Girl Troubles

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

Soriana sprawls out on the grass, her head pillowed on one of her hands as she stares up at the clouds. It's just a little past noon, and a plate with the remnants of her lunch sits next to her. Lying beside her is a muddle of brown hide and black and cream fur - tunnelcat and firelizard, curled up together and tucked against her side. She pets them slowly as she watches the clouds, and gets occasional croons and dooks in return.

Lots of things to do today! Lots of things already done, and it's only noon! But noon means breaktime for most, and ka-el is glad to see it come. It's hot in the forges. No amount of air conditioning is ever going to fix that. And it's hot outside, but he comes out anyway, seeking fresh air, a breeze, and lunch. Alloy is not far behind, and neither is Shahani, who has her hair pulled up and away from her neck and shoulders today. The three of them head down a footworn path, and its she who first notices a body on the grass. "Isn't that your friend there?" she says, pointing to Sori in the grass. "Yup," replies he, wiping sweat from his brow and ash from his sleeveless tunic, which only smears it. "Hello friend of Apprentice Kale!" -.-;

Friend of Apprentice Kale blinks. Friend of Apprentice Kale tilts her head to look at what's going on here. Friend of Apprentice Kale's Tunnelcat lifts up his head, placing paws on Friend of Apprentice Kale's side in order to dook at Shahani and Apprentice Kale. Friend of Apprentice Kale lifts up her hand from petting and gives a wave to them, then sets it back down on the tunnelcat's back. "…hey."

Kale glares at the gray smear on his shirt. Well … so much for looking clean. Oh well. He gives Shahani a look. A /wtf/ sort of look as she addresses Soriana. "Names, Shahani. She has one. And mine isn't Apprentice Kale. It's just Kale. Nothing before. Nothing after. Remember?" he prompts, to which he receives a sort of blank stare in answer from her. "Yes," the young girl answers, giving him an owlish look. "But, it feels more appropriate. You are an apprentice. It's your title." And with that all cleared up, she rounds on Soriana, not exactly smiling, yet the expression on her face isn't entirely unkind either. "Are you on break?" she asks, hands clasping behind her back as she glances at her knot. "I wouldn't think dragonhealers on this weyr would have much of a break. Even Grade Ones. Xanadu is infamous for odd hatchings, isn't it?"

Soriana glances to Kale. They share a moment. A moment of… Shahani. But wait, there's more! "Xanadu," she says after a moment, "-holds the Annex of the Dragonhealer School, which studies hatchings and draconic fertility." So, see, it's not a curse, it's just science being done to it. Totally different. "And of course dragonhealers get breaks. There's always someone on duty, but they take turns, same as healers do, or same as watch duty." Another glance to Kale, then back to Shahani. "And, yes. I've got the afternoon off."

"The entire afternoon?" presses Shahani, whose brown eyes widen with emphasis, speaking before Kale can interject. "It must be nice to have such a long break. Ours is terribly short. Likely because there's so much to do. It isn't Telgar, but the journeymen here are quite skilled. I heard rumors of laziness in the ranks, and I guessed I was sent here as a joke, but I've been pleasantly surprised. Apprentice Kale knows lots, and.." Oh and she goes on. And on. And Kale can just give Soriana a 'this is what I DEAL with all day' sort of look. "…curse." She continues, now apparently back on the subject of dragon hatchings. "I wouldn't call it a curse, but Xanadu has been unlucky, wouldn't you say? Compared to other Weyrs. I mean.. the last hatching? Such a small clutch, and what were the odds of the sands messing up li-" Ok, it's time to stage an intervention! Insert Kale, here. "RIGHT, so. Lunch break, huh? Sori, didn't you and I have a thing we were going to do? That very important thing that you and I have to take care of?"

"…yes. Because I have the night shift tonight." Along with more experienced dragonhealers, of course, but the grade ones don't get to escape that duty. After all, the grade three and fours need someone to keep the klah coming! For the most part, though, Soriana is just swept along by the flood of… Shahani. She frowns at the end, and presses herself up to a sitting position. Inkfoot dooks and scrambles down off her, and Toral spreads his wings and flutters. "No," says Soriana. "I wouldn't say that." She looks to Kale then, and nods. "Right. Very important. Sorry Shahani, we'd better get going." She scrambles the rest of the way to her feet, scoops up Inkfoot into her arms, and nods. "C'mon. Let's go." Wait which way are they going? Uhhhh… beach! That works. It's a direction. For a very, very, crucially important thing.

