Patience Is Key

Xanadu Weyr - Purgatory
While the cottage is not large, the rooms are spacious, the place constructed with an open floor plan and designed with the young at heart. Large windows allow for light to flood the area, while inside shutters may be closed for privacy. The dragon space is slightly concave, slate laid to protect the floors from sharp claws. The rest of the flooring is polished hardwood. A simple kitchenette has a dining area that juts out over the waters below, along with a breakfast nook sort of room. The living room is completed by a low, comfortable couch and a few large cushion-like pillows that when piled together make more of a nest-like seating around a small, equally low, dark wood table. Two other ground level rooms form a spacious and well furnished 'guest' room, while the other is suited more as an 'study'.

The draw for 'young ones' comes with the spiral staircase that leads to a loft bedroom, also flooded with light from the triangular window in the peak of the ceiling. Beneath that very window, rests a circular-shaped bed. Tiny pinpoints of light are imbedded in the ceiling to form 'stars' when the main lights are extinguished. Encircling the spiral staircase is a slide — a fast and fun way to get back downstairs. Affixed from the stout beam that runs the length of the peaked ceiling is a thick rope swing. For those… rainy days.

AH, YES. Summer time in Xanadu Weyr, that time of year that brings storm clouds and rumbling thunder through the skies; the time of year that seasonally marks some of Risali's favorite weather despite her very real fear of lightning and despite the fact that Search and Rescue probably sees more work out at sea because Risali enjoys the rain. She also enjoys the snow but… right now it's all about the rain. WHICH IS ALL UNIMPORTANT except that maybe it explains why Risali is awake on this particular night, sitting on the countertop with her legs crossed and tucked beneath her, holding tight to a mug of something warm and jumping every 3.5 seconds when another shuddering boom takes unexpectedly. It might also have to do with the fact that, while Risali gave birth to little Zyriden already, he still hasn't been cleared to come home by the healers, or it might have something to do with the fact that LEIRITH IS PRODDY. AGAIN. MAYBE IT IS A COMBINATION OF ALL THREE. The important parts are this: it's storming, the children are tucked safe in bed and (somehow) managing to sleep, and Risali snuck out from between both D'lei and K'vir to make her way down here, to settle in one of their shirts (because it is the weyrmate-girlfriend-pretty-much-a-wife privilege), and she's watching out the window from up on her little perch in silence. Leirith is silent for once too, still very much there, but a distant and dull throb of bass and drums - as if the queen is asleep and vestiges of who she is when she is awake are leaking through unconsciousness. SO HERE YOU GO. HERE IS YOUR SET. WAH-LAH.

Storms are a thing of COMFORT for a certain bronzerider. He's never feared them and, in fact, as a seven Turn old, considered trying to FLY in one and was debating what sort of construct would allow him and his friends a chance of gliding from the stonebridge. Thankfully, it never happened and obviously not — Kyzen then would've died and since he's here, it's obvious some sort of fate was looking out for him that day! Normally he's a heavy sleeper but not this night. Risali has barely made it out the bedroom door and he's awake in the dark, pondering whether or not to follow; he's content to stay where he is, still tangled in sheets and potentially curled near or against D'lei. Yet, when she doesn't immediately return, he gives a small sigh and sacrifices his comforts to sneakily escape the bed and venture downstairs. "Risa?" he calls softly, between cracks of thunder. He's not aiming to die tonight either by startling her and he makes sure she can hear him before coming into view and leaning heavily against the archway leading into the kitchens. His hair is a tussled, sleep rumpled mess and he's wearing a sleeveless shirt that… doesn't leave much to the imagination, nor the boxer-shorts. Clearly, fresh from bed and sleep and though his eyes are squinting slightly beneath concerned furrowed brows, his expression is gentle. "Can't sleep?"

