It's the Little Things...

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.

The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.

A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

It is late evening and the caverns nearly empty, only the night hearth holding food as the young Search and Rescue wingrider M'nol enters, gathers some klah, and moves to a comfy chair with a happy sigh.

Moria has fallen asleep in one of those comfy chairs, signs of weariness clear on her face as she dozes by the fireplace. Neither of her firelizards are present for once, and it seems Moria wasn't exactly planning on sleeping here - she has a sketchbook open in her lap, and a mug of klah, now stone cold, sits by her on the table. Her tunic is rumpled, as if she hasn't bothered to change it lately, and her face and arms are somewhat smudged with pigments and soot.

Freshly-bathed and wearing what can only be pajamas, they're even plaid flannel, Ontali pads into the Caverns. She's barefoot, and humming cheerfully to herself, apparently heedless of the fact that not too many wander into public in their jammies. "M'nol!" The girl greets with a smile, grabbing a mug of Klah from the nighthearth and sprawling into one of the cozy chairs near Moria and M'nol. "Hi!" A bright wave for Moria. "You're out late." For the both of them, with a vague tilt of her head as she curls up into the chair happily. Silly girl.

M'nol glances at Moria and sighs, "She's probably working on those glass balls…" He sips from his klah and sighs again, "I had late sweeps, so here I am… tired but too awake to sleep… what about you, Ro keeping you up?"

Moria startles awake at Ontali's voice, dropping her sketchpad as she jumps. Wincing as the motion causes muscles to protest, she rubs her neck and reaches down to pick up the pad, looking around in confusion. "Huh?" she says rather unintelligently, blinking sleep-fogged eyes at the riders. "Did someone ask me something?" she asks blearily, setting the sketchpad on the table and reaching for her klah.

Ontali cants her head curiously. "Glass, really?" She winces. "Shells, wonder how easy it is to break a glass ball." Because, you know, the most obvious thing to do with a glass ball would be to…play with it? Our Tali's bright tonight. "Aaah, I had mine early." She favors her friend with a smile. "Go to the infirmary. Healer Esan makes a tea that'll put you to sleep quicklike." A pause, and a rueful shake of her head. "No, not tonight." But then she's wincing comically at Moria. "Oh." Right, she was sleeping. Smart Tali, waking people up. "Sorry! Are these chairs comfy to sleep in?"

M'nol chuckles, "It's for display, Tali… like on a desk…" He glances at Moria and smiles sympathetically, "I know these chairs are comfortable, but… they aren't really meant to be slept in… does your back hurt?"

Moria has the misfortune to /not/ realize that her klah is cold now, and takes a hearty swallow before gagging at the taste of cold klah. With a shudder she manages to finish swallowing, then sets the mug down with an expression of extreme distaste. "Uhm, no, not really," she says to Tali after rubbing her mouth with one sleeve. "It's more than a bit awkward, apparently…" She shakes her head slightly to M'orl, still rubbing her neck. "My neck, not my back," she answers with a sigh.

K'ael strolls into the caverns as he is known to do now and again. Only today he looks like he's ready for combat! Well, not exactly. But he's got on an apron that says 'Ask me about my meat' and has a row of knives hanging from a belt. He whistles a bit, stopping to grab a mug of klah and gives a wave to M'nol.

It's a quiet Thea that enters the Caverns, looking tired but not sleepy. She's still dressed in office clothes but not carrying work, no. She seems to be looking for someone as her head turns this way and that, scans the darkened dining area, then the group over at the fireplace. She crosses the room, leaves by way of the Administration Hallway, returns a few moments later, hesitating before stepping towards the group gathered there. "Evening," she calls softly. It is late after all.

Ontali squints, then understanding seems to come, and she nods. "Oh! Right!" A grin, before she's making a sympathetic face at Moria. "Aw, shells." The girl smiles, then offers her own mug over. "Here, you look like you need it more'n me." Because, you know, the thought of actually getting *up* is somewhat unreasonable! And now, she's staring at K'ael wide-eyed. Is she hallucinating? "Sir?" Blink. Blinkblink. Thankfully, Thea distracts her, and the girl directs a somewhat thankful grin at the goldrider. "Hey!"

M'nol nods at Ontali, then glances up at K'ael, "Wingle-" He pauses, blinks twice, "uh… leader K'ael… aren't you… festive? this evening…" Then Thea's there and he's startled again, "Uh… evening We- Thea." He glances between oddly-dressed bronze-rider and sleepy gold-rider, "How are you two this evening?"

