Telgar's Hatching, October 9, 2005

Telgar Weyr - Hatching Sands

Immensity yawns in this cavern, the space vast in every dimension. Rough walls of natural basalt with the odd intrusion of harsh granite rise up from a carefully leveled floor, arching up into immeasurable darkness that can never be fully banished. Yet, the attempt is sometimes made, with firelizards and the smallest of the green dragons depositing glows on a thousand little ledges until the effect resembles a starlit sky. At ground level, big permanent torches have been built, designed by clever smiths to burn for hours if enough fuel is provided. On those occasions when there is something happening in here, those torches are lit and their bright illumination can be almost as powerful as daylight. Sand covers the floor of the cavern, a wide sweep that is deep enough to bury the largest dragon egg twice over.

On the hatching sands, Lopsided Whipped Cream Egg rolls slightly on the sands, rocking this way and that.

On the hatching sands, It's nearing time for the next course, and the Alfredo Covered Rotini Egg wobbles a bit in preparation, knocking sand away from its little hollow, before returning to rest. It's not quite time.

On the hatching sands, Lothear follows the candidates in front of him then turns to the dam and sire bowing to them before joining the other candidates in a loose circle.

On the hatching sands, Khell takes very little time in making a deep bow to both parents and turning, half sliding through the sands to take his place in the grouping ringing the eggs.

On the hatching sands, Marte looks rather flushed as she steps out onto the Sands, tugging on her robe to straighten it out before shuffling to a stop. A polite bow to the clutch parents, and she moves to join the group ringing the eggs.

On the hatching sands, Nikhil is somewhere in the middle of the pack, ambling along with long strides. He comes to a stop mostly cause the girl in front of him does and then turns to bow his greetings to Hamanth and Tyfth, as well as their riders.

On the hatching sands, Saralynn is taking her own time on out to the sands, making her bow to both parents and then back into the welcoming ranks of the other candidates.

On the hatching sands, Service has started, and the Alfredo Covered Rotini Egg is ready, cracks slipping over the shell this way and that as its split up into various serving sizes, though the occupant within is still hidden from sight.

Keelin moves into the galleries with his head ducked down and both arms crossed over his chest. Sweeping his eyes over all of the chairs, he turns to smile at Jule and Sorrin before picking out three empty seats and plopping himself into one of them. "I've never been to one of these before," he murmurs, looking out onto the sands with a kiddish grin.

On the hatching sands, Fury of Feathers Egg rolls around a bit, although that's all it does.

On the hatching sands, E'fen, after leading the candidates in takes his place by Trisana's side to strike up a bit of a chat. Tyfth is being the protective father and a gruff almost growl slips away form his maw before he turns to Hamanth and noses at her. She isn't much paying attention to the hatching of her eggs, too preoccupied with the bronze.

D'ce settles himself in between Katily and Nelali.

On the hatching sands, Senkyou bows deeply to both bronze and gold before watching the eggs begin to wobble. She shifts her weight from foot to foot, pursing her lips and opening and closing her hands.

Katlyn cuddles up with her weyrmates. She nestles her head against D'ce's shoulder and drops a hand into the middle of his lap where she might just get a chance to hold both of her weyrmates.

Nelali leans on D'ce, blowing Kat a kiss, around the bronzerider before her attention is caught by the goings on below.

On the hatching sands, Aged Muslin Egg quivers ever so slightly.

Diz is one of several Fortians to invade the galleries. Like most of the others, her face is turned towards the sands even as she makes her way to an empty section of bench to sit. The woman studies the candidates, their expressions and body language, far more intently than she does the eggs. Her lips are pursed in the faintest of frowns.

On the hatching sands, Marte glances around her, hands gripping each other tightly as she shifts nervously from foot to foot, looking to the others to see what exactly she's suppose to do, particularly as the eggs actually start to move.

On the hatching sands, An unfelt wind which applies only to the Billowy Fluffs of Pileus Egg sweeps through the Hatching Grounds, shifting the bit of cloud back and forth before the wind is abrutly gone, and the swaying stills.

On the hatching sands, Lothear watches as the eggs start to wobble and move around a bit, excitement courses through his body as he waits patiently to see which egg will be first to hatch and what color will be first onto the sands.

Sorrin trails slightly behind Keelin, casting a somewhat dazed look around the galleries before finally settling herself between the him and her healer friend. "We've only seen one before this." The stable-girl comments, rubbing at one eye in a slightly tired fashion. It's more than likely she was woken up from an early evening nap to be hauled out here. "You excited?" She asks Keelin, offering the young man a faint grin.

Sianne is right on Diz's heels "Nice change isn't?" little time is wasted in taking a seat.

Jule hurries along with Keelin and Sorrin, shuffling through the rows and tryin not to bump into people. Lupis chitters excitedly from her plump perch "Well, part of one at least." she corrects Sorrin slightly. The apprentice turned candidates dips curtsey's where needed before her gaze is caught by the few eggs twitching and the white figures being hurried out onto the sands.

Hamemelis swoops in rumbling softly, looking for a specific Healer turned Candidate he hopes he can rest with. He is banded with Fort Weyr's colors.

O'lief follows the other two Fortian candidates with his hands tucked away in his pockets. Blinking slightly, he takes a seat near the both of them and then brings his hands up to his face, blowing on them. "Nervous for when your time comes?"

On the hatching sands, Saralynn is quiet, most unlike her but now that the eggs are moving, she'd rather watch that.

On the hatching sands, It's the movement of the Fury of Feathers egg that first catches Nikky's attention. The young man makes a face and it's not particularly a happy one, when the sound of a crack shifts his attention towards the Rotini egg. "Do you remember what that one was like, Saralynn?"

On the hatching sands, Alfredo Covered Rotini Egg is served! The cracks are complete, even servings, pieced together until a final shake drops them to the sands below, leaving behind a green hatchling in its place. This one has a dinner of her own to attend to.