It is a testament to Risali's extreme attraction for her weyrmate that she does, in fact, turn away from the window to look at him in his state of undress and stare. She stares, and she does it shamelessly, grey eyes raking over every divot and contour that make up K'vir, lingering on thighs, and abs, and Risali that is really inappropriate right up until another crack of lightning breaks through the sound of rain lashing at the window to be let in, sending Risa jumping, turning to look at the outside world as if expecting the arrival of more than the electricity that preceded thunderous sound. But there's nothing, just the endless stretch of dark, the outline of raindrops as they cling, and fall, and form rivers together that blur lines and landscapes beyond. "No," comes softly, honestly, a half-tug of her lips that might be self-deprecation because Risali never really seems to find rest during storms. Instead she's turning her attention back up onto K'vir, regarding him in a different light this time - no less heated, but certainly reserved; not so giddy with the need to be touched while Leirith sleeps. And then Risali is holding out one hand for the bronzerider to take, an invitation for him to come closer if he dares as Risali tilts her head to one side and all that hair tumbles over her shoulder. "Come talk to me?" BECAUSE THERE IS MUCH TO SAY, much to learn, much to question - at least, Risali thinks there is. But don't worry, that little slow coming smile says mischief and up to no good.

K'vir doesn't mind that she stares; he welcomes it! It's something he can never grow tired of or the emotions it stirs within him that someone, even HER, could desire him so and love him so. He'd not change that for the world and so he stands, unmoving, while she admires the view and he, similarly, will gaze upon her. Only he does it without shame, even if it risks her wrath and much woe on his part — it's never really stopped him. He does stifle the snicker for her jumping and when her hand is held out in invitation, he's moving without hesitation. "Alright," he murmurs softly. His footsteps are quiet against the floor, as he briefly takes her hand and allows himself to be pulled in. Almost immediately, his hand slips from hers, but only so it can rest beside her to brace as he leans forwards; first, to kiss soft, but lingering as he then moves to press his forehead to hers. Comforting, supportive and there, while his other hand slips up along her thigh to rest fleetingly against her hip before it too rises to brush past her neck so that his fingers can curve gently to the back of her head. He'll hold them there, for now, her still on the counter but with him as an anchor in front of her. There as a presence, but not suffocatingly so. "Something bothering you, Risa?"

HOW DARE YOU, KYZEN. And maybe Risali did see that stifling of humor, because there's an arch of brows, a challenge in that look that says, 'Go ahead, Kyzen. Go ahead and laugh. Make my day.' But he doesn't, and that challenge turns into something wicked gone soft; something appreciative that goes undiminished by proximity even if Risali smooths it away in the press of lips and hands, in the drag of fingers and palms over biceps, down towards shoulders where she holds as lips part in an invitation for there to be more. It's probably why there's a hitch of her breath in her throat when there isn't more, even if she presses her forehead back to his, brings hands at shoulders up either side of his neck to cup along his jaw and keep him close even as his fingers elicit another sound, a hint of wanting that she quiets by biting down on her bottom lip, by forcing herself to breathe. For a moment those grey eyes stay closed, perhaps intrigued by the images a vivid imagination provides behind closed eyes, perhaps just schooling herself back into order before they blink back open for K'vir's question. She leans back just enough to find blue eyes with her own, to jump between them as her teeth slide from her lip and - "A lot of things, actually." And now she's drawing back, the press of her hands on his face a little less gentle, coming up to cup his cheek so that she can tilt his head down and PRESS A KISS against his brow. And then she hugs him to her chest, holding tight as she presses her cheek to the top of his head and stays that way for a moment, two, three… "Like how you can make those clothes look so damn good when you're in literally nothing. I'm a little jealous, actually. I think I have to murder you now." IS SHE SQUEEZING A LITTLE TIGHTER? SHE IS. But her first answer was honest, even if the second is still honest, but a diversion away from the first. "Goodnight, sweet Kyzen. Shhh. Just let it happen. Shhhh."

