he gone and had another relationship fight and now she's the one who gets to hear about it?

Another relationship fight? With who, pray tell? His third girlfriend that neither one of the other two know about? Oh yeah sure. That's definitely not the problem here. Mission Chit Chat has totally failed, as it's lasted a whole minute before ending. Well, there goes that. Enough with the masquerade. Prolonging the truth isn't going to make the truth any easier to hear and less easy to speculate over now that it is the evening of another day and there's been no trumpet of success blown. No one has been found. A quiet breath is exhaled. "Idrissa's missing." Quick and to the point. A shot of hard liquor. Follow up questions rise in his brain. 'What do you mean, missing?' He answers aloud. "There was a storm yesterday, an' some runners ran off. I don't know details of where and when, but Idrissa and a woman either rode off to catch the runners, or Idrissa was tryin' to catch the runner that was running off with the woman. I really don't know. I just know that they're gone in woods somewhere, and no one has seen them since yesterday."

Blink. Soriana's arms uncross, and her feet go down from the table as she leans forward. Whatever she might have been expected, that wasn't it. And just what- the storm, yes, she heard about the storm. They're either dull or exciting times for the dragonhealers, depending on whether flight is attempted during them. That one was dull. Or at least she thought it was. "Gone?" she says, and then tries it again a different way. "Missing…" Nope, she doesn't like it that way, either. She stands up, walking across the room, and turns to look back at Kale. "Laris is out there. Still. Fort hasn't found him yet."

Kale's eyes track her as she moves, and the words that exit her mouth are far from comforting. Not that he wa expecting comforting. If anyone is supposed to be comforting anyone, he should be doing so to her. "I know," he answers grimly. That scenario has already played out in his mind more than once today. A murderous psycho, lurking in the shadows. More animal than human, for how can someone go for so long without being detected? Alone, away from civilized places? He literally shakes the thoughts away, brows lowering. "If he were anywhere near Xanadu, Search would've found him by now," he says, voice taking on a firm tone. "Pern is a huge place. He could be anywhere else. Anywhere else that's not looking for him. Idrissa's here. Search and Rescue is on it."

Pern is indeed a huge place. That's not entirely helpful, because if there's plenty of places where a Laris could be, there's also plenty of places where Idrissa could be. Soriana shakes her head, frowning. "Well of course they are," she says, and paces back to the couch. This time, she sits herself on the arm of it, perching and staring out at the room without seeing it. "If Idrissa's on a runner, she'll… she'll be fine. She just has to find a road, or a stream or something and follow it to the sea…" So why hasn't she done it already? She's had a whole day to do so.

Idrissa is not a dragon. She couldn't have gone across the world! Unless a dragon has snapped up the runner she was on for a snack or something. Which is highly unlikely, since dragons don't do such things. "She isn't alone," Kale says, thoroughly believing that both Idrissa and the lost woman must be together. It's more comforting to think of it that way, and the situation could be that… so why not hold on to that hope? "They can help each other find their way back. They're likely just…turned around or something. I haven't been deep in the woods either, but you're right. With runners, they'll both be fine. Runners have instincts. They might find their way back without help at all." He watches her a moment longer. "We can find Ers'lan. Ask him what's gone on, but he's probably already left. He and the team."

It's true. Idrissa is not a dragon. But… oh, there's a thought. "Have you seen Willow?" asks Soriana. Y'know, the little miniature green dragon that can go across the world! Maybe with a message, or a picture of where they are, or, well, something! An image of Idrissa not-dead, that'd be a start. "Who is she with? D'y'know?" Not that it makes much of a difference, but maybe it's a skilled woodsman or something. Soriana shakes her head, and frowns. "No, he's probably gone. They'll be doing sweeps. If there's news… ugh." She closes her eyes, and leans backward.

Kale shakes his head. "I haven't seen Willow. I only learned that she was gone today at lunch, an' I haven't had a lot've chances to ask around about anything til I was done at the forges." Which took longer than usual, thanks to his punishments for being off task. "Could Haruhi do something?" he asks, inspired by the Willow question. "Like, could she…I don' know. Summon her or something? Remember when Alloy was lost? You told me Haruhi could have helped some. Maybe she can help with this." The question regarding who the other woman is can only abe answered with a headshake. "I didn't hear the whole name. Lore-something, I think." Apparently, someone not as important to him as the other missing person. A frown settles upon his features now and he moves nearer to her to touch and squeeze at her shoulder, not sure and not caring if the No More Contact rule is still in effect. Circumstances have changed, and someone's in need of comfort. "Hey…there'll be news," he assures, hopefully sounding as confident and convincing as he's trying to portray. "And it'll be good."

