Ya Alright?

Continued from Flaming Practice Gone Wrong

Xanadu Weyr - Beach


The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Seryth glides carefully over the lake, her descent shallow even for her. Thea sits astride the queen, one snapped flight strap flapping uselessly from her harness, the other still intact. One hand grips the bar in front, the other pulls that flamethrower across her lap for a better hold. In the sky behind, the wing continues their sweep across the lake flaming at the floating cloud of seed. The gold's altitude lowers until she skims the lake, talons reach for the beach and it's a gentle touchdown with a few running steps - just like when they were Weyrlings. Thea barely moves as they land, the golden wings have folded and the dragon crouches so her rider can dismount, yet she just sits there.

Siebith follows that decent, slowly gliding a few lengths behind the gold watching carefully the whole time. Touchdown has D'had jumping down nearly before its made. « You fly well. » the blue comments to the gold as his rider strides up beside her. "You alright?"

Thea doesn't answer right D'had right away. It's another moment before she draws a deep breath, seems to steel herself for something, then there's the clink of metal as she releases the clip of the one strap, swings a leg over and grasps the flight line. Today there's no jaunty swing-around, no, she slides down Seryth's shoulder slowly. The squeak of leather precedes her as she slides down with one gloved hand, the flamethrower cradled in the other arm to land in front of D'had. somber green eyes lift to his warily, "I'm fine." Some things never change.

D'had nods. He's not about to argue with that answer. She's physically fine at any rate and anything else she's liable to come out with when she's ready. Or maybe he's just waiting til somewhere more private than the beach to prod any further. "Well ya scared me." Not easily admitted.

Thea's arm raised to give D'son up there in the sky overhead a thumbs-up remains in the air, as her eyes return to D'had's with a blink of surprise for that admission of his. She, who always is so quick to speak, says not a word. She flashes a quick peek at the sky to see if the Weyrleader has returned to the group. Afar off, the practice seems to be dispersing for now, but Thea isn't taking note. She's back to D'had. "I…" She presses white lips together, swallows, but before she can say anything more, riders begin passing overhead, some landing on the beach with raucous noise and splashes into the water.

"Its okay," D'had replies, assuring of whatever she might have been about to say. This after his own glance towards the sky as she gives that thumbs up. "You wanna head in?" he questions, reaching to wrap an arm across her shoulders.

Thea leans into D'had as his arm wraps about her shoulders, he likely can feel the faint tremors that are just beginning to take hold. "Yeah." Her answer is whispered, perhaps not even heard above all the noise. She moves, keeping her face averted from the rest of the riders on the beach, head up and moving quickly. The arm around her likely all that keeps her from running off. Seryth pads beside, sending a chuff Siebith's way and a serene answer, « I had to fly well, but you are still the best flier on Pern. » The queen seems unfazed by it all.

Siebith rumbles his amusement with the gold's commentary, D'had's arm tightening just touch about the woman's shoulders. His hand gives one of them a light squeeze of assurance as he sets his pace to match hers. Perhaps thankfully their new weyr isn't as far a walk as hers in the forest was.

When they are off the beach and out of sight of the others, Thea drops her head onto that near shoulder, silent for the duration of the walk, short as it is. She makes no move to open the door to their place, partly because her arms still cradle that flamethrower. Seryth merely sprawls on the ground, pleased that she flew with the others, knowing her rider is secure with Siebith's.

D'had reaches for the door with his free hand, pulling it open, waiting for her to enter and then following inside only to let the door fall closed behind him once again. For his part, Siebith circles, turning once in place and settling to rest beside Seryth.

Thea moves inside then just stops, not really looking anywhere, arms still holding tightly to that that flamethrower. The trembling under D'had's arm hasn't faded by any means and she's not saying a word just yet, either. From outside there's a rumble of welcome to Siebith and a soft, musical croon sent to the weyrbarn. All is well!

Door closed D'had reaches for the flamethrower with his free hand, the one on her shoulder joining after another light squeeze. If she'll let go he'll turn to leave it set beside the door, if not he'll wait. Quiet.

It takes Thea a few moments to realize D'had is trying to take the thing from her. It's with a blink that she finally loosens her grip on it, watching the flamethrower rather than her weyrmate as he takes it. As he moves back to the door with it, she doesn't turn, doesn't speak, just remains where she is trying to quell the shaking.

D'had sighs as he glances back to her. "Sit down," he orders gently, a hand laying against the small of her back as he returns to her side, a guide to do just that. "Its okay," he tries to assure once again.

Thea moves only when that hand on her back guides her to the couch. She does sit, then leans down to slip her boots off before curling her legs under her and turning towards him. At last she speaks, "I know." Shadows chase the wide-eyed look that lingers as she meets his eyes. "I'm… sorry I scared you."

