Once More (with Feelings)

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in its own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as have walls hung with numerous tapestries that provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt. The stone is carefully leveled but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area is the one near the Kitchens, where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. It's plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr, instead feeding people in shifts as they come off duty. On occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are borrowed from all the other areas.
There's also a big fireplace set into the western wall, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, the largest an archway to the northeast that leads outside. Near it there's an alcove with hooks for coats and shelves for muddy boots. A tunnel to the east goes to the infirmary, and a set of stairs just a little south of that lead up to the offices and administration area. To the south, a long and sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs. The kitchen is off to the southwest, while the residents' quarters are reached by tunnels going west, deeper into the cliff.

It's evening in Xanadu, and dinner is served! Soriana comes out of the back hallway with a small shake of her head and a faint and crooked smile, pausing as she enters the caverns to cast her gaze over the room. The crowds are gathering! Just as they always do, because everyone likes food. It's tasty! And… it seems Soriana's no exception, for she smiles a little more and makes her way over to join in the line for food. Just gonna stand in line, yup. Just like anyone else who's here to get food! Nothing to see here. Nope. …right?

Dinner!!! One of Tealonie's favorite times of the day. And for once he's made it here ahead of his brother. Course, having got caught trying to take a bully to task got him in trouble, and so all the more for Teal. He groans though as he see's the line but then he grins as he spots someone familiar and he's right behind her. "Hi Soriana!" he exclaims quite brightly "Did you ask her? Will she do it?" he asks quickly.

A very good day is drawing to a close, the good part being that all the weyrlings returns back to Xanadu safe and sound. Kera's step as a little extra bounce as she strolls into the cavern, her hand pats her thigh gently to some odd pattern as she hums. Gaze scans around the tables as she takes a spot towards the end of a line. A familar name spoken ahead of her as the greenrider stepping sidling out of line and peering ahead, eyeing the figures further up in line "Sori?" She doesn't spot Tealonie right off, he's short so might be missed in the crowd.

Gerazal comes in for dinner time and he moves over to get something to eat. He spots the others and nods politely to them. He smiles at Kera, "Hey Kera, how's Rabbit doing?" He asks as he goes to grab a plate and he looks over, "Dinner looks good."

Soriana peeks ahead to see what's up for dinner - well, there's definitely some kind of a roast, that's good, and she thinks… actually, wait, never mind what she thinks, because she knows she just heard her name! She turns (yep, that's her) and looks back… and down… and she smiles. "Oh, hi Tea!" Which Tea is it? Don't ask her. Oh, wait, no. It's the one that wants to ride things! Right. "I haven't had a chance yet, no…" she answers, with a faintly apologetic look. "I haven't forgotten, though!" Whoever it is she's talking to, it's definitely a Sori-type-person doing the talking! Even if she hasn't quite heard or seen Kera… yet. Blame Tea for the distraction!

Tealonie ohs a little and nods, looking just a little bit sorrowful. But as Sori mentions that she hasn't forgotten his face lights up again and he grins "Okay!" he pipes up and then peers around Sori a little "What's for foods?" he asks as he takes in a big whiff "Sure smells good. Is there any bubblies ya think?" He then looks up at Sori again "Oh, ans Skyler should'nt haveta worry bout Grandle and his group for awhile. We's got an understandin' goin' on. Yup." He grins cheekily "And I didn't lay a finger on them." Nope, not a finger. Course he then turns around a little and look another person he knows. "Hi!" he says to Kera and then frowns a moment and then shrugs "How's it going?" Yup, he forgot her name.

Kera cants her head and eyes widen a bit when her eyes match what her ears heard. And then adding on hearing runner boy mention Skylor, nope, she's not hallucinating. "Sori!!!!" She bypasses several people in line and launches herself at an old friend, intent on what may prove to be a rib cracking hug. "Shards Sori, good to see you!" Gaze darts around for Ka'el and miniKa'el, otherwise known as Skylor. Not seeing them she looks back to Soriana and gives a not very embarrassed shrug at her behavior when a few grumbles come from the back of the line. Tealonie gets a grin as she waves to the young boy "Hi Tealonie, it's goin great today. You find a good rope to tie on with yet?" Could she get any more cryptic? More grumbling from a few people she passed by gets a wave off "Alright alright" Looking back to the goldrider she's already edging back to the end of the line "Save me a seat k?" Getting back to see Gerazal, she gives the tailor a chuckle "The little thing hasn't even grown a half inch. Must not be feeding it right or something." After a moment, she chuckles since the litlte pup won't grow much bigger than it already is no matter how much she feeds it.