A very important thing? Well then SURELY Shahani should be part of this, right? A learning experience and all that! There's that gleam in her eye. "Can I —" she begins, but it quickly cut off by a hand waving Kale. "No. You go ahead. This is something Soriana and I must do. A task. It won't take long. Make a plate for me, will you? If there are breadrolls, I want double!" He grins quickly, hoping to fend off any further questions as he steps up to Soriana's side. The both of them are given very..veeeerrry studious glares by Shahani. Brows furrowed. Eyes slightly squinty. She crosses her arms a bit. If they're going to go on this important mission, she's not leaving til they go. Just so she can make sure they're going and all. To the beach!

Soriana deals look-for-look back at Shahani. Toral flaps his wings and flutters to her shoulder, curling his tail in around her, and Inkfoot leans up to dook at the firelizard. "Yeah, uh, you don't want to be late." She glances down to her own plate, then stoops to pick it up and hand it to Shahani. "Would you take it back, please? Thanks!" Not that she waits for the answer, instead starting off toward the beach at a brisk walk. Because, you see, there are very important things waiting for her and Kale, just over there. So. Very. Important.

Shahani soon finds her hands filled with plate. What is she, a delivery girl? Taking orders, putting away dishes. The nerve! And how dare Soriana walk away before she can get a word out. "Apprentice Kale!" she protests, but Kale can only shrug in a helpless sort of way. "Sorry. Remember…breadrolls!" he says as he trots along afer Sori, waving a hand to the younger apprentice. And….. they're free! Woohoo! They ditched her! Nevermind how she stamps her foot in a spoiled brattish sort of way back there. At least she's not following. She's good at taking orders, and the plate is carried off towards the caverns, leaving the two to their important task. On the beach. Beachy task of importance!

La la la Soriana does not seeee that. She's not looking! She's gone! And it certainly isn't at her instigation that Toral takes a peek back to make sure Shahani's gone, and once that's been confirmed, Soriana looks to Kale and… laughs. "I am so sorry," she says, still laughing as they walk down the stairs to the beach itself.


Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Sandy sand sand! Sand means safety. Awaaay from Shahani, who is now gone. And Sand means…Soriana can laugh at him, like she's doing now. Grrr! He gives her A Look. His eyes narrowed. Lips tight. "It isn't anywhere .. near funny," he replies, jabbing her side with an index finger. Jab, jab, twist and grind! "Imagine bein' stuck with her all day since her arrival weeks ago. She's like … a blood sucking pest I can't get rid of. And the worst part is that there's times when she's actually ok. And then, there are times like…this." He makes a guttural groooan of agony, fingers clawing theatrically at his eyes.

Soriana squirms at the poking, and also… laughs! "I know, I know. She's just… it's like, she's soooo earnest. And she's sooooo clueless. Where did she even come from? How did they not teach her to like… talk to other human beings?" Toral leans forward from her shoulder and chirps, and Inkfoot offers a dook of his own opinion on the matter.

"'Earnest' is one way to put it," remarks Kale with a glance over his shoulder, as if just double, triple checking that the girl didn't take it upon herself to follow them. Alloy flies up, perhaps sent on sentry duty. "She likely came from a hole in the ground from which she never saw the light've day til she unearthed herself and clawed her way here," he remarks exaggeratedly. "But if you ask her, she's from Crom Hold and has been traumatized by bein' sent here for her training, and not at our craft hall. She lamented about it for a good sevenday or two til she finally calmed down." Insert another eyeroll….here. "Are you in need of another friend, Sori?" he asks with big, blue, puppydog eyes.

Yes, earnest would be one way to put it. As ways to put it go, earnest is a pretty polite one! Soriana laughs, and nods. "Maybe she'll get reassigned there. I mean, she's sure to put in for a transfer at her earliest… and every… chance." Sori gives her head a shake, and as she walks across the sand, Inkfoot wiggles around and hops down from her arms to go sniffing around. "Me? Hah. And before you ask, she raises one hand, "I can't get her dropped from a dragon accidentally, so it's no use hoping." She shakes her head, and grins. "I dunno. I'm trying… kinda. But she is just so… so… I don't even know where to start."

