Keeping Busy

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

It's about midafternoon, and the caverns are in that lull in between lunch and dinner. Into this quiet moment comes Soriana, stepping in from the clearing. She's wearing her riding jacket despite the summer's warmth, and she makes straight for a couch. Plop! Her eyes close, and a few moments later, there's a double pop as a brown and gold firelizard appear over her and flutter down - the brown to her shoulder, the gold to her lap. Soriana does not bother opening her eyes. Just how oblivious to the world is she? Good question.

Idrissa had caught sight of Soriana making her way on into the cavern, she smiles and glancs around before heading over to pick up a mug of klah, well two, and then carries one over to her friend. "Hey there, want something warm to drink?" This questioned while she sits down next to Soriana.

Apparently Idrissa is here. Is that worth opening her eyes for? Soriana considers on that question for a moment (without opening her eyes) then decides otherwise. "…ugh, no, it's too hot already," she says. At least that seems to remind her that she's wearing her riding jacket, because she leans forward and wriggles her way out of it, to the chirped protests of Haruhi and a flutter from Toral up into the air before he lands again, digging with his claws for a grip as Sori flops back to the couch once more.

Idrissa is about to point out that the other has on the jacket before Sori notices it herself. She grins and shrugs before looking towards Toral and Haruhi. "So, how was your lessons today?" She questions while sitting one of the mugs down, she takes a sip from the other, well it may be warm out but she wants it anyway.

Lessons. Shudder. "Today was a test," says Soriana. "Do you know how many bones there are in a dragon's wing? Too many, that's how. And then there's the lab part… I swear, G'lar can hover like a VTOL. I'm surprised he doesn't try to perch on my head like a giant wingless firelizard." Toral peers around at Sori's face and chirps, and she reaches up absently to pet at his side.

Idrissa makes a face at the talk of a test. "Test.. ews…" She murmurs out softly. "Well, no. How many bones are they?" This questioned while she sends a glance towards her friend. Well it isn't a runner, so she is clueless! Another pop is heard and there is Willow fluttering down to land on the back of the couch and she chitters out towards Toral and Haruhi.

Soriana opens one eye to give Idrissa a look. "Too many," she repeats, and then closes the eye again to resume her sprawl against the couch. It's fairly quiet in the caverns, midafternoon on a warm summer's day, and Soriana sits with her firelizards atop her and her riding jacket next to her. Haruhi chirps to Willow, stretching out along Soriana's lap, and Toral gives a little trill as he leans into Sori's petting.

Idrissa ohs osftly and ponders this while sipping at her mug once more and ponders. Great now she is going to be thinking on how many bones /are/ in a dragons wing. Willow chitters out happly while she tilts her head and bumps out at Toral's side and then warbles to Haruhi.

Soriana just spent all morning writing out dragon-bones on her test paper! Well, dragon-bones and other things. More to the point, she has no inclination to do so again, either in written or oral examination. She is so done with that. Toral croons, his eyes whirling green, and Sori chuckles a little as she pets him and reaches over to do the same to Willow briefly. Haruhi lifts up her head and chirps, and Soriana's other hand goes to pet over the gold's sleek neck.

Summer day. A perfect time to lounge and do nothing. Or lounge out at the beach with friends. Yes! But, no, ka-el has done neither one of those things. At least, not til now. Now he's been set loose for a well deserved break, and he enters the caverns with Alloy trailing behind, and freckly face girl not too far behind /him/. "You don't have to follow me, you know," Kale says over his shoulder, his words met with a dubious look. "You can…you know, take a break. Find your friends?" It's as if he's speaking a foreign language, but he at least convinces her to go fix a plate of something while he.. sighs.

Idrissa chuckles as shew atches Soriana and smiles to her friend. "Seems all the firelizards love you." This said with an amused tone. Then she hears Kale and she looks over curiously to see whom he is talking to. She catches sight of the freckly faced girl and lifts a brow. "So, when did Kale get a stalker?" This questioned with an amused tone. Willow turns her head to look over towards Alloy and warbles out towards him. Ripley is around mind you, just hiding… Waiting for the right moment to pounce like always.

Soriana hehs at Idrissa's comment, giving Willow another pet before lowering her hand. "You just say that 'cause you don't see 'em in the infirmary. Around there, I'm lucky if I can get mine to come by long enough to send a message." She sighs, and shakes her head before… wait, stalker? This may merit opening her eyes. She does so. Stalker, stalker… oh! Frecklyface. "Mm. Dunno!" Toral looks around to Alloy, and Haruhi simply chirp-sends a greeting without bothering to actually look.

