Feeling Blue

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern. About a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings.
There are supplies for the care of dragons tucked back against the walls. A barrel of oil sits with scrub brushes and soft clothes, and a thick hardwood table is used to prepare meat in bite-sized pieces for the young dragons. There's also a few supplies for the weyrling humans, like bedding for cots or extra pillows for those sleeping on their lifemate's couch.

The summer morning is hazy and hot. In the distance, there's a gray mass. Rain is on the horizon! But it has a ways yet before it blankets Xanadu and gives the Weyr some relief. But, that's okay! That doesn't keep anyone inside from doing their duties. Especially the Weyrlings! They had one day of rest on hatching day. But after that? There is plenty to do when one has a baby dragon constantly hanging around! Mucking is one of those jobs that's never ending. One of the many…less than glorious jobs of being a Weyrling. Also? Oiling! Which is also tedious and constant, but far more pleasant than cleaning stalls. Ka'el is on his way into the barracks, trailed by a few drudges who wheel a few new barrels of oil for the new babies. Ka'el himself is not pushing any wheelbarrows (psh, that's what drudges are for, right?) but he is accompanied by his firelizard who flies ahead into barracks. Look alert, dragons! Chirrup!

The barracks is a wreck. Barrels are knocked over, cots are a mess, and oil that should be coating the dragons is instead all over the floor. And in middle of it all is Ka'ro, the weyrling blushing deeply as he attempts to clean up the latest mess his dragon has decided to make. "Wensith, you do realize that /I/ am the one that has to clean up after you, right?" He asks, his eyes flickering towards the blue who is currently rolling one of the barrels across the floor. "No, we're not taking that. It belongs to the weyr, no, we can't take it apart either. The weyrlingmaster is going to kill me…" he trails off, groaning loudly as instead of the weyrlingmaster, there's a weyrleader instead. "Oh great. Now I'm in trouble. I'm cleaning it up, honest I am. He'll…pass out soon, and then I can actually get caught up on his mess."

Idrissa is for certain not doing any of that cleaning, nope she is following along with Ka'el to the barracks as hey she is a WeylingAM after all! She's allowed to be here. "Remember the last time we was out here?" This said with an amused tone to Ka'el on the treck on up to the door. Tahryth is following behind them, the green is very interested in the dragonets and is thrilled to have this new job of hers as much as her rider it would seem.

"Barely…" Ka'el replies to Idrissa, smirking over at her. "But…this is sparking a memory," he says, eyeing the slick mess of oil that's spilled all over the floor. Alloy chirps his distemper and flies up, up, up to land upon a crossbar near the roof, glancing down at the mess that someone made. It wasn't him! "Wasn't it Tahryth that spilled oil all over?" he asks with a cocked brow and a crooked grin before he looks ahead at the mess again, shaking his head. This is a huge mess! Luckily, this isn't something that he doesn't have to clean up. But someone will, and that someone looks like a Weryling formerly known as Kaitro. His brows lift a little as he pauses just a footstep away from where the slickness begins. "…He didn't try to eat it, did he?"

Wensith doesn't seem to realize the damage that he is doing, the blue too…caught up in whatever is going on in that head of his. Ka'ro is really trying to keep up with the blue, armed with the tools of the weyrling trade, a broom, a mop, and anything /else/ that might be useful in cleaning up after a dragon that seems intent on going on about his business. "Several times. I had to remind him that it wasn't edible. But he said that perhaps that if he tried it with different things it might work out. It took me a while to get it into his head that it wasn't edible, and he's still not entirely convinced. He thinks it just needs the right combinations." Ka'ro lets out a frustrated sigh, looking absolutely exhausted.

Idrissa pauses slightly as she looks to the mess, and well the oil makes her groan a touch. "Yeah.. She did.." Many times even after she licked it! Tahryth warbles out while she pokes her head into the barracks and is looking over the mess. « What fun you must have had! » Is sent to Wensith. A slight sigh escapes Rissa and she looks to Ka'ro, a slight amused look seen. "Well.. Could be worse." Somehow.