Oh, she knows well on how to break him, in so many intricate ways! K'vir almost, ALMOST, gives in to temptation and desire because both are certainly THERE but he is trying to be good. It could dissolve so easily into something else and if Risa truly, truly begs asks him, he'll comply without a second thought. He'll give all that she wishes of him and more, until she is sated… or close enough to be calmed. Alas, he holds firm in his resolve and when he normally would press her, he instead laughs low and unintentionally husky until he clears his throat. Oops. He smiles at her kiss to his brow and then she is squeezing him tighter and he lets her; he allows her to assume he really feels discomforted by it too, by voicing a slight grunt. Then he's humming in amusement, a low throated sound that comes out a touch breathless in chuckled form and, effortlessly, embraces her in turn. Some squeezing on his end of things, maybe a shameless not appropriate placing of his hands and then he's lifting her off the counter and guiding her legs over his hips. He tilts his head, peering down at her in challenge. Go on! Cling to him tighter, then! He can hold her like this for Faranth knows how long! K'vir isn't the lanky, lean kid he once was. Turns of riding, turns of training and now that he's well into his twenties, he's filling out and almost unrecognizable to his younger self. "Mhm, don't think so. Sorry, Risa," It sounds too close to the tone of 'Weyrwoman' and he really IS flaunting his death now by her hands. "Gonna have to deny that request."

Rude. Goosebumps rise, words, and thought, and reason flee in the face of husky laughter, and smiles, and breathlessly vocalized humor. Risali is strong too - she always has been. Turns of drawing bows, of running, and dancing and climbing up the highest cliff-peaks mean that Risali probably has a little more substance to her - but in a fit way, in a way that means even if K'vir let her go, she could support herself by those legs wrapped around his hips and those arms slipping down from his cheeks to curl fingers in against his shoulders. And K'vir's challenge? It's met with a coquettish smile from beneath lashes, a slow roll of Risali's body from hips to chest as she uses all that strength in her tiny body to push higher, to give herself the advantage over Kyzen so that it's her looking down on him. She settles somewhere beneath his chest, catches his face between her hands and squeezes with her thighs as the tips of finger trail his hairline, curl into claws that she pushes through his hair with gentle pressure. And then those fingers twist in strands, pull hard as she dips her head to his, as she bites his lip, as she presses the tip of her nose to his and turns her head as if she might kiss him again — but she doesn't. "There are plenty of ways to die, bronzerider." LA PETITE MORTE, IF YOU GET WHAT SHE MEANS. But then those fingers go lax, shift as she presses her body forward and those arms go back around his shoulders in a hug - half to prevent herself from taking it further, and half to prevent him. For as much as she can break K'vir, he is just as capable of breaking her. "Don't distract me," comes with amusement, a curls of lips and a voice gone breathless with a need for something else. "Leirith is distracting enough, and I want to talk to you." A beat, two, three, and she's drawing back, pressing a finger to his lips where eyes fixate as if she might persuade their desires into silence for a least a short time. "You're not allowed to be mad at me, promise?" Because this is how ALL REASONABLE CONVERSATIONS START.

Were this another time and not on the cusp of something serious, K'vir would've made a joke about Risa climbing him like a tree. Still, her movement has him grunting again in surprise, but exhaling in a gruff note of bemusement. He DOES let her go at some point, confident that she can hold her own and to him, while he adjusts his posture and stance. Then his arms slide around her again as she hugs herself to him and while the storm continues to rage outside, he carries her off wordlessly to somewhere more comfortable. Just to the couch, lifting the shutters up on some glowlight while he's at it. It won't brighten the room but they don't need full light - a warm, subdued glow is where it's at. "You make it to easy," he protests and teases both, in regards to her request NOT to distract her. Again, were this another moment, he would have been relentless in pursuing distraction. Her finger to his lips draws a frown, but he nods his understanding. HE HAS LEARNED, YOU SEE? Not to protest certain details. Of course he's concerned and probably feeling the first prickles of anxiety forming but he keeps a tight lid on it. "Promise," he murmurs, as he moves at last to sit on the couch, drawing her down with him and into his lap, though his hold on her is loose enough that if she were to wish to change position, she easily could. Now, will he hold to that promise? WE SHALL SEE.