Right, okay. Soriana nods, then glances up. "Maybe. Yeah." She closes her eyes for a moment, reaching out her mind, then opens them again. "I don't think I know her," she says of the other name partially given, and shrugs. Someone. A person. Not Idrissa. Not someone she knows. Sori reaches out, brushing her fingers against Kale's hip as he touches her shoulder. Apparently that rule is over now, or at the very least, temporarily suspended. "…we did all have those geography classes," says Soriana, and smiles slightly. Haruhi appears near her, and the queen flutters in the air and trills. Soriana looks to the firelizard, moving her hand from Kale to reach out to the gold. "Hey. You. I've got something for you to do…" she says as their eyes meet.

Kale needs comfort too, yes, and it is comforting to hear these true things that he wasn't able to think about with all the bad thoughts invading his mind. Geography lessons. She knows the land! He nods in agreement, giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze just as the lovely gold appears. "Haruhi," he says as a light exhale. Maybe this will work. If Willow is with Idrissa and Haruhi can get through to her, maybe they'll be able to give the rescue team a bit of help with a general location. By tomorrow, this will all be history! And, angry or not with them, Idrissa will be back and things will be good. He stays quiet as firelizard and girl connect, unable to pull his hand away. There's a tenseness there that's felt with his random squeezing. A silent agitation. Nervousness. What else can they do to help? "Maybe in the morning, there'll be search parties on foot or runnerback," he says aloud, voicing his thoughts. "We can go. Volunteer to help. Our firelizards can help track too. Dragons can't flow low within trees. Toral, Haruhi, and Alloy can. The know Idrissa…"

Bad thoughts are like that, but Soriana's pushing them firmly out of her head. No time for worries, because she's trying to get her ideas across to Haruhi instead. It's like when she's working, and it's important to think positive because you never know when an injured dragon may overhear a thought. There's nothing but her and Haruhi here, and one simple thought. Willow, here. Come on. Willow, here. She doesn't answer to Kale's thoughts about how to help, assuming she even hears them. For all that he's standing right next to Soriana, hand on her shoulder as she sits on the couch, he might as well be across the weyr. Come on, Willow. Haruhi spreads her wings, and chirps! Come on, Willow! goes the gold firelizard.

It doesn't matter if she is listening to him or not. Hearing himself talk is helping. Talking about things that are positive, instead of stewing on the negative. "An entire search party at dawn… It hasn't been raining anymore. Maybe there're prints left behind. Broken branches. Something.. The more eyes out there, the better. Toral will be the best help of all.." he continues, speaking to the stone wall that is Soriana. The silent communcation between Haruhi, Soriana, and hopefully Willow is lost upon him. With Alloy not in attendance, he's out of the loop, but that's alright. He is only a concentrated thought away, but Kale's thoughts are on tomorrow.

It takes some time before Willow appears, there is a *pop* and the green trills out sharply, fearful as she flutters out before finally landing somewhere rather high. She tilts her head peering down at the lot, faint low chirps escaping her.

Haruhi spreads her wings, and flutters up into the air after Willow. She chirps out, trilling as she pokes the green's mind with a sense of questioning. Hmmmmmmm? Soriana lets out a sigh of relief as Willow appears, but then it turns to a frown as the green firelizard goes to hide. She rises to her feet, reaching for Kale's hand unconsciously as she peers up, trying to see what's going on - or maybe read it from Haruhi's thoughts on the matter, as the gold projects her inquisitiveness and flies up to join the green.

It's Willow! Kale isn't sure why he's so happy to see the green. Willow obviously isn't Idrissa … but she's a piece of Idrissa. When Willow is around, usually Idrissa is too, and thus he can't help but grin. Half of him is expecting Idrissa to climb up the staircase and arrive at any moment. But his happiness lasts mere seconds before it turns toa dark feeling of worry. The little green isn't acting herself. Not at all. Since when has she been afraid of…any of them? "Willow…" he calls up, brows furrowing. He glances to Soriana, and her hand is caught by his and held firmly. What would cause the playful green to be so fearful? Nothing good. Nothing positive. His jaw tightens as he looks back up, letting Haruhi do her thing.

