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Xanadu Weyr - Weyrleaders' Office

Office and retreat, this is the domain of Xanadu's Weyrleaders. The door is in the eastern wall, quite close to the southern end while the northern wall is dominated by big, expansive windows, framed by sumptuous deep blue drapes edged with a brilliant gold braid and tied back with a thick rope of braided gold and blue cord. In between, the eastern wall is covered floor to ceiling with shelves that house all sorts of records, manuals and supplies that are used on a day-to-day basis. The southern wall has the Weyrleader's desk — plain fellis wood, well polished and masculine. From behind his desk, the Weyrleader can look straight through the windows and out onto the main airspace of Xanadu. The western wall is where the Weyrwoman's desk resides: a lovely piece of furniture made of warm cherry wood. From her seat, a glance sideways gives her an equally good prospect out the window. There are a few other seats, some comfortably arranged around a low round table for small, informal meetings while there also some that can be drawn up to one of the desks.
On the south side of the door, the space is occupied by a low oblong table where refreshments can be set without someone needing to intrude. There is also an 'incoming' tray where incoming correspondence or similar items can be left.

It's a late, late night in Xanadu, and all the sane people are asleep. With the moons up and full, they cast brilliant silvery shadows across the landscape, but also turn those shadows into wavering things of a sinister nature. Creeping through the darkened caverns towards the offices, Mur'dah wears all black with a bag clutched in one hand and a small platter held in the other. "Almost there," he whispers to his accomplice.

Ka'el is busy with things. That's why he's still here, as late as it is. His firelizard dozes on the patch of carpet before the desk that the Weyrleader sits behind. Ka'el has poured over papers until the words began to swim off the page, and so he takes a break. He pinches the bridge of his nose and squeezes his eyes shut hard. Maybe a half hour more. Just an hour, max. Not longer than an hour and a half. Office lights are on and his lamp is lit on his desk.

So.. that leaves Mur'dah, Raelii and… the person they're sneaking up on as the insane ones? Raelii is down with that! The girl hasn't been in Xanadu for two sevens and she's being dragged along on a lark, but she's all excited to be in on it! If her father knew…! But he doesn't, so hah! She is here and dressed in the required black as Mur'dah has asked. It's the weirdest get up too seeing she's got… not much choice. Her long-sleeved shirt is a body-hugging stretchy, thin material and she has tight black full length leotards on under those. No shoes, because heck, it's summer here and her shoes are all light-colored. Her hands are sweltering under the black socks she slipped onto them. She's really into this! The only thing that prevents her from looking totally like she's wearing nothing but black paint is the pair of dark brown short-shorts she's wearing over them. She totally looks like Catwoman. Or maybe a ninja. Did they paint their skin with black facepaint? Because that would rock! "Okay," she whispers back to Mur'dah quelling her curiosity for now about why they're headed for the admin hall.

No, no face paint. Knowing Mur'dah's luck he'd be allergic. Creeping into the admin hallway Mur'dah lifts a finger up to his lips in the universal 'shhh' sign before he stops by a breaker panel. Gently opening it, he counts down on his fingers. Three. Two. One. Then he kills the lights in the whole wing. Someone really should lock that panel. He waits for a few seconds and then creeps forward, listening outside of the Weyrleader's door before he slooooowly opens it. Does it creak? He hopes so. Because a moment later there is a blinding flash of light as something is /tossed/ into the room, emitting a loud /wailing/ shriek. Strobe lights flash, and the thing just spins around in the center of the room, rolling forward and backwards with a rhythmic thudding sound beneath that high pitched squeal. Darting into the room, Mur'dah sets the platter down on the floor by the door and hauls on Raelii's arm, tugging her behind Thea's desk in the commotion.

