A Rainy Date

Xanadu Weyr - Kanekith's Arc Forge
Half-set into a forested knoll is a curved bulwark of stone, tracing out part of a circle. Slightly more than half, in fact. The curved outer wall is yellowed fieldstone, looking like the ruins of some ancient tower now tumbled to a single story's worth of height and adapted into a weyr. The circular shape is completed by a courtyard of red bricks, set into the ground in a houndstooth pattern. The inner wall is slightly concave, made of that same yellow stone, and the sloped roof is a partial cone made from red tile.

The heart of the clearing is a machine now. A small open forge is set out slightly from the wall. There's a bellows to coax the flame hot enough to melt iron and an anvil to work it over. A few wooden chairs provide a place to sit and listen to any avians not yet frightened away by the clang of metal, or perhaps to roast sausages on sticks over a forge whose coals have burnt down low…

To either side of the forge, there's a large archway that leads to a sheltered couch. It's fairly narrow, enough so that a large bronze might have difficulty turning around, but perhaps that's why there's one archway on each end, the openings cleverly angled to keep out most of the wind while still allowing the draconic inhabitant to keep watch on the approaches. Along the back wall of that couch, in the center, is a human-sized door leading further inside.

It is that eveningish time. Not exactly completely dark, but getting there as the sun's rays seen behind the horizon get progressively weaker. The invading cloudcover makes it seem later than it really is, though no rain has fallen. It brings with it a gentle breeze cooler than what the usual summer night consists of though, rustling the lush trees of the surrounding forest, green with the season. Also gently blowing beneath the soft breath of wind are the string bulb lights that have been strung up, lighting the grassy area around the weyr. Beneath the lighted area, a blanket has been spread, and on top of it is … Alloy. The bronze firelizard know that such a comfy spot must be for him, thus he lounges. Ka'el is nowhere to be seen to tell him otherwise, and thus he must not be doing anything wrong! Ka'el is, in fact, inside of his Weyr, where he's just finished changing out of "Weyrleader Clothes" and changing into "Ka'el Clothes", which, admittedly, are still niceish. Just not .. businesslike. Denim instead of suit pants. A short sleeved sky blue shirt, slightly unbuttoned, as opposed to a crisp office shirt. He's puttering around inside. Doing stuff. His door and an ear is kept open just in case Soriana could get away and meet him as planned. His mind is kept open too, for any messages passed along via Kanekith.

It's not all that late. Okay, sure, it's kinda sorta late, but as lateness goes, Soriana isn't all that far behind the schedule she only sort of arranged with Ka'el. Not that they listed a time, except… later. Which it is. There's no tickle to Kanekith's head - he's busy on the sands, after all, even if he's not doing anything there - but there is a rustle outside that's not just the wind, a sound of footsteps that might, actually, maybe… have a Soriana making it. And, in fact, does - here she is, walking down the path, glancing to the swaying strings of bulbs to look at… the blanket. The fine firelizard on a fine blanket… being fine. "Heh." That's her comment to Alloy, and she wanders past the blanket, toward the door. It's open, so either Ka'el's here oooor someone's burgling the place. "…don't see any traps…" Sprung or otherwise!

Hmm, sounds like a Soriana voice! Ka'el is in his kitchenette, which looks messy (no surprise) and a little full of … Things. Things like plates and glasses and bowls and a mega wicker basket. Not unusual things for a kitchenette. Unusual for Ka'el, who'd be more likely to eat food off a slice of bread than a plate, but whatever. There are plates! And a Ka'el. And a Soriana at his door. He turns from where he is, grins, and heads over to her. "The best laid traps are those that go unseen," he remarks with a smirkish look as he approaches the doorway to half block her from coming too far in. Access, denied! "Hey babe," he greets, hands going for hers and lips seeking lips for a kiss. "Sorry, I got caught up in the office." The new story of his life. "And Alloy was supposed to let me know when you got here." Oh he was? Alloy hears his name, then chirps, then rolls over on his back. Sprawl! Sigh. Firelizards. "Do me a favor and kick him off that blanket and wait for me there?" Beam.

…wait, so, Ka'el's kitchen has… dishes? Like, actual dishes like one might use for eating from? In a civilized fashion? Really? Not that Soriana gets more than a glimpse, because then there's a Ka'el blocking her way. "Hey," she says back, and leans in for that kiss as her fingers curl against his. Caught in the office? "Yeah. Know how that goes." It happened to her first. Only, it happened to him… kinda more. Weyrleader versus junior weyrwoman - and besides, she's got stuff at the Annex these days. Except when she has paperwork. It's complicated. "So are the worst-laid." I.e. the ones that aren't even traps at all. But she's not going to argue that one right now. "I'll give'm a shove, suuure." Suspicious? Only a little, but she grins and kisses him again before she heads for that blanket and… slow-toe-nudges Alloy. G'wan, lizzerd.

Ka'el grins and refrains from capturing her in hopes of kissing her all night because… well, there are other things to do now. Like shuffling all that stuff on the table to bring outside. And so while she heads out, he heads back to play Tetris with the basket and the plates and the glasses and try to balance things on top of one another, because doing that and risking dropping everything is a much better plan than making two or three safe trips. Outside, Alloy doesn't react much to the toe nudge. He looks up at Sori. Yeeeesss, can he help you with something? Oh, you want to petpet him and give him scritches? Well feel free! He gives another chirp and a tail wiggle. Yes, his belly is accessible for rubbings! Minutes later, Ka'el makes his way out, that basket in his arms with two plates balanced on top, and two smaller bowls balanced on that. The glasses are held beneath an arm pressed to his side, and he's making his slow and careful way to the blanket and her. Above, the lights swing just slightly, and Ka'el gives a glance up to the starless sky. "I should've told you not to eat.."