Willow isn't persay afraid of them, more the fact she is afraid of something else. Perhaps Idrissa? Perhaps… Perhaps a dragon swooped in and nearly ate her, there is a lot of things it could possible be. Though with things that have happened recently most likely deals with her person. The little green chitters out to Haruhi. The images are a muddled thing, trees, runners, heavy rain, and most of all /fear/.

Haruhi trills as she flutters up and perches next to Willow, giving the green a nudge of her wing. She chirps. But everything is fine now, you see, for Haruhi's here. Silly little green, don't worry. The gold's tail flicks, brushing against Willow. Soriana keeps an eye on them, squeezing Kale's hand lightly as she glances to him briefly, then back up to the high-up firelizards. "She's… scared. The storm, I think, but…" She frowns. It seems like there's something more to it, something beyond those images of rain-tossed trees. Sori thinks at Haruhi, picturing the question of Idrissa to be passed along. Where's Idrissa? Or, at least… how's Idrissa? Haruhi chirps, and the question from her to Willow is almost off-handed. What does she care about Willow's human? Okay, yes, Rissa has food sometimes, but still. She's only asking this because Soriana insists… and there Sori stands, waiting for an answer and hoping it's not a picture of a dead Idrissa.

Should he summon Alloy? No. Alloy would make things too confusing, probably. Too many thoughts projected at the already scared green. Too much information can get lost in translation with the influx of more firelizards. And so Kale keeps his mind clear of Alloy for now and watches. And listens. He listens to Soriana's translations as she interprets what's happening to him. Scared of the storm. That's reasonable. That's better than being scared of a madman or madmen that have been chasing them down. Or scared of a fanged animal tearing into flesh, pouring blood, inspiring screams. Where is Idrissa? It's the question of the hour. Where is she? How is she? What Willow projects can be liberating or devastating. He braces himself, but really, no one can truly prepare themselves for news of death and despair.

Willow chirrups out softly, she is trying to calm down, but with all the images in her mind right now, well it isn't easy in the least. Where is Idrissa?… That is a good question. The only images she can offer is forest, cold wet, damp forest, and mud, lots and lots of mud. Not a lot of help…

Soriana frowns, listening to Haruhi's thoughts as the gold chirps to Willow. The queen firelizard nudges herself against the green's side, and her thoughts flitter on to other things. Did you know she was at snow recently? There was snow. And… Haruhi's onto one of her favorite subjects, but she's cheerful and reassuring about it insofar as self-absorption can be reassuring. Soriana sighs, and looks down, shaking her head. "I'm not sure. I think… I think Idrissa's okay. She'd… Willow'd be unhappier if she wasn't." Scarce comfort, that. Maybe just wishful thinking.

And the verdit? Death? Broken limbs? Tortured? Kale isn't sure when he started holding his breath, but it's being held now as he awaits some sort of answer, eyes upon Soriana, the interpreter. But…she's not sure? Complaint begins to form on his lips, but he bites his tongue. It isn't her fault she doesn't know. It isn't Haruhi's fault or Willow's fault. This whole thing was…an accident. But reassurance comes. Sort of. Soriana doesn't sound one hundred percent sure, but even a fractional amount is something he's willing to take. He nods in agreement. "Willow would be freaking out," he agrees. She came scared, but who wouldn't be scared after being lost in a storm? He exhales a breath and relaxes his grip upon Soriana's hand while his other combs fingers through his hair. "She's ok," he repeats, nodding at the phrase. "They're being searched for, and she's alright. She'll be found soon. Do you think Willow'd be able to..lead Search and Rescue to where she is?"

Willow isn't freaking out, though she is not able to get settled either. Almost as if she wants to zoom back out too wherever she was. Though for some reason Haruhi seems to help calm her a bit. She is soon sending images back to the gold. Ripley is with her person it seems, the blue was there for the whole crazy ride, but he reufses to leave Idrissa it seems.

Soriana nods, uncertain. "Yeah." Haruhi trills to Willow, freed now of those silly human questions - oh, but here's more about the humans. Really? Oh. Okay! And Ripley? He's a sweet boy, really. She's got a fond little chitter for the thoughts of him, and her thoughts reach out afar away to touch the blue's before darting back to Willow. "I dunno," says Sori to Kale. "Firelizards aren't much good with coordinates. Not enough for dragons, anyhow… and all Willow's got is… vague stuff. Mud, trees…" She shakes her head a little, then pauses. "Yeah. Idrissa's okay." She's saying it with some certainty now, seeing the clearer image now that Willow's calmer. She still doesn't know where, but… perhaps she can find out. Sori steps forward, not pulling her hand away but heading over to a desk to pick up a scrap of thin paper and a pen. Now she does pull her hand away, to write in careful letters, "Where are you?"

