Too Hot to Handle!

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

The dimmed lighting through out the infirmary is the only real hint that it's the middle of the night. Well, that and the snores drifting from sleeping patients is louder than in daylight candlemarks. Kera hums softly to herself as she finishes restocking the sterile sheets and wrappings cabinet and starts back up the hall. She pauses at each drawn curtain to check on each patient to make sure they are resting peacefully. No one needs assistance for the time being, so the apprentice drifts back to the front desk where her texts and notebooks are spread to one side. A little brown, well oiled lizard is konked out on a tattered ole pillow in a side chair. Plopping down in her seat, she reaches out to rub the sleeping lizards back briefly while she tries to remember her spot on the page she was reading.

Soriana pauses in the doorway of the infirmary to talk with Ka'el for a moment, but, well… he has things to do (still), and she's kind of the one who needs to visit here, not him, so… she gives him a kiss and then he turns away and she continues on in to the infirmary. There's a smell of smoke lingering around her, an unpleasant charred sort of scent as she crosses the front of the infirmary, glances about, and… makes her way toward Kera. Because guess who's in the front of the infirmary? Soriana smiles as she comes to the table. "Heya."

Kera has to scan half the page til her eyes focus in on the spot she is looking for. Thus, she resumes her studying, every so often her scribbling of notes breaks into the droning of snoozing patients. Not long into her note taking an odor starts to seep into her nostrils. But before she even considers sniffing around, the sudden greeting causes her head to snap up and spot Soriana. A smile starts to slip into place to greet her friend, but a nose twitch and a whiff coming from the queenrider causes her nose to crinkle up. "G'evenin…or, G'morning now I think." Her gaze darts around for the clock briefly before Soriana gets her attention again. "What can I help you with." is asked while getting to her feet.

The smell's not that bad, is it? …okay, yeah, it kinda is, but Ka'el made a good argument that she should go by the infirmary instead of the hot springs and change of clothes. Those are definitely Soriana's next step, though. "Is it, already?" Soriana says to the hour, and glances at the clock before sighing. "I guess it is. Night shift, huh?" The look she gives to Kera is sympathetic, or maybe she's just delaying bfore she sighs and says, "Nothing major." Nope. Not her, buuuut… "Got a bit of a burn, that's all." She lifts up her hand to display it. There's no obvious blistering or anything truly awful, but there is some bright red to the skin of her fingers.

Kera grins since she's not the only one suffering from the loss of candlemarks during night duties. Nodding agreeably that it is indeed past the middle of the night and holds up her fingers about an inch apart "Just a bit." Her amusement fades quickly though when Soriana lifts her hand for inspection. Looking it over throughly, she nods with her smile coming back. "Thankfully, it doesn't look very serious." Gesturing for Soriana to follow, she starts down the hall and pauses a second to make sure she's being followed before moving on. "It doesn't look like it's swelling. Come rinse it in cool water for a few minutes to draw the heat out." Stopping at the sink, she starts the water and test to make sure it's not 'too' cold before nodding to herself. "How did you manage to hurt yourself?" One could almost hear 'this time' in there somewhere. Flicking her fingers towards the water, "Keep your hand under the stream a few minutes."

"It's not so bad," Soriana confirms about her hand. "I just figured I'd get some salve for it." Numbweed, she could raid from the dragonhealers annex, but there's formulations more suited to human skin here - and besides, there's other herbs that can do good for the burn, she's pretty sure. So she follows Kera back into the infirmary, sticking her hand under the water once it's running. "Mmh…" she says to the question, then shrugs. "Just something hotter than it looked, is all. Only for a moment, but that's all it takes, huh?"

Kera chuckles softly and nods. "I can mix something up to help that heal a bit quicker than without anything." As Soriana lets the water work its majic. Heading the herb cabinet, the apprentice sets about pulling several average sized jars from shelves and adds an amount of each to a small pot before mixing the ingredients together. "If it was something hotter than it looked, how come I smell smoke? Hmm?" Kera flashes a concerned, but stilled amused look to the youngest Weyrwoman. When she's done mizing, and putting away all jars in their proper place, the apprentice prepares a tray, adding the little pot she just mixed up, thing strip bandage, and scissors. "How are your fingers, stiffening up any?" She gestures for Soriana to flex her digits a couple of times while she grabs a towel and turns the water off. "Okay, let's get the excess water off…" The apprentice works to dab very gently at the reddened angry looking area.

Cold water is cold! But Soriana keeps her hand under it nonetheless, turning it from side to side a little to let the stream wash over it from different angles. She tilts her head to Kera's question, regarding her a moment before giving her head a shake. "Do they give healers classes in leading questions?" she asks with an arch of one brow, then smiles. "Things near smoking things can be hotter than they look." She keeps her hand under the water while Kera mixes and prepares the salve, then flexes them back and forth a few times. "They seem fine," she says of that. "Bit numb." That'd be the cold water, though even with that, they twitch a little for some of that daubing. The skin there is sensitive! But she mostly keeps it still.

