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Xanadu Weyr - Weyrleaders' Office
Office and retreat, this is the domain of Xanadu's Weyrleaders. The door is in the eastern wall, quite close to the southern end while the northern wall is dominated by big, expansive windows, framed by sumptuous deep blue drapes edged with a brilliant gold braid and tied back with a thick rope of braided gold and blue cord. In between, the eastern wall is covered floor to ceiling with shelves that house all sorts of records, manuals and supplies that are used on a day-to-day basis. The southern wall has the Weyrleader's desk — plain fellis wood, well polished and masculine. From behind his desk, the Weyrleader can look straight through the windows and out onto the main airspace of Xanadu. The western wall is where the Weyrwoman's desk resides: a lovely piece of furniture made of warm cherry wood. From her seat, a glance sideways gives her an equally good prospect out the window. There are a few other seats, some comfortably arranged around a low round table for small, informal meetings while there also some that can be drawn up to one of the desks.
On the south side of the door, the space is occupied by a low oblong table where refreshments can be set without someone needing to intrude. There is also an 'incoming' tray where incoming correspondence or similar items can be left.

It's the middle of the day on a hot summer afternoon. The AC is running just fine here in the admin hallway, and Ka'el is glad for it. They'd all be a sweaty mess if it wasn't for the constant stream of cool air that breathes through air ducts. The Weyrleader isn't behind his desk today. Instead, he's lounged upon one of the seats that surrounds a low round table. A cookie is in his mouth, a pitcher of ice-cold water on the table, and his eyes are on a large parchment on which a diagram has been drawn. Flight formations and patterns, if anyone dragon savvy were to take a gander. He nibbles and ponders. Ponders and nibbles. There's deep thinking going on!

They say not to kill the messenger. But that didn't stop Kera from arguing with him when one appeared with a note stating she's been summoned to the Weyrleader's office. But nope, right there on the note clearly written is her name. After making sure the rest of her shift was covered for the next couple of candlemarks, the apprentice makes sure there are no 'stains' on her uniform then heads off to the big office in the sky. Offering not much more than quick nods or quick greetings murmured absentmindedly as passes through the cavern towards the office stairs. The huge door looms ahead and after one last check on the note, yep, still my name. Reaching up, she knocks on the door and waits, her gaze darting to either end of the hallway.

The knock on his door has Ka'el glancing that way. He could get up, answer it himself. But this is one of hte reasons why he has Alloy here! The bronze firelizard chirps, raising his head to consider the Weyrleader. Then he stands and *pop!* he's off Between, only to *pop!* back into emergence right outside the door and next to Kera. Helllooooo. Who goes there! He tilts his head up, swirling eyes considering her, nostrils flaring as his forked tail whips from side to side. Chirp-chirp-raar! Chirrup! Ka'el is on the other side, getting flashes of an image of just who lies behind the wooden barrier. It's a bit fuzzy at first, but then.. "That you, Kera? Come in!" he calls as he sets the diagram down flat on the table before rising to stand. It's daylight still, thus the door is unlocked. He's taken to locking it upon nightfall, lately.

Kera stares at the door, frowning as she seems to be considering options, which she is silently ticking off on her fingers. The *pop* and sudden fluttering of wings right next to her, not to mention the almost challenging chirps, snaps the apprentice from her internal debate with a start "Aoh! OH um,.." she snaps her fingers a couple of times then her expression brightens a little "Alloy right?" Quickly brandishing the little note. 'See, I'm supposed to be here.' The call from inside causes her to nod, before she rools her eyes at her own actions, as if he Ka'el can see her nod through the door. "Yes Sir, it's me." Edging around the large lizard, note as a shield, Kera turns the handle and peeks inside. Just her head at first, peering around slowly and taking in the room before spotting Ka'el and stepping fully through the door. "This note said to report to your office sir." So blame the messenger for being interupted at work.

"Yes, yes come in," Ka'el says, ushering her inside with a light, yet pleasant smile. A break from staring at diagrams and figuring out new and improved patterns to try? Definitely! He gestures to a chair near his. "Have a seat. Would you like a cookie?" There's a plate of them. His favorite kind! A sort of cinnamon, snickerdoodle-ish type that are still a little warm. Fresh cookies! Too bad he doesn't have any milk, but there is that water pitcher that looks refreshingly cold. Alloy follows Kera in and scampers over to the main Weyrleader desk, hopping onto the chair as if he owns the place. (Which .. he thinks he does). "I'm glad you've come. I'm hoping you can shed a little light on a situation for me." With his friendly demeanor, it doesn't seem as if she's in trouble. But .. when is she ever, when it comes to Ka'el? Even in his Weyrleader form.

Relieved to not be sitting on the wrong side of either of the two desks, Kera gladly sidesteps past them towards Ka'el. Still more than a bit confused about what she did this time, she nods and accepts the cookie with a little smile and sinks onto the edge of the chair. "Thank you." she leaves off the sir, no need to slap him silly with tooo many sirs, even in the big office. Glancing back to Alloy with the bronze settles on his 'throne', a little nibble of the cookie is takin and peers back to the Weyrleader "Mmm, these are rather tasty." Breaking off a peice, she pops it in her mouth as Ka'el begins explaining why she's here. The large diagram is looked over briefly before realizing whatever it is, is most likely /NOT/ hers business to know and flicks her gaze back to Ka'el. A situation?! Shells. Okie. Don't panic. Kiena's hand couldn't possibly have gotten so bad it can't be repaired, right? Then again, there was the threat about her bedside manner…. Finally, she cracks a grin, somewhat forced and chuckles. "I can flip the light switch on for ya, sure…."