"Annoying?" Kale offers helpfully. "Beyond help? Full of herself? Bratty? Self righteous? Go ahead, take your pick. They all fill in the blank quite well. So fitting." He scrunches up his face a little, then, with a spark of inspiration, moves behind her to catch her from behind. His arms slip around her waist and he leans his weight against her back, falling into step with her as he pleads. "C'mon, pleeeease? I'm not asking for a dragon drop. Maybe just…possibly, you swipe a bit of medicine that dragon healers use to make dragons sleep. Put a tiiiny drop in her klah. An' when she's knocked out, drag her out to the clearing and if a dragon happens to land on her, it's really no one's fault. Total accident." He grins, chin on her shoulder. "Maybe?"

All these things and more! Soriana laughs, and as Kale comes up behind her, she leans back against him and puts her head on his shoulder as they walk along. "Not even. Y'can't use fellis on dragons, it's poison for 'em, so all I could get is numbweed…. and I think, just maybe, she'd figure it out when her lips fell asleep." Sori shakes her head. "No, I think we're stuck with her. Unless… oh! So Eastern just had a flight, right? Well, they'll probably be sending riders out to check if the other weyrs have suitable candidates, and what we do is, we throw her on the dragon's back and send her away!"

"Damn.." mutters Kale initially, but then…eureka! "You know, that's not a bad idea. Numbweed. If her lips fell asleep, she couldn't move them. And the main problem with her are the words that come out've her mouth. You're a genius, Grade One Dragonhealer Soriana." He grins as he uses her 'whole official' title, as it is so often used on him. "And when her mouth is good and numb, then we tie her to a dragon's back and off she goes!" He lifts one arm to gesture to the blue expanse of the summer sky. "Away, far, far, to Weyrs and holds beyond to annoy someone else to death. You and I would be lifted as heroes. And Xanadu lived happily ever after. The end." Ahh, what a story! His arm lowers again, sliding back around her, and his hands clasp and hang low, trapping her to him.

What's this? Soriana laughs, though at the whole official title she does try to reach back and give Kale a poke. It's not very effective, what with the him being behind her and all. Anyhow, hers is rather more of a mouthful than his. Though, to be fair, Kale's whole title would be Smithcraft Apprentice Kale. So, to give her the same weight, Sori should be a Grade One Soriana. …that's right. High-quality. Only the freshest will do! She grins, shaking her head. "Well. Worth a try, anyhow." Toral spreads his wings and flies up from her shoulder, and Sori reaches up and back, putting her arms back around Kale's head in a position that's not actually terribly comfortable but is totally romantic, and tilts her head for a kiss.

Kale will remind Soriana about the numbweed plan. Even though tying up the outspoken new apprentice to a dragon and shipping her off is a farfetched idea … numbing her up could be more feasible. And less deadly. And quite funny! This is totally something that Must Happen at some point, and he's not the type to forget epic troublemaking plans. His eyes lift as Toral takes flight, but they don't remain that way for long, for soon there are fingers felt upon him. Their walk slows to a stop as his head turns towards her, lifting his chin from her shoulder as their lips touch. It seriously is a postcard kiss, with the beach backdrop and foaming white caps on the surf. Waters lapping upon golden sands, and probably even a dragon soaring in the distance. 'Love Blossoms on Xanadu' would be the caption. Kale's lips begin to curve with a grin but he catches himself. No smiling when backwards kissing! Fingers unclasp and his arms slide around her a little tighter.

Or, possibly, 'Soaring on the Wings of Love' as the caption. It depends on the angle of the shot, and just which dragons are within the frame. Maybe a glowing green? Or does that invoke too much 'lust' and not enough love? Regardless of how this is going to affect the marketing department (Xanadu is for Lovers! It'll be on the t-shirts!) Soriana strokes her fingers slowly along Kale's hair, kissing him with her body twisted in a hips-forward, torso-twisted position that definitely isn't comfortable but would be highly suitable for a romance novel. One of the good ones, even! Besides, what does she need for comfort? There's warm boy here, to lean and press against and press lips with! Mmmm.

Breaktime! Always good to get out and about right? Course right! So there is Idrissa out wandering the beach, and with little knowledge of /whom/ all is around at the moment, heading ever closer towards where her dear friends happen to be. Willow is perched upon her shoulder, and Ripley seems to be missing for the moment. As Rissa is one that loves the water she is wandering rather closer towards the waves, making her way along and every now and then picking up a seashell in the process, though her steps are bringing her ever closer towards the busily kissing pair.

