Kairoikyriath's and Zeruth's Clutch Hatches

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Though the weather may be getting warmer and warmer, on the sands it's still… well, it's also warm, but the sands have yet to reach the full heat of summer. It's an average morning, unremarkable in any way save for one thing: Kairoikyriath is actually on the sands. In fact, Xanadu's youngest queen is all but hovering over her eggs, nosing at one or two out of curiosity. That's probably why they're moving. It's the queen's sudden interest in her offspring, not… no, wait. Things are definitely moving, and even though it's under Kairoikyriath's critical eye the gold is not to blame. Hear that humming? Everyone knows what that means. Hurry up, candidates, because it's your time to shine.

Dem Bones Egg shivers within its shell, vibrating from side to side as if shaken by an unseen hand. Or maybe the heat of the sands just isn't cutting it anymore and an unexpected chill has crept up the spine of the dragon baby. Regardless of the reason, the egg is hardly still anymore, and the shaking of its shell is a constant.

Infinite Possibilities Egg grows weary with waiting to be found by some passer-by. A tremor from the hatchling within causes the shell to ripple in an expanding circle, bulging so that the egg seems to swell then withdraw, as if it was shrinking right before your eyes. A few brief moment of stillness, long enough for several breaths, and then the egg lurches in place as if the occupant is throwing some weight around in there. Infinite Possibilities Egg tips over a few inches, stops, then a few more inches send it rocking gently onto its side and succeeding in coating most of its sinister radioactive green shell with gritty sand. A sedate calm settles over the egg, no longer rocking or wobbling. Now is the time for patience… and maybe a quick nap.

As the humming sounds, the candidates answer! With weyrling staff making sure the multitude of white-robed candidates are orderly and everyone is present, it's the clutchsire's rider who's leading them out onto the sands. S'ai, looking like he's got energies barely contained, comes to the edge of the sands and gives the candidates a brilliantly wide grin. "Good luck, all of you." And he steps aside to let them meet their fates. He gives a bow to Kairokyriath before stepping to join Zeruth, who's all but threatening to hover over the eggs until his rider gives the bronze a reassuring pat. "You did good, pal."

Striding out onto the sands in her white robe is Briari. She is wringing her hands nervously together, fingers twining in and out a few times as they brush over bright white knuckles. Once in view, she takes a proper bow towards the Dam and Sire, offering a thankful smile towards the metallic pair for this opportunity. With a glance over towards her fellow candidates, she takes her spot in line, staring out towards the quivering eggs that lay upon the hot, dusty sand.
<Sands> The arena is quickly filling up with people and Tani suddenly finds himself terrified. Practically all of Pern would be watching him. Of course, hes not alone on the sands but then he still feels the strong looks of the audience upon his shoulder. Following the others, he gives the bronze dragon a bow and another one, a bit lower, to the golden queen before reaching the group again.

Harmony 101 Egg begins to tremble, thumped on from the inside as if a runner's hoof is beating against the shell. Let me out! There's so many great things out there in the world, and the inhabitant of this egg… wants them all!

Nothing to See Here Egg makes a little hop on the sands. Up, down, then nothing more.

Kaitro makes his way into the hatching sands, there's no nervous energy here, the candidate beams quite cheerfully as he offers a respectful bow to both of the clutchparents. He then moves over towards the side, beaming cheerfully first at Tani and then at Gir, "Hey, pretty soon, this'll all be over and there'll be a great feast!" And that is something the candidate is looking forward to.

Giroux wanders onto the sands with the other candidates and bows to both Dam and Sire as soon as he makes his appearance. He moves over to where Kaitro is, walking towards the middle of the sands, glancing and nodding at him. "Yeah, they're really moving." He admits, sounding much more nervous.

S'dny sits with the contigent that has come from Monaco Bay. The weyrlings finishing up their lessons and graduation time nears. This isn't the first trip out, but it is very nearly. The normally jovial harper sits in his seat staring intently down to the sands. A hatching is serious business, and this one…for him…is perhaps more serious than some of the others he has attended. He turns his head for a moment to observe the others watching the hatching, and after a few moments turns his full attention down to the sands.

Where's the Jr. Weyrwoman? Why, she's here. Sort of. Breathless and with that bright red hair flying every which way, Innes speeds on to the sands, coming to a skidding halt next to Kairoikyriath. Despite her late arrival, the normally expressionless Junior is nothing but smiles. Hello, candidates! And hello, freedom!

The Cimarron Alma egg starts to wobble. A slow crack crawls up the side which soon spreads out like a web across the rest of the egg. There are bits that fall down like grains of sand, and a faint wetness rests upon the egg before it falls to the side, resting more in the sand. The one within has stopped moving.

Kiena hurries up the stairs to the rapidly filling observation levels and maybe her quick pace is because she's not wanting to miss it or… because she's chasing her two girls who have a considerable lead on her. "Get back here, you two!" she calls but in vain! The twins just meld into the crowd and with a sigh, the bluerider gives up. At least they're within sight now as they crowd around with some of the other weyrbrats. "… guess I'll find a seat then." she mutters and flops down on one of the seats. Just in time!

Mur'dah moves into the galleries with long strides, windtossed hair and shedding his riding jacket proof that he's came from duties. "Hey," he says, flopping down beside Kiena with a grin, and then looking past to spot S'dny. Have they met? Mur'dah tosses up a wave anyway and a wide grin. "Exciting, isn't it?" he calls.

Infinite Possibilities Egg has considered many options and a decision has been made. An internal struggle causes an audible crack and tiny thread like veins begin to stretch around the gently curved shell. A few jittery bumps from the scuffling hatchling trapped inside and larger cracks branch out, one portion of the shell bulging out as more tiny crevices spread over onward. The pressure recedes and the egg goes still, not for long though. In a sudden burst of motion the shell parts just a bit more and light flashes from a goo covered snout, but can't quite breach its confines and is forced back to stillness once more.

