Beach Bums

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

The crashing of waves is a peaceful sound on the beach at the moment, given the time of day and the weather it would be a surprise why other's aren't enjoying the beach. Nailii is one of those people resting on a towel with a hat resting over her face and a book open next to her, seems she dozed off at some point. Talanoath is settled next to her, even using part of a wing to give shade to his sleeping rider, a faint rumble escaping him now and then as he curiously watches the waves, or perhaps the fish that occasionally jump from the water.

Dragons need washing, it's one of the truths of the species. Well, really, most creatures of whatever sort need washing of some sort, or else they get dirty and unpleasant in various ways, but still. Dragons need washing, and today Garouth is getting his. He's capable of handling much of it himself, of course; diving beneath the surface of the lake, scrubbing himself against the sands, shaking his wings out to dry… but there's a few spots where it's much more convenient to get human-type hands in to scrub, and so - when Garouth concluded it was time for him to bathe - D'lei was also summoned. The brindled bronze splashes his way into the deeps in a dive from the skies, and a few moments after that, D'lei shows himself up on shore… though, given that Garouth isn't exactly ready for him yet, he instead glances around and… oh, hey. There's a dragon-bulk he recognizes, and so he ambles his way on over to Talanoath-the-sunshade.

Indeed dragons need to be washed, and Talanoath looks the same, there is a bucket and the needed items for such things aren't too far from where the brown is settled. His attention turns with a light rumble towards the splash and there is a tilt of his head while he watches for a few moments before he is stretching and kicking a bit of sand over Nailii in the process which causes her to start to wake up at least. Nailii shifts and brushes off the sand before shifting her hat out of the way and eyes her dragon while sitting up. "What? I didn't think you wanted a bath yet." Is grumbled with a tired tone as she gets more sand off her shirt and then shakes her book and closes it. « Visitor. » Talanoath offers while he is shifting up onto his paws and slowly strolling towards the water while his tail tosses some sand towards D'lei in a sort of greeting it seems.

That's right, D'lei is a disturbance, a pest, a - oh, right, a visitor. He's one of those, too! He grins a bit, and kicks sand back toward Talanoath - since, apparently, that's the proper greeting these days - before continuing on his way toward Nailii. "I'm not nearly as good a sunshade, I'm afraid," he offers by way of a different sort of greeting, then hehs. "Not sure about my relative skills at letting you get some rest, though." Maybe they'll find out! But for now, D'lei just plops himself down on a spare bit of that towel. He's got a while, after all, as Garouth dives in the deeps and scrapes his belly on lake-sand… sending out curls and drifts of shadows to darken those depths and explore as he does. Why just bathe for cleanliness when you can also enjoy yourself, after all?

Nailii wasn't really paying attention to what her dear dragon said but the voice catches her attention and she glances up with a smile seen. "Hey, well that's alright I suppose your just have to figure out a way to take his place now hum?" This questioned with an amused tone while she brushes more sand off and collects her books, and the like out of the way so there is a place for him to sit upon the semi-sand free towel. "How are you doing?" A slight wave of her hand is seen and she chuckles at the bit on rest. "Yeah well, rest for the wicked or so I hear. Seeing how I don't considered myself that I suppose I'll never get any rest hum?" Talanoath sinks down into the water so it rests about his shoulders, wings flap a few times and send waves splashing about and perhaps enough movement to cause people on shore to get wet as well.

"Maybe if I got some palm fronds and held them up…" D'lei muses, then grins. "I mean, they probably wouldn't work for flying, but they might at least suffice for the sunshade part of being a dragon." It's a very important part of draconic nature, you know. He does at least help gather books… somewhat, he's not going to presume to know her sortation scheme or what level of sand-free-ness is optimal… as he settles down into place. "I mean, is it what you consider yourself that matters, or what other consider you?" he ponders. "Because, I mean, you could probably manage to get a forboding stare or something, maybe an ominous cackle, and that could at least make it so fewer people try to bother you when you're resting." Y'know, like he just did, but never mind that. D'lei grins a bit, then puts his hands behind him and leans back, expression getting more thoughtful. "It's funny, kind of, coming back and seeing how… some things have changed. Some things haven't changed a bit. And some things… well. They used to be problems, and now I suppose they still are, but they're not my problems."

