Turnday Present

Xanadu Weyr - M'nol's Cabin

Inside the cottage one will find things are pretty simple, one large room for all ones living needs with a second room for a bedroom. Within the mainroom stands a set of chairs before a stone fireplace, a rather worn braided rug sets between them on the hardwood floor. Each of the walls facing the outside have large windows in them, allowing light to filter in through the creamy sisal curtains. One nice things about these windows is that they slide open and shut to allow for a natural flow of fresh air to move through the cottage.

The main room of M'nol and Phylicia's domicile is quiet… too quiet… it's early evening and both occupants should have been home by now. Then there's a thunk, then the door swings slowly open and M'nol enters. Moving gingerly across the room, he slowly lowers himself into a seemingly comfortable chair, but despite its plush comfort he winces slightly, then settles back, eyelids slowly sliding closed.

Phylicia actually is home, but was apparently taking a brief nap in the bedroom. Looking a little ruffled she pads out of the other room with no shoes or socks on, but otherwise dressed. She enters in time just to seem him lower himself into the plush chair and yet wince. "'Nol?" Her voice is only slightly gravelly from her nap and she clears her throat to fix that.

M'nol's eyes flutter back open and he turns slowly in his chair, wincing just once as he does so, "Phy? I… I didn't mean to wake you." Admittedly, he looks more in pain than guilty, but he's trying, right?

Phylicia is a healer, she notices things like winces. "I was just waiting for you." She says as she crosses the floor quickly and put herself in front of his chair so he doesn't have to twist nearly as much. "What happened?" Her voice is full of concern as she shifts, looking at the arm of the plush chair and wondering if it'd be a good idea to perch there.

M'nol blushes deeply. Shards, someone else had noted his shame. "I… well…" He glances around, then blurts out all one word, "Igotbitbyabovine. How was your day?"

Phylicia blinks at that, pausing as she moves forward a pace only to take the step backwards again, just looking at him for a moment with perplexion. "You got bitten by a what?" She asks, not entirely sure she heard. "Did you get it looked at?" Is the question out of her mouth within moments, regardless of what bit him. And then she registers his change of topic. Or try. "Nothing much." Since it has been a day or so since she returned from another one of her 'field trips' with Tenebrous. "Well?" Oh bad thinking Morl, to choose a Healer as a girlfriend.

M'nol nods solemnly, "Bovine… healer said it'd be fine… it's all bruised, though… but if I put numbweed on it, well… I'm sure you've seen what happens if someone numbweeds their bum…" He smiles just a tad, "Nothing much? No interesting new cases?"

Phylicia bites her lower lip to keep from giggling at M'nol's situation, though her eyes are laughing just a bit. "Nothing interesting today." And her voice is amused as she gently shakes her head and bends over him, looking to place a kiss on his forehead. "Though how I managed to miss you is beyond me." Unless she was in a class at that time. "But that's why you put it on when you don't have to go anywhere for a while, silly. Like now."

M'nol glowers, but lets her kiss him, reaching up to pull her into a light hug, "That's easy for you to say, Phy, but I'm the one who'd spend the next 3 hours on the toilet… it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for all the firestone drills the wing is doing…" he blushes again, just a tad, "I… hurried… I think the healer said you were in class or something like that…"

Phylicia's knees give as he pulls her into a hug, just because of how awkward a position it is. So instead she's now kneeling in front of him, likely between his legs and smiling as she returns the hug. "Alright, you win." She laughs gently at him, staying where she is. "I'll get to see it tonight anyhow." She teases him without mercy and a devilish smile.

M'nol perks up just a tad and grins back slyly, "Oh, you will, will you? Maybe I'm too tired to even eat dinner, you think of that?" He smirks, then chuckles, pulling her into another hug, "We can move to the couch if you'd like…"

Phylicia shakes her head as she leans into the hug, letting herself rest against him, her smile gone soft and pleasant. "Mmm. Not if it's painful for you to move." She still might be in a slightly awkward spot but at the same time its comfortable. "I hope you have an appetite for dinner!" She says, looking up at him through her eyelashes without bothering to shift her position. "There's some wherry over on the table waiting to be eaten." And there's a small pause. "And what does dinner have to do with me checking out your tush?"