Too bad Alloy is on a mission. A super secret scouting mission that he's gotten so good at doing ever since Shahani's arrival on Xanadu. Alloy is pretty good at spotting Willow the moment Willow is within a fifty yard radius, and a bit of alerting would be good right now, for Kale's not paying too much attention to anything or one else besides the one he's currently in an award winning lip lock with. Even those hands of his are beginning to roam, after having uncurled themselves from their former hug to instead slide down her waist to halt at her angled hips. Were those curves he felt? He'd better take a second groping look, just to make sure that the curvature wasn't in his imagination.
Oh! The fevered imagination of a boy of fifteen turns. But as it turns out, Kale's not imagining things… this time. There's actual curves there, and if her change to fitted clothes instead of shapeless tunics has revealed some of that, there's nothing like physical contact to really get a hold of those changes. Soriana leans in against him, arched and turned as her lips part for a little deepening of the kiss, a little diversion toward the lust side of this mark. She's as oblivious as he is to the approach of another; the sound of waves splashing on the shore covers the sound of footsteps, and it seems Toral's gone off to dance attendance on the absent Haruhi, for neither of her firelizards are anywhere to be seen. There's Inkfoot, but he's no help at all. He's found a spiderclaw burrow to stick his nose into instead. Besides, it's not like this is a secret… right? Doesn't everyone know by now?

Idrissa actually /doesn't/ know… Well it isn't like her dear friends have told her anything, she's heard of them playing around, teasing and that is about it. And for some reason Rissa feels if anything more than that was going on perhaps Kale or Soriana, or both of them would well…tell her? Such a strange idea! So onwards Rissa goes, trodding along the sands and getting ever closer towards the two kissing tens, having no clue whom it actually is. Once she does catch sight of the pair she blinks, tilting her head and looking well surprised? Yes sure that is the word. For a few long moments she is quiet, her bright gaze lingering on the pair a few moments and she soon frowns, shoulders even drooping a bit. She bites down onto her lip, gaze flicking around as she wonders if she can sneak away, which she even attempts to do until Willow lets out a hooting sort of crooning warble that gives away the pair.

Lust? Ha! That line was crossed the moment their lips touched. At least, it was for Kale. Sigh. So easily do these things progress when one is fifteen and male! He's going to give poor Soriana a break too, before she breaks her neck trying to keep up with this acrobatic (yet picturesque!) kiss of theirs. But there's not a way for him to get around to the front of her without breaking their kiss and … he really doesn't want to do that. Especially now that lips are parted, which is an obvious invitation for tongues to touch and play. Ok. He'll give her neck a break after another few more seconds, because now the warmth of her mouth and his are blending so that it's wonderfully hard to tell just where his ends and hers begins. And his grip on her is gradually tightening, and his fingers are beginning to curl a little and clutch at the fabric of her — warble? Not Alloy's sound. Maybe Toral's? Or maybe the firelizard of some goony onlooker! His eyes open as, very begrudgingly, he pulls his mouth from hers to look forward towards…Idrissa? He's not quite sure why everything inside seems to freeze for a second. Heart included! He blinks, head lifting. Ahem. "..Hey..!" He doesn't see that frown.

Oh, yes, this is quite the… surprise. Soriana notices the end of the kiss before she actually does the warbly noise, looking at Kale's face before following his gaze out to… oh. Idrissa's here, and so's Willow. Which does rather explain that noise that wasn't the waves, doesn't it? She grins, and untangles a hand from Kale's hair in order to wave. "Heya!" she calls out, before rubbing her neck. Ow, stiff. Her tone's cheerful enough though, and so's her smile. …until she gets a better look at Idrissa. That is not a happy face. Aww. She reaches down and untangles Kale's hands gently from her hips and trots over to the other girl, her expression all earnest sympathy. "Hey, what's wrong? Did something happen with one of the runners?"

Idrissa frowns as she is well caught, a glance is sent towards Kale, watching him a few moments before she takes in a breath. "Hey…" Is said with a rather soft tone, almost distance like. Willow ducks her head down, nosing and crooning at her person's neck a few times, the little green knows very well that Rissa isn't happy at the moment. When Soriana comes over, and looks happy?… Happy? "Nothing is wrong with the runners. They’re fine." For a moment she is quiet, actually taken a slight step back from her best friend here. "You could have told me." Hopfully Rissa won't have to spell things out to Soriana here. And for the moment she is being rather calm, or perhaps just bottling up everything she feels, which being who she is could be more possible.