Hey hey, other firelizards he knows! Alloy is quick to spot the lounging group and makes a beeline towards the group, coming to land on the floor with a chirrup of a greeting. Kale's eyes stay on the retreating form of the brown haired girl, half wondering if he should make a run for it now while he has the chance. But, Alloy's departure turns his attention again and it doesn't take much searching for him to spot his own friends. He waves, grinning slightly while meandering towards them. "You lot look comfortable," he remarks, sounding amused.

Idrissa chuckles softly and grins. "I guess they get all curious about stuff then?" She questions while watching as Willow hops upon on the back of the couch, chittering out more seeing how Alloy is there. "Ya, we are.. So, who is your stalker?" This questioned with an amused tone and grins to Kale. She points to the space next to her so he can sit down if he wants.

Fleeing might be the wisest choice. Frecklefaces are like leeches, you see. Once they attach… ah, it's probably too late anyhow. Haruhi steps forward and leans in to chirp a little conversation with Alloy as Soriana shakes her head to Idrissa. "Nah. They just don't like it. I think they're afraid the hurt dragons will rub off on them or something." She shrugs a bit, then leans back to look at Kale. "Hey, you."

Stalker? Kale gives Idrissa a blank look at the question. "Uh…" he begins, glancing to Soriana as if seeking some sort of help. "Oh!" He blinks, eyes glimpsing freckle-face girl, who is now glancing at the offered food witha critical eye. Nope. Nope. Not that. Maybe a piece of … ew, no. "Shahani," he says, dropping his voice a little. "Don't say it too loud. She may think we're calling her over." He nestles himself onto the couch as well as Alloy settles in with the other firelizards. "New apprentice from … somewhere. Orik stuck her with me cuz they stuck her with him. Got pretty clear instructions that I'm to keep her from turning into another you know who kicked out smith apprentice girl." He pauses, then mouths 'Wakua' to them, in case they missed the message.

Idrissa tilts her head while ohing softly as she hears Soriana. "Well I suppose so." This said with a soft murmur. "I mean, makes sense to some degree you know?" She glances back to Kale and ohs softly, a faint chuckle escapes her before she nods. "Alright, don't worry I won't go calling her name too loud then." A faint glance is sent towards Soriana and she looks rather amused over it all. "So how has the forges been then?"

Shahani is not the name of a draconic bone. Neither is Wakua. This is because they are smithcraft apprentices instead. "Ah," Soriana goes, moving her hands to her sides as the firelizards occupy themselves with important flittery conversations instead. "Well, she doesn't seem terrible." A shrug, 'cause Sori's not the one who has to deal with her, and then a moment later she grins as a thought strikes her. "Hey, so, if you're watchin' other 'pprentices… does that make you a senior apprentice now?"

"Hot," answers Kale to Idrissa, his smirk playful. "Sweaty, ashen, an' all that. Same as it ever is, but feels hotter in there this summer than it did last summer. I think the journeymen are tryin' to see who can deal with it and who'll pass out. An' I'm pretty sure I heard wagerin' goin' on in their common room.." He strokes his chin in a thoughtful way just as his eyes drift to Soriana. Her question inspires a prideful grin. "Maybe. S'what I'm hoping. Me and Idrissa were just talking about that the other day, but Orik doesn't like seniors being under sixteen."

Idrissa grins at Kale and wiggles her brows. "Hot huh?" Is questioned with a teasing tone, a soft chuckle escaping her. She looks to Sori and ohs. "Ya I was gona see about what I'd have to do for being a senior apprentice." Maybe she'd get the chance! "Well if anyone does passout I hope they don't fall into the fire at least. That would be really painful I imagine."

"I think this summer is hotter than last in general," says Soriana. The current summer is always the hottest one, at least unless you're actually looking at facts and figures when talking about it. "S'pose smithing is one craft where if you can't handle the heat, you better get out of the forge, though." She grins, then nods. "Well, maybe the other journeymen'll convince Orik soon. And then… you get even longer hours!" Aww yeah. The grin is teasing now, and she glances over to Rissa and nods. "You pick specialties at senior apprentice, right? What're you two gonna take?"