Someone's Been At Me Egg rocks in place as the dragon inside starts tapping at the shell. At first, the taps are merely exploratory, too weak to break through the surface. Tap… taptap… rattatattatap… tap. Before it can quite turn into a drum solo, the dragon inside figures out whatever it was that was being investigated and those taps strengthen into a series of jabs that leave a jagged ring of holes around the yellow top of the egg.

Kaitro reaches out to give Gir a reassuring squeeze of his shouder, "Hey, nothing to be nervous about, yeah? Either we impress or we don't impress. It's not like anything terrible is going to happen." Yup, Mr. Sunshine and rainbows this one. And as the eggs start shaking, his eyes flicker towards the eggs, excitement flickering across his face. "Shards I'm excited though. I haven't been to a hatching in ages, does it always happen like this? They're all moving out there."

Nothing to See Here Egg is having a difficult time staying still! That one single hop is followed by another. Then another! Finally, it teeters to one side and topples over, rolling on to one side, exposing a crack that seems as if it's being picked at by the hatchling inside.

Glancing over towards Eltanin, Briari gives him a confident smile on her face, leaning in to gently bump his shoulder to hers. "Hey, you're going to be fine." She says in an assuring tone as her eyes dart from one egg to the next, watching the shells crack and wobble harder. She draws in a slow, steady breath into her lungs, forcing her hands to unwind from each other and settle at her sides in a slow, cautious sway.

Eltanins impatience nearly strangles him and he has to force himself to breathe, eyes locked on the elongated ovals before him. Which one would crack first? He does his best to look patient, though his feet feel as if they were burning up. He gives a nervous nod in the direction of Kaitro, "Yes they are." he says keeping his eyes on the eggs that are rocking back and forth.

Kiena startles when Mur'dah flops down beside her and when she recognizes him, she snorts and smirks crookedly, giving him a playful nudge to the arm. "About time you showed up! You got here just in time," she mutters at him. "Had to chase the girls all the way here. Thien's with the nannies." Because there's no way she's watching over a baby at the same time! She'll wave hastily to S'dny, but her eyes are soon drawn back to the sands. "There's the Candidates!" Is she trying to spot a familiar one or two? Possibly!

Giroux shrugs as he looks to Kaitro. "I've no idea. I've never been to a hatching, so all of this is just.." He motions towards the eggs. "All of this… all the motion, I mean everything." He says. "Just…motion"

S'dny 's attention is caught by the greeting from the gent that he has indeed not met, at least not to his recollection. Most of the time spent in Xanadu had been spent oh so very drunk. So it's entirely possible he has met him. He waves a hand to him and nods genially, "Indeed it is." he responds, "Exciting day all around."

C'rus is also already seated. The Fortian hasn't missed a hatching since he graduated and he certainly wouldn't miss one in Xanadu. He gives a nod to people as they pass by and keeps his attention reserved mostly for what is happening on the sands.

Mur'dah grins at Kiena and peers around for the twins. "Sounds good," he says easily. "Yeah, barely made it." He leans against the bluerider's shoulder and then flashes S'dny a wide grin. "Very exciting! New lives beginning down below. I'm Mur'dah, by the way. This is Kiena, nice to meet you."

Infinite Possibilities Egg doesn't spend too much time resting, not when freedom is so close. In a surprise attack, the shell once more bulges, shards parting as the young one inside struggles against the harden walls of the vivid green shell. The determined hatchling trudges on though as his head punches through to freedom. With a large flake of shell stuck to his head, and the rest of him still confined, there's only one thing to do. Retreat! The bit of shell drops back into place as the head vanishes from sight. It's not the end of this little one though, oh no. As if there was room to take a running start inside Infinite Possibilities Egg, it shatters with a goo flinging explosion of green fragments that alert everyone of the shell-break.

Basking Under Distant Stars Bronze Hatchling
Bronze has molten by an explosion of luminous plasma and polished by cosmic winds with coppery dust, all to leave this dragon's hide gleaming a rich reddish hue from the tip of his muzzle all the way to his forked tail. Sweeping headknobs of pale brass hold a symmetry of field, balanced by the aquiline shape of his muzzle and chin. His eye-ridges glimmer with a faint sparkle of cosmic dust, as do his pronounced cheeks and jawline. His arched neck leads to the broad, barrel-like chest and square, strong shoulders of a powerful frame. Rich cinnabar pebbles across his back like a field of scattered asteroids or the bright hues of an unknown constellation against the copper that is his background radiation. His burly chest is crossed by mottled ribbons of rust and orange smoke, swirling and twirling like a massive storm forever raging. Amidst the chaos of their pattern is a red spot, sometimes clearly visible and at other times appearing to contract to near nothing, depending on… the lighting, perhaps, or this dragon's stance. Sturdy, well-muscled limbs lead down to paws dimmed to ochre beneath the shadow of his bulk but well-capable of carrying him around - as are his wings, whose powerful sweep is streaked with amber comets. Near his body, there's only a few, but soon there are swarms of them, entire showers of meteors until the entire sky is alight at his pale and lustrous wingtips. The pattern of those golden lights may be confusing with his wings folded, but when those mighty sails are fully extended, it's clear an entire galaxy of falling stars has aligned to light his way.

Basking Under Distant Stars Bronze Hatchling shakes a last clingy flake from his cheek and his muzzle lowers to examine the shattered remains he stands in. A couple of sniffs are taken before the unsteady dragonette rears his knobby head up and back, sneezing when grains of sand tickle his sensitive nostrils. Wings flare out as the young one sneezes again, the force of it nearly upending the stocky bronzling, but not quite. He spends a moment getting the hang of standing, wings awkwardly flailing or fluttering as his balance weaves uncertainly. Once that learning curve is dealt with attention is given to things a bit further away. There's something he's supposed to do… what was it…? Hard to remember everything when you're only minutes old.

