Sorry for Bleeding on the Floor

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Late afternoon and things are mostly calm in the infirmary. A couple of the curtained off cots have resting patients with serious injuries, but otherwise all is quiet. Kera's the only apprentice on duty right now, and with few patients, her tasks have been completedly rather quickly. So to keep herself busy, a person can only study soooo much afterall, she's following along behind a broom that's swishing back and forth along the floor. Even with how clean the infirmary is always kept, a little pile of debris is soon starting to be seen. From a upper wall shelf, a brown lizard chitters a few notes, as if to say 'ya missed a spot', causing the girl to snort. "Did not." talking to herself is better than arguing with her books right?

Well, she won't have to talk to herself for very much longer? Because there will be another patient walking in (on her own terms, honest!) and that means conversation, right? Kiena steps inside the infirmary, looking… well, fresh from the forges. Dressed in her full gear, minus the apron and tool belt but the heavy clothes are obvious enough. The bluerider's skin is also covered in soot and grime and her hair is damp closest to her scalp and what few wild tendrils don't remain tied back in the bun she's fastened it in. Overall she looks hale and whole, until one glances down to her hands. She has one (perfectly fine) hand clamped hard on the wrist of another that is not so normal looking. Not normal in the sense that it's been hastily wrapped in a clean cloth that is rapidly being soaked through with blood. Blood that drips on the floor until Kiena realizes and with a curse, holds her arm upright again. Duh. "Hey Kera," Oh, she's spotted that familiar Apprentice. Hey, you! "Bored?" Kiena smirks. "Cause I may need some assistance." Obviously. Why else is she here?

More chitters from Minimur as the lizard stretches his neck to look down at the floor, and Kera just shakes her head, muttering some silly response. "Well, then you sweep it." One final swipe across the floor before she turns to get the dustpan, and blinks when a bleeding Kiena is spotted. Stepping quickly towards the bluerider, Kera is already gesturing the woman forward. "I would say G'day, but you're obviously not having one." Offering a small smile and eyeing the grip Kiena has on the injured wrist, she pulls out a stool for Kiena to sit on and places it by the sink. "Come have a seat and tell me what happen while I have a look and get ya fixed up." Kera pats the stool before going about and gathering a variety of items that she'll need and setting them out.

Kiena snorts and then laughs gruffly, only to hiss through her teeth when she jars her hand a bit. Ow. "Good one and you're right on the mark. It was a good day. A shardin' good one! Thought I had the damn thing worked out…" she rambles, obviously in discomfort and probably a bit edgy with uncertainty. She hadn't really got a good look at her hand before one of the Journeymen and another Apprentice were wrapping it. Sitting carefully on the stool, she'll keep her injured hand closest to the sink and her eyes watch Kera carefully and curiously. "Eh, it was a stupid mistake. Was working on some of the more finicky metals and as I was hammering away and working it out the damn stuff shattered." She pauses to gesture awkwardly with her uninjured hand. Bam! Shards of metal everywhere! "Guess my grip slipped and I hit it on the wrong angle…" She sighs. "Anyways. My gloves weren't thick enough for it and one shard caught me and as I lost my balance I caught myself on another. Real sharding clumsy of me."

Kera winces in as Kiena relays how the injury occured, but smoothes it quickly to be replaced by a calm pleasant smile. Turning the water on to a gentle little stream, she glances briefly to her lizard when the brown churls softly down to the bleeding rider as if to offer some lizardly comfort. Her attention slips right back to Kiena's wrist though as she starts to wrap and expose the wrist a lightly as she can. "It may be a common injury, but it can still leave quite nasty wounds. But you'll be fixed up in a few minutes." Exposing the wound, the apprentice sterilizes her own hands before touching Kiena's. Gently, she starts to rinse the hand. Knowing this will hurt, Kera flashes a little smile and tries to distract the rider from what she's doing. "Until this happened, how had things been going? Givin any thought the what we spoke about a couple sevendays ago? The fosterhome…"

