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Xanadu Weyr - Weyrleaders' Office
Office and retreat, this is the domain of Xanadu's Weyrleaders. The door is in the eastern wall, quite close to the southern end while the northern wall is dominated by big, expansive windows, framed by sumptuous deep blue drapes edged with a brilliant gold braid and tied back with a thick rope of braided gold and blue cord. In between, the eastern wall is covered floor to ceiling with shelves that house all sorts of records, manuals and supplies that are used on a day-to-day basis. The southern wall has the Weyrleader's desk — plain fellis wood, well polished and masculine. From behind his desk, the Weyrleader can look straight through the windows and out onto the main airspace of Xanadu. The western wall is where the Weyrwoman's desk resides: a lovely piece of furniture made of warm cherry wood. From her seat, a glance sideways gives her an equally good prospect out the window. There are a few other seats, some comfortably arranged around a low round table for small, informal meetings while there also some that can be drawn up to one of the desks.
On the south side of the door, the space is occupied by a low oblong table where refreshments can be set without someone needing to intrude. There is also an 'incoming' tray where incoming correspondence or similar items can be left.

It feels as if Ka'el hasn't seen the light of day in days. Well, other than the light seen through the windows of the office. He has failed to be out and about as much as before. Perhaps he's only now getting the feel of what a Weyrleader's workload feels like? He hasn't been out to meander and stroll and randomly visit friends in a while, although a visit to a certain friend could be given the title of 'business' rather than 'pleasure' and thus expedite its happening. But for now, he's stuck in the office. He's abandoned his desk and instead stands by one of the grandiose windows. He's drawn back the curtains, letting the late afternoon light in. The seasons are beginning to turn, though the hints of it are very slight. A vague yellow tint to leaves. A subtle drop in the warm temperature. .. Not that he'd feel the temperature from where he stands. He exhales a breath that fogs the window a little, then leans forward til his forehead presses against the glass, allowing his eyes to slide shut. Maybe he's hoping that he'll be able to merge through the glass and escape to freedom from responsibility? Or maybe he's trying to puzzle out a problem that lies on those scattered papers on his desk.

Oh, the woes of being Weyrleader or holding rank! It means having to face the dreadful foe known as paperwork. Lots and lots of paperwork! Something one bluerider has never really had the patience for, hence her balking at the mere idea of ever taking on rank beyond Wingrider. At least she runs no risk of having it thrust upon her by flight-win? And while Ka'el may be yearning for freedom or escape from the work, there's at least a chance for a distraction of sorts that arrives in the form of a knock to the door. He'll still be trapped in that office of his, but that paperwork? Could be ignored for now in favour of some conversation. Should she either be called in or the door unlocked (or both), Kiena will step inside and then nudge the door closed with the heel of her boot. Despite the slight drop in temperatures, she's still dressed in summer-time clothing of a short sleeved, light fabric tunic and… a skirt? Since when does she wear those? That could be explained, but for now the bluerider lingers there by the door, her eyes focusing curiously on Ka'el as he stands by the window. "Have I come at a bad time?" she asks.

If it wasn't for the smudge it'd leave, Ka'el would likely feel the need to thump his head against the glass over and over again. Maybe that'd rattle around the things in his mind and unearth some answers he seeks. But as it is, he's content, if that's the right word to describe the feeling, to just stand there, feeling the smooth warmth of the glass press against his forehead, half-wondering if he'd somehow be able to fall asleep just like this and what Thea would do if she were to walk in. And it's at that precise moment that he hears a knock at the door. Thea wouldn't knock. "Al.." he says, murmuring to his firelizard to do his duty and pop outside the door and show him who is there. "..Al?" There's no popping sound of a firelizard going between. No images flashing in his mind. The bronze has gone on break! Snorting a word that sounds suspiciously like "slacker", he pushes away from the window and indeed calls to whoever it is to come in. He hadn't scheduled any meetings for now, has he? He can't remember, and so he braces himself for an onslaught of important people when he turns around, but what he gets instead is Kiena .. in a skirt. And that's just as surprising! "No, not at all!" he says, a grin emerging. "Actually, I think you've just saved me from myself. My head's bound to explode."

