Up in the Stands

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level
Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

Eggs are the only time in which the arena sees much action, and there are a dozen eggs to be seen on the sands now. Some are still covered up and resemble sandy mounds, while others have been moved and shifted by doting clutchparents so that their shells are revealed. Ka'el probably has something he could be doing now. There's always something that needs his attention, however minor. He's still getting used to that. He's never been so wanted in all of his life! But even though there could be a parchment waiting to be read, a meeting left to be had, or a person needing his ear, Ka'el has found solace up here in the observation level. He sits, sleeves rolled up to past his elbows, alone. Eyes are on Kanekith who is lightly nudging a black-flecked egg.

What better place to get away from the grumblings of irritable patients, not to mention avoid another potential complaint about herself, than the always quiet and peaceful egg gallery. Kera, minus her always present uniform, slips up the steps and pauses on the landing to let her eyes adjust. The wet shoulders and back of her shirt shows she's fresh from a bath. Her satchel strap is looped over her neck and shoulder and she carries Minimur loosely cradled to her, murmuring for him to be quiet. When the apprentice's eyes adjust, she scans around the seating and spots a few, then sees Ka'el a bit further up. A brief moment of thought is given about whether to intrude or to find a differant seat. With a shrug, she starts his way, edging between the rows and waving when she gets closer "G'day sir."

Ka'el doesn't mind the interruption. Kanekith can only be so interesting to watch besides, and his thoughts are crammed with eggy stuff and things regarding Seryth. And so when he notices Kera, he's glad to sit up a bit and offers a smile her way, lightly waving a hand. "Good day," he says in return, his arm lowering now. "Here to place your bets on color?" he asks with a gesture down to the mounts on the sands, his expression teasing. "Or do you just enjoy torturin' yourself with the heat of the sands?”

Kera pauses a couple seats from there the bronzer is and coaxes the lizard onto the back of the seat of the row in front of her before plopping down, already shaking her head as she chuckles, keeping her voice low to not disturb the occupants on the sand "Oh no, that's one thing I don't like betting on. Besides, I'm still tryin to collect on the last bet I made." She flashes a pointed and amused look to Ka'el as she settles more comfortably in the seat. Minimur churls softly as he looks over the huge eggs below. Kera looks them over as well, while reaching into her satchel, her hand reaches blindly a few seconds before tugging out her comb. "It may be hot, but my hair will dry quicker." Glancing back to the Weyrleader. "Are you hiding from paperwork? Sir.." She tacks on quickly with little appologetic shrug.

Soriana doesn't have to be here! Yay! …and yet here she comes. To the observation level, where the heat of the sands is… technically not quite as bad as actually down there, but it's still hot. Up the steps she comes! There's a glance down to the sands, then across the level - maybe she heard the voices? - to note Ka'el and Kera, to whom she waves before giving the sandy mounds another glance. Yep. Definitely there. They'll probably remain there if she goes and talks to the others, so she heads that way. "Hey." A smile.

"Still?" echoes Ka'el, eyes slightly widening as Kera mentions her last bet. "That's awful. You should file a formal complaint against the person. A bet is a bet, besides. It's unlawful when someone doesn't pay up…" He cracks a smile afterwards, eyes portraying his jest before he looks back down towards his bronze. The smile lingers, albeit mutedly, as Kanekith lumbers so carefully along to check on the unhatched eggs and egg-mounds with a careful tenderness only seen during these egg-laying times. He shakes his head a little at some unvoiced thought before looking back to his younger companion. "Something like that," he replies, not at all put-off by the afterthought of a title added on after. "I miss Kanekith," he admits with a small chuckle. "Odd to say as he's always up here," he taps an index finger to his temple, "but I'm used to him always bein' around. Physically, I mean. He can't very well fit in the caverns, but even if he could by some miracle, he'd be here more often than he'd be with me. Tendin' to Seryth. The eggs. Doin' what he's supposed to do. He was the same with Luraoth. He makes a good clutchfather," he notes, voice going soft. His eyes turn at the sound of another greeting, and spying Soriana he smiles and waves. "Deja vu, huh?" he notes with a quick gesture to their hot surroundings.