Kale gives Soriana one of those looks. You know the one. Yup, that one. Fear the Kale look! "Uh huh, that'll be me. Long hours in the forge. Hammering all night, welding all day. An' you. Poor…poor you." His brows furrow a little, and his bottom lip puckers out just slightly. "Left without me. I know how you'd feel. Your heart would…would /cry/ for me. Your days, so dark and lonely. Your nights, cold with just fading memories of me. Pining alone.." He shakes his head sadly, looking to Idrissa now too. "You'd better hope against it. I don't think either of you would survive." A grin makes its way through his act through, even though he's still fighting against it. "Weaponry," he answers with little hesitation to Soriana.

Idrissa rolls her eyes as she hears Kale. "Really… Why would I cry and sob over that?" She questions with a soft huff escaping her and she just grins. "Well, maybe a little.." Her right hand is lifted to show a 'little bit'. "Well why would I ever fall into it? I mean I wouldn't be there after all." At the question she smiles to Soriana. "Runners." But who would have thought that?!

"It'd be tragic," says Soriana, with a complete lack of respect for just how terrible, awful, and horrible this would be. Why, she sounds practically flippant abut it. She's even grinning. So heartless. She nods to each of their specialties in turn. "Weapons and runners. Got it."

How dare she grin! And how dare Idrissa claim not to cry! Such a thing requires /rivers/ of tears, darn it! "Oh, so I see. I see.." he says with a slow, very deliberate nod as narrowed eyes turn from one girl to the other. "So, I mean nothing to you, do I? So, I could leave now and never return and the two of you wouldn't care either way, would you?" He moves to stand. He'll do it! Yes he will!

Idrissa shakes her head and chuckles softly. She pauses and just peers at Kale, watching him a few moments. "Well I mean… Sure you do. Your still my boyfriend right?" She questions, and even pouts, she looks rather sad as he goes about getting up to leave. A faint sniffle even escapes her.

Rivers. Torrents. Gushing waterfalls. Soriana reaches out a hand to poke at Kale's belly. "Nah. You've got it all wrong. See, it's actually too sad to even contemplate, which is why we just can't wrap our heads around the concept." She grins. "It's like repressing something. Preemptively." Which, clearly, explains it all and she can just lean back against the couch again. Oh, and glance over to Idrissa. "See? She's wrapping her head around the concept."

Oh yes, look sad Idrissa. That's the proper response to such tragic news! Kale is starting to look a bit satisfied now, though that look vanishes with that belly poke. Ack! He plops back down onto the sofa, having only halfway risen. "Well, I can understand that. It /is/ a bit much to swallow at once, isn't it? The absence of me. It'd depress anyone." A smirk to Soriana, then a laugh to Idrissa as she sniffles. "Alright, alright, I believe you," he remarks. "And the two've you are here…bein' productive citizens of Xanadu, I figure? What with the way you look so amazingly busy."

Idrissa laughs out softly and shakes her head, an amused look sent towards Soriana before she looks back to Kale. "Oh funny." This said with an amused tone. "Well of course it would depress anyone, we wouldn't have anyone to pick on anymore you know?" She questions with an amused tone, a sly grin is clearly seen. Though once Kale settles back down she leans over and gives him a tight hug. "I knew you wouldn't leave."

Soriana shakes her head to Idrissa. "Nah. Mikal's back again." She grins, and reaches over to brush her fingers on Kale's shoulder before sighing. "Honestly, I wouldn't be anything near so busy if it weren't for having to go back and forth to Ierne. I've got a couple free hours most days that I end up spending there 'cause I can't get a ride back until later."

Aw, hug! Kale grins as he's engulfed in arms, and he leeeans into her a little. "Sure I wouldn't. Me leavin' would be the worst thing to happen to Xanadu in decades. No … millenia. I don't want that reputation. The guy who ruined a weyr." He sits back then, resting against the cushion. Soriana's comment earns a face. A twisty, eye crossed face from him. "Replace me with Mikal, would you? He'd drive you mad. I give it a week," said smugly before that hand that brushed his shoulder is caught, and he wiggles nearer to her. "And the real story in that is, you find the people of Ierne more interesting than us, and you're spending your free time with them willingly, isn't it?"

Idrissa chuckles and grins at Kale. "I don't think you'd ruin the weyr. We would struggle, and sob, but we would move on at some point I'm sure." This said with an amused tone and shake of her head. At the part with him being replaced by Mikal she makes a face. "Mikal isn't bad to talk too, or if you have a scrapped knee but I don't think he could take Kale's place." Her bright gaze turns towards Soriana and she looks clearly amused before starting to sniffle again. "She must have found new friends Kale, and she just doesn't want to /tell/ us." A fake sob escapes her and she presses her face into Kale's shoulder.