No sneak attack meetings or crushing waves of important people all clamouring for his immediate attention! It's simply Kiena and the bluerider is quite harmless (for now) and presumably brings no trouble on the heels of her arrival. His grin is promptly echoed by her, though it's swiftly changing to a frown as she studies him closely, then darts a look to his desk and about the office as she takes a few slow steps further inside. "Have I? Is your day that bad?" she drawls, eyes sliding back to him with a curious look. Assuming it's okay to do so, she'll find the nearest empty seat to flop into, though from her wince it's obvious she forgot why she shouldn't be doing that. 'Lo and behold, her bandage hand is visible and cradled against her body but she says nothing of it yet.

"Bad…isn't the right word," Ka'el remarks with a headshake. "More … busy than bad. Endless. Tiring." A vague smirk follows before he steps away from the window to approach her. He's so very glad for the distraction! Especially since the distraction is in the form of a friend. He watches as she sits, his smirk faltering a little as eyes flit to that bandaged hand. Oh yes, he has noticed! But he doesn't look terribly surprised to see her injury. Perhaps he's known … even if he hasn't had the chance to actually come see for himself. Before sitting, he moves to retrieve a few snacks from the table near the door that always seems to be loaded with snacks. Cut up fruit both fresh and dried. A few crackers with cheese. He brings those back, setting it upon the round table near them to share. "Tell me," he says, nodding to her hand. "I've read the report." Ah-ha! So he did know! "And I called Kera in, thinking she would have some insight and further detail on what happened. But, I don't think I'll get a truer story than the one that comes straight from the runner's mouth," he says.

"Such is the life of a Weyrleader," Kiena muses with a crooked smirk that may be a touch sympathetic for Ka'el and his current situation. "Busy and endless, huh? What's weighing you down then — or is this stuff you can't discuss?" she asks, all but giving him the option to vent if needed or desired. Apparently the bluerider doesn't mind simply lending an ear. Seeing as she, well… can't lend a hand? Ahh, so he does know! Kiena exhales heavily but does not look overly surprised. She's no fool, she knew the report would come to him eventually. Partly why she is here but not the whole reason but she'll work on getting one thing out of the way at a time. "You spoke to Kera too?" That does surprise her and she frowns, staring at him for a few moments before determining that it's likely none of her business. "No, probably not. And really, there's not much to tell. I was working on a project, got a bit too cocky and overeager and worked it too fast. Metal wasn't good - too thin or brittle. Whatever it was, when I went to work on it again it snapped and I caught one of the shards into my hand," She'll lift said bandaged hand up with a grimace. "Gloves weren't thick enough either. Nutshell of it all is that it's my fault and stupidity. Enough said?" Right?

Ka'el nods his confirmation that yes, he did consult with Kera. "I figured she'd know of something more than a paper could tell me," he answers simply even though she didn't exactly ask for the details. Maybe in their continued friendship, he's starting to read her mind? Ha. "She's usually in the Infirmary, so.." He gently lifts and drops a shoulder as he picks up one of the cheese squares to pop into his mouth to snack on, listening to her rendition of the story. He makes a winced face at the mentioning of metal snapping and the shard in her hand. "She told me much of the same…" he says with a nod. "Are you cut badly? Did the healers tell you how long it'd take for your hand to fully function again?" The hand is the smith's greatest tool! Without at least one, a smith is good for nothing. Perhaps this is why he seems so interested on the severity of her injury. Or, maybe he just cares. Who knows.

"Point taken," Kiena remarks in finality concerning Kera's audience with him prior to her visit. It's logically sound! Nor does the bluerider really mind. Those snacks brought are eyed with interest, reminded of them when Ka'el helps himself and she takes up the offer albeit belatedly. She'll lean forwards and use her good hand to select a few choice pieces of fruit and cheese to nibble upon while the Weyrleader absorbs her rendition of her blundering mistake while Smithing. "Mhm," she mumbles around some food before swallowing with a quick and apologetic look. Cough. "Bad but not severe. One gash," And she holds her injured hand up and horizontal to the ground while her other hand begins to trace out the wounds over the bandages but without touching. "Between my ring and pinkie finger. Then here," Her arm rotates, displaying what would be her palm and she traces from near centre into a steep curve into the thumb pad. "It was deeper. Just needed some stitches though. And ah, yeah… about that." Uh oh. Kiena's expression darkens a bit and she grimaces. "I'm out two sevendays. I've been warned that if I try anything too soon, I could do more damage. Nerve damage. But…" she sighs. "… I can't sit idle, Ka'el. I'm already getting antsy. I can't do half my daily tasks with just ONE hand." He'd understand, right? Clearly she's thinking he cares and more than just on the scale of being her Weyrleader. "Don't mean to dump more on your shoulders, Ka'el." she mutters shortly afterwards, by way of apology.

