Reasons to Celebrate

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in its own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as have walls hung with numerous tapestries that provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt. The stone is carefully leveled but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area is the one near the Kitchens, where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. It's plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr, instead feeding people in shifts as they come off duty. On occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are borrowed from all the other areas.
There's also a big fireplace set into the western wall, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, the largest an archway to the northeast that leads outside. Near it there's an alcove with hooks for coats and shelves for muddy boots. A tunnel to the east goes to the infirmary, and a set of stairs just a little south of that lead up to the offices and administration area. To the south, a long and sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs. The kitchen is off to the southwest, while the residents' quarters are reached by tunnels going west, deeper into the cliff.

Settled at a table as far away from the hearth as she can get, Kera plucks bites off of a large honey-drizzled bubbly. Her trio of lizards are no where to be seen this morning. Maybe the greenrider managed to sneak away and eat in peace? Seems….unlikely. But so far the awlm is the only one eating from her plate. Sticky fingers are waved to as she greets a young weyrbrat from a grin. No words need be said as he grins and shows off his own huge sticky pastry before weaseling off into the crowd. Kera chuckles at the boys antics and turns her attention back the task at hand, her own sweet tooth.

C'rus is right there sitting next to Kera with his own plate in front of him. His lizards too are elsewhere…goodness only knows what sort of troublet hat they might be getting into. He isn't saying much of anything since he too values the frail peace that they have managed to gather away from lizards, dragons, canines…oh my. He silently works through his own plate of breakfast.

Ka'el is heading out of the nursery. A slight burst of child-like noise may be the only indication that the door to that particular wing of the caverns has opened at all. It is early still, and the Cavern chatter may not be a raucous as usual. "Da!" says a voice. Ka'el pauses, having only escaped a foot outside of the door before a tousle-haired mini-him pokes his head out. "Y'won't forget, huh Da? Y'promised.." To which the taller man smirks, turns, and gives his son a smart salute before replying. "And a promise is a promise. I won't forget. Now in with you and stay to your brother.." The boy widely grins, gives a much sloppier salute, and disappears again. Ka'el sighs. "I'd better not forget…" he murmurs as he heads towards the inner Caverns, stomach grumbling. "Kanekith, take note…" Ha! Yeah right. "Alloy, then? Nugs? … Anyone?" It isn't too unusual to see a rider speaking to himself as he seeks breakfast…right?

No, it's not unsual to see or hear riders talking to themselves. But when Kanekith and other spoken names drift across the cavern expanse, they do catch Kera's attention. Half standing while she turns and darts her gaze around, she quickly spots Ka'el striding deeper into the cavern. "Ka'el!" Waving to get the bronzer's attention, she gestures to the table her and C'rus are at where a few open seats still available. Grinning she plonks back in her seat and nudges C'rus with a slight huff. "I knew I should have grabbed the cookie box on my way out the door." Before she can say anything else, she's stuffing another sticky piece of bubbly inher mouth.

C'rus's attention is brought away from his quiet breakfast when Kera nudges him and begins to talk about a cookie box, "Huh?" he says, but also takes note of Kera's call to Ka'el, "Hello." he says mellowly as he offers a wave of sorts before returning to the food that is in front of him. Hunger waits for no man, or no man and child in this case.

The bronzerider, Ka'el that is, grabs a plate, begins to load it with foodstuff, and then.. his name! Mrruwah? Brows lifting, he turns and scans and… hey! A familiar face is spotted in the form of Kera! The bearded man grins and inclines his head in a friendly nod of greeting, then after hastily scooping a few more things on his plate, heads towards her and her companion. "Good morning, Kera! I thought Kanekith had a mentioning of Moncerath in his thoughts, but I hadn't known for sure as both his mind and mine have been all over the place lately. It's good to see you," he says with a genuine note of gladness in his tone. Blue eyes shift to the quiet C'rus, who is offered a hello as well. "Xanadu has grown on you, I see?" he says with a light smile. "You don't mind if I join you?" he asks for assurance to the both of them, even though he's already in the process of sitting as he does so.

Kera smirks to C'rus who is too be eating to be very welcoming. You'd think that Kera couldn't cook at all…wait a minute, she can't so eat on C'rus. Gesturing towards the seat across the table, she manages to kick it out from underneath a few inches with a nudge of her foot. "Help yourself." Glancing around then back to the table, she grins "And welcome back. I know ya been back for a little while, but since I've not managed to get around to your place with the presents yet, …Welcome back!"