Kera cant her head a bit listening to Ka'el as she grabs the end of her wet hair and begins dragging the comb through it. Brow lifting at his suggestion, the girl simply smirks "It would serve you right if I did." A little shake of her head given "Nah, better I keep my name off any complaints. I just won't make any more bets that I won't get paid." Her soft chickle turns into a wince as the comb snags a small knot. Working it out while she finally nods. "Not used to being cooped up in an office huh?" She gives a sympathetic expression before eyeing the knot in her hair and jerking the comb through it. Peering towards the sands, her attention is caught by Soriana who is already approaching. Offering a quick wiggle of her fingers aand a smile "G'day Soriana."

Soriana waves back to Kera, then hehs to Ka'el. "Yeah, seriously." She looks out at those egg-mounds again, and gives her head a little shake. "At least I don't have to be here all the time, you know? Just…" what? She doesn't say, but, she does look back to Ka'el. "Kanekith's doing well? Eating enough, getting on with Seryth, all that?" Not that things don't look just fine, but hey. "D'ren's got me doing observations." At the grade two level! Which also explains what she's doing up here. Broody dragons and their mates need watching, and their humans are the best place to get it - because nobody wants to risk a queen feeling like her safe space is being invaded. Not that Seryth isn't experienced, but still. Best practices and all that.

"It isn't so bad, really," answers Ka'el in regards to his work. "It's paperwork, yes… more than what I'd like some days, but it's other things too. I like that I get to talk to people more. People that I'd never had reason to talk to before. I can understand why A'dmar had such a difficult time," he muses. "People want to be heard, and if you're not the type to want to listen…then.." He shrugs before looking to Soriana with a smirk. "The Weyrwoman's been in and out. No cot yet, though," he says. "Figure it's difficult balancing this with her duties as senior. Seryth has things handled though." This isn't her first rodeo, besides! "Kanekith does this just as well as he does everything else, if not better than some things," he laughs. "He's good. Doesn't like these candidates any more than he liked the last set, but I suppose that won't change." He gestures for her to sit at the unoccupied seat next to him. "Kera's takin' bets. She believes they'll all hatch gold." Snerk.

Kera nods to Soriana then peers back to Ka'el as he explains a few of the demands that now take up most of his time, all the while working the comb through her hair, and the knots out. "That sounds worse than the uncles and aunties that always show up in the infirmary to be checked for something they think they may have." Chuckling a bit, she falls quiet as her gaze drifts to the egg tending bronze below. Every so often, her eyes drift to Soriana, particularly mention of the Weyrwoman, but she doesn't seem to be panicking, yet. "You're dragonhealing lessons are going well then?" Ka'el's comment about betting draws a mock frown. "You're just upset I won't make bets with you anymore."

"The paperwork's what you try to get done in between the other stuff?" Soriana suggests with a crooked sort of smile, then nods to Ka'el. "I'll find her later." Thea… yeah, Soriana doesn't have to hunt her down with demands. Seryth knows quite well what she's doing, and if anything was actually wrong, Thea's be searching for the dragonhealers instead of the other way around. "Seryth's good, though." Knows what she's doing. Experienced. All that. She hehs for Kanekith's skills at egg-tending. "He is pretty good. Some bronzes… aren't." She shrugs, then glances to Kera. Her lessons? "Oh, yeah, going fine." She smiles, then looks back to Ka'el for the disliked candidates. "One of these turns, he'll find one he likes, and we'll all be shocked." Then she glances to Kera, and hehs. "I'm sure there'll be plenty of betting."