Aw. Kale looks a little forlorn as his hands are pried off and Soriana steps away. His eyes linger on her a little longer than it absolutely necessary, and after turn to Idrissa. Oh. Oh now he sees. That look on her face is far from jovial, and thus he follows in Soriana's wake, heading towards Idrissa too. Runners are fine? That's a relief. If one of them had been sick or injured, who knows what sort of state Idrissa would be in! But then, what's with the frown? He slows upon catching up, watching Idrissa with a measured look. He saw that backwards step, and he slightly lifts a brow as he glances between the two of them. Are they having a fight that he doesn't know about? That wouldn't be too surprising. Well, the fight would be surprising, as for as long as he's known these two, he's never once seen them angry at each other. The unsurprising thing would be Kale's lack of knowledge of it. He's only ever really halfway in the know! So for now, he sort of hangs back a little. Better to observe first and then interject!

Wait, what? Soriana blinks. What's Idrissa talking about? They're not having a fight, or at least they weren't having a fight, and there's nothing that Sori hasn't tol-oh. Oh! Sori turns back to Kale and casts an astonished look at him. "You didn't tell her?" she asks. She's apparently quicker on the uptake than he is - not too surprising, he's a boy - but even so, she's evidently in shock, giving him the wide eyes. "I thought you…" she says, then trails off and turns her attention back to Idrissa. "Wow. Uh. I'm sorry. I thought you knew."

Idrissa glances towards Kale as he is coming over to join in now it seems, she watches him quietly, looking a bit hurt to say the least. "No I didn't know." A glance is sent towards Soriana. "If I would have known do you think I would have say anything about it right this moment? One of you could have told me something… Anything." There is a slight pause and she wonders just whom else may know about her good friends here and she has no clue. "I must be really stupid to have had no idea. I suppose I thought you guys being my friends would have thought enough about me to include me in what is going on." She's more upset over the fact that she was left in the dark, I.E. lied to by two people she cared about deeply. If they didn't tell her the truth on this what else could they have not told her, or well lied to her about?

.. What is she talking about? Didn't tell her what? Kale, yup … he looks lost for a good minute, and a bewildered look is given to Soriana. Apparently this isn't a girl fight, as…he's now a part of it! A part of what, though? Well, that's being answered now that Idrissa is speaking, and that look on her face? He's seen a version of it before. Once on the beach, after the departure of a certain other boy. And before, with the same cast of characters as then. But it's never been because of him before. He's always been the one trying to fix the sadness! He frowns, eyes glancing back to Soriana. "I thought…you did," he says. Isn't that what girls do? Talk to each other about things like this?? "Idrissa…c'mon. You're not stupid. I thought you knew..too."

"I thought…" begins Soriana again, then trails off, shaking her head. Idrissa didn't know. That much is now obvious. No matter how obvious they thought it was before, it… wasn't. And now is not the time to explain how obvious it was and really convince Idrissa she was stupid to miss it. No, this is not the time for that. It's the time for… for… uh. What is it time for? Sori looks back to Kale, and blinks. "Me? But you're the one who's dating her!" Thereby making it clearly his responsibility to keep her up to date on the complexities of the romantic situation. Duh. "Look, Rissa, it's not like that. It's not!" Like what? Because it sure does seem like they've been dating (intentionally or not) behind her back. For how long now? Good question. Perhaps the necklace Soriana's wearing, the one of bright knotted cords, can provide a hint. Kale picked that one out for her, didn't he? Back, oh… at that Gather. The one nearly a turn ago, now. She's been wearing it for a while, hasn't she? Quite a while, but what she says is, "We haven't left you out of anything."

Oh yes, do bring up that necklace that Soriana is wearing and well Idrissa sort of didn't get a present from Kale, even though they was "dating", not that Rissa thought much of it. "I must be. I didn't see it… I mean you guys joked about it, teased and I just didn't put it together." A slight shake of her head is seen. "Not like that, could fool me. Though I bet I'm wrong about that too?" She' quiet for a moment, her head lowering o eye the ground a few moments, her toes wiggling in the sand. "Just makes me wonder what else I haven't picked up on, what else you two haven't told me." She's hurt, it's clearly seen, but she isn't taking it out on them it would seem, at least for the moment. "You haven't told me anything either. I would have told you Soriana. I wouldn't have kept something like this from you, cause it an't right. Especially between friends."