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Oh. In that case, Raelii has found a black scarf (borrowed) and it's wrapped all around her head and face leaving nothing but a slit for her eyes. She totally looks like a ninja! It's a… sexy look? But at least she isn't crawling in front of Mur'dah. He did make the shushing gesture, but the girl's eyes widen at the door he peers at. "Mur'dah, what's your friend doing in the Weyrleader's office?" It's a barely-heard whisper but she isn't quite making assumptions. Not yet. And then there's with the lights and sound and her yelp of surprise is probably drowned out completely until the girl gets dragged behind a desk, eyes wide. It's a good thing they're back there because the thing Raelii's holding sproings in her hand, she squeaks and tosses it out there like it’s a hot potato. Glitter bomb goes POOF-SPISH!

Break's over. Ka'el opens his eyes and leans forward over the papers again, shuffles through a few, and then picks up a pen to write. The lights go out. He sighs an expletive and blinks largely, glancing to the window which is not much brighter. Dropping his pen, he rises and starts to feel his way around to the front the desk, frowning as he thinks he hears something. Then he defintely hears something. Loud noise and bright lights flood the senses and cause him to blindly stumble backward, roughly cursing. The loud squeal of a firelizard might be drowned out by the loud noise of the bobbling, flashing thing on the floor. The highly startled and confused Weyrleader hasn't any time to even try to fathom what the shell is going on before things explode more. Literally. More strings of cursing, and he squints his eyes as he lifts his arm to shield himself from .. whatever this attack is. Papers rustle and flutter as a stepped-on Alloy panics and scrambles and flies, still wailing, before popping off between.

This is too, too funny. Crouched behind the desk Mur'dah grips Raelii's arm as he tries so hard not to laugh and just to watch the show. He is in so much trouble but it's worth it if Ka'el laughs.

Raelii is wide eyed as she hunkers down under Thea's desk. Who did they just prank? She has no idea! And as things flash and wail and screech, multiple colors assault her eyes, sounds attack her ears, the flailing, the cascade of paperwork and yelping firelizard adds to it. But oh, the display of bedazzling colors end with a silent spray of star-shaped lights reflected on the ceiling, faint bits of glow reflected are the myriad snowfall of glitter everywhere, some still floating down in the blessed, blessed quiet! Raelii tugtugs on Mur'dah's sleeve. They're… dressed in black for a reason. Do they… sneak out now? Or do they wait here until the morning when the Weyrwoman will find them curled in the one glitter-free spot left?

Who's even awake at this hour? The answer shouldn't be Soriana. At least not unless there's a party going on - which, admittedly, maybe there is, but not everyone got the invitation. In fact, there were no invitations at all, just a… pair of party planners and a victim. So no, Soriana shouldn't be awake, but… she is. Probably because she and Luraoth have been flying about during the day and avoiding paperwork, which means she's noticed that she's running late on something and decided, in best cramming fashion, to finish tonight so nobody notices she neglected it. Which means she's back in the archives when things get… interesting. There's a screaming firelizard and something happening. She doesn't know what. But it's definitely happening. Luraoth rouses, her thoughts drifting gently to look for problems among the mostly-sleeping dragons, and Soriana leaves her papers behind to head for the source of the problem. Aka - apparently - the Weyrleader office. Toral pops in, and squawks a 'what?' before popping off again. Probably going after Alloy. Buddy, bronzey, what's going ooooon? Soriana… would also like to know that, as she approaches the door with steps turning from jog to walk.

Ka'el tries to get to the light switch because the strobing light doesn't do much besides give people seizures, which he luckily doesn't have. But it's hard to do so, with specks of glittery things in his eyes (hair and face and everywhere) and his ears all but bleeding with the noise. He curses again, this time a shout as he instead advances on the ball of doom and gives it a hard kick. Goal! Score one for Ka'el? He doesn't even know where he's kicking it to. Away from where he is and his side of the office is his point. He's brave for kicking it. It'll probably explode. "Who the shell is here?!" It has to be someone right? Else it's a ghost. Alloy's long gone, popping in and out from between, only managing to give Toral flashes of bizzare colors in answer. Luckily, Kanekith, while agitated, doesn't have the 'my rider is in a life or death' situation feel to him. So no bronze will come busting through the walls. Thankfully.