Dancing Wisps of Flame Green Hatchling
The rich greens of a tropical island mingle in bands across her unusually wide back, bands of vegetation wrapping around, engulfing the chain of ridges going from head to tail, edging along her haunches, forest hues claiming her tail. Yet, a bit of her stomach remains free, a narrow line along her underside, pale green, running all the way up her serpentine neck to her jaw. An elongated muzzle gives her a elegant look, faceted eyes balancing her face. Wings are long and wide; translucent sails tinted faintly turquoise, as if damp from struggling to push back the waves. Proportioned limbs, just delicate enough to be feminine, taper to dark talons which are the ebony hue of volcanic sands.

On the hatching sands, Khell is continually quiet, half standing behind one of the other candidates and more than a bit out of order for that. Eyebrows arch though, as the first egg hatches.

On the hatching sands, Lopsided Whipped Cream Egg wobbles a bit more, making a rolling sort of motion on the sands before it goes back to stillness and settles.

Keelin nods to Sorrin as he watches Jule make her way over and then folds his hands into his lap. "I'm as excited as I'll ever be.." And then his eyes are settled on the new little hatching with a look of awe before he points to it. "You see that? That's amazing.."

On the hatching sands, Senkyou curls her toes under, as she watches the eggs wiggle, and hatchlings impress. A small smile crosses her face, each egg is given a long look, but the hatchlings are watched very warily.

On the hatching sands, Dancing Wisps of Flame Green Hatchling is out of the egg at last, and able to more easily do what she does best. Be social! And so, after a long moment of sitting there, neck outstretched, she gets to her feet, moving her still damp self towards the white ring around her.

On the hatching sands, Aged Muslin Egg gives a jiggle, experimenting with its surroundings before trying it once more. Sand is displaced around its base before the occupant quiets and all is still.

"Change? These sands are as hot as ours." It's possible that Diz is just teasing Sianne— the frown has softened somewhat, though she isn't smiling— but it's difficult to say. Too much of her attention is still locked on the sands, giving her voice a distracted burr. "Bah," is all she adds in response to O'lief's question. Nervous? Never! The frown returns as sea-dark eyes shift to study the first hatchling.

On the hatching sands, Marte jumps, as the green appears and starts moving around, almost immediately shuffling backwards, putting even a small amount more distance between herself and the eggs, muttering under her breath. "That didn't take long. Always seemed longer, before."

On the hatching sands, Saralynn turns back to Nikky and winces. "That one. I do remember it. I definately hope that isn't my lifemate in there." She takes a half step or so, just to be nearer the other candidate.

Sianne shakes her head, eyes remaining on the sands below "Green and not really, been there done that once so it's not so nerve-wracking this time."

"You never know, you could be -more- excited, I'm sure. It is neat to see for the first time, anyways." Sorrin lets out a sigh before leaning forward. She's far calmer watching this hatching than she was the previous time. For Jule, she gives only a knowing look before motioning her chin towards the firelizard floating nearby. "I think you have a friend." Of course, her attention shifts back to the sands when the gasps and exaltations signal the first hatchling. "A green." She notes with a nod of her head and manages a chuckle at Keelin's amazement.

On the hatching sands, Aged Muslin Egg seems to fold into itself as the top starts to crumble. The wobbling that's started only quickens the process and shards tumble in and shower the hatchling with remnants of her home. It pauses, as if the occupant has decided to take a breathing break from all this work.

On the hatching sands, Lothear notes that the first hatchling has made an appearance on the sands, a green. He watches the hatchling with interest wondering who will be chosen by this little lady.

On the hatching sands, Nikhil grins at the young woman. He offers his right hand in a friendly manner, while pointing to the green with his left. "Pretty thing. Who do you think?" He eyes the rest of the candidates speculatively, all the while keeping a careful eye on exactly where the hatchling is.

O'lief laughs, more to himself than either of the women before settling back in his seat. "All safe in the galleries where the baby dragons can't eat you, that's definitly enough to make it 'not nerve wracking'."

On the hatching sands, Khell takes another half step towards the rear, although he keeps a very close eye on those wobbling eggs and the start of them hatching. The green is noticed and carefully watched, as hatchlings are rather dangerous that he's heard.

On the hatching sands, Aged Muslin Egg has put up with all that it could and in the end comes crashing down around Dappled in Splendor Green Hatchling. The chubby green is upside down, pudgy tail flipped over her curled body and dangling in front of her muzzle.

Dappled in Splendor Green Hatchling
Winter's breath rushes over this dragon's hide in a whoosh of wintergreen. From tail tip to nose the pale mint color is almost all there is. Frosty green marches across long wingsails before paling to an almost purely white hue as it stains the under-wing. The only betrayal of the frosty color comes in the form of polka dots. Claret, indigo, and forest green slip along the curves of her lips before swinging upwards to frame the bottom of her large expressive faceted eyes. Four larger pine hued freckles claim the area between her eyes, just four and not a single one more. That is unless one counts the five above each eyeridge that destroy the pristine minty wonderland. This strange array of colored dots dives down her padded yellowed neck and splays out across her rounded belly, creeping up only slightly around the ample sides before fading into wintergreen. The very end of a rather chubby spaded tail is coated in a syrupy kiwi color that matches long talons upon stocky mint arms and legs.

On the hatching sands, Saralynn moves to take the offered hand, using it for the needed moral support out here as she looks and devotes her attention to the first hatchling. "She is rather darling." There's a breath exhaled as the next egg hatches, "And so is that one."

On the hatching sands, Dancing Wisps of Flame Green Hatchling sashays as she walks, moving down the line of candidates, pausing to examine a pair close together before pausing in front of a hole in the line, where a black-haired man has stood. But, now the man has retreated, as so the green moves into the vacated spot, pursuing Khell, and butting him with her muzzle.

On the hatching sands, Senkyou watches the green, her eyes dancing from one egg to another. As a second green makes her way to the sands she nods, almost as if she approves of this hatchling.

