I'm Ka'el, Not Sober

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Ka'el isn't quite sure what time of day it is. It could be early in the morning, or late at night. It could be lunch time or that in-between snack time of lunch and dinner. He doesn't know because he doesn't quite care. What he does care about is usually something that he never really has cared about before: His runner seems to have gone MIA. The guy is usually pretty diligent. Asking him what he needs (with the answer usually being 'I'm fine' from Ka'el), offering to run errands for him, bringing him snack foods and keeping the water pitcher in the office full of fresh drink. But today? (or tonight) he's nowhere to be seen, and Ka'el is irritated because it's one of those times that he actually wants him to do something for him. He wants a drink. No, he needs a drink. He's in a dire situation for a drink for there's a buzz in his mind that he can't quite quiet and more than a few people that he's been passing are acting…weird. Girls are giggly. Men bold. And in some cases, men are giggly and women are the bold ones. Ka'el just really needs a drink, and since there's no one around that he can order around to get him one, he's off to get one himself. And that's how he ended up here, in the tavern that has a quite a bit more riders than usual, downing drinks or being nuisances to those who may or may not be enjoying the attention they're getting. Ka'el sits at a table, drinking some tall dark concoction, and his eyes are glued to the door like his life depended on it.

It has been one of those late summer days, where the air is still hot and humid or it was rather. Now the day is growing later and the air cooler as evening approaches. Indeed there are many who are acting peculiar and another is soon stepping into the taverns. Well, not quite stepping as it is darting… A nervous sort of flickering movement, as though the individual in question is very edgy and certainly casting the 'don't want to be here' vibe. But she's trapped or at least finding her willpower to be waning. Kiena is exhausted from a day at the forges and had been trying to enjoy a bath until that familiar buzz struck and she knows what it means, thus a hasty vacating of the baths was necessary. Ujinath is watching it all. He cannot chase but he can watch (which is kind of creepy, really) but the blue has his habits much to his bluerider's despair. Getting to her weyr would be lengthy and she's already had to dodge a few giggly girls and bolder men. Nope, nope, nope. Go away. A tavern is probably the worst place she could turn to but before she bolts out the door again, her eyes spy a familiar figure. If there is a chair vacant by Ka'el, Kiena claims it with haste, less he tell her otherwise. "Hey." she grunts, so unlady like. Who cares? "Mind if I join you?" It's safe, right?

There is definitely a vacant chair near Ka'el. He's growled everyone away who has attempted to sashay near and join him. Those who have noticed him, anyway. It's possibly unlikely that the Weyrleader would be expected here with the gold of his known girlfriend taking to the skies. But, lo! Here he is, downing what looks to be the third of his drinks with a fourth on the way. He ignores the merriment around him. Laughter and giggles and shrill shrieks of too-touchy hands of faceless people that mill here. But one of those faceless people soon morphs into someone recognizable, even through the haze of … Kanekith, who is agitated on the sands. To chase or not chase? It is a urge difficult to resist, as is the urge to dote upon his eggs already on the sands and the dominant Queen who is with him. Poor Ka'el's mind is being ripped into two, so it's a good (hopefully?) thing that Kiena is here to distract him. His sullen look brightens as he looks up at her, not refusing her as she asks to sit. "Yes, please sit. .. Ah, I mean no, I don' mind. Sit with me," he says despite the fact that by now she's already sitting. He grins and leans across the table from her. "Have a drink. Have you a drink? You'll have a drink with me, yes?"

Kiena's mind isn't being so much torn in two as it is being bombarded with the usual broadcast of a gold flight and whatever else Ujinath deems necessary to saturate their bond with. Which, judging with how flighty and twitchy the bluerider is behaving, it's not helping. Ka'el's brightening look is met by a faint echo from Kiena as she perches on her seat, her still half-damp hair tumbling over her shoulders. She hadn't the time to tie it back, but at least she's reasonably clean and in slightly fresher clothes? The drinks are noted, counted and her blue eyes dart back to the Weyrleader with a questioning look. Is he already drunk? "Of course I'll have a drink. Need one, actually. What're you having? Or have had… I'll take that." she drawls with her usual smirk before casting a nervous darting look around the tavern when someone laughs a little too loud. Twitch.

"I don't know," Ka'el honestly answers to the question of just what he's drinking. He eyes his glass, empty now save the last bits near the bottom. "Something… that's rather good," he says with a grin. "An' doin' the trick." Whatever the trick is that needs to be done. "But they wouldn't poison a Weyrleader. I trust'm. The 'tender's my pal, you know? I've known'm since…since apprenticeship." He nods sagely, then grins as he waves a hand to gesture for a drink to be brought to her as well. "See how easy it is? Just a wave of a hand. S'shardin' ridiculous. Nobody should wave their hand an' get anything." He lowers his arm down and pushes his empty glass away and claims his new one, but he eyes her in the process. "Want a taste? Too bad if y'don't like it. Already got another comin', but I'll take it if you don't want it." He pushes the glass towards her, and if she does in fact taste it, it'd have a strong, sharp sort of taste. He eyes her while giving his offer. "You're wet." And jumpy, but that he either doesn't notice or chooses not to comment on.