Gerazal smiles as he piles the food onto his plate and he nods to Soriana, "Hello I'm Journeyman Weaver Gerazal. If you need any clothes let me know." He looks down at Tealonie, "Hello there." He goes to grab a mug of klah before he goes to have a seat, "Well it's not going to get much bigger, the mother was a husky, but the father was one of the smaller breeds, I doubt it won't get much bigger then the father."

Soriana smiles, nodding to Tealonie. "Soon…" she says, with the slightly exasperated tone of someone who's waiting for reality to actually provide her an opportunity for that thing she keeps meaning to do! "I didn't see any bubblies… but I did see some candied fruit… and there's roast herdbeast with tuber mash." Y'know, for the actual nutritious part before the sweets! His explanation about Grandle has her lifting her eyebrows. "Oh?" she asks. Is this something she's going to hear about later? …maybe. But at least it was nonviolent, and she nods. "That's good…" she agrees. "You -" Aaaaand that's when her name is shouted from further back in the line, and she looks up with wide eyes to see a flying Kera - gaining on her fast! Whaaaa! She yipes as Kera attack-hugs her, stumbling back a step and bumping into the person in front of her - who fumbles a serving spoon and sloshes some tubers on the table - and then laughs as she reaches her arms around and hugs Kera back. "Whoof! You don't need to send me to the infirmary just to keep me!" she replies, grinning as she takes a look over the greenriding healer. "It's good to see you too!" There's no Ka'el visible just yet, but there certainly is a Sori, who grins and gives Kera's shoulder a pat as she turns back. "I will indeed!" she says, waving back to Gerazal and then turning to apologize to that person she bumped into. Whoops! But now she's got a chance to get food, and the spilled stuff… well… it's not the worst that serving table's had to deal with. It will last! And she, once she's got food, will find an eating table with at least four spots.

Nothing was said about no violence, just that Teal hadn't lid a finger on him. At Kera's question he ducks his head a little "No, I've not found one but I'm not going to get on him again for a bit. Father found out." he murmurs and absently rubs his backside and oh look food time. He does grab some of the roast and plenty of mashified tubers, with plenty of gravy loaded up onto it. "Candied fruit?" He makes a face at that and "Well, when you can I guess." Teal replies back to Sori with the kind of a tone that he's accepted the reality of the meaning behind soon and someday and all that good stuff. He looks up at Gerazal and blinks a moment in surprise at being addressed. "Uh, hello." he says and then grins as he spies some sticky buns. That'll work, and two of those are plopped on top of the mound of tubers.

Kera smiles to Tealonie then gives a sympathetic wince at the hints that his father tanned his backside. "Well, perhaps that'll give ya plenty of time to find a good rope to keep ya from falling again." Grabbing a plate, she nods to Gerazal as she starts loading it up. Seems the roast, mashified tubors and gravy is the theme of the evening. "Guess I need to make a little mini ramp up the stairs for her then. Seems bout all she can do to make it up one." Kera laughs at the antic of her minicanine. Edging through the line, she ends up with a plate in one hand glass with a bowl blanced on it in the other as she looks for where Sori went off to.

Gerazal takes a seat and he chuckles a little bit, "Yah you probably will. True to my word I've started to look at a canine for Nikita. The beastcrafter says he's got one of the bigger dogs from the North."

Lalala Soriana knows nothing about violence! And also, she's really quite distracted from that previous conversation with Tea. Kera saw to that! Soriana gathers up a plate of roast and tubers… and vegetables! Actual vegetables that aren't even drowned in butter or salt. She must be an adult or something. "I will," she assures Tea, then heads to find that table… aha, here it is! Her plate's set down on it, and she slides herself into the chair while looking back to see just how far behind Kera is - or maybe whether she can expect any other flying leaps of greeting! She lifts a hand to wave to the greenrider when she seems to be looking around. Here she is! Not trying to hide, nope!