"It's like a wave…or…bubbles in a pot. Everything's just…moving." A hand reaches up to scratch at Kaitro's head, tilting it to the side in a thoughtful manner. He wraps his arms about his chest, giving himself a little headshake. "Better to keep on top of things. Never know just what is going to happen." Kai offers a cheerful grin to Tani, "Now, now, none of that Mr. Grumpypants. How about a smile, c'mon. This is exciting!" And then the first dragon break shell, and he tilts his head to the side. "Hey, look one finally decided to say hi, and it's a bronze. That's good luck I hear. He's a nice-looking one too!"

As Innes arrives, S'ai is shooting her a grin and a wave that might be a bit awkward, but no one's probably looking anyway! As the first egg cracks, there's a blurted laugh and he thumps Zeruth in the leg. "HAH, bronze, man! Look at the colors on him too." And Zeruth raises his head, chest puffed out with undeniable pride as his humming takes on a triumphant note and glances aside to Kairokyriath. Darn right the first-shelled is a bronze.

Someone's Been At Me Egg accumulates enough holes that the yellow segment on top simply falls down inside the rest. There's silence for a moment, then a crunching sound of shattering eggshell that doesn't seem to correspond to any further emergence of the dragon inside.

Kiena leans back against Mur'dah's shoulder and when she's introduced, she'll wiggle her fingers again to S'dny and grin. "Know anyone down there?" she asks just before the first egg hatches. She whistles softly, "Bronze first! Good luck — if you follow the whole superstition bit!" Chuckling, she flashes another grin at her weyrmate. "Any bets?"

Giroux blinks at the sudden bronze that bursts forward as he looks to Kaitro. "Are they so… rambunctious when they hatch? That egg all but exploded." The small blonde haired Holder states, sounding a bit awed. Even a lordling can be cowed by the beauty of nature and life it seems.

Kairoikyriath looms over her eggs, staring at each in turn as they wiggle. But slowly, as all the shaking and wiggling amounts to nothing the gold's attention begins to shift. She //thought they were interesting, but they're still just eggs. That is, until a shell finally cracks and the first bronze spills onto the sands. Almost immediately, she's angling in to get a better look. Oh hello, she made that. That humming bronze beside her helped too, a bit… but mostly it was her.//

"Wow." Briari breathes out at the sight of the first dragonet that burst out of his egg. "He is gorgeous." Rubbing at the back of her neck for a moment, she shoots a look towards the boys in her class with a slight grin. "Man up, boys. Looks like that guy is a rowdy one and he's going to one of you."

There is the first egg to go! He quickly analyzes the hatchings color, a bronze..though certainly different from his own who is out stalking around Xanadu somewhere, "The pleasure is all mine. Monaco's duties to Xanadu and her queens." he greets formally enough offering the pair a salute, though decidedly a distracted one, "I'm S'dny. A weyrling from up at Monaco. This is one of our first visits out." With escorts, but still. Out is out. Kiena's question gets a nod, "Yes. One of the weyrlings is from Monaco, and I know Innes as well."

Nothing to See Here Egg finally breaks free! ..one claw at a time. The hatching process is an unhurried one as talons gradually pick away at its shell, shard after shard after painstakingly slow shard. Eventually though, an entire leg is seen, and with a for more wiggles, the rest of the shell crumbles away, and the once entrapped hatchling is free from its rather cramped confines! Ahhh, to stretch its wings!

Why Bother With You Blue Hatchling
Wingspars of deep midnight blue stretch long and thin, almost comically so, on this hatchling. They are the eye's focus, his wings. The thin membrane of skin that are the sails are light in color. Translucent blue, like the silver lining of the morning's dawn. They appear to be twice the size of him, making him appear to be all wing and little dragon. But there is a body that holds those sails aloft. A body of slight girth and somewhat round shape. He is the color of an overcast day: Blue yet the hue of blue that can be mistaken easily with gray. Limbs are fairly short, but what they lack in length they make up for with power. The musculature is easily seen beneath the skin, finely sculpted for strength. A thin, sinewy tail extends from his trunk, forked at the end at which point the color darkens from gray-blue to black, as if dipped in ink. He has a long face with a rounded muzzle. Swirling eyes are set beneath dark eye ridges whose slight upward slant makes him appear to be perpetually sulking.

Mur'dah looks thoughtfully down at the Sands and then shakes his head. "No bets. I don't know this group very well…" He looks back to S'dny and grins crookedly. "Well? Or…" air quotes, "'well'?" And he winks.

Eltanin is doing his best to 'man up' as Briari so eloquently puts it, "He is amazing." Tani says softly, more to himself than anyone around him. He tears his glance away from the bronze long enough to see the hatching of the blue, "And there's another!"

Kaitro gives his shoulders a little roll to Gir's question, rubbing his head absently, "No idea. I heard that happens, though. That the dragons just break out, maybe the others'll do the same?" His eyes flicker over towards the others, checking up on them to make sure they're alrght.

Innes simply returns S'ai's wave with quick one of her own, no awkwardness attached. This is a beautiful day, and for once she's not carrying any grudges. A glance goes toward the eggs, and one eyebrow arches as the bronze hatches first. That's a good sign, isn't it? "Well done, then," she says absently to Kairoikyriath.

The Wrecked Egg is becoming impatient. All this sitting and waiting .. Wheres the action?! Well, the time for waiting has come to an end, and the egg is taking it upon itself to progress things forward. The misshapen egg pulsates on one side, and a slight bulge is seen pressing out from within, further morphing its already malformed self. But the bulge is short-lived and gradually sinks back down only to be repeated again like the slow pulse of a heartbeat. Out…in. Out…in. The beat steadily quickens, and with each pulsating beat, the motions of the egg become more noticeable. Time is almost up…

"And Xanadu's duties to Monaco Bay," Kiena answers back, if a bit hastily and distracted as more eggs begin to move and another hatches a blue. That brings a broad grin to her lips! "Look at the wings on that fellow! Wonder if he'll grow into them," she muses and then smacks Mur'dah's arm playfully. "Behave, you! Well met, S'dny! Good luck to the Monaco Bay Candidate then!"

