Dinner...Delight or Disaster?

Xanadu Weyr - Nature Gone Wild Weyrbarn

The victim of one of the major storms to pass through the Weyr this past turn or so, this weyrbarn stands amidst the majestic trees of the forest like a testament to rebuilding and carrying on. Though it used to be little more than a shack, with a lot of hard work and effort, this structure has been returned to its former magnificence. Broad boarded dark wood walls rise two stories to a slate roof, a stone chimney rising up along the right wall crafted from smooth river stones. Windows with shutters often stand open, glass panes also propped up to invite breezes, or closed and latched to keep out the weather.
A smaller human sized door is nestled within the larger dragon sized one, and walking in you are treated to the vastness of space. Much of it given to Kalsuoth's couch on the left side of the building, the worn stone comfortable and perfectly sized for the brown. The human part has been built up from nothing, with fresh wooden floors laid and new furniture brought in. The walls are left to their natural wood, though many of the cabinets have a fresh coat of blue paint, and fabric accents also hold hints of blue and green to soften all that brown from the natural wood. A sitting area on the right side is reached up a few steps, nestled near to the fireplace. Beyond, the open floorplan boasts a kitchen and a laundry room, as well as a spacious bathroom with a wide, deep tub. A spiral staircase leads to the top floor, where there are two bedrooms - only one currently in use - and an office.
Just the kind of fixer-upper Thea would recommend for her son, if indeed she had anything to do with assigning the dwelling. It builds character, right?

Mur'dah has NEWS, and so he's invited Darsce over for dinner. The weyrbarn is clean, windows and doors open to welcome evening breezes while he works in the kitchen to finish preparing their meal. Salad, fish, some wine, some bread…all the good stuff.

And while Mur'dah cooks (gasp!), Kiena's kicking back and relaxing with her feet up and a smug expression on her face. Pfft! Yeah, right! If he's cooking, that means she's on Keruthien-Watch and for now that seems to entail keeping him entertained so he doesn't start fussing. "You sure we couldn't have left him with the nannies?" Like she did with the twins! The girls are at their foster parents, as Kiena didn't want to watch over them and Thien and try to enjoy dinner.

Darsce should get out more often - especially now that she's an aunt! Damn, that hasn't even sunk in yet. And though she saw the boy when he was a wrinkled and red newborn…briefly… and since has likely seen him in the arms of one or the other parent in passing at mealtimes,but she hasn't been for a prolonged visit with him yet. Tonight though, she is here, on the weyrbarn doorstep of Mur'dah and Kiena with Dariel on one hip and a bottle of fine wine in the other hand. Her hands are full; she ought to knock but she won't do it with her child or that bottle, so it falls to her toe to do the tapping.

"Can you get the door?" Mur'dah asks Kiena, standing over the stove and tending to the fish. "And we could have, but Darsce hasn't seen him in ages."

"Guess you've got a point," Kiena murmurs as she scoops Keruthien up and tucks him against her hip. How else to go about it? And she hasn't time to fiddle with the sling she normally wears to hold him (and he's getting too big for it, to be honest). "Come on, little guy. Looks like we're the greeters." ANd she'll open that door before Darsce's left standing there awkwardly for too long. The door is opened and Kiena grins, "Darsce! Welcome. Come inside!" She'll elbow the door open the rest of the way and step aside, though offers to at least take the wine off of her hands? "Mur'dah's in the kitchen." Should they be worried?

"Hey Kiena." Darsce cheerfully greets his brother's weyrmate properly, if informally, before raising her voice just a smidge to call towards the kitchen, "Hey Squirt!" As she enters, she informs them both regretfully, "Jethaniel had to work late." Bah. Damn overtime! She's dressed casually, but impeccably in tapered jeans that hug her hips, pressed to a crease down the front and her sleeveless periwinkle blouse is of a fine material. Her makeup is more sheer and natural these days and her hair unfussy, but she's come looking presentable for this evening in honer of the invite. While handing over that bottle - a red from one of Iernes wineshops - she leans to give Keruthien a gentle cheek-kiss. Dariel watches somberly, eyeing his cousin with intent curiosity.

Mur'dah looks up from the kitchen with a grin. "Hi!" Open floor plan FTW. "Oh, that's okay." He didn't expect him to come, honestly. "C'mon in, want some wine? Water? Dinner is just about ready and we've got some news!"