"Ooos? SO like my own cabana boy?" Nailii questions while grinning as she sits cross-legged and lets her arms fold loosely upon her knees. With the books settled off to the side and safe from the sand there is little to worry about them now. "Cackle huh? I'm not sure that fits me, and I've never been one for super dark colors. I mean evil people like black right?" She ponders this, arm lifting and she lightly taps her chin in thought. "Though it could be sparkly perhaps that I could do." This said as she nods. "Anyway, I'm ok with certain people bothering my nap time. Your one of them so consider yourself very lucky." As he goes on she ponders slightly. "What sort of problems are they? I mean? If you want to talk about them I'm all ears. If not that is fine as well, though I am sorry your finding such things. I would hope there would be none for a bit at least." Everyone has problems to some degree right?

"Exactly," D'lei agrees. "Skimpy clothes and all." He grins, then hmmms as Nailii continues with her musings about the nature of evil. "Well, I suppose there is that." His head tilts, looking her over. "…yeah, I don't think it'd suit you, really. So, you may be stuck with a bit of tiredness and some interrupted naps." But hey, at least she can get a cabana boy out of it? He reaches over with a grin, brushing his hand along her back on its way to rest around her, then hehs a bit before letting out an exhale. "Mostly, figuring out where I stand? Or maybe where I want to stand." He gives a wry smile. "I've got a place of my own now, out in the woods. It's halfway to a wreck, but that's fine, it's kind of fun putting it back together again." He grins, at least for a moment. "But… mmh. Relationships are harder to rebuild, especially when I'm not so sure what shape I want them in anymore. I have a new weyr, but do I want the old weyrmates? And what do I do about the kids?"

Nailii ahs softly and waggles her eyebrows a moment at the talk of said skimpy clothing. "Don't tempt me with things that might not happen. Though I would gladly offer said skimpy clothing for you to wear." She shakes her head and glances to herself before just leaning back against him a bit once his arm rests about her. "I suppose I can handle that, though it's been a while since I pulled an all nighter, so I do require a few naps if that is in the cards. She listens to him, and tilts her head to watch his face, a slight ah escapes her. "I suppose that could be a bit hard, given coming back after everything. I was gone for a bit but, I didn't leave much here so to speak." Like weyrmates and children. She lifts her hand and moves to brush a bit of hair back from his face, a light smile seen. "Give it time? Perhaps it will become more clear then. Perhaps start small with the kids, and work your way up?" Well it is a thought. "I'm sure they will want to see you again." There is a slight pause. "Well, I would hope so. My father spent turns not wanting to know me and my sisters then he was gone so I never really had the chance, at least they get the option."

Things that may or may not happen, huh? D'lei laughs a bit, with a wry touch because isn't that what all of this is about? All those things that may happen, may not, might be what is wanted by someone or no-one or everyone-but-not-like-that… "We'll just have to see what happens," is his final non-commitment as far as his new vocation as a cabana boy. Though - okay, not quite final, because he has to add - "It would be a step up from vagrant, though." Gotta get that career advancement! Or something like that, anyhow. There's a grin for that part of things, though the rest of the conversation is more serious, and he nods. "Yeah. The rest… I've run into some folks, had conversations, that sort of thing. It feels a bit weird, sometimes, but it's fine." He shrugs a little. "It's just the things where I was close, was… someone, and now, well." A wry half-smile. "K'vir's the one who said that he wanted space, but I'm honestly just as glad I didn't try to move back in there. It'd… I think it'd have been a lot harder to figure out if I was breathing it constantly." Not that he's made all that much progress even so, but hey. That's what time is for. "The kids are… well. We've had some visits. They're mostly glad to see me." His smile is half-fond, half-worried. "Kyriel's kind of mad at me. Can't really blame him, but still. And Selene… well, that's a whole other mess, really."

