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Monaco Bay Weyr - Common Caverns
A grand stairway leads downward into the cool rock of the commons cavern, a place for socializing and relaxing, as well as an area that provides solid shelter from the seasonal storms of this area. One of the few caverns at Monaco Bay Weyr, the rock here has been worn away by centuries worth of water movement, leaving a nearly glass smooth polish over much of the room. Rocky shelves line the walls on which electric lights covered with paper lanterns rest, providing adequate illumination for the area. High above are further light fixtures, enabling a wide range of lighting options here. A natural pool occupies half of the far end of the cavern and is supplied with heated water piped in by an ingenious techcrafter. All about the room are balconies of rock with stairs leading to them and small dumbwaiters for the purpose of delivering food and drink to their heights.

The evening is winding to a close, the hot summer sun over Monaco has brought no shortage of tourists and happy resort goers to the Weyr. The crowds of people moving around and accidentally ending up where they shouldn't be are adding to the traffic. Weary sunbathers wandering through the clearing in search of the hot springs is not an uncommon sight during tourist season. This kind of foot traffic can make it hard for a fabric laden teen to get to her destination. Today finds Evangeline in her typical garb, a fuschia pink pleated skirt of a heavy fabric going almost to her feet. A lightweight collared shirt that's buttoned at the neck and tucked in at the waist finishes the look. Her hairdo reads of a day spent around thread, as small pieces of thread are stuck in her hair and add to the absurdity of her persona. In her arms are four bolts of fabric, and slowly she is pushing her way through towards the craft balcony. "Excuse me, pardon me, sorry." She says every few steps, her voice barely above a whisper but it might be the thought that counts. Step, step, stop "Sorry, excuse me. Can I. I need to." The meek shall inherit the planet, but possibly not today.

N'on lounges on one of the balconies, holding a drink that is a slightly alarming color of pink. It's only half-full, which might explain the slightly vague look on his face. On the bright side, the drink totally has an umbrella. That is a very important quality in a drink! Eventually, his wandering gaze lands on Evangeline and her unsuccessful attempt to make her way to the crafter's area. He sits for half a minute or so, just watching, but eventually makes his way to his feet and disappears into the crowd. Another half a minute later, an ear-splitting whistle pierces the air, scattering some none-too-pleased residents. In the newly cleared path, N'on stands with a little half-grin, and makes a little half bow and gesture for Evangeline to proceed ahead on the newly cleared path. Or at least, he tries to. The drink makes it a little clumsy.

LOUD SOUND. The whistle by N'on causes Evangeline to hop slightly, her body stiffening momentarily and neck-craning around to find the source of the sound. The bewildered look on her face quickly turns to relief as she spots the man, a small shake of her head and roll of her eyes for her current predicament. The courtesy given by the gentleman receives a little half-smile, the heavy fabric bolts jostled around to increase comfort and make walking upstairs easier. "Hello again." She chirps out, her face softening from it's lost animal look, "Long time no see, thank you so much. I did not even know this many people /existed/ much less came to like, the same place." The teen babbles a bit, toddling up the steps with the caution of someone with minimal natural coordination. As she reaches the top, the fabric is unloaded onto an empty chair. Suddenly her face lights up, and she is fumbling through her pockets, pulling out her 7 pieces of hastily folded paper. Examining one piece of paper, she quickly folds it back up, the brief glimpse of an A-line dress, half of it covered in feathers. The next square is unfolded to reveal a list of Znames, 15 names along with rank and title. This paper is turned over, the back having random writing over about half it's surface. "Sorry, I.. I forget." A small blush and she offers the very abused sheet to the man with an extremely short, not long for this world pencil.

N'on blinks slowly at the proffered paper and pencil. Slowly, his smile turns into a grin. Then an open mouthed expression of hilarity. Is he… wheezing? Kinda seems like it. Apparently that's the closest this greenrider gets to a laugh. He waves the paper off with his empty hand, and reaches into an interior pocket. One would assume he's going for his own (far superior) supplies. Instead, he produces something else that he holds in his fist. He squints at it, smirking, and then deposits it into Evangeline's hand. With that, he sips his drink, watching her over the rim of the cup with a sparkle in his eyes. The object is a white knot.

Evangeline is not totally clueless about what goes on in a Weyr, she knows the basics by now. The man's reaction receives a small tilt of her head, her paper folded back up and placed in her pocket. One hand is still out holding onto the knot, she looks worlds of confused. Holding up the object, she shakes her head a bit, "Excuse me, sir, I am sorry I.. What am I supposed to do with this?" The knot is shaken a bit, emphasizing what she is speaking of. "I.. So white. White is for what again? I.." A hand finds her pocket again, and the paper is back out. "White is… Well no. That is ridiculous." A long shake of her head, frazzled hair smacking her face. "Sir, we don't even have eggs. I hate to tell you… Maybe you have to hand so many of these out, like a quota. But, I am sure the rules say you need actual EGGS to give these out." A sharp nod of a perplexed face. Does anybody have a map? Evi is lost.

