Girls Only?

Xanadu Weyr — Siebith's Weyrbarn

Covered in rough, weathered wood, aged by the weather and the sun, the irregular grayed clapboards outside of this weyrbarn lend the place has a rustic, masculine charm. White shutters and window boxes overflowing with brightly-hued tangles of flowers on the lower windows and flowering vines twine about the supports for the porch overhang add a feminine touch, softening the stark stone steps leading to it.

The worn stone floor of Siebith's area is just inside the large sliding door. The living area of the weyrbarn has an open, airy layout gives the utilitarian, bachelor-like plain white-washed walls and simple hardwood floors a sense of wide open spaces. A sturdy mahogany-toned table with chairs that somehow manage to match despite their variety accent the earthy, wooden tones of the kitchenette. The same dark reddish hues are in the door at the far side of the barn, as well as in the low-slung coffee table in front of the plush, worn couch. Dusky sea-blue rugs are scattered here and there. Dark golden curtains hang on either side of the many windows and partition off the loft up above, led to by a black wrought iron set of ladder-like stairs. Lilies arranged in glass vases on the tables provide a crisp of white counterpoint to the dark wood tones.

A new addition, the bedroom has walls of the same plain white, but the floors are made of newer wood, still shiny with polish. A four-poster bed of the same red mahogany takes up the most of one wall of the small space, a blue-and-cream linen coverlet spread on the wide mattress. A set of wooden bureaus take up the bulk of the wall opposite while another wall has been painted upon in the very center with a seascape mural, its crisp blue waters and sandy shores. The final wall is graced by a feminine-looking writing desk stacked with papers and bedecked with knick-knacks. Over the bed, a set of stained-glass windows allows golden-brown light mingled with white whorls and blue haze to shine into the room with the rising of the sun, though both panes are able to be unlocked and swung wide to accept lake breezes.

It's hot, not a breath of breeze from the lake to stir the dry leaves this evening in Xanadu. The spot Seryth usually shares with Siebith is minus the blue tonight, though where he is exactly, unannounced. Light shines out from the open windows and front door, feminine voices drift out from inside on the sultry summer evening. Inside the weyrbarn a party is set: snacks and drinks set out on the table and counter awaiting the guests. Over on the table there are all sorts of finger foods, puffy cheese or meat-filled pasties, cookies, things that gals shouldn't eat but find too good to resist.

Thea makes her way up the porch steps, her arms laden with several pillows. Apparently she's just run to the storage room in a last-minute errand to augment the ones she has.

Phylicia has apparently been finding her own ways of beating the heat, or at least making it a bit more bearable. Be it shedding the vest or the t-shirt to her normal outfit, or wandering around in pieces of her bathing suit. Either way, she's way too used to living out of a bag, and she comes strolling up to the porch with a light change of clothing in it, bulging with both a light blanket and a pillow. Today, the t-shirt of her outfit is missing. "Hey Thea!" She calls out, trotting closer to the junior. "You need help with those?"

Chittering, squawking, and warbling outside heralds the arrival of one of the guests, jewel-hued stomachs on the wing swooping through the entryway followed by a seldom-seen Weaver lass. Jessamin carries a basket with her — not of sewing, but rather large, and covered with a checkered cloth. While clad in her usual snowy tunic and crimson skirt, her usual sandals have been exchanged for fluffy, whimsical pink slippers that encase her feet completely. They sport flit-like wings on the sides, completing the look. "Beware Weavers bearing gifts!"

Cenlia arrives, wandering slowly and looking tired. The gardener girl is most definitely not in her usual work clothes. Instead, she's wearing a bright red halter top and and shorts, with a sarong tied around her waist. She looks like a proper girl! Whatever has happened to her? She also seems to have a bag with her, slung over one shoulder and sloshing as she goes. There's a grin for the other girls, Cen raising a hand to wave a, "Hey," to them, her five firelizards swooping along behind her. Little bronze Charmer spots Thea, and immediately flutters over, starting up his usual crooning waggle-dance. Croon! Croon!

One of those pillows Thea is carrying has worked it's way out from under the pile in her arms and it's only her elbow gripping it to her body that keeps the thing from falling to the porch, "Hya Phy! Yeah, grab this-" her chin jerks towards the slipping pillow. "Thanks!" The sudden influx of firelizards has Shep leaping from her shoulders to join in the aerial hijinks. Unusual that he leave her at all, such a faithful guard he is, this speaks volumes of Thea's relaxed and happy mindset of late. The junior turns in the doorway to greet the others, "Heya Jessa, long time no see." She almost doesn't recognize Cenlia, but Charmer erases all doubt. As she gives the little bronze a good scritch, she blinks at the gardener with surprise, "Hey Cen. You look nice… and kinda tired. Whatcha been up to?" She motions with her head, "C'mon in! D'had's not here tonight. We have the place to ourselves."

