Wheel Of Misfortune

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
// The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the//


It's happening again! Leirith got another terrible idea in her head and nobody can really answer why Risali hasn't stopped her. But overnight, by some miracle of « MINIONS! », an amusement park made up ENTIRELY OF CARDBOARD BOXES (there must be a shortage somewhere) sprung up by the water overnight. Everything about it is questionable, but functional: a ferris wheel, carnival games, vendor booths, a merry-go-round, even a cardboard ramp where you can slide down on a crayon-decorated cardboard monstrocity. Those mimosas probably aren't mimosas at all, but they're always suspiciously in supply along with cakes and spun sugar. There is plenty enough to do, all of the crayon-scribbled doors are even functional, and the Leadership hasn't torn it down, so it's probably (questionably) safe. So sit back, relax, and go for a wild ride! Afterwards, please be sure to post that log on the wiki! We want to see all of the fun and shenanigans you get up to, though you certainly don't have to get up to any of them if you don't want to!

It would be fair to say that Evangeline has never seen such a sight before. It is a cold breezy evening at Xanadu Weyr, and candidate chores have either been done or have been abandoned for the day. Everyone had spoken so highly of the Cardboard Carnival that it seems inevitable that Evi would end up at it. Walking along with a piece of chocolate-covered cake on a stick one bit having been taken out of it, there's a slight skip to her step. She is dressed her usual near floor-length pleated skirt, in pink and a light white t-shirt buttoned at the neck and wrists. Standing at the foot of the cardboard Ferris wheel, she watches it move precariously around its axis, eyes wide and filled with trepidation. The wheel creeks along at the pace of a grandmother snail, the cardboard still in decent shape for having been here for a few days. Every small turn seems to make the metal parts holding it together creak, the cardboard bowing slightly under the weight of suicidal fun havers. Shifting from foot to foot, the girl seems to be considering it, mouth moving from one side of her face to the other. After a few minutes, one person is assisted in exiting the death trap, and another gets on. The man running the ride looks at Evi each time, and she shakes her head and says. "No, no, I am just standing I am sorry. I. I am not ready." Well, she isn't ready to die, not like this. Not yet.

N'on has also come out to have a look at the cardboard spectacle that has sprung up outside his weyr. He has a pretty amused look as he wanders through the place, but he definitely has not tried any of the rides. He hasn't even tried any of the snacks, or at least, there's no evidence of snacks on his person. As he wanders the crowds, he eventually spots Evangeline lingering near the Ferris wheel, and he heads in that direction. He sidles up next to her, hands folded behind his back, and looks at the contraption dubiously.

Evangeline stares up at the Ferris wheel, which is not that big ok. It's 12 foot tall, has 4 boxes that act like baskets to hold the reckless riders. Its held together with a mix of metal fasteners, glue, and metal pieces that attach the boxes to the center electrical source. The 40 something carnie that is assisting people on and off like he has had a rough life, his hair is stringy, and he has a bald patch on the side of his head. He is visibly unshaven, and his clothes are covered in old stains with a few rips in his pants and shirt. A majority of his teeth are missing, he has a lazy eye, and with near-zero exertion, he wheezes in a way that has carnival guests obviously avoiding any kind of contact, be it eye contact or shell forbid physical contact. Of course, none of this seems to be getting to Evangeline today, she watches another group get on the ride and says, "It's nice of um, Leirith to think of us… Do you always do this work?" The man seems to be either deaf or ignoring her, but leave it to Evi to persist. "Have you ridden it yet? I would hate for you to not get a chance. I am going to go next, or next to next. My turn is soon." Yes , she is courageous. She is going to get on soon, but while she waits, she can talk to this upstanding man. Turning around, she nearly runs into N'on, her cake pop hitting the ground with a squeak. "Whaa— OH! HI N'on! I um, come to do the rides! WE COULD DO IT TOGETHER." The only thing better than dying is dying with others.

N'on stares round eyed at Evangeline as she gets startled, and holds up his hands in the universal symbol for 'We come in peace!' Luckily, she doesn't seem too fazed. He slides a sideways glance at the Ferris wheel, looking it down and then up. He shakes his head slowly, and then points to the knot on his shoulder that marks him as part of the Search and Rescue wing. "I'm here if it collapses," he signs, then gives her a solemn wink. Does she know those signs? MAYBE. FIGURE IT OUT EVI.