Ka'el smirks at Kera's comparison. "Lucky you won't have the worry of ever becomin' Weyrleader," he answers to that, sounding amused. "Aunties an' uncles only for you. And needles and coughing and sickness and blood…" He wrinkles his nose. "I'd take my job any day over that." Infirmaries suck! He gives a little dramatic shudder before sitting back in his seat, as relaxed as one can be in such a hot environment. "I think…heh. I know Kanekith tries to be the best at everything, but with this? He's not even.. tryin'. It's all as natural as flying to him. Seryth knows what she wants and he's happy to do things for her. And the Candidates?" He smirks and shrugs, "unless I've a long-lost twin out there somewhere, I don't think he'll ever be satisfied. But they don't seem like a bad bunch. Haven't heard any negatives from anyone. Yet." There is still time! He glances to the Weyrwoman junior. "How free are you today?"

Kera chuckles as she drags the comb though her hair a couple more times then drops it in her satchel. "At least some patients aren't as bad as others." Leaving it loose for now so it can dry, she reaches to grasp Minimur from the seatback in front of her and settle the brown on her lap. Better than let him flap around like crazy. Her gaze peers between Ka'el and Soriana, as they speak of the candidates, a curious frown slipping across her face. "If the dragons don't like the candidates, then…why are they candidates?" Then a shake of her head is given. "Nevermind, even if ya explained, I probably still wouldn't understand it." Kera laughs a bit, and shakes her head "Oh, Ka'el was misleading you there. I told him I did /not/ bet on eggs."

Soriana gives her head a shake. "At least in the infirmary you can give them fellis?" To shut them up. Er, not that she'd suggest anything like that. It's a joke. That's why she's grinning, but it goes to just a smile as she nods to Ka'el about Kanekith. "He's got the instincts for it. Some of 'em… do." And her eyes might linger on the bronzerider for a moment, but hey. She can do that. He's her boyfriend. Then she looks to Kera at the question about the candidates, though she chuckles at Ka'el's opinion. "Not 'the dragons'," she says to the healer. "They don't all think the same. Kanekith doesn't like them. Every candidate down there got searched by some dragon who liked them." Or at least thought they were worthwhile. "Doesn't mean every dragon likes them. There's people who've impressed one dragon but others… don't like them. Dragons are all different." She smiles. "Kanekith's just picky about his brood." A glance back to Ka'el, and an equivocating hand. "Sorta?" It depends on for what and how long. She glances back to Kera and gives a nod about the lack-of-bets.

Ka'el stage-whispers, "Kanekith doesn't like most people unless they give him reason to like them," he tacks on in an amused fashion. It's been turns. He's used to his dragon by now and has lived with his pickiness and ego far too long for it to bother him anymore! And Kanekith has gotten better. In ways. Though it does help that the bronze has sort of a solo job when off the sands. He's an army of one! "It's lucky that other dragons do the choosing of Candidates. If it was up to him, neither this clutch or the last would've had any Candidates at all." And what a sad, sad hatching day that'd be. "There's a lot to not understand about dragons," he admits to the healer apprentice, "even if you're a rider. There are parts that'll be mysteries for all time, I'm sure." Or at least, with him and Kanekith there will be. Soriana's answer is given a nod. "I may need to borrow you later, if you're not busy. And how's your hand?" he asks, sounding a liiiittle guilty.

Kera nods at the information. "That makes since. Just like not everyone likes the same things." Looking down towards the eggs again, she absentmindedly fans the wet clumps of hair so they can dry. Soriana's comment about fellis gets a mischevious look "Don't think it's not tempting sometimes." A slight eyeroll and amused snort. "Some patients can be quiet…disagreeable." The bronzer's mention of Soriana's hand gets a lifted brow. "Oh yea. I'm still waiting for the story behind that one." Soriana gets her attention then. "Did that mixture work out for you?"

"Oh, yeah. There's plenty of mysteries." So says not only dragonrider but dragonhealer. Soriana has no answers when it comes to dragons. Okay, some answers, but… not all of them. As for being borrowed? "Sure. I've got some stuff to finish, but… it's flexible." She shrugs. She can find time. She will! So yeah. "Hand's doing fine." She wiggles the fingers. See, no bandage! "It was just minor." All healed and everything, and while the question from Kera makes her glance that way, she glances back to Ka'el briefly before smiling at the healer. "Oh, yeah, the mixture worked fine. Soothing and all." Story? What story?