RISA JUST HAD A BABY, K'VIR. You can't have sexy fun times with her right now anyway — well, not in the… I mean, she can… you know… SHUT UP. They Aren't Getting Distracted. THIS IS THE POINT. So Risali lets K'vir carry her, settles into his lap when he sits and leans back so that she can see his face. Maybe Risali is deciding where to start, because we all know she's bad with words, but there's a knitting of her brows that speaks to concentration well beyond what might be required for her to drag fingers along his jaw and sweep back along the curve of his ears. "There is a man." A beat, and then, "His name is Kaellian." And here, grey eyes find blue, hold as her teeth come down on her bottom lip and she shifts her body, looks away from him towards the ceiling because words and BETRAYALS (it's not a betrayal, but I BET POOR K'VIR IS GETTING THAT IMPRESSION) are very hard things to formulate sentences that make sense around. "I think he… I think he is a renegade." And now those grey eyes are back on blue, holding again before they drop to her hands that drop from his face to his tunic and pull lightly at the fabric — definitely a distraction while she finds more words. Or, at least tries to find ones that might help him understand why this matters. "Here in Xanadu. He's here in Xanadu. And I… I think… I am not sure what kind of a renegade he is." The last comes breathless, as if she's struggling with the very concept and doesn't trust her own judgement in this - and she doesn't, because of Ila'den. "Is he a monster, or a man parading as one? I don't know; I don't trust myself to be unbiased, so I left it up to D'lei. That's his job anyway and -" A beat, a grimace. "But I wanted to find out more. He invited me onto his boat, and I almost went just to see what I could figure out." BUT IT WASN'T THAT KIND OF INVITATION. Or maybe could have turned into that, but the implication was for Less Than Innocent Things. "Maybe I still will. My point is that I want to figure out who he is, and why he's here, and if he really is a renegade. So don't…" BE MAD AT HER. FOR PUTTING HERSELF IN HARM'S WAY. "Don't be mad. You promised." And D'lei already GAVE HER A LOOK, SHE DON'T NEED YOUR SASS, KYZEN.

WHO SAID they had to have sex THAT WAY? K'vir KNOWS THINGS! He's not some inexperienced boy and not SHY anymore either but that's going down a dangerous tangent and he IS being good with not falling into the trap of distraction (and need, desire and ALL THE GOOD THINGS)! He holds to his promise too, only betraying her slightly when he gives his OWN LOOK by the end of it all. Eventually, after letting it mull in his head for a moment, he sighs. Not to dismiss, but there is SOME relief that it wasn't far more serious. "I could tell you till I was blue in the face to be more careful… but I won't." Because he knows she wouldn't listen and it's BEYOND THE POINT now! His hands idly roam up along her back as his brows furrow heavily in thought. Patience is a virtue here, as he carefully picks his words and does his best NOT to act solely on emotions (and Faranth, it's HARD because that's just WHO HE IS). "All I'll say for the most part is I'm glad it didn't go all wrong and that you're safe." Sorry, he had to say it! Grimacing, he goes on to add quietly. "I'd think that if he were the truly bad sort… it wouldn't have gone as it did but I don't know. Can't gauge something like that. Are you sure about poking into his business? My father," His expression sours a bit, turns bitter. "He would've probably arrested the guy. Act first, questions later - or no questions." Because they'd be dead. "I am not my father, though. I'm not angry… but knowing how they probably DON'T want anyone prying about their business, we'd be better off being, hmm, discreet? Cautious?" Something along those lines.

I MEAN, YES. BUT SHHHH, POTATO. THEY ARE NOT GETTING DISTRACTED. So Risali meets that look and perhaps has the grace to look somewhat repentant instead of chastised, because she knows that she would be worried if she was the one watching K'vir or D'lei. And there comes an exhale, another shift of her body as hands curl into fists and come down gently on K'vir's chest. It's as if she's trying to jump start her thoughts again, trying to find words and reason and force them to co-exist in harmony so that she can make sense. "Because I'm not sure if he's a renegade, Kyzen. I'm pretty sure half the reason why my Dad walks around in his riding leathers is because he looks very much the part of a social outcast." And grey eyes lift to find blue, to hold. "And he was. I'm the daughter of a man who was a renegade once; I remember him not telling anybody — and he still won't, Kyzen - because people treat him like a pariah. When kids found out through people who knew the truth, I got bullied because I was a monster by association." And kids are mean. We all know that. "But people can change. Even if he's a renegade, what if he's only there because he has no choice? What if he's there because it's all he's ever known? I don't… believe in blacks and whites when it comes to people." There are too many shades of grey. And now Risa is exhaling, leaning forward to press her forehead to K'vir's, to school her own thoughts back into something less chaotic. "What if all he needs is a chance? What if he's asking for help and doesn't realize that he's asking? I don't… I don't think he would hurt me. And I have Leirith if he tries." And while it might take one second for things to go horribly wrong, there's still a chance for things to go right. "But I just wanted to tell you, so that if you saw me with him, you didn't get the wrong impression or…" A half-laugh, a shrug of her shoulders because no. It's just that: "I didn't want you to have the wrong impression." AND NOW? A kiss to the bridge of his nose, a lean back as she studies his face and then uses her fingers to TUG ON THE CORNERS OF HIS MOUTH. PULLLLLLLLLL. "How is Bethari?"