After all, if Ka'el took too long - or too many trips - Soriana'd have a chance to figure out the mystery. And that would just be terrible, so, clearly, he can't do it. It'll be fiiiiine, and… Soriana's not on duty. So she doesn't care. This firelizard taking up her spot, though? Yeah, she gives him another nudge, rolling him over - not roughly, she knows how to kick a firelizard - but insistently. Off the blanket, you. Or at least to the edge so she can plop herself down. Close enough. …and of course Haruhi decides to pop in to make sure nobody who isn't her is getting undue attention. Because firelizards. But Soriana's sitting down as Ka'el comes out, and she looks up to eye his tower of… objects. Food-related objects, apparently. "…it's okay. Dinner was…" A pause. "…well, I didn't have have much, anyhow." Not to insult the meal, except in passing. And… is Ka'el going to need some help with those dishes? She lifts a hand vaguely up, not sure what to reach for.

Omg. He's bein rolled! Alloy…well. He doesn't protest. This probably isn't the first time he's been forced to do something that he didn't want to do, or give up a spot that he claimed first and someone stole away from him. Humans never play fair! And so he doesn't fight the nudge or the roll and only lazily complains with a half-hearted chirp as he finds himself at the blanket's edge. But his short-spanned attention flits to Haruhi as she makes an appearance. Hello there! He perks up and is off to investigate and play. Ka'el snorts at the little bronze's antics and manages to make his way all the way to the blanket without dropping anything. Hooray! "I've got it," he assures as she reaches to help. He can do this! So it's a veeeerrrrry slow kneeling motion that's made to get him down on the blanket as well, and veeerrrryyy slowly does he inch the basket down. And…phew! No accident! The glasses are set down too before Ka'el himself plops down with a grin. "Good, because I'd feel foolish havin' all this done and it goin' to waste." He sets a plate and bowl for each of them and then opens the basket o' stuff from which yummy smells waft. "Welcome to our date….under the stars." An annoyed look is given to the incredibly starless sky. "I don't think the weather got my memo, though. So … Let's amend this to our date under the clouds."

"Okaaaaay," Soriana says to Ka'el's assurances as the firelizards head off to play. Her eyes are on Ka'el, though, watching as he slooooowly settles things down with - wait for it - nothing going flying! …good. She didn't really want to try to catch flying objects. "Oh, it won't go to waste," she assures, and grins. A glance up at the stars, and she hehs. "You probably filed it in the wrong mailbox. The weather… it never shows up at the meetings." A grin to him, then another glance to the sky. "Ever." She reaches over and brushes her fingers to his side. "So, clouds works. Besides, everyone does stuff under the stars. It gets crowded… well, metaphorically. Everyone's there. Now, the clouds… under the clouds, you can be unique."

The wrong mailbox! "Probably did," Ka'el agrees, nodding. "The wind probably took it. It's always runnin' off with things that doesn't belong to it." He leans over towards her at her touch, then decides to scoot to sit closer to her altogether. This is a date, afterall. A cloudy with a chance of rain sort of date, but still a date! He grins at her reasoning that under the clouds is better, and he nods in agreement. Points for accidental uniqueness! He begins to unload the basket, first pulling out a bottle of wine for those glasses he brought, then food that's been wrapped and packed for transport. There's a bowl of fresh cut fruit and a salad. A few breadrolls. The main course is a expertly prepared version of her favorite dish. There are also forks, knives, and spoons that are unloaded and a cloth napkin for the each of them. "I slaved over a hot stove all day makin' all of this," he says, his lie obvious due to his grin plus the fact that she saw him hours earlier obviously not slaving over any stoves. Plus, she knows his track record with cooking!

"Ooh, yeah. Wind's like that," Soriana agrees with a grin. When Ka'el comes closer, she drapes an arm around him, though she doesn't lean in yet. Not while he's still got food-unpacking to do, because he can't very well do that with a Soriana draped against him… but she does kind of trail her fingers over his back. Even if it's semi-distracting. He's clever. He can deal with a little distraction. Besides, she's distracted too, watching him bring out the food - all the food! Fruit and salad and bread and that pasta with the spicy sausage. That she likes. That he slaved over the hot stove making, and she grins for that. "Oh, yeah. No wonder you misfiled that form for the stars, being so busy with cooking and all." Where by cooking, we mean… staying away from the kitchen so he didn't get chased out. Or at least that's what Soriana means. She remembers his last successful adventure in cooking. It… was tasty, but misshapen. And that was with help. His solo adventures? … don't need to be discussed. Her burn's healed Just Fine. She grins, and reaches to snag a berry from the fruit bowl with her bare fingers.

And look at just how well Ka'el is dealing with his distractions! Her fingers to his back do not stop him from unloading the basket. It just makes the task all that more pleasant to do. And when everything is taken out, he closes the lid and pushes the basket aside to dish out food and slice bread. "Hours upon hours," he confirms to just how hard he worked at preparing this dinner. "Picked every fruit myself. Gathered every ingredient by hand…" He quirks a grin, glancing over at her before adding, "Oh, and made the wine too. Picked my own grapes months ago for it." And now he laughs, setting aside a plate of pasta for her and himself, garnished with bread. With the food ready to be eaten, he settles now, body close to hers. He works on uncorking the wine bottle. "I didn't believe that you and I would ever be busy enough that I feel like I've to make appointments to see you. I wanted to take you somewhere nice, but … I don't think there's a time anytime this month that we both could go off somewhere without bein' missed. So.." He brings the fanciness to her? Or .. semi-fanciness, anyway. When the cork is out, he pours her a glass, ignoring the slight increase of the breeze. Nothing is blowing away (other than that aforementioned weather message) just yet.

Ka'el is, apparently, good like that! He can do two things at once, at least when one of them is limited to just being there while the thing's done. It's sort of still multitasking, and besides, after the busy day he's had - being in two places at once and all - it's good enough. "Definitely planned ahead. That, or you timed it to get things done." It'd explain how he did two things at once! Also how he managed to learn to actually cook. And it's obviously the simplest possible answer, not that he… got someone else to make the food for him. That'd just be boring. She grins, and reaches for the plate when it's ready, setting it down suitably as she leans in against him and watches him open the wine for them. "Heh." They have gotten busy, haven't they? "I mean… we can make time. Sort of." A rueful twist of her lips. "It's like, there's always something. And it's not that we can't say no sometimes, but…" When it's important… or it's hard to tell if it's important… She reaches for the glass when he offers it. "Thanks." A lift of it. "We should say no to more things."