Yes! C'rus must eat on while he is still able. Though he does manage to stop eating long enough to give a nod of assent and answer, "Yes. Suppose it has." he says first with a smile and then a more pensive look which he turns on his weyrmate, "I've gone native. Uh oh thats not good. Not good at all." He then pauses for another moment while stuffing his face. Once face stuffing stops he continues, "I've not even done anything spontanious in awhile. I'm losing my edge." he lowers his voice conspiratorially, "I've even been behaving." Bah! "When was the last time I got in trouble? I can't even remember….this is not good…." he trails off, "Oh and welcome back." he adds to Ka'el.

Ka'el settles in the chair with a slight exhale and sets his tray of food down. "A little while, yes, but it hardly seems as if there's been any time to do much catching up with anyone, really." He offers an apologetic smile before laughing. "Presents? Spare us! You'll go broke trying to appease everyone with gifts. After all, being back here is enough of a celebration. You needn't worry yourself," he says. "But…knowing you, you probably will anyway, eh? How've you been? The both of you?" he asks, extending the question to C'rus as well. Poor, unadventurous, troubleless C'rus! "Ha, I think the definition of not getting in trouble would be 'good', eh?" he jokes.

Kera flashes a grin between C'rus and Ka'el, nodding with an unconcerned shrug "It HAS been a while since 'you' were the center of the chaos C'rus. Hopefully, that trend will continue." Taking a moment to lick most of the sticky drizzle from her fingers, "Doin alright. Found myself back in Pulsar Wing for a bit." Hopefully that thought doesn't completely horrify Ka'el, unless he imagines her trying to give any combat training. "Let's see. "She considers the last couple of turns and all that has happened, but goes with the the cutest "Most recently N'talya and Gerazal gaze us the cutest tiny canine. Poofy little thing that's not gonna grow any bigger." Tearing off another portion of her bubbly, she smiles around "How about you? I spoke very briefly with Sori, she mentioned Sky'lor had a brother and sister now. I wasn't able to catch their names though." She gives an amused wink "Afterall, I need to know what names to stitch on the presents I've already got." Not to mention, future presents.

"Oh you know…" he begins, "…working. I still am with Fort for my job but spend a considerable amount of time here because our place is bigger here and with allt he lizards and canines and who knows what else its just easier." C'rus explains before throwing his gaze to Kera, "You know what they say about trends. Trends are like bubblies." he says not adding any sort of explaination as to why. Though when he hears that a family has been added to he smiles, "That is a good number of children." he says approvingly.

"Trust me, to be out of the limelight for a spot is good for the mind and body," remarks Ka'el to C'rus with a chuckle before he crunches into a bit of bacon. "Not to mention the soul and whatever else comes with it." The news of a small canine is likely overshadowed by the news of Kera's newest (or new to him anyway) assignment to Pulsar. "Yeah? With the Weyrlings, are you?" He grins, shaking his head slowly as if she's just admitted to some awful act! "You poor, poor thing. I'll keep you and your sanity in my thoughts, and I'll offer bottles of wine and ale whenever you find yourself in need." He laughs afterward. "N'talya, though. She's the … dolphineer? Still living in…eh, where was it again?" he asks before he answers her questions, amused. "Kaesen and Arialla, but shh.. Say their names too loud, and two of the three will come running. They've ears like felines." He smirks fondly, then nods a thanks to C'rus. "Thank you. I'd like to see if I can convince her of maybe one more…"

Kera uses her non honey covered hand to grab her glass and down some juice, glancing to C'rus as he relays a couple of tidbits. A cheeky grin to the bronzer as she nods "Yea, certainly been a nailbiting eye opener at times. Moncerath's lounging over at the weyrling beach now keeping an eye on young dragons. A couple seem to need reminders to warm up before they take to the sky." A rueful little snort but she's dipping her head agreeably "Nat yea, she's a dolphineer. Got searched by Ista not long after I was first posted here, and impressed there. Her and her family transferred her a little while back." Kera gestures in the direction of the forest. "Their place is out by the cottage." A grin is turned towards the nursery doors and she pretends to zip her lips closed and winks "Gotcha. Won't repeat the pretty names too loudly."

C'rus will have to do his best to hold those names in his memory, "Congratulations at any rate. 4 would certainly be a nice number." No argument from C'rus on that for sure, "Oh come now. You do a marevelous job and you know it, and you are a still better healer…" he adds in support of Kera. When the talk turns toward Nat, "I'm sure that your children will want to play with hers. Not that there is any shortage of young ones running around."