"Yes, it could be worse," Ka'el agrees, nodding. "You could have a bronze in here going on and on about how he could've done a better job making a grander mess, and encouraging others to make it better and…better." He smirks, shaking his head a little. The joys of raising a baby dragon! Baby humans aren't much cleaner, to be honest. "Well if he's not feeling ill, then I don't see any harm in…a taste. But you'll likely want to continue trying to … heh, discourage him…unless you're not opposed to having an upset stomach yourself," he says with a faint smirk. He glances about the slick-looking floor. "This shipment of oil came just in time," he laughs, shaking his head.

Wensith nudges the barrel over, sending it cluttering to the ground, spilling whatever might still be inside, which earns another quiet groan from the youth. "Wensith…" And he closes his eyes tightly, silently counting to ten in his head. "He's fine, he didn't eat that much. I made him stop after I found out what he was doing." The dragon is shot a quiet annoyed look. "Whatever you do, keep it away from Wensith. He seems absolutely determined to dump the stuff on the ground for some explination he doesn't want to tell me about." As for the blue himself, his head slowly turns upwards from looking at the oil on the ground, his tail lashing behind him as he bespeaks the green. «Fun? This is experimentation my dear lass. Nothing can be gained unless you try it out first!»

Tarhyth warbles out once more, clear amusement felt in that sound. « Indeed… But don't try the numbweed, trust me on that. Your be drooling for hours. » As for the oil, she is past the need to lick it thank you! « I suggest.. things to be tryed out that perhaps are not so messy.. To save your lifemate some heartache. » Seems the green at least tries to help out in curbing some of the dear blue's thoughts on certain things. Idrissa is chuckling osftly and merely looking over the barracks. A hand is lifted to her face to half hide her grin. "Yeah I know a few bronze that might do thta." A pointed look is sent to Ka'el now while her hand slips back to her side.

Ka'el glances over his shoulder and gestures to those drudges to keep the barrels outside. "For now," he says to them, nodding. "It'd be a shame to have all of this eaten away … or spilled over … before anyone had a chance to enjoy it," he says with a smirk, allowing them to do their work. "Wensith…trust me, there are far tastier things to eat than dragon oil," he says to the baby, yet still large blue. He smirks and makes a face, even though it's doubtful that the dragon will really…pay him any attention! "The last think you'd like for me to do is call Kanekith up here, so you may want to listen to your rider!" he suggests, though it's done in a playful way. He looks to Tahryth, then Idrissa. "She's speaking to him? She'll probably have more luck than me." He coughs at that look that she gives him, then glances around for another mop, perhaps. "I'm…not totally opposed to getting my hands dirty. Need help, Ka'ro?"

Wensith's whirling eyes seem to fall upon the weyrleader, nudging some of the oil over towards his boots. Here, a present! "I don't think he wants you getting his boots all covered in oil, Wens." Ka'ro says quietly, a hand lifting up to rub the side of his head in frustration. "Sorry, Ka'el…we're still…trying to work this thing out." Another narrowed gaze is flickered towards the blue. "Go on, go find something else to do that doesn't require me cleaning up after you. And no, we don't need a skating rink in here full of oil, as much fun as you think it might be." The blue lets out a quiet rumble, «But look at the fun we might have!» The blue takes a running start, sliding all over the floor due to the silppery substance and probably scoring up the floor with his talons. Ka'ro looks on the verge of giving up on the blue, sighing quietly. "No. It's my mess. I'll deal with it." Somehow.

Idrissa waves a hand slightly as she hears Ka'ro and is moving over, carefully across any oil spots to where some mops are to be found. "Its alright. I've done this before.." Well a few times actually! "More then one will get the job done quicker." She won't stop Ka'el from working, and even offers him a mop with an amused look seen. Tarhyth warbles out and looks almost about to jump in the 'skating' but really that would be… a bit of a tight fit. She isn't a huge green but compard to the ones in here she is HUGE so she just settles down there in the yard. « Come! See what I brought you! » This sent to Wensith, so perhaps Ka'ro can have a slight breather?