Aerial hijinks might be an understatement, with the barely controlled chaos that is Jessamin's faire playing 'tag' up towards the ceiling. Jessamin herself grins over at Thea, ambling on over with her basket to give Thea a hug. "I know, how have you been? Kind of surprised you sent your bronze over with that invitation, but I'm glad you did." Cenlia and Phylicia get a huge smile, and a wave. "Hello there! Wine, bread, fruit, and cheese for those who want it!" She sets her basket down by the table, pulling the cloth off the top.

Phylicia grabs the slipping pillow, tugging it out from under Thea's arm as she turns and grins at the other two showing up, giggling at the fair of firelizards which her two boys have joined from out of nowhere, adding another blue and brown body to the rainbow. "I know." Phylicia makes a face to Thea around a grin. "It's some S&R thing, so M'nol's gone too. But I'm glad you invited us!" There's a definite pout to her voice, but she sounds happy enough to have a girl's night in. "Heyya!" She offers to the other two before she slips inside the hut, chucking her pillow onto the man-eating couch. She sets her bag down as well, which 'clinks!' softly. "What kind of wine?" Is asked curiously, as she pauses from extracting something more airy and comfortable from her bag.

It's a pile of walking pillows apparently, that thumps its way into the weyrbarn. Except there's the legs of the short stout little brownrider poking out from beneath as Iawen tosses the armful onto the nearest flat surface that won't get dirty, grinning cheerfully from ear to ear. "Hullo ladies," she remarks, raking her hands through her short dark hair before tossing a wave in the general direction of her fellow Weyr females. "Managed to get plenty of nice soft pillows." Fanning herself, the woman starts for the table. "Sure could use a drink. It's shardin' hot. Though it beats being at High Reaches. Never had enough socks there. Rather be too warm than freeze."

Charmer almost purrs as he gets scritches, letting out a throaty croon of delight. Cen grins, "Been plannin' an orchard," the gardener girl getting a certain sparkle in her eyes, "Figure could grow peaches here in a few turns. Make it m' journeyman project." That's probably not /all/ she's been up to, but she doesn't say any more, instead nodding to Thea, "Ain't seen ya in forever. Congrats, by the ways," with a headtilt toward the weyr. The rest of Cenlia's flits are off to play, trilling to the other firelizards. Cenlia's attention is caught immediately by mention of wine, the girl turning to per that way.

Jessamin grins widely at Phylicia and Cenlia, clucking her tongue lightly. "Tsk, tsk, what do you take me for? Nothing but the best for old friends. Managed to sneak a bottle of Benden white. Don't ask questions, I won't answer." She starts setting out the goodies from her basket along with the rest on the table, the fruits ranging from berries to redfruit, mangoes and papayas, and most anything that can be found around Western. Iawen gets a wave from the Weaver lass, and a smile. "Hello there. Not sure we ever met. Jessamin, now of Western."

It's a good thing the weyrbarn is built with a high ceiling all airy and roomy, giving the firelizards plenty of room to cavort. Thea drops her armload of pillows on one of the rugs then returns Jessamin's hug, "Good to see you! I've been good. Glad you could make it." She giggles at Phylicia, "Seemed like the perfect time to do it. I… don't do so well alone at night." She half-growls, "Hopefully they won't do too many of these night maneuvers." As the pillow-covered Iawen enters, she steps to help if she can, "Thanks for bringing those, I'm Thea." She welcomes the girl with a smile, "Help yourselves," she gestures to the table. "An… orchard?!" This to Cenlia with a blink of surprise before an oddly bashful grin at her friend's congratulations.

Phylicia grins up at Jessamin as the young ladies assures her friends of the wine's quality. "I wasn't doubting you." The young healer reassures with a laugh before she notes a second mound of moving pillows. "Hullo, I'm Phylicia." And what is likely serving as her PJs is thrown over her shoulder as she produces her own goods after intoducing herself.. "Mine's not edible, but they smell good!" There's a small assortment of jars in the bottom of her bag, clearly labeled with scents. But she laughs at Thea. "Well, any time Tenebrous doesn't have me out in the forest and the guys are out, send for me!" She says enthusiastically before looking to Cenlia. "An orchard?" She asks, sounding impressed.