It's part of her line of work! Injuries are expected in Smithing and Kiena so far as avoided some of the worst ones. Now her luck has run out. The bluerider had only been gripping her wrist in some vain attempt to slow the bleeding and once the wrap is pulled back it's obvious that the skin holds mostly scratches around there. It's her hand that has the two gashes and Kiena sucks her breath in through her teeth when the cloth peels away. "Oh good. Just a few minutes, huh? Think I can go back to work then?" Of course that's her chief concern! While Kera is sterilizing her hands, Kiena will take a moment to rotate her hand carefully and expose the second gash along the palm of her hand. "Damn. I did do a number to myself," she mumbles, eyes a little wide. "You sure this is an easy fix?" Not that she can tell, not with all that blood! Now she's being drawn closer to the sink. That won't hurt, right? Wrong! Kiena jerks a bit on the stool, glancing sharply from Kera to her hand. Hey, that hurts! Gritting her teeth, she keeps her focus on some point of the floor. Breath, breath! "Uh," Give her a moment, her thoughts are scattered! Ow, that's her hand! "Things've been good! Real… good before this. Ow. And uh-huh. I have. Got a family lined up and everything… shouldn't be much longer now."

Kera nods slightly and a little sigh slips out as she cleans away most of the blood and gets a better look. "Ahh, good ya have that figured out then." She smiles up to the rider about her daughters being fostered somewhere as the water rinses red down into the sink. "It will hurt for another moment, just need to get a good look and make sure there isn't anything still lodged.." Examining it closer, and seems satisfied that there aren't any particles, then grabs the little tub of numbweed. Kiena tilting her hand over, allows Kera to apply a liberal coat of numbweed. "Let that work its magic a moment and you should be feeling much better. Hold your arm up a bit, to help recede blood flow." She gives a small shake of her head. "The Journeyman will say for sure, but I don't think you'll be able to hold a hammer for at least a sevenday, much less swing it. Probably you will need to alter your duties for the next couple of sevendays. Cause this will definately need a few stitches." Kera smears the numbweed over Kiena's hand, watching the rider as she works.

"Mhm. They're a good family," Kiena confirms through slightly clenched teeth as Kera continues her work and the bluerider keeps steady and not flailing all over the place. Her patience and tolerance is pushed a little when Kera takes a closer look and Kiena "distracts" herself by muttering a few of her choice oaths and curse words under her breath like a sort of comforting litany. Ow, ow, oooow. Finally there is numbweed and she could all but hug Kera for joy when her eyes spot the familiar salve. "Sweet Faranth, about time!" she says with a crooked smirk and then obeys without question by lifting her arm up. That much she knows to do, even if she forgot on her way in. What brings her mood down is Kera's assumption. "A sevenday?" Kiena exclaims, a little loudly before she blushes a bit and sheepishly ducks her head down and continues in a lower stone. "Yeah, but… the Journeyman stitches it and then I'm good, right? Keep some bandages on and I should be able to work." Right?

Kera chuckles a little at Kiena's reaction to the numbweed going on. "I just wanted to make sure there weren't small shards that couldn't be seen due to all the blood before I smeared the numbweed on." She doesn't mention it'll be swiped off shortly in order to thoroughly clean the wounds rather than the quick rinse that was merely to see the injuries. As the hand numbs, Kera sets to filling out the proper forms, "You're not going to be able to do much with that hand til it has time to heal up. Stitches, particularly around joint areas like fingers, wrist, knees… won't heal very quickly if you don't keep them immobile. Wiggling your fingers or trying to pick things up with only slow your healing. But I'll get the Journeyman, he needs to have a look, but if the bleeding stops there should not be any problems getting you fixed up." She offers a sympathetic smile before stepping over towards a cracked door. A quick knock and she peeks her head in.

Kiena wrinkles her nose, "Oh, right." she mutters about there being small shards of metal in her wounds. Ugh. She looks further displeased as Kera confirms again that she'll be out of work for a good chunk of time. Never mind her hand is all torn up, she's miserable over having to face reduced work and… gasp… free time! Oh, the horrors! "Ugh. Gotcha. Be good or else make it worse and suffer longer. Can't forget that," she grumbles sarcastically. Pouty smithcrafter is pouty. She'll watch as Kera gets up to find the Journeyman and while the Apprentice is gone, Kiena's curiosity will get the best of her and she'll begin to peer at her hand. It's numbed now and still seeping blood but with the worst of it cleaned she can see the cuts. Almost fascinated by it until it makes her a bit woozy when it begins to sink in that that's her skin that's cut and open and bleeding. Kiena tears her eyes away and stares at the wall instead.