Ka'el doesn't look overly upset at the gift of oil that have been bestowed on his boots. He has a dragon, too! And two firelizards (well, four actually). And two tunnelcats. And a two turn old. Messes are a great part of his days! And so he only smirks and nods to Wensith. "Thank you kindly for sharing," he laughs, shaking his head to Ka'ro. "No apologizes needed, Ka'ro. We've all been through the early stages," he says with a look to Idrissa. "They'll…eventually pass." Eventually. After the dragon tears everything up! He winces as Wensith goes skating, bracing himself for any impact that might cause the building to shake. Dragon sliding! It's a rite of passage. Ka'el too caaaaarefully starts to move through the oilfield of doom, making his way to the mops. "It's alright. I'll he-ACK!" What was that about sliding? He pinwheels his arm as his boot slips out from under him, trying to find his balance, but then.. *thud!* Down he goes, right on his rear. Splat! goes the oil.

Wensith is having none of that distractions, he's bugling loudly as he careens out of control, whipping about on the slippery substance until SMASH! Whatever had been on the wall before is suddenly cluttered on the floor with a very confused dragon in the center of it. Ka'ro winces, letting out a quiet sigh. "Alright, Wens, that's it. No more. You're done for today." The weyrling grumbles as he starts to pick up Wensith's latest addition to the clutter. Wensith's curiosity is piqued by the green, and, having been banned from his skating he goes to investigate «Is it something interesting? Perhaps when combined with something else it'll become something much more interesting!» And he's trotting out, leaving his rider to stare at the mess with a loud sigh. "You alright, Ka'el. I'll…get this cleaned up."

Idrissa peeks over at Ka'el and looks a touch amused before shaking her head, a soft chuckle is heard. "You alright Ka'el?" She questions while looking to Ka'ro and smiles to him once more. "It'll be alright.. Just give him time, ok?" This questioned while she carefully goes about picking stuff out from the oil to make it easier to clean. Still she is sliding a bit, though yay for good balance! Tahryth warbles out softly while she turns her head and picks up a small box with her maw and sets it down rather gentle like. « Look inside! » See? She'll keep him busy for a bit!

Is he alright? Ka'el's bum doesn't think so! Ka'el himself though…he's hurt worse. And sitting in a pool of dragon oil surprisingly isn't the strangest setting he's ever been in! But it still feels…icky. He winces and then looks up to both AWLM and Weyrling. "…Just fine. Just….fine," he says, wincing just a little as he starts to pick himself up off of the ground. "Battered and possibly a bit bruised but….heh.." He smirks and finally gets onto his feet, keeping his arms stretched out for balance. Okay! He's up! He's steady! He's…slipping! But at least he stays up on his feet this time. "I think I've found my footing, but if I fall again, extra chores for you and Wensith," he grins. "Listen to Idrissa. Don't be so hard on yourself. He'll learn, sooner or later."

Ka'ro sighs quietly as the weyrleader mentions more chores, closing his eyes tightly as his shoulders slump. "Yes, sir." Is all that is said as he resignes himself to cleaning up after Wensith's mess, slumping as he starts to clean up the floor without another word. WEnsith, hwoever, leans forward to nudge the box, «Ah, a perfect thing, this. Look at it, such a contraption I could never come up with myself.» The box is nudged against the ground, seeming far more interesting than whatever may or may not be inside of it.

Idrissa chuckles at Ka'el and grins. "Don't go pulling that on him.." She offers with a playful tone and is nearly sent sliding to her own rump as a result of her not paying attention. She coughs a bit and is then working on mopping up oil! "It'll get better.. Honest Ka'ro, you need to give him time, alright?" Trust them!! Tahryth warbles a bit and tilts her head as the young blue is playing with the box. Isn't this how it always is? They are more intereted in the box! « It is a box! One can carry things within it.. »

Ka'el laughs. "What?" he says to Idrissa. "It's my right to give extra duties. It's what makes this Weyrleader thing so fun." He grins jokingly to Ka'ro, who likely has nothing to worry about when it comes to extra chores. It's all said in good fun! "Other than the oil eating and frequent messes of getting into things," he chuckles, "have you and your lifemate been doing alright?" He asks as he reaches those mops. But as Idrissa starts to slip, he reaches out to steady her, just in case, grasping at her arm. "Careful, else you'll have a sore bum too," he warns, grinning.