"You… don't know what you're drinking?" Kiena asks as her attention is drawn back to Ka'el and all too happy to focus on conversation than whatever else is buzzing around in the room and in her head. Ignore! "At least it's good. And I don't think anyone'd be poisoning you." she says, smirk still firmly in place. Her eyes follow his waving gesture and she snorts. "Why not? Makes for efficient service!" Doesn't it? At least it's working for the Weyrleader's benefit if getting rip roaring drunk is his cup 'o tea. Or mug of ale? Suddenly she's being offered his glass and she'll take up the offer with a quirk of a brow and little else. "You're asking a girl who drinks a brew called Black Damnation and can match the Fortian Weyrleader. I'm also rather fond of fire whiskey. So this…" She'll tip the glass to her lips and sip, a good deep drag of the liquid and swallowed without so much of a grimace or a cough though she does peer at it curiously. Huh, not bad! "… ain't half bad! Sharp. Kind of like a bit of kick." Of course she would. Now he's lost his glass! She's still gripping it, forgetting perhaps to pass it back as his comment catches her off guard and she tilts her chin down to note that, yes, she is in fact still wet. "Yeah? I am. I was in the baths. And you're drunk, I'll guess?"

Ka'el snaps his fingers in remembrance. "Black Damnation!" he says in a voice that's right at that 'too loud' point. Wasn't he trying to keep a low profile or something? Oh well. "I forgot! Would they have it here? Is it Fortian only?" He sits up and looks around. "Is it?" he asks the masses as if everyone should have been keeping up with his conversation and have an answer for him. They don't. He snorts. "Well damn. Lost my drink an' have no Damnation.." He makes a face but then brightens with another tall glass is set down at their table. Yay ale! It's like magic. He takes a few swallows, eyes on her as he does so. He's drunk? "Pssshhh…" Which is … Ka'el talk for .. no? Maybe yes? "S'better'n bein' the other thing." Which he doesn't bother to elaborate on. His eyes roam her damp hair, then he grins. "Y'look good wet. S'a wet…look. S'a good look, that's wet. It reminds me of the beach," he says, brows lifting as pieces of a memory fall into place. "Y'remember? I liked that day. Was a good'n. You were there." Duh. "N'you had this thing…" He makes a gesture to his body, "wrapped I think. An' you looked good in that too."

Kiena starts a bit with Ka'el's too loud voice and she just gives him a look as she tries not to shrink back against the table. Is anyone staring? No? Okay, good. Thankfully too many minds are preoccupied with the other event happening at that very moment. Goldflight broadcast trumps drunken Weyrleader apparently! "It's Fortian only!" she hisses at him. Shhh! "And I have some if you're so damn curious about it." What, she's a dealer? Nah, she just has connections. "You don't want no damnation," she drawls at him, only to roll her eyes a bit when he brightens up as another glass is brought. She'll sip her (stolen!) one, blue eyes studying him carefully. Piecing together the why he's in this state and then… aha! There it is. Other thing. Kiena only smirks, but there's an understanding to her eyes as they slip towards the door. Ujinath told her which gold is rising and which chasers he recognizes. Kanekith is not among them, that much she knows but she does not question Ka'el why. Not yet. Now he's focused on the fact she's got wet hair and her brows lift, mouth curving into an amused smirk. "Mhm, I was there." Obviously! That thing? She blinks, realizes what he means and what that gesture signifies and she promptly ducks her head and pretends to focus on her drink. "A sarong," she informs him. "And a bathing suit. Nothing that unusual… And yer only saying that cause your drunk." she points out with a dry chuckle and another sip of her drink.

"A…what?" Ka'el blinks as she speaks a word that might as well be Greek to him. But really, when it comes to women's fashion, it might as well be a foreign language! "Asaaawrong?" He tries on the word for size, then gives his head a rigorous shake. "No no no. It wasn't wrong. Was very right y'know? So you were wearin' a saright." He grins, nodding in a what in his mind is a sage and solemn way. In real life? Not so much! "Y'should wear a saright an' your bathing suit everywhere y'go. And everybody'll be…shardin'…" There's a word he's trying to think of, but his brain can't think of it and so he resorts to giving his arm a sort of wiggle-wave motion as indication instead of actually filling in that blank. "An' I'll be.." Another hand wiggle, leaving her to fill in the blank with the answer that's only obvious in his head. "An' you have Black Damnation? Y've had it all this time and not said a word about it? Should be throwin' y'in the….the cells or somethin'. Y've..and I…. you're I'm not drunk." Pft. Obviously not with that very convincing string of coherent words, right?