Ouch. Ka'el's face grimaces again as he gets an even better picture of just what sort of injury lies beneath that bandage, and he leans forward as she diagrams it out using her hand as a canvas. He shakes his head slowly. "Must've been some project…" he remarks humorlessly. Injuries are never a laughing matter! Especially…when nerve damage is a possibility. The corners of his mouth pull downward at the use of that phrase. Nerve damage. It's a permanent thing, isn't it? He doesn't ask aloud, instead keeping his eyes on her face with his own showing concern at her agitation. He sits back now, a thoughful look etched upon his brows as he considers her predicament. He can surely understand that, but… He waves his hand at her apology. "You're not dumpin' anything," he says, head shaking before he falls quiet again for a moment to think. "Might be a good chance," he begins slowly, "for you to see what the other side've smithing is all about. The ordering of materials. Handling schedules. Knowing the faces and names and ins and outs of the weyrs that are our suppliers. I won't go against the healers orders of two sevens. Not with the risk so high."

"Oh it was. It'd have been an accomplishment if I hadn't let my ego get in the way," Kiena grouses. She's still sore about that too! Project nixed, hand cut up and fourteen days of uncertain work. Joy of joys? SHe's not laughing either. Nerve damage is permanent or can be. It'd certainly end her run as a Smith! Her agitation is brief, settled by the distraction of conversation and food. More fruit is snatched up and nibbled swiftly this time as she listens and her nose wrinkles as her brows knit. "Guess so." she mutters. "And it's already been offered. I ain't going to do nothing stupid. I told Kera that, and I'll tell you too. Just… hate feeling useless." Grumble. She's almost sulky, though she's trying not to be. Somehow she doesn't quite want her little visit to be all her whining and moping about her (not so terrible) fate. "I can't even take proper care of Ujinath. Can't mount up without help. Shards… ever try to dress one handed? Give it a shot sometimes. Pants are the bane of one-handedness!" she declares with a twisted smirk. Ah, so that explains the skirt? Kiena sighs and rubs at the bridge of her nose. She's rambling, she knows it and again she looks up at Ka'el apologetically. "Sorry. Guess the point of that was… actually I don't know what I was getting at." she admits and so out of her fumbling she turns the tables! Ha! "Your turn to ramble. How've you been, Ka'el?" Kiena asks and is genuinely curious. "Last I saw you, you were three sheets to the wind." To put it lightly.

That definitely explains the skirt, and there's dawning on Ka'el's face as she mentions one handed pants dressing being hard. Heh. He knew there had to be a reason for her to don such a girlish garment! He certainly wasn't thinking that she wore a skirt just because she was coming to see him. "You're takin' proper enough care of him. Ujinath knows you're doing your best, and two sevens of one-handed oiling isn't going to scar him for life," he says with a slither of a smirk. "He seems like a hardy blue. And I reckon you don't have much reason to do much flying for the next two sevens either, so you shouldn't worry about mounting up. You're not useless," he assures, looking vaguely amused now. "In fact, bein' forced to do something you wouldnt've chosen to do on your own might have you realizing that you actually have a talent in that other thing." He lifts a hand to gesture around the office. "Case in point. Though I wouldn't go as far as saying I have a talent at this. But, I don't hate it as much as I thought I would." He lowers his hand, not at all bothered by her talking. In fact, he's glad that she feels as if she can come to him with things like this! But..er. The mentioning of their last encounter has him ducking his head a little. "..About that.. I apologize if I did anything..stupid," he says. "Part's've that night are a blur. I've been alright though. Still needing a Weyrsecond. Still thinking, with a sober mind, that you wouldn't be a bad choice."