Careful steps are given to the slippery surface as Ka'ro starts his never-ending task of cleaning up the mess that his blue has caused. The weyrling falls silent, listening to the riders talk to each other as the slippery mess is slowly cleaned. "If you're going to give me extra chores then just let me clean this first. By the time I finish with your extra chores I'll have more work I need to do to clean up after my sharding dragon." Perhaps a bit harsher than is meant, the weyrling's eyes narrowing as he cleans up the mess. "We're fine." The terse answer given to the weyrleader's question. As it is mentioned that a box is meant to hold things, a claw reaches out to flip the box over on its side, flicking the top off with a bit of difficulty. Dragon hands were never meant to open boxes, his muzzle dips down low, whirling eyes curiously investigating whatever it is inside.

Idrissa is thankful for the help so she doesn't kiss the ground it seems. "Thanks.." Is sent to Ka'el and she glances to Ka'ro and she chuckles a bit before shaking her head a touch. "I have a feeling any chores he would give would be cleaning.. " She picks up the answer given and is slowly, but surely moving on over to the weyrling, mopping this way and that as she goes. "Are you really?" This is questioned, as she just needs the answer again perhaps. Tarhyth rumbles a touch, and once the box is 'opened' there is a small fish within said box, a bit smaller then a loaf of bread, nothing that needs to much work at, just a chewing bite from a curious blue. « It's a fish! »

"Sure thing," Ka'el answers as he releases Idrissa once sure that she won't go sliding away! He gives his hands a shake, attempting to fling away the oil, but really…this Weyrleader just needs a bath! Not much else will suffice in getting him oil-free. His eyes stray to Ka'ro as he speaks, a brow vaguely elevating upward, but he refrains from commenting immediately afterward, instead looking to Idrissa as she questions him. He doesn't help with the cleanup, even though the offer was given (and rebutted!). Instead, he merely watches Ka'ro, glancing to Wensith just once or twice, but his main focus seems to be mostly on the young Weyrling.

Sniff, sniff. Such a wonderful aroma coming from the fish, it seems to intrigue the blue dragon as his muzzle snakes forward, tongue sneaking forward to brush against the scales. «Delectable! Positively smashing. This is a fish you say? I bet it would go well with other things.» And the fish is promptly snached up between the box, claws absently pushing the box aside for later investigation. After all, it could prove useful. And then the blue carries the fish inside, head low as he approaches the oil. "No. You are not putting that in the oil. That is not how you dress a fish." Ka'ro fixes the blue with a steely gaze whom simply decides to place the fish upon Ka'ro's cot for later. The weyrling sighs quietly, silently counting in his head before he resumes cleaning up Wensith's mess. "Just dandy." Ka'ro mutters quietly to Idrissa's question.

Tahryth warbles out softly and soon nods.. « Now wait.. » There is a pause as she watches the blue race off and she sighs a touch. Silly blue! Idrissa looks over to see the fish and she smirks a bit. "Seems Tarhyth is giving gifts now?" She is wondering if she should be worried. "I was wondering why she wanted a box.. for a fish.." Now she knows! She goes back to the mess. "Well.. we have it almost cleaned up."

Perhaps it's an unfortunate thing that Kanekith is not here. He has a way of getting other dragons to listen to him! (The big and brash way!) Maybe he could've stopped the fish escapade! Or…maybe he would've just watched and let it happen for his own amusement. Ka'el's eyes turn as Wensith returns so jollily, ready to dip his fish in the oil. Good thing Ka'ro is on the job, stopping him from making any gross mistakes! But…well, a fish on one's cot it still a bit gross. A look is exchanged with Idrissa before he looks back towards Ka'ro. "Life with a lifemate…not quite what you expected?" he questions easily enough, moving to retrieve a towel to wipe at his hands and arms with.

