Flexible and Sturdy Friends

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex
This large area has been painted a soft cream with dark orange trim used as an accent. It's separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. Recessed electric lights in the ceiling provide a warm glow, and a row of angled skylights on the eastern wall above the entrance give some natural light when bleary crafters first emerge. There's often a cart with klah parked off to one side to help with waking up or finishing that important project - or simply to be enjoyed with comfortable seating and good company.

Along the southern edge, an open archway leads to a library of books and records. There's something for every craft, it seems, from tomes of caprine diseases, to Pernese history and law, to gemstone identification, to sheet music, to sea charts and herbal manuals. There's even a few works of fiction, though none of it seems very well organized. Whatever is sought, it's probably here… somewhere. A few desks for studying are tucked in amongst the shelves, each with a lamp to illuminate the reading material. Near that archway, a long table holds a row of computers. They're connected to databases all over Pern, and are available for general use except when the computercraft requires them.

To the north, a pair of double doors open onto a grand hall, the vaulted ceiling designed with acoustics in mind. This space is used for lectures and concerts, rows of benches set up to face the front. Along one wall, instruments hang free or on shelves for anyone with the appropriate skills to use. There are often harpers here, practicing their craft.

A pair of hallways lead back from the western wall, one going to the apprentice dorms and the the private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. The other provides access to the various workshops.

The Craft Complex often has a life of its own. Like some great, wild beast, it can rumble with sound late into the night or lay quiescent at hours when it should be buzzing with activity. This early morning finds the Craft Complex on the sleepier side of things. In the main sitting areas, only a few of the tables are occupied with anyone or any things, when later in the day they will surely be strewn with every manner of tool or craft object currently in use by the varied Crafters who share this space. Some crafters haven't even gotten so far as the tools of their trade and are breakfasting quietly. Others appear to have foregone breakfast in favor of using the chairs as part of their craft. Wait, what? That's Tej. She's placed her hands on the back of one of the over stuffed chairs and is using it as a small assist for a variety of stretching exercises that would probably be less hazardous if done outside somewhere, but with the day being a rainy one, surely one can appreciate why she will risk thwacking someone with a poorly timed shift of her long, elegant limbs in order to warm up her body for some of her day's work.

Quiet times are the BEST times! Especially when one is a Smith and there are only so many forges to go around. Keruthien doesn't have any pressing matters to attend to and even if he did, the casual manner in which he strolls into the Craft Complex wouldn't hint at any stress. Neither would his eventual loitering in the main sitting area, where he cheerfully greets a few familiar faces with a nod or tip of his fingers in a wave-salute. There's a small notebook tucked under one arm and a case that likely holds writing tools, both of which look to have been spared getting damp from the rain outside. The same can't be said for his hair, which rests a little more flatly against his skull for the time being; his clothes, at least, aren't entirely soaked. If here's here to work, it's in a very minor capacity or he's merely bringing a few additional items when he eventually gets to his workbench. He'd have continued on his merry way, were it not for Tejra and her workout routine that has him pausing in his steps to peer at her — he's not being rude, honest!

Tejra's stockinged toe (where are her shoes? Who knows) brushes across a chair's back and she curses under her breath, her nose wrinkling in distaste and then her eyes are scanning the room, probably looking for a better square of space in which to work. Her pale gaze instead catches on Keruthien watching her, not like a creeper, at all. Her serene expression changes only so much as to quirk a single copper brow at him. Then she's leaning over the chair she had been touching and collecting a pair of slippers from the seat before she's walking right up to the Smith and his notebook and case. "Do you have time to help me with something? I think the Harper's practice room would be better for the space and there isn't a class this early." There will be soon, surely, but not just yet. She doesn't really wait for Keruthien to answer before she's walking that way, but she might be persuaded to stop and come back if he didn't follow. Maybe she's just that confident in his willingness to go with it after their joint tree climbing expedition, or maybe it's just that she's confident in the way her pantaloons hug at her hips and flow down to her ankles, close to her frame without taking all the mystery out of these things and her form-fitting camisole. They do make an argument to the right audience all on their own.