"…probably," admits Soriana. Though, she and Mikal have been getting along better lately. They both acknowledge that the other has valid points! …sometimes. She grins, though, and wriggles her own self closer as he captures her arm. Oh, well, if he insists, she can definitely do this sitting against him thing. Twist her arm why don'tcha? … "Hah. Ierne is… well, y'can really see how Darsce came from there. And why Tsenik wanted to get his flower-shop opened there, too. It's that sort of place." A pause, and she adds, "Mostly, anyhow. Some of the other ones and twos have started showing me stuff off the main square, and that's kinda nicer. By… being less nice." It makes perfect sense, really. She grins. "So, yeah, all my new dragonhealer friends all… being… uh… something."

Hmm, did someone say Darsce? Ah, where has she been lately? Kale may have to investigate this sad disappearance. Someday. But for now, he seems perfectly content to lounge with Soriana on one side of him and Idrissa on the the other, poking fun and such like they always (and forever?) have. "You know," he remarks to Sori, brow arching, "That sort've makes sense," he laughs. "Sort of. But, ah Idrissa, we needn't worry. I don't think there's anyone anywhere that's nearly as entertaining as us, eh Sori? But you'll have to fly us someday. Use your power of persuasion to hitch us a ride. I want to see what you do over there."

Idrissa waves a hand slightly, and is rather content to stay put even though it seems all is not how she was thinking it could possible be! "I bet it was a interesting thing to see.. I never even went to the Weyr when living over there with my uncle and aunt." Just never worked out. "I wouldn't mind getting a chance to see it now." A glance is sent to Kale. "Well of course not, who would be more entertaining then us three? Never in a million turns would that ever happen!

"Pern couldn't handle another of you. It'd… explode. Or melt. Or something." Soriana grins, then nods. "Yeah, sure. We should all go sometime. I know a couple people who'd likely be willing… there's plenty of back and forth between the school and the annex, so as long as you're not picky about times…" She waves the far hand casually. "Next time you've got a day off. Even if I've got lessons then, we can go and hang out before and after."

"You lived in Ierne?" asks Kale to Idrissa, lifting a brow. He learns something new every day! "Did I already know this?" he wonders aloud, making himself even more comfortable now by using both girls as a pillow. He tries to anyway. Soriana is a good head rest, and the hand that he took a hold of a while ago is lifted so that he can try to snuggle beneath her arm. Idrissa, meanwhile, is a good leg rest, as he lifts up one leg to rest it on her lap. Aaah! Sweet comfort.

Idrissa smirks faintly as she hears Kale. "Colthold out some way from Ierne weyr, just never visited there." Which really, can't they believe that? Remember how Rissa was when she came to Xanadu, it isn't a surprize! "I thought you know about it, I'm sure we talked about it at some point." Maybe… Or maybe not. Heck if she can remember all the conversations this lot has had over the past few turns! She blinks as Kale goes about moving and she is left as a leg rest? Hey, she was snuggling against him and now she doesn't have anything? Rissa sends an amused glance to Soriana and then looks to Kale. "Are you comfy Kale?" This is questioned before she tries to tickle across his sides and belly! Well he is in the perfect position for it.

Soriana puts her arm around Kale's shoulders, and grins as they all wriggle about to get nice and comfy. "Yah, Rissa was at one farm, I was at another… we knew each other as kids, 'cause I'd go along when my mom went to talk runnerstock with her folks. Only, I kinda got around more than she did back then…" She trails off into a shrug on that.

Well .. he needs a legrest! Next time, Soriana will be the legrest, to be fair. See? Kale's an equal opportunity sort of fellow. And hm…he has heard this coldhold bit before. Now it's all coming back to him! Wow, they've been friends for a while, haven't they? This all seems like a 'once upon a time' sort of story. He opens his mouth to tell them both this, but then… AH! TICKLE NOO! He forgot they knew this weakness of his. They /have/ been friends for a long time. Too bad for Sori, Idrissa's attack causes spasms of wiggling and jerking and twisting of his body. None of which could feel very comfortable. "S-st-t-o-oop!"