Kiena snorts with barely contained laughter as Ka'el struggles with the word and then twists it into a pun. Choking on the recent sip of her drink, she has to press the back of her hand to her mouth to recover, eyes watering a bit as she coughs. "That was bad," she says through her chuckling. Wow, really? She just eyes him, eyes the drink he's holding and then back up to him. Judging from the way her brows knit together in confusion, his hand gesturing makes no sense what so ever to the sober mind. "No way," she replies dryly. "First and foremost, I can't smith in a bathing suit! And riding? Also out of the question. So… no. Sorry to disappoint." Flipping her hair back over her shoulder, she'll drain a little more of her drink and now she grins at him. "All you had to do was ask, you know? I told you I'd share sometime. And you are drunk, Ka'el. And I think I know why, but whatever floats yer boat, hmm?" She's totally not buying his claims of sobriety! Finishing the last of her glass, she'll set it aside and then brazenly reach for his. Give it! "In fact, you'd probably best cool it a bit." she mutters.

Aw, look. He's nearly made her choke! It's not funny, but it is. Ka'el grins loosely and it remains on his face as she speaks to him. That is, until she denies his request that a bathing suit and sarong be her new uniform of sorts. "Pfffff, course y'could smith in a bathin' suit. Y'd jus' have ta do it…real. careful." He nods slowly, as if he's proven a point. "An' I didn't know y'meant I ask because y'had th'drink hidden up somewhere in your weyr. I thought y'meant…ask an' we'll go… get some." He pause at the phrase. Get some. He grins, Then snickersnorts. Then.. hey! He sees her reaching for his drink, and he snatches it back, just barely avoiding sloshing it on the table. "S'mine! Get your own. Try the wavin' your hand thing 'n see what happens." He mock glares, his glazed gaze a little squinty. But then, he grins and leans over the table a litle, towards her. "What floats my boat is dancin'. I haven't had a dance in forever. Will y'dance with me?" At least there is music to dance to. This is a bar, besides! Someone's likely got the Xanadu jukebox going.

Kiena snorts, "Uh huh. Real careful, eh?" she drawls, as if to consider it and then gives him a flat look. "No." Denied! She cocks her head a bit to the side then, peering at him through a heavy frown and narrowed eyes as she tries to puzzle our his drunken-speak. "Alright." What? "It's a shardin' long walk though and judging your ah, current state, I doubt you'd make it half way before either passing out or just completely screwed for walkin'. So, lay of the alcohol for a bit, eh?" Challenge laid out, she'll just smirk at him when he snatches his drink from her grip and leans back in her chair, arms crossing loosely over her chest. "I ain't here to get drunk of my feet." she quips back, only to eye him warily as he leans over the table, only to blink at the offer. Her eyes dart over the tavern nervously and she's clearly hesitant, for many reasons. "If you can suffer through my awful lack of dancing skills, then yes… And if you put the drink down." Those are her terms!

She's not here to get drunk off her feet? Ka'el surely is, from the looks of it. He can almost pretend that there aren't things happening above in the skies of Xanadu right now. He can nearly disregard the urge to be there, chasing someone he's already chased for turns, far before any dragons came into their lives. Almost. And after a few more glasses he's sure his mind will be totally gone and everything will be blissfully dark and quiet. But he's being denied his drink. It's part of the difficult terms set by Kiena, and he wrinkles his nose as he eyes his glass. Then, he quickly gulp, gulp, gulps at it, sucking it down like a man starved for water. He doesn't completely drain the thing, but he does get a majority. His belly feels full afterwards, and he rises to his feet, touching his fingertips to the tabletop for support. Is she sure she wants to dance with this fellow? She may not have toes left! "Bet you're lo- .. bet you're a lovely dancer. B'cause you're lovely, see? Like a lovely…thing I've seen." So poetic! So descriptive! He's steady now, and he moves around the table to offer his hand. "Dance with me."

Kiena can both grasp and not grasp the full extent of Ka'el's turmoil over what is occurring in the skies above the Weyr at the moment. She's been on the bitter end of having to wait out flights before, never sure of the outcome and always struggling to accept the one fallout. It was something she had to learn to accept, did learn to accept and she knows alcohol is not generally the key. Not for her, anyways. She's only trying to stop him because she's, of all things, actually concerned. Not that that shows in her expression or her tone (yet). He'll get to gulp that drink though she rolls her eyes a bit for his tactic and mutters something that sounds like 'going to regret that…' but beyond it she does nothing save to slide out of her chair and stand. No, she's not sure she wants to dance at all and she's already feeling her skin crawl from the possible glances (real or imagined) sent their way. She can keep her toes safe enough! Kiena just arches her brows at his "poetic" words and scoffs, smirking as she firmly takes his hand. "Right. I'm lovely and you're completely sober." she says in a drawling, sarcastic tone. Clearly, the bluerider does not believe him and as she's lead forwards to dance she tries to warn him again. "And I'm not that good at dancing. I mean it! Just… ugh. Maybe it's good you're so sloshed." Maybe he won't remember this?