Vegetables? We don't need no stinkin' vegetables… Wait, aren't sticky rolls vegetables? Oh wait, what sticky rolls? Life's too short, eat dessert first. That's Teal's motto. And down the hatch the rolls go before he digs into the rest of the food once he's followed Sori over to the table. Yup, the rolls didn't even make it to the table. He digs into his food with a singlemindedness that comes with all bottomless pits. He waits for Kera to come over to the table before he comments back to her. "Well, She said she'd talk with a beaster about giving me lessons and all, and certi.. certi.. and basiclly giving me a good case to present to father about getting me my own runner." he says between bites.

Kera nods with a little hint of worry to her expression as she glances over to Gerazal, steps starting to shuffle towards where she spotted Soriana waving from. "Ahh, hmm, those are such big canines aren't they. The ones nearly as large as a young runner?" She'll lead the way through the tables if the tailor will follow and soon plonking down at the saved seats, right next to the returning rider. "Thanks." for the saved seats. Tealonie's explanation gets a smile, managing to not chuckle as he stumbles over a difficult word. "That's good news. " Hopefully he'll find a nice slow runner, one less crazy and vicious than the rest. "Don't forget to tie yourself on til then." She figures he'll probably sneak off before he gets certified. Setting her dishes out, she looks expectantly to Soriana. "So. How's the family? Is this a little visit or are you guys coming back to stay?"

Gerazal eats his vegetables first so he can get them done and over with. He nods, "Yes they are rather big, but they make great protectors and companions I just want to make sure she's safe." He chuckles, "Well they wouldn't be that big, I mean it won't be that big, probably." He looks to the others, "I got Kera a new small puppy and was threatened that I have to get my daughter a canine before Kera does. So I'm trying to pick out one I want her to have."

If the cooks are being sneaky, they might put pureed vegetables in the sticky rolls! And, as long as they covered them with enough icing, the 'brats might still eat them. Soriana starts in on her food once Kera is on the way, then nods to Tea's explanation of what's going on. "I figured Idrissa might be willing," she adds for the edification of the other greenrider. "But, I haven't managed to catch up with her yet." She spreads her hands with a bit of a shrug, as if to express by that all the vagaries of a busy life! No wonder people want puppies to have some constant companionship! Listening to Gerazal, Soriana gets a thoughtful look… and then Kera's got some questions! "So?" Soriana replies to Kera, then laughs. "Everyone's doing well. The kids aren't quite adjusted to the new time zone yet… well, and to tell the truth, neither are Ka'el and I." She grins. "But, well, we'll get there. We're staying."

As long s the colors match, who cares as long as they're sweet? Teal listens to the talk of puppies and all and then he blinks "You're getting your daughter a canine as big as a runner? Can you ride it?" Okay, something got missed there. He stares at Gerazal in surprise and then looks thoughful as he goes back to his food. Yup, the wheels are turning. He does look a little sideways at Kera and then grins "Sure, I'll set up fighting straps for my runner, and I'll pretrend he's a dragon and that THread has returned and we will save Pern singlehandedly!"

Kera gives a slightly skeptical lift of her brow but shrugs. "Those mountain bred ones are huge. You'll see. I suggest ya actually get a peek at the litter parents before just picking a a pup from a bunch in a basket though." Kera pauses and cants her head curiously "I wonder if 'one' would even fit in a basket actually." Flashing a grin though, she starts spearing a chunk of her roast ,ad dragging it through the gravied tubors and chuckles to the young twin. "If it keeps you from bouncing on the ground again then that works for me." An agreeable nod to Tealonie and Soriana as Gerazal explains what they ar talking about. "It's the cutest little thing Sori." She holds her hands together about so far apart. "Little poofy ball of pup that is pretty mush as big as it's gonna get. Named her Rabbit. That's bout how big she is." Stuffing food in her mouth, she grins and darts her gaze about as the conversation passes around the table. At times she's hiding a grin behind her fork bearing hand. Soriana simply get's a 'look' when she stretches the silence out after her 'So'. But finally news is coming and it's good! "So glad you guys are staying." She pauses suddenly, giving Sorianaa a confused look and a slight head shake "Wait. What did you say? The /kids/, k-i-d big sharding S? As in Skylor has a little sister or brother?"

Gerazal chuckles a little bit, "Probably not that big of a canine I don't think they come in runner size." He smirks, "But it will be a big and friendly canine at least to Nikita. Although the way that Nikita is gathering pets she'll have a runner pony in no time." He looks to Soriana, "Well welcome to the Weyr. I have come not too long ago from Ista Weyr."