Kera slips out of sight for a almost a full minute before stepping back out, followed by the Journeyman. He scans the file Kera worked up concerning Kiena's injury before stepping up to the sooty smithrider. "My apprentice tells me you had a bit of a mishap with your fire?" Said apprentice sighs quietly and takes the file back in hand as she murmurs a little correction, pointing out a specific spot on the page, which the Journeyman's eyes scan. "Ah, explosive hammering hmm. Perhaps you should not be so enthusiastic in your work aye?" The greying Journeyman offers a gruff chuckle before cleaning his own hands in another sink and grabbing a few sterile wipes. "Mind if I have a quick look miss? Kera said you have some deep punctures…" He takes up a very long pair of tweezers and sets the hinged thick glass to hang in the air over a cloth covered table that he rolls up to where she sits while Kera hovers at the man's shoulder, watching.

Explosive hammering? Kiena blinks at the Journeyman and then Kera and has to bite down hard on her lower lip to keep from bursting out into a fit of laughter. Still, when she speaks there's a slight snicker to her voice. "Ah, yeah. Guess I'll be careful next time. Tricky thing with metals…" Not that they explode, per say. Kiena keeps her injured hand held out and readied for examination, though she looks a bit wary and uncertain by those tweezers. "Don't mind. S'why I'm here, right?" she mutters and then grimaces, trying to spy out where Kera has gone too. "Deep punctures is aptly put!" And then the bluerider is tensing, preparing for whatever is next even though her hand is properly numbed now. "She's also told me I could be out of work for a sevenday. Is it really that bad?"

The aged healer grunts an acknowledgement before gentle grasping Kiena's wrist and swiping away the thick layer of numbweed to fully expose the blooded holes. "Hmm." Wow, way to commit to an answer. He manipulates the rider's hand, prodding, nudging, and pressing around the punctures. His efforts produce a very thin sliver of metal that the apprentice missed. Holding the tweezers up for his apprentice's inspection, the girl frowns and winces, already sensing what's to come. "Always check with the glass when in doubt Kera." He hands off the tweezers, which Kera takes, while he turns back to Kiena's hand and nods approvingly. "Alright, she'll get you stitched up. I'm afraid though that my apprentice was wrong. Once the stitches are in, you won't be using this hand for at least two sevenday. During which you'll be needing to clean it regularly and apply numbweed as needed. Unless there is a problem with your stitches that makes you come in sooner, come back at the end of the two sevenday. We'll check to make sure there isn't any nerve damage." All the while, Kera is fluttering here and there and setting a suture tray. "Kera will give you a light fellis dose to take with you after she finishes. Mix it with a little juice before you sleep." He nods and gets up, sliding the little table out of the way as Kera comes back into range.

Kiena feels nothing but a strange pressure as the Journeyman prods and nudges at her hand and again the bluerider is transfixed on watching it unfold. Surprise! There's still a sliver. "Woah," she mutters under her breath. How'd that sneak in there? Yet she'll fall silent while Kera is corrected, trying to give the Apprentice a reassuring look. No hard feelings! She's learning, right? And Kiena is just gritting her teeth and weathering through all of this, trying to keep in a good mood. It'll be a challenge though when the verdict for damage and healing is longer. Kiena sputters, "Two sevendays? What… What am I supposed to do for two sevendays! Smithing requires two hands and…" Damn it! She suddenly looks furious enough to start kicking a few things, but she'll just stay put and simmer in brooding anger as she listens attentively to the Journeyman. Nerve damage? She starts and pales a bit, "There's a low risk of that, isn't there?" Please let that be a yes! But it's certainly caught her attention. The rest she nods stiffly too and then waits patiently for Kera to take her place.

Kera waits til the Journeyman finishes his instructions, eyes flicking over to Kiena's file as the old healer adds his notes for her to follow. When that's done, he smiles cheerily to the patient "As long as you follow a few simple rules, there shouldn't be any lasting damage beyond a little scarring. Kera will have ya back to your forge soon enough." Giving a gentle pat to Kiena's shoulder, he steps away, back to his office, as Kera approaches the smithrider with a clean white linen stretched out between her hands "Okie, Let's get you moved over where you can sit more comfortably." She gestures with her head and chin towards the nearby table across the room while she loosely wraps the towel around Kiena's hand. Grasping the rider well below the wrist, She slips and arm around the woman's back, guiding her in case the bloodloss has affected Kiena. "Other than the obvious from your hand, how do you feel?" If she can manage to get the rider moving, it's only a few steps across to the very inviting padded chair.

