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Xanadu Weyr - Smith Forges
Loud, dim, and hot is the large area set up for the Smith's forge area. It's been roughly divided into separate areas, the large common one holding the main forge lodged against the western wall, with bellows at the ready and a chimney rushing high to open in the ceiling outside. This is the area that the apprentices are taught in and are able to use, the nearby wall clasps a vast and unspecialized collection of tools, while the built-in shelves of another wall host jars of nails, crates of wood and metal scraps, spools of wire, sacks of sand, and heavy bins of Cromcoal, all decorated with a fine coating of grime and sawdust.
To the other side are the separate forges for the Journeyman's use, each one kept clean and neat, even when in the midst of a project. Behind and to the back is the private forge reserved for the Master Smith of Xanadu.

Another hot and humid afternoon as the summer months continue on through. Most weyrfolk and riders are no doubt out and about either on their duties or looking for some reprieve from the relentless heat. Others stay indoors where there is some promise of cool and comfort. And for a rare few? Well, the forges are active and some of the Weyr's posted smiths are at their work to judge from the cacophony of sound that arises from it. Among them is Kiena, the Senior Apprentice busily hammering away at the piece she's working on while the metal is still hot enough to be malleable. Once done and with a swift cursory check she dunks it into a large container of water and goes about the next process. She's dressed in her work clothes and the protective gear worn by any smith. Her long hair has been tightly drawn back and twisted into a bun, while a fabric bandana has been tied around her forehead to provide some protection from the sweat that lines her brow. It's hot work! Worse so by the heat and so it comes to no surprise that once she's finished, Kiena is stepping closer to the doorway for some relief.

Kera is done with her duties for the day, a double since she traded shifts with another apprentice who had an emergency pop up suddenly. Since she is still in need of a utility knife, her first task after work is to see about fixing that. Pausing a few steps away from the smithy entrance, a little frown crosses her face at the chaotic bangs, thunks, and pounding noises coming from the acrid entrance. Fumbling around in her satchel, she pulls out a little square of cloth that she can hold over her mouth if needed, before plunging ahead and stepping into the den of confusion. Kera doesn't stray too far from the entrance, her attention darting from one spot to another as the different activities going on draw attention to themselves. Squinting her eyes at one figure to thinks she recognizes under all that protective gear, she waits and watches, not intruding on anyone's work. Only when the ridersmith seems to be approaching her does Kera lift a hand and wiggle fingers in quiet greeting.

Kiena will spot that little bit of movement from the corner of her eye and turning her head to catch a better glance she will recognize just who is waving to her. Smiling, she peels off her heavy gloves and stuffs them into the pocket of her apron before striding forwards to Kera and gently motioning for the Healer Apprentice to follow. She'll take them away from the worst of the noise and stench, to a quieter but no less stuffy part of the forges. At least they can talk comfortably here and not have to shout! "Afternoon, Kera! What's got you here, of all places? Figured you'd be out at the beach or somewhere cooler. How've you been?" she drawls.

Kera smiles and nods to Kiena when the rider gestures for her to follow. The healer's eyes drift to differant activities going on as she follows the ridersmith to a quieter place to talk. "Afternoon? Feels much later than that." She smirks and plops down on a small stool. "Went on shift last night and just got off shift." Her hand lifts quickly to cover a yawn she tries to stifle. "Yah.. sorry. Yea, normally I would go for a long swim, but too tired to make the effort today. I'll just get a quick bath later." A quick lift and drop of her shoulders and she forges on…hah! pun intended! "I was wondering if you had given any thought about what we spoke about before?"

Kiena grimaces. "An all night shift then, huh?" When Kera yawns to confirm it, the bluerider only chuckles dryly. "You should be sleeping! Don't apologize. If you're this tired, probably best not to swim then." she muses, only to frown briefly before her memory catches up to her. Expression brightening, the bluerider grins. "Oh, I gave thought to it, alright. Hold on…" And off she goes, well before Kera can likely protest! Kiena's gone only for a short span of minutes before she's returning with a box held carefully in her hands. It's long and shallow, but it wouldn't take much to guess what is inside. "Dunno if any of these are to your liking and I didn't have a part in some of 'em but the knife you're lookin' for is common and easy enough to whip up. So…" Setting the box down on a level surface, she'll undo the latches to reveal the hidden goodies! They're all pocket knives, varying a little in size and style, some having only one blade while others have several. The handles vary the most, with several being of polished wood and others of metal and wood but all are plain, save for where a small stamp of authenticity has been placed on the tool. "Go ahead and pick!"