Keruthien's staring was PURELY out of curiosity! No, really! Others might leer, but he seems genuinely intrigued by the motive and not so much, well, HER (no offence to Tej). He blinks, a single brow quirking up at her request and, TRAP OR NO, he'll nod. "Yeah, sure? I got some time to spare." Cue him following along like an obedient shadow, proving that her initial guess was correct: he needs little prompting. So long as there's a spark of interest, Ruthien will be lured like a moth to the flame! There isn't even a request for her to explain (yet), even once they reach their destination, he'll just follow her along inside and be more focused on finding somewhere to place his things before he's put to the task.

The Harper's practice hall is more spacious certainly than the cozy space in the main area designed for a wider variety of tasks. "I need to find more places to practice that are inside when it rains," is Tej talking to herself more than him, her melodic voice holding a curious kind of vexation to be thus separated from her routine. She probably doesn't hold many routines, but those she does hold are sacred. "I won't have as much time as I'd like here, but better than nothing." She tosses her slippers to thump onto the floor wherever they fall. "You'll need to put your things down," she observes to Keruthien before going to an empty wall and pressing her back against it. "Then come here, please?" At least she remembers to say please this time. "I need help to stretch my legs. They were cramping last night." Betrayers. Only once he joins her will she seek to slip her ankle into one of his hands and give instructions to raise it slowly up toward his shoulder. "You're a smith?" is casually observed after that; maybe she didn't notice the other day or maybe she's just opening the door for a casual acquaintance. She still wears no knot, but the hall and the activity probably give at least some of her mystery away.

"That so, huh?" Keruthien's found the perfect spot to stash his belongings, which means they must hold some value at a personal level and aren't just tossed any-old where. She may have not been talking to him, but that won't stop him from awkwardly answering. Luckily he's ahead of her request to free himself from his possessions and there doesn't seem to be a moment of hesitation still, when she beckons him over from the wall. "Wouldn't a Healer be better to help you with that sort've thing?" he asks, with just a note of teasing there to match the smirk that goes with it. Is now the time for questions? Because a few might be simmering, when his hands are suddenly holding her ankle and he finds himself following her instructions well before his mind ever catches up. Wait, what'd he sign up for here? Better to roll with it, than give in to a more awkward reaction! He'll do as asked, peering at her curiously. "Yup!" he confirms, brightly and that smirk morphs back to a grin of pride. "Journeyman. Are you a dancer?" Is this a game of 20 Questions? Apparently.

"Why?" Tej quips on back to the Smith, "Did you have some sort of terrible accident that left you without the use of your hands?" She affects an appropriately horrified face while she looks down at hands she knows are perfectly fine since he tried to climb a tree the other day. She must only be playing dumb as to why he thinks a healer would be better because after a beat she replies, "No, you'll do. Unless you struggle to follow directions or like hurting poor, trusting dancers." So that's a yes to the dancer question. "Among other things. I like to dance in the morning to wake me up. But stretching is important." Maybe even more than the dancing itself since it enables the dancing without injury, but she doesn't go that far with her explanation. "You look young for a journeyman," she observes thoughtfully. "And you're a candidate. Do you not love your Craft enough to be wholly devoted?" She overplays the words dramatically, and it's not actually any judgement of any of his choices, just a playful sort of sussing out of who this curly-haired Smith is.

Keruthien chuckles under his breath for that appropriately horrified face, along with the commentary. "No, but I don't usually deal with cramped legs. Just saying?" He jokingly goes along with the banter, even when the topic of conversation turns more or less serious. There's a lopsided grin, completely harmless and yet mischievious. "Nah, I'm harmless!" And willing to follow instructions, as so-far demonstrated! His gaze turns curious again, when she confirms his earlier guess. "Guess that'd make sense, then, about the stretching…" Says one who should probably, at the very least, stretch as well given the physical needs of his Craft! "That's because I just became a Journeyman!" Overplayed words and the lack of judgement only serve to lead him into low throated laughter. Maybe he really is amused by this playful sussing of information out of him! While she orders him around. Really, it looks bad from the outside, doesn't it? "Oh, please! If I wasn't wholly devoted, I'd have dropped my studies the second I took the knot, despite the liberties Xanadu offers! You want me to keep going on that?" Whether he means his outpouring of his 'love for his Craft' or for the current stretch exercise, it's hard to decipher. It could be both!