On the hatching sands, With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dancing Wisps of Flame Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Jule settles down with her friends, grinning over to Keelin and winking knowingly to Sorrin as she reaches up to scratch her crooning green's neck. Peering around at the stablehand's comment, she looks for this friend she mentioned and spots the brown lizard. Oh, I think that is Lady Elara's lizard." Le holds her plump arm up for the brown to land on, hoping he'll sidle up to her shoulder "Hello there little guy." He attention goes quickly to the sands again once the eggs start cracking and a hungry greenling plops out onto the hot sands. Then another "Oh, there are both pretty….and don't seem to be wastin time with choosing. We'll barely have time to soak up heat before it'll be over at thsi rate." The chubby apprentice/High Reaches candidate jokes with her friends.

On the hatching sands, Dappled in Splendor Green Hatchling shifts so that her pudgy little body falls sideways so that she can then push herself upright and shake the clingy sand off of her hide. Her tail wiggles in agitation before she pushes onwards and towards the sea of white. Nose lifted so that she may smell them all perfectly.

On the hatching sands, Marte can't figure out which green to watch, and so she shifts backwards, reangling herself so that she can see both of them out of the corners of her eyes, jaw dropping a bit as the first starts to move through the line.

On the hatching sands, Khell isn't going to be making on his plans of escape any longer as he moves forward to greet the green that nearly ended up chasing him. He reaches out to touch her, fingers brushing across her neck as he speaks in awe. "Ladith? Ladith!" With that, he's leaning on her, or she's leaning on him and they both very nearly collapse.

"More excited?" he says faintly, watching the first dragon before averting his gaze to the second. They've snagged his attention, and he's more focused on them than on anything else. "They're both green. They're so pretty.."

Hamemelis rumbles softly as he settles to Jule's shoulder, greeting the green with a croon. He's been sent here to keep an eye on them - looking to Fort's Candidates - but he'd much rather rest here.

On the hatching sands, Lothear restrains a laugh as the newest hatchling appears on it's back tail dangling in the most ridiculous position he's seen, "Amazing the position she's managed to find herself in." Then smiles as an impression is made, "Congratulations Khell and Ladith!"

On the hatching sands, Still and steady the Billowy Fluffs of Pileus Egg remains, but dark grey threads spider unevenly throughout the seemingly harmless whites and offwhites of the cloud. It almost seems as if the sky will open up soon, and drench the thirsty ground.

On the hatching sands, With a twisting, turning movement the Fury of Feathers Egg seems to wobble across the sands, moving with a roll from topside to bottom and then ever so slowly back upright. Then stillness as if nothing had ever happened.

On the hatching sands, Dappled in Splendor Green Hatchling makes her way up to Marte and pushes her muzzle right close to the girl's leg. Sniiiiiiifff! She pulls back and sneezes, shaking her head from side to side before moving on. A sniff here, a sniff there, males and females are getting rejected at each turn nothing seems to smell quite right.

On the hatching sands, Nikhil gives one brisk laugh at the surprise in Khell's voice. "Well done, Khell and Ladith." Then it's back to watching the sands and the plump green present. He gives Saralynn's hand a squeeze, turning to whisper to her.

Sorrin nods her head in some sort of off-handed greeting to the brown lizard from Fort before her eyes are drawn again by the wintergreen dragon. "I like the shade on that one." She points out before catching sight of the first green's impression. "There! Look, he's impressed, right?" And a moment or two later the name gets announced and is lost in the tumult of sound. "Shards, did either of you catch what the name was?" She asks, looking back and forth between her two companions.

On the hatching sands, Senkyou watches the pair, and there joy as if like someone looking at a card. "How touchin'" She comments in a whisper, head tilting to the right as she glances at the eggs that still occupy the sands.

On the hatching sands, Marte offers her own soft congratulations, mostly unheard amongst the rest of the going ons, as she turns to focus on the green, only to have her leg sniffed, the nanny-turned-candidate looking like she's going to scream, doing everything she can to remain perfectly still until the green moves on, though as she exhales, she's still trembling.

On the hatching sands, Saralynn keeps a good tight grip on Nikky's hand as she watches the hatchlings, calling out her own belated congratulations to both Kh'll and Ladith. Then, she's barely, keeping a laugh of amusement back as she hears Nikky's comment.

On the hatching sands, Dappled in Splendor Green Hatchling waggles that chubby little tail of hers as she wanders past the last of the candidates and just keeps going. Tyfth warbles at her, concern coloring his voice but she just ignores it and keeps on going. La la la.

On the hatching sands, The Billowy Fluffs of Pileus Egg sways to the right, then to the left in some unseen wind. Majestically, it shimmies, then a gunshot crack echos through the Hatching Grounds, and the egg splits neatly into several pieces, spilling a Strolling Through the Day Bronze Hatchling unceremoniously onto the Sands.

Strolling Through the Day Bronze Hatchling
Sand the color of reddish gold slides easily and predominantly over the frame of this young bronze. Green flashes here and there flesh out his color, giving him a bronzen undertone to complement the flash of sandy hide. He is obviously young, and seems almost unfinished in his form - he is much more wiry then any of his clutchmates, with little actual flesh seeming to pad his skin from his bones. His long wings, when he spreads them, don't seem to be quite as wide as they should be, giving him the appearance that they almost don't belong. His body itself is low to the ground, his short legs being the only truly stocky and powerful looking thing about him. His color darkens as it spans down towards his underside, a truly greeney-bronze streak that graces the bottom of his long muzzle, running down his thin neck to his underbelly, then branching out to run along the inside of each leg before stretching all the way to the very tip of his tail. His tail is a work in itself, long and perfect for lashing out without notice. Indeed, this young bronze seems to be mostly neck, wings, and tail, with very little invested in his actual body itself. It gives him a look that is overall somewhat tunnelsnakey, and he moves in the very same way - quickly and aggresively. The only regal thing about him is his long, wedge-shaped head. His headknobs are crowned with the very Rukbat's very glory, the brilliant reddy sand color, the same that dominates his back and wings, sweeping over his headknobs then down to grace his eyeridges as well. His eyes seem to be constantly narrowed, surveying the world through suspicions unknown. Like the rest of his body, his color darkens as it spans down towards the underside of him, a truly greeney-bronze streak that begins at the beginning of the bottom of his long muzzle, running down his thin neck to his underbelly, then branching out to run along the inside of each leg before stretching all the way to the very tip of his tail.