Moria accepts the mug from Tali with a heartfelt "Thank you," taking several deep swallows before she speaks again. Klah is good for waking up, yes. "What time is it?" she asks, not willing to try and crane her neck to spot the timepiece in the room. K'ael is then noticed, and he gets a long stare. "What are you, exactly?" she asks him, eyes wide. Thea isn't even noticed yet - the oddly garbed wingleader has stolen Moria's attention for the moment.

K'ael is surprisingly awake for this hour! Who can tell why. Maybe he had the day off or something. At least one hopes he's awake enough if he plans on making use of all those knives. There's a grin given to Thea. "I hope you weren't still working?" Then he nods to M'nol. "Festive, sure, I guess. It's nighttime. The kitchens are practically vacated, which means I get to come in and take care of a few things." Like… hacking up bodies or somesuch? He raises a brow to Moria and Ontali. "Er. What am I? I'm uh… male. Human. Bronzerider. Uh… wingleader. Yep."

Thea notices those knives K'ael sports at about the same time the half-finished titles roll from M'nol's lips. It's a toss-up which is more comment-worthy. Eyes lift from knives to the brownrider with a faint frown not directed at him, "Tired." She nods to the rest of the group, her frown fading as her gaze shifts from face to face, "You're all up late." Idle observation, really. "K'ael, kinda late to be barbecuing, no?" But then, maybe a manly-man midnight snack? "No, not working. Looking for D'had. Any of you seen him about?"

Ontali grins at Moria brightly. "Late. Um. No real idea." But then she's flashing the grin at K'ael, an eyebrow lifting. "What are you gonna be taking care of, exactly?" A beat. "Sir." Because even when you're dressed in pajamas, you should probably be polite when not told not to be! "Yeah. Took a long bath and almost fell asleep, decided to come get some Klah. Not ready for bed yet." She smiles at the older woman, then tilts her head, squinting. "I don't think I have, no."

M'nol blinks twice more, "Uh… No, Thea, I haven't seen D'had… umm… K'ael… cooking just before midnight seems… late…" He glances at Ontali, "I am… just need the nutrients first," he shakes the mug of klah as if it actually has nutrients.

Moria manages to stop staring, and shakes her head at K'ael's response. "Why does a wingleader have so many knives? And an apron like /that/?" she questions, waving her free hand at the outfit. She gulps more klah, glancing at the others to confirm that they too find it idd. At which point she notices Thea and nods in greeting to her, then shakes her head. "I haven't, sorry. But he may have been through and I didn't notice."

K'ael pats Thea's shoulder. "You should go home and go to sleep." Then he shakes his head. "Haven't seen D'had sorry. Maybe he's at home? In bed. Where you should be." Then he grins. "Nah not barbecuing exactly. I'm going to slice up some jerky and lay it out to dry. Actually going to stick it into one of the ovens until tomorrow morning. I've already been to bed once. If anyone wants some I can cut a little extra. Makes a good firelizard snack." He looks around to see if there are any takers.

Thea controls the look of disappointment on her face when no one seems to know where her weyrmate could be. She blinks as her shoulder is patted, "Nono. I've been there all evening. He never came from dinner." She sidles around K'ael and his knives to have a seat near the others. It's then that she notices Ontali's in her pajamas. She grins at the girl, but says nothing about that - for now. No, the one she directs her comment to is the wingleader. Because she can read and occasionally even follow directions. With a grin and too-bright for this time of night, "So… K'ael. How's your meat?" Sarcastic much?

Ontali's smirk for M'nol is impish. "Right. Healthy drinks before sleep and all." She agrees solemnly, then grins at Moria. "I dunno, I kinda like the apron." The bluerider drawls with a snicker, before canting her head at the wingleader. "Jerky. Yum. Dry enough to make some, lately! Good idea." The girl laughs, but shakes her head. "No thanks. Mine are all sleeping, somehow. Not gonna bug 'em, for sure." Don't wake the baby! Thea gets a briefly concerned look, before she's smiling again. "I'm sure he's around! Ask Seryth to find Siebith? I'm sure she probably could." She seems to notice the look for the pajamas, and grins brighter, innocently, before sputtering and snickering. How mature!