Kera flashes a grin to Soriana as she finishes dabbing the hand dry. "If they did, I skipped that class." Draping the towel over the table, she pats the chair "Have a seat and I'll get ya fixed right up. "I mixed up a cooling salve that help with healing." Her hand cants a little as she starts naming off items "Cucumber, aloe, witchhazel. Those mainly for the actual healing of the burn…" Grabbing up the little tub, and dipping a sterile pad in briefly, she starts to dab and gently spread the cool mixture "Lavender oil to help against scarring, and to cover the other herbal scents…, like the numbweed I added to so ya don't have to 'feel' it healing." Kera chuckles softlu and flashes a quick wink before going back to her task "Is that starting to feel any better?"

Soriana hmmms about that class. It's not that she doesn't believe Kera, see, it's just that, well… not that she goes to visit the healers much, but… maybe it's just that dragonhealers can get all their gossip from the dragon side of things and don't have to ask. She nods to Kera's list of ingredients, with an interest that's part idle curiosity (human healing's not her profession) and part wanting to know what's going to be going on her! But these all seem reasonable things, and so she holds her hand nice and still while it's getting applied. "Is this going to decide to itch?" she asks, in that hopeful tone of someone who's kind of afraid they know the answer. At the moment, though, there's numbweed, so she nods. "Yeah, it's helping."

Kera gives a quick shake of her head "Oh no, it shouldn't be giving up much of a problem at all now." Her hands move as if on autopilot while she chats. "I put in a respectable portion of numbweed to keep it from itching. Gonna slather it on the affected area and wrap it. I recommend leaving it wrapped for a whole day before taking off the bandage." She makes sure there is a a good amount spread over the burned skin before setting the little pot aside. Gently applying a sterile bandage, the apprentice starts to wrap Soriana's hand, keeping the wrap just snug enough so that it doesn't add pressure to the injury. "When ya do take it off, apply the mixture several times a day for a few days." Ripping the end of the strip to split it, she ties the wrap off. "There ya go. It should be good as new in a few days with no visible scarring."

Soriana keeps her hand steady, and chuckles slightly. "Oh, I can feel the numbweed." A grin. "Or is that not feel it?" Her hand, that is, because of the numbweed. It's like that. "A day. Got it. I'll… mm. Probably won't get the timing exact, what with… middle of the night. Should I go early or late?" Because she knows enough of healing to know that, thing one, it probably doesn't matter, but thing two, there's probably a theoretically best answer. "And keep using the salve 'til it's more annoyance than help." Which is a standard measure for these things on the dragonhealing side of things. "Got it." She grins. "Thanks."

Kera sets about cleaning up the mess she made and plugging up the little pot with a cork stopper. "You're welcome." Handing it over with a smile "Keep it on throughout the coming day and take it off before bed and clean it. If you feel that it needs to be rewrapped, then slip back by here. Otherwise, yea, apply the salve as needed. The ingredients won't be harmful if its used to numb other minor scrapes or scratches." Checking once more that everything is cleaned back up, she opens a few desk drawers til she finds the right form she's looking for and starts filling it out. Patient's name, gender, injury, treatment, notes. All these things are noted and filled in as she jumps topics. "Well now that the serious part is taken care of…" she flicks her pen filled fingers towards Soriana's hand before she goes back to writing "…what brought this on? I hope no one else was injured." It wouldn't be the first time stubborn riders refused to admit they were hurt.

Soriana takes the little pot of salve when she's offered it, with a nod. "Shouldn't be. I mean, it's mostly niced-up numbweed. Not that there's anything wrong with that!" It's pretty well what she came here for - that and aloe, which is also a part of it, so, there she goes. Or, well, comes, back to the front desk where she glances down at the paperwork being filled out, then back up to Kera. "Brought it on?" she echoes, and gives her head a shake. "No, you don't have to start a burn ward. I just… didn't realize it'd be that hot, is all. Shoulda grabbed a towel first." She glances away, back toward the caverns and the kitchens beyond. "It's all under control now."

Kera shakes her head while finishing up the last of the file notes. "I certainly hope I never see that many burn patients ever, much less in one place." Glancing to the clock briefly, "I hope you'll have several towels or mitts at hand next time." the time is noted before the report is set aside "The Journeyman may want to track you down later today, after he reads the morning reports, just to give your hand a looking over." The apprentice flashes a look to the queenrider that seems to say 'please be cooperative' "If he does, just show him the little tub of salve . If he were to ask." Once the basics have been covered about the burn and treatment, Kera gestures towards one of the more comfortable seats by the front desk "Would you like to have a seat for a bit? I've a pitcher of juiced water here." She doesn't miss the look the queenrider glance off towards the Weyr proper, smiling with an agreeable nod. "I'm not sure what 'it' was that needed to be brought under control, but I'm sure there is an interesting story there somewhere…. Besides, somethin's gotta keep the me awake during night duties. Why not be entertained by a weyrwoman's misadventures." Kera chuckles and settles into the chair behind the front desk.

"I'd agree to that," Soriana says about those burn patients, then nods about the mitts - and the journeyman. "I'm sure it'll be fine. Hand feels better already." Doesn't feel, because of the numbweed. Same thing. She glances to the pitcher of juice, but… then she yawns, though she tries to hide it. "I would, but… I was on my way to bed before. So I'd really better get the rest of the way there before I collapse. Maybe we can hang out later?" She gives Kera an apologetic look, then a wave, and heads off. To not burn anything else (she hopes).

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