Jule reaches up to steady both the lizards, giving each a gentle scritch as the chitter and croon to each other. Shaking her head "I think they are, I can barely hear what they ar saying from here…..but I think that pudgy one is rather pretty." Peering to Sorrin and Keelin she sticks her tongue out at her friends and snickers before looking back as another eggs cracks and reveals a little hatchling.

On the hatching sands, Pale cracks begin to outline the fluffs of down, that compose the Fury of Feathers Egg, delineating each and ever individual one that can be seen across the expanse of exposed shell.

On the hatching sands, Lothear watches the other candidates and misses the bronze's appearance on the sands, when he turns he spots the bronze and gives a low whistle as he examines him.

Keelin shakes his head to Sorrin, pulling his eyes away for only a moment to acknowledge her question before looking back out. "No, didn't quite catch it." And then he pauses, blinking for a moment before looking back at both of them. "Did you just say something?" he inquires in a hushed whisper. "Or am I losing my mind?" He gives an uncomfortable shift as he forces his eyes back out onto the sands. "I'm right here, if either of you asked.."

On the hatching sands, Senkyou raises an eyebrow as the bronze hatches, examining it quickly and turning her gaze as the green leaves, a semi-shrug is given before the rocking eggs are intently watched again.

On the hatching sands, Dappled in Splendor Green Hatchling flops onto the sands as she pauses before the galleries, patiently waiting for whatever it is she wants.

Keelin shakily gets to his feet without waiting for an answer from either of them, murmuring a distinct, "I'm coming, I'm coming," before heading off in the directions of the sands, looking all around him as though paranoid before stepping out.

On the hatching sands, Strolling Through the Day Bronze Hatchling is out of the shell, and sits there for a moment before righting himself, and shaking the sand off his form. And then, he's carefully moving towards the circle, as his siblings have done, searching.

Jule drags her gaze away from the large bronzling and cute pudgy greenling and looks between her friends before focusing on Keelin, raising her voice just above a whisper so he'll hear her this time "I said I like the pudgy green one."

On the hatching sands, With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dappled in Splendor Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

On the hatching sands, With nary so much as a shudder, the Fury of Feathers Egg simply hatches. No great mess or fuss, just new shards to litter the sands as it exposes to the world a smaller brown hatchling. A sudden sharp creel from the newborn and he begins his search for a partner.

Sianne looks at the green "A stands impression?"

Ribbons and Banners Brown Hatchling
Faded cinnamon brown is the basis for this dragon's hide. From the velvety expanse that shadows his head and back to his windswept headknobs, to the plush resilience that marks the hide along his neck. Thick shoulders, bulky with muscle trail back into the rest of a body that is stolidly built, although leaner than his front would at first suggest. Satiny hide showcases across his flanks, softer than suede as it reflects back in warm toasty brown hues and the color continues to slide on down, to a near perfect match on his feet with their arched, curved crescent talons. Cinnamon again colors his wings, a luxuriant expanse of near transparent membrane that stretches across from wingspars and seems barely supported by the fragile slightly darker marked boning beneath. Satin appears again on the edges of his sails, delicate and silky smooth to even out the appearance, from smallest wingtip to body.

"I just asked if anyone had heard that little green's name." Sorrin frowns in her usual dramatic way before waving off concern. She's sure to be able to ask someone later what the little dragon's name is. "You must be hearing things." The girl casts a smirk towards Keelin, totally missing the tongue being shown her way by Jule. "I still don't know how people can find little wet, slimey newborn dragons cute. 'Course I never understood how people find newborn babies cute either." Then, when Keelin gets up, Sorrin just -stares- after him with absolute shock. "Wait, what's going on?" The girl turns and looks towards Jule before her eyes settle again on Keelin and what seems to be his new dragon.

On the hatching sands, Nikhil's eeys begin to narrow and then widen as someone comes out onto the sands. "Woah." The look he gives Saralynn is pure confusion, but now with three hatchlings on the sands he's got to pay a lot stronger attention. "Attractive brown, and that bronze. Have you ever seen one look quiet so long at first?"

On the hatching sands, Keelin looks a bit faint as he reaches out to touch the top of the greens head. "Yuuith?" he asks faintly, before looking around. Well, /now/ what is he supposed to do? "W-well met.."

Diz's brows sweep up. "It would appear so," she murmurs, watching the boy scramble down to the sands. "They are rather… driven, aren't they?" A rhetorical question, for she returns to watching the other eggs without awaiting an answer from those with her.

On the hatching sands, Lothear claps as a second impression is made, cheering, "Well done Keelin and Yuuith! Good choice!" He returns his attention to the other hatchling, just in case he has to move out of the way in a hurry.

On the hatching sands, Marte continues to wring her hands as she shifts nervously, wide eyes watching the green picking someone from the galleries, before she's back to watching the bronze, and then the brown, if possible, more nervous as a result of being sniffed.

On the hatching sands, Saralynn comments quietly to Nikky. "Did he just come down from the galleries?" She's staring at the second impression of the night, before she turns back to the eggs once more and those hatchlings that have escaped them.

On the hatching sands, Strolling Through the Day Bronze Hatchling continues shuffling down the line, sniffing at a girl, before snorting, discontent. And then, all of a sudden he's moving far faster then a stroll, straight for a tall, young man with red-blonde hair, skidding to a messy stop infront of him.

On the hatching sands, With a triumphant cry it seems that the Strolling Through the Day Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Jule frowns at Keelin as he just gets up and walks off, looking to Sorrin and shrugging before she spots him strolling quickly onto the sands. "He didn't…..did he?…I think he did, and the cute pudgy green one at that!" Waving a plump hand to her friend below, she just grins.