Oh there will probably be glances. Glances of people who perhaps aren't as swayed by the effects of a goldflight as others are. People who can blissfully observe while others drink themselves towards passing out or make a total fool out of themselves in front of the opposite gender. And there are those who actually succeed in pulling one of the opposite gender out of the door and do who knows what (oh, we know what!) with them. "Uh huh. You're lovely," eh echoes, completely missing her sarcasm, "An' I'm so…ber. Sober," he says again, giving his head one nod. "But actually I'm Ka'el, not Sober." He laughs as he grasps her hand and leads her to a wide dancing area. Nothing more but a bunch of squares, but in comparison…! He wastes no time. It's a lively tune that needs a lively sort of dance to it, and so he keeps one hand grasping at hers while the other moves to her hip where he grips. "Lessee if you can keep up," he challenges, even though the truth question should be: How long can Ka'el continue to stand out. And with no further ado, the drunken Weyrleader whisks her off for a dance! Poor Kiena. Being led around the tavern probably wasn't on her to-do list today, and while dancing? Definitely a cool day.

Kiena will do her best then to ignore those glances and what others are doing, no matter what their state of coherency may be. She has other important things to focus on, namely one drunk Weyrleader. Which both amuses and concerns her, putting her a touch on edge simply because she isn't sure what Ka'el may do. "You are far from sober, my friend." she drawls with a chuckle, unable to help herself. She'll let his insistence on her 'loveliness' go unremarked. Time to let that drop! Hand grasped, she follows his lead and of course her luck would have it that it's a lively tune being played. Maybe Kiena should have had another drink (or three) before getting up here! "Let's see how long you can stay standing," she fires back in challenge as she slips her hand to his side and off they go! Kiena lied — she's not an awful dancer but neither is she skilled. She's just not accustomed to it and too tense and rigid to really be effective at it. At least she won't mash his feet too painfully? Though her awkwardness may place them in jeopardy of stumbling or faltering when she misses a step or adds one too many. This was not on her to-do list for the day or any day. Yet here she is and so far she's not fleeing!

Ka'el is a good dancer. But usually when he's dancing, he's not drunk or flight lustful. So! This shall be a first for the both of them. He's never been a shy one, especially when it comes to music and dancing, and so he easily leader her about the dance floor, as impromptu as the dance floor may be. Just a cleared out area that lacks tables and chairs and currently holds bodies He dances, not caring if she trods on his feet as he's wearing boots and they do a wonderful job of keeping vulnerable toes protected! Careless of eyes that may be glancing their way, they weave in and out of people, some dancing and some not. His grin is broad and genuine, even though his eyes still have that glazed over quality to them. "You're a liar!" he proclaims. "Y've danced before an' I know it!" Mindless of her tenseness, he lifts her arm and attempts to twirl her round and round in time with the music.

It's probably a good thing that Ka'el leads or their dancing would have ended long before it had even started. Kiena's confidence is questionable at best and so long as she's not given time to notice any attention drifting their way or really think of what she's doing or whatever else her nervous and wary, anxious ridden brain would toss at her then she'll dance with him. Eventually she may even begin to relax and actually try to find the rhythm rather than half-fight it. "Oh common! You actually believed me when I said I don't dance? What girl doesn't dance?" she teases him, smirking and before she can say more she's… twirled? That brings a bit of a startled laugh but she'll go with it until she has to stop less she ends up unable to stand for being too dizzy. So she'll step back in line with him and peering up she'll snort softly. "You're not half bad yourself."

Twirl! It's a fun dance move. One that Ka'el doesn't get to do often! How many opportunities does one have to boogie on down? When one is a Weyrleader, not many unless it's a formal thing and he hasn't been subjected to such things as of yet. He laughs as she goes around and around, though he doesn't spin her too much else risk some not so flattering results. His hand grasps at her hip now as her spin comes to an end, and he faces her with a grin. What girl doesn't dance? "Plenty!" he answers as he dances around with her again. "There's…that'un," he says, gesturing with his chin to a tavern-goer who isn't dancing. "An' that'n. And that'un. And that'un" He points out random not-dancing females, then laughs again, the sound merry and loud. Loud enough to drown out Kanekith, who yearns for the gold in the sky. How is that going? Has she been caught? Tendrils of his thoughts reach out, seeking answers that he already knows. When she is caught, he will know, and so will Ka'el, whether he wants to know or not. The Weyrleader is hot. The number of bodies, plus the brisk dance, plus to countless glasses of alcohol he's had is making his head spin. "I've…turns've practice," he answers her. "Lot's've practice.. Practicin'.." He smirks, then slows, neck warm.

It is a fun dance move! Kiena really isn't a stick in the mud, honest! The bluerider just takes a long time to ease up and relax, to shed those anxieties and paranoias of hers. There are not many opportunities to boogie down and rare few even for her. Laughter is contagious and she'll laugh too, despite trying not to for whatever reason. Worry, perhaps? Let too much guard down and she'll be as giggly as some of the girls caught up by the gold flight. Falling in step to him, her eyes will follow where he gestures to those non-dancing girls and she ends up scoffing with a faint grin. "Alright! Alright. Geez, I get the point. So they're lurkers." Lurkers? Sounds creepy. "Or whatever." Her mind is not on the flight. Ujinath will tell her who has won if he knows but beyond that she will be only relieved that it means an end to the broadcasting. She is unaware of the conflict still waring in Ka'el's head. "I bet you do." Kiena drawls and when he slows, she'll peer at him closely. "You alright?" At least she asks that low enough so as not to announce that he may be less than alright to any who can hear.