Someone's Been At Me Egg topples over onto its side. Two paws emerge from the opening on top… upside down… and bat up at the empty air. Hmm. This doesn't seem to be working right! They withdraw, and the egg rocks side to side until it rolls partway around and those paws once more stick out. This time they find sand beneath them, and the dragon steps forward… or tries to, anyway. Its head emerges easily, but the shoulders take a bit of a yank to manage, one that breaks the shell down the middle and leaves it in two large pieces and a scattering of smaller ones around the dragon climbing to its feet and shaking itself off.

Putting It All Together Blue Hatchling
Woad-speckled patterns of indigo mark this dragon, a dark blue shade that's spotted and flecked with darker blotches along his dorsal surfaces. His back, his tail, even out onto his wings, all of them are spattered with those midnight spots against hide that is itself only a half-shade lighter. Along his lower surfaces - starting beneath the chin and extending down along his belly and the insides of his legs - that same whorbled design is made in reverse, thin veins of ghostly white traced against the darkness of his hide in irregularly curving patterns. In places they're dense enough, evocative enough, that it might almost seem one could draw a picture from them, but in the end the patterns reveal nothing and everything, an indication more of what's on the mind of the viewer than anything else. He's a sturdy creature, with a blunt muzzle and compact body that has his paws set in a wide stance beneath him, but his tail is long enough to make up for it and his wings seem to match that tail, extending past his rump when folded. The underside of his tail is heavily marbled with white on one of the forks, but not the other - an asymmetry that may be more obvious in the sort of dim lighting where this dark-blued dragon might all but disappear save for that scattered tracing of white. Were he to make that attempt at stealth, he'd be well advised to keep his wings folded, for while the backs are speckled darkly, the underside of those sails is traced with wispy white like fair-weather clouds stretched across the blue of the sky.

"Well enough?" Syd answers the question with another question as he isn't sure exactly what the rider means. When Kiena speaks up about the Monaco Bay candidate he scans the sands to find Briari. Ahhh. There she is, "I'm sure she'll do well."

Giroux motions "Another one has popped out…" Giroux remarks to Kaitro. "That's three males. Huh. I guess women are right when they say guys are impatient, huh?" He snickers a bit at that, motioning to the gathering of lads on the sand.

Why Bother With You Blue Hatchling sprawls out upon the sands, momentarily motionless. Hatching takes a lot out of a baby dragon! Unfolded wings are limply spread out on either side of his round body which heaves up and down with heavy breaths. Now would be a grand time for a nap, but within his mind something is giving a tug. A tug to the left. No…to the right! Lethargically is his head picked up, sand sticking to his egg-wet body as swirling eyes shift to the line of white robes. Oooh, so there is one more thing for him to do, other than being hatched this day. He hefts himself up and gives his too-large wings a shake. Caught off balance by the motion, he nearly topples again! This won't do at all. After a snort and aggravated snap at the cumbersome things, he begins his journey forward. Slowly at first, and then … Slowly still. There's no need to hurry. He knows where he is to go. That boy there. The one who is not so loud and not so fast and not so troublesome. You there. Will you help him carry these terribly heavy things? "..M-…me?" stammers the young man with cropped hair and quiet brown eyes. "I…yes. I'd help you carry the world, Iarith." And off the two go together, guided away off the sands. Iarith and his new mate, J'oar.

Briari whips her head side to side as two blue dragons appear. She gives a broad grin as excitement flickers in her eyes. "Oh! They are so cute!" Shifting her stance side to side on her sandaled feet to ease the discomfort of the heat that rises up, she steals a look to the stands for a moment, then back to the eggs. With a soft chuckle towards Giroux, she says, "Get used to it, we're always right."

Harmony 101 Egg cracks open into six pieces, as if the colors that adorn its shell were actually six different shells joined into one by some great power. Emerging from amidst those segments is a pudgy little blue whose hide is nearly violet, marked with teal on his headknobs and tailfork. He makes for a girl with raven-black hair, who stares for a moment before putting her arms around him. "Oh, Spikenth! Of course you can help with my projects!"

When the hatching is imminent, preparations for the hatching feast are finalized. When the humming begins, it's all hands on deck to get things set up and cooking. It falls to the headwoman to oversee that, but once everything is in motion, she can step away briefly. This would be why she arrives late, with a tot on her hip and slides breathlessly into a seat - just happening to be beside Mur'dah. She positions the child on her lap, leaning to point to the sands while murmuring something into his ear. Dariel - for that's who it is - simply watches the chaos below intently.

Mur'dah winks at S'dny and then grins at Kiena before he's distracted by his sister and nephew's arrival. "Hey!" He'll ruffle the kid's hair (he has hair right?) and offer Darsce's cheek a kiss. "Made it!"

Kaitro laughs cheerfully over towards Gir, a smile pulling at his lips. "Shard, maybe you're right. And guys are just impatient, I don't think so. At least /I'm/ not." And suddenly there are dragons everywhere, as eggs start to come apart. "Shards, it's happening so fast."

Eltanin 's attention is clearly drawn to the new arrivals, it's all happening so fast and furious. Like so many other things in life. You can't really appreciate the moment for what it is until after the fact, "So very fast.." Tani echos.

Putting It All Together Blue Hatchling pauses amidst the fragments of his eggshell, seeming heedless of the ring of candidates on the sand or his fellow clutchmates. There's just a bit of something he wants to deal with first, that's all. His tongue flicks around his muzzle, and he snorts, lifting a paw to nudge his talons against his teeth until a shard of yellow eggshell comes free. There! Much better, and with that attended to, he turns his attention to the fact he's got company here on the sands.

Basking Under Distant Stars Bronze Hatchling takes a small step, nearly pitching forward but braces himself with untested wings. Another step is taken, then another. Gaining confidence when each step becomes less shaky than the last, young facets turn to his dam and sire, bugling at his success - but it comes out more like a squeaky warble. Well, so what if he sounds squeaky now? He'll grow into his roar in time. He stops suddenly to let a clutchmate stagger by toward a cluster of white figures. The bronze hatchling huffs softly, looking after the darting sibling who cut him off, then continues on with his own search. Several scattering candidates are inspected, judged, and found… lacking. So, onward he goes - becoming more steady with each step across the sand - toward….something. Something important, and close.