"I'm not asking you to heal me," Tej makes woo-woo hands in the air, as if healing were magic. "Just help me stretch more than I can do on my own." It's not that hard, Keruthien. Just follow directions. (AS IF THAT'S EASY.) "Lean just a little toward me," she instructs, and will give him a firm, "Stop," at the appropriate stretching point if he elects to follow this direction. "I just became a journeyman," the redhead counters when her attention can be spared from the stretching, "and you don't see me with one of those things," the white knot that evidently has earned a repugnant nose wrinkling from the young woman, although there's the hint of humor around her eyes. "Other side," she indicates as she reaches up a hand to touch to his opposite shoulder to balance as she lifts her leg off his shoulder and controls the motion of it coming down before seeking to repeat the same exercise on the other side. "Will you be disappointed if you don't end up bound to a dragon?"

Despite his outwardly goofy exterior at times, Keruthien can and does follow instruction — the key is just making him think he wants to! Which Tejra has so far exceeded and could likely ask anything of him (bar a few things, the guy DOES have standards!). She tells him to lean and so lean he does, until instructed to stop. "Hey, you do you and I'll do what I want! What's so wrong with that?" he quips back, grin turning cheeky now. Other side and switch! He won't need as much prompting this time, though his gaze will turn thoughtful and inwardly distant. Would he? "Nah. Missed on my first chance, but that was more my fault than the hatchlings not liking what they saw." he muses. "I figure that if it's a no-go for real this time? Then maybe I try for a third, before I age out and if that ends in failure too well… at least I tried! And then," He snickers a little here. "I can devote my whole life to the Craft, eh?" He's only mocking her earlier statement just a wee bit! All in good fun.

Tej's melodic voice holds a little low hum before words are added to the release of sound through vocal chords, "So," she squints at him a little and then lets herself lean very slightly away from the wall and toward him (which she didn't do on the other side, so it's probably not actually part of the stretch), "what you're saying is that you feel in need of completion if it can be had as easily as the hatching of an egg and one long look?" She'll rock back to place her hips firmly to the wall after that and carefully lower her leg. "Good," she'll say matter-of-factly, probably of the stretch. "Seems the easy way out," she adds on the other topic. She places both hands on his chest and gently encourages (without shoving) him back a handful of paces into the room so she has a little more room. "Now, I just need you to plant your feet, bend your knees so you're solid and won't fall if I lean more of my weight on you, and don't move." Talking appears to be fine because as she bounces on the balls of her feet to further stretch those leg muscles, she adds, "What is it exactly that you would be devoting yourself to, worst comes to worst?" She probably means his specialty even if she doesn't spell it out quite so obviously.

"Dunno? I guess so. Wouldn't it nag at you, if you had your first chance unfinished at something?" Keruthien counters her inquiry with ease, as though he's unruffled by her prying. He has secrets but he's never really gone about denying anyone if they ask. Nicely, is the key! So far, she's not really touched on subjects he's defensive about, too. Then she's moving him and he does so willingly, with only some faltering as he tries to absorb her instructions on the go. Plant his feet, bend his knees… don't move! "Got it," he confirms, once grounded and in position. She won't have to worry much about being toppled over, so long as Ruthien is given any warning to a change of plan! "Mhm," he mulls that over for a moment, before chuckling in a short, breathy exhale. "I already devote myself to the making of tools and the like. General stuff, y'know? And jewelry. That was something my mother excelled at and I always enjoyed her ingenuity of taking even the tiniest of scrap material and turning into something people desired." Is there a deeper meaning in that? There might be, lurking somewhere, beneath that bright grin and cheery disposition.

"Was your first chance unfinished?" Tejra's brows lift as she answers question with question. Still, she seems inclined to respond, "I think it would depend, for me. If the something was a poor choice to begin with, then I don't think I'd mind abandoning it. Completism seems like a very poor reason to do something so potentially life-altering." This is observed with a drawl that makes plain her general disbelief in these superficial responses. She is not impressed, Keruthien. Do better, says the slight change in her lips that creates a subtle sense of challenge. Once he's settled though, she'll add one more instruction, "When I bring my leg up, you catch it in front of your chest, don't pull toward you, just catch and hold while I do the stretching." Without further ado, Tej's arms wrap around his waist, hands settling on the lowest part of his back in possibly the most awkward hug Keruthien has ever received from an adult. At first it looks like her face is going— well, but when her cheek settles gently against the side of his abdomen, it's obvious it's not that. Also helpful in clarity is the fact that her left leg kicks up for him to catch, leaving her balanced on her right foot, using him as a brace while she does a stretch that, without a partner, would be virtually impossible. "Not all people desire jewelry," she observes; Tej wears none, for example. "So you like to be useful to people and please them in ways that surprise them," is her thoughtful assessment after a silent moment of stretching. "Sounds dangerous. Is that why you're helping me? Because you're a people-pleaser?" It's not an accusation; Tej would never, especially since she's presently benefitting from this tendency, if her assessment is even accurate.

