Bedside Diplomacy

Xanadu Weyr - Guest Weyr
Rustic and simple, this one-roomed cottage sits at the edge of the forest near the feeding grounds. The decor is spartan with a wide, comfortable bed and a couch, table and chairs and small kitchenette. Kept stocked with food and drink, the bed freshened with sheets and coverlets after each use by the weyrstaff, it's nothing more than a place to give riders participating in mating flights a bit of privacy should they need it.

Ah morning. After what had been a rather exhausting night — though groggy So'l doesn't immediately remember why — the bronzerider's eyes slowly open expecting to see the large stone fireplace of his weyr and the sleeping, curled form of Sharuth. Instead there's…tables? Curtains? And this isn't /his/ bed. Too soft. So where is… OH. Memory stolen by sleep rushes back, the details of the mating flight roaring back to the forefront of his mind. Soriana doesn't appear to be in the guest house proper — not that he sees, anyway — and so he turns in bed, keeping the covers in place and looking to see if the goldrider is still asleep.

Some nights are more challenging than others. This one just past… Oh yeah. So yes, Soriana is still sleeping. Luraoth is awake, though her thoughts are a pleasant sort of drift. She's likely still with Sharuth, if the bronze is willing, but either way, she's quiet and contemplative. Soriana is less awake, curled on her side and facing away from So'l with a sheet pulled up over her. She stirs as So'l turns - she'll wake up soon, but… it was a challenging night, and a long day leading up to it.

Sharuth is, indeed, still with the gold. He is curled nearby her, sleeping even still and enjoying the rather warmer weather of Xanadu in comparison to Fort. When So'l more firmly stirs, though, the bronze does, too. His head lifts and with slowly whirling eyes of contented blue, he croons good morning to Luraoth. « Did you sleep well after our flight? » While yesterday they'd been strangers, this morning the bronze's thoughts are colored with closeness and a honey-sap coating of sweetness towards her. So'l, meanwhile, has found Soriana and considers — briefly — slipping out of bed to dress. He is, after all, supposed to be on a sweep with Thunderbird Wing later in the morning. But mating flights supersede such duties, no? He won't wake Soriana but he will gently lower onto his back and look up at the ceiling, his thoughts hundreds of miles away.

Mating flights at least make good excuses. So'l may be finding he has to make quite a few of those, in the next few sevens. It's not so much that he'll be busy, as that Sharuth may… keep things interesting. Luraoth's thoughts brush to Sharuth's in a swirl of summer breezes with the smell of sun-warmed grass. « Good morning, » she says to him, and a curl of her thoughts sends gentle bells of amusement to ringing. « I will sleep enough. » She's pleased, though, happy and content. « And your sleep? » Those happy thoughts percolate back into Soriana's head, and she makes a small, groggy noise of protest. Five more minu- waaaait. Her fingers slide along the edge of the sheet, then stop, and her eyes open to see… a wall. Not her wall, though. She lets out a slow breath, her fingers curling tighter around the sheet. At least it's over her? Her words are an unconscious echo of her dragon's as she says, "Good morning." Say something back. And… be a voice she'll recognize? Only… she's… not so sure she will. Becaus she's still a bit hazy on details, but…

Life has already gotten /much/ more interesting with this flight…and that after graduating from weyrlinghood had /already/ made things 'more interesting.' So'l isn't entirely sure what's in store for either of them but he's thrilled that Sharuth is so happy about last night's turn of events. And today's continuing events, it seems, for the bronze warmly brushes Luraoth back with a pleasing croon. « I imagine you will. And when you sleep, I will /protect/. » Her? The eggs? Somehow both? That goes unclarified. The bronze meets the gold's breezes with a wintry chill; not to ice Luraoth out, but rather because his mindscape manifests as the forests of Fort in their current season. Thus the smell of pine mingles with flashes of white snow as Sharuth's muzzle moves to affectionately nuzzle the gold good morning. So'l, meanwhile, feels Soriana stir beside him and as she greets, he turns to face her with a smile. "Good morning," he says in reply. It isn't goopy, sappy, or any other word ending in -py that denotes any kind of clingy, lovey emotion. More of a very friendly but a little distanced hello.

« You will not have to imagine. » Luraoth's amusement is a shared one, for the bronze's protectiveness meets with her approval. As her warmth meets with his chill, it creates the scents of hot klah and gingerbread baking. Winter scents of warmth, those growing grains toasted in the fire for a pleasant treat. Luraoth croons softly, arching to that nuzzle. Soriana? Yeah, there's a twitch of her lips as she hears the voice, and she nods. Yeah. Definitely not… "So," she says, her tone not unfriendly, but… brisky. Practical. Her eyes flick to check the position of the sheet before she carefully rolls - keeping herself under it - to take a look at this bronze (Right? She's pretty sure) rider. The face, mostly. Because… that's a good thing to know. Other things it's good to know include… "I'm Soriana." Because she certainly doesn't recognize him, and maybe he's up to date on his junior weyrwomen, but maybe he's not. And names are practical.