"I rather be in the kitchens cooking," Ka'ro says quietly as he focuses on the ground in front of him, "Least I knew not to create a massive mess that I'd have to clean up later. I don't have enough time in the day to clean up after him. And now I have to deal with more chores because I'm constantly in trouble all the time. All my hard work to build up a good reputation is going down the drain. I never had this many problems before." he mutters quietly in annoyance, not seeming to care about the fish just resting on the bed. Wensith seems to settle down in the cot, perhaps picking up his rider's bad mood as he lets out a little croon, curling up with that fish as if it were more of a stuffed toy than a actual food product that he could eat.

Idrissa glances over to Ka'el and then looks over to Ka'ro, she brushes her hands across her pants as she lets the mop rest in a bucket. "It is a little late for wishing that.." She pauses before she is moving on over to where Ka'ro is. "Life is about getting into trouble in some way shape or form. If not.. Then it can be a bit dull really." This said with a tasing tone as she tries to lighten the mood a bit. "I promise you that will time it will be different.. You just have to give it a chance and not give up hope."

Ka’ro’s annoyance doesn’t stop Ka’el from chuckling. In fact, it may be because of the Weyrling’s annoyance that the Weyrleader does chuckle. He brushes that towel against the seat of his pants, trying to dry off the oil, though knowing fully well that his clothes will be stained no matter what he tries. “You truly believe that your reputation will be tainted because of the actions of your lifemate?” He smirks a but, both brows lifting fractionally. “You forget we live in a Weyr? Young dragons are … unpredictable at first, and everyone knows that. Especially your assistant weyrlingmasters,” he says with a smile to Idrissa. “Everything is new to a hatchling. As new as it was to any of us when we were kids, if we can remember that. No one is putting fault on you.”

Ka'ro sighs quietly as he shakes his head, falling silent as he resumes his duties of cleaning up after his dragon. "I know that. Perhaps I didn't belong on the sands after all." Ka'ro says quietly, his gaze dropping as he mops up the oil as best as he can. The weyrleader's comment gets a quick look before he shrugs, shaking his head slowly. "And I'm the one who is getting in trouble for his actions."

Idrissa waves a hand as she hears Ka'ro. "If you didn't belong there then he would have not found you." She points out softly. "Everyone gets in trouble.. But it doesn't mean anything, it won't linger. You have /no/ idea the trouble I got into with Tarhyth.."

Ka'el nods to Idrissa, agreeing with her in silence. He moves to sit himself on a stool seat, sitting upon the towel…although that's really not going to help matters much. Other than keep the stool from getting too oily! In any case, he sits and listens to the exchange between the two of them. He's not quite the impartial spectator, but he'll pretend to be one. For a little bit anyway. Til now that he has something to say. "I agree with Idrissa," he replies. "You would not have stood if you weren't meant to stand. Wensith wouldnt've found you… if you weren't meant to be found." He lightly rubs his hands together, slow and thoughtful. "Also…don't think of yourself as getting into 'trouble'. The AWLMs have to give consequences for actions, even those that aren't quite your fault. It seems to help certain Weyrlings get a handle on situations a bit faster."

"You don't think I'm /trying/ to get a handle on him? You see how he is. He just…does everything without thinking of the consequences. And I have to keep reminding him that /I/ am the one responcible for him. I'm doing everything that I can to try and deter him, I don't know what else I'm supposed to do except ban him from ever doing anything and then we'd both be miserable." Ka'ro says, shaking his head slowly, "At least only one of us is miserable with this."

Idrissa shakes her head a moment as she watches Ka'ro, a soft breath esacpes her. "You can't /ban/ him from things.. It doesn't work like that Ka'ro." This said softly while lifitng her hands up a bit. "The point of the matter is you are to teach him, show him.. If he i doing something wrong then show him the right way, show him how to do soemthing.." A glance is sent to Ka'el to see if there is anything HE can add.

Ka'el shakes his head. "No, I don't see how he is. I've seen what he's done in this one moment, yes. But the only one who truly can see him, Ka'ro, is you," says Ka'el. "And that's the biggest advantage that you have. You will know him better than any of us ever will. And because of that, teaching him, showing him like Idrissa says, will come with time and practice." He rubs his fingers together. Still oily! Oh well. "I agree with Idrissa on banning. Or..'trying' to ban. But maybe you could try something…small," he suggests, nodding to Idrissa again. "For example…the fish on your cot? Not the best place to store any sort of food, especially fish. But showing him appropriate places that he could store his food might be a good start, if he's the type to save."