On goes the light bulb! Kiena rarely dons skirts (or sarongs), it's true but it's the only option she had and so she'll suffer with it. At least it's not winter time? "Heh, suppose you've a point there too. Though it is nice to have an excuse to have the weyrbrats do it?" she drawls and from her expression it's obvious she's teasing. She'd not resort to that concerning Ujinath's care — yet. Her eyes drop for a moment, smile fond. "He's a sturdy blue," she agrees and a lot more than that to her but she won't elaborate for now. Less she go on another rambling mess that - gasp - involve mushy emotions! "But what if I want to fly?" she counters back, already knowing the answer. She's just being a bit of a prickly thorn. Kiena's eyes follow the gesture around the office and she nods her head, giving him that at least. "Alright, alright. I'll give a shot but… eh, we'll see how long it lasts." Who knows though, she may be content just to do those little tasks if it means she can still be near the forges or it'll be the worse tease ever. "So you're adjusting to being Weyrleader, is what you mean?" she says with a hint of a grin, which promptly sobers when he ducks his head. Oops? She coughs again and shrugs, "You didn't do anything stupid. If you did, you'd have known cause I'd make sure that'd stick with you." Kiena isn't joking on that either. "You joked around a lot, asked me to dance and then I had to bring you here. Actually, I didn't have to, but I wasn't gonna leave you to pass out in the tavern either. So you remember little?" Duh. But she wants to know. And then, there's that. Only he says it soberly now and Kiena just stares at him, expression falling. "Oh no. Noooo, no." Ka'el broke her! "No, Ka'el. I… can't be Weyrsecond. I told you that. There's other riders. One's you can trust! There has to be! Like uh…" Common Kiena, think! "… like Mur'dah! Or someone in Quasar!" Right? Yet, curiosity strikes and she blurts out. "Why'd you even consider me? Me, of all riders? I'm a Smithcrafter."

Ka'el chuckles. "If you want to fly, I suggest you take a nap an' dream about it for the next few sevens. Trust me, I get it," he says with a knowing nod. "It…sucks, not bein' able to mount up an' fly off and do what you want because've injury. But it'll pass faster than you know." Especially if she has some administrative duties to do in the meantime! Juuuuust saying! It's good to know that during his flight-driven drunkenness he didn't do anything that would cause her to think less of him. Dancing and joking don't sound bad at all. And now that she mentions it, he does remember music playing.. "Some," he says in answer to what he remembers. "But..shards, I don't think I've ever drank so much in my life. Wakin' up was …. a task." To put it lightly. But he lets that topic drift to instead focus on one that does intrigue him a little. And that's Kiena herself. And this Weyrsecond thing she's so adverse to. "I remember this too.." he remarks of her multiple denials of his (now sober!) offer. "You're right. There are other riders. Plenty've them. Many who'd do or say anything to be in a high position. The number've them that I trust? I can count them on one hand," he says, holding up his hand as a visual. "Trust and Mur'dah don't fall in the same sentence with me." His head shakes as he says it, hand lowering and brows doing vaguely the same. He shifts in his seat a little and leans forward, elbows pressed against the tops of his thighs and fingertips pressing together. "Considerin' you didn't happen one drunken night in a tavern. I've considered you long before then, and one reason is because you're a Smithcrafter. Just like me." Or was. Whatever. "You know what it's like when things are difficult. You know how to see things through to the end. A Weyrsecond is supposed to be someone I can rely on to do things when I can't, right? Somebody who'll work with me and not against me. The people who're already working in administration? I didn't choose them. Some of them, I'd rather be gone and replaced. I want people of my own choosing working alongside me. People that I trust and know wil do their damndest to do their duty right…even if they've no experience at all." He lightly smirks. "That's why I'm considering you."

Kiena rolls her eyes and smirks at him. Alright, she gets it about flying! It's a no go. His answer concerning his memories of that night in the tavern have her chuckling dryly and looking none-to surprised. "I bet it was. You're lucky you didn't drink yourself sick or worse… pass out. I would've had to drag your sorry ass to the infirmary then or get someone to do it." she mutters and allows the conversation to drift away in favour of another. Mainly Ka'el's sudden fascination in seeing her promoted. Her expression darkens, brows furrowing and eyes flickering with uncertainty. "That's exactly it!" she'll interject, only to bite her tongue when she knows she's interrupting and falls silent for the rest. His words leave her shaking her head again, but less as a dismissal or denial and just more from being overwhelmed and thrown for a bit of a loop. She had thought that it had been the alcohol making him say it the first time. Now, however, he's sober. Very much sober and quiet serious and Kiena fidgets in her chair. Her brows knit again when he mentions not having trust for Mur'dah but she bites her tongue on that for now too — she'll get back to it though. Instead, when she speaks her voice is low and firm. "Plenty of other riders who could gain your trust and you overlooking them for me, whatever your reasons are, will cause some upset. Ruffled feathers or whatever that saying is." she drawls and then considers his words for a moment and sighs, "Right, yes. A Weyrsecond should be that, but…" Why her? She's balking, but Ujinath is probably beside himself once he hones in on what has his rider's focus. Knowing the blue — it won't take him long. "Have you even given them a chance?" Kiena asks of the 'others' currently in administration and she peers at him. Oh, she understands and yet there is suspicion there too. Are they bad at what they do or is this his personal opinion seeping in. "Alright, so you've made your point." A damn good one too! Yet she's not bouncing to her feet in joyous acceptance. No, she's still slouched in her chair and staring at him with a look of conflict so obvious she doesn't even bother to mask it. "You don't even know me that well, Ka'el. How do you know we'll work well together? Hmm? I'm no yes-man, who bends over backwards to their boss' every wish. I call it as it is and if you're being an ass or are wrong, I'm the type to say it…" she points out with a smirk in return for his light one. "Think you could handle that? Day in, day out?"