D'had settles beside her, turned slightly to face her. A hint of a smile quirks his lips as she removes those boots, but when she looks to him he reaches for a hand, taking one of hers in each of his if she'll let him. "No one's fault babe." Unless there's something she's not telling him, like not taking care of those straps like she's supposed to.

Thea offers no resistance whatsoever to having him take her hand, "I know." She's quirking an odd questioning look at him for that. "I had a look at the strap on the way in. Was burned." She winces for the telling of that, dropping her head and refuses to meet his eyes.

D'had pulls her closer, drawing her in so that she could rest her head on his shoulder if she wanted. Arms curl around her, one across lower back other across shoulders. "Just glad you're okay," he says softly.

Thea snuggles in, resting her head quite naturally on his shoulder, her arms wrapping 'round his waist. She nods, "I'm fine." Her voice is an odd mixture of humility and amazed realization. She is fine! "I was really scared when the strap snapped, and I flipped over, but the other held. Just like it was supposed to." She draws a deep breath. "I can see why you don't want me out there on Search and Rescue." And that indrawn breath is held, though not purposefully.

D'had's lower hand rubs her back lightly. "Course it did," he says of the strap. "And … well its .. Just want you safe." He's said it before, he'll say it again. "Coulda happened to anyone." Just happened to be her this time.

Thea lets out a long breath, her voice muffled from under her hair, "I know but… " She shrugs, "I don't know if that's gonna be possible all the time." She's silent for a time, then lifts her head to look searchingly at him, "Are you all right?"

D'had nods slowly to what she has to say, another nod following shortly for her question. "I'm alright," he assures. "Long as you are…" he trails off looking back to her as if searching her eyes that she really is.

Thea's not really alright is what her eyes are saying, giving voice to the lie she's spoken. But fear isn't the lingering emotion carried therein. Conflict, unease, doubt all vie for the upper hand, but none win. "I…" Her eyes slide away from his, her head follows, turning to one side.

D'had sighs, holding her still but at that slight distance where he can look at her face. "You…" he encourages her to continue. "What's wrong sugar?"

Thea remains silent for a few moments, gathering her thoughts, her voice troubled as she continues, "I liked flying with you all today. Was exciting." Her head turns back and she looks him in the eyes once more. "I know you want me safe. I know it eases your mind and I wouldn't add one bit of trouble to your life, Donn, if I could help it." There's a bit of a helpless shrug. "And it was just practice! Not even a real emergency."

"Practice," D'had repeats, relenting to that. "When… IF the real thing comes up we'll see where we need you most. At least you'll know what you're doing if you're up there." That's been what he had to say all along and it doesn't seem to be changing yet. He sighs again, pulling her back to him.

"I know it was-" Thea's words are muffled somewhere down near his neck as she is pulled back to him. "I meant, practice is dangerous too." Something that likely has just sunk into her mind after this. Her arms tighten, squeezing a gentle reassurance. She's not going to fight to go along on emergencies, it seems. "Though," there's a soft chuckle, "it was better than paperwork." She shifts within his arms, snuggling her head so she can tilt to see his face, "Tell me about Search and Rescue. You said I didn't know about it…"

D'had chuckles, a low, quiet laugh in his throat. Amused only. "Think you just found out," he replies. "Ain't always flyin' sweeps, dangerous for the wing, not just who they're rescuin'."

"So I did," Thea agrees still watching his face from where her head rests on his shoulder. "If I'm not to go along, I'll expect to hear about it." So she's assuming there, or perhaps accepting already. "Hali says you can tell some good stories." Hint. Since he really hasn't told her anything specific yet.

"We'll see about that," D'had replies. "For now lets just relax. Hmm? Wind down after this afternoon. Hmm?" Sigh of contentment for having her close. "Love ya babe."

Thea laughs quietly. "Talking relaxes me." And he already knows how to shut her up. But she doesn't persist, "I love you too, Donn." She snuggles her head into the hollow of his shoulder and falls silent, since that's what he seems to want. Bother.

"So talk..?" D'had suggests. She should know by now that he's not the one to do most of the talking. "Or tell me what you wanna talk about..?"

Thea just laughs again, "I… was?" But really, no. She was trying to get him to. Fail on her part. "Hmm, well…" So no asking about Search and Rescue. Not relaxing enough. "Sailing?" Smirk.

"Sailing, huh?" D'had repeats with a chuckle. "Sorta like flyin' only.. not. The sea and everythin'.. like a different world." He pauses for a long moment. "Maybe next time we're both free we take a trip. Hmm?"

Thea's lips curve wider at the words from D'had. "You remembered." Something she'd said long ago. Or it seems long ago. "I'd love that! Could we really?" She's caught up in the thought, breathing the words, "Go sailing… under the stars. Sleep in the boat." She perks a little, eyes sparkling. "You know the seas. Where would you wanna go?" Adventure gets her and this is at least safer than some types?