"Of course it is a step up, though you have to keep the hair I still like it long and smoosh-able." Nailii says with an amused tone at the idea and moves to lightly run her hand through his hair to prove a point. Her hand lowers and she watches him, a light frown seen but she nods slightly before glancing back towards the water. "Not the same, but I had a relationship once before Talanoath found me. I tried to make it work, but he didn't feel the same way. He didn't want to stay in one spot and Xanadu has always been my home so leaving for good I suppose wasn't an option at the time." A slight shrug is seen. "Funny thing is he impressed over at Ista, I attempted to visit but suppose that was a silly thought. He preferred we stayed apart for good. We had grown apart in many ways, and I'm thankful learning it before other things took place I suppose." She hums a touch and glances back to him. "Perhaps you and they were meant to part, if your meant to go back it'll happen." A slight nod is seen. "Give them time.. I suppose being mad is ok given everything that happened. They will hopefully understand, all you can do is be there for them now and sort of see how things play out."

D'lei grins, tilting his head back to better let his hair hang and sway for the petting, then turns it up again and toward Nailii, listening to her story with a nod, and a faint grimace of sympathy, and then another nod. "We're not very good at figuring out relationships before we're neck-deep in them, are we?" he muses, and smiles wryly. "As people, I mean. I don't think I've ever sat down beforehand and worked out how my interaction with someone was going to be, just… jumped right into it and tried and had it fall apart or come together or something in the middle. Even Garouth, I mean… of course everyone imagined becoming a dragonrider, and we agreed to stand and had lessons about it and all that, but when it actually happened it just… was, and we figured it out as we went." Yay, improvisation! D'lei hehs a bit, then nods. "When I was a kid, if my dad had showed up… I don't know if I'd have been mad, or glad. Probably some of both… and kind of confused what to do with this random stranger, besides." Because it's not like he knew his father, and for all his own kids have slightly more memories… mostly… it's been a long absence, and some of them were rather young when it began. Still. "It is what it is. Which is good advice," and he knows it, "even if it's hard to follow sometimes. So… thanks for reminding me." D'lei grins, and leans over to kiss Nailii's cheek.

"I've never been good at relationship things. Though I never knew what to do with them so to speak. My father left when I was young and my mother never moved on, was well sad. I suppose I was worried it would happen to me so I never attempted it." Nailii offers softly at the thought while her gaze lingers on the waves. "I on the other hand always wanted to be a rider, but then I sort of had a thing for annoying them at a young age. When my sister impressed I have to admit I was a bit bitter, happy for her but still felt like I was missing out. Suppose like I assume all things happen for a reason and I just had to wait for Talanoath in the end to find me." She shrugs lightly, smiling a bit at the thought. "I had always wanted my father to show back up, I had so much to tell him? He was not a happy man, when I finally got to see him, for dragonhealer lessons it was nothing but awkwardness and I soon knew it would just stay that way." She blinks at the kiss, blushing a bit and glances to him smiling and nods. "You're welcome, glad I could help!"

D'lei nods, then hehs. "I feel like I've done it the opposite way. Not that I'm good at relationships, mind you, but I've certainly tried a whole lot of them." And where has that gotten him? Well… here, apparently. "Maybe I should try to keep my distance instead, but… I'm not so sure I'd be any good at that, either." He gives a bit of a laugh, and then a crooked smile and a nod. "…still hurts to be left behind, though. Even if you know it's not anyone's fault, the feelings are still there." Which, yes, is very much a situation D'lei is in right now… from both sides, even! He gives a bit of a grimace for Nailii's description of finally meeting her father, the man he actually-was instead of her childhood dreams and desires of him, and then a small sigh. "I do intend to be around. It's… well. I can't change how things have gotten us here, but even if I may be terrible at relationships, I don't think I'm the worst at being a friend." He gives a lopsided smiles. "And I have to hope that at least some of that can translate into being some kind of half-decent parent, too."

Nailii clears her throat lightly and peers at him curious like. "That many huh?" She questions with a teasing tone. "You're a good person. I can see why people might be drawn to you in a sense so it might make it harder to try to avoid certain things. Which also means there might be some bumps in the road so to speak." She nods slightly. "Course it hurts being left behind, but that what makes people grow in character to some degree. Just hopefully in the right directions I suppose." This said softly at the idea. "Of course you will, which will help more than you think with some time." A soft ah escapes her while she eyes him playful like before smiling and nods. "You're an awesome friend, and from what I seen a great parent, don't give up in that thought." Onwards then to try and change the subject to something perhaps a bit happier. "So, do you want help with your place? I got pretty good at fixing things given I didn't have a choice with my place thanks to Talanoath."