Kiena grimaces and yet knows how that goes. Often of late her schedule hasn't meshed entirely with Mur'dah's and there's been times when she has attended social functions alone or had to wait on his late arrival. "Pity," she drawls and yet doesn't seem too broken hearted as she closes the door and inspects the wine while Thien accepts that kiss from Darsce good naturally (and not with a bit of 'who're you?' staring — or maybe he /really/ likes the colour of her blouse). "Thanks for bringing some wine. Come on in, get comfortable. Hello, Dariel." Kiena will grin brightly to the boy, wiggling her fingers at him from around the bottle she's holding. As Mur'dah cuts right to the heart of things, the bluerider chuckles. "Gee, can you tell he's excited about it?" she drawls with obvious sarcasm to Darsce before strolling to the kitchen to drop off the wine.

Jethaniel would have come! He might not say much at times, tends to get wrapped up in his projects, but he isn't avoidant. Darsce's trying not to pout about the lack of her husband's presence, for his company would have been welcome to her. "No thanks, I'm good," she assures Mur'dah, though, news? She perks at that. "Lemme guess, you're pregnant again Squirt." Her brows dance impishly while she mock-leers at Kiena. The lable has a description that reads, 'semi-dry, smooth mouthfeel, fruity finish of ripe plums and berry'. Dariel opens and closes his palm a few times to wave back to Kiena, then squirms and so his mother sets him down. The boy sinks to his hands and knees - there is exploring to do!

Mur'dah laughs. "No, nothing like that…" He flips some fish out of the pan onto a plate and turns to put it onto the breakfast bar. "I bought some land down in Ierne, so we're moving." He then fidgets, giving his big sister a slightly worried look. "In a bit. once we get the house built and all…"

"Shards, NO!" Kiena exclaims from the kitchen and snorts in laughter. "At least, I'm not pregnant and if he's gone and got another woman pregnant he has A LOT of explaining to do…" Cue a mock glare at poor Mur'dah but it's all in good fun. Tossing back her hair and still chuckling under her breath, she'll walk back into the main living area and while Dariel explores, Kiena will set Keruthien down on his blankets and play mat. "Surprise?" she adds to the end of Mur'dah's explanation and looks almost sympathetic to Darsce.

Darsce listens, but she does it while watching Dariel because by now, she's learned that without supervision he'll get into everything. Her smirking at their reaction to her teasing abruptly changes to a choking gak right about the time the where this land was purchased at sinks in. "Mo-ving?" She looks aghast, flicks a questioning look to Kiena. Surprise. No kidding! "Really? You're…moving to…Ierne?" That's asked to the both of them while ice blue eyes flick back and forth between them. She's totally forgetting to watch Dariel.

Mur'dah moves around the breakfast bar and reaches out to his sister's shoulder. "It was a good deal and…it…just hasn't been the same here…" He exhales softly, glancing at Kiena. "It's going to be hard to leave you though…"

At least Keruthien isn't mobile yet — not entirely and he's content to stay in his little area. As for Dariel? Well, Kiena may have made sure to make the weyrbarn as child-proof as possible. No guarantees though! She's standing now, arms crossed loosely in front of her as she chews at her lower lip in a sort of guilty-anxious manner. "It was rather sudden and abrupt," And ALL Mur'dah's doing but Kiena's to blame for planting the seed to start. "But yeah. Ierne. Independent riders…" And from her tone, it sounds like it's something she wants.

The other side of the planet is just a breath away a'dragonback and a dismissive flick of the hand negates their concern over her reaction. Darsce nods numbly about things not being the same - she's intimately acquainted with the reasons why everything's been different. The lingering aura of sadness over the loss of Thea,and neither of them see much of D'had anymore. She can get her brother wanting to go where sad reminders aren't around every corner, but Kiena is a surprise. The other woman is given an enquiring look, "You too? Want this I mean." Both of them get the still-stunned stare while Dariel quietly discovers the properties of ash over by the fireplace.

Mur'dah draws back from Darsce and begins to dole out the food and move the plates to the table. He's quiet, since Darsce was speaking to Kiena.

Hopefully Dariel won't be sampling some of that ash as a pre-dinner appetizer! Kiena's probably not thought of cleaning out the hearth and her attention is already stretched in focusing on Darsce, Mur'dah and Keruthien. Noting her weyrmate's silence, she frowns but doesn't comment but answers Darsce instead. "I'm probably the one to blame, really, for putting the idea in his head." she admits with a smirk and a quiet sigh, "But yeah, me too. For awhile I've thought of what it'd be like… to be independent. No Weyr. I kind of brought it up with Mur'dah but I hadn't thought we'd actually move…" Not so soon! "But he found that deal and, well… Why pass it up?"