Soriana laughs at Teal's plan for his dragon-runner-riding, then gives her head a bit of a shake, still grinning. "Don't forget to get your riding leathers and helmet on before you go saving Pern." Or is that before he goes getting thrown off a runner's back? Then again, with enough rope, maybe that won't be a concern… maybe. Anyway. She's not going to worry about that, she's going to talk about puppies! Or, well, listen about puppies. "Aww," she says to Kera. "Sounds like a cute one. Just about the right size to curl up with your firelizards, too…" As opposed to the pups Gerazal is looking at! She laughs. "Those might be the sort to curl up with dragons." Soriana smiles to his welcome. "Thanks. I've been here before, but it's nice being back." She steals a few bites of her food, nodding to Kera, then pauses with the fork partway to her mouth as the greenrider catches on to something. "Er." Soriana has a guilty look on her face as she nods. "Yeeees. Well… actually… one of each. Sister and brother."

Tealonie ohs and nods "Yes, must have leathers and helmet and goggles!" he exclaims and then looks thoughful. All thoughts of runner sized canines gne as he contemplates what to do with his pony. He then pauses and glances at Sori "Skylers got sibs?" he asks and then ponders "How old are they?" He asks curiously and then murmurs to himself. "Hmm, possible wingrider and all. This could be great. Wonder if Tea would deign to ride a runner, not enough ponies though. Maybe we can make some…"

Kera just jaws drops at Sori, luckily she wasn't still chewing food. She suddenly drops her fork and squeals as she leans to hug Soriana enthusiastically before straigtening up again. "Congratulations Sori. What are their names?" Before she can ask the next on her list, Tealonie beats her too it and she nods eagerly and headnod tilt as if to say /yea, what he said/. Kera grins when some of the questions running through her head get answers. She's all but bouncing in her set as she chuckles to Gerazal. "I may give her an egg still, even if you both do give her a pup." Yep, lots of animals for the weyrbrats of the weyr. "And I do think the one you are pondering may actually be big enough to put a runner saddle on when it's grown. And I dod think Nikita could actually ride it around." She snickers suddenly "Little Niki, pup-rider of Xanadu!" Very amused by that she hops up from the table, all but forgetting her half eaten meal, poor lonely sticky bun left all alone. "I've got presents to get. And C'rus will be thrilled to hear today's news." She pauses long enough to grab the goldrider in another hug "Count on me coming to visit really soon. I'll bring the cookies." She winks to her friend and waves around the table before rushing off. "Evening everyone."

Soriana squeaks as she's hugged, because a squeak's all she can get out past that squeeze! "Ha. Thanks," she says once she can breathe again, then nods to Tea, re-affirming what she just admitted to Kera. "Kaesen is almost three, and Arialla's not yet a turn," she says with a smile to the both of them… though her expression turns just a touch teasing as she adds for Tea, "So, neither of them is riding runners just yet." A grin, and then she manages to snag another bite of dinner. Maybe even two, because she doesn't have to contribute to the conversation about puppies. Then she hugs Kera back, with a grin and a nod. "We'll expect you! We're back in the old weyr again - still moving in and getting settled, but I'm sure you've seen worse." A laugh, and then she waves farewell to the greenrider before sliding Kera's abandoned plate over toward Tealonie. "It's lonely." See, there's a sticky bun left behind! Surely he can take care of that…

"Oh, yeah, I guess that might be a little young to be a wingrider." Tealonie says thoughfully and then there's a sweetroll there. Woot. "Well, we can't let it be lonely and then he shoves it into his mouth. Well maybe not all at once, but he's taking as big of bites as he can as he waves to the departed Kera. Then he pauses and things "Man everyone else seems to be getting cookies and puppies and all sorts of good things."

Soriana nods to Tea. "Mmhmm," she says, and while he shoves a sweetroll into his mouth, she eats her nutritious dinner, because she's an adult like that. His observation makes her tilt her head to the side, with a crooked smile that lifts up one corner of her mouth. "Well, I don't know why… Niki, was it?" she glances to Gerazal, then back to Tea. "…why she's getting a puppy. You'd have to ask her parents for that. But, generally speaking, it seems like the people who get nice things are the ones that do nice things for others. It makes the universe want to help them out - and individual people too!"