Idrissa chuckles softly and grins at Soriana. "Yes I suppose you did get around more then I did. Is that a real surprize?" She questions with a curious tone. Grinning at Kale she leans back and chuckles softly. "What, didn't like it? Thta's how it feels when you want to use me as a legrest." This said with a playful tone and she gives him a faint pat.

Soriana's greater mobility is no surprise. On the other hand, the tickling? Has some element of surprise to it. It's like Soriana has a giant wriggling eel on her. No, worse, eels don't have as many sharp things like elbows to go jabbing into her. She eeps and huffs as Kale twists against her, and reaches all the way over to pokepokepoke at Idrissa's shoulder. So much for storytime! Tickletime is not compatible with stories. "Hey now!" she says to… probably Idrissa. She's the one who caused this, after all! Also, she giggles, because in addition to being uncomfortable, a squirming Kale is funny.

Lesson learned! No using Idrissa as a legrest, geeeze! At least she relents before things started getting too bad. Not that things weren't already that way for poor Idrissa, who got elbowed and jostled! "No," he finally breathes to Idrissa. "I don't like being /violated/," he exhales as his arms wrap around himself some. Poor him! He glares up at Sori, even though it's obivous that /she/ didn't do anything, then glares that same glare over at Idrissa. "I'll get you back…when you're not expectin' it.." he says in an eeerie voice. Be afraid!

Idrissa squeaks at the poking an soon laughs out herself, a shake of her head is seen and she eyes Kale a few moments. "Violated… Really?…" She questions while pressing closer to him, her brows wiggle. "Oh I bet you will." A hand is waved and she leans against Kale and back into the couch with a half yawn escaping her. "It was amusing to see him squirm around though don't you think Sori?"

Soriana laughs to Idrissa. "Oh, no. I'm not admitting anything. Not and have that sudden and terrible vengeance fall on me, too!" She grins, and leans forward to kiss at the top of Kale's head.

"Yes, violated," says Kale, trying to look as … well … violatedly sad as a guy can when sandwiched between two girls he likes. Which, needless to say, isn't very sad looking. In fact, he looks downright chipper, especially as he earns a kiss. And, wouldn't you know that it's right about now that freckleface Shahani comes sauntering to where they all are? "I need him," she announces matter of factly.

Idrissa chuckles and shakes her head. "Please, you know he really enjoyed it. How many guys get tickled by a girl, and still winds up between two girls?" She questions with an amused tone. Hearing Shahani she peers over at her, a brow lifting and she leans close to Kale to give him a kiss across the cheek! Yes right in front of the freckly face girl. "Looks like your adoring fans need to Kale." This said with a joking tone.

There are So. Many. Things. that Soriana does not say in response to Shahani. So many! The things she does not say, they fill her face. The way her eyes brighten. The way her mouth twitches. The way one hand rises slightly. But! They are not said. She is good, and she saves Kale from having to explain certain things to freckleface. Things that might turn her down the path of darkness and disgrace! Just look how good she is. Why, so very good is she, that she says, "Hi, Shahani! I'm sure you help out Kale as much as you can to make up for taking his time." Innocent (hah!) smile. "Nice to meet you."

Aw now /they/ started all this giving him kisses stuff, which in turn makes Kale not really have any interest in returning to hot and sweaty forges to hammer away at stuff. A kiss from Sori, a kiss from Idrissa…he's on cloud nine! Which quickly dissolves to cloud one with Shahani present and.. staring at them. She's weird like that! "No kidding…" he murmurs to Idrissa as he reluctantly sits up, eyeing Soriana. Uh huh. She'd better keep her thoughts to herself! "Fine fine," he waves a hand at the young apprentice before he stands, fingers of one hand brushing Idrissa's cheek gently, while his other hand caresses against Soriana's hair. "I'll see you two. Remember, to Ierne," he says, raising a fist of triumph, "or bust!" Shahani merely watches, Soriana getting her attention and, after a calculated pause, earning a nod and waves. And with Kale FINALLY ready to go, she drags him off because she can't do anything new or interesting with him lazybutting it around with girls.

Idrissa chuckles softly and leans back, she smiles and for ONCE doesn't plus at the touch to her cheek. Perhaps she is getting use to it, or perhaps… Who cares, she doesn't question it. "Sure. We're have to figure out a way to all get there at the same time or something, soon." Soon totally! A hand lifts and she lets her fingers wiggle after Shahani in a slight wave. An amused glance is sent towards Soriana while the two leave. "That was amusing."

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