M'nol grins, still holding her to him, "Wherry? That actually sounds really good… and it doesn't hurt that much to sit… it's just… the scooching around that hurts." He shrugs a little, "Hun, you can look at my tush whenever you want… except when I'm working."

Phylicia pushes lightly to disentangle herself, standing up after she does so to put some of the wherry on a large plate, along with two rolls and some of the garlic-flavored tubers in a covered dish before she heads back over, this time perching on the arm of the chair carefully with it as she smiles coyly down at him. "I do it then, too." For a time or two she's passed them, and there's probably trailing glances from her end. And now she's offering the plate to him, picking at one of the rolls as she does so.

M'nol lets her go, not even trying to resist the sway of her butt as she walks across the room and back. Smiling, he wraps an arm lightly around where she sits and grins, "You do, do you? I guess I just don't look hard enough for you, then." He winks, then reaches gently for a slice of wherry, "Where'd you get the wherry."

"The kitchens." Phylicia says with a laugh as she resettles herself a little bit. "You're not the only one who can bribe food to be brought here." And she was tired enough she didn't want to trek back to the Weyr tonight. Call it selfishness. "Mm. Sometimes it's from a window, and sometimes it's in passing." She chuckles, setting the plate on her lap so she can use both hands to put a little bit of the wherry between two chunks of her roll and nibbling.

M'nol looks shocked, "I'm not?!?!" Then he chuckles, "Well, I'm glad you did." He chuckles and takes a bite, listening to her explain her stalking methods, "I guess I should go to the infirmary more often so I can watch your butt."

Phylicia finally flushes a little bit now as she nearly chokes on her piece of wherry. Coughing, she looks down at him with a grin. "The masters might notice that one." She laughs at him, though he'd undeniably get a few good glances in with how often she bends over or stretches up high to reach something. "And I know one of them has a cane she's rather fond of using on just about anyone." She doesn't move, so not to disturb the plate in her lap, but she gives him a laughing look. "You don't get enough of it here?"

M'nol chuckles, giving her a light squeeze around her bottom, "That's true… wouldn't want you to get in trouble… or get me whapped with a cane." He chuckles again, "I never get enough of it… but still… how long until you can advance to journeyman?"

Phylicia nearly dumps the plate as she squeaks and twitches as he squeezes her bottom, but a quick grab saves the plate. "You want to play that way?" She asks him mock-seriously as she resettles the plate before her features slip into thought. "Well.. the geniuses are getting promoted about now, I think. Maybe a few more turns?" The healer girl lifts her shoulders in a small shrug, not seeming to be put out by anything. "I'll get promoted when they think I'm ready."

M'nol smiles softly, "Well, just be sure to let me know, so I can buy you a present… which reminds me…" He digs into a pocket, obviously searching for something, "A little bird told me it was your Turnday a few days ago."

Phylicia shakes her head as she leans over dangerously so to put the plate on the floor so she doesn't have to worry about it any more. "Presents aren't needed." She protests lightly, her cheeks flushing slightly as she once again re-settles herself, turning a little rosier. "Oh? Which peeping little bird opened its mouth?" Because she's only been here a little over a turn now, with the break for the Healer Hall included.

M'nol pulls out a laminated slip of paper that says 'Good for one romantic dinner wherever you want on Pern' and hands it to her, "Now, if I told you who said, that'd be cheating… and it's not so much a present as a promise." He grins and passes the paper to her, "I hope you like it."

Phylicia takes the slip from him and smiles, briefly dropping from her perch on the arm of the chair, carefully over his lap so she can give him a proper 'thank-you' kiss in response. "Mmm, I will enjoy that." She promises, looking at the laminated slip of paper. "Although since you have ways to look, I might let you pick a suitably breath-taking location…"

M'nol mmms softly, "I'll have to ponder that, I think." He squeezes her middle again and grabs another piece of wherry, "I'd hate to disappoint." He winks again, already considering methods, locations, and what to bring along.

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