"Do I need to start counting?" D'lei retorts, his tone a playful one. "I think I'd run out of fingers… and the beach is no place for advanced mathematics." He grins, though the expression gets a bit more serious (if not quite all the way there) as Nailii continues, and he nods. "Not to mention Garouth attempting to get me into trouble with various greenriders." There's a wry smile for that, though he seems more amused than upset about the prospect despite the chaos it can cause. It's another part of building character! Or something, anyhow. He hehs softly at that, and nods. "Yeah. And those directions… maybe they're together, maybe they're apart, maybe we just don't know until we do even more growing and see where that puts us." D'lei shrugs a bit, with a crooked smile, a nod… and then an outright grin. "I most certainly would like some help," he says. Onward, to things that are relatively straightforward and entirely under his control! "So, the biggest thing is that the roof's collapsed… which I got them to promise a builder to help with, but there's a bunch of rubble and the like to clear away first, and since they don't figure that requires an expert, it's on me to do."

Nailii lifts her head slightly and eyes him with amusement seen. "Well, depends on if you can use your fingers and toes or need an extra digit to add into the counting." Yep she went there. "Well the boys like to cause issues with greenies and gold flights. Even Talanoath thinks following a gold is amusing, though I kept telling him it's a moot point." Well some browns to catch a gold from time to time. "Could give them a map, but it would be a mighty large map given all the places one could go and still try to find most sane easy path." She chuckles and nods. "Well, Talanoath and I can offer some help with such things. His not too bad with clearing things up from time to time, though he might complain at the start, middle and end if we give him the chance."

D'lei not only grins, he even waggles his brows a bit. "Well. I'll just have to start counting sometime and see just how far I get." Aww yeah. He hehs about the dragonmales and their proclivities for trouble, and nods. "I doubt you'll ever convince Talanoath that it's not worth taking a journey just because the destination's questionable." D'lei grins, and then he nods again. "By the time you've got a big enough map to track it all, I suspect it'd be far past the size you can actually make sense of." So many complexities! So much life. And so many repairs to make, too… and D'lei nods about those, too. "Might be some hidden treasures from the past buried amid the ruins," he offers by way of potential bribe. "Never know what you might find." He grins, then… "Oh, actually. Do you have a goat?"

"You would take great pleasure and seeing how far you would get with counting if it involved no clothing." Nailii says with a half laugh escaping her at the idea. "Well of course he would, plus the map would be huge given all little places here and there off the beaten path that would have to be added to it as well. Talanoath would make certain of it, and it would take a few lifetimes to get done and then have to be changed here and there and the life." She actually is pondering this for a few moments before the goat bit is questioned and she chuckles. "Yep, two actually. Pox and Lox, for once Talanoath didn't bring them home I did during a treck to take care of a few dragons they were payment so to speak. Both girls, make pretty good milk, good for tea I find actually." Of course she has goats. "You have to stop by the weyrbarn someday and meet everyone." Really means help with the chores.

"Hey, I mean, it could also be scanty clothing!" D'lei protests, grinning. "Once it's scanty enough, it doesn't really limit the counting, just… accentuate it." Ohmy. He laughs at the idea of that complicated, convoluted, impossible (and yet fascinating) map, and nods… but anyway. About those goats! D'lei nods to that explanation, with a laugh for the fact that it wasn't Talanoath (this time) that caused them. "Can I borrow them sometime?" is his followup question. "See, there's an awful lot of overgrowth and underbrush," which are, confusingly enough, also the same thing, "and while I could try to tear it out by hand or burn it off, goats seem like they'd probably do the job just as fast and with rather more enjoyment. And I figure, if they've been with you, they're probably not going to panic when they see the outline of a dragon overhead, so…" Plots and schemes and plans! "…but yes, I should definitely come meet the menagerie." How else will he trade barnyard chores for house-construction ones?

Nailii humms lightly in thought over this idea of scanty clothing. "Sorta circles back around to the cabana boy idea as well I feel." At least she would be amused over the sight, and getting some shade in the progress! She chuckles and nods. "Sure you can, they are rather good at taking care of stuff like that. I have a pair of herdbeasts as well, but the goats are smaller and easier to handle." She chuckles and nods. "Oh they are very use to Talanoath being around, to the point he annoys them honestly which I feel a bit bad for them now and then. I mean they don't have to worry about getting eaten but still his always watching them and being silly." A smile is seen and she nods. "You're welcome by any time. Even have a few dozen chickens that can help with any bug issues you have as well which could happen with all the underbrush."