"Come on, you think you're the only one I've considered for this?" answers Ka'el. "It'd be foolish of me to ignore everyone else only to promote a friend. I may be new at this, but I'm not that naive. Sure, I've thought about the few others that maybe I would feel alright with working alongside me, but in the end, they're not who I want. There's only one Weyrleader and one Weyrsecond, an' not everyone can have the spot. That's life. Plus, I doubt there'll be too many hurt feelings, as since Thea's old weyrmate got canned from the job, there hasn't been a steady 'Second in turns. If anyone seriously wanted the spot, they'd've claimed it turns ago." He doesn't seem too worried about the reactions of the masses. If Weyrleaders worked to make every single person happy with every single thing he did, he'd never fiend peace! He sits back and up again, fixing her with his steady gaze. "This isn't the first time you've said that I don't know you well, Kiena. I've known you for turns. Turns." he emphasizes. "I've met your children, I've been in your weyr. You've shared your past with me, told me your vision for your future here at Xanadu. Y've seen me at my best and worst moments, and I've seen some of your highs and lows.. So.." he faintly elevates his head to one side, "I'll agree and say that I don't know everything there is to know about you, or you me, but I don't think either one've us could honestly say that we don't know the other very well at this point."

After those words cease, he allows the silence to fall between them, taking the time to consider her question of their working together so that a worthy answer can hopefully be supplied. "How did I know I'd make a decent smith? How did I know that movin' here wasn't going to be the biggest mistake of my life?" He shrugs. "I didn't. I took a chance, and I'm willin' to take a chance on you if you'll let me. I'm not the type to expect anyone to bend over backwards for me. I take my job seriously an' don't like bullshittin' around when it comes to my duties, what's expected of me, and what I expect from others. I don't like being wrong, and I've been told I'm stubborn more than a few times. But. If I am wrong or bein' an ass, I want to be told…in the correct way." Being called out in the midst of the population? Probably not a good idea. Fingers are combed backwards through his hair, pushing dark strands of near black brown away from his eyes. "Could you handle that?" he counters.

Kiena's mouth quirks into another thin smirk. No, she truly didn't think he hadn't considered only her but she's wanting to hear it rather than assume it. His answer may be the correct one or at least settles a few doubts that were lingering in her thoughts. "Suppose you got a point there," she mutters, as there is a lick of truth there. Why hadn't anyone stepped forwards to claim the position? Or does the change in Weyrleader result in a lack of Weyrsecond? The bluerider is quiet and contemplative and still quite focused on Ka'el as he speaks and does not shy away with her gaze when he holds his steady. Turns? It has been Turns, hasn't it? Her smirk slips more to a smile, faint but there as she drawls with just a light touch of amusement. "Didn't think getting to know my kids was part of the job requirements." She chuckles. "But I see your point, Ka'el. All of 'em. I'll admit I do know you well enough to trust you. And I know all about taking chances…" Kiena has certainly had her fill of those through her lifetime so far. His counter has her narrowing her eyes a bit, sensing a bit of a challenge but silent as she considers and shifts to sit a little straighter in her chair, one arm draped casually and the one with the injured hand cradled to her body. Lifting her chin, her mouth quirks into a smug looking half-grin. "Y'know? Once I would've probably bragged that yes, I could handle it. Probably challenge to bring it on and all that. Still do, but tempered with the knowledge that I've my limits." Was that even really an answer? Kiena doesn't linger on it long enough before she's shaking her head a bit, brows settling into another frown and mouth drawn back into a conflicted grimace. "This is a lot to absorb you know." she admits slowly and comes from the bluerider who usually leaps first and asks questions later.