Sharuth rumbles with amusement of his own, though it turns to cozy satisfaction as gingerbread and klah scents drift between them. He loves the winter, you see. For many reasons, but chief amongst them is feeling warm and safe when the world freezes all around him. And though Fort's winter is sunkissed and warm here in Xanadu, he sends images of nestling together by a very large fire while the snows of his mind gradually melt into the thaw of Luraoth's summer. Inside, though, things aren't quite to cozy and comfortable. While So'l isn't looking for a mate, he certainly isn't hoping for a frozen stranger, either. And as Soriana addresses him with a little bit of an edge, the bronzerider does his best to remain warm and friendly. "Well met, Soriana. I'm So'l," he nods, offering a hand in greeting with an amusing chuckle. "Search and Rescue rider with Thunderbird Wing at Fort." Awkward? Yes. But he's determined to make the best of the situation.

The fire had best be warm, yes! Luraoth is fond of heat, just now. An oven for her buns! Or something like that. She'll let her thoughts drift, wandering in warmth and snow alike. There's some pleasure to be found in any season… but her focus will be on the warmth and growing times. Inside, Soriana… heh. It's not that she hasn't woken up next to someone before, just… she slides her hand from the sheet to take So'l's, and gives him a smile to go with it. "Nice to meet you," she says, and nods. So'l… yep, not someone she knows, and soon enough he explains why. He's from Fort. "Oh," she says, and there's a thoughtful expression. "That'll…" She trails off, and shakes her head a bit. "Welcome to Xanadu?" The smile for that is a rueful one. This… is not how she's supposed to be practicing diplomacy.

Quite warm indeed! The fireplace in Sharuth's weyr is one of the biggest in Fort and So'l always keeps it well fueled and stoked on colder nights. But now that the spring of Luraoth and Sharuth has come, there's little need. It's a transformative thing; a season for growing and changing and /becoming/. Curling up a little closer to Luraoth, the bronze wonders at the life they'll bring into being. Inside, So'l smiles with relief as his hand is taken and then released, Soriana's smile warming the exchange up a bit. "Thanks for the welcome! I'm not very familiar with Xanadu so I look forward to exploring it," he nods. "I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time here, as we get further along…" the bronzerider chuckles. "Are you from here originally? I'm from Lemos, myself," he offers.

All seasons hold growth, in their own ways. After the flight, Luraoth… does as well; the potential for life, ready to… grow. She stretches, elongating her body and letting it curve against the bronze's, letting her thoughts drift back to the contemplations of that change. Soriana… she hasn't had her klah yet, you see. But she's trying, and so she nods to So'l's lack of familiarity. That part she smiles for. The bit at the end… well, she mostly smiles. There's a sideways tug of her mouth. Further along. Hah. Only… "You can probably train with Galaxy, if you want. Our Search and Rescue. To keep yourself in shape." Because, yeah, he… probably will be spending time here. "Lemos, huh?" she asks, and then arches a brow. "Woodcrafter?" Because she knew this other guy from Lemos, you see, and it'd just be funny if they were both woodcraft. Of herself, though, she shakes her head. "Nah. From near Ierne."

Sharuth settles into the curvature of Luraoth's body, enjoying the touch and feeling as if he could fall asleep all over again. And in fact, shortly thereafter he does. So'l chuckles to himself as his dragon slips back to sleep before nodding to the bit about training with Galaxy. "I'd like that," he says. "Would give me a chance to explore the area and do some good down here," So'l nods. Then Soriana's arching her brow about Lemos and asking about his past profession. "Yes, woodcrafting is in my blood. My grandfather, father, me…where it goes from there, I don't know yet," the young man smirks. "Ierne, eh? What'd you do out there?"

Cross-weyr training! It's a good thing, even when it's not being… well, not enforced, but… advised? Given a good excuse for? Soriana nods to So'l about the wing substituting, anyhow. "Yeah. You'll want to talk to your wingleader about it, and…" She trails off for a moment, and her lips tug to the side. "…the Weyrleader." Her eyes slip to the window of the weyr, looking outside - not that there's much to be seen besides some sky. Her gaze goes back to So'l as he discusses his family's past, and she nods about the lineage. The future? "Mmh." She doesn't smile. "Suppose you'll find out someday." Her gaze goes to the sheets, and she starts to carefully sit up, though she glances back to So'l at his question. "Lived there." She shrugs. "My mother bred runners."

So'l nods as Soriana explains how he should proceed. He'll definitely need to put some things in order before the eggs are clutched and he and Sharuth spend the majority of their time in Xanadu. "I'll definitely speak with Wingleader Nishka later today. As for the Weyrleader," he hmms, "I'll have to see about meeting with him." And at the moment, he can't even remember the man's name. Embarrassing. "Runners, eh? That's great," he smiles enthusiastically. "Before Sharuth and I came together, riding them made me feel free! But now," her snerks, "runners don't quite hold the same thrill anymore." As awkward mornings-after go, maybe this one isn't so bad?