M'nol finishes off his klah and yawns loudly, "Wel.. umm… K'ael, I hope you enjoy your," he snickers, "meat," he snickers again, "Good to see you again, Moria, Tali. Thea, I hope you find D'had soon, I know what it's like to not be able to find the one you love." He nods to all in turn, then stands, yawning again, "I should return to mine before she starts to worry… good night, all." He nods again, then makes a quick exit.

Moria blinks owlishly at K'ael's answer and 'oh's softly, looking faintly sheepish. "That's a lot of knives for jerky. But if you do have some extra, I wouldn't mind a bit. It takes Trina forever to worry a piece of jerky into nothingness, and the time free from her is well appreciated." Because Trina really is that obnoxious. Honest. She blinks to Thea again and shakes her head. "Why can you never find men when you want them?" she asks with a faint smile.

K'ael blinks a bit at Thea. "Ooh. So you were just checking for him here, then? I see. Nope, haven't seen him. He go off on business maybe? Got caught in a flight or something? It happens." Then he laughs a bit at her. "You tell me." There's a grin to Tali, though. "I don't think we've met." He extends her a hand. "K'ael. I like your pjs." There's a wave to M'nol. "I'll try." Then he looks down at his set of knives when Moria mentions it's a lot. "Well… I sort of usually start with the whole beast. Cut the parts I want out and leave the rest as cuts for the kitchen. They get less mad that way, than if you go in and just take all the pre cut meat." He winks to her. "I use it as rewards usually. But I'll make sure to cut some for you." Then he laughs. "Because girls are always looking in the wrong places."

Thea grins along with Ontali, noting Moria's sleepiness. "You girls having a pajama party in here?" But wait. There's M'nol. Blink. "Not find your- Is Phy off walkabout again?" But no, he's mentioning going back to her, so she just lifts a hand as he goes. Moria's question draws a slow smile, "Always want him. Usually can find him." Just not now. Cough. At K'ael's words, she shakes her head, the mildly concerned look returning to Thea's face, "Siebith's asleep beside Seryth. D'had's here…somewhere." She shrugs, "Sometimes he can't sleep. He's probably out walking. He… does that sometimes." But then she's laughing, "I'm sure I wouldn't know K'ael. The apron said…" She flaps a hand as she trails off, rising. "Have fun butchering the beast. Y'all sleep well." And she's off to search elsewhere.

Ontali chuckles at M'nol and waves him off with a smile. "Sleep well, M'nol!" She calls after her friend, and grins at Moria. "I got a little ceramic ball with a pair've holes in it to keep mine busy, yeah? Should try it. Can stuff a little bit of it in *there* and they go at it for hours." The girl smirks; what! Her firelizard-y friends are…time-consuming! K'ael's introduction gets a smirk, as she shakes his hand. "Not officially, here. I was a Candidate and I think we met once, but…it's been a shardin' long time. Ontali, Cidheoth's now. Thanks! They're nice and cozy." And definitely proper for wearing out in public, suuure! "Are you enjoying Xanadu, sir?" Then an impish grin for Thea. "Naw, I just decided to come down when I couldn't sleep and…well. Forgot to change and all." Or put on shoes…some things never change! "Yeah. He's probably just out walkin' around. Sleep tight, yourself, Thea!"

Moria ahs softly as K'ael further explains his project, and nods slightly. "I can imagine they would get irritated, yes," she agrees. "Uhm, no?" she says to Thea, blinking at her. "I just kinda nodded off, and Tali and Morl showed up. Anyhow, good luck finding D'had." Moria has emptied the mug of klah, and scoops up the cold mug. "I'll be right back," she says as she rises, moving toward the dish deposit with the mugs.

K'ael blinks a bit at Thea. He wonders how often she's out looking for him like this, in that case. He grins to her though. "Heh. Goodnight, Thea." Then he blinks at Ontali and laughs. "I see. Mine don't bother me that much. Pommel is the worst, but he's easily distracted. The cats might like that though." He nods a bit to her. "We might have I've met a lot of people since I've moved." The bronzer decides he's going to actually sit down for a bit, and sets his knife-belt down onto the table to do so. He looks like he's about to introduce himself to Moria when she goes running off to put her mug away.

Ontali grunts vaguely towards Moria, picking at a bit of lint on the flannel and smiling vaguely into space. Her eyes refocus as the older woman moves off to the night-hearth, narrowing. "Mind bringing me a pastry? Ma'd probably kill me for eating something sweet before bed, but…" A smirk. "Probably won't kill me, eh?" And yes, she *is* just that lazy, not getting up herself! Silly rider. "You have cats? Awww. I bet they would! I forgot who made mine for me, but I've probably got an extra one, if you wanna try." The young bluerider grins as the bronzer joins them in the comfy chairs.