"The Weyrlings are in good hands," Ka'el says. "Pulsar isn't a wing that any Weyrleader would assign to just anyone. I know I didn't. Had I known you had an interest….tch. Would've assigned you myself. But your path towards Healing seemed set…" He stabs a bit of egg with his fork. "Which isn't to say that paths can't curve, turn, and change towards another route." He forks the egg into his mouth, listening to the both of them as they speak. "You're still a healer yourself, C'rus?" he asks. "Why not settle here permanently? Have you given that a thought? The two of you … live together here and there?" He prods his brain, trying to pull back what memory he has of their previous status, turns ago.

Kera grins to C'rus with a chuckle, "You're vote is biased." A slight shrug and headshake "It was something that just sorta came about. A few chats with the weyrleader and then discussing it with Mon, and one thing led to another." Canting her head slightly "Oh, I still am working to earn my Journeyknots." Her glance goes to the awlm knots currently on her shoulder, then back to those at the table "I still study when free time allows, and offer an extra hand in the infirmary still. Just not as many candlemarks in the day to get everything done." She frowns suddenly and brandishes her juice glass "Ya know, those techcraft people come up with all sorta of neat things. But when are they gonne crack something really useful, like hunting down some extra candlemarks for us" Kera snickers into her glass before taking a few sips.

Cyrus can only roll his eyes, "Maybe a little biased but not that biased. Just a scoooch." he says holding his fingers a little distance apart from each other, "I still say that when you get it we are going to throw the most amazing party to end all parties." To Ka'el he just shrugs, "I've thought about it from time to time, but I have a good job over there and people at the very least tolerate me. I like my boss." he says listning a few good reasons to stay put, "And when it comes down to it Jaicoureth would never leave he loves it there even if he does love it here too. All of his siblings are there and he feels tied to the place in a way that I've never been able to understand. It's really in his blood."

Soriana wanders in from the clearing at about this time, and being that she's Soriana, her initial destination is the klah pots. What? It's got lots of vital nutrients, or at the very least, it's made from bark so it kind of sort of counts as a vegetable. She pours herself… half a mug. Apparently it's a light-klah sort of day! Or maybe she just wants the extra room for some more milk, pouring it in to make a pale-brown creamy mug of mild energizing. Once that's in hand, she turns to look at the rest of the caverns, surveying the room as she lifts it to her lips to sip… oh, hey, she recognizes some of those faces! So she heads toward them, a smile on her lips along with traces of klah as she comes over to listen in on whatever fragments of the conversation she can catch before they notice her, and then, once they do or she's close enough, waving with her free hand. "Heya!"

Ka'el raises his brows to Kera, a corner of his mouth lifting and remaining that was in a quirked sort of smirk. "Here, here!" he says, lifting…ugh. He forgot to get a mug! Ah well. He lifts a slice of bacon in a show of comraderie! "Extra candlemarks for all of us, that's what I say! At least two, to start with!" Huzzah! … Chomp! .. Mmm, bacon! He stifles a snicker in order to eat without looking like a Neanderthal. After a swallow, he speaks again. "I had a feeling you wouldn't completely step away from healing," he nods. "Good. You were, and continue to be I'm sure, a good one. It may take a little longer now, but keep at it." To C'rus, he turns to listen, chewing thoughtfully as he mulls over his words. "Valid points. Heh, I couldn't…" he begins, but then pauses there, dismissing his words with a headshake. "How is Jaicoureth?" he asks just before Soriana makes her presence known. The woman is given warm smile, and after giving his hands a brief wipe, he stands to greet her. "Morning."

Kera chuckles as Ka'el toasts with bacon. A much better offering than her glass of juice. C'rus's words get a chuckle. "How about we have a huge preparty?" No telling how many more turns it may take for Kera to earn her journey knots. "We an always have another later." Or maybe half a dozen more. She looks to Ka'el, nodding encouragingly for him to back up her party idea, but his attention is caught by his weyrmate, who gets a huge grin from the greeny. "Morning Sori. Plop on down, plenty of room."

C'rus lifts a hand and waggles a finger at Kera, "I like how you think. You can't have the ultimate party without having at least several smaller pre-parties tso that when that when the epic party hits people are well prepared. Sort of like training for a marathon or something." A party that you have to train for. Now that is something that he would be willing to get behind, "We'll have to start planning." He turns his head back toward Ka'el, "He's lovely. He's out there somewhere exploring. Very good natured fellow. I'm sure you will meet him at some point." The arrival of THE SORI is met with a wave of his hand, "And there is the other half of the equation. Welcome back."