Phew, the hand will not have to be sacrificed! Ka'el's glad to see little, or rather no damage to the wiggled fingers, which he catches in his own hands now for further inspection. With a healer's eye to critical detail (which he doesn't have by the way, but hey he can pretend!) he examines the digits and the palm of her hand. Peer. Peer. Squint. He turns her hand a bit to get a good look at every angle. "You're right. Buuut, I'm seein' here," he points to a knuckle of her index finger, "and here," a random point to an area on her palm, "have the beginnings of an odd growth.." There is truly nothing all the be seen except in Ka'el's own imagination, but he continues to squint and makes the frowny face that healers tend to make when they find something that is Not Good (tm). He clicks his tongue. "This is unfortunate. Gravely unfortunate," he says in a woebegone voice, head shaking from side to side. "I'm afraid no mixture will work to cure this."

Kera nods to Soriana, watching the queenrider a moment, then Ka'el gets her attention. When neither seem to be willing to tell the story of why they were trying to start another fire, the apprentice simply shrugs. Ka'el antics the next few minutes bring a few chuckles and amused headshake. Leaning toward the hand being 'examined', Kera nods as if she sees what the Weyrleader does. "Oh most definately. Several growths. Hmm." Nodding with a sad little sigh "You may have to lose the hand in order to save the arm." She's joking of coarse, signaled by the amused smirk she has. "I'm glad it healed up quickly for ya though. Hard to write reports with your hand all bandaged up."

Soriana's hand is caught, because she doesn't even dodge, and she grins as she lets Ka'el inspect it. Though not sacrifice it, she'd really rather not have it chopped off and thrown in a volcano or… however these things work. She peers dutifully at the points he indicates (there's skin there! Gasp!), then glances over to Kera as the healer confirms it. "Well. Looks like I'm doomed." She shrugs. "Better live in the moment, huh? No use writing reports when it's all just going to fall off or turn into tentacles. So…" A grin to Ka'el. "Guess I'm all yours today, until my ignomious fate."

Ka'el nods gravely as Kera confirms his findings. Yes, see? Doomed! He gives her hand a squeeze. "Too bad, baby. I mean … I liked you with two hands, but I suppose I can get used to the thought of one hand plus tentacles?" He squints his eyes, as if trying to imagine the change from fingers to … well. Suction cups? She'll be Pern's first human mutant! She'll go down in the history books. Soriana, the Tentacled Weyrwoman of Xanadu! He grins, eyes shifting to the sands momentarily as Kanekith makes to exit. He checks in with him, eyes unfocusing for a brief moment. "She's hungry," he reports, probably unnecessarily. Food is one of the few reasons the bronze ever leaves Seryth's side. He brings Soriana's hand to his lips to kiss at her infections because that most assuredly will be a cure for tentacleitis. "Good, if you're mine for the day, then meet me in the clearing by my weyr later," he says with a grin. "I'll keep myself free this evening." Or, he'll try to, at least!

Kera smiles at her friends, the queenrider's hand still being examined, when movement on the sands draws her eyes toward the eggs. Ka'el's mentioning of the dragon being hungry, thus why he is leaving, gets a slight nod. Rubbing her hand over Minimur's back, the little brown chitters softly at the attention. Ka'el's outlandish comments of attaching tenticles brings a sharp laugh. "That sounds like a Harper was burning mushrooms on his fire while writing." Flicking her eyes between the riders, her shoulders lift in a little shrug "You'll have to put off being doomed for another day Soriana. Else you're ruin what plans Ka'el seems to be plotting."

"Tentacles aren't so bad. I mean, sure, they're sort of…" Soriana makes a gesture with her hand, a wiggly undulating sort of gesture. "…wibbly. But they've got uses, or so I hear. It's not terrible." And besides! She'll be famous. For… being an abomination and a horror, but hey. Can't be too picky about these things. Kanekith's departure gets a glance, and a nod for Ka'el's given reason before she looks back to him and smiles. "All yours. Though, I'd better get my report filed first, or D'ren'll be expecting it." So she's all his, except for the part where she's not. Isn't that always the way? But. "I'll be there." Eventually. Hopefully at the same time as he is. Also doomed, because, "Oh, no," she says to Kera. "I'll suffer my hideous fate tonight. On-schedule. It'll be tragic. Suitable for harperly tales."