Moria nods to Tali as she turns her mugs in, grabbing a pastry on her way back along with two fresh mugs - after all, she did take Tali's in the first place. "Here you go," she says as she gets back, offering the pastry on a plate atop the mug. "What have you been up to lately, Tali?" she asks, tilting her head to one side in curiosity. "Haven't seen you much lately." She glances to K'ael, then blushes. "Oh. I'm Moriana. Glasscrafter journeywoman. Pleasure to meet you, wingleader… Oh. I didn't catch your name."

K'ael chuckles as Ontali asks for a pastry. "What Ma don't know can't hurt her, right? Or you. Might keep you up a little longer, though." He nods to her. "Three cats, actually. Used to have four, but I let one go off with an ex of mine." And now he doesn't get to see either of them anymore. Sadface. "Hm. I bet maybe I can find something similar to buy or make or something." He smiles as Moria sits back down. "Moriana. That's a pretty name. I'm K'ael. Azaeth's rider. Crafters always peak my interest, I apologize in advance if I start asking too many questions." He chuckles a bit.

Ontali's eyes light up at the Klah — she'd forgotten that! "You're the best." The girl murmurs happily, taking a long sip of the klah and a large bite of the pastry in a matter of, oh, three seconds? Talented Tali! "Just duties and all. Sweeps, firestone practice, planting, water-getting…" A nosewrinkle. "I know, right? Too many shardin' people here, don't ever see folks often even though we live in the same place! How have you been?" She laughs, then smirks broadly at K'ael, dipping her head in sagely agreement. "Ain't it the truth!" The girl laughs. "I don't mind being up longer. Not gonna get to sleep soon anyways, I think Cid wants to go for a fly. Three? Shells! I've just got the firelizards and a big canine! Used to be four? Don't they drive you batty with all the hair and stuff?" She grins, and wrinkles her nose. "Sorry for the kitty that went off with somebody else though. I can get ya a puppy to make up for it if ya want…" Tali beams innocently. A puppy in a houseful of cats? Greaaat idea.

Moria's lips twitch at the compliment to her name. "Honestly, I almost never hear it. Most people call me Moria, or sometimes Ria. Only my parents really call me Moriana," she admits. "And I don't mind questions. I like it when people ask about my work. I picked it because it is so interesting." She grins at Tali's enthusiastic response to the klah and pastry, nodding as she listens. "It is a bit crazy. But then, Landing is a little larger, and much more chaotic with the constant changes in who the students are." She covers a yawn, then shakes her head. "I should go to bed. It's been a long day, and tomorrow will likely be just as long," she adds, reclaiming her sketchbook from the table.

K'ael grins and nods to Ontali. "Three, used to be four. I don't mind it really. They're short haired, and most of my cottage just has a wooden floor. The rugs and things I can shake out. Plus with the ground weyr they're outside a lot of the time. It was worse with the ledge weyr, since they couldn't really leave." He grins. "No thanks. I'm really trying to cut it down to just one cat. I was sort of saddled with the others." But he loves them all the same. "No? Well, Moria and Ria are pretty, too. Aw, leaving us so soon? I'll have to think up a long list of questions for you, then."

Ontali smiles for Moria, nodding cheerily. "It's a pretty name, aye." She agrees around a mouthful of pastry. "I'll have to come down and see what sort'a thing you make if I get a chance. It looks like fun, anyways." The bluerider grins at the older woman's smudged appearance. "I've only flown above Landing — it *did* look real chaotic. I can't imagine going to school there!" The yawn is contagious, and has Tali following suit, before she nods. "Sleep tight, Moria. Good luck gettin' to sleep in a real bed." She grins for the crafter, and then nods at K'ael cheerily. "That makes sense, it does. Bet they're nice and warm in the winter, when you don't wanna go curl up with Azaeth, eh?" A smile. "Oh, I know what you mean. I couldn't get rid've my canine long-term — gave 'im to a friend while I was a candidate, and as soon as I graduated he made me take 'im back! People suck." The girl toasts her klah cheerfully, then peers between Moria and K'ael with a lifted eyebrow and a grin.