Dariel doesn't need large quantities of ash to lean about it. His fingertips are first swiped through what he finds and then rubbed together, feeling the gritty texture. Next they're sniffed, then eyed closely, sniffed again, tasted. Euw? But wait. Maybe the smoky notes…are good? This requires more sampling. He takes a fistful that goes (mostly) into his mouth. "Auuugggghhhh!" he sort of gargles and black drool runs down his chin. Not…bad. Might need salt? He continues his exploration of ash and finds that, with each slap of his hand, it yields puffs of dust. Cool! When Darsce speaks again, her words reveal that it's not their moving so much as where they're going. "But…why…Ierne?" Mur'dah's hand to her shoulder hasn't gone unnoticed and when her surprise wears off, she'll likely be more reassuring.

Mur'dah isn't yet in the habit of 'must keep eye on kid at all times', so he doesn't notice Dariel's tasting menu of ash. "Good land down there. Sea trade, could do a ranch, could do…anything. And yeah, independent. Not have to deal with riders that get leadership just by winning flights…we get to vote." It's appealing.

Kiena is a little more in the habit of keeping an eye on young children but her attention is drawn away and focused on too many other things. Namely: Darsce and Keruthien. "It's the independence that's appealing. And yeah, no Weyr structure. Something different, y'know? It'll be our land, our home and our business… in a sense." Very appealing! Kiena's gaze lingers on the two of them a little longer until a quick side glance spots Dariel and… "Oh! — Shardit! Darsce, I'm sorry!" Because, you know, it's totally her fault her kid is in the ashes. Kiena starts forwards to scoop him up and then falters. Wait, should she or leave that to mom?

"Independent, huh?" Darsce can see the pros right away. Her attention is divided between Kiena and Mur'dah as she mulls this over. "So no assh-" Wait - there are children present! "-no tyrants making decisions for you, telling you how important they are and making you feel like sh- ah… dirt by casting aspersions on your character in with high-handed, holier-than-thou manner, eh?" Her smile has a vicious edge - they all know of whom she's alluding to. "This might bear further research-" It's Kiena's exclamation that recalls her attention to her son. She… should have known that when he's not making a peep that's the time to see what he's into. Oops? The child is soiled all over his front - he's discovered that soot does nothing for his complexion but turn it black. Likewise, it does nothing for his hair but make it stiff and somewhat sticky. This has done nothing to diminish the appeal of ash, however and he's quite delighted with the ability to change the color of his clothing, a process he's still busily engaged in. She makes a strangled sound and heads for him with an assurance for Kiena, "No, no, it's… what he does, believe me." She seems to take it in stride, and aims to borrow a washcloth from the sink to mop the child's face and hair.

Mur'dah eyes Darsce for a moment and then he laughs. "Exactly." Pause. "You should come with us." Wait, what? He's then looking at his nephew, and what else can he do but laugh? It's amusing. "Does he want some real food?" he asks, gesturing towards the table that's now set with everything needed to eat…real food stuff.

Kiena's laughter joins with Mur'dah's for Darsce's description. "Well, there's still a Weyrlord but he could be anyone. Rider, non-rider and if he's a di— not a nice guy then he just gets voted out." She flicks her hand. Poof! Done and done. "But yeah, nothing is said and done by a dragon's flight. Dunno if we really even answer to the Weyrlord or what…" Maybe she needs to do a bit more researching? But it's obvious half of her desire to go is because of how burned she is by traditional Weyrleadership. Time for a change and this is as close to being rogue as Kiena will go. As Dariel is scooped up by Darsce, Kiena will at least offer assistance in getting her things she'll need. Washclothes a-plenty and full access to the sink. "I know how they are at that age… just forgot to block off the hearth." Which is the basis for some of her apology. Mur'dah's comment about the food has her snickering. "Guess that's a hint for us to eat, eh?" And for his invite for Darsce to join them in moving? She just blinks, too startled by that to really say anything except for nervously grin. Was he… joking?