Ka'el can't help but laugh at the quip regarding her children. "Well, they seem like cool kids." Not to mention cute as buttons, though that phrase will probably never leave Ka'el's mouth. After that he falls quiet to listen to her, nodding a little as she agrees about knowing each other a little deeper than just by name or at face value. His silence continues as her words do, and her half-grin is mirrored on his face. "It is a lot to absorb," he agrees, nodding for the umpteenth time. "And I envy you for havin' the chance to absorb it. It's better than waking up with a new rank you never asked for, eh?" A wry grin curves his lips before his expression shifts into something a little more serious-looking. "Look, I'm not going to force you to do this. I'm … encouraging you because I really want you as my Second," he admits. "But I'm not going to ask you to answer me right now, or even today. I've kind of .. thrown this at you, I realize. This isn't why you stopped by my office today, but I'm glad to have the chance to ask you properly as opposed to…how it was asked before." He coughs a little, remembering that much about his drunken night! "Take the time to think've it. And really, think on it. I really do believe it'd be a good fit for you, but if it isn't for whatever reason… If it takes you away from your girls too often, or if the load of it is more than you expected, then I won't force you to keep the position. Luckily, it isn't one of those that has some grand history and ritual about just who gets to have the spot." His eyes roll a little after saying that. Bah, traditions are old and stupid and outdated! But what can he do? "Will you do at least that? Think about it?"

"They're good girls." Kiena admits and with some pride to her voice. She's slowly giving up the guilt she holds for having abandoned them in Western Weyr but she has begun to make amends for that. Not that the toddlers are likely to remember much of their mother's errors and the tumultuous ending to the blue rider's relationship with their father. Then she begins to laugh, of all things, after taking a moment to listen to Ka'el again before forming her reply. Which comes in that shape and form and continues for a good few seconds before she can sober herself enough to talk between chuckles. "And that's what I was about to ask you! If I could have time to… to think about it. Weigh my options. Or if you were just going to hold me down and pin it on me regardless of the fuss I kicked up." Wait, that sounded bad. She snorts and coughs a bit before moving on. "Right. I suppose it could be worse… given some traditions." For that she does give him a lingering look and understanding, if not a touch sympathetic for how fate rolled for him. If she had any inkling that he had been serious that night about the Weyrsecond bit, she'd have thought it over then and likely had a better answer for him now. She doesn't, however and she can only look down at her injured hand and exhale heavily, "And it's true too, again. I can just step down if need be." She has choice and that may be of a comfort there. Poor Ka'el! Looking up, she'll hold his gaze again and with an expression set and serious she'll nod once. "I'll think on it, Ka'el. Faranth knows I'll have the sharding time to think long and hard, since I'm out and off normal duties. You may get your answer earlier." Yet her tone implies she will not rush it. She's learned that lesson, at least.

"See? We're already on the same page," he laughs, nodding. "Yes, think. I won't give you a deadline because it wouldn't be right of me to do so. Just .. don't have me waiting turns or anything," he says with a playful look on his face. He probably would be worried if she did accept his offer too quickly. Say, right now for instance. Weyrsecond is a big thing, especially if one is his Weyrsecond! Maybe she'll get paid double for the trouble? His eyes flit to her hand, and a half smirk plays over his face. But he says nothing. She oesn't need any more pressure. He'll merely give her time. So now he rises from his chair and plucks a grape from the snacks he snagged. "Good. Whatever you choose, i'll stand by and not pressure you to change your mind or anything else. How's that sound? Also…while it's on my mind, has the Headwoman gotten with you about fosters?" he asks, having no idea where things have fallen on that front. "Have the girls already come?"