Soriana puts that free hand she's got around Ka'el, and gives him a hug and a brief kiss. Since he's stood up and all! It would be a shame to let that gesture go to waste, right? The other two just get a smile from her and a, "Good morning." Then, well, she takes the suggestion given - with a glance to Ka'el first, and a shift of her arm against him in another moment of hug before she releases him so they can both do the sitting thing - him again, her for the first time! "Glad to hear we haven't outgrown the space yet," she says to Kera with a playful smile, then looks to C'rus. Her head tilts slightly, a curious expression as she regards him. "That's rather a simplification of the equation, I think…" she muses, then smiles. "But thank you." With that, she lifts her mug of klah to her lips for another sip.

Ka'el kisses Soriana with a smile, returning the hug. "We're talking parties," he says, grinning. "For Kera's future promotion to Journeyman. And … for whatever other reason we can think of to party." He laughs and sits down as she does, reclaiming his seat (and his food, yummy!). To C'rus, he grins. "I'm sure at some point through the turns, I've met him. Maybe only through the ribbons of Kanekith's thoughts, but…surely by now. But it'll be good to properly be introduced, face to face." Or maybe face to muzzle would be the proper wordage! To Soriana, he reports sagely, "All three offspring have been safely delivered to the nursery. All fed and… in mostly decent moods." He grins now. "And please remind me to remind myself to make a dragon model for Skyler. I promised him today would be the day."

Kera grins and takes a couple more bites of the large bubbly while Soriana settles at the table and Ka'el catches her up on a couple of things. Nodding agreeably "If an excuse to part is /REALLY/ needed, then how about a graduation shindig for the weyrlings?" She snickers suddenly, almost wickedly as her eyes flicker from one face to another "What do you think of a costume party? Hmm, Nah, probably wouldn't look very dignified, graduating while dressed up like a fire lizard, or a rabbit." She shrugs and seems to be giving the whole idea more thought than probably needed. "We could party for a whole sevenday." this is mostly murmured to herself as she contemplates chaos. Overhearing Ka'el, she peeks between him and Soriana. "Sky'ler likes dragon models?" Nodding at that, she peeks to C'rus with a sneaky grin "I'll have to remember that."

C'rus looks down and finds his plate empty, which means that all the food that was on it has made to his tummy. A good thing too since the day will likely be a long one, "I suppose there could be a costume party a day or so after graduation. Though to be honest sometimes graduations are not all that dignified. We got taken out for drinks. It was pretty low key. I'd have rather had a costume party myself. Least that way it would have been more exciting. He begins to stand up and offers a wave to Sori and Ka'el before turning to his weyrmate, "I'd best get going. I have lots of things that I need to get done today and not enough time to get to all of them."

"I'm sure we can think of reasons a-plenty," Soriana agrees with a grin. "However many we need, in fact." Another sip of her klah… "You know, it's been turns since I've been to a proper spiderclaw bake," she muses. Probably the same number of turns it's been since she last lived here, in fact! "…so there's another reason right there." In case they need it! But it sounds like they don't, for she nods as Kera comes up with one of her own. "Always a good one, that! There's… a set due fairly soon, yes?" She should know this, or at least, she thinks she should! But, with how recently she's back… she doesn't quite yet. "If it's a costume party, they all get to dress like real riders. And then… surprise! Turns out they actually are." She grins to Kera, then nods to Ka'el's report about their progeny with a smile that's not exactly surprised but still glad to hear it. "Well, good. The nannies ought to be able to take it from there…" That's their job, right? "I'll get them this afternoon - I've just got infirmary rounds after lunch, so unless there's a round of food poisoning, I should be done pretty early." She nods about that dragon, "I'll do my best," then hehs at Kera's question. "Is it any wonder he likes dragons?" The eldest son of two riders! It's practically required. She glances up to C'rus, and gives him a wave. "Be well!"

"Heh, Skyler likes dragons, period," Ka'el says to Kera. "He likes Kanekith. He likes Luraoth. He likes the random green he saw land in the clearing earlier this morning. He likes firelizards. He likes 'mud dragons' … also known to us common folk as browns." He pauses, glancing up to think. "In truth, I think he likes flying." And dragons are the key to doing just that! "And costume balls are never dull. And it could be a costume ball with a spiderclaw boil. The more food, the better the party." That's a rule of thumb! As C'rus speaks of taking his leaves, he nods to the man. "Good to see you again," he offers in departure to him. He doesn't know much about the recent crop of weyrlings, or their set graduation for that matter, but when it comes to graduation parties, he'll be there! "How many Weyrlings are there?" he asks them both in general.