While scooping up her son, her brother's words catch her by surprise and the splutter that follows is more for that than what Darsce finds in Dariel's hand. The chunk of charcoal in his fist - with four teeth marks on each side and a small bite-sized part missing - is confiscated and tossed back from whence it came. "I, uhhh, I…" Gak! Jethaniel's - not to mention her - work is here. And in Ierne is… "I'll…think…about it?" She wets the rag Kiena hands her at the kitchen sink, and works at swiping the grime off of a protesting Dariel's face and from his hair. To Kiena, "So…incentive to play nice. Easy come, easy go." There's a cynical curl to her lips of said voted-in, then out of office Weyrlord. She has no qualms about the non-traditional government, none. But then, she's not a rider. "Yeah, he would. So would I," she says of dinner. "It smells great and-" A glance inside Dariel's mouth, followed by a swipe of that wet cloth to remove some of the blackened residual from teeth and tongue, "-we're both hungry." Or Dariel is, obviously.

Mur'dah pulls out chairs for both Kiena and Darsce, and then offers to take his own son so Kiena has hands free to start eating. "Sure," he replies to Darsce's 'I'll think about it'. "So here's another question for you. Can we still use this place even if I resign from Comet? The land's got nothing on it and we need to build but there's no sense moving out of here until we've a place to move /into/ over there…"

Kiena grimaces in sympathy both for the mess Darsce has to clean up concerning Dariel and for the suddenness that Mur'dah extended his offer (or suggestion) and she's begun to turn back to tend after Keruthien. She's happy enough to pawn him off on his father though when the brownrider offers and the six month old baby doesn't seem to mind the least bit though he may begin to fuss. Which may explain why Kiena's forgoing manners and digging into the food before anyone else sits down. Who knows how long she'll have her hands free and the time to enjoy it? "Mhm, exactly!" Kiena remarks between mouthfuls. "A leader who's in by voting is liable to be a bit more… understanding, I'd think? Not like I'm looking to be all chummy and buddy-buddy with 'em." Yeah, no. She learned that lesson the hard way and discovered how her loyalty was repaid too late. Kiena's not going to be making that mistake again. "But it's refreshing to know that if there's issue then… We're more likely to be heard." To Mur'dah's questions, she's curious but will drift silent in order to hear Darsce's answer.

"And less domineering, I'd say," Darsce responds with a knowing smirk to Kiena. She's heard enough, had her own run-ins with said person to have watched her backside these last several turns lest she be dressed down again and tossed out on her ear. Completely understanding the need for speed where consumption of food is concerned, she cuts up things for Dariel to pinch-pick from her plate before sampling some of it herself. As for Mur'dah, now here's a question she's never been asked as headwoman! "Whut?" She blink blinks at him. It's a good thing she's seated - and not mid-sip of her wine! Go Mur'dah, for stumping his big sis! She stalls for time while she thinks, "Um…" This could get awkward really fast! "That wouldn't be my call," she finally decides. "I just manage the caverns and guest cottages. The steward handles the Weyr's financial matters and if neither of you are working for Xanadu, they might feel that a rental fee would, ah, disperse the cost?" She's guessing here! "Ka'el handles the wings, so you'd need to talk to him." She grimaces sympathy for that. Have…fun?

Mur'dah ohs. "I thought you were in charge of the weyrs…" He nods a bit. "Alright, I'll work something out with him then. And yeah, I know I'll have to talk to Ka'el. Or just give him my knot in a box of glitter." There's a wicked little smirk there for that thought. How funny would that be?

"Or that!" Kiena agrees with a smirk to echo Darsce's and she'll quickly finish her plate of food before gesturing to Mur'dah that she'll take Keruthien back now and leave him free to enjoy his dinner sans baby. Her head tilts while things are explained and she sighs, not at all surprised that a few details were missed and misunderstood. "Oh joy…" No way to miss the sarcasm in her voice and the apprehension, right? "Well. Mur'dah might have to resign from Comet but I could… I might stay in Asteroid for now. Or try." Would the time even work? She does want to be a part of the building but she's also so-close to her Journeyman… Any worries about that go out the window when Mur'dah mentions a box of glitter and she snorts, scoffs and then bursts out into laughter. "Shards, Mur'dah! You wouldn't…"