Cenlia's grin is huge for the mention of Benden White, telling Jessamin, "'S good stuff, that," and not asking where it came from. She understands these things. The gardener girl peers at that walking pillowpile, blinking a little and saying a, "Hi, 'm Cenlia," as she grins at the person carrying them, and at the mention of High Reaches, Cen makes a face, "Just got back from there. They got a nice orchard." And at the questions about an orchard, Cen practically beams at Thea and Phy, "Yeah, D'son seemed t' think it'd be a good idea. Already got seeds from—" there's the barest pause, "South Boll." She sets down her own bag, pulling out.. bottles of peach juice? Yep. She didn't bring booze… huh.

"Eh," Iawen's brows arch a bit at the sound of Jessamin's voice, and the older woman offers the younger a wry smile. "Daresay we haven't ever met," she remarks rather dryly, reaching for a glass of something — was it wine? — and tossing it back with the air of someone desperate for a cool drink, regardless of what it might have been. "I've only gotten here m'self. Iawen. Brown Culmairoth's. Late of Ierne WeyrHold, though I was raised at Eastern, and Cully's Reaches-Hatched. Nice to meet you, Jessamin." Cenlia gets a grin then. "Never saw the orchard myself," she remarks. "Spent too much of my time shiverin' in my socks. So I'll take your word for it. And I'm Iawen." Time to offer her bonfides around to the members of her new home, it seems.

Jessamin smiles wryly, opening the bottle of wine and pouring out a glass of the good stuff. Wait, was this the usually sober Jessamin, drinking gasp wine? Whatever has gotten into her? "You're damn lucky to have Impressed, Iawen." Taking a healthy sip of the wine, she utters a soft sigh, and grins wide. "That's one thing wearing the white knot makes one appreciate—a good, stiff drink."

Thea laughs, "I'll do that, Phy." She wanders towards the table, eyeing the bottle Jessamin brought with a low whistle. "You spared no expense, Jessa." She's turning towards the cupboards lifting out more glasses for the wine should they be needed, setting them on the table. "Peaches, huh, Cen? For peach brandy?" There's an ever-so-slight wince as she says this, but her smile re-appears. D'had actually liked the stuff you left us." She catches the last bit of Iawen's introduction, "Welcome to Xanadu, then, Iawen. I grew up back of High Reaches." She's already in her pajamas — a soft, well-worn too-big for her t-shirt (D'had's) and short shorts.

Moria is running just a little late as she makes her way to the weyrbarn door, knocking on the frame before entering. She's carrying a box carefully in her arms as she enters the room, nodding to those she recognizes. "Evening," she calls as she seeks a level, unoccupied surface to rest the box on. "Have I missed anything?" The crafter is already in her PJs, which are a soft blue tank and loose pants, completely acceptable for crossing through the Weyr.

K'ael is out on a late night stroll with a tiny version of himself! That's right, little Milo, product of K'ael and Leona, is turning out to look just like his father. Brown hair, blue eyes, ears that stick out too far… But he's feeling a bit cranky tonight, so daddy has taken him out for a walk. He's quieted down, but still isn't totally asleep. The bronzer is in his own pjs! Well, he's in his boxers plus a t-shirt. He wasn't planning on visiting, but something just smells way too good, and it's coming from a familiar weyr. The talking inside makes K'ael assume it's safe to enter. "What's all the hub-bub about?" Ladies! Lots of them!

Iawen's brows quirk upwards again at Jessamin's next words. "Damn lucky?" the woman's lips twist into a rather ironic smile. "Well, I suppose you have a way of puttin it," the woman comments. "Being as I'm Weyr—bred, and most of m'family rides one color or another, I guess I was lucky at that." she pauses,offers another dry smile, and then nods at the younger woman. "Course, I'd have been more happy if Cully'd been shelled on Eastern sands, I wasn't much thrilled with my long stay at the coldest place on Pern." she tilts her head slightly. "Fardles, I haven't thought back to that day for Turns now. I couldn't have been much older'n you. But aye, you really learn to appreciate things when you're denied 'em." Thea gets a smile and a nod, although it's not a particularly pleased smile — 'Wen's expression indicating she'd just as well not speak of the past that cheerfully — particular the cold past. "How in Faranth's name did you ever survive in that frozen place. I felt when I was at High Reaches like I never had enough socks."