Kera smiles back to her newly returned friends. Stifling a snicker when mud dragons are explained, she nods slowly "Well, a few could blend right in with barren terrain, more so it it was rainy." Thinking that over a moment she shrugs she shakes out of her thoughts and nods to C'rus, giving the bluerider a hug and quick smooch before he heads off. Looking back to Soriana and Ka'el as ideas are tossed around. "Oh, a spiderclaw baaaaaaakeeee. Now we're talkin!" She frowns at some thought but shrugs "We'll just have to make sure Kiena knows to stay clear of the beach that day." Her smile returns quick enough as she does a quick count "There are a dozen in there right now, I could probably name off half of them before I started getting them confused. Is'nt that just horrible?" Kera chuckles at her own silliness, then her eyes widen a little and she snaps her fingers "OH, maybe one of the tailors could make a little dragon custume for Sky'ler. He'ld be soooo cute. Oh, oh, and little flitter costumes for…those who I was told I must not to name." Ka'el gets an exaggerated wink and chuckle at that.

Soriana hehs as she nods agreement to Ka'el's explanation of their son's perspective on dragons, model or otherwise. "Some days he's going to be a dragonrider. Other days… he's just going to be a dragon himself. Or a firelizard." She grins, then nods to Ka'el's suggestion of combining parties. "Now you're getting complicated. The problem with complicated parties is that you need more people to organize them… and they've all got to actually work together!" A laugh, and then she grins to Kera before tilting her head. "…what about Kiena?" she asks, a trace of concern along with curiosity in her expression. The question about weyrlings also has Soriana looking to Kera, the source of (at least some) answers. "Well, sometimes memorable's not exactly a good thing, right?" She smiles, then lets out a little heh at the suggestion of a costume for Skyler. "He'd never take it off." Funny, her tone doesn't sound like she's joking for that one.

"The best thing about people organizing complicated parties is …. I'm not one of them," says Ka'el smugly, chin lifting a fractional amount. "And Kera, don't feel bad about forgetting names. Dragons forget things all the time and we forgive them, don't we?" he jests. "I bet once you have a couple of graduations under your belt, you'll figure out a system for remembering names. Or, you could just give them all nicknames and rename them what you want!" It may be the easiest way to do things. Hey, Bignose, get over here! His words trail and cease as he continues to eat. The contents of his plate begins to dwindle, and like Soriana, he gives a brief pause at the mentioning of Kiena. His brow quirks faintly, but Soriana asks the question, and so he … continues to eat!

Kera smiles. "Well at least Skyler has an idea of what he wants to do while he's young. If he pays attention to lessons, eats his veggies and bacon, and trains real hard, he'll be an amazing dragon one day." Kera tries to pull off a straightface after that, and manages it for about three seconds before snickering. She nods as the simple party idea is starting to snowball "I'm sure something will work out." swiping her fingers on a little strip of cloth, she peeks between the two when they ask about Kiena. "Wha…oh, she really dislikes spiderclaws. Think even the smell of them turns her an interesting shade of grey with just a hint of green." Kera can't help but grin picturing the little boy darting around in a dragon costume. "Yea, you may have a hard time getting him out of it, but wouldn't he be aorable though. Would /have/ to get someone to sketch him in it before ya made him take it off." The bronzer's suggestion about renaming gets an enthusiastic nod "Don't think I haven't already come up with a few colorfully discriptive names in my head for a few. Thankfully there are no 'Praelas' among the group though." She rolls her eyes ceilingwards for a second before lowering her attention back to those at the table.

"Just so long as he doesn't try any cliff-assisted takeoffs," Soriana says with a wry smile to Kera, then nods to Ka'el's favorite party fact. "…that's true," she admits. "We're doing simple for Kaesen's next month." Soriana grins to Ka'el, then ahs and nods to Kera's answer about Kiena. She steals a biscuit-crumb from Ka'el's plate and washes it down with more of her klah. As for that costume… adorable as it might be… Soriana's response is, "We'll see." A fine phrase that serves her well in many aspects of life! And then there's a slow shake of her head at Ka'el's reassurances to Kera, a smile partially concealed behind sips of klah before she adds her own suggestion. "You could always just give them name-tags. Let them write in their names for you…" Or write in names for them according to whatever scheme seems most convenient (or amusing). "All seeming likely to graduate on time, though?"