Ka'ro glances towards the fish on his cot, "He's waiting for me to show him how to properly prepaire it and then he's going to eat it. He's just leaving it there for now until I finish cleaning up after him. It won't be there long, I promise." He shakes his head slowly, sighing. "I'm doing everything I can, I don't know what I'm doing. I feel like I'm in over my head here. I want to enjoy myself with him but I can't. I have to be the responcible one. I'm the one that has to teach him, and I don't know the first thing about teaching anything."

Idrissa lifts a finger now and shakes her head. "But… Is that where you plan on keeping all your fish? Show hime a place to put them for next time." Well it is a thought! "With time and training it will get that way Ka'ro. Nothing is ever that simple.." She smiles and nods. "You are going to be teached though, be us." She points to herself and a bit to Ka'el. "Everyone has teachers, you had them at some point for cooking, right? Same thing now."

Ka'el hops off of the stool he's been sitting on, brushing off the sleeves of his shirt. "One of these days, I ought to tell you a few tales of Kanekith and I," he says, looking to Ka'ro first and then giving Idrissa a meaningful look. "We may seem in sync now, but…when I was in your place, it was a different story. But….again, look at us now. It'll come, Ka'ro. It's very early. Weyrlinghood lasts..sometimes for turns. In the time that goes by, you'll learn about your lifemate, and he'll learn about you. Dragons never wish to cause their riders pain and stress. When he realizes that he is, you'll see a change. For now, my advice to you is to listen to Idrissa and the other AWLMs. Their job is to help you feel less overwhelmed, and they will. He moves now, heading to Idrissa whom he touches at lightly. "I need a change of clothes," he says with a smirk, glancing to his oily things. "And I think you can handle this."

Ka'ro sighs softly as he turns towards the blue, he sets the mop off to the side. "Alright, Wensith, this is not a good spot to put that fish you want. It's on my bed. See? I sleep here. It's going to stink up my sheets and it's going to make everything in here smell. A better place to put it it would be somewhere that is easier to clean, where it is going to stay clean." Ka'ro lifts up the fish, moving over to put it on some papers where he wraps it up tightly with the knowledge of one who has done so before. "See? Like this. That way it stays clean and fresh. And later I'll cut it up for you, even though that's not a big deal for you since you can gulp it whole…but it'll make it easier for me to show you how to make it taste better." The weyrling nods his head at that thought, "I understand that, I do. But I am stressed, and I am exhausted. It's not easy keeping up with him. He has so much energy and he's always going from one thing to the next. He can't help it, he gets these ideas in his head, and the next thing I know, I've got a mess on my hands that I've got to deal with. He doesn't mean to…but it's just how he is."

Idrissa glances to Ka'el a bit as she hears him.. Well, yes.. she recalls some of those issues rather well actually. As for Ka'ro she looks back to him and curiously watches. "It happens to every dragonrider Ka'ro.. The stress, the exhaustion…" Also to parents! "This is a lesson, a long life long lessons that you have to adjust to or there could be issues between you and Wensith. You have to work on that link you two have right now and make it strong. IF there are blocks, if there are worries to the point that put up those blocks there can be issues." Hey.. she isn't to bad at this job.. "Right now yes that is how he is. In a few sevendays he will be more able."

Idrissa glances to Ka'el and nods an amused look seen. "Just soak it all first, helps with getting the oil out!" She would know that rather well..

Ka'el nods understandingly to Ka'ro. He gets it! He really does understand! But well… this is one of those things that the Weyrling will have to figure out for himself. Ka'el does give him a sympatheic nod. He definitely understands exhaustion! But for now, the Weyrleader is going to take his leave, as said by his body language as he turns to the door. Idrissa has a good handle on things! He trusts her. Her laundry tip gets a small smirk and nod. "I'll try that right, now. Have a good day, the both of you. You and Wensith will be in my thoughts, Ka'ro." He dips his head to the both of them, and then heads out to seek a shower. Maybe he'll just throw himself in the lake!

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