Phylicia wanders off to one of the more secluded corners, her pjs of a spaghetti-strap nighty and boy—shorts in tow on her shoulder. She manages to do one of those quick locker-room changes without exposing too much flesh, but the gown gets jerked hastily down with a squeak as K'ael's voice comes from the doorway. Adjusting the gown she pads over to Jessamin, reaching for one of the glasses of Benden and one of the meatier finger foods. "Who invited the guy?" She jokes, eyeing K'ael as she looks to Jess, taking a sip of the Benden and listening for a moment.

Cen grabs a glass of wine, flopping down on the nearest pillow and sipping it, agreeingwith Iawen, "'S shardin' cold there. Think I caught somethin' on the snow." Or something. There's a grin for Thea, "For peach juice. X'hil loves the stuff." There's a cheerful, "Hi," for Moria, and then when K'ael is spotted, Cen raises a hand to wave at the bronzer with a grin, "Hey!"

A -man-? In no-man's land? Sacrilege! Jessamin just barely opens her mouth to reply to Iawen, when K'ael makes his presence known with such aplomb. Whirling around on one heel, she turns to him with a mock-accusing glare, though her eyes twinkle all the same. "Thea, wasn't this supposed to be a -girl's- night out?"

Thea fills several glasses with the wine Jessamin brought, lifts one to sip a tiny bit, nods her approval and slips though the crowd to Stand beside Jessamin, murmuring comfortingly, "Perhaps your time will come one day soon. Ya never know." She peeks curiously at the box Moria has brought, but shakes her head, "Just getting started. Food's there." She points at the goodie-laden table, then a male voice has her blinking surprise. "Heya K'ael. We're having a pajama party…. for -girls-." Emphasis on the last word before a smile to take the sting. Little Milo claims her attention then, "This must be the babe you mentioned. He's cute. May I?" She holds out her hands to take the tot from him if he will let her, speaking to Iawen over her shoulder with a shrug, "Grew up there, so used to the cold. The camilid wool made for warm stuff." She merely chuckles at Cenlia, "Peach juice. Riiiight."

Moria returns Cenlia's nod and, settling on a clear span of counter, rests the box there and flips the lid open. "Anyone have a favorite color?" she inquires, glancing between the women. K'ael's arrival elicits a raised brow and amused snort before she resumes the unpacking process. "And if someone has a free hand…" She trails off, watching Thea reach for the kidlet with curiosity. K'ael has a kid? Huh.

K'ael is here, in the forbidden zone! And there are all those girls with just their pjs on! And look, one is even changing! This is a dream come true! Or a living nightmare. It was always hard to tell with this many girls about. It could spell trouble for an overwhelmed bronzer. But K'ael is too oblivious to realize that. He grins a bit on entry, waving to Cenlia. "Hey." Then looks to Thea and chuckles. "Aw, how cute, a pj party." Then he nods to her. "This is Milo. My son." The bronzer hands him over to her. Milo is too tired to complain really, so he sinks in against Thea without a peep. K'ael in the meantime steps over to give Moria a hand.

Jessamin, meantime, looks K'ael over with a critical eye, a wicked grin spreading slowly across her face. Uh-oh. This could only mean trouble. "Yes, this is a -girl's- party. Which means either look the part, or suffer the consequences." The gauntlet has been thrown, the challenge issued. And, by the gleam in her eyes — not to mention the pillow she picks up from the pile — she has no intent of backing down. "What do you think, ladies?"

Phylicia pauses in the act of putting the glass of Benden to her lips but finishes taking her sip as she puts herself next to Moria. "Purple?" She says, looking to the glasscrafter in curiousity. There's so much happening that Phy isn't quite sure of what's going on, but she grins as Jessamin issues the challenge. "I think that sounds fair." She says, her eyes twinkling with a bit of laughter and amusement as she looks at K'ael who isn't too far away at the moment, seeing as how he's lending Moria a hand.

Iawen's grin is somewhat wry, the brownrider crooking her hands behind her back for a moment as she regards the assembled women and girls with a brief glance at each. "Oh aye, I was surprised I didn't catch cold all the time, what with all the snow." Cenlia gets a brief smile before the woman starts to sink down onto a plump pile of cushions. At least, she was, for at the arrival of the bronzerider, she's right on her feet again, casually nudging a pillow up against her thigh with her foot — just close enough for her to snatch it with her hands. "I suppose," she comments to Thea, "that if one was raised there, might be somethin they were used to. But me, I was southern-raised. Used to warmth." she grins toothily at Jessamin then. "I like your thinkin."