The tavern lurkers of the night. Sounds like it'd be a good murder mystery! With hopefully neither Ka'el nor Kiena being the victims. He nods to her question of whether or not he's okay, but the action of nodding is making him feel even more not okay. Urrrgh. Dancing has stopped altogether, though his hand remains upon her hip throughout the moment he takes trying to gather his wits and focus. "Mmmmaybe I'm lyin'," he says, voice overpowered by the music and sound of talking and laughing around them. He squints, as if just now noticing the noise that blares into his ears. "S'hot in here. Need some air.." His eyes shift from her and slide towards the door, or where he thinks the door is. He's kind of turned around and probably couldn't tell her which way was up without taking a loooong time to think on it. "Some air. Smair.." He snickers at the new word that he's made up. "Need smair." It sounds more and more funny each time he says it! Funny how that works, isn't it? "Will y'come with me for smair? I want some smair with you."

Now that has a ring to it! Kiena's upturned look shifts from concern to worry to wariness. He's… not going to be sick, is he? Pass out? Or worse — both? The bluerider has limits, though if he did pass out (or both) she'd just swear a lot, curse her luck and probably try to help. Though he'd owe her big time for it and she'd never let him live it down. EVER. "Uh huh. Though so." she drawls with a smirk that is almost smug. So who's sober now, huh? His snickering for his 'new' word has her snorting, amused and shaking her head. "Come on. Some air," she stresses with a teasing tilt to her voice. See? Not a new word! "Is a good idea I think. This way." Now it's Kiena's turn to lead, keeping a hold of his hand or arm should he need it for balance. She'll move at a slow enough pace too, though as they approach the door and the promise of cooler and fresher air she may gain a bit of a hurried step. Freedom!

Ka'el would totally owe her, yes. And since he is the Weyrleader, he'd owe her big. -.-; Soooo no passing out, Ka'el! "Pft. S'mair…" See? He … almost said it correctly like she did. Kinda… In a way. Partially. He moves along with her, thankful for her support without saying so. It's difficult to tell just who is holding onto whose arm, for he surely is leaning her way to use her as a stabilizing force. "S'cuse me …. s'cuse us…" he murmurs as they weave through people, keeping his manners even with his head swimming as hard as it is. Eventually, the further they go along, he's able to see the door. Success! He doesn't even stumble (okay, well she stumbles a little but recovers) when the pace is quickened, but it's all worth it when that door swings open and the both of them are rewarded with a cool gust of wind. "Aaahhh.." he says aloud as they step away from the door, not wanting to be an accidental barricade for people trying to get in or looking to get out. He inhales deeply through the nose. "Shards…" Then exhales through the mouth. In. And out. Eventually the ground is going to stop swaying from side to side, right? Glossy eyes lift up to the sky and stare, mouth slightly opened. There's nothing to see really. No dots of dragons giving chase. No flocks of birds flying around. Yet, he stares up anyway. "Kiena.."

Kinda, maybe, not really? Kiena forges (ha!) on, not minding if Ka'el leans her way as they weave through people. So long as he doesn't faceplant into the floor or anything embarrassing! How bad would that look, if she simply let the Weyrleader stagger and fall or get turned around in the tavern? Pretty bad. Slowly but surely they'll make it outside and at the reward of cool air even Kiena lifts her chin up a bit and briefly closes her eyes after side stepping after him. "Was warm in there, huh?" she admits. She hadn't noticed until now and his cursing has her opening her eyes to peer at him sidelong. Noting that he's looking up, Kiena lifts her eyes to the skies and sees… nothing. She knows better though and frowning as she looks down again she'll turn carefully to face him. "Yes?" she answers simply but her tone implies a lot more. Is he alright? She doesn't think so and it may not be all alcohol related and there is only so much that she can assume and she is not about to start brazenly prying at him and risk striking a nerve. Not yet, anyways.

Ka'el isn't all that sure that he's alright himself, and as he's asked he considers an answer and actually comes up with one. But it doesn't make it past his lips, and he breathes in a heavy scent of the cool air again to try to steady his swimming mind. Why did he think that drinking was a good idea? Eventually, he looks at her, the movement of his eyes from sky to woman a slow and gradual one, but they get there and settle upon the bluerider. "I want to go home with you." It's the clearest thing he's said all night, his words not blurred and slurred together, or drawled in that slow tone one usually adopts when under the influence. His gaze remains on her, steady for a few steady beats of silently passing seconds. "I don' wanna be alone," he continues, words slightly more muddled. "I don' wanna ..think about..what's happenin'." His arm is still with hers, and as he speaks, or rather after he speaks, his grip upon her tightens just slightly, though it's not quite a possessive kind of grip. It isn't a claiming hold. Instead, the feel of him is needing. And perhaps just a smidge of fright.