Kera nods with a not so energetic smile. "Yea, a double shift. Don't do them very often, but it was an emergency sooo." She smirks. "At least I'll be able to manage two whole restdays in a row when I call in the favor." So at least she has that going for her. When Kiena's recalls the knife discussion they had previously, the healer blinks when the ridersmith rushes off in a quick flurry. When she returns with a shallow box, Kera's curiousity is peeked and she leans forward on the stool. Latches undone, lid flipped back, little treasures revealed. "Oh, wow, they are all much nicer than the ole thing I had." Flashing a smile up to Kiena "Did you make these?" Her attention drifts back towards the assortment before her fingers reach to pluck one from the batch. holding it in her hand a moment, she smiles, but puts it back since it doesn't fit her hand properly. Taking up another, she handles it a moment and examines the blade before nodding to herself. "This one should work just fine."

Kiena frowns. "An emergency?" she asks curiously but prying gently. Kera won't have to answer her if she doesn't wish to, the bluerider would be fine with a vague response or none at all. Now she's back with the wares displayed and at Kera's response, she laughs. "I'd hope they're nicer! These are brand new." New and shiny! What more could one ask for? "Mhm, I made some of these ones here." And she'll point out a few of the simpler kinds with equally as simple handles. "Approved by a Journeyman of course." Hence the stamping. She'll allow Kera to browse and when the Healer finds one that suits her, Kiena only looks pleased. "Perfect! That one was one of my favourites from the batch. So it's yours." Kiena tells her while she closes the lid of the case and latches it again.

The bluesmith's inquiry about the 'emergency' get's a little shrug. "Yea, I don't know what the girl's emergency was, didn't ask. But she promised to take one of my future shifts sooo." Kera smirks a bit as she looks over the knife she chose. "Personally I think her little emergency involved one of the stable workers but it works in my favor eventually." She can't help but chuckle when Kiena assures the knives are Journeyman approved. "Oh yes, our Journeyman must give approval mustn't they." The apprentice gives the other a knowing wink at that and is already pulling her markpouch out of her satchel. Canting her head in surprised confusion at Kiena saying the knife is hers "Wow, thanks." She smiles and looks the knife over once more "Well, at least let me pay ya for the materials used…?"

"At least you're getting paid back for having to take her shift," Kiena remarks with an approving tone, though she frowns heavily for the reason given. "Honestly? Or is it rumour? 'Cause that girl needs to get her priorities rightened. If it worked for you though, then I suppose it's not so bad." Though if it had been Kiena? That girl would have received a far different answer. There's a low chuckle given for the quip on Journeymen. "Hey, I'm only saving my hide here! Don't want to get caught selling or trading bad goods!" she drawls with a shrug, winking back. As for payment, the bluerider grins sheepishly. "Of course." she murmurs, realizing the confusion she's caused and yet does not want to make it any more awkward by joking about the blunder of assuming the knife was free. "Glad to be of help, though I'm sorry I wasn't able to mend the original."

Kera chuckles and shrugs "I've no idea if she had a real emergency or not. But I do now she switches alot of her shifts around." A little smile given. "I've enough problems in the dorms without inviting new ones. But, it works out for me so who am I to make a ripple in her little pond?" The healer frowns a moment "Or something like that my mom used to say. I always remember her lectures wrong." Shrugging it off, Kera grins about one covering one's hide. "Isn't that the truth. Lucky for you though, ya don't have to hear about your 'horrible bedside manner' from less than pleasant patients." Less than pleasant being a major understatement. Turning her attention back to her mark-pouch she pulls out what's probably more than enough to pay for the knife, it's not like she knows exactly what materials and everything is worth. Handing over her marks, she slips the knife into a little slips sewn inside her satchel. "Oh that's alright, I pretty much figured it wasn't mendable after speaking with you and Weyrleader Ka'el before."