N'on tries very hard not to choke on his drink. It takes some doing! He waves off her complaint, and points to his own knot. The colors are suspiciously non-Monacoan. Then again, she probably doesn't know what the colors /do/ signify! Juggling his drink, he finally produces a piece of paper, only spilling a /little/ bit of pink onto it, and scrawls a lopsided message, which he then hands over. "Xanadu. Wanna stnd?" Maybe that blob was supposed to be an 'a.' Probably. We'll just say yes.

There are moments that matter a lot in one's life, meeting your true love, having a child, being offered a chance to bond your life permanently to a ginormous telepathic lizard. The longest pause in history takes place, as Evangeline reads what N'on has scrolled on the paper. "What?" Her face is a mask of shock and perplexity. A deep breath is taken, "I thought dragons got to pick who stood." Tumbles from her lips without permission. "I.. I have things here." Each word is said with uncertainty. "What happens if this is all a mistake?" Risk is hard, and changing homes is even harder. The upheaved girl sits down in a chair, her hand going to her face and squishing up her cheek as if she can slow her thoughts like a treadmill will stop by applying enough pressure. Eyes go to N'on's knot, and she nods. "My Nana.. she would want this." Is chirped out. "When I fail, will you bring me back? If this is a joke… it's not funny. " But she's never known the man to joke.

N'on tilts his head and blinks rapidly. He starts to go for the paper, but apparently he finds it inadequate. Instead, he takes a final sip of his drink and sets it down on the nearest flat surface. He offers one hand to Evangeline, palm up, then gestures over his shoulder in the direction of the exit. Brows lift, and he waits to see if she'll come along.

The gesture is watched as if everything done for the last few moments has been through a filter and has to be reorganized into some unused portion of her brain. Standing up, Evangeline gathers her fabric up because the world is dangerous, and she might need them. With that, she follows N'on wherever he takes her, the white knot having been shoved into her skirt pocket. "Can, do you have an interpreter? I think maybe that would clear up this confusion." Life-changing events do not always feel good, change hurts.

N'on smiles brightly at Evangeline, nods, but keeps right on leading the way outside. He takes a straight path to the beach, glancing back now and then to make sure Evangeline is following. Allll the way to where a particular green dragon is sunning herself on the sand. Her eyes crack open as N'on approaches, in a look that is distinctly annoyed. There's a distinct moment where N'on /presents/ Evangeline to the dragon, with a gentle push. Zhelinath heaves a great sigh, flops herself down on the sand, and rests her chin a mere hand's length away from Evangeline. She gives a distinctly undragonlike eyelash flutter.

Following along, Evangeline stutters out a few more protests "Sir, where are we. N'on sir, what are we doing?" The beach sand is trudged through and arriving in front of the green Evi stares. What the hell is going on? Reads all over her face, mouth open eyes widening "This is your dragon… I think you're asking me to be a candidate at Xanadu. I can't have your dragon, it doesn't work that way." A sharp nod, she is pretty sure. Mostly. Yes. Leaning down, she places her fabric down on the beach, a pained look on her face. "Hello dragon, I think your rider is drinking. He gave me this." Pulling the knot out of her pocket, she dangles it in front of her, "I do not hear dragons, but some manage." One hand goes out slowly, daring to give the green a pat on the nose if she allows. "She is beautiful, she really is. I… Can I even change homes? When this isn't even my real home." Her shoulders shrug up to her ears, both eyebrows so far up she looks cartoonish. Um? At that moment in front of the head of the green, she sits down, hands in lap. "What… do I have to lose?" The question seems to be to the world at large then directed to any person, "Can we go without telling Kinla? She will make me tell my mother." The young teen shudders, head dropping. "Let us go before I change my mind." A firm nod, arms wrapping around her torso in an attempt to embrace herself and soothe her nerves.

N'on watches Evangeline with a slowly sobering expression. His head tilts a little, a little uncertain as he watches her drop to the floor and gradually come to a decision. He seems to be thinking /hard/ for several long moments, but eventually… He just shrugs. Zhelinath obligingly holds up a foreclaw for Evangeline to use as a boost up. N'on steps forward to offer her a hand and help her up into the straps, before vaulting up to sit behind her. Kidnapping success— Er…. Off to Xanadu!

One moment, just one can change the course of your whole entire future. Usually, the person is not aware of the change until far later, for Evi this moment is that. As N'on steps up on Zhelinath the young weaver girl looks back at the bolts of fabric on the beach, a protest dying on her lips. Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor, and Evangeline gathers up her skirt and summons every single ounce of bravery in her body. Climbing up in front of N'on her eyes are pinned on the fabric she is leaving behind, a symbol of the life she is suddenly leaving behind. Four bolts of material left on the beach, a whole life abandoned. She gives N'on a small nod, silent permission to depart.

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