K'vir almost laughs… ALMOST does and then gets a grip of himself before he really upsets Risa (and completely unintentionally). He can only shake his head but when his gaze meets hers, bright blue to grey, there is a depth to it and he doesn't even have to speak if she has learned to parse his expressions. He understands where she is coming from! Zekath may view the world in black and white, but K'vir has ALWAYS seen the subtle levels of grey. His brows knit again, but more in reflection than concern. "There's a lot of 'what ifs' to it, Risa and who knows which is the right answer. I'm not going to say he's a threat - I don't even know the guy!" You bet his interest has been piqued and while D'lei may be out on his trail, you best believe it that K'vir's gonna try finding him too. Will he tell anyone? OF COURSE NOT. His expression twists a little as she explains her past and he mutters some sort of curse under his breath. SO NOT PROPER! "Screw those who judge outright! You know, my parents did the same thing? I had a friend when I was a kid… well, he was a lot older than me but I looked up to him? He became a rider and I guess I looked up to him a lot but my parents wouldn't accept him because he was guilty by association in their eyes. So I get it, where you're coming from…" Does that reassure her, enough? Another smile to kiss at his nose and then he's sputtering a bit when she's making him smile! Snorting, he'll pull away but not before nipping at her fingers and mockingly glaring at her. Enough of that! Blinking, his expression falters for a moment; not to sadness, just uncertainty but it soon smooths to a gentle sort of peacefulness. HE'S NOT UPSET, RISA! "Last I heard, she was doing well. Risabeth flew, but Zekath lost. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or not about it." Those clutches are HARD on him and the bronze, when some of the eggs don't hatch! "… and she's pregnant too." Pause, beat. "By her partner." In case there's ANY PANIC THERE! No K'vir spawn this time.

A lot of what ifs, and a lot of assessments - and truths that have Risali's brows knitting in, that have those gentle fingers tracing brows, and cheeks, and jaw. "That wasn't fair of them," she whispers. "I'm sorry for your friend. Though, to be fair, I'm pretty sure my Dad would tie me to the couch and stand over me so that I couldn't go anywhere if he knew what I was doing." Because parents rely on instinct to protect their children, and Risali isn't so sure that she wouldn't be in the same position for her own children. But then, Risali believes in chances and redemption, so it's hard to say. But then he's pulling away from her forced smiles, and there's her usual mischief in that expression, fingers flexing as if she might go in for more, only to still when K'vir speaks and Risali listens. There's no panic there, perhaps because she already knows the answer or perhaps because who D'lei and K'vir have children with comes with a vastly different expectation because they are dragonriders and things happen. But there is a tick of her jaw, a nod and a bow of her head as she manages, "S'van won. Ha. He slept with me indirectly." A beat, and softer but still forced. "Sucker." But then she's lifting her head to kiss K'vir again, to press into that contact with more force than strictly necessary, as if she is trying to communicate something to him without words. That she loves him, or that he is important, or that she's sorry. "Last you heard…?" That's a choice of wording that holds a lot of implied things, ones that Risali closes her eyes against, and shakes her head to derail before breathing, "You don't have to tell me." Because he doesn't; that expectation has never been in place with her. And it might be why she's moving on. "Leirith is going to rise soon, too. I hope Risabeth is in a sharing mood." BECAUSE SHE KNOWS, OKAY. Her queen is starting to glow and make A RIGHT NUISANCE OF HERSELF.