Kiena frowns. "And she doesn't get in trouble for this? Apprentices aren't supposed to be having sex anyhow," she points out bluntly, assuming that from Kera's words of this girl 'going to see the stablehand' she means a partner. And if there's a partner, well… Of course that leads to that! Right? The bluerider shrugs. "To each their own." It's not really much of her business to pry further and Kiena leans back against the shelf she had set the case on. She smirks, "Guess I am spared that. Are you gettin' that from some folks here?" she drawls. "If I get any complaints, they'll liable not to be so nice. So far, so good! Just the occasional blunder but that's usually caught well before any harm." And she'll never forget it either. Kera's marks are taken, though Kiena's brows lift when she realizes the amount and politely returns a few of them in a quiet manner and correction. The bluerider knows exactly how much it cost and she's not about to over (or under) charge the Healer. She's an honest Smith and rider! "Ah well, still. It's a shame to see a good tool break."

Kera flashes a surprised look to Kiena then a quick shake of her head follows "Whoa, no, I didn't say anyone was having sex." Her gaze darts around for any apprenties that would quickly start that rumor up back in the dorm, then looks back to Kiena "I don't know what she does on her off time. I've seen her around the Weyr with one of the stableworkers. But nothing against the rules." She states plainly and gives another shrug before smiling and nodding a "Thanks." Settling back on the stool, Kera watches Kiena briefly before nodding "There've been a few complaints about my bedside manner." Shifting her feet a little nervously, the apprentice fiddles with the hem of her shorts. "But nothing formal.." The 'yet' could almost be heard looming over the girl's head. "Can't please everyone, right?" Kera laughs it off, but it's obvious she's uncertain about the pending issue. "So, how have things been going for you?"

Kiena gives Kera a long, long look with a quirked brow and a rather blank expression. Uh huh? "Probably cause you don't see that part of things." she drawls with a smirk, only to laugh softly. "Ease up. I'm only teasing really. If the girl wants to flirt she can or she can court disaster too if that floats her boat." Tilting her head, she will grimace a little. "That sucks about the complaints. But… you're just learnin' right? This is something that comes from experience. They'll probably be lenient about it." For now. "Nope. Can't please everyone nor should you try!" she points out with a grin, trying to lighten the mood. "Things have been… good. My studies are coming along, I pick up spare shifts with the Wings when I can… it's been good." Kiena admits. "Been looking into foster families too. Going to see if my daughters cannot be transferred here for longer visits." Now it's her turn to give Kera a curious look. "And you?"

Kera nods and gives a hint of a shrug. "You're probably right about that, but it's not my job to make people follow rules. I have enough on my plate without dipping onto someone else's." Flashing a little grin about 'pleasing everyone' "Well, the worst that would happen is being recalled back to the hall for a time before being reposted somewhere else. But I'm not gonna stress myself over it. Probably worrying over nothing anyway." Happy to shrug off the topic, she nods agreeably as Kiena relays how things have been going. "Oh please, don't mention spare shifts right now." The tired apprentice laughs, but seems thoughtful at something Kiena says. "Foster families hmm." drumming fingers against her satchel a few seconds "What are you looking for in a foster family? I may know a couple that you could look into."

"You a bit of a troublemaker?" Kiena drawls with a rather teasing look to Kera that soon sobers. "Wow, really…? They'd send you back to Healer Hall in Fort just for not having the best of bedside manners? Seems a bit harsh." she mutters and then allows the subject to drop. "Alright, alright! I won't." the bluerider says with a chuckle and smiles, shaking her head. "It's alright, Kera but thanks for offering to help. I've a few lined up. Basically… they need to be able to take on twin toddler girls. Though they'll be four soon. Not so much toddlers but more work all the same." she murmurs with a crooked grin.