Ka'el sets the wine bottle back down once the glasses are poured, taking his after hers has been claimed. "We could," he says as he tips his glass her way, clinking the edge to hers, "but we won't." He smirks vaguely. "Because you'll find it hard to say no to a dragonrider in need, and I'll find it hard to say no to requests asked of me because I feel it's my duty to say yes. Plus, you're an overachiever." He grins at her and pauses to take a sip of wine. "And I want to go down in the history books in a way different than A'dmar. So we'll keep sayin' yes because I don't think we have it in us to say no." He plucks a grape between his fingers. "I could visit you more," he says off-handedly, "but..I'll tell you a secret." He lowers his voice. "I don't visit as much as I could because you're very distracting to me, an' I'm pretty sure I'd lose my practiced professionalism if I'm around you for too long." A grin.

Soriana tinks her glass with Ka'el's, and grins as she tilts her head at his denial. They won't? Buuut she listens, and then… she laughs. "Yeah, I suppose not." But overachieving? Heh. She… looks kinda like she wants to argue that, with a little mouth twitch that has it opening and shutting and… not actually arguing. Because he's probably right. Different than A'dmar? Of course. Soriana nods to that part easily, then sighs. "Even if sometimes… we really should." Say no. Because some of the things people ask for really aren't… exactly the best uses of their time. Soriana takes a sip of wine, then leans to rest her cheek to Ka'el's shoulder for a moment. "We should at least say 'later' more." Even if they can't say no. But… yeah, Ka'el could visit her more. She nods to that, and moves her head so she can look up at him, then leans in to listen to the secret. What great secret will he share with… "Ha!" She gives her head a shake. "Maybe we should go away somewhere, so we can be distracted." She leans her head to his shoulder again. "I mean, yeah, I gueeeeess professionalism's important…" isn't she the one who started this, what with being a junior? Yeah. And she's grinning, rueful-like.

Later. Hmmm. That grape he plucked is popped into his mouth to thoughtfully chew. "I think I can manage that…" he says after a grand pause for deep thinking. Ka'el smiles as he sneaks his free arm around her waist. So much for eating, though he still has his other hand, which still holds the wine glass. He gently rests his head against hers, lips holding a small, happy smile. "'Weyrleader Ka'el, will you read, analyze, revise, and sign this paper that is very important to me but in the long run isn't very important to anyone else?' … Later. .. Huh. I like it." Later, for the win! He laughs, his grip around her tightening slightly. "I think our graduation coupon is expired. But, I've a new salary now. The world is our playground!" It's only a matter of … getting to that playground that's holding them up. "But who needs to go away to be distracted? You're already distracting me. I've made all this food," ha, right, "but all I can think of doin' is kissing you. I'm trying to be a gentleman and let you eat and be amazed at my thoughtfulness and marvel at the starless sky, but .. shardit, you're very distracting." Distracting just by being present, apparently.

Drinking wine is kinda like eating. It's related, anyhow. Besides, they can eat later, and make this the first test run of that principle! Soriana laughs for Ka'el's example. "Shards, there are so many of those. Like the forms for approving storage containers. Yeah, okay, we don't want stuff eaten by tunnelsnakes, but… shards, like I care if it's two boxes of this size or one of that. Like anybody cares." She shakes her head, grinning because she's not actually dealing with it just now, and mmhs as she's pulled closer against Ka'el, leaning in to him. The coupon? "Nah, it's not. Thea told me I should use it, when… I was going to study." But not at the same time, because that would have been kinda bad. "So yeah, we should." Away and off and getting distracted. She laughs, and tilts her head to kiss at his cheek. Because she's awful like that and makes it harder to be gentlemanly. "Though you did slave over that hot stove all day." So she should try to acknowledge all his hard work. So - after a trail of her fingers along his leg - she does actually reach for a fork.

Storage container forms? Ka'el laughs and nods his head. Yes, exactly like that! Oh look. Now they have administrative things to share in common. Commonalities to laugh at because if not laugh, then surely there'd be some crying. Or at least lots of grumbling. "Hey. I care about those box sizes," he says with a serious face that lasts all of, eh, two seconds before deteriorating with a grin. "Hey, good to know those coupons are still valid. Doesn't seem right that I'd use it as a Weyrleader, though. Like, wouldn't they fix me up with the best accommodations anyway?" Weyrleader privileges and all? "I could give it to someone, maybe.." Or sell it on PernBay or Xamazon. Or maybe he'll keep it and use it anyway. Anyway, going on vacation isn't on his agenda now with eggs on the sands and Kanekith being fatherly and a doting mate. Maybe once they're hatched. The cheek kiss distracts him further from thoughts of eating (and dragons), as chaste as a cheek kiss is. But it's a Soriana kiss, and thus ten times more potent (with distractedness) than others. But Ka'el's no animal! He's not going to ravage her just because she kissed him. And just because those touches to his leg has him feeling tingly all over doesn't mean he's going to..wait….uh, actually. It does mean that he's going to disregard everything he's set out and kiss her because that's just what he does. He at least sets his wine glass down before he leans over press his lips to hers. Affection laced with a hunt of hunger. But mostly affection. And rain. … Rain? Yes, rain because that cloudy starless sky has turned into a cloudy, rainy sky that gradually lets loose fat droplets to the world below. Drip. Drip. Splat!