K'ael peers at Jessamin and the pillow. "What are you going to do? Make me a dress? I don't think you want to see me in a dress. Or maybe you do! At least leave Milo out of it, he's not old enough to be tortured." Before he's dragged away, K'ael starts helping himself to all the goodies.

Moria raises her hands at Jessamin's challenge, or really, at the menacing pillow, and backs away from K'ael while pulling the box, contents not quite uncovered, after her. "Do what you want, but keep the action away from here, hmm?" She nods briefly to Phy when her color is spoken, and edges her way further down the counter. "Purple for Phy," she murmurs, nodding again to set that in her mind.

"Green?" Thea's answering Moria as she takes little Milo. Then she's stepping back from the bronzer with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, one hand reaching behind her to snag a pillow… snickering a reply to Jessamin, catching Phylicia in the glance. Houston it is a go for launch! Without jostling Milo, she slings the pillow at the bronzer's head, mindful also of the table. Bright eyes turn towards Iawen after the pillow is tossed, "Yeah, was the opposite for me. Had to learn to take the heat when I moved south. I'm still not used to it."

"'S a party fer the girls," Cenlia smirks a little, grinning at K'ael, and then when Jessamin picks up that pillow, that's all the excuse Cen needs. Placing her glass out of the way gardener grabs the nearest pillow. And tosses it. At the bronzer. Hehe.

Jessamin says "Oh, better than a dress. Much, much better." Letting out a sharp whistle, she raises her arm, and one of her flits lands upon it like a perch. It is the largest of her faire, a shimmering bronze. She nudges the flit's muzzle so he turns to look her right in the eyes. "Go on now, Bahrain, go back to Western and get my bikini and sarong." Chitter, warble. "Yes, that's right. Go!" With a squawk, the cheeky flit takes off, getting just a few wingbeats out of her range before popping *between*. K'ael gets a cheeky grin, the Weaver girl bursting out laughing. "And you think your son might not want to take part in pelting you with pillows? Might be the only time he'd get away with it."

K'ael blinks a bit as the first pillow hits him. Then there's another, and another… and another! "Argh! Hey! Ow, careful!" There's no retaliation, just a bronzer trying to orient himself again. Besides, who would he choose to go after, anyways? Oh right, that girl. The Jessamin one, who he hasn't met or at least doesn't recognize. "Bikini and sarong? I can just get naked if you really want to see everything."

Phylicia catches Thea's glance, but the junior gets a slight shake of the head, noting the lack of pillows around her general location. The healer apprentice giggles as the pillows start to fly, but she's also ready to grab any that try and knock over any of Moria's stuff. A look goes to Jessamin again and she shakes her head, grinning. "You are a cruel person, Jess." She teases as she sets her glass down, headed towards her pack of jars. "What do you think he should smell like?" Oh, she'll get in on the torment this way.

Bahrain pops out of *between*, soaring in with a bundle of white and bright yellow in his talons.

"Bikini?!" Thea's laughing and gasping at the same time and stepping back from the fray — she's got little Milo to keep safe from… whatever's coming, right? "Um, Jessa… I hope you're planning on putting that on him, cos I'm not doing it." She may not even watch. "Nono, K'ael, you needn't. Please don't." She's snickering as she says it, but she means it, "Keep your clothes on." She's moving around the outer edges of the chaos as Phylicia moves in with her jars, "Might wanna move this outside?" Because D'had arriving tomorrow morning to a shambles of a home might not be such a good thing.

Jessamin grins wider, if that's possible, as Bahrain returns with the items. She reaches up just in time to catch them as he lets them go. But, as much of a troublemaker as he can be, the bronze flit settles down on her head like a hat, rather than on her shoulder or some other perch. "Oh, I'm not putting these on him. He's a big boy, he can dress himself." She actually -cackles-, winking at Phylicia. "If there's any flowers to put in his hair, that would just complete the whole ensemble. Oh, does anybody have a ribbon to put in his hair?"

K'ael peers at Phylicia. "Make it something yummy at least." There is a glance towards Thea to make sure she was still with his son. He chuckles. "It sounds like that's what they want." Then he looks back to Jessamin and laughs. "My hair is too short to do anything with. I don't think ribbons or flowers will stay. And how exactly do you plan to make me change? I think I deserve a little compensation here."