How funny would that be? Why, to everyone but the Weyrleader it'd be hilarious says the spurt of wine that emerges from Darsce's mouth. She dabs that with a napkin, eyes bright and just shakes her head at her brother. Grinning at him, "Dare ya." Then, of the weyrs, "Nope. I just clean and restock the guest weyrs, inspect the rest and report issues for repair to the steward. I don't even assign them; he does that." She's sympathetic to them both, her glance to both in turn clearly communicates that, but overstepping her authority would cause them more trouble in the end. Asking for favors after resigning would be equally as awkward and so she offers a third alternative, "You could always rent a little place in Ierne until you've finished building…" Suggest a hut of sticks or a tent to camp out in while they build? Not she! Gak. She's got something more worrisome on her mind than the fallout from a coup d'etat via knot-returning. This is expressed as she leans forward and soberly eyes her brother. "Just… promise me you'll watch out for Asher when you're there, okay?"

Mur'dah snorts at Darsce with a smirk. "Last time someone dared me to play a joke on Ka'el it didn't go well." At. All. "Ahh. Alright, I didn't know that." He's clueless sometimes. Then he shrugs. "Then we'd have to move twice…I'd rather just stay here until we're ready to move in." He is happy to hand over the kid so he can eat, smiling warmly at Kiena. "I said that but you said you wanted to help…" Then he pauses. "Asher?"

That guilty look and her sudden interest in her drink and in Keruthien? Has nothing to do with Mur'dah bringing up the whole dare-gone-wrong from the past. She had nothing (everything) to do with it. Nah… "Let's just try to keep things amiable at least?" she mutters, glancing between Darsce and Mur'dah. "While I know we're moving away, I'd still like to be able to visit Xanadu…" There are some she'd like to come and see still! She clears her throat and grins at her weyrmate, "Okay, yeah, you did but I do want to help! You made it seem like I'd be stuck here all the time!" Renting never came to mind and she'll give Darsce a curious look. "Didn't think to try that or… consider it."

"Oh right." Darsce, how could you forget? "Burn your bridges and all that?" she says, but it's a weak attempt at humor. Then thoughtfully, "Maybe you should talk to Soriana too. She's… your friend, isn't she? This stuff…can't be easy for her…" As for her role in how the weyrs are managed and their having to move twice, she nods, then reaches over and patpats Mur'dah's hand. "It's okay. And I'm sure Jethaniel will be as efficiently helpful as he ever is." She's sure of that. As for Asher, she explains dryly, "She's… my mother. So… ah, if a silver blonde, blue eyed forty-something circles you like a shark, run like h-" Oh, right, children are present!

"Hell," Dariel fills in for his mother calmly innocent around a mouthful of his uncle's fried fish without looking up.

Mur'dah nods. "Right. We don't want to be banned or anything," he agrees. Then he grins. "Well, not /all/ the time, but one of us should keep working…" Maybe? He shrugs. "Sori? Yeah, I guess I should…" Not looking forward to it though. Kind of awkward, telling your Senior you're leaving. Then his attention is back on Darsce, curious. "Silver blond, blue eyes…why, is she hot?" Then he's laughing at his nephew, because kids swearing is /cute/.

Kiena smirks when Mur'dah mentions being banned. Yeah, no, not the route they're looking for! "I suppose we could speak to Soriana… I've always got along with her." Not to mention the Weyrwoman has done her best to help her in the past. When Dariel swears, she'll laugh along with her weyrmate and give Darsce a wink. "We'll pretend we never heard it." But her son has good timing! Keruthien luckily hasn't quite got to the stage of speech quite yet. Rolling her eyes, she scoffs at Mur'dah, "Leave it to you to ask that." she replies dryly but with a faint grin. "Thanks for the warning." That's for Darsce.

Is Darsce sitting next to her brother? If so, she'll elbow him while making an exaggerated grimace. "Ugh. That's my mother. Remember how you felt about Ka'el and your mom?" As for that question of hotness, she rolls her eyes, "She… tries. And hey Squirt, she rides a queen Kalsuoth might catch so… yeah, watch out." Afterwhich she mutters, "At least Quirinth is old…" Maybe she won't rise… often. "No problem," she says to Kiena. Hopefully it won't be! As for Dariel's vocabulary, she winces. This will go over big with the child's grandmother, now won't it?

Mur'dah twitches at Darsce's words, good mood souring instantly. Ugh. He nods, and he eats.

Kiena just shakes her head when Mur'dah's mood sours so easily and gives Darsce a mock exasperated look. Men! "I'm sure we'll be able to avoid trouble," she drawls and doesn't seem the least bit ruffled that there could be a run in with Darsce's mother. There's a lot more to think and worry about! Keruthien begins to fuss and soon Kiena pushes her chair back to stand and try to see if walking with him (even if it's in circles!) settles him down.

