Their Own Worlds

Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceilinged room opens off the entrance hall to the arena. One wall is slightly curved, set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set in two rows along the length of the room, each with its own small press at the foot for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours. It's always warm here when there are eggs on the sands, and candidates seldom need more than a light blanket.


For candidates, most days are busy days. Unless you're one of the lucky few who happen to have the day off (RHODELIA), chores or duties take up the morning, lessons and other duties in the afternoon, and by evening there's dinner, HOPEFULLY SOME SORT OF KIND-TO-YOUR-FELLOW-CANDIDATE HYGIENE ROUTINE, and the blissful oblivion of sleep. It's about that time - the bedtime - in the barracks and Stefyr's returning from his ritual evening trip to the dragon pool near the weyrling barracks as the nearest place to get really clean. His towel is tugged around his shoulders, pajama shorts and tank top already donned, fuzzy slippers of a deep maroon on his feet as he pads toward his bunk.

LOOK! Just because Rhodelia had a rest day doesn't mean she didn't take her daily chore obligations SERIOUSLY. VERY SERIOUSLY INDEED. So seriously that after her morning nap, she also took a late afternoon nap that may have stretched into a dinner nap and still continues. The assistant stirs a little, arm streching over her head, but after a massive yawn, she just flops onto her other side. At least someone has had enough of all this napping. Tiny little fluffy Pina sees those fluffy slippers on Stefyr's feet. While the puppy might be too young to know a lot of things, she knows she wants those! With a brave little growl the pup takes a step back before making the leap of the bed. It's a long fall for such a small dog, but not a yip to be heard as she lands and kinda rolls. A headshake, and she's off towards the SLIPPERS!

Days off are the best days when they aren't the worst. But Khavro has largely disappeared for his day off, so it's hard to say what sort of day off its been for him. And when he makes his way back into the barracks as bedtime approaches, he's still clinging to his poker face of neutrality. He comes in shortly after Stefyr, and it would be so easy for him to look at the bigger candidate, but he doesn't. Instead he walks right on past him toward his own bunk. In silence!

Poor, sweet Stefyr. He's wrapped up in his own wandering thoughts. Those eyes bounce around the barracks but not in a way that registers much of what's important. He definitely doesn't see Khavro coming in behind him. He doesn't even notice Rhodelia enough to give her the baleful look for all her conscientiousness, and perhaps most importantly. He does not notice the peril his slippers are suddenly in. At least not at first. He notices the pup just in time to swear something uncomplimentary not exactly about the canine, just near it, and spin out of the way, which turns him toward Khavro but not into Khavro, thankfully. His gaze lands a barely glancing blow on the curly-haired candidate and dance right on away again even as he shuffles bathing products from one arm to the other and uses his just-now free hand to hop-hop-yank a slipper off his foot, putting it with his bathing things in the crook of his arm and going after the other. He doesn't, thankfully, growl at the puppy to indicate his ownership, he just lofts the other shoe high above his head as he tries to keep going toward his press where he could secure them, theoretically.

Rhodelia may claim she doesn't snore, but it certainly sounds like there's a big ol' zzzzzzz coming from her direction and Pina has abandoned her completely in favor of slippers! Pina seems completely unaware of any swearing at her or near hear as the dog gives a few yips as she dances around the big man's feet. It may be physically impossible for the little dog to reach those slippers so high in the air, but that doesn't mean she doesn't dream as she stands on two legs and dances, front legs reaching ever so higher and singing a song of her people as she does so… so much for Khavro's silence. Rhodelia will remain blissfully unaware, dreaming of eggs or dragons or maybe even rum… who knows?

Maybe Khavro is a cat person, giving the dog about as much attention as he does Stefyr, which is none, even when the former-farmer is making it difficult. When the trader gets to his bunk, he starts shrugging out of the clothes he doesn't need for sleeping, tosses them into a heap on top of his press as though daring someone to complain about his untidiness, then gets in under his covers with a little more force than is warranted.

"It's a fucking farm in here," is Stefyr's distinctly disgruntled mutter. He does his own side-step so graceful that he might as well be dancing with the wee beastie that has beset him. He dodge around the dog, muttering under his breath and shoving his items into his press with rough movements. He doesn't look at another person in the barracks. With the way he's actively ignoring most of the other candidates right now, and at least one in particular, he should probably stop to take stock. He might realize that in this farm of a barracks, he's the runner's a—…. Rear. At least since he's thumping onto his own bunk, he's not planning on inflicting himself on anyone else tonight. BUT TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY.

Petting zoo might be more accurate, but at this point you shouldn't expect anything less from Xanadu. The fluffy little pup slinks down to all four paws when it appears that Stefyr is going to be a big fat meany face who wouldn't give in to her best begging. It's okay. It's not like Pina really wanted those cool slippers that were nearly as fluffy as she was any ways. With a huff, the puppy turns tail and heads off to another cot. A better cot. Cat person or not, the little puppy jumps first to the press and then to the foot of Khavro's bed. She'll circle twice before settling down RIGHT THERE. And Rhodelia will store some more.

However much Khavro ignored the dog on his way in, when it settles at the foot of his cot, he shifts his feet just enough to touch through the blanket because everyone likes companionship unless it includes Stefyr.

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