If they really needed a shared context, surely they could have found something more exciting. No? Oh well. Storage containers it is! Oh, but Ka'el cares? "Great! You can talk about them next time. Two hours, that meeting was." Two of them! And… two of them, here and grinning about it now. She smirks about the coupons, and shakes her head. "Some places, yeah. Ierne… all they're going to care about is the marks. Shards, they might give you a worse deal because you're Weyrleader, and so you're a traditionalist tool of the establishment something or other." She was only half paying attention to that rant. Anyway, it's not important. Maybe she can at least steal Ka'el away for lunch sometime soon - or, well, breakfast, given the time difference to Ierne. Or something. Kanekith probably won't mind, as long as he knows he can demand his rider back by way of Luraoth. They can figure out the details later, because right now, Soriana has a wineglass in one hand, a fork in the other, and she's ready to… be kissed by Ka'el. Wait, was that the plan? It doesn't exactly seem to be the sort of thing one picks up a fork to do, and yet… here it is! And she certainly doesn't seem to mind, because she's pressing her lips back to his. She doesn't try for another caress, which is probably good, given the stabby fork and the wine getting slowly diluted by the rain. Drip. Drip. No, that's not it sloshing because of her leaning in to the kiss, that's… plop. A big fat raindrop, right in the corner of her eye, and her lips draw back from his as she peers up at the cloudy, rain-spattering sky. "…really?" she asks it. (Splat!)

It’s the sort of thing someone plans on doing when one is thinking of committing … murder! Dun dun duun! Ka’el would be such an unsuspecting target. Just look at him. So blissfully kissing and not even caring that she has a weapon in her hand that could easily be stabbed into his back. He’s even making it easier for her with the way he’s leaning into her and making unguarded parts of his body more accessible. *tsk* It’s a good thing Soriana isn’t the murderous type, else he’d be in big trouble. As it is, Soriana seems to be the kissing type, for he finds it wonderful the way her mouth presses and moves and…and wait, where’s she going? “Meh..” he’s unhappily kissing air when she pulls back and he’s starting to lean forward her when he realizes… Hey. He’s getting wet! He blinks his eyes open as raindrops fall onto his nose and forehead, and he too tips his head up to peer at the darkness above, squinting as he’s rewarded with rain in his eyes. Raaain? He scowls. “Crackdust…” And on cue, the slow drip-drippy slow start suddenly shifts into a heavy downpour. Ack! “Shardit!” The bread! The wine! The PASTA!! He scurries to try to cover things up. His wine glass is covered with a hand (because it’s super important) and the bread’s stuffed back into the basket none too gently. Who wants soggy bread? Not him! “Quick, save the pasta!”

Raindrops keep falling on Soriana's head. Also the rest of her, but her head is on top, so it's getting rained on first. Maybe it's not so terrible? It's not a cold night, really, and a little bit of rain … is not what those raindrips stay. More like a torrent. Her wine is going from 'diluted' to 'pinkish water', and the pasta… "Ack, yes-" So she stabs it with her fork, or at least shoves the fork vaguely onto a plate so she can try to pick them up… the wineglass can be tucked in against her wrist. The wine bottle can go in the crook of her arm. The fruit and salad? Uh, well, it's important to wash the dirt off produce, right? That's her excuse for not picking them up as she scrambles to her feet, though. Toral pops in from between. He got the message! So he swoops down and picks up a grape, flapping up into the air with it. He saved food! Uh… what now?

Oh, there's so much to save. The bread the salad the fruit the pasta the wine the blanket! Whyyyy oh why did he pack so much stuff? And why couldn't it have started raining an hour from now? Or tomorrow? Or next seven! He scrambles to try to get everything. She's got the wine. He'll get the salad that's turning into vegetable soup. The pasta's been claimed, now he'll get the fruit. No, Toral's got the fruit! Yay Toral! Wait… Toral no! Well at least he's doing better than Alloy, who hasn't come to lift a finger! Ka'el grabs the fruit bowl, spilling out a few grapes and blueberries with a muttered curse. And then he tries to get the basket, not caring that he's spilled his wine that was probably more like …watery grape juice by now. "To the weyr!" is his battlecry. Chaaarge! His poor blanket is being left behind to get rained on. He doesn't have enough arms to carry it, and if something is going to have to be sacrificed, it might as well be something that can be washed and salvaged in the laundry! In a sort of stooped position and items haphazardly held, he races back towards shelter. Go, go, go!

Next time… Ka'el should go significantly less all out! Maybe only slave over a hot stove half the day? A quarter of the day? Because this whole day thing requires more hands than they have! At least if it's going to rain like this. If he only spends half the day over the stove, he can spend the other half doing an anti-raindance. Because… "…of all the days…" the rain had to pick this one. Not the one when she was stuck in the office. Or the Annex. Or back in her weyr. Or… any day besides this one. The blanket? Whatever. This is the pre-wash cycle! Blankets are used to getting wet. Soriana… is too, but the food is not going to be the same. Shards, it's already not the same, but at least it's still edible (she hopes). Toral flutters around with that grape. He's got it! It's all good! It's… uh… what's he doing again? Hey, now the humans are going away. Well… at least they left the blanket. He dives down and wiggles under it, into one of the furrows left behind by Ka'el and Soriana's scramble. There! Now he and his grape are warm and dry. At least until that rain soaks through. Soriana slows as she gets into the entryway and she's at least not getting any wetter. She looks to Ka'el, with a rueful sort of grin. "…shardit."

And they're safe! Well .. kind of. They weren't in any real danger to begin with, unless either Soriana or Ka'el turned into that bread loaf, which probably won't be much good to anyone now. Except maybe firelizards who don't mind a little soggy in their meal. Ka'el, hair wet and plastered to his head now, stands alongside Sori to glare out the outside world. Likely, there's a colorful string of curses being said in his mind. Cursing the clouds. The weather. Weather patterns. The wind. It's ruined everything! He still clutches that basket, in which he tossed their food and made and attempt to stack plates, some of which had food still on them. Opening that up again is going to be … a joy. His frowny face lingers as he continues to glare, though try as he might to hone into any dormant weather-altering superpowers, the rain continues. He looks over to Soriana. Yup, she said it best. "Shardit." … He smirks after the word is spoken though. Heh. She's all wet and with the wine and her plate and that wineglass.. He snerks, looking her up and down. He snickers again. "Nothin' ever goes as planned for us, does it?"