"Mmmhmm," D'lei agrees, and grins. "Must be destiny." He's just fore-ordained to be a sexy cabana boy! Such is fate. He even waggles his torso a bit, shoulders to hips, in something that… okay, it'd probably work better if he were standing up, but that seems like it would require too much effort, so she'll just kinda have to extrapolate a bit. And besides, he can't let himself get too distracted by that just yet, not when there's also practical goat-related questions (and answers)! D'lei laughs at the note that Nailii also has herdbeasts, because of course she does, then nods. "I feel like goats are the sassy hoofbeasts, really. Like, bovines can be mean, but goats have attitude." He grins. "But yeah… it's not even the space so much as just how rough the terrain is, I feel like a full-size herdbeast would just get stuck somewhere. Which might be //entertaining, but…" Not so useful! Unlike the chickens, about which he nods. "Yeah. Not to mention any fleas and roaches left from the former residents…" D'lei makes a face, then turns it into a grin. "Just a temporary farm, on the way to being a weyr again."

"Who's destiny would that be by chance?" Nailii questions with an amused tone while leaning back as he goes about attempting to move about and she looks amused. "True? It would be amusing for a few moments before you had to go and try and move the herdbeast, and it would just stand there staring at you." She shakes her head slightly before chuckling. "Fleas and roaches? Hopefully let from the last resident. If not we need to have a serious conversation." A grin is seen. "I do have a farm now, which is all well and good to talk about until something crazy happens. Ever seen a flock of chickens chase after weyrbrats that happened to be trying to get a few eggs? I'm not going to lie I laughed before making sure no one lost a finger or something along those lines."

"Huh. I mean, it could be either of us, really." Is it that D'lei is destined to be a cabana-boy, or that Nailii is destined to have one? "That's the thing about fates, they're all squidgy and unclear until you're long past the point where you could have made any sense out of them." He gives his head a shake, mock-sadness even if the grin is quick to re-emerge. "Faranth, those stares. They - at the hold where I was washed up - had this one old, ancient bovine, and she just… she could have had a staring contest with a dead fish and I wouldn't have known which of them to bet on." So, see? It's not all bad memories from his time away. Sometimes it's amusing-but-also-terrible ones! And, speaking of remnants of the past… D'lei puts on a look of playful offense at those implications about fleas and roaches. "I may be a vagrant, but I still have some standards," he declares, then grins. "One of these days, those critters of yours are going to launch a takeover… and then where will we be?"

"Well we won't have to worry about fleas and the like if the chickens take over, and the pair of goats can't honestly do /that/ much damage? Or well I suppose they could if they got into the weaver's closet." Nailii offers in mild amusement at the idea. "The herdbeast is most likely the most untroubled making one of the lot. Though he's still young suppose that could be why. I also do not have any runners, which I draw the line with them. I like them an all but have enough to deal with, between all them, the firelizards, the felines and a trio of large canines I'm good." Really she does have a zoo and Talanoath is the ringleader! A glance is sent his way and she blinks. "You really did wash up at a hold? How on Pern di you wind up washing up on it anyway?"

"…they absolutely could," D'lei says, deadpan. "Do not underestimate the ability of goats to cause trouble." And yet he's still quite willing to take them on, it seems, his expression shifting back to a grin as he listens. "Definitely need to come take the tour and see all these," he says, even knowing he's sure to get drawn into chores by the doing of it. Such is life! "If you do end up with any stray runners on your doorstep -" What? Such things totally happen, especially when Talanoath might be involved! "- send 'em on to Shiloh. He's a fan." By which D'lei means that Shiloh happened to admit to being a beastcrafter who worked with them (and probably doesn't actually want more), but… close enough! D'lei hehs, then, and gives his head a shake. "Not literally. Well, I don't think so, anyhow." Those memories, still very much fuzzy in some places. "Kinda felt a bit like a castaway, though."

