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Xanadu Weyr - Forest's Edge


While the forest is thick for a long while, in time it begins to thin, as the ground becomes rockier to the south western stretches of the Weyr's land. The trees are further apart, and the rocks become larger, before rocky outcroppings seem to be more prevalent than the trees around them. As the hills begin to gain in height, the shruberry upon them become more stunted.

What's this, though! It seems with all the recent earthshakes from the south, the ground has begun to realign itself, and one hillside has shifted, revealing an opening into a small cave. At least, that's what it appears, as the whole is just large enough for an average sized man to sneak through.

A series of 'dens' sit into the rocky outcroppings, showing signs of the whers who make their home within them.

Grey twilight fills the clearing near the mine. It's getting warmer, but not really fast enough for the miners or their whers. A fire has been built near the mine entrance, but far enough away for safety. For this reason, among others perhaps, Hysk's eyes are currently tightly covered while Hyrlon warms his hands over the fire, waiting for his shift to start.

Instead of forcing Jansk into her blindfold, Janelle leaves their den on her own for now, rubbing her arms vigerously. She pauses long enough to take in a deep breath of crisp air, before heading towards that built-up fire, and the small gathering around it. "Hey.." she murmurs quietly towards Hyrlon, a light scritch offered towards Hysk, should he approach.

Hysk cheeps happily at the scritch and Hyrlon nods to Janelle, "Evenin'… ready for your shift? It's freezing in the mine still."

Janelle nods a little, and sighs, "I bet it is." The scritches for Hysk continues, promptly settling herself at Hyrlon's side. "It's the hardest part of th emines, in my eyes.."

Hyrlon nods, one hand moving from the fire to wrap gently around her waist, "Yeah, can't wait until Summer sets in and it's actually warm down there. It's easier to cool down in the rock than warm up."

Janelle leans in comfortably, nodding, "Exactly. Come summer time, everyone wishes they were working in the mines." She grins gently.

Hyrlon nods, "Yeah, problem is when they decide to rush down there to get cool even though they oughtn't."

"And that's when the whers get a good workout.." Janelle points out, "To save their sorry behinds when they rush in and get stuck."

Hyrlon nods slowly, "I'll admit, I prefer saving lost tourists to caved-in miners."

Janelle nods, "At least they're not likely to tell ushow to do our job.. And even less likely to tell us the wrong way."

Hyrlon nods, "And they're always grateful for the help… and, well, usually alive." There's a sad note to that last comment.

Janelle nods a little, sighing softly. A shiver runs thorugh her, that has little to do with the chill in the air. "Number one, though, is that us and our whers get out alive."

Hyrlon squeezes her waist gently, "Number one is to get as many out alive as possible."

Janelle rests her head lightly on Hyr's shoulder, with a sigh, "True, very true."

Hyrlon rests his head atop hers in turn, "It's… a hard truth that we may have to give up our lives to save others."

Janelle closes her eyes a moment, remaining quiet and reflective, "I know it is.. It's hard to think about, sometimes, though."

Hyrlon nods slowly, "It is… How… how's your journeyman's project coming?"

Janelle doesn't move, instead gaining comfort and strength in light of the previous conversation, from Hyrlon's presence. "It's coming.. I've been trying to focus on a working lesosn plan.. and I think I may soon be ready to actually schedule my first introduction class."

Hyrlon grins a little, letting her lean against him since the support is mutual, "I'm glad. I know it means a lot to you to get your journeyman's knot."

Janelle nod some, "It is important to me. And, I think it would be such an accomplished feeling for my parents, as well.."

Hyrlon nods, "Nothing seems to make mineholders happier than knowing their kids made journeyman." He smiles, briefly remembering the party his parents had thrown when he'd achieved his own rank, "I think it makes 'em nervous when their kids make Master, though." he chuckles.

Janelle nods a little, "Especially when their oldest didn't even go into the same field." She grins.

Hyrlon chuckles softly, "I wouldn't know about that one all my brothers and sisters went into mining. Though they were a little disappointed when Morl impressed… never thought he'd make journeyman, anyway…"

Janelle nods a little, "I'm sure you make them proud, Hyr.. I really am."

Hyrlon chuckles softly, "Mom's still disappointed that my younger brothers have a dragon and a wher that are brown and Hysk is 'only a blue'." Hysk gives a sad cheep and Hyr leans down to stroke him gently, "I wouldn't change you for anything, Hysk. Don't let my mother get to you." He grins back to Janelle, "Of course now she's pestering me to get married because I let slip that I'd met a girl I liked in my last letter."

Janelle chews her lower lip, "That comes back from that thing you said, about your parents not thinking any of you can 'hold onto' a girl, right?"

Hyrlon nods, "That… and mom wants me to move back home like my sister did when she got married… but I like it here."

Janelle oh's softly, "I'm nto sure that the craft'd like that idea.. Not with Hysk, and all.."