Well, the /plan/ was to make a break for it, and Mur'dah shifts, nudging Raelii in that direction. "Go," he hisses, crouching to follow after her. Alas…as they get to the door to make a silent and blackout retreat, it's blocked by Soriana. Who /works/ at this hour you all are /crazy/! "RUN!" Mur'dah yells, pushing at Raelii. SAVE YOURSELF! He's so busted.
The headwoman should not be in her office either. But she is. Was. Darsce'd come to check on something or other - briefly - and then scoot, but of course the lights went out and something went boom chucka waa waa POP so of course she's going check that out. Feeling her way to the breaker panel (knowing about that is courtesy of Jethaniel, most likely), she feels for the odd switch, flips it into line and bing! Lights! The illumination they provide gives her an interesting sight. There's a Soriana in the Weyrleader's door, there's a… little girl dressed in black scrabble-crawling for the door, a- She blinks. Her brother scooting after her and the floor looks all glittery. Hm. Stepping closer, now she AND Soriana are blocking the door, she pokes her head in. To see Ka'el. Iceblue eyes simply stare. At the pink, purple, blue glittery mess they've made of him. Deadpan, she says dryly, "Hm. Glittery. Looks good on you, Weyrleader." And then she turns and scrams. Because she had nothing to do with this! And she's wise enough not to point and laugh.

Raelii scrabble-crawls for the door but as she does, the lights blink on and the door is blocked by not one, but two bodies. She skitters to a stop, sliding on the glitter, peeks back over her shoulder at Mur'dah. "Run where?" She just sinks back onto her feet, remaining in a crouch, looking like a little black squirrel and brushes her sock-covered hands together trying to rid them of glitter. She should say something? "Hi!" she squeaks from under her black scarf. "Who're they," she whispers audibly to Mur'dah.

Luraoth finds no dragon (or rider) in dire circumstances, which is at least a little reassuring. Except Soriana can hear the din for herself, and it's SO not reassuring. "What the-" she begins. She doesn't get to finish that, because the lights come on. Blink. Blink. Okay, so… her eyes find Ka'el first. Then they go to Darsce, standing next to her. Then… they go to Mur'dah. It's like they're ping-ponging back and forth, because the final place they settle is the least familiar one, aka Raelii. Under the circumstances, Soriana… stays in the doorway. She arches an eyebrow, and… who's a good question, but. "I'd rather start with what." She already did, sorta, but she's willing to repeat it.

Ka'el can hear scrabbling. Someone's in here, and they may get tackled down once he gets his bearings. Once glitter is out of his eyes so he'll stop squinting. And then he hears a shout, and he whips around towards the door, starting to thunder that way blindly. Then the lights are back, and he squints even more at the suddenness of them. Glitter and papers marred with firelizard claw scratches litter the floor. Ka'el looks like a Christmas ornament stuck in a Halloween mood. Glittery he is, jolly he is not. Confused? Yes. He barely has time to acknowledge Darsce before she's gone, but there are more people to glare at. Some girl in black. Mur'dah, in black. And Soriana? Et tu, Sori? "What … the shards?"

Mur'dah bites his lower lip when the jig is clearly up, and he straightens, putting a hand on Raelii's shoulder and nudging her back towards him. He's covered in glitter too, but he's grinning as he bends to pick up the glitter-ified cake. It has frosting letters on it too. They say 'CHEESE'. No one knows why. "Raelii, may I introduce our Weyrleader, Ka'el? And our junior weyrwoman, Soriana." What else is there to say? Other than, "It was my idea." No shit.

Raelii catches Ka'el's glare and it… mesmerizes her like the proverbial deer in the headlights. She's… going to die now right? It renders her speechless and immobile. What they're saying. What. Asking? And all Raelii can do is silently point to Mur'dah. With her black socky-covered hand. Heh. His idea! And she has no idea what that light-explodey-ball-thing is called. She wants to hide behind Mur'dah but she can't move, even to blink apparently so when he nudges her shoulder she doesn't budge. Murdah… takes the cake. Literally. She already knows it says cheese. He hasn't told her why either. Weyrleader… weyrwoman? Is it possible for Raelii's eyes to open any wider? Apparently. She stares at them, then stares at Mur'dah. Squeak?