Nailii ponders this idea with the goats. "Do I really want to know why you sound so sure about that?" She questions with a mirk and shakes her head. "Your welcome to come by anytime you like. Need to actually work on the roof of the barn some while the weather is still warm. Once it starts to get cooler it will be an issue for sure." She ohs at the talk of Shiloh and chuckles. "I'll have to remember that should one wander across my path I suppose." She glances over to him curious like and soon nods pondering it seems. "What about Garouth? He can't help fill in any of the missing pieces? I mean I know most dragons don't recall everything like Talanoath does but I was just curious I suppose."

D'lei grins, then nods. "I will," he promises. "And yeah, that's kind of where I am with my weyr, too. I'm not going to get everything done this summer, but I want to at least get enough that cold isn't going to make things worse… well, and ideally, so there's enough interior that I can spend winter working on that." Ambitions, he has them! Maybe not the vastest of ones, but then again, there is rather a lot of work needed to reconstruct a weyr… and also to recover memories. D'lei gives a crooked smile for that part of the question, and makes an equivocating sort of gesture. "He can and he can't. Like… what Garouth remembers isn't the same as what I'd say in human words." A bit of a grin, because he knows that's a terrible explanation. "Like… Talanoath, right? Garouth remembers him as a starry sky and a song. And those stars can come to life and show stories, things that happened… or might have happened, or could yet happen, because Garouth doesn't really care which things actually happened, or when, so much as just having concepts of who and what things are."

Nailii nods and smiles a bit. "Well, if your place isn't warm enough come winter I have a place you can stay. Just have to fight the goats I suppose for a spot to sleep now and then." She wouldn't really let him stay in the barn would she? Possible! "I suppose that makes sense. With the way Talanoath tells tales and the like I forget sometimes what they 'typically' might do so to speak. I've never met a dragon who could spin a tale and then tell it again and again like he does." He does change things now and then but that's not the point. "Though I just find it strange you washed up on some shore out of the blue." She gives his arm a squeeze. "Glad it worked out and your back with us though even though I'm sure it was a bit traumatic to say the least."

D'lei grins, both earnest and amused, and nods. "See, that's another reason to borrow them now, so I can start making friends with them and convince them to give me a share of the haybale come winter." It's always good to have a backup plan? "But..yeah. Talanoath's much more… well, and it's not even that Garouth doesn't remember. If he says someone's trustworthy, or that something's dangerous, he's probably right. It's just that, to him… me washing up on shore from a sinking ship, and me showing up half-delirious on his back, and me stumbling out of the jungle chased by wild felines… they're sort of all the same. They're all things that make sense." By the bronze's definition of it, at least. "He can show me what might have happened much more easily than he can show me what did." D'lei gives a bit of a shrug, a bit of a grin, and then he leans over closer to Nailii. "When has my life ever not been strange?" he asks, grin lopsided. "But … yeah. Me too."

"Lox likes to eat blankets so you better bring a few with you when you come." Nailii says with an amused tone as she goes about putting her books back into the bag that was laying nearby. "Well I can understand that, and I would believe Garouth as well if he had said that about anyone or the like." She pauses and glances to him. "You got chased b wild felines? Maybe you should write a book, would be the interesting adventure of a bronze rider? Might be a best seller." This said as she grins, everyone knows how she likes books so she would of course buy at least one. "Well I suppose if it wasn't strange you'd get super bored then where would the fun be hum?" She slowly stands up brushing some sand off her shorts as she goes before offering him a hand up it seems. "Talanoath is demanding his bath, I know you want to help. Good practice for being a cabana boy and all." She looks amused while saying this. Talanoath is just eyeing the two with a faint rumble from his spot in the shallows, bath time and maybe some trickery on top of it. Needless to say no one is getting out of this dry at the moment!

"Bring blankets as bribes to exchange for hay. Noted." D'lei grins, then follows it with a nod… and a laugh. "Maybe I should write a book or three. If nobody believes it… well, so much the better, right?" Maybe. Right or wrong, either way, they're here. D'lei tilts his head a bit as Nailii rises, then grins. "Course I do," he says, taking that hand and rising up as well. "It's my destiny, after all." Scrubbing dragons, aww yeah. It's… okay, it actually is a dream of many people, but it's probably also going to end up with him being soaked and splashed and at least a quarter drowned… but that's all part of the fun, right! …definitely. "Let's get to scrubbing!" And… so they do! With much being soaked, but also much amusement.

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