Keruthien tilts his head to the side, expression thoughtful in a more serious mein. "Well, yeah? I never got to see it to the end. It'd be one thing if I made the choice, personally, to quit. My "quitting" was from poor decisions. You can't stand if you're injured." So he had committed himself to the idea once but failed before the shells even hatched on those eggs. "Maybe you got a point, but there's always the 'what if' of things? Could go both ways." He's not so oblivious to that, even if he plays at being a fool. More instruction incoming and Ruthien will follow through as asked. Sure, her head is going to look like it's heading somewhere but that doesn't even seem to register on his radar. Heck, he doesn't even blush, being so close and in questionable poses. Any flush to his skin, albeit minor, will purely be from exertion of having to brace her weight against his body. He hums an agreement to Tej's claim that not all desire jewelry. The rest? He laughs, a haphazard grin spilling over his features. Ooh, did she strike the right chord, there? "Maybe?" he echoes back, bemused. "Or it could be because I'm bored and nothing else? I also might've been intrigued as to what you would need help with and figured, eh… why not?" More self-serving, than people-pleasing!

Tejra doesn't admit the point in Keruthien's favor, but the fact that she doesn't continue to pick at his standing-for-completion answer, it's probably an indication that she concedes value on the difference he expounds upon. She's silent while she might be focusing on getting the most out of the stretch, her leg incrementally shifting nearer to his face as she works the pose for all she can get from it. "Does that mean," the dancer inquires as she pauses, deep in the stretch, voice a little roughened with effort, "that if I asked you wouldn't help again since I'm satisfying your curiosity now? Or that I would simply have to continue to be inventive?" Then, "Let go," and she carefully straightens before the obvious otherside, words of instruction easier now because he knows what's coming, and this side seems more difficult for her which results in a touch of silence. "Maybe you're not the sort to think much on the why of what you do? Live in the moment?" She tries out a new theory, voice a little pained on this stretch, but it's not Keruthien's fault, nor does she allow herself to stop even if some part of it is uncomfortable enough to make her melodic voice sound harsher.

"Now that you put it that way? I hope you'd be more inventive," Keruthien teasingly suggests, with a lopsided grin that is nothing but mischief. Joking aside, he'll brace his weight and keep himself balanced while she works through the stretch. "And see? Curiosity paid off this time. Can't say I've ever been used as a prop for stretches." Is there a name for it? Because he'll cant his head to the side to peer down as best he can in hopes of meeting her gaze. Is there a term? On her instruction, he lets go and then assumes position again to be ready for her. "Nailed it," he muses brightly, wide smile in place along with a shallow chuckle (hey, it's not exactly laid back work, okay?). The harshness in her voice from being uncomfortable is not entirely missed and while his grip on her doesn't lessen, he does offer a quieter spoken: "You okay?"

"Fine," is an answer that comes not quite through fully gritted teeth, but not quite. "Pain like so many unpleasant experiences in life can make a person stronger, if they don't push past the point of reason." She pushes herself to carry on the stretch another breath, two and then with a gusty exhale and a quiet, "Let go," she's bringing her leg carefully down and righting herself again. When she stands, she's quite close to Keruthien, in what would certainly be defined as a usual person's personal bubble. Her serene face regards the young man thoughtfully before she steps back and eases down to the floor in one move of exceptional grace. "I do appreciate your helping me. The apprentices here aren't as far along in their dance training as I'd like and aren't sturdy enough." She makes a face of distaste, but it doesn't linger. "I have no lack of invention, though there are standard partner stretches. The next is a little more complicated." And she explains with words and motion before settling on her belly to await his help at ankle to fold her leg while she lets her quads relax fully to accept the stretch done on her behalf. "So do you often climb trees?" It had to be asked, sometime. Now is that time.

