Official Practice

Xanadu Weyr - Training Field
As the coastal road leaves the Weyr proper, it hugs the cliffs overlooking the Sea of Azov while skirting the perimeter of the large, treeless, dwelling-free field here. It appears this is a multi-purpose area with the grass rough-cut and trampled by man and dragon alike. At one end there are several wood-frame, straw dummies used for flaming practice, on another, a jumble of movable objects that look suspiciously like obstacles and targets.

The road continues on toward the south, finally turning inland towards the rolling hills that form the highlands that lie between Xanadu and the open plains. Passing through Ressac Sea Hold, it encircles the Sea of Azov eventually curving back in a northerly direction linking Black Rock Hold with Hannista Hold and Rubicon River Hold.

Meetings in the morning have gone well, though now clouds are rolling in, threatening a summer rainshower. But that doesn't stop most from going about their duties. The air is humid, and thus it seems a little warmer than usual. But at least those clouds are bringing with them a hint of a coolish breeze of relief, although rain has yet to fall. Ka'el has sent word to the Galaxy wing that M'kal's presence is needed in the training field. The young Weyrleader is without his dragon today. Kanekith has been tending to Seryth in very much the same way he did Luraoth months before, and keeping the Senior Queen happy and fed is keeping the bronze busy! For now, Ka'el is using this time to practice swordwork, using a blunt-tipped practice sword as he works on his footwork and weapon handling in a field of practice dummies.

Duties within the Galaxy wing have M'kal up on the star stone to nap…er, to stand as watch rider for the weyr. So when the summons gets to him he mounts upon the blue and they spiral down to a lazy landing within the field. Sliding down, M'kal strolls over to where Ka'el practices his sword work and does a lazy salute. "Ka'el." he greets.

Ka'el pauses upon spying a landing blue, recognizing both the dragon and the rider that slides off of him. He lowers his sword and straightens, turning to face the young man with a clouded expression on his face. He glances to his saluting arm, then back to his eyes. "Your salute is sloppy, and you're forgetting rank. I'd expect more from a rider addressing his Weyrleader," he says with the corners of his mouth drawing down. And his expression stays that way for a few good seconds, though after about ten of those, his grin breaks through and that displeased look crumbles away. "Hello M'kal. Thanks for coming so quickly."

A flash of worry flickers in his gaze as clearly it didn't occur to the blue rider to address his old friend by proper rank. "My arm's tired." he says with a wink. "Weyrleader." he does add that on. "Whatcha need?"

Ka'el grins, obviously not as worried about rank and titles as he was pretending to be. "Tired arm, eh? Aw, are they workin' you too hard in my absence from the wing? Someone's got to pick up the slack and pull the weight that I left behind." Still grinning, he moves a short distance to pick up another practice sword. What does he need? "Practice partner," he says, handing it to him. "Dummies can only be so entertaining before they're boring. Plus, months of deskwork has left me feelin' out of practice. And I want to make sure that tired arm've yours can still handle a sword." A smirk.

"Suppose I could gig it a try." M'kal drawls, his eyes sparkling brightly as he strides forward to take the offered sword. "These are just practice right? Farnanth knows I don't need to cut off the new Weyrleader's arm or something."

Ka'el rolls his eyes in an exaggerated way. "As if you'll even land a hit on me," he says, drawing his arm back once the sword is taken. He laughs. "But yes, they're practice. Dull to the extreme and made from … well, I dunno exactly, but they're not sharp." He grins and takes a few steps back while adjusting his grip. "First to land two solid hits?" he suggests as a goal. "Beneath the neck. No blows to handsome faces," he continues to joke, eyes mirthful as he sets his feet.

M'kal pauses a moment but then offers a lopsided grin. "I could get lucky." he concedes the point. "And what's the gain to whomever is the first to land these two solid hits?" he asks as he shifts his weight to his heels and the sword to his right hand.

"The honor of gloating," Ka'el responds, amusement in his voice. "An entire day of it with the defeated not complaining, even once!” So let’s get our gloat on! That is, after someone wins, and in order to win, they need to begin. And Ka'el takes it upon himself to do just that! Let sword practice begin. This likely isn't the first time the two of them have practiced together. They were in the same wing, after all! And there's definitely no malice in his eyes as he steps forward with the toy sword swinging. Just focus.

"aha! Such an honor." M'kal grins a bit. And so start they shall and while this isn't the first time it has been some time since they have practiced together. M'kal starts off with a few easy moves to get the feel of Ka'el and his footing.

Easy peasy! Swords connect with a dull sound that dubs them as made out of something other than metal. But they are practice things, besides. Ka'el feels out M'kal, taking note of the swiftness of him and the time it takes for him to react to something that he does. Blades are deflected. Slow attacks dodged by the both of them. Ka'el grins a little, having forgotten how much he did enjoy practicing, even though Galaxy at times caused it to be overkill! A cool wind blows, bringing with it the scent of rain. Ka'el speeds up his movements a little. Less lethargic now. A little less lazy with his feet as he goes on the offensive, trying to find an opening to land a hit at his side.