Hyrlon shrugs, "Don't really know how the craft feels about handlers and marriage… it's not like with dragons where it's impossible to be exclusive, but…" he shrugs again, "Besides, marriage is for adults and I wouldn't move Hysk to that middle-of-nowhere crafthold if they offered to double my pay."

Janelle nods a little, "I don't imagine they want them leaving where they're posted, tho." But then, anywhere with a mine, would be suitable for ONE wher.

Hyrlon nods, "Not without proper petitions and such, but I don't see a reason to want to. Xanadu's more temperate than Crom. And my family's mine already has Myrsk."

Janelle grins quietly, "I like the more temperate reasoning the best." admits the handler.

Hyrlon grins, "Well, there are other reasons, but I can't be too open about them until a certain apprentice gets her advancement." He winks at her and gives her another gentle squeeze.

Janelle chuckles softly, simply shaking her head quietly. "I'm sure this apprentice you speak of is working hard on their goals."

Hyrlon nods, smiling softly, "I know she is."

Janelle grins gently. She sighs softly, before offering a sly grin up to Hyrlon, "You know, I hope she doesn't get too terribly jealous, of my leaning in against you."

Hyrlon chuckles, "Me too, she might through her wher at me if she does."

Janelle laughs briefly, just clicking her tongue, shaking her head quietly.

Hyrlon gives her a gentle squeeze, daring the other miners to tell him he can't, "What, you think I'm joking? Her wher would probably maul me if I hurt her."

"Well," admits Janelle, "I'm not so sure she'd throw the wher at you.. I can't say that the wher wouldn't be upset, however," nor the female, either.

Hyrlon nods, "And we both know how dangerous an angry wher would be. That's why I'd never hurt her… well, that and the fact that I want her with me always."

Janelle tries hard not to, but blushes anyways, cheeks flushing. "She's lucky to have a guy like you, Hyrlon.."

Hyrlon grins, "I'm lucky to have you, too."

Janelle grins softly. And without thinking about the other miners around, she reaches up to offer a light kiss on his cheek.

Hyrlon smiles, blushing some himself, "We're going to get in trouble if we keep this up… how is Jansk? I see you didn't bring her out yet."

Janelle chews her lip a second, as if only now realizing what she did. "Oops, sorry.." Shoulders raise a little in embarassment as she grins. "She's doing alright, we've been doing a lot with her in crowds lately, thought she's due for a little break."

Hyrlon nods, letting the slip pass with naught but a smile, "Hysk needs more crowd time… and time in his blindfold… seemed like as good a time as any."

Janelle nods alittle, "It's good to get them experienced.. It also means that they're less likely to have problems with strange people, if they're used to being around strangers.

Hyrlon nods, "I'm trying to get Hysk more used to his blindfold so he doesn't get as scared when he wears it.

"We should take Hysk and Jansk out together with their blindfolds.. Then Hysk can feed off Jansk's confidence." Janelle offers.

Hyrlon grins, "That might be a great idea… we should get them to more of the weyr, too… maybe down by the beast herds."

Janelle chuckles slowly, shaking her head, "Yeah.. that's somewhere that Jansk kisn't so terribly comfortable with.."

Hyrlon nods, "It's noisier and seems less safe, but I'd like Hysk to feel comfortable going anywhere in the weyr if he needs to."

Janelle nods gently, "Absolutely. I wouldn't want either of them to be uncomfortable, if they are going to be used to teach others not to fear a bonded wher."

Hyrlon nods, "Of course, and if, Faranth forbid, the worst should happen, I want hysk to feel safe getting help."

Janelle nods softly. "Aye. I have been considering asking the dragonhealers to maybe help us practice an injury, by wrapping her up like she was injured.."

Hyrlon ponders that for a second, then sighs softly, "We should probably talk to the local dragonhealers about the whers and let them get to know eachother, just in case.

Janelle nods, "That's part of what I"m thinking, yes.

Hyrlon frowns slightly, "I'd hate for one of the dragonhealers to get hurt trying to treat them just because they don't know them… I wonder if a wherhandler has ever tried to learn dragonhealing? riders do it all the time, we should probably get at least a basic course, too."

Janelle hmms softly, shaking her head, "I don't know.. I would've thought many a dragonhealer would've been from the healercraft, before Impression.. with us handlers, we're all from the mine craft.." She's pretty sure.

Hyrlon nods, "But Morl told me all the candidates and weyrlings got lessons in basic dragonhealing… I think maybe we should, too… Whers are kin to them, after all."

Janelle nods some, "Absolutely. ..No different than emergency field-healing for search and rescue."

Hyrlon nods slowly, "Oh, that reminds me…. have you gotten your emergency medicine cert from the healercraft ever, or just the minecraft's training?"

Janelle shakes her head, "Just the minecraft's training.. Though I've been told my skills, at least with changing dressings, that I rival some of the apprentice healers." She grins.

Hyrlon nods, "I've been considering asking one of the local healers to teach an emergency medicine course for all the journeymen and wherhandlers. We need more trained medics in the mines."

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