On the hatching sands, Ribbons and Banners Brown Hatchling starts to walk slowly, feet dragging through the sands as he gets the hang of forward locomotion. One foot, two foot, three foot. Ooof. Four foot, not tail. Then his gaze swings over the assorted grouping of candidates, as he keeps looking.

On the hatching sands, E'fen's mouth drops open as Keelin's form appears on the sands and.. there's a green. Say.. /what/? "By the shell Tyfth, I hate you." The bronze appears to ignore his rider's comment before he makes his way to the young man and motions off to the side where meat and the other newly impressed are waiting.

Hamemelis rumbles softly.

On the hatching sands, Lothear stops shock still for a moment then grabs the bronzen neck, "Mesekteth, of course let's go find something to eat now! Food where is the food?"

Nelali continues to lean on D'ce for the moment, relaxing. "She was rather determined it seems." And then she's back to the quiet relaxing with the other parts of her trio.

On the hatching sands, Senkyou watches the hatchlings impress, smiling ever more every time impression is made. As Lothear impresses Senkyou claps, "Congrats Loth, yu did yu self good."

On the hatching sands, A soft scraping sound comes from the direction of the Shavings of Cool Moisture Egg, accompanied by a slight amount of wiggling before both stop, and the cool silence of the egg returns.

"Hah, way to go Keelin!" Sorrin calls out, waving a hand in the air for the young man from High Reaches. What she expected to be a normal hatching all of a sudden turns into something far more interesting for the stable-girl. "I know." She finally settles back into her seat, casting a look at the empty spot next to her before beaming towards Jule.

On the hatching sands, Kh'll is busy with Ladith, feeding her and watching the rest of the hatchlings, in the few moments that he has free.

On the hatching sands, E'fen, as he makes his way back, makes his way over to Lothear and points him in the same direction as Keelin. "That'd way. Just get 'im fed and watch the rest of the hatching."

On the hatching sands, Marte takes a few hurried steps away as the bronze rushes, even if he's not going for her, that's more then enough dragon to scare her, just a bit. Though, with the Impression of the bronze, that's one less dragon to worry about.

On the hatching sands, Shavings of Cool Moisture Egg begins wiggling a new, scrapping heard once more, a slight tapping from within sending spider cracks over the shell, just waiting for the thin ice to break.

On the hatching sands, Nikhil nods his agreement after Senkyou's call. "He did. What was that name again, Meseketh?" The last is asided to Saralynn while his eyes remain fixed on the brown and moving eggs. "I think we're about to get another one."

On the hatching sands, Ribbons and Banners Brown Hatchling takes another few steps as he continues to look around, obviously dismissing a few of the candidates before he even gets close to them. Onward he trudges, not really deviating from his path as he keeps looking and so for the exact right one.

On the hatching sands, L'ter nods his head as he leads Meseketh off to where E'fen has pointed off to, "Yes yes we're going we're going Meseketh, patience please!" He reaches the tubs with the meat and starts to feed his new lifemate.

Katlyn chuckles. "I don't know which is worse. Getting called out into the darkness by an unknown voice, or getting called out onto the sands by an unknown voice." She smiles at D'ce sharing their impressions once more.

On the hatching sands, K'ee takes a moment before moving off to where E'fen motioned, still trying to figure out, for all of the world, /how/ this happened. "C'mon, Yuuith, let's get you some food."

D'ce chuckles softly to both Katlyn and Nelali, "I've still got the scar from our hatching." The aformentioned belmish visible in even the low lighting, "Ah, memories."

On the hatching sands, Shavings of Cool Moisture Egg has tempted fate too longer, and the icy shell cracks suddenly, spreading outwards from the main contact point before *plop*, and a brown dragonet is left sitting on the Sands in its place.

Winging on the Winds Brown Hatchling
Dusty sand floats on a light breeze, coating this brown's long, lanky form, a lazy hue coloring along his body. His elongated, narrow muzzle and jaw do not escape, nor does his whip-like tail. His stomach shows the same dust-stains of travel, though there they are not as thick, and a more russet brown, a simple messenger's color, is visible beneath along his belly and lean limbs. Wings stretch out from his back, the wingspan short, but the sails deeper then normal, pale khaki in contrast to the slightly darker, dusty hues of the wing spars. Dark mountains, a border undisturbed by the dirt, form ridges along his back, beginning at the eyes, and traveling back between headknobs to his tail.

On the hatching sands, Senkyou watches the brown, and steps back a bit. Her eyes dancing as another brown hatches, "Nice tha' one is." She comments again to no one in particular.

Jule chuckles softly at Sorrin "Hope we'll get to talk to him again before we have to leave." She eyes the bronze rider ordering people around down on the sands and frowns as she shakes her head. "Right now though, I don't know whether to be happy for sad for Keelin." The other hatchlings draw her attention as they crack from shells.

On the hatching sands, Saralynn continues to turn toward Nikky to share thoughts as the hatching continues as well as keep a good grip on his hand. "Do you think, that one of those, might be for us?"

On the hatching sands, Ribbons and Banners Brown Hatchling turns as he finds that correct person at long last, turning up to a girl with light brown hair and then attempting to nudge her with his head. There, she's it, the only one and he waits then.

On the hatching sands, With a triumphant cry it seems that the Ribbons and Banners Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

On the hatching sands, E'fen wears a stoic face as he crosses his arms over his chest and turns to say something or other to Trisana. Tyfth croons softly to the newly hatched brown, encouraging it like a good father should. Hamanth is still being rather un-motherly and paying Tyfth more attention than her hatchlings.

On the hatching sands, Marte almost whimpers as she shifts from foot to foot, half listening to the conversations around her, but more so hoping that will be over with soon, so that she can go relax.

On the hatching sands, Kh'll turns back to watch the sands a bit longer, seeing more of the impressions occur and looking to see who has impressed to what color. Well, when he can get out of having to keep feeding Ladith, that is.