Wrecked Egg has already taken a bashing. From without, and now from within its own self. The battle rages on with increasing violence, causing the deformed egg to fall and shudder upon the sands. The cracks form quickly, but the resilient shell refuses to break so soon. This is a tough nut to crack, but crack it will. Crack it must, for if it doesnt, how will anything progress? And so the battle continues, the war for a breakthrough. The fissures upon the uneven surface continue to grow and deepen until the entire egg is covered with them. Scars of battle. But these scars will not last forever, and fragments of shell begin to chip away, revealing the glisten of something inside thats been waiting oh so long to be free.

Let's Split Up Egg wiggles, just ever so slightly. And then again, shifting the sands around it. Then with another, more forceful shake, it tumbles forward onto its side. Is this an egg? No, sir, it's clearly just a… lump? Whatever it is, it's laying very, very still. Cleverly disguised, of course.

Kiena is focused again on the Hatching below and the arrival of two more blues. "Looks like we've got the first two newest Weyrlings! Anyone you recognize?" she drawls, glancing sidelong to Mur'dah and then spotting Darsce and Dariel there. "Hey! You escaped! Just in time. One bronze, three blues so far. Bronze Hatched first." she reports with a crooked grin.

The Secreto de Oro egg starts to crack down the center. From this crack, more appear and quickly flow across the curve of the egg while it wobbles and almost hops at times within the sand around it. The one within pushes upon the egg, and that is all that is needed for a paw to push out and split the egg nearly in two halves.

Giroux looks around. "A couple of impressions already." Giroux exclaims, motioning to the candidates being taken off to the sides of the sands. "This is all happening so fast." He says, and takes a large, calming breath.

Briari continues to watch each dragon carefully as she breathes deep and slow. Keep calm. Keep calm. Keep calm. As the first couple of impressions move forward quite swiftly, she swallows a lump down in her throat. She steals a look towards Chrystyne at times, giving her an encouraging smile, before giving a brighter one to Tani. "Take a breath, you look like you may pass out."

Side by Side Egg begins to rock - from side to side, back and forth like a pendulum with ever-increasing strokes. This way, then that… then back again… then the other way… until finally it topples onto it's side, cracking open with a webwork of shatters that spread across the two-toned shell.

Eltanin is also breathing fast, the sands are so incredibly hot and the prospect of destiny being so very close fills him with a mixture of nerves and elation. He keeps and eye peeled on that bronze roaming around looking for his lifemate, "I'm doing my best…" he says to Briari and offers her an akward smile of encouragement.

"Cheer up Tani, it isn't the end of the world. You'll be fine, I just know it!" Kai calls out to the other man, giving him a thumbs up. "Don't make me come over there to give you my usual spiel. Because I will. Right in the middle of hatching!"

S'dny turns his full attention back to the sands, it isn't surprising that he doesn't know many of the candidates besides Briari. His attention drifts from candidates, to dragons to Innes and back in a regular pattern. It wasn't so long go he was there. He sits stiffly in his chair waiting and watching.

Basking Under Distant Stars Bronze Hatchling has been searching for an eternity - or so it seems. He stands for a moment, surveying the once-distant shapes of candidates from a closer perspective. Something… no. Someone. Someone… just… like… that. The bronze starts forward again, but this time his wobbly steps are more certain in their purpose. He's almost there, and then he is, lowering his proud head to commune, forehead to forehead, with a tall candidate whose ice-blue eyes mirror the dragon's pleased shade.

Putting It All Together Blue Hatchling bounds toward a group of candidates, wings extended like some sort of giant sail to help keep him balanced. He's halfway there when a different set catches his eye. Even more interesting! …his attempt to turn on an eight-mark is maybe not all that successful, and he falls over into the sands with a surprised squeak and enough force to make a dragon-shaped hole.

Of course Dariel's got hair! He's just a few days shy of one turn old. The child ignores the hair-ruffling though, and instead turns to eye his uncle briefly and point wordlessly to the sands. Is he watching?? That?! Those?! Back to the sands his attention goes and his mother smiles indulgently, though she does include her brother and his weyrmate in her smile - a wordless greeting of sorts because, damn it's noisy in here!

Wrecked Egg is truly living up to its name. Right now, it is undoubtedly wrecked. Broken. Smashed. Yet still managing to cling to some of its form. For now. More and more bits of eggshell falls away, some fast, some slow with the ooze that aims to hold it in place. A shard falls away, and a swirling eye blinks open, taking its first murky look at the world through the peephole left behind. Oh yes. There is where it wants to be. Away from this pressing place in which there is no room left to battle. Where the battleground has been so bombarded that there is no further use for it. A heavy press of wings shatters what remains of the shell wholly, and the dragon inside finally takes its first real breath of life.

Changing Defeat to Victory Bronze Hatchling
A low-slung body gives this dark-hued dragon a lurking presence, almost serpentine in the muscular body hung between neck and tail - though the legs which support him, the talons curved on each foot, make it clear enough this is no snake. He's made, it seems, of blackened steel, his electrum gleam hidden away beneath a darkened mein. In some places the shadows seem to have rubbed away; his eyeridges are tinged with sanguine red like glowering brows, and there are plates of tarnished brass on his chest. His knees and paws show brighter as if their more frequent use has rubbed away the machine oil worked in elsewhere on his form to keep careless light from revealing his shine. His thick talons are dark metal, too shadowed to gleam until it's too late. Along his dark-stained back are his wings - wide rather than long, squared sails that tend more toward power than agility. They're dark like the rest of him, but their spars are paler than the sails, limned in brass like knees and paws. He has a long tail, the fork at its end solid and widely splayed so that it almost resembles a double-headed hammer.