Or into sugar! Because then the rain would get into them and make them all clumpy. But if one of them turned into bread, and the other turned into sugar, they… well… would not be nearly so interesting to look at as Ka'el seems to be finding Soriana. She looks back at him, then half-glares. What? What's so… "Hah." It is kind of funny. And then she's laughing, and she leans back against the wall with a clink of the wine bottle. "Next time someone tries to tell you clouds are romantic… tell 'em that's a stupid idea." She grins. "Clouds have only one thing in mind. One thing!" And it's drippy and wet and… "If we go to Ierne, it'll rain there all week. And be sunshine here." She knows it. She just knows it. But she's grinning, and she pushes back up from the wall to head for his door. Which of them has a free hand to open it, again?

Sabotage! That's what clouds have in mind. The sabotage of the only date they've manage to snag in … forever! But Ka'el can laugh about it, only because Soriana is here to laugh about it with him and they had mostly a date before being rained out. "Noted," he smirks in answer to her, giving his head a nod as he follows her to his door, giving one last look over his shoulder at the glow left behind by those string lights that need to be unplugged when he gets in. If he gets in. Who's gonna open that door? Her hands are full and so are his! Maybe thy'll just camp out in Kanekith's place? He won't mind. "Heeey," he says as he pauses to carefully set the basket down, hearing something inside clink around. Oops. "This means you're stayin' with me tonight, right? It could rain all night long. Might be the worst storm we've ever had," he says with a sage nod as he gets that door open and pushes it open for her. "Flooded roads. Fallen trees….it's bound to be crazy out there.”

Hey, they totally were out, together, and drank (like, a sip each) and ate a… grape or two. That's completely a date. The cloudy backdrop is… heh. She grins, and shakes her head slowly as she looks out at the rain again. It's really coming down, isn't it? They'd better get inside, because she's not about to try camping here without at least a blanket! And the one they had is pretty well soaked by now. Toral's starting to get wet, down on the underside. At least the bottle of wine is intact. Narrow neck means it's not too diluted, and they can have it with whatever food they manage to salvage from the wet and… tumble. Soriana stares out at the rain for a moment, then glances back to Ka'el. Does it? Her look's considering at first, then turns into a grin by the end. "The waters might rise all the way to the clearing. It's far too dangerous to head out through that," she agrees, and leaves off rain-watching to pad up next to him and lean in (awkwardly) to kiss his cheek. "So yeah. I'd better stay here where it's safe."

Poor Toral! And Haruhi and Alloy, wherever they are. But Ka'el isn't worried about his firelizard, who is probably out playing in the rain instead of finding shelter from it. He's looking at Sori, who after a while agrees that the weather is far too frightful to venture out in. Record floods! Why risk that? He uses a foot to scoot the basket inside a bit just before he's kissed in agreement. He beams a little, though nearly drops his wineglass in the process. He probably should set all those things down and get her inside so she can set her things down too. "This better not really be a thing.." he snorts as he takes a step in, pausing to push the basket with his foot. Then takes a step. Basket push. Repeat, so on and so forth. "And if it is a thing and it wants to rain wherever we are, then we'll just have a date in the rain," he resolves, nodding to the kitchen table in gesture that things can be put there. "We'll start a trend, you and I. And once everyone hears of our success, they'll want to have dates beneath the rain too." This is far better than being known as the girl with tentacles, yes?

The firelizards can take care of themselves. If they get too tired of playing in the rain, they can pop between to a nice warm spot near the fire. Or on the edge of the hatching sands, if Seryth and Kanekith will let them. Anyway, there are a lot of places where a firelizard can be warm and dry, and they're smart enough to go there. Not like some wherries that'll drown staring up at the clouds! Soriana… is also smart, and so she stops kissing Ka'el before they drop anything. "Indoors." Is where they should go, and also - "We can have indoor dates. It won't rain there." And the pitter-patter of rain on the roof… could be romantic, right? Better be, because it's definitely here for Date Part Two. Soriana follows Ka'el inside, and heads for the table to set down her objects, one by one. "Rain-dates usually serve soup. Very thick soup. Only, it's thinned by the end, if you eat it just fast enough. And distilled drinks." Same principle.

Ka'el uses a foot to close the door behind him because hands are totally overrated to be used for anything nowadays. And although it's too bad that he's not being kissed anymore right now, it's also necessary for them to progress forward with the getting rid of their load. And so, he lifts the basket he's been nudging along and carries it to the table to set it down with the other things, mostly soggy. And the wine glass. And the plates. "Indoor dates? … Mmm not as impressive as outdoor rain dates, but … they'll do." He flings his hands a little to dry them though ends up wiping his palms against the side of his trousers for a quicker solution. He laughs at the menu described by her. "I think we have salad soup," he notes with a look to the basket. "And…I'm afraid to open that." He gives the basket a shift-eyed look before poking a finger against her side and moving up behind her to rest his chin upon her shoulder. "Wanna take off your clothes?" Nekkid Sori! No, not quite. "I've got some dry shirts you can wear."

Hands are soooo last turn. Clink, clank, Soriana puts stuff down on the table, and grins. "Well, we can't always do the rain dates. Or else… we'd… uh… we'd look like posers. Instead of trendsetters." Despite setting the trend. Does… she even know how any of this works? Apparently not! And she's okay with that. Salad soup? She's less okay with, and she eyes it at Ka'el's mention. "…might skip that part." The basket, though… "It'll be even worse tomorrow." Because who knows what's going to drip on what and glue itself together and… Ka'el's going to be slaving over a hot sink trying to fix it in the morning. Or someone is, anyhow. But at least they're in out of the rain. She tilts her head back as Ka'el rests in against her, and smirks at the suggestion of her clothes being removed. That's… okay, not entirely incompatible with a date, but… ohhhhh. "Heh. Probably should." Because otherwise she'll be dripping. On the furniture.