Kera grins a bit and shrugs "I wouldn't exactly say I go 'looking' for trouble. But I do seem to stumble into it sometimes." waving it off a bit too casually, "Oh, I don't think they would pack me up on a single complaint. But if they start to add up, or the 'right' person where to be making a complaint… who knows." Nodding when Kiena seems to have a list of options already, she smiles "Alright. Well, if ya change your mind, my parents have plenty of room, but may try to currupt them into being little dolphineers or beastcrafters. Oh, and spoiled rotten too." Kera chuckles and doesn't push the matter.

Kiena throws her head back and laughs gruffly for Kera's remark of 'trouble finding her'. Sobering to chuckles the bluerider drawls, "Oh, how I know that all too well!" she muses and sobers right quick again as the conversation turns. She exhales and shakes her head, "Well, I hope you don't add those up then. I'm sure you'll be fine!" Right? Kiena blinks then and gives the Healer a long look. "Are your parents posted here in the Weyr?" she asks, only to grin crookedly. "Eh, I've no plans as to where my girls go. When they come of age they can choose their paths on their own."

Kera grins as Kiena finds the humor in her 'trouble-finding skills', but is glad to let the topic turn to more pleasant things. A gentle shake of her head is a partial reply to the rider's question "Not round the Weyr, no. They've a nice cothold bout a candlemark's brisk walk down the beachline from Rubicon Hold. Mom has a couple of dolphineer docks." She states that last bit to help spot it from the air if needed. Smirking at allowing her girls to choose their own path "I'm certainly glad I wasn't expected to go into my parents' crafts." She gives a little shale of her head. "Mucking after smelly herd or runner beasts is not my idea of a swell day." Canting her head a bit, she lowers her voice as if in mock whisper "And sometimes the dolphins get too chatty in hi pitched odd voices. Would give me a headache after a while. But don't tell my mom I said that."

Kiena turns thoughtful as she takes in the description Kera gives her of her family hold. "Sounds like a good sized cothold if she's got dolphineer docks." she murmurs and then chuckles gruffly. "So you were given your choice to choose Crafts too?" As for the Healer's dislike of herd and runner beasts, the bluerider only shrugs her shoulders and smirks, though she'll cant her head towards the mock whisper. Laughing quietly, Kiena will grin and nod as she straightens again. "Secrets safe with me! Can't say I've ever talked to a dolphin before. None ever came around much back at my home cothold in the Emerald Isles though I know there were pods in Western Weyr." she murmurs.

Kera nods agreeably "It's a good sized holding. Dad tends to alot of Rubicon's beasties, so there are quite a few differant holding pens, paddocks and barns." She gestures back and forth "The beasts are always coming or going. But thankfully, they let me go into the Hall rather than pressing me to follow one of them." Nodding to herself, she seems happy enough with the outcome. And now that her deep dark secret is safe from her mother, the apprentice gets to her feet. "There were probably pods lurking about the isles somewhere. Splashing and playing about in their little games." Patting her satchel with a grin "I should be getting out of your hair. I need a bath, food, and sleep…." It's anyone's guess as to which order those things will come in. "…and I'm keepin ya from your work. Thanks again for the knife. I promise not to break it on another crate."

"Thankfully!" Kiena agrees with a look that is both understanding and amused. She dodged that bullet too, though for her her way out was not as peaceful. Gathering the case carefully in her arms, the bluerider also straightens and prepares to return back to the main part of the forges. "You weren't in my hair to start with. I needed the break and you got your knife. It was nice to catch up, Kera. Take care of yourself," she murmurs with a bit of a wink. Who knows what order those things will occur, but Kiena knows the Healer is probably eager to be off for any of them! "Heh, doubt that one will break but I'm assure you've learned your lesson! You're welcome though for the knife. Enjoy the rest of your day!" With a quick bob of her head, Kiena then turns to step back into the thick of things and back to her work.

Kera smiles to Kiena "Oh yes, never open a crate with a small knife, got it!" Flashing an amused wink and wiggling her fingers "Take care of yourself as well." Finishing with an unstoppable yawn, which she covers quickly with a hand "Oh sorry." Laughing it off "See you around the Weyr Kiena." Wiggling fingers one more time, her feet begin shuffling towards the exit, and the much cooler, breezy cleaner air away from the forges.

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