"Those tend to make the best stories though," remarks Ka'el to Kera, grinning. "And I personally believe all harpers are a bit addled in the head. Just a little." Just enough to make them the creative types that they are! "Wibbly isn't a word," he remarks to Soriana. "Now I'd've accepted 'wiggly', 'jiggly' or even 'wobbly' but … wibbly?" He tries to make a face, but he can't because his grin keeps breaking through. He kisses her infected hand once more before finally relenting and releasing it, nodding at the mentioning of reports. "Oh, if it's anything worth noting in there, I think he's lost a little weight. But he did last time as well, as he's givin' most of what he catches to Seryth and only taking morsels for himself. He gained it back after hatching, so I'm not too worried of it. But … just in case they're needing specifics, there it is." He plucks at his shirt to circulate some air. It's stuffy in here! "I should go finish up some things now that Kanekith is off. Give Seryth some peace." And hopefully getting things done to free himself up! He rises from his seat now and brushes his hands against his trousers.

Kera smirks at the silly turn the conversation has taken, but she holds up a hand to try and stop Ka'el's argument. "If she wants to make up words, then she can. You're not the only one allowed to make stuff up." She crunches her nose a bit, as if trying to remember something, but shakes it off. "I can't recall what word ya made up now…but ya did. So let her have 'wibbly' if she wants." Kera nods decisively to the weyrwoman as if to say 'I got your back.' Ka'el's departure is met with a wiggle of fingers "Have a good evening sir."

A little addled in the head? Soriana shrugs. "Who isn't?" That's why mindhealers have so much work to do! Because of all the crazies that - wait. Maybe they shouldn't encourage those mindhealers. Aaaanyway. Soriana smiles to the kiss for her hand, and brushes her fingers against his cheek. Words? "Why limit myself?" To the real words. She can get creative. She's good like that! Or, well, turning into a tentaclebeast like that. It's the same sort of thing. Mostly. She gives a smile to Kera. "We all have our quirks. It's fine." And Kanekith? She nods. "Some of the males do that. Nothing to worry about, so long as he's still feeding some and he's not being sickly for it." A shrug. This, she knows. But… aww. Ka'el's leaving. She looks disappointed for a moment, then nods. "I suppose I should too, get that report in. But I'll see you later."

"That's because I did not make up any word," remarks Ka'el, flashing a grin Kera's way. "Any word I deem a real word is thus a real word. There's a rule that says so in the Weyrleader's Guide to Declaring New Vocabulary book I read." It's a very thick book that's hidden deep in the restricted area of the archives! A warm smile is reserved for Soriana at the touch to his cheek, and he nods at her assessment of Kanekith. He's not worried if she's not worried. She's a Grade Two now! She knows what she's talking about. He moves closer to touch a kiss to her cheek. A perfectly chaste and appropriate gesture from a Weyrleader to his Weyrwoman girlfriend that won't (shouldn't) cause much (any) ruckus at all from the few scattered egg-observers that lounge in the stands. "I'll see you," he says to her with an affectionate smile before he turns to bob his head to Kera. "And I'm sure to see you as well. Hopefully not while sitting on an infirmary cot.." he says as an afterthought. He'll knock on wood. His grin returns as he waves to them both and turns to head out of the stands and back to work.

Kera just rolls her eyes in amusement. "Maybe one day, you'll show us the mythical guidebook you speak of sir." With a grin nods agreeably to Soriana. "Can't have the reports turned in late now can ya." A good naturedly chuckle is given as she wiggles fingers once more, cept this time to Soriana. "Alright, see you around." her fingers gestures haphazardly around the weyr. "You two have a nice evening."

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