Moria yawns again, covering her mouth with a hand and shaking her head. "I'm afraid I must go. Otherwise, I might fall asleep in a chair here again," she says with a smile. "I do appreciate the company, though. Have a good evening, both of you. When you finish that list, K'ael, feel free to bring it to me at the craft complex and we'll see if I can answer your questions."

K'ael nods to Moria. "I'd love to come watch you make something. I'll have to bring my questions to the complex with your jerky." He grins to her. "If you want to stay I'll make sure you get home safely. I bet I could carry you without any problems." He winks to her, then grins to Ontali. "Ah winter. Not really used to it being really cold, Azaeth isn't much for cuddling." He laughs a bit. "Yeah. I was at least able to give away a few of the litter we found. Otherwise I would have ended up with like ten of them or something." Which would have even drove K'ael, with his love of small cute things, crazy.

Ontali laughs at both of her companions, snickering quietly. "Well, he might be able to, but best I could do'd be to drag you out to Cid." Shhhh, she's not short, shut up! "But I bet he'd do just fine." Because, you know, he needs a pajama-clad bluerider to back him up? Of course he does. "Don't let the trundlebugs bite." Offered with a bright grin for Moria, then a laugh for K'ael. "Weyrleader D'son and I just talked recently about how warm Ista is." She reports with a snicker. "Shells, a litter of 'em? /Ten/? I'm sure glad you did! That might have been a little, um…much. Lots of kitties." Eyetic.

Moria shakes her head slightly, smiling at K'ael's words. "Would you now? But I wouldn't be able to contribute much to conversation if I'm asleep," she points out with a wider smile. "But if you are sure you can get me back to my room in one piece, I imagine I can stay a little longer," she offers with a light of one shoulder. "I don't exactly feel ready to sleep, anyhow." Tali gets a grin of agreement, talking about Ista. "I was there for the hatching. Warm all year round, according to a friend there. I imagine S'gam's relieved to be away from the chill."

K'ael chuckles. "Well, you can leave the lifting to me. Though I think you'd be able to carry her as well. It would just be more… awkward." He smiles to Moria. "Maybe not, but we'd appreciate the company all the same, right Ontali? Two cute girls are always better than one, in my estimation at least." He winks to them both this time. He needed Tali around! After all, he hadn't the slightest clue where Moria's room was. Which would mean he'd have to bring her back home. Okay, maybe he didn't need the bluerider after all! "Mm. It's pretty warm all year in Ista. Too warm in the summers, though, sometimes." He nods about the cats. "Yeah… I don't think I could have dealt with ten too long. Azaeth would have been eating them after a couple of days, I think."

Ontali's grin is bright for Moria. "Maybe not, but we could always draw stuff on your face if you fell asleep?" She asks brightly. Then blinks, tossing a shifty look at K'ael and a too-innocent grin. "Not that we /would/." Mention of the hatching at Ista and S'gam, though, has the girl beaming broadly once more. "You were? I don't think I saw you, but yeah! It was great, wasn't it? I'm gonna miss Sig, but, his dragon's quite handsome, inne?" Then she's snickering at K'ael again, smirking broadly. "Will do. I dunno, though. Not tonight. Don't think I'm gonna get up. Ro'll have to come carry me home, himself." The girl laughs, then nods cheerfully. "Two cute girls better than one, check. Been a while since we've talked, anyways, Moria." Unaware of the train of thought from useful-Tali to non-useful-Tali, this Tali just keeps grinning mischievously, nodding again. "Too warm? Ew. Shells. That doesn't sound like too much fun. Least it's not too cold though?" Then she's snickering again, sipping at her klah. "He not like 'em? Though, I'd probably be tempted to eat 'em, too…"

Moria yawns again, but settles into a chair with a nod. "I imagine I can stick around a little longer, then, 'slong as I can make it home safe." The sketchpad is tucked in a vest pocket as the woman sips her klah. "I do think Ittisieth is quite handsome, yes. I was delighted for him." She glances at K'ael and nods, listening to his mention of the weather at Ista. "I was there earlier in their summer, on the beaches taking sand samples, and it was painfully hot, yes. I can't imagine living there year round. It might be nice to visit, but not stay," she murmurs.