His own muscles warming up, his blood flowing faster with each parry between the two, M'kal shows that he's still doing well enough with his sword work. Not great by any means but he's learned a trick to two. As he finds himself on the defense he shifts the weight onto the balls of his feet and sweeps the sword to block just in time. Stepping quickly to the right he brings the sword across his body upwards in an attempt to tag Ka'el's hopefully exposed shoulder.

Darnit, almost! Ka'el's sword is successfully blocked and he recoils away, positioning himself to strike again. But before he can execute his move, M'kal himself moves, causing him to have to readjust himself. And that moment of readjustment is an opening enough for M'kal to strike, and Ka'el doesn't have enough time to completely get out of the way. His shoulder is hit. "Ah!" Score one for M'kal. He steps back with a faint grin, acknowledging the success before he goes in again! No breaks in battle!

M'kal steps back half a pace as soon as the score hits, his grin brightening up those green eyes of his. Deftly he blocks again and moves to strike right after but he goes wide of his mark. The blades give a resounding sound that echoes across the training field. Out of breath a bit, M'kal backs up and plays defense against Ka'el, trying to block the next move that comes in close.

It's going to rain soon. The first featherlight droplets are already beginning to fall, though this fails to turn Ka'el's attention from their swordplay. This may be work, but it's also fun! But he's already halfway defeated. He's gotta find an opening. M'kal is nimble and quick, he notices. Ka'el is strong, but slower. Almost like their dragons! He can keep up his attacking motions, using stamina as his advantage for now.

M'kal isn't making it easy though, blocking and deflecting what he throws at him. Ka’el has to try something different before he himself starts getting winded. And so he attempts a feint, swinging his sword high as he's been doing as if to try for his shoulder, then shifting the arc of his swing to try for the lower portion of his side instead.

M'kal ignores the first few drops that fall, his gaze intent on Ka'el. He is, after all, just one good solid hit away from bragging rights. He's fast indeed but a touch younger than Ka'el. He goes straight for the feint that Kae'l does and bring up his sword to block the hit that he thinks is going high. Too late he notices the swing arching lower and he gets tagged in his side. "That's one for you!" he dances back to regroup his stragedy.

Tied game! Ka'el grins as he indeed hits his mark, and he backs up for separation too. They're neck and neck! "Next hit wins braggin' rights!" he calls, flipping his grip on the sword. Weyrleader vs. Rider. Who will win this epic battle? Ka'el doesn't immediately strike again as he has been, though his feet are moving. Stepping to the side, curling like a predator sizing up his foe, though that grin sort of ruins the predatory effect. He curls the fingers of his free hand, beckoning him. Bring it on, Mister!

It may be Weyrleader vs wing rider but really in M'kal's eyes it's simply M'kal vs Ka'el. After all they were candidates together before their names changed! A bit winded now M'kal responds to the beckon with a forward rush only to pull back and spin sideways in a feint. He brings the sword down then arches up back up in a move towards Ka'el straight on.

Ka'el waits, although his body wants to instinctively lash out the moment that M'kal moves. His circling stops and he remains braced, sword lifted to meet the rush forward. He reads the feint and grins, but fails to react accordingly. His arm drops, letting down his guard as he turns a second after he should. He's met with M'kal's blunt sword point because of it. He stares a second, then stands up straight. "Game over." A smirk. And the winner? M'kal! Where's the confetti and trumpets? They're probably coming soon.

M'kal's got the moves like jaguar? Oh yeah. Once the game is 'over' he steps back to catch his breath. He's got that look of surprise that indicates really it was pure luck. "Hey…good game Weyrleader." he grins crookedly.

Totally. Ka'el grins, breathing hard as he drops his sword to the ground. "Yeah," he answers, nodding in agreement. "Good game. You've been practicin' since our last time," he says as he drapes his arms atop his head, grinning crookedly at his former wingmate. "Guess you wouldn't live it down if I beat ya twice, huh?" he teases regardless of whether or not he won their last time! He continues to catch his breath for a few more moments, head tilting back to look up at the clouds. "What do we do when what we fight against isn't so black and white though? .. How's Marel?"

M'kal lets his own practice sword fall to the ground, one arm moving up to swipe across his forehead. "I've had to do more training. Can't get caught off in Galaxy wing." he declares with a crooked grin. One brow arches up slightly as Ka'el seems to jump around in subjects. "Marel's…good." he says after a moment. "Quiet and recovering."

Ka'el nods in reply to his words regarding Galaxy, though he remains quiet to hear what he has to say about Marel. "You're staying with her?" he asks. "Your weyr's been empty more often than not, and I figure I needn't check housing records to piece things together." A small smirk, though it lives just shortly on his face.