Evangeline is known for so many things, kindness, cats, baking, wearing clothes that induce minor heatstroke. Unfortunately for N'on, she is not known for her amazing linguistic skills, pulling a piece of paper out of her pocket, she unfolds it. The parchment contains about 10 different cat clothing designs; in the middle is a picture of a cat pajama onesie for a person, but all around those are sign language signs. The hand motion is drawn, and what it means is next to the small drawings. Evangeline can draw, her art could earn her a spot in the harper hall. But the paper is FULL. The sign for "dragon" is under the drawing of a cat raincoat, and every other signs are somehow shoved onto the article in any spot available. The paper is held up above her head, and turned several times, "Ok, so, I am so sorry sir I have been working and working on this. Here. Uhhh… let me." Pulling another piece of paper out, this one has people clothes on it, the form of an Aline dress dominates what one COULD call the front of the paper. But the back has a picture of doorknob, around the felines rendering is names and titles for everyone and anyone. Why does she write EVERYWHERE on paper? Obviously, she has never heard of empty space in design. Looking at his knot with squinted eyes, she pulls out another paper, and this one has knots drawn on it. "Ok, so you're a dragon rider. Yes, I know.." She is s-m-a-r-t. Four papers later, she smiles beatifically, the picture of joy, you can see the gerbils working in her head. With a small bounce, she says, "You want to ride with me! OK!" She turns back to the Carnie man, "Sir, we both want on!" Friends who spin together win together. Bouncing up and down on her feet, she turns back to N'on and signs, while saying out loud, "I A-M G-O-O-D A-T T-H-I-S" Her signing is painfully slow, but it isn't nothing. "We can go next!" More small bounces, she is obviously trying to drag him to his death.

N'on waits patiently while Evangeline figures it out, since she didn't specifically ask for help. This is how people learn! But then things go off the rails /so quickly/. He starts to hold up a finger to get her to pause, but it has about as much effect as an umbrella in a hurricane. Alarm flickers across his face, followed soon by a kind of uncomfortable resignation. He really can't look at /that/ face and tell her that he /won't/ go on the ride with her. He smiles vaguely at her signs, nods, and even gives her a little encouraging pat on the shoulder.

When N'on agrees Evangeline's joy only intensifies, she bounces on her toes while folding all of her papers up and placing them back in her pockets. Evi seems to have deep pockets in her skirts, though it's not visible from the outside that the pockets even exist, and instead, her putting stuff in and out of the pleats looks like magic. The Carnie man can hear! He turns to them as he opens the cardboard latch and lets underwhelmed guests off the 'ride.' He gives a small nod to the two of them and holds the door, his wheezing coalescing with the broken merry go round music and making the whole venture seem cursed. GENTLY stepping inside the ride, she pats the cardboard seat next to her. "I wonder what the Weyr looks like from up top!" All the excitement of Cindy Lou Who on Christmas day exudes from Evi as she gets in their paper coffin. Had a good run, right? How in the world she can show this kind of enthusiasm for being 12 feet up is a mystery for the ages. But she is. Pursing her lips, she signs "C-O-M-E O-N" and says it out loud, at the pace that she signs it. The asthmatic carnival attendant waits for N'on, holding the door to his casket.

N'on hangs back long enough that it should be clear he's not super enthusiastic about this whole idea. The Carnie gets a tight smile, but again Evangeline's infection enthusiasm prevents him from raining on her proverbial parade. Reluctantly, he climbs aboard and gingerly sits down, as though half expecting the whole thing to fall to pieces as soon as he does. "You've seen the top of the weyr," N'on signs, not bothering with the finger spelling. She probably won't get it, but he doesn't seem too bothered. "From dragonback."