K'ael laughs at Ontali. "I wouldn't. Maybe someone else would." He peers at the bluerider for a moment. There's nothing from K'ael about the hatching at Ista. He wasn't there, and had no desire to go, though he had nothing against anyone who had impressed there. "Ro? Your weyrmate?" He nods a bit. "It's very warm. Made having a ledge weyr nice though, it was always cooler in there. Azaeth doesn't mind the cats, he just ignores them. But if there were more… they'd be spilling over into his space." He chuckles a bit, then gets up. "Anyways. I should get to slicing, unless you need a ride home, Moriana?"

Ontali devours the rest of her pastry and chews with cheeks billowed like a squirrel, smiling contentedly. Then, a long sip of the klah and she's setting the mug on a table next to her chair, curling back into it with a happy smile. "We'll keep ya safe. Ittisieth. Mouthful of a name. I've gotta get out and see the little Wherryhead, shells…" The girl frowns and rubs at her face, grumbling for a moment. "Gets pretty warm here, too, though. But I like it — used to all the weather 'round here, at least." A little grin for K'ael for his lack of taking part in not-very-mature things like drawing on people's faces, before she's nodding with a broad, pleased grin. "Aye. R'owan. He's the best." It takes the silly thing a minute to stop grinning like an idiot, expression shifting into curiousity. "I bet it would be. Caves are nice — it would'a been kind of cool to live in one, yeah? Aw, shells, their space…they're very protective of it, aren't they?" She rolls her eyes, then grins. "Have fun. Don't cut any shardin' fingers off or anything!"

Moria sniffs archly at both K'ael and Ontali, then grins. "Well, if someone did doodle on my face, it would at least wash off fairly easily." She pauses and tilts her head at Tali with a blink. "I hadn't heard that you and Ro had weyrmated. Congratulations. I hope you are both quite happy." No, it's not quite like marriage, but still… "I think I'll manage to make it home alright, K'ale. It's just across the clearing to the dorms. Thank you, though. Do drop by when you are ready to have that chat about the glasscraft. Since I made journeyman I can actually pause my work to have discussions with people, and will be quite happy to exercise that option."

K'ael just didn't know Moria well enough to know if she'd react properly to such immaturity. The bronzer certainly was not a shining example of one who was recently a weyrleader ought to behave. He nods to the bluerider about her weyrmate. "Congrats. Or condolences." He laughs. "Weyrmating isn't for me. Or really, it's not for Azaeth." There were only a few dragons he actually got a long with, everyone else he just tolerated. He grins and nods to Moria. "Sure. I will. Anyways, I'll try to keep all my fingers, I've been luck thus far. Goodnight, ladies." He nods to them and slips off into the kitchen.

Ontali makes a face that is definitely not very mature at Moria, and grins brightly. "Sure it would!" She agrees, all too quickly. Cough. Coughcough. But then she's grinning stupidly again. "We did, aye, right after we graduated, too…we are! None better than he is, yanno?" Her tone all but oozes affection, and the Tali of turns past would probably take this one and brain her, but…hey! She laughs after a moment, though, and salutes her boss in amusement. "An' K'ael's a Wingleader, so they'll for sure let you have time to talk to him and all." The girl laughs. "Thank you, sir. Not for Azaeth? Shells, that's sad…it's nice." She waves him off with a slightly rueful grin. "Night! He's lucky, the cooks all hate me." Is she pouting? Oh lordy.

Moria really doesn't know, nope. Sorry. "I'm glad to hear it. I hope things stay that way for you." She waves as K'ael departs, then returns her attention to Tali. "He mentioned he was a wingleader. Mmmm, he would be the leader of Galaxy wing, yes?" See, she does pay attention to /some/ things. "I knew the name but not the face, and now I can fit it all together, at least." Moria's lips twitch. "And what have you done to make the cooks hate you?"

Ontali nods quickly. "Me too. I think they will." She smiles again, then nods. "Aye. Galaxy — my wing, actually. He's a nice guy, I think. Pretty sure he and Weyrleader D'son are good friends, I remember talking to D'son about him once." Pause. "Maybe. I'm too tired to think." The girl snickers, then grins sheepishly, glancing around. "I just, um. Burned anything I ever tried to cook while I was a candidate. Never /exploded/ anything, 'least, but you'd think I had by the way they avoid me!"

Moria snorts as Tali explains, and shakes her head. "Well, I'm glad I will never have to cook anything. The fires I deal with are far too hot for food. I wouldn't know what to do with someting /edible/ around heat." She finishes off her klah and sets the mug on the table. "Wasn't K'ael the Weyrleader at Ista while D'son was there?" she asks thoughtfully. "I seem to recall some mention of that when he moved here."