Keruthien doesn't back up when she ends up in his personal space, gazing back at her with the least amount of concern and a good dose of humor behind that easy-going smile of his. He'll leave her to step back first and settle, no about to interrupt, as she hasn't asked him yet what the next set of moves will be. "You're welcome! And that sounds unfortunate. I'd think as a dancer you'd need to be sturdy… well, differently than a Smith, I guess." It's not like he's all bulk either; if anything, he's much more lean. He'll nod as she explains the next set, moving slowly into position and likely asking a ton of self-check questions. This one is certainly a little more complicated and maybe involved enough that he feels the need to double check before going in. Her question brings more laughter in the form of a throaty chuckle, "Not regularly! Been awhile but seemed like a good idea at the time." More evidence for her theory that he's a fly by the seat of his pants, sort've guy! "Since it would've been so much longer to go find a ladder and drag it all the way back. Tree was a good size and sound!" So why not? "Do you?" he flips the question back on her.

"You do. The apprentices here aren't overly interested in dance," a failing to be sure, mark that look in Tejra's cool face. "Busy wanting to flip papers or navigate a pretty ditty or two. One wants to make instruments, and one," obviously the most offensive given the way her melodic voice drops to a growly purr, "wants to pursue law." Yuck. It's not like those aren't all perfectly valid focus tracks for Harpers. Lean and sturdy must go hand in hand in Tej's experience because she doesn't seem to have any complaints about his assistance so far. She breathes through the stretch, answering the questions as they arise - keep going, yes that's right, wait, okay - more, and so on. "It was an excellent idea," don't you doubt it, Keruthien, because Tejra's supreme arrogance is quite sure. "That girl tried it after you left. Evangeline." She'll gift the girl with the name that belongs to her. "She didn't get far, but I'll give her points for trying. You lost points for choosing responsibility over fun, but I think I can forgive you yet, if you're quite sure you're the type to climb trees when there's the chance. I'm lacking in good companions for tree climbing and other assorted activities." IMAGINE A SWEET (PRICKLY) PERSONALITY LIKE TEJ STRUGGLING TO MAKE FRIENDS AT HER NEW POSTING. IT CAN HARDLY BE IMAGINED, CAN'T IT? "I engage in all sorts of excellent ideas all the time," is the answer to whether or not it's a frequent past time of the Harper's, and she flicks a challenging brow up, "Don't you?" A pause. "Do you have a name or should I make one up for you?"

"Is that why you're recruiting partners from other Crafts?" Keruthien teases with a light laugh. He at least shares her distaste, wrinkling his nose and pulling his mouth into a grim line. "Ugh. I've a cousin who's looking into law. It'll suit him but I don't get it. At all." Of course not. Is anyone surprised? He'll make any adjustments necessary and doesn't seem to be tiring of being used as a prop — so far. If he's feeling any sort of strain or burn, it's not on the major focus of his mind. Another laugh, this one deeper and more spirited than the last. "Did she? Damn, I'm sad I missed that. Didn't think she had it in her, she seemed a bit… hmm. Sheltered." As for the rest? He just grins, not at all ruffled by her claim of potential forgiveness. "Are we going to just hope we cross paths again and there are suitable trees? Or were you just asking me in a round about way to go do it?" Take of that what she will! Keruthien probably did NOT put much thought in how that sounded, in or out of context. Then there IS a challenge and his grin broadens. "I do! But I never plan ahead. So if you're wanting a list, well…" Chuckling under his breath, he'll dip his head in a respectful manner and yet almost playful. "Keruthien or Ruthien." A pause, as he considers, mischief tugging the edges of his mouth past a smirk. "What kind of name would you have made up?" CURIOUS MINDS WANT TO KNOW!

"I would recruit the craftless if they seemed half-capable, sturdy and could keep their hands to themselves for the duration," except obviously when necessary. "You've proved yourself admirably in all areas." It's a compliment, see the way she flashes that Cheshire smile that's maybe just a little bit mocking but tinged with enough real humor. "There's no excuse for liking law," which may be Tejra's life philosophy in a nutshell. Harper by day, anarchist— all the time? Well, she does seem to embrace the chaos that comes her way. "I'm not sure if that girl is sheltered." The harper imparts with a considered thrumming in her throat. "Differently exposed, maybe. You're Weyrbred?" It's an easy assumption. "I can appreciate some of her struggles." And just how many did Tejra learn while in a tree with Evangeline? Enough to make the statement, anyway. "She might just need help bridging the gaps between what she was exposed to and what she's being exposed to here." Food for thought, candidate. It comes with a little shrug of Tej's shoulders before she's asking him to release that particular stretch, and then rolls onto her back, her elbows touching down on the floor to keep her torso propped up a bit. "I'd call you Rock. You're sturdy enough, but a little dense if you didn't take that as an invitation for trees and all the other kinds of excitement there's sure to be found around here. Swimming, sailing, diving, running, riding fast runners, hiking, climbing rocks," she'll rattle them off before tilting her head, braid dropping over her shoulder to the floor, "it's not an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea. "I'm Tej," she offers next, purring the 'j' like the '-ge' in beige. "Tejra," she'll even elaborate as she presses her weight onto only one elbow and the slight flex of her abdomen while her other hand is freed to extend to him as gesture of greeting and request for assistance to stand in one.