Ka’el? Fix dishes glued together with old oozy food stuff? Pft. He has people for that now. People who’d happily scrape his crusty dishes! .. okay, maybe not happily, but they’ll do it if he asked! Not that he would, having become far too accustomed to doing things for himself (which doesn’t mean he hasn’t reaped the rewards of being Weyrleader from time to time). Wet or not, Soriana gets from-behind touches from Ka’el whose arms slip loosely around her hips . “Sorry dinner’s ruined,” he says apologetically as the rain continues to pour outside, drumming the roof and splattering upon the windows. “But the night isn’t,” he continues, his grin light. “I’ve got you.” Simple explanation enough as to why the night isn’t a total loss. At least, simple enough to him. His touch lingers a moment longer before he steps away from her, arms falling away so that he can head to his room to get her dry clothes. “You can come in here if you want and strip,” he calls over his shoulder oh so helpfully, only partially containing his devious smirk. “Slowly of course,” he continues as he slips through the opened doorway, “because…fast moments would…cause the…friction of skin to fabric to be..horribly painful.” Sounds legit? No. No it doesn’t!

People who will only glare behind Ka'el's back for making them scrub his dirty plates, instead of doing it to his front. Those sort of people. Soriana leans back to Ka'el, pressing damp self to him - except, they're both about equally wet, so it doesn't actually make much difference. "We could probably save some of it," she says of dinner. The wine, definitely! The pasta… maybe. She's hungry, or she wouldn't be suggesting it, but she's not so hungry that she doesn't grin at the evening being un-ruined, trailing her fingers along his arm and then letting his fall aside as he leads the way to the bedroom. He leads, she follows - because, uh, that's where he keeps his shirts, right? "I didn't know you were into the bedraggled look," she retorts with a grin. "I mean, I can try falling into lakes more often, maybe… oh, setting up some strategic buckets over doors?" Though she's already taking her wet shirt off by the time she arrives in his room. It's not like there's anyone else here to watch! (And let her tell you, that is such an improvement over the time spent in various barracks.)

Ka'el snickers and gives his eyes a super exaggerated roll. "The bedraggled look has always been sexy," he retorts as he pulls open a drawer to rummage through shirts that are surprisingly folded. Someone else probably did that. He's the king of the 'kinda fold but mostly roll' technique of putting clothes away. He pulls out a gray tshirt and a blue one of the same type and tosses them both onto his bed. He scrubs at his hair as he closes the drawer, eyes drifting her way. "I'm not touchin' the soup salad," he says of their food, "but maybe I'll go for some of the pasta." As he watches her though it's increasingly obvious that his thoughts are shifting further away from food and closer towards…shirts. Like his own. He peels it off because yes, it is just as wet as her own. He lets it drop to the floor before he kicks off his boots. It's a wonder how is room isn't a perpetual pigsty! Damp trousers are next, leaving him in shorts. It's pajama time! (This is a slumber party, right?) Then, flop! He plops himself back first onto his bed (which looks a liiittle more plush than before) and folds his arms behind his head. Apparently, putting on one of those shirts will happen later. "You ever thought we'd be here?"

Hey, at least Ka'el puts his clothes away! It's a start. Soriana glances about for a place to put that wet shirt of hers - uhhhhh - and then tosses it aside. Meh. She can figure it out later! Maybe she'll hang them somewhere to dry. Or maybe she'll make Ka'el do her laundry and put the clothes away so she has an outfit of her own for next time she's here. She's not too worried about it, because, again. Nobody to see but her and Ka'el! "Hah. Might's well feed that salad to a runner. Or a rabbit." Because who doesn't love bunnies? "Pasta's probably okay, though. I mean, y'cook it in water anyhow, right?" As Ka'el knows, having slaved over that hot stove. So what's a little more wet? The shirt is joined by a pair of shoes, and then she shimmies out of pants. Does he have a replacement for those? …does she care? Okay, she will in the morning, when she has to head back, but right now… she really doesn't. Slumber party is go! She heads over to the bed, glancing at the shirts before sitting herself down on the edge of it. "What, on your bed?" She smirks, then turns a bit, reaching out to trail her fingers along Ka'el's chest. "It was a possibility." She knew the risks when she came out here! But… her tone turns more serious, grin fading. "…no. I mean…" She gives her head a shake. "It's only weird when I stop to think about it. You know?"

Replacement pants? Well .. unless Soriana doesn't mind walking out of his weyr and to hers wearing sweatpants that are his size, then…uh, that'd be a negative! They can deal with that in the morning. Right now, things are comfortable and quiet with the backdrop of rain pattering outside. "Alloy might eat it … if he gets hungry enough," he says, though he doubts his words soon after they come out of his mouth. What self-respecting firelizard eats salads? Not Alloy! … Unless he is in fact, starving. Ka'el watches Soriana, eyes unabashedly roaming her as she approaches. She's his girlfriend, so he can do that! He smirks at her answer. "Yes, on my bed," he replies, voice laced with playful sarcasm that shows on his expression. He slips one arm out from behind his head to reach out for her, fingers seeking touch and finding it as they press and rub against the small of her back. He listens, his smile slipping though his expression doesn't look troubled due to that. More contemplative than anything else. "Yeah, I know," he confirms. "Thinkin' of you as a Weyrwoman was … difficult. Not because you didn't make a good one," he assures, "but because I was used to you being … just you. Now," he chuckles a little, "I don't feel like a Weyrleader. Seems like I should feel … I dunno. Big. Or something. I think back to when I first met you, and I'd've never thought in a million turns it'd turn out like this." Fingers continue to rub. "Would you change anything? Not about you an' me, specifically, but .. anything."