Drinking always seems to be the easiest cure, doesn't it? Kiena is quiet while Ka'el steadies himself, though now she's on the alert in case he does show signs of passing out. Blue eyes meet his and then he's speaking clearly. No hint of doubt there or slurred speech to make her think it could be the alcohol talking. Part of her may still believe it's influencing him. His tightened grip is noted but she does not recoil from him like she did once. He's not acting possessive and she does not feel trapped (or caught off guard or by surprise) and so she only inhales deep and exhales slow and her expression difficult to read. Yet… she can understand in a way of the conflict he's finding himself caught in. Somewhat. "Alright," she says in a voice that is a bit stiff until she exhales again and repeats in a softer, gentler tone. "Alright. But it's a long way to my weyr, Ka'el." She assumes that that is what he meant by 'home'. "But if you don't want to be alone, I'll stick around. Besides… I still don't think you're quite sober enough to be walkin' by yourself." she teases lightly. Just a bit. As for not thinking, her mouth twists into a bit of a grimace then. "So… how about thinkin' on where to go, hmm? Start with that." She'll pretend she never caught a hint of fright off of him. Nope!

The relief that hits him is like a heavy flood as she agrees to stay with him. Ka'el isn't quite sure just why he's so relieved. He's been alone before. Hell, there have been plenty of days and nights where he's been holed up inside his office or weyr, left to pour over facts and figures and requests and rehash the makeup of the wings.. Flying solo isn't a new concept, but everything about this day is new to him. A goldflight where he is not in attendance. His dragon yearning, yet loyal to his current mate already on the sands. Ka'el, unable to keep his mind from being pulled in a thousand places at once. To the flight. To his dragon. To the queenrider. To the faceless men who lust after her, desperate to pounce. He lifts a hand to rub at his face, brows furrowing and expression looking momentarily pained before his arm is dropped again. No. He doesn't want to be alone this day. "M'sober…could walk jus' fine..blindfold…if I wanted," he murmurs rather unconvincingly. But she does have a point. Her weyr is far. His is just as far. Why must they live so far away? "Office," he says. That's not far at all! Just right there in the Caverns. His safe, empty office where there's a couch that's perfect for passing out on. "T'my office. Can have snacks. Mebbe find that shardin'…messenger t'bring drinks." Because he definitely needs more of those, right?

Kiena figures something of the same concerning Ka'el's request not to be alone. Again, she does not pry him. Not when they're standing out in the open just inches from the door to a tavern. No wonder the bronzerider felt compelled to drown in drink and though she's done nothing but show disapproval for his choice, she'd have likely been in his place too if she were caught like him. His pained look, even if brief, has her frowning and she is just about to ask again if he's alright but he's speaking then and she closes her mouth to hear him out. Unconvincing is right! "Mhm. I'm sure you could. Humor me though," she drawls and again offers to take his arm for support. Why must they live so far away? "Office." It's agreed upon and so Kiena begins to stride forwards but allowing him to pick the pace. She'll just make sure he doesn't wander off course and get turned around (again). "Snacks sound good. And… shards, you've a messenger?" There we go! Something to speak of to distract further from what is occurring that led to all of this. "Why don't we grab our own grub and drinks? We're going through the caverns, right? Think you can manage?"

Office. Good. The shorter route! Ka'el bobs his head in a nod to her. And the office is … which way again? It's a good thing she's here to guide him, else he'd probably be wandering lost around Xanadu only to eventually pass out on a clump of grass somewhere to be found in the morning. And oh what a story that would make! Thankfully though, he's steered in the right direction and the pace he walks is unintentionally slow and somewhat staggered, his weight felt pressing upon her more than a few times in the process. "'Course I got a messenger. M'the Weyrleader.." Oh, hey. He is, isn't he? He blinks, as if only now remembering that. "Shards…m'the Weyrleader." There's a moment of silence, then he snickers. "Ain' that somethin'? Me, of all folks. Mebbe y'can be my Weyrsecond. S'posed t'ave picked one a long…longlong time ago. But shards…who?" She's succeeded in distracting him from his already distracting thoughts, at least. Hopefully they remain that way throughout their trek towards safer places. And although food was his idea, the mentioning of grub has him pulling a face. "No food. Jus' bed. Head hurts." Whether it's from Kanekith or the alcohol is hard to tell.

Xanadu will be without their scandalous story this time! There will be other stories, of course. What is a Weyr without its gossip? Kiena does not protest when Ka'el's weight may shift to press a bit more upon her, bracing herself to keep from being thrown off balance. For once, the bluerider seems to be filled with endless patience and onwards she'll lead them both into the caverns. "Huh! Well I didn't know this. What else does a Weyrleader have? You got yer messengers and the drudges under your thumb. What's next, assistants? A whole bevy of 'em?" Cause they'd all be women, right? Judging from the little grin Kiena has, she's teasing him or attempting too. In his state, it's liable to go right over that swimming head of his. Now he's snickering and she peers at him. "Why's that surprise you that you're the Weyrleader?" she asks only to scoff and then laugh gruffly. "Me? A Weyrsecond? You nuts, Ka'el? I'd make the worse Weyrsecond. Shells, I doubt I could take on Wingsecond or Wingleader. Dunno who… that's gonna be something you gotta sort out." Now it's a no-go for food? Kiena frowns, noting that pulled face and she exhales heavily and mutters something under her breath that sounds a lot like 'I told you so'. "We're getting some bread at least. And water." she says stubbornly. Lots of water. Boo! That's what she meant by drinks? "First though… the office. Come on. Just a little further." Tug, tug!