On the hatching sands, Nikhil winks at the young woman. "Well, I don't know. I could do with a dusty stony fellow like that but what fool of a dragon wants to be with a man who's only rocks in his head?" He grins as another impression occurs..waiting for a name.

"Be happy for him. This only happens once in life, neh?" Sorrin replies with a wonderous look in her eyes as she gives one last wave to their companion. "So there's those two browns, right?" She points at the hatchlings only to have one seem to bond to a girl right as she does. "Okay, that one brown." She corrects, shaking her head as she tries to keep up with the action on the sands.

On the hatching sands, Senkyou ohs, looking down at the hatchling. The head is gently caressed as she says, "Dulacth, you're sur' yu mine?" After a moment hatchling and partner wander to the side, Senkyou looking stunned.

On the hatching sands, Winging on the Winds Brown Hatchling gets lightly to his feet, stretching out and moving towards the candidates, tail flicking back and forth across the Sands as he goes, nose up in the air, snorting in response to his father as he wanders.

On the hatching sands, L'ter turns from feeding his lifemate just in time to see another impression made, he cheers for the new pair "All right Senkyou and Dulacth!"

On the hatching sands, Marte chews on her lip as one of the browns chooses, smiling a bit, and offering a quiet congrats as she tries to force herself to relax. "Not too many left.." She murmurs to herself, as she glances around to see how the others are reacting.

On the hatching sands, Saralynn grins after a slight moment, forgetting the heat of the sand. "Oh. I'm sure that you're going to find someone here. Or if not here, on the sands at some point."

On the hatching sands, There's a sense of movement from the Lopsided Whipped Cream Egg, a rolling sensation as the hatchling inside struggles and the egg reflects that, wobbling back and forth across the dark sands. Once, twice it moves before finally all is still once more.

Jule cast a little smile to her friend and nods "I'll explain later." she says somewhat vaguely before looking back towards the sands, she does begin smiling again as the hatchlings stroll around, inspecting the white robed figures critically. She occassionally reaches up to gives the lizards on her shoulders attention. "Watch, see how that candidate looks ready to duck and roll out of the way of a charging hatchling? Maybe we shold practice that." Le smirks over to her stablehand friend with a wink.

On the hatching sands, It is a faint splintering sort of noise, as the Lopsided Whipped Cream Egg starts to crack. The lines traverse the entirety of the egg, from the darker apex down to the more rounded end until the entire egg is covered in shattering lines and barely held together. One more push and it will go.

On the hatching sands, Winging on the Winds Brown Hatchling moves quickly across the sands, wings drying some as he goes. Pausing at Saralynn and Nikhil, he peers up at them before flicking sand with his tail and moving on, this time pausing infront of a young woman with brown hair, nudging at her clenched hands.

On the hatching sands, Toasted Marshmallow Egg bobbles, wiggling frantically from side to side and sending sand tumbling away from its mound before movements cease and it's still.

On the hatching sands, With a triumphant cry it seems that the Winging on the Winds Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

On the hatching sands, Nikhil's starting to feel that heat now. His left hand goes up to brush away bits of hair that have begun to stick to heated skin. "Well, that's a handsome name for a handsome brown." His eyes stray to the other brown, now maybe a little worried as the number of eggs dwindle and he and Saralynn remain behind.

On the hatching sands, With one final shove, it's over and the Lopsided Whipped Cream Egg shatters into a dozen good sized shards to litter the sands and dumps out sodden wet bronze. With a flap of wet wings, he's off and charging at the line of candidates.

Dusty, Tattered Silk Bronze Hatchling
A brilliant orb of jeweled color stands out upon this road weary lad. Knobby eyeridges protect the lighted pools and provide a rather handsome looking feature to the fine worn curves of the dragons head. It sits majestically upon one end of sinuous metal polished bronze neck which blends into well curved chest and a belly that hangs down as if he's indulged a bit to much of the finer things in life. Haunches are thickly muscled, feet and hands sporting wickedly sharp dull gray talons. Errant strands of color wisp away from those talons, as if fine pieces of silk were left stuck there after some mad attack upon a tailor's wares. The strands sparkle of gold and copper, glinting brightly against the darker bronze of his body, and can be traced as high up as his shoulders. His body is hardly as delicately patterned. Here the road warrior has been imprinted in muddied bronze wagon ruts that run crookedly along his sides, and the random disbursement of runner hoof marks that plod shadow dark bruises into the metal hues. They drift off down the length of his tail which is also marked by dust from the traveled road, that no matter how hard one scrubs will never come completely clean. Yet he sports another side altogether that can easily enough distract from the darker disturbances along his body to the sparkle of silken wares that drift out like some great catalog in his wingsails. The wing muscles are well defined and more buff than normal. Perhaps that's needed to be the bearer of such fine fabrics, as silken scarves waft upon the translucent membranes teasing the lighter sheen of bronze therein with strokes of rose, amber and green, even a few wisps of violet and cobalt cloth tangle, and tiny jewel shards shimmer. All of these distractions can lead one to underestimate this beast, for appearances can be deceiving and beneath this painted exterior lies well defined muscles and a generally aerodynamic body that belays the plodding heavy ground body imagined.

On the hatching sands, Marte slowly, slowly unclenches her hands as she stands there, shocked, before she drops down to wrap her arms around its neck, murmuring as she goes. "We'll go wherever you want, Vwayath, wherever you want. Lets get you some food, first, though.." And slowly she gets back to her feet, moving towards the other Impressees, without giving up her contact with her new lifemate.

"Okay." Sorrin turns her eyes towards Jule with one eyebrow raised. Perhaps in a different time and place she'd question further, but not today. The girl shoots her gaze back down onto the sands before settling on the candidate in question. "Do you think we'll actually need to practice stuff like that?" As soon as the words leave her mouth, Sorrin corrects herself, "Right, of course we will, otherwise we wouldn't be seeing it, right?" She gives the edge of her chin a little flick before shrugging, "We could always practice dodging snowballs and see how that works."