Soriana has… no clue. She has arched brows and - yeah, Ka'el's got the question down pretty well. Though, really, stick your choice of profanity in there, they all work pretty well. She'd even be okay with getting experimental. But. Let's not get distracted by creativity… yet. She'll just nod agreement to Ka'el's phrasing and keep her eyes on this newcomer - Raelii? - and Mur'dah. Explanations, please? …okay, so that's a start, but it's not exactly a full and complete answer. She looks from Mur'dah up to Ka'el, and says, deadpan, "Pretty sure he's a wingrider, Weyrleader." And as such, guess whose jurisdiction he falls under? Answer: not hers. Though she could make a case that Raelii does. Is that better or worse than Ka'el-the-Weyrleader's? The expressionless of her face does not make this clear. But. The Weyrleader's definitely in charge of the wings.

And there's cake? Ka'el can see it, though he's not directly looking at the now inedible sparkly thing. His eyes, comeplete with glittering lashes, are on the three.. no, make that two before them. Soriana doesn't fit. She's not wearing black nor does she look like a guilty party. The stranger, apparently new to Xanadu considering Mur'dah's introduction, probably could've hoped for a warmer reception from the current Weyrleader than what she's getting now. Though in truth, his glare her way doesn't linger long in comparison to the glare he gives Mur'dah (…sparkly as that glare is, sigh). His papers! He worked all night on them. He was nearly finished! He hears Soriana, and oh how he knows how true that statement is. "Clean it up," he says, voice low and words slow. Better than angry yelling, right? "Every page in order. Every speck off the floor."

Mur'dah watches the Weyrleader, impassive and impervious (and other im- words. Except impotent. Not that im- word.) to his glare, and then he just nods. "Yes, sir," he says, turning to set the cake aside on the desk. "I'll go get a broom." He turns, his back to Ka'el, and gives Raelii a brief wink before he's trying to move past into the hallway, shedding glitter as he goes. "C'mon, let's get the cleaning supplies," he says to Raelii.

Raelii would have preferred to fly under the Weyrleader's radar altogether, thanks. Actually, no, he's kinda deadly-looking, glitter notwithstanding. One thing she's very sure of. He has no sense of humor. He's glittery and she doesn't crack a smile. Not that… they can see that under her scarf, exactly. Brown eyes turn to the woman, Soriana? Expressionless is also a verybadsign. She seems to want answers. Raelii has none to give. Mur'dah, who does, isn't talking. And he's… going to leave her?? With these two frowny-faces? Nooooo! She… leg-clings to keep him here. It's the first time she's moved since the lights came on. She's still not breathing. And back to staring at… Ka'el is it? Clean it up. Starting with him? Squeak again! Uh, uh… she can help get Mur'dah talking maybe? "Why's it say 'cheese'?" she asides to him. Note: she's not touching the Irritable Glittery One. Doesn't Xanadu have vacuum cleaners?

Soriana nods to Ka'el's (initial) decision. She neither smiles nor frowns, but she does step aside to let Mur'dah go get that broom. Y'know, now that it's too late for him to actually escape. Well, he can escape the room, but not the consequences. Not even if he finds one of those air-suction cleaners - because, yes, the techcraft has made some - because they're not nearly powerful enough for this. Though they might be able to clean it. Eventually. Maybe by next week? Soriana's gaze goes down to Raelii (still no expression. She's practiced this. It's a Weyrwoman skill) at the question, then lifts back to Ka'el. "The Juniors' office is free," she notes. Still no expression. She's studied well! So she can pretend like this is actual information rather than completely sharding obvious because it's the middle of the night.