Changing Defeat to Victory Bronze Hatchling 's body inflates with a large intake of breath. He picks his body up off of the sand, leaving behind fragments of shell and ooze that drips from his blackened body. He's a shadow on the sand, confusing the eyes and making it difficult to discern between brown or bronze at first glance. But his own coloring matters little to him. There are things to explore. Limbs and wings and muscles that have not been tested before. He arches his neck up, gives a bellowing call. Behold! He is here! His tail whips to one side, and he lowers his body again in an almost predatory fashion as murky eyes turn to the many who stand in wait.

Mur'dah grins at Dariel and nods, "Yup, those are dragons," he murmurs, before he slips an arm around Kiena's shoulder.

Kiss of Red Egg is on the move. There's a subtle motion against the sand. Soft, at first. Just hints of adjustments made by the unhatched newborn inside. A slight shift here. A brief sway to the right. It's almost as if the egg is being brushed by a breeze which is causing the momentary motions. Swaying along for the ride.

Eltanin feels a thrill of excitment tingle in his spine as the dragon chooses him! The excitment is joined by a feeling of profound peace and joy and it certainly shows on his face, "Saburath…" he says excitedly. So much joy! So much to take in. The dragon brings him from the stars right back down to Pern, "Oh…right! Food…" he says as he and his new lifemate walk off the sands to begin their new life together.

Kairoikyriath lets out a huff of annoyance as a certain young blue hits the sands. No, no, //no. That isn't how you do it. The fact that he is newly hatched is ignored as the gold makes a noise that sounds suspiciously like a grumble. Or at least whatever a dragon's grumble might be. She expects perfection, so shape up.//

Briari takes a quick step back as the bronze makes his way to Eltanin. Her eyes widen. "Tani! Congratulations! Oh wow.. /wow/!" She claps her hands loudly, letting out a quick whistle.

Just Beneath the Surface Egg gently swells, swaying on the sandy floor, or maybe it's the intense heat of the sands making everything shimmer. In any case, the mostly blue egg tilts in the gritty wallow and seems to struggle against unseen forces. It wavers under so much pressure before settling motionless. Subtle cracks have begun to split the shell, webbing very fine lines across the smooth expanse of the pebbled surface. Minutes pass and it begins to look as if the hatchling within has given up it's bid for freedom. But a quick jarring lurch proves there is still fight in Just Beneath the Surface Egg, it actually seems to hop with the momentum of the sudden motion, rolling a few feet and bumping gently against a reddish egg and going still from the collision.

Kiena snickers at Dariel's pointing, "Think he's trying to give a hint." she teases Mur'dah and leans against his side. She sits up as another bronze Hatches. "Two. Good! Looks like the first one finally chose… hey, wait," She scoots to the edge of her seat, peering down. "Eltanin?" When it's confirmed, the bluerider laughs. "Ha! Good for him."

Kaitro beams cheerfully, letting out a little whoop as Tani imoressses, "Way to go man, see? Cheer up, it's not all that bad. Great name, too, Saburath." He laughs cheerfully, turning his eyes towards the sands, wincing slightly as the blue falls to the sand. "Ouch, that's gotta hurt. You still doing alright, there, Gir?" A little nudge is given towards the candidate beside him. "No sleeping now."

Dem Bones Egg shakes, rattles, and rolls! It's an interpretive dance to a song whose tempo is speeding up as the minutes tick by. A lurch. A spin. This egg is really going! And the bonelike shell is taking a beating with every gyrating movement. It's of little surprise that it's boogie becomes a bit much for its protective case, and soon enough.. *shatter!* A bright green captive bursts free! There is no time taken for recovery. The bright lights and warm sands do not deter this young lady from her acrobatics. She's instantly on the move! Her green body glistens from wetness, causing her hide to look brighter than it actually is. She is uniformly green, from head to toe, like a jewel dug from the earth and polished to perfection. Limbs are spindly, yet still show strength with her dancing movement. She sprints towards the Candidates, only to trill and lurch to the left, narrowly missing running in to one. Ha ha! What fun is this! She could dance and play like this all day! But instinct draws her to one wide-eyed young Candidate. A Xanadu native, former kitchenmaid, now Weyrling. The red-headed teen covers her eyes, bracing as the thin green prances her way. But there is no impact, and hesitantly, she peers between her fingers. "I thought you were going to…whoa. I can…I can hear you! Keleth?" Blinking owlishly, Addriene lowers her hands to gawk, then broadly grin, enveloping her new lifemate in a neck hug. "Of course we'll dance together! After ..a-after eating, yes. Of course." And off they go.

Giroux beams. "Oh ouch!" Giroux mentions to the little blue that fell. "Congrats Eltani!" He calls out before he looks over to Kai and nods. "I'm alright. Used to the heat. Sort of used to the pressure." He snerks before the newest bronze hatches. "That one is almost black!" He states. "Oh and look a green!"

Putting It All Together Blue Hatchling continues to dive right into things - where 'things', this time, is a cluster of candidates who hastily scatter around the bounding blue. He pauses, rearing up on his hind paws and lifting his head like a periscope, then warbles as he takes off in a new direction - this time, keeping on his paws the whole time - and runs to meet a curly-haired candidate, stopping in front of him by the simple expedient of abruptly sitting down, hindlegs splayed to either side.

The Cimarron Alma egg soon splits apart, egg shell shattering. The one within kicks out with a powerful hind leg and a lash of a tail with a warble escaping it. The hide is not seen at first, the wetness clinging to it and then sand as well. Though soon enough there is a slender head and a swirl of eyes looking out over the sands that belongs to a small yet very sturdy brown hatchling. Within a few moments he is up, stumbling one way and then another. Wings are given a shake, and with a slight buck he is off, heading towards the line of candidates. The hatchling runs right into a boy and tackles him to the sands in a heap of wings and limbs. At last, he has found his lifemate. "Cimaanth..! Yes, yes. Let's go find you something to eat." is murmured from the once Beastcrafter Xhaeil, now Xha'il . The two are soon off the sands.