Tealonie tilts his head a little to one side as he contemplates that tidbit of information. He does finish chewing his sweetroll and swallows the large chunk before saying anything more. "Why would the universe give something? How can it? We learned abut the stars and universe and all. How can those give anything?" he asks curiously. He purses his lips a little as he tries to figure that out. "I mean, it's not.. um whats the word again, ani.. umm alive. I mean like we're alive. Is it?" The things that can boggle the mind.

Soriana smiles, listening to Tealonie as he thinks it out. "Animate?" she suggests for that word, then nods. "It's not. And it's not alive, either… but it still gives us a lot. We've got this whole planet from the universe, and Rukbat's light, and… the fact we even exist in the first place to have things!" She smiles. "That's all from the universe. And when we give things away… well, it's like how if you throw something up, it'll come back down to you. If you give things to other people, they'll come back around somehow. Maybe not how you'd expect them, but someday, they'll come back."

Gerazal finishes his meal and he chuckles, "Well my weyrmate N'talya and I got Kera a puppy because Kera and her weyrmate C'rus got Nikita some rabbits and a hutch and fencing. So Kera has said that if Nikita doesn't get a puppy by her next turnday Kera will get her a canine puppy and firelizard. We think she's too young for a firelizard so I'm looking for a suitable puppy for Nikita. Sorry to eat and run. I've gotta go check on some fabric I've been dyeing. Have a good night."

Tealonie huhs a bit at that. "So I should give lots of presents to people and then I'd get lots of presents back?" He asks, sounding just a bit skeptical about that and then you can see it click. "Oh! Like helping mother with laundry and all and then getting something special!" he grins "I get it." He nods a little a that and then he ohs at Gerazal and gives a little nod. "Oh, huh." he looks thoughful as he finishes off the rest of the food on Kera's plate. Waste not, want not. "A firelizard would be cool. Found a wild clutch once, but didn't realize it was all sucked dry. Snakes had got it." He sighs a bit about that.

Soriana nods, with a smile for the dubious look and then a grin as Tealonie gets it. "Exactly! And sometimes it's got more jumps along the way, but it works out in the end." She smiles, finishing off her own plate with a pause to listen to Gerazal and then wave farewell to him, then nods to Tealonie about those firelizards. "I went searching for firelizards a bunch, back when I was a kid. Finally got one, but we had to fight a wild feline to find the clutch." She grins. "Wild clutches are always risky… especially since most of the ones you'll find are from greens, and they're not so good at keeping watch."

Tealonie eyes go wide "A real wild feline? How did you not die?" he asks with shock and wonder "And did you kill it? Did you keep the fur? That would be so cool to have the fur of a wild feline. That would be just the absolute greatest!" He grins as he imagines it "Just think, coming home with one, man the other kids would be so silly with wanting."

"Well…" Soriana says, then laughs. "Mostly luck, I think. We did kill it, but… it was a bit sick already, I think. Sort of ratty. I wouldn't want the hide… and I would have gotten fleas from it." She tilts her head, then gives him a look. "Don't you go chasing after wild felines. It's far too dangerous. If you want a chance to see, we can talk about sending you on a trip with a Galaxy rider or a hunter, but that's only for with someone expert, and only if you're going to listen to them very carefully and do what they say."

Tealonie's eyes widen "To actually go see one?" he asks, his voice going soft. "Oh, I'd do anything for that. I'd listen. Oh yes, I'd listen and be really, really, really good. I mean, relly good." he says somberly. "Could Tea go too do you think?" He asks "He might be really good too for the chance." A thoughtful look "Or maybe not." He grins a little.

"I couldn't promise you'd see one," Soriana says. "They're wild creatures, and most times - if they're not sick or mad - they stay away from people. But, I could see about letting you go on a trip…" She pauses a moment, as if thinking, then nods. "You and Tea both - but I'd need you two to prove you can listen to someone like that, before you go. If you come up with a way to show me that, then we can talk about arranging the trip." She smiles.

Tealonie hmms a little at that "A way to prove." he then gives a nod "Okay, we'll think on what we can do." he says quietly and then gets up. "I should probably get on home." he says as he gathers up his tray and Kera's too since he's finished it off as well. "Yeah, will certainly think of a way. Thank you Soriani." he says brightly and carries the trays over to be cleaned before he takes off.

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