"Ha'ze didn't exactly help things with them, either. He ended up exiled, along with Jajen," K'vir sighs with a grim smirk. "We kind of drifted apart over the Turns. He came and saw me briefly when I was still in Igen but…" Things change. People change! And K'vir's life has been a whirlwind since, so it's no wonder that he doesn't go hunting down his rogue of a friend. Brows lift for her joke about S'van and indirectly sleeping with her and he stifles the bark of a laugh he was about to voice. No need to wake everyone else up! "That's terrible, Risa!" he says without any heat at all because he's laughing on the INSIDE. Tilting his head up, he leans into her kiss and into her. He understands what she is conveying there and again, as he's learned, returns it by NOT SPEAKING. Actions speak louder than words, right? Right. Blinking when she echoes back his words, he looks puzzled and then it clicks in. "It's nothing bad!" he amends, chuckling and there is wistfulness but not sadness in his expression. "Just that… She and Haaken are starting something and I'm not wanting to intervene too much, you know? New relationship and a child on the way… they should have some time to figure that out between them. Without the complication of, y'know… me. Which I'm okay with! I'm still gonna visit her, obviously and nothing has changed between her and I. Just…" It's a little complicated. Smiling, he leans in to nuzzle along her neck, his breath tickling against bared skin. "Besides, I have you and D'lei and the kids here to focus on too. You're all a part of my family too!" And from the sound of his voice, even gentle and low spoken, is that he's decided on the matter and won't be convinced otherwise.

Risali listens, intent and invested, watching K'vir's eyes as if she might find subtle context and gentle nuances there that fall between the cracks of any language's shortcomings. And she smiles, a quiet, muted smile as her eyes jump to her hands, to the fingers that push at wayward strands of hair as if she means to tame them back into place. "I'm sorry. I guess in a way that's kind of what happened with me and Calisi. Only… she got sick. But I imagine the missing them stays the same." BUT YES. TAKE HER TERRIBLE JOKES. TAKE THEM AND… let her kiss you. And then Risali is right back to listening, watching and hearing and frowning and then looking away. Because looking away is safer; because Risali needs to be okay with the things that K'vir is okay with. So she grabs his hands between hers, presses them together, presses both to her mouth and holds them there for nips, and nibbles, and her lips catching and dragging on roughened skin. DISTRACTIONS. GOGOGOGO. And then she exhales, finally looking back his way as she lets his hands go and looks back at his tunic, picking once more at that. "I love you, idiot," she whispers, because maybe she just needs him to know, and then she's stilling. "About Zyriden, I…" An inhale, a long exhale. "I think I'm going to let R'hyn raise him. With my Dad and… with Cita." OHP, HERE COME THE EMOTIONS. But look at her try to shut them down like a champ. "I'm pretty sure he's R'hyn's." And not D'lei or K'vir's.

K'vir kisses back, humming softly in delayed agreement; yes, it is the same feeling of missing the one's you loved. He never stopped considering Ha'ze a friend, even though the distance between them now is ever so wide. As for Calisi, well… that was another issue all together. When she grabs his hands, his gaze will settle on her and watch, a slight flush rising to his skin when she nips and nibbles and he is very much DISTRACTED by the attention. If they're not careful, he'll be tossing resolve to the wind and giving into other means of passing time! He chuckles gruffly, then exhales… no, no. Calm down! "I love you too," he murmurs back, lapsing silent when she goes still and he can sense that there is more to come still. His brows furrow, expression growing clouded with conflicted thought but he's not upset or even angry. Flights are flights and they already had their shock over R'hyn winning (and his brain broke trying to figure out how it would feel if it'd been Th'ero and that ended up with Kyzen.exe not responding). That Zyriden is his and not 'theirs' wasn't even something he'd considered. Now? He lifts his hands, gently cupping her cheeks and trying to gently draw her focus to him. "Are you sure about that, Risa? Would you be okay with it?" He asks her, as the boy's mother because she has a say in it too and he cautiously reminds her of that fact.