What else does a Weyrleader have? "A Weyrleader has..lots…of…papers." Yup. A ton of them to look at and skim over and sort and sign off on! So much paper. He's sick of paper. If he never sees another paper in his life, that'd be just fine! "An' I got a desk too. Hey.. hey, have y'seen my desk?" he asks, blinking suddenly as they go along, forgetting that she's been in his office before. "S'a wicked desk. Never had m'w..my own desk before. Never needed a desk. But now I've got the best desk in the shardin' Weyr, can you believe it?" Step, step. They're gradually getting closer to the Caverns, and eventually they even get inside of them. And Ka'el doesn't even trip over his own feet, woo! The place is emptyish. With the flight, people have other things to do other than eat. Like hide. "I need an ass…" He pauses right there, and snickers! "Assss. Haha. I need an ass." XD "I need…an assistant. Y'can be my assistant. Y'can be my Weyrsecond, too. Yeah.. You're my Weyrsecond assistant, an' y'won't be bad. Con-grat-u-la-tions." He grins crookedly. What was that about surrounding himself with women? He doesn't protest the bread and water. Maybe a tiny portion of his mind realizes that he probably would be better off because of it. And they're almost at their destination now! Just a few more thumping feet's worth of a distance.

Kiena laughs again, unable to help it. Honestly, she does need to have some shred of humour for this whole situation even if it's not necessarily called for. "Why am I not surprised?" she drawls, concerning the matters of paper. As for the EPIC desk, "I have seen it and it is a wicked desk indeed. A Weyrleader needs a good desk! I can believe it." she murmurs in agreement to a line of conversation that truthfully makes no sense. But she's humouring him and distracting him and if it keeps him entertained then there is no harm in it, right? Kiena will breath a sigh of relief when the caverns are empty, which can only mean one of few things. The flight is at its height and crest or it's done. Regardless, the bluerider is focused on bringing them where they need to go. She gives him a nudge — just a gentle one and all in good fun when he starts snickering about the 'ass'. "This one is off limits." she quips at him and then the humour seems to drain from her eyes when he goes on to say she's his Weyrsecond— assistant? What? Congratulations? She narrows her eyes, peering at him until she snorts. He's grinning (and he's drunk). It's a joke then! "Funny. Answer is still no and I'm telling you, honest, you'd be insane to do it. There are better riders!" Far better in her opinion! The bread and water will have to be brought in later. Kiena seems intent on getting Ka'el into his office and on that couch before dealing with that detail. Now that the door to said office is in view, she's all too relieved. "Here we are. You keep the door unlocked?" Is it ever locked?

"I can't have your ass?" says Ka'el, who pouts his lower lip out a little. But whyyy? He grins, but then pouts again as she denies his offer of being his Weyrsecond assistant. … But whyyy? "There aren't any better riders. Not t'me. I trust yeh." Apparently enough to allow her to deal with him in his current state. Someone else likely could've taken advantage of him! Stolen his knot or .. something. Who knows! The possibilities are endless, but what is a fact is that they've arrived at his office door. At the question of whether or not it's locked, he squints, trying to think.. "I dun remember…" Did he lock it when he left? Still hanging on to her, he reaches out to try to knob. Eureka! It swings open with no problem, and he grins. "Guess whaaat? S'unlocked." He beams then step-stumbles inside with her. Thea is nowhere to be seen, and the office is quiet and empty. Even Alloy has left gone off and left his usual perch on the desk. He inhales a deep breath. "Smells like office." He breaths out through the nose and allows his eyes to settle upon the couch that's pushed up against one of the walls. Ooo, look how comfortable it looks! It's calling his name! "I wanna go there. Can we go there? Pleeease?"

"Nope, you can't. All this?" Kiena gestures with her free hand to indicate her whole body while her other arm is still linked with Ka'el and her grimace shifts more to a grin now. "…is off limits." To him, to most men. Everyone! Well, almost everyone, but for the Weyrleader there are obvious reasons. "Oh, there are better riders. You just gotta hunt for 'em." she drawls but to say she's not a bit flattered would be a lie. The bluerider betrays that by blushing a bit. Just a bit. Or maybe she's getting tired from lugging him across the Weyr? Eureka! Kiena sighs in relief when the door opens, having almost begun to fidget when Ka'el claims he doesn't remember. In they go! She'll stumble after him and wrinkle her nose, "You say that like it's a good thing." she mutters and then he's all but begging to go to the couch. "We're going. Or rather you're going there…" True to her word, Kiena helps him over to the couch and then will help him settle on it however he chooses. Apparently his comfort is top of the list!