Moria shakes her head as the others start to pelt K'ael with pillows, grabbing the box and moving further away from the assault. "Green. Okay Thea," she says, backing over to another table and settling the box again. "Phy, he should smell like meadowsweet," she calls, lips twitching with amusement. "And, I do." Have a ribbon, that is. Indeed, she pulls a length of blue ribbon that matches her pjs from her pocket. "I can sacrifice this for a good cause, I imagine." She drapes the ribbon across a nearby chair, and returns to her box, lifting a small glass globe sloshing with purple water out of it. "For Phy," she says, settling it on the counter.

"You could just take Milo and your cookies and flee with your dignity intact," Thea suggests with more than a little glower in there for the bronzer and a browlift at Jessamin. "Pillowfight, perfume, ribbons, yes. Stripping no." Another glare sent K'ael's way before she eyerolls, "Past Milo's bedtime and this girl-party to resume being for girls." She steps back towards K'ael offering the tot and sweetly urging him on out, "Night K'ael."

Jessamin chuckles softly, shaking her head. "What kind of compensation are you talking about? You -could- always leave with your pride intact, you know. Thea's got a point." She eyes the ribbon on the chair, and lets out a melodramatic sigh. "Though I'd hate to see Moria's sacrifice be for nothing…."

Phylicia smiles up from her position of kneeling on the floor. "Run, K'ael." She suggests in a friendly manner, pulling out a few different jars. Some are obviously scented oils for massage therapy, while others are simply salves and ointments to help dry skin. She twists off the lid of one oil jar and the scent of sandalwood drifts out from it before she recaps it. "Because I do have meadowsweet in here." Though that's one of the less smelly ones she likely has, due to the almond—esque nature of it. And as her name is mentioned, her head pops up and peers over towards the table. "Ooooh? What're those, Moria?" Ooo! See, she remembers the glasscrafter's name.

K'ael blinks. "Meadowsweet? Is that some sort of perfume plant?" He watches Moria drape the ribbon and runs his fingers through what little hair he has. Maybe he'll just keep it mostly shaved from now on? "Heh. Any sort of compensation?" Then Thea is urging him out the door, and he takes back his son. "Well, as much as I'd like to be you ladies' source of entertainment, it would seem Thea would rather I not. So… have fun, try not to pick on each other too much." He chuckles, then excuses himself.

Moria twirls the orb carefully on it's flattened side, causing the purple liquid to dance. "Paperweights. Ornaments. Whatever you want to use them for." She pulls out a few more, in green, blue and red. She snorts as K'ael takes the easy way out, waving at him. "Take care, and don't forget your kid!" Because that would not look so good, hey?

Jessamin flops down in the pile of pillows, the flit on her head thinking this great fun as he holds on for dear life. She reaches up to try and dislodge the mischievous winged stomach from his perch, chortling softly. "I'll have to give you an extra treat when we get back to Western. Good job." K'ael gets a smile, and a laugh from her. "Oh, we'll be fine. Do take care!"

"Cookies. And your dignity." Compensation, that. Thea hands Milo back to his daddy and whisks a handful of cookies off of one of the plates, extending them to the bronzer. "Share with your son." She winks at Jessamin and Phylicia, "Beribboned and perfumed might be a bit much for Leona to handle when he's out walking her son." She steps to the counter, examining the glass paperweights, "Those are pretty, Moria. You made them, yes?"

Phylicia looks up from her back again and chuckles, proceeding to take the jars out anyways so the others can look at them. "It is supposed to be a girl's night." She says with a grin to K'ael. Aka, the girl will be just fine turning back to a night of … whatever. She's putting the jars on the table now, for better availability. And while she's at the table, she gingerly picks up the globe of water, giving it another gentle shake to watch the water swirl and churn. "I think I remember 'Nol saying something about these. They're cute!"

Moria nods at Thea's question, pulling the last few orbs out of the box. In total, there is one each in purple, red, blue, green, yellow and orange. "They're the successful results of a new project I'm working on. This is the first stage — filling the globes with water. The next stage, I'm going to try sand." She pushes the green globe apart from the others, toward Thea. "For you. The rest of you can pick which you want." Phy already has hers. "Yeah, I talked with M'nol about them when I was working out the dynamics of making them."

Thea admires the globes, viewing each in turn then picks up hers carefully. "It's beautiful, thank you Moria." She slips from the room for a moment to place it on her desk in the bedroom. When she is back, she stops by Phylicia's jars. "And these, you made them too, eh?" She's settling down amongst the pillows to relax and chat….

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