On the hatching sands, Dusty, Tattered Silk Bronze Hatchling moves headlong into this new phase of his life, very nearly charging full speed ahead into the sadly dwindling reminents of the candidates. No, no and no. He skids to a stop to take stock, gaze swinging over the collection before he heads off in another direction after the first aborted attempt.

On the hatching sands, Toasted Marshmallow Egg browns to a nice golden brown, or at least that's how it appears before cracks start to splinter the shell, climbing up the shell and working their way half way across it before the egg goes still once more.

Jule grins and watches the way one of the bronze hatchlings charges towards the candidates. Nodding emphatically to Sorrin "Oh yea, I think we should definately practice jumping out of the way. They don't seem to be wasting much time in claiming their own do they?"

On the hatching sands, Nikhil's breath seizes as another bronze comes rushing out oneo the sands. "Geez! Watch him, Saralynn. He's going to run someone over!" Every muscle in the mason's body tenses as he prepares to move quickly.

On the hatching sands, Dusty, Tattered Silk Bronze Hatchling skids to another stop as he's not quite finding what he's looking for in these running bypasses and he seems to take stock of that after a moment. Then his head swings around. He heard the right person, very definitely. So now it's a matter of finding him out here.

On the hatching sands, Toasted Marshmallow Egg's bottom blows, sending shell shards against any sibling-eggs that are near or any hatchlings. The top of the shell clings to the head of the blue that's hatched and he struggles with it for several moments, hissing loudly as he thrashes about. When the shell is finally knocked from his head the Seer in the Darkness Blue Hatchling is fully revealed.

Alisar arrives late. He hurries to find a seat out of the way.

Seer in the Dark Blue Hatchling
Midnight blue consumes almost all it touches, gripping with its darkest fingers upon this dragon's angular muzzle. Nearly black tendrils slide up his jaw and slither across his face where they fold neatly over the bridge of his nose. In stark contrast iced silver splays out across the top of his head, fitting perfectly between the midnight blue like a giant puzzle piece. Both colors slip and slide their way across his body, the top of his wings pale and the bottoms dark. His chiseled underbelly is blueberry in hue while his lean muscular back is marred with dark pewter. It's a delicate dance of give and take that makes it all the way to the tip of his long tail. Dark stocky legs lead rise to the betrayal of razor sharp claws in the rather feminine hue of powder blue.

"Better safe than sorry." The stable-girl nods her head as she watches the few remaining eggs below. "It's also probably better that they find someone quickly, I guess. They get fed faster that way and it means they've found someone right for them right away, right?" Sorrin really has no clue how these things work, so it's just a rambling guess. "You think you'll be able to dodge charging hatchlings when our time comes?" The girl laughs, giving her pudgy friend a little poke in the side.

On the hatching sands, Saralynn is just as quick as Nikky in taking a step or two backwards or so it seems from the charging bronze hatchling. "You can say that again. He's one to watch out for, just for the impetuousness."

On the hatching sands, Dusty, Tattered Silk Bronze Hatchling charges one last time, up to an older lad with very dark hair and golden brown eyes. He almost doesn't stop in time, all four feet out in a skid to do so and still he bumps his chosen man in the chest with his head.

On the hatching sands, With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dusty, Tattered Silk Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

On the hatching sands, Seer in the Dark Blue Hatchling 's tail snakes about behind him and his tongue flicks wildly around his open maw. A pathetic little growl of sorts bubbles up from his chest before he hunkers down to the ground and quite swiftly skitters towards the candidate group. He doesn't charge anyone, just runs up and freezes.

On the hatching sands, Creamy Pearlescent Buttermilk Egg gives the slightest bit of a shake, its movement noted possibly only by the displacement of the light covering of sand trickling lazily down its sloped sides.

On the hatching sands, Kh'll turns slightly, to keep watching and even he was rather shocked at the sudden quick movements that the one broze was making. "That one, looks headstrong."

On the hatching sands, Nikhil nods his head towards the new blue, but he's still closely watching the bronze as well. "I remember that egg. That one had a nasty temper. Better watch him clos.." He stops in midstream as the charge ends right in his chest. "Ohff." He grunts, then stares blankly. "Well, I'm sure we can find you something to eat and somewhere to rest, Quiath." His eyes widen and he suddenly smiles brightly. "Quiath!"

Nelali continues to lean on D'ce, still watching the hatching down below on the sands and every now and again making a comment toward him or Katlyn.

On the hatching sands, Creamy Pearlescent Buttermilk Egg starts to shake and roll more visibly now, the faintest hairline cracks appearing on its surface.

On the hatching sands, Kh'll turns again, offering up his congratulations toward Nikhil and Quiath. "Glad you get to join us, here."

On the hatching sands, Seer in the Dark Blue Hatchling slinks along through the remaining candidates. A scrawny young man is snapped at but even if the boy doesn't move fast enough there was no intent to actually bite the lad. Girly colored claws dig deeply into the sand as he slips over to a girl, pushing his head close before pulling back and moving on.

On the hatching sands, Creamy Pearlescent Buttermilk Egg gives its last and final roll and shakes in its place, its once unmarred surface wrecked in a chaos of black and widening cracks. Suddenly, the egg breaks apart, crumbling down to the sands. And for a moment, it may seem like nothing were inside until a light hued gold hatchling, almost blending in with the shards, makes her first echoing cry into the world from where she lays in the sands.

Hiding a Secret Gold Hatchling
Honeyed gold, paled but still gleaming with color, trickles along the sharp features of her face, down the curve of her neck and over the rest of her well toned body. Speckles of fiery amber scatter across her eye ridges, rising up and over the back of her high held head and dusting the smooth curve of her shoulders, chest and finally disappearing along the base of her wing arms. Pure golden hues caress her back and most of the ridges, boldly contrasting against the overall paler honeyed gold. Golden-yellow topaz forms her sharp claws, glimmering brightly in the light. Her wings gradually darken along the very tips, becoming an almost burnished gold along the wing fingertips while the sails themselves remain translucent, the gradient change of hues patched slightly like golden stained glass.