Keruthien's going to flash one cheshire-like smile right back at her, for that compliment! Only sans the slight mocking edge, as his is more-so genuine humor. "You might be right," On excuses regarding a passion of law, "But can't fault someone for liking what they like. Even if it's hard to grasp! And it might be a little of both," Regarding Evangeline now, followed up by a quick nod from him but nothing too outrageous less he compromise his position or hold on her. "I've always heard that the lifestyles are very different. Not so much between Hall and Weyr but Holds are all different. My mother was holderbred, before Impressing. She doesn't like to talk about it, much." Which seems to perplex him a little, from the expression he makes, along with the smirk and slight shrug of a shoulder. Oh well? What can he do? Nothing and therefore he doesn't worry about it for long. Instead, he'll focus on laughing over her choice of 'name'. "Rock! I like it." he mutters, likely between that list of activities, before jumping back into THAT to chime: "Hey! I like a lot of those things! Except runners. No runners." Say what now? "Well met, Tej." Going right for the nickname! He'll take her extended hand, lending that assistance to bring her back to her feet as necessary. His grin as returned, as he studies her curiously all the more. "I could show you a fun pass time that puts a twist on swimming?" he offers, wry humor and all. "Or give you the directions and let you figure out the rest yourself." It sounds like an offer! Is he bargaining a deal? Or merely lending this information out of his insatiable desire to follow unknown threads?

The flat no for runners gets a lift of a single red brow and an expression that might just be judging him (no, it's definitely judging him), but she doesn't say her judgment aloud so she just rolls her eyes. "If you can show me one thing that I don't already know about swimming, I'll help you with your—" She considers him a moment, "Smith stuff," whatever that is (she doesn't really know despite what he said earlier and she doesn't apparently much care), indicates a graceful but flippant flutter of her hand in the space between them one she's on her feet, "For a sevenday. If I already know what you're going to show me, then you help me with my dance." She extends a hand, "Deal?" It's definitely a deal. If he isn't going to be as bold as to outline it quite that way, Tej will do it for him.

"Mhm, as tempted as I am to say yes to some added help with my Smithcrafting? I'm gonna have to modify that, just a smidge!" Keruthien's grin is teasingly apologetic, though offers little explanation; perhaps it's a safety issue? WHO KNOWS! Instead, he tilts his head to the side and considers a new deal. "Instead of that… I'll show you my little secret and you give me a dance lesson — or how many you feel weigh in comparison to what I'll be sharing." How's that? "And if you don't like it, well, we'll stick with the same. You get my help, so long as I'm not needed elsewhere." Oh, it's a DEAL now! He'll seal it by grasping her hand firmly and shaking on it, even if Tej decides to modify the terms in counter to his own! Speaking of elsewhere? Keruthien DOES have a day to get to and he'll glance towards the nearest way out, before fixing her with an inquisitive look. Are they done here, for now? "Still need anything?" Or he just merrily be on his way!

Tejra's pale eyes narrow at the taller man, who she does have to look up, up to eye this way. But really, it's for form; one doesn't simply agree to deal changes with no protest. But since her melodic voice is breezy when she says, "Deal," it's obvious that she's comfortable with the way the deal is settled. Amusement twitches her lips and she shakes her head. "I'm done with you," the dismissal walks the fine line between playful and rude. Maybe if they're friends now it's the former and if they're not, it's the latter. But either way, she flashes a Cheshire smile at him before moving off to reclaim her shoes and be on her own way; the room will be needed soon enough by other Harpers with duties that suit the space, if she's still here then, she'll probably have to help, or act like a real Journeyman.

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