Ka'el sits down as well once she does, nodding as she indeed takes a cookie and gives her verdit. "Aren't they?" he agrees, helping himself to another. There are plenty to spare, besides! He ahs as he settles back and takes a bite, chewing the warm goodness that is dessert while he watches her. Her choice of wordage has him smirking vaguely, glancing to the door before bobbing his head once and looking back to her. "I hear I'm down a craftrider," he says, his head vaguely canting to one side. "Would you mind telling me just what the nature of rider Kiena's injury was? I admit I don't know if you treated her or if you were there, and in hindsight I probably should've told you to bring any records you have of incident that might've happened…" he says, frowning a bit. Duh, Ka'el! But..oh well, he has to press on. "But I'm afraid I wasn't given much other than she is to be off-duty or two sevendays and now requires light duty?"

Kera nibbles another peice of the cookie, grinning when it seems Ka'el got her little joke. Sitting a bit straighter when she realizes she's to make a report, a quick nod is given as she tries to swallow the bite of cookie. "Oh certainly sir." Taking a few seconds to recall all the details before she begins. "Rider Kiena came to the infirmary with her hand already hastily wrapped, luckily she didn't realize just how badly she was bleeding. There was an accident at her forge and several shards sliced and punctured her hand. I cleaned and checked her hand as best I could then numbed it. The Journeyman on duty checked her hand under the thick glass, finding a shard I missed.." That seems to bother the girl, but she goes on. "I renumbed her hand, stitched it back up, and bandaged her hand. The Journeyman prescribed a small fellis dose for her to take before she turned in. And I gave her a tub of numbweed to use as needed with instructions to keep her hand clean And come back imediately if there were any problems." She finishes her hasty report with a quick nod "And the Journeyman did say she wasn't to use that hand for about two sevenday."

Ka'el listens with gently furrowed brows as the accident is explained to him. Smithing? He should've guessed as much. He nods, his frown remaining, though it's not a frown that's directed at her, exactly. "Shards? Of glass or metal?" he asks, assuming the second, but… His expression looks vaguely troubled, though one usually looks this way upon hearing about a friend's injury. "Do you or your Journeyman think that the hand will be completely healed, or will she lose any amount of function in her fingers?" he asks. He needs to know these things! And there are a lot of riders to keep track of, but Kiena is a friend. She gets extra attention.

Kera fiddles nervously with her half eaten cookie, then flicks her fingers casually as if tossing off crumbs. "It was a sliver of metal sir. Thankfully the Journeyman caught it when he checked her hand under the thick glass. If I had stitched her up with it still in there.." The apprentice frowns at her mistake but offers a little smile. "But He said as long as she follows instructions. Keeps it clean, and doesn't stress the stitches by using her hand, then it should heal up good as new. Give or take a few scars." Taking a bite of the cookie, she chews briefly and gets it down before continuing on. "At my last check, she hadn't been in to report any complications. So I have to assume it's healing fine or…um, nevermind."

"That's why we have Journeymen," offers Ka'el kindly, knowing rather well how she may feel. Well, she's not yet a Journeyman herself! Mistaks will be made…and found by more able people. Thankfully. Thinking of Kiena with a shard of metal still embedded and sewn into her hand causes a little shudder. But then he gives her a furrowed brow look. "Or…?" he presses to her last unfinished statement. "I've heard nothing from her, though I expect I'll be by her weyr soon to see that she's doing fine with my own eyes."

Kera gives a little nod to Ka'el "I know, but that doesn't take away that checking with the thick glass completely slipped my mind. Such a stupid mistake that could have ended badly." Eyeing the cookie, she takes a bite, as if stalling for a few more seconds when Ka'el presses for her to finish her thought. "Or, she could be just like most of the Weyrfolk and be stubborn." Kera holds up a hand "I'm just saying it wouldn't be the first time a rider knew they should come to the infirmary, but refused." A hint of a grin begins to slip over her features "Maybe she'll follow healer orders if they come from the Weyrleader himself."

Ka'el snerks and quirks a brow. "Stubborn? Kiena?" He laughs. Oh how right she is! "She's a picture perfect model of obedience." .. Ha! Yeah right. He can't even keep a straight face as he says it. Right. This gives him every reason to feel the need to check on the woman, just to make sure she is taking care of herself and her hand hasn't fallen off or something. "I thank you for the information, Kera," he says, rising from his seat now and brushing crumbs from his lap. "I'll check on her. Rather soon, actually," he says, glancing to those diagrams on the table. "Once I finish up one thing. I'm sure you need to head back to your duties, so I won't keep you longer. Thank you for coming by so promptly."

Kera chuckles, shaking her head in amusement over the 'obediant' comment. "I'm sure she is." Getting to her feet when Ka'el does, and popping the last of the cookie in her moth and brushing her hands together. "You're welcome sir. She's to keep it clean and not use it for two sevendays." Grinning suddenly and winks "Oh, and tell her every stitch she rips will take two more to repair the added damage." Nodding to her friend she's already moving towards the door. Wiggling her fingers "Have a good day sir." Feet are 'not' quite rushing to the door. But she's not moving very slow either. Maybe she'll get out of an admin office without a punishment, just this once?


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