DON'T DO IT, KYZEN. It's been too long since she has touched or been touched, and Leirith's insistence every waking hour is not making it easy to be good. Yes, yes, there are other means, but Risali has been busy between being a mother, being a Weyrwoman, and trying to stay on top of both her and Bethari's work while half-days and vacations are allotted for baby-having (which she did not allot herself but SHUT UP, she's the one in charge which means she's the one who has to tackle the responsibility. Also, she didn't tell Thari and she's pretty sure there will be a lot of disapproval from that pretty co-worker once the beans are spilled so shhhhhhhh). Regardless, her entire body answers to gruff chuckles and murmurs and it takes everything in her to concentrate on the topics at hand. SEE? K'VIR IS NOW BREAKING RISALI.EXE and how dare. But his question draws her back - or maybe her admittance. She closes her eyes, forces herself to breathe and gives herself a moment to really think about the answer to that question. "Yes…" comes breathy. "And no. I…" How does she explain this? "I know he will be happy here, and have a good life; I know that you and D'lei will love him, and guide him, and that he will be yours regardless. But I…" A pause as she shifts back, as fingers go for her own hair to pull over her shoulder and twist in those loose curls. "I know he will be happy there too. That he will get just as much love, and just as much guidance and be just as safe. But my Dad…" A half-laugh that ends on emotion, emotion that Risali stifles by biting down on her bottom lip and looking anywhere but at K'vir because then she will go from lips trembling to crying. IT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE UPSET and somebody you find comfort in is right there. IT'S A CURSE. "He was so happy, K'vir. He cried. He cried and I could tell it was… it was the closest he is going to ever get to having children that are his and R'hyn's." Which sounds stupid and AWKWARD aloud, but there you go. "And I will still get to be his mother. It will just be shared time instead of him always being here. With us. He's… going to have two families who both love him very much, and I think… I think he should get to know R'hyn as his father too." So she's not giving him up completely. Just… enough. "Do you think I'm making the wrong choice?"

Patience is the key and K'vir is exactly that as he leans back into the couch and rests his hands gently on her hips. Occasionally they wander higher or towards her back and sometimes down to her thighs but it's more a touch of comfort for both of them and reassurance. They are here, together and they will support each other through this. That is his silent promise, as he gazes up at her and is distantly aware of the rain falling outside of their weyr and of the quiet within despite the number of individuals still asleep above. Oh and here come the emotions! K'vir's expression softens but he does not immediately console her or ask that she look at him. He allows her a moment to collect herself, to look away even though it pains him. Wordlessly, he rests his hands over hers and squeezes gently. No nips or nibbles as she'd done to him, but don't discount it out entirely yet! "No, I don't think you're making the wrong choice. There is no wrong choice here, Risa. If you feel it would be better for R'hyn and your father, with Cita too, to raise him? Then I don't see a reason not to. You know them best and from your reasoning… I don't think I could ever say no to that. And like you said, he'll still be yours and ours." It's more complicated than that, but K'vir knows he's only skimming the top of it. No need to rehash what was already said and what Risa already knows in her heart and mind.

Patience is key, and Risali is certainly one human who requires a lot of it. Not because she is fragile, but because she is too strong sometimes; because she doesn't want to sit still or talk about emotions because emotions are complicated and convoluted and there's so much more that she can say in the application of fingers, and lips, and tongue than with her entire knowledge of language. Now is no exception, when they talk about choices and children and things that are best - not for them, but for their family, for their child. And Risali hears K'vir. She acknowledges him with a dip of her head into a nod before she's grabbing his maddening hands and pushing them up, up, up. Up, over her thighs, up past her hips, up over her stomach and ribs and higher still; she's locking her fingers with his to brace her own weight when she leans forward again, when her mouth finds his and lips brush tantalizingly close when she speaks. "I don't want to talk about it anymore." And her mouth, without a real kiss, dips to his jaw where she lingers in a moment of aching non-contact before she dips her head to his neck, brushes teeth against his Adam's apple and then bites gentle over his carotid. "I want you." And so it goes, hands pulling away from his to find their way beneath his tunic, dipping down to use her teeth in order to secure fabric that she pulls up and feeds back into her hands so that she can delineate a wicked path down, down, down. So that Risali can find her own pleasure in Kyzen's, to indulge herself and immerse herself in that carnal knowledge she possesses of him. And maybe after she's somewhat sated, maybe then she'll drag him up so that they can wake up D'lei. Because hey. Sometimes a girl just wants to watch a good thing happen, and WHO IS GONNA DENY HER THIS?

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