Firelizards are good for a lot of things. Coordinates, not so much? Drat it all! If that weren't the case, possibly they could get her back tonight! Tonight, and not have her stay out there another night in darkness and fear, possibly injured, likely afraid. But at least, not alone. Kale hopes. He's brought out of his thoughts by a tugging on his arm, and realizing that Soriana is moving, he follows after her with a curious look. His hand falls away as she releases it, but it soon finds its way to her waist instead, not particularly enjoying separation at this moment. He's lost one of them. He's not going to lose the other (although the likelihood of Soriana spontaneously disappearing right in front of him is highly unlikely. Still, it's a mental reassurance). He peers over her shoulder at the note she's writing, a look of understanding dawning over his face. "Make sure you send the pen, too," he says, likely an unnecessary reminder.

Willow doesn't offer any more images of things, her eyes have closed as if she was trying to question or reach something, or person? It is possible! A few soft chirps soon escape the green, her eyes swirl about and she peers at the gold next to her and then chitters out. Seems Ripley isn't answering his firelizard phone at the moment, leave a message a the beep though!

Soriana smiles at the touch from Kale, then nods at his useful advice. She wraps the paper a few times… plenty of room left on it to write… and picks up a rubber band before turning slightly to see the firelizards - though not stepping away from Kale's hand on her waist, and looks up to green and gold in the rafters. "Come here," she says, with a mental flicker to Haruhi. That's the important bit, not the words that were probably too quiet to even be heard by the firelizards. The queen chirrups, and nudges the green with her wing in a little 'come along now' before fluttering down and perching on the desk.

"How about food?" asks the attached Kale, eyes darting to the half eaten breadroll. How awful to send something so gnawed on! "If that goes through and comes back, we should send a package of sorts. Food and water and.." What's another necessity for life? "I don't know how much a firelizard can transport between. I know she can't go back and forth too much, but maybe if we send some essentials, it'll make it through before Willow tires?" It'd be just one more small comfort to know that Idrissa isn't starving out there. Hunting is a skill that even he doesn't have. The need to do so isn't one that's been taught, nor has it been necessary for him to learn, with plenty of food delivered on platters every mealtime in the caverns!

Willow tilts her head while looking after the gold and soon follows her down towards Soriana and Kale. She shifts on her paws and settles back so she is sitting and she chirrrups out. Seems someone is confused!

Soriana can't help it. She smiles, just a little, as she looks at Kale and shakes her head. "The pen's probably already pushing it. Firelizards…" she frowns slightly. "I don't know. If we can just get her to say where she is… she can tell us landmarks or something." Something, anything, and they can send Galaxy on a sweep and there'll be a dashing rescue and Rissa'll be back by lunchtime tomorrow. Sori smiles as Willow joins the gold, and reaches out with slow, careful fingers for the green. Haruhi's thoughts are unconcerned - she's done this game before. It's the one where the message is wrapped around a foreleg and banded in place, and the pen (a slightly new wrinkle, but obvious enough) is carried in forepaws. She's even willing to explain it to Willow. There's objects, and there's the Destination. A person, usually. Simple!

"Oh.." Damn firelizards. What are they good for anyway? Kale makes a srunched face at the realization that blankets and pillows and food and drink and matches and such likely aren't going to be feasible things to transport to Idrissa, and the mental list he was making is mentally wiped clean. "Then yeah. The most important thing to get through is the paper, you're right. If we can figure out where she is, everything else won't need to be sent anyway." A reassuring look is sent to Willow. "We know you can do it, girl.. If Alloy can transport stuff, so can you." Words aren't necessary when communicating with firelizards, but…hey, you never know what may help. Maybe a bit of encouragement (and sibling rivalry!) is that extra boost she needs!

Willow just peers at the two humans and then looks to Haruhi, the look is pure, 'what the heck'. Only in firelizard looks. She tilts her head while taking in everything that Haruhi is telling her. Soft chirups and trills escaping her. Seems she is willing to try!

There's the message. There's the pen. Write back soon, Idrissa! Soriana gives Willow a helpful nudge into the air, and the green firelizard vanishes between. After that, Sori and Kale wait… and wait… and wait… and… well… nothing.

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