Psssh, details, Soriana! Sure, he's dating Idrissa, but uh…the two of them have been friends much longer than they've been anything official, so obviously it was up to her to like … officially announce what was going on. Oy. Kale can sense this is going to be A Thing. A Big Thing, and even though he doesn't believe any wrong has been done, he's not exactly feeling in the right, either. "Look, we're sorry," he finally says, eyes on Idrissa. "I guess someone should've said something and… we both thought the other person had. That's all. There's nothing else.." Right? He glances to Soriana, as if trying to gauge what 'anything else' may entail. Is she seeking intimate details??

Well, whether it's like that depends on exactly what that we're talking about here. You've got to be precise, because… uhm. Not helpful. Soriana glances to Kale, and then back to Idrissa. She nods along with his apology. "Yeah. Really, truly, we're sorry…" she says, then frowns to Idrissa and shakes her head. "We've just been dating, that's all. Y'know us, with the teasing and flirting." She tries a laugh, but it comes out weak, and she trails off into a cough. "…besides. You didn't tell me when you kissed Kale." Facts will totally help here. It's okay she didn't tell Idrissa about the multiple makeouts, because Idrissa didn't tell her about the single chaste kiss… right?

Idrissa just peers at Soriana, unblinking and as if she had two, or possible even three heads. "Wait… So this is my fault for not telling you that Kale and I kissed…?" This said with a faint tone that actually doesn't sound happy least! She lifts a hand to scratch at her neck a moment, the part where Soriana says that Kale and she have been dating isn't lost on her. "Oh well, don't let me stop you all." Her jaw tenses slightly, if ever there was a time Rissa could be called mad it is at this moment right here and now it seems. "I got stuff to get back too so you all just continue on your little date. Sorry for interrupting it." Her tone is clearly dripping with sarcasm. Though she does turn to start to move back the way she came, Willow clinging to her shoulder, the green's head tucked down under her hair.

Kale is getting a strange feeling that … he's the cause of these problems. As Soriana points out the fact that Idrissa's kiss with him wasn't reported, and Idrissa being upset that no one told them about them kissing…dating… It's looking like a lot of finger pointing. Because of him? Uh .. ooops? His expression falls as he hears the exchange, focus on Idrissa. "Idrissa, c'mon.." he please, brows furrowing a little. "Don' be that way. It's…I should've said something. I… I like you both!" And it was working so well! Well .. sort of. At least he thought it was, until realizing now that at least of them was unaware. He tries to catch at her arm, but won't fight her if she pulls away.

"That's not what I meant!" says Soriana hurriedly. Too late! The words are out, and she can't rewind time. Not the past five minutes… and not the past many months, either. Not that she'd want to, just, well… maybe a quick nip back, a brief comment in Idrissa's ear at a suitable juncture? "It's not your fault, I just - I thought -" Yeah, seems Soriana thought a lot of things. As Idrissa turns away, Soriana doesn't

Idrissa pulls her arm out of the way right before Kale is able to grasp hold of it. "Point of the matter. You could have told me Kale. I'm not mad at that, great you like us both… But neither of you told me, just makes me feel like you two was sneaking around behind my back. Makes me wonder what else you guys haven't told me. I'm mad that you both didn't tell me." Her gaze drifts to Kale and then once again Soriana before she shakes her head. "What's said is said, and what's done is done. I got chores too do." This is murmured out and once again she us turned and going back the way she came, which is clearly not back towards the stables.

Kale gently frowns as his grab is unsuccessful, and he doesn't try for another one. He doesn't like that word. Sneaking. They weren't! … They didn't mean to. Was he being sneaky with Soriana? Was it possible that Idrissa wasn't aware after all this time because he was careful with when and where? But .. that wasn't being sneaky because of Idrissa. That was sneaky because at a point, they were Candidates, and this whole time, he didn't want to get thumped by a journeyman! But these points aren't made now. Now, he lets Idrissa say her piece while he stands quietly, looking apologetic. He watches Idrissa move away, resisting the urge to follow after her. Instead, he stands for a while, letting things marinate, then moves to stand near Soriana. "Sorry.."

…they couldn't have been sneaky. Sneaky and making out in the caverns at dinnertime are completely incompatible, and Soriana knows they did one of those things! But, well, the only way to make that argument to Idrissa is to tell her she was completely unobservant (aka stupid), and Sori's not about to launch herself in that direction. That would make Soriana the more stupid one by far, so instead, she's just silent as Idrissa leaves, and silent as Kale stands there, and silent as he comes back. After he speaks, she does the same. "I thought she knew." It's soft, just repeating herself… not that Idrissa's here to hear it anymore. Sori shakes her head, and glances to Kale… then slowly lowers her eyes to the waves as they splash against shore.