"I.." D'had almost starts that line but doesn't even halfway through the first sound. "Sure," he agrees. "Under the stars and sleep in the boat," a shoulder lifts in a slight shrug, not enough to disrupt her. "Anywhere."

That unfinished word does catch Thea's attention, but she isn't really sure, "I mentioned it seemed like that to me when the wind filled the sails, but…" She shrugs, caught up instead with the idea of a trip. She muses, "Are ya sure you wouldn't mind doing that?" Perhaps the shrug is interpreted in another way than he meant it. She's watching him closely through her lashes from where her head rests, "Old memories being what they are…" The words trail off uncertainly.

D'had takes a long, slow breath. "Yeah," he replies in agreement. "Would be good. Good to get out there once. Long as Siebith and her don't mind stayin' behind a couple days. Can't exactly take 'em on the boat ya know."

"No dragonboats?" Thea pretends to pout, but cannot keep it up, she's too pleased with the idea of a trip at sea. She points out, "Seryth stayed here in Xanadu when I was in Ista's prison. She was fine." She doesn't seem worried about her lifemate staying behind. "Maybe Siebith can fly with her and teach her some of his fancy tricks to keep him from being disappointed not to be swimming alongside?" She lifts a hand, tracing his cheek with the back of a finger. "You sure you'll be alright out there?"

D'had chuckles, "Sounds like a plan then." Not that he seems too that happy with the mention of Ista there, but he doesn't say anything about it either. "They can fly, we can sail. And yeah… I'll be good." Like her saying she's always fine.

Somehow Thea is not convinced, but she doesn't press it. A sad sort of smile pulls at one corner of her mouth. She leans to brush her lips lightly across his cheek, "I'll be with you." Then she leans back with a laugh. "You're talking to the right person about this trip, you know." There's a decided impishness to her eyes now as she smiles at him. "I happen to own a sailboat."

D'had leans back, arms around her still pulling her with him if she'll allow it. "Mmm.. I happen to own a boat too," he comments, though there's an amused smirk to his lips as he brushes a kiss to her cheek.

Thea is pulled along with D'had, not at all unwilling to be in his arms. "You do?" This somehow surprises Thea, although why it does, in light of his past, is a mystery. "I never knew, where is it?" There's a pause as he kisses her cheek, her mind leaping ahead. It's with a soft laugh she asks, "Can we use yours? We wouldn't get very far in mine." The poor sailboat is still without a mast and keel-cracked.

D'had chuckles, "Yeah, somewhere around Nerat is my guess." He shifts, moving her a bit in the process, finding something of a comfortable position with her laying on him. "Need ta talk ta my brother, but we should be able to."

Thea laughs softly as she is moved about, her dark hair spilling around D'had's face as she bends her head to peer into those dark eyes of his. "You know what? I like it that I keep learning new things about you." Her lips curve into a smile that can only be devilish, "So tell me what is it with you and this couch anyway?"

D'had smirks back up at her. "No fun learnin' everythin' right off," he teases, lifting his head slightly to catch a quick kiss. "Dunno," he says of the couch, "Just is. We have an understanding. Think it might be in love with me."

Thea's mid-laugh when lips touch hers so there's a sputter, brief though it is. "I love a mystery, so we're good." She's still amused, very much so. "I think it misses you. Might be jealous of the bed, poor thing." One hand lifts to pat the back of the couch in mock sympathy.

"Maybe…" D'had agrees, turning a glance towards that pat the couch gets. "But ya know we're usin' it again now.." he hints. "Or was that you kickin' me outta the bedroom?"

Thea lowers her arm, leaving the poor couch perhaps grieving the loss of her attention, bends her elbow to prop her head on her hand as she idly watches him for a long, long silent moment through her lashes. "Hrm, have I any reason to be kicking you out?" She's not sounding too worried.

"Not unless you know somethin' I don't," D'had replies. "Or ya know, you just feel like it, but rather join ya…" Hint? "Glad you're feelin' better though."

Thea just smiles at that, "I'm sure you're not that forgetful. But just so you won't worry, I'd be joining ya in your exile, so…" She shrugs adding, "The couch will be happy?" Is that… a growl from the bedroom?

D'had hmms and nods. "Well then I might survive," he teases. "And yeah, the couch should be happy. Maybe a bit jealous of you…" He quirks a brow suggestively.

Thea leans in and rests her forehead against his, there's a glimmer of laughter in the pale green of her eyes, though her tone is utterly serious. "Couch? What couch?"

D'had chuckles, "That's what I thought," he replies with a grin, lifting his chin to catch her lips with his.

They should worry lest the furniture gang up on them, enlisting the table and chairs to their aid, but no, they're oblivious of the danger…

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