Soriana nods at So'l's plan to talk to his wingleader. The Weyrleader? "Yeah." She frowns slightly. "If he's not in his office, he's probably on the sands." Because, well, Xanadu's senior gold also rose fairly recently, and that's the traditional way to get the Weyrleader job. She finishes sitting up, casting her eyes over to look for her clothes. "Yeah," she says to So'l's pleasure over those runners. "So that's what my mother does." There's her shirt. It's a start. "Me, I'm a dragonhealer." She smiles slightly.

So'l spies Soriana looking for her clothing and figures he should probably do the same. "Dragonhealing? That's great," he smiles. "That kind of interested me in Weyrling training. I know the basics of course," he nods, reaching down to snag his undershorts from the floor. He'll discretely don those under the sheets as they continue to talk. "Don't think I have the patience to learn a new trade, though," he chuckles. Are those Soriana's pants? Looks like it. Reaching down, he pulls them up and helpfully offers them to the young woman.

"It's a good thing to know," Soriana says of dragonhealing. "Especially in search and rescue." Because, hey. First aid! Stabilizing dragons until an expert can get there. "I'm grade two." So, she's not that expert, but she's at least put some moderate study into it. She glances to the offered pants, and nods as she reaches out to take them. "Thanks." And she'll swing her legs around the side and pull them on, with at least a moderate attempt at modesty… but she's not too worried about it, if it comes down to it. "So…" she says after she's gotten them on. "There'll be breakfast in the caverns, if you're hungry." Also a kitchenette here, but she doesn't offer to cook. Just… stands up to go get that shirt of hers.

The talk of how useful dragonhealing would be for Search and Rescue snags the bronzerider's attention. He hadn't really given it that degree of thought before but it makes sense. "Grade 2, eh? Maybe you could show me a few things then? If you want," So'l smiles warmly. "I'll have a lot of time around Xanadu to fill. Would be nice to get to know you better and learn something at the same time," he chuckles, standing now to retrieve his socks from /under/ the bed. And oh look! One of his shoes. But where's the other?

Soriana stops with her shirt partway on, then breathes in before drawing it the rest of the way down. "You'd likely want a certified dragonhealer for that." She smiles, a polite curve of her lips. "You might try asking some of the Galaxy riders to show you around. I'm… going to be rather busy for a bit, what with duties… and spending time with my boyfriend." Because yeah, let's get that out there. She gives her shirt another adjustment, then goes to get her shoes. If her socks stay missing? She doesn't care right now. The housekeeper will find them.

"Ah," So'l replies. He hadn't been hoping for a relationship but certainly he'd thought a little friendship might be doable. "You're right. I'm sure you'll be very busy indeed," he says, a little of his warmth leaking away as he dons his socks. Next up is his shirt and then? The search for his other shoe. "Well, I'm sure I'll find ways to pass the time when not busy officially. Thanks for the recommendations." After a few moments of searching, he spies the shoe under the dining table. How did it get /there/? Moving across the way, he snags the shoe and pairs it with the other, sitting back on the edge of the bed to put them on. "I'm assuming it's alright to have visitors? There's a girl I'm rather fond of and we'd been waiting for weyrlinghood to end before…moving forward," he alludes.

When greeted with warmth after a flight… is it any wonder certain conclusions get jumped to? These are - even if they're (now) mostly dressed - not exactly the most casual of circumstances. It's not like they've met for an evening at the pub. But oh, there'll be plenty of time to work things out in the coming weeks. Busy or not, but Soriana's telling the truth about that. She'll want to get things in order before she's stuck on the sands. She frowns slightly for So'l's tone - even if he is agreeing - but decides to leave it, this time. The visitors, though? That reminds her. "You should talk to the headwoman. Or the steward. And get a place to stay, while you're here." This particular spot? Yeah, it kind of ends up being occupied without warning. "Xanadu's more cottages than cliffs, not like Fort. There might be something in the forest, though." Since he's a former woodcrafter and all. "There's no restrictions, really, just… whatever works with the dragons."

So'l's just that kind of guy, it seems. Warm, friendly, open…it's earned him the nickname 'Simple So'l' back home, which Soriana might find out about should she — for some reason — ask around about the bronzerider. "I appreciate that," he nods, stuffing his foot into his shoe and lacing it up. "I'll do that before I head back to Fort today. It'll be nice to have a warm place away from the frozen tundra of the north," he chuckles, now moving on to shoe #2. Standing, he takes physical stock of his clothing and belongings — all seems to be well in hand — before nodding towards the door. "A busy day for us both, I'm sure. Thank you for a pleasant evening," he offers politely, still smiling but not as unguarded as before. "I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of you in the coming weeks but I should probably go find the steward," he chuckles. He'll wait for any closing pleasantries before moving outside, rousing Sharuth and expertly threading and buckling his straps back on. And then? Then they'll head off to acheive all that needs doing today.

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