Meh, Soriana's pants will probably be dry by morning. Because they do that when tossed on the floor, right? Soriana's not going to worry about it, though she does look dubious at Ka'el's thought about the salad. Firelizards so don't eat their greens. Maybe maul a leaf or two, if it looks at them funny, but that's different. Soriana leans back lightly into that touch. She grins for his reply - yay beds! - then drifts more serious. Not unhappily so, just… serious. One corner of her mouth quirks up for her being Weyrwoman (Junior Edition), but the half-smirk is followed by a nod. "I'm still me. But… it's not just me, anymore." Because now there's this junior weyrwoman ma'am person who's also her. And this weyrleader person who's also Ka'el. "Important. With a stuffed shirt and… barking orders because you know what to do." A half-smile, rueful. Knowing what to do is hard. "Shards, sometimes I don't even know what to do with me, let alone all the rest of the Weyr." She shakes her head as her fingers continue to wander along his chest. "Anything. Huh. I… dunno. I mean…" Her fingers splay against him. "I wonder where else we could have ended up. Like… if you were a smith, and I was…" Okay, dragonhealer'd still keep her here at the Weyr, but… "Something else."

So Soriana has multiple personalities! … I knew it. But what high ranking member doesn't? Ka'el is finding that things require him to be different. He can't speak in the same tone and use the same laid back mannerisms with a visiting member of Fort or something as he would with his friends. It's an adjustment. A long, slow one. "Important," he echoes with a nod, liking that word. It fits well with what he was trying to say. He smirks at her quip about not knowing what to do with the rest of the weyr, worrying about self first. "Been there," he agrees. Still there, to be honest! "I know what you shardin' mean. It's a nightmare.." being responsible for others other than oneself? Who signed them up for this gig anyway?! "Even if you did know what to do every time a problem came up, I've got the feeling that no matter what, anything you'd say or do would probably still make half of the Weyr mad. There's no pleasin' everybody." But there can be the pleasing of one body, and Ka'el has a body in mind just for that. Comfort comes in the form of her splayed hand, and he relaxes heavily against the sheets. "I don't know if I'd still be here," he says honestly as fingertips rub small circles against the small of her back before beginning to roam toward her hip. "I mean … I could've only gone so far on Xanadu. If I wanted to seriously study and move up, I'd've had to ask to request a transfer. If I had done that, we wouldn't be here right now. And if I wasn't here now …huh. I dunno if I'd be as happy." He's quiet for a little bit, then, "Definitely wouldn't be as rich," he remarks with a smirk. "But maybe just as known, as by now I'd be a smith known across Pern for my craftsmanship."

Yeah, the extra personalities kinda come with the knot. The more strings you've got, the more likely you are to have multiples. There's this demand or that thing or… whatever. And all those requests! And problems. And… "Shards yes," she says to the fact that they can't make everyone happy. "Have you had to deal with Gruyr yet? He'll go to every single junior in the hopes of getting one of us to give the answer he wants." A shake of her head, and then a grin. "So mostly I just say no to him on general principles." Because where's the fun in letting people have what they want? …well, that depends on the person, and what they want. If Ka'el wants to continue with those roaming fingers, she's all for that. And she's all for having her hand wander too, tracing up over his shoulder and then down along his arm. She nods at his comment about not being here, because… yeah. "You'd have gone to Telgar. Once…" She was going to say something about convincing his parents to let him, but… she doesn't. "…y'were ready. Orik'd send you off with… heh, probably three lectures on how to behave yourself and a half-dozen warnings about things to never forget." Her grin's a lopsided one, and her fingers jump over from his wrist to his side. "You'd be making your own fortune. To go with the fame. You'd have those metal flowers in shops all across Pern, instead of just Marel's." Modesty? Pfft. Why bother pretending? Besides, it's all good fun.

Ka'el smirks. "Gruyr? Not yet. But now I'll keep an ear out for the name an' take hidden exits out of the office if ever I hear he's on his way to gripe and beg me to give to him what you ladies won't." Fingers drum against her hip. "Thanks for the heads up." See, she's been at this longer than he has! She knows the ins and outs of the regular complainers while he's just now starting to become aware. She's an amazing resource! His smile is lazy and small as her hand snakes its way along his skin. "Orik.." The single name comes with a lot. A sound of exasperation mixed with fondness and humor at the same time. "I miss him, even with all the headache he gave me. He was.. I looked up to him," he says, changing his wordage. "And you're wrong. He'd've sent me off with four lectures, a test on the content've those lectures, a written report of my reflection of the lectures, and with enough warnings to fill a book." His grin remains fond now, though at a point it begins to lose strength. He sits up enough to slide his arm around her completely and try to pull her closer while he himself moves to lay more fully on the bed, legs no longer dangling over the side as he settles against pillows. "Lay with me," he asks without really asking.

"You can use the trapdoor," Soriana says with a grin. "Long's they haven't put in the hungry tunnelsnakes yet." Because that would make it less 'secret exit' and more 'fangy death'. More seriously, she adds, "I dunno if he'd try with you. He's not a rider…" So, not technically Ka'el's problem, but… ha! Like that stops anyone. Soriana certainly gets plenty of riders asking for things! Her fingers trail in over Ka'el's stomach, grazing the skin lightly, and she smiles for his reminiscence of Orik - not that she really knew the man, other than avoiding his glare when she went to visit Ka'el, but… there's an arch of her brow for being wrong, then a laugh as he explains exactly how. "True, that." Orik is… not the sort to leave anything to chance. Especially not lectures… or rules. Soriana comes along willingly as Ka'el changes positions, stretching out beside him with her front pressed to his side and her fingers trailing once again over his chest as her arm drapes over him. She's watching his face, her own expression… thoughtful. "I'm glad you didn't leave," she says abruptly. "Even if you'd have been a smith famous across all of Pern."

"Ooh, there's a trapdoor? I thought that was just rumor." Ka'el's brows raise at that. "I'll have to utilize it for quick getaways … after investigatin' for tunnelsnakes," said as he sagely nods. His body moves then, rolling a little so that he faces her. Bodies close. Faces close without being so close that vision is compromised. His arm slips beneath hers and loops around her waist, and his hand moves upward, fingers fondling the strands of her hair. Her sudden statement causes a single edge of his mouth to quirk upwards, and for a few long seconds he merely watches her, eyes on her face and lips still holding that half smile. "I'm glad I didn't leave," he finally speaks. "My whole life would've been different." Some ways good and some bad. "No Kanekith.." Which would've saved his ties with his family. "No you. No this." He makes a gesture with his eyes to their surroundings, then they settle back upon her. "One small thing can make a hell've a difference, huh?" And that has his smile fading again until his expression lacks any trace of it at all. The touches to her hair slow until they stop, but his arm remains around her. Serious Ka'el. "Maybe it's an impossible promise, but .. Promise me that if you ever feel …. desperate about something, like you're trapped with no way out, that you won't ever do something that'll … be harmful to you." A random, sort of out of the blue request, but from the look in his eyes, it seems important. At least, to him.