LISTEN LINDA. THIS IS NO TIME FOR LOGIC. N'on's resistance is noticed, but once he is, she claps her hands and pulls out a pen. "Here, um, write something on it, so everyone knows we were here." Evangeline writes on the cardboard death trap, -EVANGELINE WAS HERE! WITH N'ON. WRITE BACK PLZ-. The innocence that is Evi comes out in full force. The carnie man latches them in, and it slowly moves upward, there's a small hole in the floor, and the cardboard sags under their weight, but look! They doing the thing. As for N'on's signing, she gets the paper out again, they might be in here a while because it moves that slowly. "Ok, SO… WEYR. Yes, this is a weyr. UM. TOP." Those gerbils working overtime, her eyes light up, "YAY! Ok, yes, we are going to see the top of the weyr. WAIT." Ruffling through her paper, she hrms and hahs, "OH, Yes, I have seen the weyr from the top! BUT I have not seen it from the top of this and, what if it's different or.. um New?" Ok, so right now, they are looking at the Weyr from 4 feet off the ground, moving at about 2 inches a second.

N'on looks a bit skeptical about writing on the cardboard as a means to immortality. Then again, it's probably harmless to graffiti something that won't be here in a few days, right? So he takes the pen and writes a quick message. It just says "Hi" because he's super creative, this one. He hands the pen back, brow lifted slightly. He doesn't try signing again. He does, however, look over the side of the 'car' at the ground 4 feet below. Top of the weyr indeed! He looks back at Evangeline with a little smirk.

Slowly, so slow it barely registers as movement they reach 6feet off the ground, and Evangeline is hanging her head out the window looking down at the ground like she is in a space ship. Looking at N'on's Hi, she nods at him, "The walls are made of paper so you can write anything. Um, was Zhelinath's hatching scary?" The question is too casual as if possibly she has trapped him here now 8 feet above ground in a brown crayon-colored body wheel to ask this question. Though I mean, it's Evi, could she be this clever? NAH. Moving to hand the pen to him, she waves enthusiastically to someone below, "Water is nice!" A genuine smile, he ain't bringing her down today! They finally, after a million years and a day, reach the very top. Evi is hanging over the edge of the car a little, and there's the faint sound of paper ripping. OH shit! Leaning back in, she gives N'on a wide-eyed look, a hand grabbing at her skirt. Maybe it's a parachute? Ever think of that? NO.

The question takes N'on by surprise, so he has to use the walls to answer. Commandeering the pen, he writes a quick note: "Everything is scary if you haven't done it before." Thus reads N'on's newest contribution to Ferris wheel graffiti. He doesn't get a chance to clarify, because as he's finishing up the note, there's that ripping noise, and he jumps into action to pull Evangeline back into the cart. Not that it will help if the whole thing disintegrates. Does N'on look a little green? Maybe. Shut up.

Like the mating ritual of tortoises, the sounds are similar too as the wheel turns. The wheel slowly moves towards the ground, there's a rattle to each motion of the contraption that brings to mind old Terran wooden roller coasters. Also known as NOPES. The look on N'on's face brings half a frown to Evangeline's "Do Dragonriders get motion sick?" Her voice full of concern, as if you can compare a dragon to this death circle. Reading the wall she nods absently, taking back her pen she adds a —N'on. This way everyone knows that he is the on DEFACING Leiriths new jungle gym. "I hope they like me." Is squeaked out, and suddenly they are in front of Carnie man again. Opening the latch Evi climbs out and smiles at him, "Thank you, I um really liked it!" The man says nothing, turning to N'on she waits for him. "Did you have fun?" This is about fun, right? Yes.

N'on is remarkably quicker to get /out/ of the contraption than he was to get in it. He smiles vaguely at the carnie, then hurries several steps away from the Ferris wheel, just in case it chooses that exact moment to topple. Evi's question is met with a blank look that he eventually twists into an unconvincing smile and a nod. Sure. FUN. He sure looks like he had fun! He makes some rapidfire signs, too quick to interpret without a working knowledge of the language, along with a vague gesture in /that/ general direction. You know the one. And then he's retreating with an apologetic smile and a wave. Whoops.

Evangeline is having a fun day, there's no killing her mood today. Not creepy carnival workers or dangerous Ferris wheels. NOPE. Today is about joy. She smiles back at N'on though hers is all happiness and light. "Good bye!" she says to him as he takes off for somewhere safer. FOr her part Evi examines the rest of the fun to be had, and heads over to a large castle structure made for children to climb through. Slipping off her shoes she disappears into the castle. At least someone is enjoying all of this madness.

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