Men indeed! And yet where would they be without them? Darsce has done enough eye-rolling for awhile and so she foregoes that this time. "Here," she says sliding that bottle of wine over to Mur'dah. It's not only a fine vintage - it's strong. Perhaps that'll help. She, meanwhile, eats. She'll wait until he's had something of his dinner (and perhaps a gulp or two of that wine, if he drinks) before asking, "How does Marel feel about you moving?" Dariel's greyblue gaze follows Kiena and Keruthien, no doubt scrutinizing those circles.

Mur'dah pours himself a glass and he takes a few swigs before glancing to Darsce again. And away, with a shrug. "She's not that happy about it…" And one can see why. "But she can visit, and I can visit. It'll be okay, we're not as close as we used to be anyway…"

Kiena might want some of that wine after Keruthien settles though right now it seems their son is choosing NOW to be when he pitches a fit. The bluerider does her best to sooth him, but the situation rapidly escalates. "'scuse me!" she hastily excuses herself though may appreciate the timing. Family talk! Just ignore the faint wailing noises coming from elsewhere in the weyrbarn! Kiena will make a reappearance a few minutes later and a slightly quieter Keruthien nestled against her. "Cranky." she drawls. No, really?

Okay is it? Yeahright! Darsce eyes her brother for a long moment. And yet all she says is, "All the sh-" a glance down at little ears, "-stuff… (and there has been lots of it!) …affected her too." She doesn't offer platitudes. Instead, she promises, "I'll come visit." Well, he's going to be living near her favorite shopping, not to mention her business contacts, how can she not? Kiena's return finds her quietly sipping her wine while Dariel squints at the light through the ruby liquid of his mother's goblet.

Mur'dah winces and half stands when Thien throws his fit, but he settles when Kiena doesn't call for help. "Need anything?" he offers when they return. Then he looks back at his sister and shrugs. He doesn't really want to talk about Marel, clearly. But then he smiles. "I'm glad you'll come visit," he says warmly.

"We'd be happy to have you, Dariel and Jethaniel over when we're all settled," Kiena goes on to add over Keruthien's continued fussing. So far the bluerider is handling it well enough but Faranth only knows when her limit will be reached and it'll be Mur'dah's duty to handle their son. So for now her answer is, "I'm fine." to Mur'dah while she continues to pace with Keruthien in her arms and an apologetic look to Darsce. "Sorry. He gets like this when he's tired. Difficult to get him to go down but once he sleeps he sleeps…" Unlike his mother.

Darsce absorbs Mur'dah's moodiness without further comment or teasing, which is unlike her, really. "I'll look forward to seeing the place you've snagged," she says, but without her usual buoyancy. She's mid-smile to welcoming Kiena back when Dariel makes a grrrhfffffuagh sound and all of his dinner - not that he ate much of it - comes back up and lands on his lap via the front of his shirt. It's… black. Darsce is horrified. She stands with the tot in her arms, babbling, "He…I…I'm…we…uh… 'scuse us?" And she scoots for the door without further explanation, likely headed for the infirmary. She'll be in tears by the time she gets there and pretty much incoherent too. She'll manage to get out the fact that her son had dinner at Mur'dah's and plead pleasedon'tlethimdie! The healers'll surely be wondering, 'Geez, what do they feed people over there?'

Mur'dah smiles widely, now. "You'll love it. The land is beautiful. I can't wait to take Kiena…" He's not too concerned with the black vomit, trying to call after Darsce as she bolts, "It's just ashes!" But…what can he do? He'll just have to talk to her again later…

Kiena can't wait to go either! She's about to say as much when Dariel is expelling his pre-dinner meal and the bluerider can only look close to as horrified as Darsce. "Oh damn!" So much for not swearing in front of the children! "Shards… I can get something—" But the Headwoman is already fleeing with her child in tow and Kiena can only blink, horror turning to something of guilty embarrassment. "I hope he's alright…" she mutters as she rejoins Mur'dah, still cradling Keruthien against her chest though the boy is now beginning to slowly (so very slowly!) nod off with his head against his mother's shoulder. "So. I think… that went okay?" That was okay, right? Minus Dariel's upset stomach putting an abrupt end to things.

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