Kiena can handle a sliced up hand but the touching? Not so much. There's relief on her features when the Journeyman assures her that if the orders are followed, then there is no lasting damage. Scars she can live with. The gentle pat to the shoulder is weathered with a slightly tense smile, but she murmurs her thanks politely enough. Now Kera is descending on her again and Kiena will stand and be led, trying to ignore the Apprentice's touch. It's necessary and really should not have been unexpected. How else is she to be mended? Telekinesis? She seems capable of walking to the new padded chair easily enough under her own power, only slightly woozy from a bit of blood loss and the adrenaline crash. "A bit foggy?" she answers honestly to Kera as she sits into that very inviting padded chair. Ahh, that's better than the stool! "Other than that, pretty good. Guess that'll change, huh, once the numbweed wears off?"

Kera makes sure Kiena is settled before she begins to gently dab on more numbweed to the spots needed, turning the hand slowly as she smears more around. "A little fogginess is not unusual. You were bleeding pretty good there for a bit." Her gaze darts briefly to the bloody drips trailing from the entrance to the sink. An appologetic wince is offered after she finishes renumbing Kiena's hand. "You may not want to watch me work now. Alot of people find that painting there simply fascinating right about now." Kera smirks a little and gestures towards the wall that has Kiena looking the other way. The apprentice begins her sutures, working as quickly and lightly as she can. "I'll give you a tub of numb-mix. Numbweed with a few things added to help encourage healing and reduce itching. It'll hurt the first few days, then, it'll start to itch. The numbmix works for both." One stitch down and she begins on the next. Hopefully, all Kiena feels is an odd pressure and tugging of her skin. "Swelling will happen the first couple of days, then should lesson. If it doesn't or you begin to notice signs of infection, come back and have it checked."

"I was?" Oh right, she was. Kiena glances back to the entrance and the floor, noting the trail and shooting Kera an apologetic look. "Uh… sorry about that. Hope you just didn't get it clean in here." Not that the bluerider is clean herself, being fresh from smithing. How is she going to bathe now? "Why wouldn't I watch? What painting?" Yep, she's distracted that easily and her head turns away to find this piece of art that other patients find so fascinating. Kiena frowns at it but it won't hold her attention for long. Something is tugging at her hand and her eyes slide back… Oh hey, lookit that! Sutures! And she's not feeling a thing. Not even queasy. "Kind of odd, watching yourself get sewn up again." she mumbles with a smirk and then sighs heavily. "Wonderful. Sounds like I'm in for great joys in the next few days. And well, seeing as I like my hand, I'll keep an eye on it." And she'll be good and not try to work too soon or do anything to jeopardize it's healing. As much as she'll be tempted!

Kera shakes her head as part of her response. "It's probably just as well that you didn't realize you were bleeding so bad. May have caused you to panic and do something silly." Using the brief distraction that painting caused, she continues her work. All too soon though Kiena is observing the procedure rather calmly. Kera chuckles softly "I've never experianced it myself. Must be a rather…odd sensation, even with the numbweed." Glancing around the open area briefly, she flicks her gaze back to Kiena "I'm sorry for the damage I almost caused. It completely slipped my mind to inspect your wounds with the thick glass." Thankfully, she won't be the cause of the smithrider losing her hand. "If I had sewn your hand up as it was, it would have very likely become invected at the very least. The sliver could have dug in deeper and caused even more damage." Kera gives an appologetic shrug to go along with her wince. "So a couple of sevendays away from the forge isn't 'that' bad when ya consider your options." Canting her head up after snipping the threads of a suture. "Maybe you can take this time with your daughters?"

Kiena scoffs, "I'd not do something stupid just cause I was bleeding. Not the first time I've cut myself and probably not the last. Do folk… really panic over cuts?" she asks and likely already knows the answer to that. She's trained as an S&R rider in Western and is all too aware of how silly people can become when faced with injury or high stress situations. "It is odd. You feel rather detached, even though it's your own limb." Kiena explains to Kera helpfully, though it's probably lacking much in the way of details. "Hope you don't. Cause that'd mean you have to be hurt and then… stitch yourself. Huh. That'd be weird. Can you even stitch one handed?" She's rambling again, but what else can she do while sitting on a chair and waiting for her hand to be sewn back shut? Kera's apologies catch her off guard and she turns her head a bit to peer at the Apprentice Healer. "Don't worry about it, Kera. Seriously. You're still learning and that's what the Journeymen are for, right? He got it out and now it's all good. Don't beat yourself up over it." Though she can't help but wrinkle her nose a bit at the grim prognosis. "Well, it ain't gonna happen. You'll see. I'm a tough gal, I'll heal just fine." She snorts, "Yeah, I guess not but it's still going to suck. Common, at least let me gripe? How'd you feel if you were barred at Healing for two sevendays? Fourteen days!" It sounds so much worse at that tally! Kiena shakes her head at Kera's suggestion. "I'd need help with that. I still have to go fetch them and all their stuff. Then there's the prickly issue of if I'm cleared for Between or not. Closed wound but…"