Zeruth flares his nostrils, watching the movement of each hatchling and candidate with an unwavering stare. His heavy head swings one way and then the other as if looking for anything going awry. But for all the stumbles and flails, the bronze seems satisfied enough. Kids have to the hard way, sometimes. They'll endure or they wouln't. He's done his part. S'ai just stands by his lifemate's side, grinning like a fool loon and shifting energetically on his feet.

Another bronze has come into the world and taken his first steps. No doubt his own bronze would be pleased, as pleased as Marzoth ever is about anything. The harpers eyes cloud for a moment of silent communion before clearing again. More dragons now…more impressions, "Certainly more orderly than our own hatching." S'dny says to one of the other Monaco residents. The last hatching in Monaco had been a windy, wild affair. Here you can at least see who is impressing what.

Kaitro is about to speak again when there's a blue heading his way, and then he's blinking into spinning eyes. "Of course you're here for supper, Wensith! And after we'll do lots of things. Like adventure, and see what the future holds." Kaitro laughs cheerfully, thrusting his arms about the blue's neck almost joyfully. "But let me cut you up some food. I tell you, I'm mean with a knife!" His eyebrows wiggle playfully at the blue in front of him.

Kiss of Red Egg is beginning to feel a push! Woah, that imaginary wind has suddenly gotten stronger, and the egg leeeeans to the right far enough that it wholly topples over. But toppling over isn't enough. It begins to roll, continuing on its adventurous journey for a half-circle more before finally, the hatchling instead fails to be contained by its narrow confines. Cracks along the surface begin to grow longer and deeper, and then at last, it crumbles. A shiny hatchling emerges with shell stuck to its porcelain hide. Porcelain? No, dragons don't come in that shade, but they do come in shades of brown, be them light or dark. This fellow is a sepia tone, an ancient photograph's shades of light and dark. Almost gold in some places, he has a near feminine quality to his shape. Narrow and slim, like his former egg, he rises upon long limbs and shakes his body. Now, he was on a mission somewhere, wasn't he? Oh, yes! Now he remembers. Upon nimble legs does he stride towards the Candidates, stopping to sniff at just one or two before pausing when he finds his girl,whom he stands before lovingly. "Paeth. Why does it feel as if we've met once before?" Meghan smiles, rubs his cheek fondly. "Let's go." The new pair make their way off the sands.

Briari lets out a loud cheer for Kaitro as he finds his lifemate, grinning like a wild fool. "Congrats Kaitro! He's beautiful!" She watches Tani head off with his bronze partner fondly, then looks over to Giroux who she still stands next to. Reaching out, she taps her hand with his for a moment, giving a cheeky grin.

Changing Defeat to Victory Bronze Hatchling takes his time. They'll wait. The line of white robes and anxious faces aren't going anywhere, and thus he takes his time to acclimate himself to his world. A forward step is taken, talons sinking into the hot sand unevenly. There's a slight wobble with this initial footfall, and the sharp sound of distemper is made to voice his unhappiness with the shifting sand. Be still! Thus, he keeps his body low, causing his walk to resemble more of a stalk. Closer. Closer. He's getting there, by passing a pale young girl without barely a glance. Definitely not worth the effort.

Side by Side Egg falls apart in a rain of shards, exposing a small green dragon with hide of forest-green - a proper forest, with shades both dark and light dappled across her lithe body. She shakes herself off, further scattering the fragments of her egg, and lifts her head to warble triumph before setting off at a stumbling run. No time to waste! She's got to find, got to find… aha! She rushes to meet a dark-haired young weyrborn candidate whose eyes widen first in surprise - then joy. "Sukiith! You found me!" Mei wraps her arms around the hatchling, hugging her tightly as the dragon croons.

Idrissa has been standing on the sidelines, and for a good reason seeing how she is one of the AWLM's after all. She peeks out curiously watching and smiles once there are matches made and then once does catch her attention. That being Kaitro and Wensith. She moves on over to where he is and her smile is still there. "Let's get you and your dragon all set up in the barracks." She'll wave the pair on off to the side and get them to follow.

Giroux smiles and squeezes Bri's hand for the moment. "Good luck Bri." He tells her before offering up a "Hey, congrats Kaitro!" He calls out to his friend. "So happy for you."

Let's Split Up Egg suddenly gives one more forceful wiggle and falls apart in jagged halves, leaving a dazed, gangy brown sitting in the remains of his shell. But the newly hatched dragon doesn't sit still for long. He makes a sharp, shrill sound as he spots the creatures in white across the sands. Monsters! With wings awkwardly flapping, the chocolate-hued dragon with the splotchy hide goes dashing… away from the white things. But flapping wings and uncertain limbs are a recipe for disaster, and the brown goes tumbling headfirst into the sands with a creel of dismay. It's a teenaged weyrbrat with shaggy hair who comes to his rescue, helping to sort out legs and wings into something that looks like a dragon. "Hey, Zoinkith, man," he drawls in his lazy way, "It's all good. Food? Yeah, I could eat an entire runner right about now…" And with that, Nor'vil and Zoinkith make a beeline toward the promise of a full belly.

Changing Defeat to Victory Bronze Hatchling 's stalk becomes more purposeful as he slithers along the sands like a predator seeking his prey. Which one will be his? He's getting closer, but there are so many to choose from. Closer…closer. Maybe this one? He falters, pausing to investigate a young man. Such promise! He rises from his crouch an inch or so to snuffle at his chest. … No. A dragon's snort is what is offered, and he dismisses him with a recoiled head before continuing his search. One of these will be the one.

The Secreto de Oro egg is falling apart all around the one inside, and once the egg has basically collapsed and broken apart, there sits a small looking green hatchling. A confused croon escapes her as her head tilts to the side, and she takes in the area, trying to figure out what has happened and where he warm snuggly has gone. With a flutter of wet wings, she is spurred towards the line of candidates. Her green hide seems to nearly glitter under the lights, and there is the faintest of a flash of gold across her throat and neck that looks like a curving road that disappears when she ducks her head down low. There is something, someone near, and with a few thick sniffffs she is soon standing before a young girl, staring at her in the face. With a soft giggle, the Weyrborn Kaylai is soon hugging the green. "Secrath! I knew you would be for me… Let's go find you something to eat." The two are hurried off the sands.