"Me too," Kale reiterates just as quietly, eyes following the footsteps left in the sand until they disappear off the beach. Ah, he never meant to hurt anyone! Least of all either one of his two closest friends. "..Maybe she jus' needs a day to…be mad," he says after a stretch of silence, eyes turning to Sori again. "Tomorrow maybe we can find her and try again? Or maybe you can go. I don't think she'll want to see me right now." Hell if he knows who she may or may not want to see and when! This is all speculation, and it's the best he can do. He's never really seen Idrissa mad before. Who knows what she's off plotting to do! His arm shifts a little, moving towards her to try to catch her hand.

Soriana watches the waves. The beach still has that perfect postcard look; sea and sand and sun and soaring dragons. Somehow… she's not in that postcard mood anymore. She frowns as Kale suggests she go find Idrissa. "I… don't know that she wants to see me, either. She thinks…" She trails off, shaking her head. Sori doesn't even want to say what she thinks Idrissa thinks. It ain't good, she knows that much. Kale's hand finds hers, and when the fingers touch, hers move of their own volition to curl with his. She glances down to the joined hands, and frowns. Her fingers give a little squeeze, and then… disentangle themselves again. "We… I don't want to make her think we hate her or something." Because what if Rissa looked back and saw the picture postcard going on without her again? "So. Until we talk to her."

There's a faint furrowing of his brows seen when his hand is released, and he looks at her with a contemplative look that dissolves as she explains. "Oh. Yeah … yeah, you're right," he agrees with a quick nod, sliding both hands into the pockets of his trousers, as if not trusting them to be kept to themselves on their own. Kale's shoulders hunch a bit as he diverts his eyes to the surface of the water, gazing far off to the horizon's line. What now? It's a weird place to be in, caught in the middle, not really sure how to resolve things. It's a waiting game, for there's no moving forward without Idrissa. "I should uh…head back," he says, trying not to sound awkward, but utterly failing.

Soriana sighs, as she too stares out across the water. Her fingers twitch, clearly doubting her judgment in keeping them away from Kale. Nevertheless, she is firm with them. "Yeah. Okay," she says. "I'll… maybe I'll go boil syringes." The height of excitement here, people. This is the sort of thing matched only by, say… studying the bones that make up a dragon's wing. Unfortunately for her attempts to distract herself, she's already studied for and passed that test. "Good luck with Shahani. She better have saved you some lunch." Or else, her tone implies, fierce all out of proportion to the circumstance.

Syringe boiling! Oh man, how he wishes he could get in on that! Kale vaguely smirks in response to that, and he nods his head once. A joke would be inserted here, usually. Some off the wall comment made solely to get a grin out of her. Not today though. Today has not been good, or at least this past half hour or so hasn't been, and jokes would be inappropriate, making it seem as if he didn't care. He can probably deal with Idrissa upset with him, but having both of them annoyed with him at the same time likely would be more than he could handle. As for Shahani.. "If she ate my breadrolls, she's gonna be more than sorry." His stomach gently rumbles. Talk of lunch has awakened it! He moves to go, but then kind of shuffle stops as he seems to change his mind. He walks back towards her, then pauses, indecisive again. Ugh, make up your mind, man! With hands still in pockets, he briskly leans forward to try to press a kiss to her cheek. A quick schoolyard peck, if successful, because he's not quite sure if or when he's going to be kissing anyone again. "Yeah. So… I'll see you." Now, with no further fumbling and bumbling, he heads back towards the meadow.

The intention behind that kiss is good. Noble. Only, you see, Soriana can't quite resist, and she turns her head so that instead of the kiss falling on her cheek, it does so on her lips. It's still brief. A momentary peck, just a touch of lips and then she's drawing away again as he does the same. A flash of a smile. She's not mad at him. Okay, so maybe a little annoyed (He didn't tell Idrissa?) but that's not mad-mad. Not really. She's not exactly mad at Idrissa either, though she's closer there. Seriously, what is Rissa, blind? (or stupid?) …but she's not going to say that, to Idrissa's face or back, so! Here she is. "Yeah. See you." She watches him go for a moment, then shakes her head and looks instead for Inkfoot. C'mon, tunnelcat. Beach time is done for today. The fun times… are over.

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