Kera nods over Kiena's hand but doesn't look away from her task. Tugging at the threads and pulling a gentle knot that doesn't pucker Kiena's skin as she talks. "It's the blood. You'ld be surprised how many people seem just fine til they see their own blood. Tis fascinating to watch really. Their face goes from normal to pale as a sheet in just a few heartbeats. At that point they are lucky if they have someone to 'assist' them to the floor." Snipping off the final threads, she nods as Kiena is more forgiving of her mistake than the apprentice is. Pausing, she thinks before chuckling and lifting her shoulders briefly "I could stitch my leg with two hands I think. But..not too sure how well I could stitch with only one working hand." A smirk is offered to the rider's griping and she nods agreeably while slathering on more numbweed then begins to bandage Kiena's hand. "I understand your frustration. I was made to go home for a whole sevenday a little while back. Was supposed to be a 'long' rest time." Kera snorts at that. "Ended up doing twice as many chores than usual." Pinning the loose wrap securely "Now, try to keep your hand elevated as much as possible the next few days, even when sleeping."

"Mhm, I suppose you've got a point. Blood is a bit unsettling," Kiena has to admit with a grimace and then a low chuckle for Kera's tale of how most people pass out at the sight of it. She almost shrugs then, but thankfully stops herself before she moves her arm and her hand. At last, the stitching is done! The bluerider almost flexes her hand by habit, but nips that in the bud in time as well. "Good stitching," she murmurs as her blue eyes inspect her hand again with barely a twitch. She laughs, "Guess it would depend on where you're injured, huh?" Oh, how much she learns even when being the patient! More numbweed then and a fresh bandage and Kiena is all but fidgeting by that point. "I remember you telling me about that… That sucks though at least you could keep busy? I'm… going to have one sharding hard time keeping myself occupied. With tasks doable by one hand." Oh joy of joys. "Alright. I'll do my best to remember that," she agrees before moving to slip off the chair. A task already made difficult as she makes an effort not to set her bandaged hand down. Ugh. "Thanks Kera for the patch up. I better go speak with my Journeyman and get all that sorted. At least let 'em see that I'm fine." For the most part. She'll offer the apprentice a smile then. "Maybe I'll catch you around after shifts?"

As if reading Kiena's mind, she holds up a cautioning/scolding finger "Don't! be trying to flex your fingers or hand too much. Trust me, it will get moved or bumped enough without your efforts. Too much tension on the stitches and they will tear open. Meaning your skin will tear, not the sutures, causing more danage that will need to be restitched."The apprentice is making it sound more horrible than it really is…right? Stepping to the sink and washing her hands and drying them, she fills in portions of the treatment file. When that's done, she goes to the cabinet and gets the proper fellis dose as the Journeyman instructed, along with a fresh tub of numbmix before returning. "Don't forget to take this dose of fellis with something before before you turn in. And apply the numbweed as needed. Come back if you need more or have problems." Handing over the little bottle and tub, she smiles to the bluesmith with a nod. "Of coarse. I'll be around." KEra waves to the departing rider. "Hope you have a better evening than your afternoon was."

If she is, then she's doing a good job! Kiena looks rather contrite and maybe a bit wary and concerned now that it's sinking in how damaged her hand is. "I won't!" she promises with a grim smirk. Don't need to tell her twice! Lingering to gather her medication and the dosage of fellis, Kiena dips her head again to Kera and smiles crookedly. "Got it!" And she does. She's not one to fuss around with injuries. Her desire to return to work as fast as possible will see to that. "Thanks, Kera. Hope your evening goes better too. Sorry again for uh… bleeding on your floor." And everywhere else. Yet, that's why it's the infirmary, right? Kiena backs away then and hurriedly steps out into the evening summer air.

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