M'kal matches the smirk that plays on Ka'el's expression with one of his own. "Yeah…I moved in a few sevens ago actually. Still got a few things over at my weyr but I'm sleeping there at night." not to mention Marel had more furniture than he did. "Xeosoth likes the company." he points out.

Ka'el nods a little. "I could see that." About Xeosoth, of course. He gives his brow another wipe before his hands clasp behind his back. "I ask about Marel because I don't know how much care she requires, for her injury or … anything else that she may require care for." Hell, he's no mind healer, nor will he pretend to be one! "So … consider carefully. You have a choice on the matter I'm proposin' to you. You spoke to me once about wanting a chance at a spot in the Galaxy upper ranks." A pause. "I've already considered someone for Wingleader, but I think you would do well with Wingsecond. If you don't already have too much on your plate," he says, giving him a meaningful look.

M'kal hesitates a bit, seeming unsure of what exactly to say when it comes to Marel. Knowing that Marel respects her privacy he seems unwilling to give out too much information. On the other hand though Ka'el is Weyrleader so really he shouldn't hold back either. Oy! Such a tight spot to be in. Shifting uncomfortably he is nodding his head along with whatever it is that Ka'el is saying. "Right." he pauses. What did he just say right to? "Marel's fine. She's healing well and back on near normal regular duties." he is fairly sure she is. Then he pauses again. Did Ka'el mention leadership in Galaxy? Running through this in his head he gives a startled 'oh' of surprise. "I did want a chance. Still do..yes." he says quickly. "Wingsecond…sure. Hey that's great." he grins widely. "Yeah…I've not too much on my plate." he assures.

Did he already forget? Ka'el hopes not. This is his first time promoting anyone, and it'd better be to someone who wants the spot! And, phew. It looks like M'kal is clearing out the cobwebs in his brain and recalling the conversation, which relieves Ka'el to an extent. At least he sounds as if he still is interested in it! "Good," he says with the rider accepts the position. "Because I'd hate to have to find someone else to do this after I already brought your knot all the way out here.." He smirks and moves to the pile of tools left by one of the practice dummies and lifts a plain white box. He brings it back over to him, looking vaguely sheepish. "So. I don't know if there's supposed to be an official … anything. But this is going to be as official as it gets." He grins and offers him the box.

M'kal's gaze shifts towards the box hidden behind the pile of tools. "Well if you brought it all the way out here…" he drawls though his eyes are sparkling brightly with mirth. "Can't get much more official than a Weyrleader handing the knot over can it?" he asks as he reaches for the offered box. He opens it up to reveal the Wingsecond knot. Lifting it out of the box he dangles it up to get a better look at it. He is definately still interested!

Ka'el laughs. "True, huh? I'm the uh … epitome of official now. Everything I do is official. Officially drinking water. Officially changin' my clothes. Officially on the crapper." Oh, so .. official and Weyrleadery of him, isn't it? He laughs again and gives him a clap on the shoulder. "Congratulations. N'varre will be your Wingleader, once I get in touch with him to tell him the news. The two've you will work together to keep Galaxy goin' smoothly as it has been. Now, if it doesn't, I can blame you," he teases.

M'kal offers a friendly jot to the shoulder. Official like. "Nope, you blame N'varre first then me!" he says laughingly. "I know how the process works. Can't be too different here than Ista." cause crap rolls downhill yes? "Good good. N'varre is a good guy. I'm sure we can keep the Wing running smoothly without you in it." he teases. "Gonna be a batch of Weyrlings soon enough. Maybe a few good Galaxy riders in the next bunch eh? How's the eggs on the sands looking?" he asks.

Ka'el snickers. "Without me in it, it's bound to fall apart before long," he quips, lifting his chin up in a playfully haughty way. Ka'el's grin betrays him, and at the question of eggs, he glances off in the direction of the weyr proper. "Pretty," he answers honestly. "The shells are shardin' spectacular. S'probably Seryth's doing more than knucklehead Kanekith," said with fondness. "Don't know how long it'll be til they hatch, but it can't be much longer now. There've been plenty of touches. … And speaking of eggs, I should be heading back," he says with a nod over his shoulder. "I trust that you'll whip into shape the new Weyrlings so that when they are tapped into Galaxy, they're … eh, two percent ready to take my place."

"Well I think Seryth's got a bit more experience on the sands. Even if Kanekith seems fairly good at catching the Golds." M'kal teases back. "I'll be ready for the weyrlings as rider mentor first and then comes the whipping into shape." he promise with a grin. "We'll /try/ to ensure it doesn't come completely apart without you!

"I'll take your word for it," says the Weyrleader as he waves his hand to wave at his friend. "Don't go easy on 'em! Nobody ever did with us!" That's for sure. And just look how amazing they turned out! Snickering to himself, he turns, leaving the equipment there for the use of another rider, or perhaps to be picked up and sorted by those who have that job, and heads back towards the clearing area, looking quite pleased as he goes.

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