But spiderclaws are so delicious! Just like this breakfast that Soriana is stealing crumbs of! Ka'el allows her (this time), and only gives her a mini glare that soon crumbles beneath a more-suitable grin. But…wait. What did she say? "Kaesen's is next month?" He pauses to calculate, because surely she must be mistaken! … Nope, she isn't. "Ha, simple as simple can be. He'll be three. Won't remember anything anyway, and he's barely had time to make any friends." Because the two-turn-old social scene is such a difficult one to navigate! "Knock on wood, Kera," he says, doing so for her on the table top. "You may not have the name, but mention it too many times and someone may start acting as if they were her. … Name-tags are a good idea, actually. At least, for a while!"

Kera shivers with a slight cringe at the little one taking off from a cliff. "Not for many turns to come." Her eyes cut to Ka'el though as she smirks "Knowing who is dad is that, wouldn't surprise me if he discovered cliff diving before you want him too." Ha! Take that kickball cheater! Did a couple of grey hairs just sprout from that beard the bronzer now sports. She's about to cheer for a little weyrbrat paty, when Sori's casual mention of name tags leaves the greenrider staring at the Jr. weyrwoman sorta slackjawed for a moment "I shoulda thought of that. Would have saved me a few headaches. More than a few." She snorts and sighs as she gathers her plate and glass "Speaking of headaches, I've need to stop procrastinating and go do those reports I've been putting off." Seems Kera hates paperwork if it doesn't have to do with her craft manuals in come way. She gets to her feet "Count me in for Kaesen's party. I'll mention it to N'talya and Gerazal and see if I can bring my god-daughter Nikita. She's close to Skyler's age." And the Skyler friend making campaign begins. "You both have a great afternoon, I'll sneak up on ya both soon." Well shoot, she probably shouldn't have warned them in advance. "See you later." A quick wave and she heads off to tackle the next task of the day.

Soriana nods to Ka'el. Next month! The party of the … week, probably. There are a fair few kids about Xanadu, and these parties don't tend to be grand affairs! And as for that simplicity… oh yes, she definitely nods again to that! "We can send some cupcakes to the nursery with him, that'll get him friends." Two-turn-olds, socially complex as they may, are easily bribed with sweets! …maybe weyrlings are too? They can try mixing things up, giving nametags and cupcakes to both and seeing what happens! She grins to Kera's response, then nods. "Something for next time!" she says, then nods. "If we hear moaning and heads thumping on desks, we'll send a rescue part," she says, waving and then pausing. "…small party," she reiterates. "He's only going to be three, he doesn't need anything fancy!" …will it be listened to? Only time will tell! For now, she waves a further farewell. "See you later!"

Oh wait, maybe Kaesen will have little friends at his party! One doesn't need to really interact when one is two. Parallel play at its finest! "Procrastination…" he echoes the word, snickering, "how I knew you well! Have a good rest of your morning and day, Kera," he says as she rises to leave. "And it's good to see you again! Xanadu … wouldn't really be the same without you here." He waves to her, then stands not too long after her departure. "In fact, I should be going too," he says to Soriana, "before the morning gets on too late and this party of Kaesen's starts growing any bigger than it has already." Like she said, it'll be a small party. A small one….with many small friends, right? He extends his hand to her with intentions of pressing his lips to the back of it and moving in close enough to do the same to her lips. "Rendezvous for dinner here after getting the kids?" And this is with the hopeful thought that there will be no dire situations to keep either one of them any later at their assigned duty! "Or actually.. I think I'd rather have it at home," he says on second-thought, and he catches himself smiling at the word 'home'. Yup. This is definitely it.

"As should I," Soriana admits. Responsibility strikes again! As does the phantom hand-kisser… oh wait, no, that's Ka'el. She smiles, leaning back to him and returning that kiss, and nods. "A small party." In a month. And, for tonight… she smiles, and nods. "Home it is." She starts to stand, then pauses. "Remember you're making that model dragon for Skyler!" …there, now she provided a reminder! Maybe it'll even be enough, but just in case certain other things weren't enough, she gives Ka'el another kiss before they finish standing up to go their separate ways. "I'll meet you at home tonight." The two of them. The kids. The dragons. Their whole family, all together… at home!

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