"Well, it's secret." So of course Ka'el hadn't heard of it! What good's a well-publicized trapdoor? "But you get to know… now." Before? She'd have defended the secret with … someone's life. Not hers. Maybe a herdbeast's life, so they could have dinner after. She shifts, draping a leg in toward his, trailing her fingers along his side to further bridge the space. She's quiet as he considers on it. Maybe he's having regrets. Or… no. He's glad too, and she smiles for that. Some of it drifts away as he talks about the good and the bad of it, but… Kanekith makes her think of Luraoth, the presence in the back of her mind. And… herself. Who would she have been, if she hadn't had Ka'el all these turns? …well, she'd probably see Idrissa more than once a month, for one, but… yeah, she doesn't really know. "Don't let Kanekith hear you call him small," she says with a smirk, but then… she sees the change to his expression, and her smile fades as well. Her fingers pause, resting against his shoulderblade. There's a silent question in them at the impossible promise, one that only grows as he continues. It doesn't make sense to her. What sort of thing is he even talking about? "…yeah," she says after a moment's pause. "Okay. I mean… like… what?" So she can not do it.

Kanekith might've had some words to say about him possibly being considered a 'small' thing that made such a difference on Ka'el's path of life. But luckily, he's busy cuddling with Seryth and watching those eggs tonight. Lucky Ka'el? Soriana's question to him is a fair one. She can't very well promise not to do something without knowing about the specifics of what he'd rather her not do. But … that also makes it complicated, as a promise was made. "Like…" he begins, fingers beginning to move through her hair again. Unfortunately, 'like' is the only word that actually makes it past his lips, and thus he falls quiet again, trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle that is his speech. He's failing, and so he tries ulterior motives. They're already close, leaning to press his lips to hers doesn't take much effort at all, and the touch is kept brief. He presses another to her mouth, then her cheek, then neck where he nibbles and kisses affectionately. "Like.." he says again, voice softer now ash is lips have found other things that they could be occupying themselves with. "Anything. I think we all get there sometime. To that place where everything's just like … shit. You know? Could be because of somethin' in the office, or somethin' that.." He trails, then gives her body a gradual squeeze. "Just promise that you won't do somethin' stupid that's gonna make me worry about you. Or..lose you or something. Cuz … shards, I've kinda gotten used to havin' you around." Smirk.

Soriana waits, expectant. She's not rushing him to answer, but… she is waiting. It's like… something. Like she's waiting. Like… her fingers start moving again when his do, trailing down along his shoulderblade and over his spine. Her lips touch back to his, and she makes a little mmh noise as those lips of his work down - but she hasn't forgotten that there was an answer she was waiting for. Her head tilts toward his as he starts again. Yes? …anything. Her mouth curves up on one side with a 'but' that she doesn't say out loud. She doesn't have to, it's right there in her expression, but her fingers trail up and stroke along the back of her neck. "I won't promise not to bruise my knuckles on something." Or someone. "Because I might." She leans in and kisses at his cheek. "Or that I won't skip out on work and go hide." Faranth knows she's been tempted, sometimes. "But…" she kisses back along his jaw. "I promise I'll try and not be stupid." Only to try. Because she's… done a few stupid things, in her day. She survived? And she's gotten vaguely better about not being reckless. "Not when it matters." She can still put too much hot sauce on her wherry meat. That's legit, right?

Ka'el has a way of being vague, you know? It's a skill of his! But, vague or not, Soriana is still answering him and so he's listening, his mind still turning over things he can't or won't say. He smirks at first at the bruised knuckles thing, and the look remains after his cheek is kissed. Eyes almost roll at the mentioning of hiding from work, buuut..yeah. He gets that. He's had those days too. His look softens as her lips touch his jaw, liking the sensation of soft against hard. And then.. There. She promises she won't be stupid. He'll take that and seems satisfied by the given answer. "Good," he verbalizes. "Because if you do somethin' stupid, I'm liable to do somethin' stupid too, and I've got a reputation to keep up." He grins and begins to roll his body her way, his weight pushing, pressing, urging her to roll onto her back while he hovers above with legs on either side of her. "You know it was a mistake not puttin' that shirt on," he notes with a crooked smirk as his eyes lower to the curves of her chest and the fabric of undergarments that support them. Ha, it was either that or strategic planning on her part. Whatever the case, with whatever worry he had momentarily soothed, room is left for other things to linger on the brain. He leans down to kiss her while a hand slides down the curvature of her side, and there's little more talking to be had, at least for a while, as he instead chooses other more physical ways to show just how much he does love her.

There's stupid, and then… there's stupid. And so yeah, Soriana's not promising to be perfect. She's just… going to (try to) not be stupid. There's a serious nod for his 'good', and then… "Hah. You can't do stupid things anymore. Because all the little kids look up to the Weyrleader. You jump off a cliff, they'll do it too." There's a teasing smirk, because she's (mostly) joking. The bit that isn't a joke, well, that can wait until later, because she rolls onto her back and reaches both hands up to trail along his legs, feeling the muscles of them as she grins up to him. A mistake? "But not a stupid one." Oh no. Soriana is clever. Wily. Leaning up into that kiss, she is, and teasingly nibbling at his lips with hers. They'll be moving their mouthes for a while yet. Making sounds, even. Talking? …not so much. But Soriana will definitely be glad she made the time to come over, tonight… and she won't even mind the rain that drove them inside and still patters against the windows and roof.

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