"Well, it sure ain't as easy as it looks." Mourns Tali with a rueful grin. "Lucky! I bet it gets pretty hot around where you work, though. Eugh. Still. That'd be more fun than sewing or somethin'!" The girl nods cheerfully, extending it in a nod for the next question. "Aye, he was. Well…for some of the time. I think he'n D'son's dragon hatched in the same clutch."

Moria nods and leans back into the plush of her chair, stretching. "It can get pretty awful in the summer, which is why we usually work nights then. It's lovely in the winter, though. The apprentice dorms are arrayed against the back of one of the walls with kilns and forges, and it keeps them warm. We switch to the kilns on the other side of the workroom during summer since that wall vents outside the complex. It's a good arrangement - the kilns that we use in the winter can be cleaned and repaired before we use them again. Reduces the risk of explosions." The last is said with an odd tone as she absently rubs at the scars on her arms, eyes darkened with memory.

Ontali cants her head curiously, eyebrows lifting. "Working nights? That doesn't sound so bad. It's not quite as awful at night." The girl agrees with a quick nod. "Ooooh, that does sound really warm. I mean, I've got Cid in the winter, but shells! That sounds downright cozy." She slips into silence for a few moments, before canting her head. "Explosions? Really?

Moria shakes her head to clear the memory, then nods to Tali. "Yes, it is really nice. I'm thinking I'll bunk in there this winter, even though they've moved me to journeyman quarters in the resident hall. I'd rather not rely on a heating system for my comfort. I've gotten awful used to that warmth." She smiles, but the expression is off. "Explosions can happen with damaged, badly maintained or dirty kilns, or when something goes, well, wrong, with whatever is being heated. Usually ceramics, but some glass products can sometimes do unexpected things." She catches herself rubbing the scars and forcibly stills her hands, folding them in her lap. "There have been very few in the last several decades, but they can still happen sometimes."

Ontali grins ruefully, curling deeper into her big chair, as if that's gonna help her at any point in winter. Maybe it's not been long enough since the last one? Or something. "Can't say I blame you, shells! You should get a canine, though. They're good for keepin' warm, even if they are a pain." She laughs, but the expression quickly sobers, a frown creasing her brow. "Shells, man. That just sounds…" A shake of her head, and curious look for the arm-rubbing. Eyes narrow faintly, before, "Have you ever seen one? I don't even wanna imagine how bad it'd be."

Moria snorts softly at the suggestion of getting a pet. "You aren't the first person who has said that, you know. Before S'gam left for Ista, he was asking around for people to take pups from his canine's litter. I just don't have the time to give one the attention it should have." Tali's question has her stiffening subconciously, even as she nods slightly. "Once. Several years ago. It was… not good."

Ontali's smile is understanding. "I getcha. I didn't know Sabs had puppies though! I bet they were cute. She's my guy's brother, my family breeds 'em to help with the goats and stuff. They're nice, but yeah, they sure do take up your attention." A nosewrinkle, before she's blinking at the older woman, then wincing ruefully. "Aw, shells. I hope you never do again!"

Moria manages to smile as Tali extolls the virtues of the canines, and shrugs a shoulder awkwardly at the rest. "I do, too. It's why I don't complain when I have to help scrub the kilns and forges. I know how important the cleaning is. At least I got no worse than scars." She shrugs a little more easily this time, and sighs. "I should go, though. It is late, and I have an apprentice who needs breath lessons in the morning. It wouldn't do to be yawning when trying to show him how to regulate his breathing."

Ontali nods slowly, making an agreeable noise. When the silly bluerider realizes that probably won't do as far as an answer, she sits up straighter and grins ruefully. "You don't shardin' say." The girl breathes, wincing. "No better reason to keep something clean, I'll say!" She nods stoutly, then grins. "I think sleep sounds like a shardin' good idea." The girl stretches slowly, and stands, grabbing the empty mug. "It was great talking to you again, Moria!"

Moria rises as well, picking up her empty mug. "It was good to see you too, Tali. Say hi to Ro for me, and take care of yourself. Feel free to drop by the complex if you want to chat again." She meanders over to deposit the mug, then makes her way out, headed across the clearing to the resident dorms.

Ontali grins after the crafter. "You too! I think I will." She calls, depositing her own mug. She definitely doesn't steal a pastry on the way out, though, padding on bare feet out to Cidheoth. That would be silly!

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