He's sure he can handle all that! And he'd probably tell her that but then…Ahhhh, comfort! Ka'el's not sure how, but one minute he's goofing with Kiena on one side of the room, and the next, like magic, he's on a rather comfy and very plush couch. It pays to be in charge! They get high-end furniture! He sits (or rather plops) with a heavy sigh of relief, his arms slipping from her as he relaxes back on the cushions. "Yeah, that's it.." he exhales in comfort before he starts to slouch to the side. Down he goes! He lays down, eyes half open, and with her help he gets comfortable on his back, head upon one of the couch pillows. "Peeerrrrfect." Now his head can stop swimming and his brain can stop doing flips in his head and the alcohol can do its trick and knock him out for the rest of the night (or is it day?). And when he wakes up? All this will be over! Though….really, when he wakes up, it'll just be beginning. Who knows what the day will bring, but he can't think about that now. Now, his bleary gaze is upon Kiena, who earns a crooked smile. "I knew I picked a good Weyrsecond.." he murmurs. She might as well get used to the title, as he'll be calling her that til sleep claims him! After that? Who knows. He lifts an arm, reaching up for her. "Hey… Kiena."

It's probably for the best that he doesn't tell her that or Kiena might not stop laughing for a good long time and he'd never get to his comfortable couch! And maybe it is a bit of magic? She'll help him to sit down before backing off, letting him slouch to the side and then arrange himself as he prefers. Yet… surely that's not her helping him nudge a few of those couch pillows into place and that is not her crouching down beside the couch itself to see to him settled in. If there was a blanket, would she tuck that too? "Better?" she asks with a crooked smile. "You should have some water…" A thought spoken out loud, but her head has turned back towards the door. It's closer to night now if not night. He'll wake up in the morning, hung over no doubt. Water or no water. Who knows what the day will bring, but that is many hours away yet. Kiena will start when he brings up that rank again and she will stare down at him, blinking and then chuckling dryly. "Uh huh. And I never said yes, you know. Now quit calling me Weyrsecond." she warns him, but playfully so. For now. Her eyes flick to his upraised arm and she holds still, unsure but not exactly fleeing or recoiling from him. "What is it?" she asks, darting a quick look to meet his eyes as she does.

Water would be good, though there's no telling of Ka'el will be conscious enough to actually drink it here in a few minutes. Regardless, he won't die (right?) in the middle of the night without it, though the headache he'll surely wake up with tomorrow will have him wishing he kept himself far more hydrated! But tonight's one of those nights where hasty decisions are made and rational thoughts are cast aside in favor of instant gratification. Or in his case, getting as drunk as he could as fast as he could to drown out the lust felt by his dragon. He's nestled and tucked in and taken care of now, and as his mind begins to call it quits, his fingertips graze at her cheek and trail down her jawline while a lazy smile curves his lips. "Thank you. You're aces." At least he leaves off the Weyrsecond tag this time? Maybe he's already forgetting that he's unwontedly promoted her. His touch begins to fall away from her now, fingers that touch at her chin drawing away as his arm is laid upon his chest. His head raises just an inch or so, lifting towards hers, glassy eyes lowering to her lips. But his intoxication is too heavy to fight, the pillows too comfortable too ignore, and it's only seconds after lifting that he lays back again, eyes veiling. Sleep is a near instantaneous thing, and his head turns to one side as he falls deeply into it. Whether or not the flight continues is no longer a problem. The result? No longer something that he's at war with. Not until tomorrow. For now, he has blissful hours of unconsciousness thanks to the care of a blueriding friend, and his mind finally can rest.

Now she's aces? Kiena can't help but chuckle a bit at that, though it rapidly drifts to silence when his fingers graze her cheek and trail down her jawline. She doesn't smile back, her expression is only blank as she stares back at him. Before she can react, his hand is drifting back down and her shoulders drop, a tension eased that she wasn't even aware had crept up. But she had tensed, stiffened even just from that gesture. Now his head is rising, just an inch or so but enough and she will begin to lean away. Not that it matters, he's sinking back into the pillows and sleep is descending on him. That much she can see, but to show that she's not entirely cold or warped when it comes to contact, she will rest her hand against his arm. Warm, firm and supportive. Maybe too late, as he's falling deep asleep then and she will withdraw her hand shortly afterwards. "Night, Ka'el." Kiena murmurs all the same. She had promised to stay, to keep him company so that he would not be alone but now he sleeps. Is she needed? They didn't discuss this and as she steps back, she can only gaze about the office in an awkward limbo. Stay or go? How far did her promise extend? How creepy would it be if she's there when he wakes? In the end, she'll linger for a few candlemarks, if not to just be certain that he's dead to the world in slumber. Sleep doesn't seem to call for her and likely won't until the very wee hours of the morning. Not unusual for her habits! When she finally does quietly slip out, Kiena will make sure to make a stop in the caverns and specifically request that water and bread be left outside the Weyrleader's office or in should he be awake at the time of the delivery. Then she is gone into the night, no doubt to find Ujinath and return home.

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