Kiena grins. "So we are," she agrees and then shrugs her shoulders, only to snicker. "A Turn? Tempting to do it, just to leave you hanging but… no. I'll have your answer for you in a few days. A sevenday at the most. There is a lot I have to consider. Namely if I can keep the balance I need in order to stay sane," she says and lifts her good hand up to tap a few fingers lightly against the side of her head. She's joking, right? Somewhat. "That sounds perfectly reasonable," she murmurs and leans back to settle comfortably in her chair though her eyes lift and follow Ka'el as he stands to feast upon some grapes. Now they've come full circle and back to lighter topics, one's that Kiena DOES have answers for him. "The foster family was arranged. I checked several and finally chose one that will match well for them and to my needs. And no," she shakes her head. "The girls have not come yet. I wanted to be certain all was settled here before I… spoke with Zi'on." Now her mood falters and so does her smile. "One of the terms." Allowing that to drift, she gives herself a visible shake before adding: "And you, Ka'el? Aside from the pressures of duties and all… life has been good?"

Ka'el looks genuinely pleased at the news regarding the girls and their potential new foster family. "Good, good," he says, nodding as he pours a glass of water for himself and then another for her. "I'd been thinking of them. I hadn't had word on whether or not the Headwoman got to you about it. So, only one more hurdle?" he says as he returning, carrying both glasses of water and offering one to her before he resettles upon his chair. "Remember, if yo need help with that…" he says suggestively, brow lifting. "You've plenty of friends here who'll go with you, and I suggest you take some … if you think it'll be trouble." He leaves it at that, not pressing the matter much further as he already knows the subject is a sensitive one. He sinks back in his seat with an exhale, and at her question he lightly smiles. "Disregarding pressures and duties and stresses an' all that? … Yeah, I can hardly complain. Things are … alright. To be honest it's hard to think of what else my life is now other than all've this," he says with a slight smirk. "Been talking about taking a trip away with Soriana, but now.. I don't think she'll be leaving the Weyr all too often. Postponed, again."

Kiena accepts the offered glass of water with a nod of thanks and a warmer smile. Sipping slowly at the refreshing drink, she smirks a bit for the 'hurdle' remark. No kidding! "I remember, Ka'el. I'd not forgotten that and… I have considered asking for help. Even if just for support, even if nothing happens." The gesture is enough. She chuckles, "Oh, I know I've friends. Mur'dah has already offered to help too. So do you think I'd ask too much of you if I said I'd like it if you could come along as well? Promise I won't make Kanekith into a luggage carrier!" The last part is said with a slightly crooked grin, but her eyes are serious in the offer, though realistically she knows Ka'el may not be able to just drop everything and flit off to Western. "Good, good." it's her turn to murmur and she seems almost… happy to hear that aside from his duties and the stress with it he's holding up okay. Well, minus the little hiccup and postponement of a getaway with Soriana. "That sucks…" Kiena states simply and drains the last of her water. She knows the possible reason for why the junior weyrwoman won't be leaving the Weyr much anytime soon. "But maybe afterwards when—" The clutch hatches. Kiena never finishes her statement, her head tilting as if to 'listen' and her gaze unfocused before she's slipping to her feet and setting her empty glass out of the way be it on his desk or on a tray. "I'm sorry, Ka'el. I need to go… Ujinath." Enough said? Smiling crookedly, she'll move then but not towards the door. Instead her steps take her where she needs to go to approach close enough to the Weyrleader to clasp his arm firmly should he not move away or bar her from doing so. The gesture is meant to be one of friendship, akin to a hug but not quite crossing the threshold. "Thanks for letting me ramble and… for your offer. I'll let you know when I've come to my decision. I'll also try to be better at keeping you updated on the twins. Until then, take care Ka'el. If you ever need anything… you know where to find me!" With that she will step back with a small but warm smile and then take her leave of his office.

"I'll do my very best to be there when you go," Ka'el says, knowing better than to promise something that he can't actually garuntee. "It isn't asking too much at all. And…if the Weyr isn't burning down or a crisis hasn't risen.." He smirks vaguely, though tilts his heas as she trails. Oh, that looks like a familiar look, and he isn't surprised when she mentions her blue. He nods knowingly and rises as she does. Duty calls! In a sense. He looks vaguely surprised as she approaches him, and since she's not exactly the hugging type, he's not quite sure what she's going to do to him! But what he gets is a friendly gesture afterall, and he grins as his arm is clasped as he does the same. "For you, I'm all ears," he answers warmly. "And when the girls get here, I'll be … uh, six ears, I suppose." A crooked grin and he drops his arm back down as she moves to depart. "Good day to you, Kiena." Weyrsecond Kiena? Maybe, maybe not. But even if it's not, he's still glad that she at least listened to consider and trusts him enough to allow him to help with the twins in the little ways he can.

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