Just Beneath the Surface Egg surges like an incoming tide, crashing roughly against it's russet-shelled neighbor. The impact cracks the shell even more, the sound of the egg splitting echoing across the sands. Globs of sticky goo fling outward, bluegreen shards are tossed up and seem to hover above the stumbling hatchling then drop onto the sands. When wings are done flailing and the irritable hatchling manages a drunken stance on spindly legs, her hide is a sticky gritty mess. It's plain to see though, that this kelp hued lady can adapt quickly, she becomes less wobbley and scutters forward in a flurry of kicked up sand. Her sudden movement triggers several robed figures to scatter like a school of startled fingerfish. The white blotches darting about are amusing, muzzle lifting as several candidates back away except one. The starving hatchling's faceted gaze swirls hungrily on a gangly girl named Sarah is trapped in her sights. "Urslath! I'm here! You're hungry I know, we'll get your fed right now." The weyr brat flings arms around her green lifemate and soon the new greenpair of being led from the sands to get Urslath's belly stuffed.

Giroux looks over at the others remaining. "Not many left, it seems." He admits, motiong. "That bronze is still marching around." He says.

Changing Defeat to Victory Bronze Hatchling thumps his tail to the sand. You! The one who is worthy of him! Come forth! He grows impatient with searching. He fixes an unworthy candidate with a glare for wasting his time, then prowls on until he finally stops in front of a short candidate. This? Is this really…? His head lifts again, but this time his attention lingers and his wings partly spread as he roars a deafening triumph.

T'ayne has been here all along, sitting next to S'dny, watching the dragonets lumber around and find their lifemates with wide eyes. Each pairing sees the weyrling leaning forward, and likely sharing his own bond with Kelmaimenth. Hands slap quickly to ears at that roar from the bronzeling. At least it's not full-grown dragon sized.

Giroux, now G'ir looks to Zimraith and reaches out and rubs over his head. "Of course Zimraith. I'll get you something to eat. I promise." He says, moving towards the side as he is lead off with his new dragon.

And with the bronze's impression, it seems that all that's left of Kairoikyriath's pesky eggs is the jagged remains of their former homes. They're off to bigger, better things! Mostly food and sleep for now, there's still the great promise of the future. And Kairoikyriath is off to anywhere but here, pausing only to survey the wreckage left behind in the wake of hatching for a moment before making a swift exit. Her rider is of a like mind, almost heading straight off the sands before remembering that she's meant to be doing something. "Well," she begins, trying her very best to remain somber with the promise of freedom so near, "I know you're probably disappointed. But the great thing about dragons is that they have a lot of flights, and a good amount of eggs, and you're here because one of them, somewhere, is going to hatch the dragon that's meant for you. Just… not these." Because there's nothing left to work with. "You're all welcome to stay at Xanadu if you want, or move on, we'll do what we can for you. In the meantime, we can at least feed you and get you blindly drunk. Go on and enjoy the feast."

Briari looks out across the sands once last time as the final dragon finds their life mate. She gives a quick grin over to Giroux, then reaches up to rub at the side of her cheek gently. She takes in a slow, deep breath, then glances over to her brother as she makes her way towards him with a lift of her shoulders. "Well, do you want to get dinner?" She asks with a controlled waver in her voice.

Kiena would have given poor Mur'dah a rather abrupt and rough shake when her excitement at seeing Kaitro Impress blue bubbles over but she calms down quickly enough to watch the rest of the Hatching. "Lots of browns and greens with the last few eggs! Good spread, if you ask me." she drawls, flashing a grin to both her weyrmate and Darsce. Silent through Innes' speech, when that is done, the bluerider will stand and try to beckon her girls back. Get. Over. Here! "Feast, anyone?"

Yet another bronze, thats two now if S'dny's tally is correct. It is so dreadfully difficult keeping everything straight, but he is no record keeping. Not today. Just an observer, "They are having it so much easier than we did." he remarks idly to T'ayne. His attention shifts quickly down to Innes speaking. That was a lightning fast hatching. He gets himself quickly to his feet, "T'ayne. Let's go to the feast." Syd says. He spares a passing glance for the candidate from Monaco still left on the sands, shame.

Mur'dah nods his agreement. "Yeah, looks like a real good group. And yeah! I'm starving." Always.

With the last of the eggs turned to dragons, who in turn, have found their partners, it's time for the headwoman to scoot back to feast preparations - or at least - troubleshooting when small things go awry. "Seeya," she says to Mur'dah and Kiena and then hurries out with a protesting Dariel. He wants to stay - or at least go find those pretty dragon babies and see more of them. Sadly, unless his father complies, he'll wind up back in the nursery until Darsce's duties allow her to fetch him.

Zeruth looks over the remains of the eggs giving them a few reviews before he snorts one with finality. All accounted for. The bronze rises from the sands, shaking out his wings and turning to follow in the wake of Kairokyriath - though not in any particular hurry to suggest he's actively following her. With the red gleam in his eye and the days he's spent hovering over the sands, he's probably hungry. His rider lingers, however, eyes seeking out his sister. Letting out a breath and likely not caring abound the crowd, he slings an arm over her shoulders for a tight squeeze. "Come on. We'll have lunch on the beach and then, well.. we'll see after that, I suppose."

C'rus has watched the hatching unfold in silence. It is a true shame about Briari, he'd known how much she wanted to impress. Can't have everything we want. He hauls himself out of his seat and sneaks off down the stairs to head in the direction of the feast.

Kiena rolls her eyes a bit and laughing, takes Mur'dah's hand in hers… and makes sure he has one of the twins on the other. No escaping of them! "Come on then, let's go!" And down the stairs they'll march!

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