"Stop. Take that with you," says Ka'el, eyes flitting to the cake briefly, words directed to Mur'dah. "Don't bring it back." Then to Raelii. "I don't want you back in this office tonight. The mess is his to clean, and this office isn't a playground. I apologize that your introduction to a portion of the Weyrleadership was under childish circumstances, and I'm embarrassed that it was a Xanadu rider who brought you under said circumstances." It was his idea, wasn't it said? Though her going along with it doesn't speak highly of her, as a newcomer, even if it's the riders that are his domain. His frown remains, the joke obviously not a funny one, to him at least. Neither is Mur'dah's flippant attitude. Was one of those possible im- words 'immature'? The expression saved for the Comet rider is, although obviously angry, not a flaring rage. There's something else there. More discrete and difficult to place. Disappointment, perhaps. "Comet wing can do without you for a seven. Report to me in the morning, and each morning thereafter for the remainder've the seven. Your shifts will be reassigned. It's your responsibility to report to your Wingleader and tell him why he's lost a rider." He brushes off his shoulder, eyeing the glitter that falls, checks in with Kanekith and Alloy, then exhales a breath as he glances to Soriana. He nods a little, then moves to head out of his now messy (yet lit) office, brushing off glitter along the way.

Mur'dah was going to take her with him! There's no way Mur'dah would /abandon/ Raelii with Ka'el and Soriana. When she leg-clings he puts a hand on her back. "Cheese? It's something they used to say back on Earth to get people to smile." He looks at Ka'el. "Guess it didn't work." Mur'dah is sad. He reaches over to pick up the cake though. "Thanks for not making her clean. It was all my idea," he says, and that at least is genuine. He was going to send her away anyway, soon as they were clear. "Yes, sir," he adds to his 'reassignment'. Does he get to teach Ka'el how to have fun again? Nudging Raelii a bit, he tries to guide her towards the door after Ka'el has left.

Mur'dah mutters to Raelii, "… thought… Clearly… didn't…. you… trouble. He didn't… to…"

Mur'dah whispers "Sorry we got caught. I thought it'd make him laugh. Clearly it didn't. Hope you don't get in trouble. He didn't used to be like this."

EEP! The Weyrleader is talking to her! Raelii listens and she… does sorta get it. He was startled. His office is a mess. But… no one got hurt and nothing was damaged. 'A friend of mine,' Mur'dah had said. That's the part that's confusing her. When he's finished, says in a very small voice, "Yessir," and watches the pair depart. She doesn't know either one of them but her part was probably, as an accomplice, indeed quite childish - she wouldn't argue that! And now she can follow the nudge-prompt and depart, leaving glitter floating in her wake.

Soriana doesn't say anything as Ka'el explains the situation to Mur'dah and Raelii. He's the Weyrleader. He's well within his rights! In fact, she doesn't say anything until after he's left, though likely not before he's out of earshot. That's when her gaze settles on Raelii. Oh, she's not a wingrider, but evidently the new arrival won't be getting off entirely, because Soriana says, "I'll see you at noon tomorrow. Come to the juniors' office." The Weyrleader (probably) won't still be there. Just Soriana. Right now, though? She heads back to where she was doing her late-night work. Before the interruption. (And what an interruption it was!) Maybe she'll work with Ka'el. Or maybe she'll just give it up as a bad job, admit she's fallen behind, and take the consequences… along with giving some out. Tomorrow.

'A friend of mine.' Call it wishful thinking on Mur'dah's part. "Sorry," he murmurs to Raelii after Ka'el and Soriana are gone, running fingers through his hair to shake out the glitter. "I…that didn't go as planned. I'll help you out if I can," he promises, "but Soriana's fair. I'll see you later." And then he's off to get cleaning supplies and clean the office. And it will be clean, come morning. Spotless. Records organized, the papers that Alloy damaged meticulously re-copied by Mur'dah (the originals filed in a new file that Mur'dah labeled 'Damaged'). And every trace of glitter is gone. Unless someone opens Mur'dah's rider file. There's glitter in there. Just to be an ass.

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