Jule considers what Sorrin says and nods agreeably "You're probably right." The activity below is watched avidly before she chuckles at her friend's question "I think you'll have an easier time of it than I will, you're not quite as large a target as I am afterall." Le pokes Sorrin's back and looks back as a queenling emerges "Oh, I hope she doesn't hurt anyone in her search."

On the hatching sands, Hiding a Secret Gold Hatchling starts her search nearly immediately and is rather dismayed to find the pickings relatively slim. One girl is regarded, before she moves on, considering with each and every step that she takes.
On the hatching sands, Kh'll has a sleeping, sated green now and so can turn back to watching the hatching in ernest and the first that he spies is the new gold emerging from her shell.

On the hatching sands, Saralynn blinks as the bronze charges in her general direction, eyes wide. As he stops in front of Nikhil, Sara immediately drops her friend's hand and side-steps, both allowing the pair space and still a bit wary of the hatchling. Finding herself without a hand to cling to, the young woman clamps her hands behind her back and looks to the other activity on the sands. She eyes the blue hatchling for several moments before she examines those remaining and allows her gaze to pull her attention to the gold hatchling.

"We'll make sure you're good and ready." Sorrin narrows her eyebrows and gives her friend a determined look. "I'll have you dodging snowballs without even trying, you mark my words." Is it a threat, or just playful banter? As the last egg hatches, Sorrin watches the queenling with a bit of interest. "She probably won't, at least I hope not." The girl comments, propping her chin on one hand. "Not many left of dragons or candidates, though. I wonder if the hatching at 'Reaches will go this fast." Sorrin blows a few strands of hair out of her eyes while watching the remaining wanderers.

On the hatching sands, Senkyou is to busy with her dragon to pay much attention.

On the hatching sands, Seer in the Dark Blue Hatchling comes to pause before a brown haired, brown eyed young man. His head pulls up and his little chest puffs as a deflated hiss slips over sharp teeth. He seems to have found his mate, there's no turning back now.

On the hatching sands, With a triumphant cry it seems that the Seer in the Dark Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

On the hatching sands, Hiding a Secret Gold Hatchling turns slowly in her wanderings as she makes her way to someone left suddenly alone. There. That girl with the long dark hair and the queen pushes her way forward, ignoring all else now as she finds who she wants.

On the hatching sands, With a triumphant cry it seems that the Hiding a Secret Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

On the hatching sands, Manawan had been keeping his wits about him until that blue came by. "You're my… what?" The candidate looks confused a moment. "Whatever you say Rith." And the pair head off for the rest of group.
all players on Telgar Weyr's knot:

Jule laughs a bit at sorrin "Now, why do I suddenly get the feeling you'll start pelting me with snowballs everythime I stick my head out of the Weyr now?" Le eyes her friend not quite accusingly, but not far from it either, before peering back to the sands and watching the dragons choose their candidates. "Well, if it does go that fast, we should enjoy the warmth while we can." Le shrugs somewhat, tryin not to disturb the lizards perched on her shoulders.

On the hatching sands, Kh'll turns, trying to spy just who it is that the last hatchling picked, as he twists and cranes his neck to see around Ladith's bulk.

On the hatching sands, E'fen shakes out of his comatose state when he realizes that all the eggs have had their day in the sun and hatched. "It's over, eh? Good." His voice is gruff before he goes out to gather those that didn't impress. "Don't worry, there's always next time. You're welcome to stay here at Telgar or come with me to Ierne. Whatever you all decide." The bronzer leads the remaining candidates off the sands and leaves the Weyrlingmasters and what not to deal with the newly impressed.

On the hatching sands, Senkyou sits crossed legged, Dulacth's head in her lap.

Sorrin gives no answer to the question about pelting Jule with snowballs. Instead, she continues to watch as the last impressions are made. Once it's all over, the girl lets out a sigh and slumps backwards, feeling slightly exhausted from all the excitement. "I don't know if I'm ever going to get used to watching these, you know? It's going to be -so- much worse actually being in one." She laughs a little before giving her friend a tired smile. "Well, let's enjoy the warmth here for a bit longer before heading back, neh? We'll have plenty of time to worry about the warmth of 'Reachian sands."

On the hatching sands, L'ter is occupied scritching Meseketh's eyeridges, not paying much attention to anything else that might be going around, "There is that better? To the left ok, how is that?"

On the hatching sands, Saralynn takes a few stumbling steps backward as if an invisible wind pushes her back. Catching her balance, Sara looks to the hatchling before her and beams. Inhaling deeply, she simply watches the figure before heaving a relieved sigh, nodding, "And I am glad we are together…" She steps toward her bond, smiling, "Food is only a moment away."

Jule watches quietly or a few mintues before shaking her head, perhasp clearing it of cluttering thoughts and smiles to Sorrin with a nod "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm in no hurry to rush back to get numb toes and cheeks." Lupis croons softly, nuzzling her cheek before chittering happily to the brown on Le's other shoulder. "Do you think we'll get to talk to Keelin again anytime soon?"

Hamemelis rumbles softly to Jule before he follows the Fortians out.

Katlyn whsipers something to her 'mates. "Darlings, don't you think we should be heading home? I think there's a bit of celebrating to do."

D'ce stretches a bit, grinning, "Oh of course, I think I've a bit of wine still hiding in the usual spot."

Jule sighs as Sorrin get's up and insist on returning to the frozen north "You're getting as bad as that Stablemaster you always complain about you know." Smirking a bit, she looks as the brown wings his way out and reluctantly gets to her feet again. "I suppose you are right though."

"Bah." Sorrin shakes her head from side to side. "Just because I want some sleep?" The stablehand finally lets out a yawn as the excitement diminishes. "Come on, we'll stop by the feast and see if we can catch Keelin, but then we should get back. If I'm walking around half-dead tommorow from lack of sleep and end up face first in runner dung or something, you'll be the one paying for it." She shakes a finger at her friend before squeezing herself past and heading down towards the end of the aisle.

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