Good Days

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Midafternoon in the middle of summer at Xanadu and Kera has finally managed to get through her duties and looking for something to eat. Fortunately, it's after the midday meal rush, so when she steps into the tavern, her stomach growls in search for the elusive heardbeast burger. Blinking at the sudden dimness contrasting from the bright outdoors, the apprentice takes a few seconds to let her eyes adjust before she can finally start to make out the interior. Several customers are scattered around the various tables, one table seems to be host to a card game. Grinning when she takes in the mostly empty seating at the bar, her steps take her that way.

In tromps another, heavy boots thudding against the floor and making a quiet entrance nigh impossible. Not that Kiena is looking to sneak about (not in broad daylight, anyhow) but the bluerider is clearly coming straight from off shift at the forges. At least she paid a quick visit to the bathing caverns first to quickly scrub clean and her slightly dampened hair has been hastily tied back and loosely braided. She's a rider on a mission though! Hungry and too impatient to make the trek back to her weyr or bother with calling Ujinath to ferry her, she ducks into the tavern instead. Pleased to see it relatively empty, she strides forwards and promptly picks out one of the seats there and likely unaware of any others quite yet or those she may have passed in her rush towards food.

Ka'el is not shirking his duties. Definitely not. What he is doing is…um. Well… Being…approachable. Yeah, that's it! The young Weyrleader is being approachable by showing just how multi-talented he is! Not only can he run a weyr, but he can also hang out in a bar and join an impromptu music group who lost a player due to duties! It's far too early to be getting drunk (for most, anyway) and the rag-tag band consists of five men, young and old. The music is folksy and jaunty. There's a banjo. A fiddler. An older man playing something that looks queerly like a washboard. A big string bass. And Ka'el, on guitar, looking as if he hadn't planned this at all considering he's in businesslike Weyrleader attire, complete with his knot. But regardless it looks like he's enjoying himself this mid-afternoon as they play to the near empty tavern. Perhaps that's why he didn't mind volunteering himself for this gig. There's nobody here to see him! Well, almost nobody. The door has opened twice in the past few minutes, but he hasn't scanned the bare room, busy keeping up with the others.

Kera already knows what she wants so doesn't need to 'think' about it. Barely settling in the seat, the waitress is there taking her order. That done, now she just has to wait the eternity it will take to cook up, so around her gaze goes til she spots Kiena. A curious frown slips over her face briefly before she shakes it off and hops off the stool, moving towards the bluerider's table as the harpers' tune changes to a differant melody. Wiggling her fingers to the rider "G'day Kiena, mind if I join ya?" Seeing one of the waitresses carrying a full tray of mugs towards the harper's corner, she follows the woman's path with her gaze, til she realizes they aren't harpers. And is that…the Weyrleader?

Kiena starts a bit as she's just about to slouch comfortably in her chair. Midway to sitting up "properly", once her blue eyes recognize that it's Kera wiggling her fingers in greeting, the bluerider promptly returns to her less than proper slouching position. Hey, she's tired! "G'day, Kera! Not at all." With the hand that she waves with, it then tips forwards to sweep over the table. Please do! "What's got you here in the tavern? Late lunch?" she asks, only to realize the Healer apprentice is following the waitress' trek across the tavern. Curious, she too follows the woman's path and spies the same group. One of these things don't look like the other? Kiena's brows lift up in surprise. "Huh! Never figured him to be musically inclined." she drawls with an amused smirk.

Merrily does the song continues, not perfect, but not bad either. All five are in time, melodiously in sync. The banjo player leads the song with familiar lyrics sung in a thick voice that matches his thick brown beard. Ka’el’s not singing, but his guitar accompaniment is on point with everyone else, neither too loud or too soft, expect in places where the guitar does take the lead. His head bobs along with the music, eyes shifting from band mates to the strings of the guitar, his grin in place the whole time and remaining even as the merry tune comes to an end. “Yeah!” Congratulatory whoops and good-natured claps to the shoulders are passed around by all of them, along with a plead for just one more as Ka’el rises and sets the guitar aside. Ka’el lifts his palms in defeat as he backs away from them, giving apologies and promises for another time. And when he turns, his eyes land upon familiar faces at a nearby table, and he grins guiltily. “Afternoon, ladies!”

Kera watches Ka'el play for a few seconds before pulling out a chair and settling down. Scooching forward a bit, a shrug lifts her shoulders briefly to Kiena. "I didn't either, never seen him play before." Listening as the tune plays out, her fingers tapping along with the changes, she grins over to the bluerider. "The tune needs more herdbeast-bell." That seems to amuse the apprentice for some reason. Kera's still grinning as the Weyrleader's voice is heard. A polite headtip is offered "G'day sir. Are handing in your hammer for a guitar now?"

Kiena's fingers are also tapping against the tabletop in rhythm to the song and she may be even humming a bit, though too low and quiet to be overheard. She won't clap, but her crooked grin says it all. Good playing! Kera's quip about the bell has the bluerider laughing though. "You think?" she muses, turning her head a bit to eye the young woman for a moment before her attention shifts to the approaching Weyrleader. "G'day, Ka'el!" She'll at least salute, though she drops the formality of rank title. Another snicker again for Kera's teasing and Kiena only looks up at him expectantly. Well?

“Ha, not quite,” remarks Ka’el to Kera with a grin as he approaches their table, still looking slightly sheepish. “Harpers everywhere would pay me to give it up as I’d be a mar on their craft or somethin’,” he jokes, sounding indeed humored. He pauses at their table now. “I play. I couldn’t claim to be much’ve a farm-raised boy if I didn’t know how to pluck somethin’ or another, right?” He gestures to the little band. “Their man didn’t show up for guitar, so … figured it’d be only right of me to lend a helpin’ hand, right?” he grins to them both, giving a return salute to Kiena before he nods to an empty seat. “May I join you? I’ve been here at least an hour and I think and haven’t had a crumb!” And his belly voices a complaint with a rumble.

Kera nods quickly to Kiena "Oh yea, The tune was good, but a little herdbeast-bell would have been just the thing to make it the next Pern craze." The apprentice gives a knowing sage nod before she chuckles at Ka'el's thoughts of what the Harper's would do. With an agreeable nod over his farmboy comment, she gestures towards the empty chairs. "I don't mind.." Her gaze flickers to the bluerider, Kiena was seated here first afterall. Peering between the two briefly, the girl reaches into her satchel and plucks out a little clothe wrapped item and her mark pouch. "I'm glad I ran into both of you." wiggling the pouch opening loose, she jiggles it this way and that as she peers into it critically before sighing and dumping her marks on the table. "I broke my knife and was wondering if it could be fixed." plucking up the marks, soon the only thing left of the pile is a a broken knife tip. Her gaze shifts between the two smiths, "So, whaddya think? Can it be fixed? Or would I be better off to get another one?"

Kiena doesn't own the tavern! Seats are free for grabs and at Ka'el's inquiry she simply waves her hand. Go for it! Given how she's still slouched in her chair and in all regards looking fairly relaxed, she doesn't seem to mind the company. "Never thought herdbeast-bell would be an 'in' thing. Least of all musically!" she muses and glancing back to Ka'el she chuckles. "Well, I suppose that explains it then. Nice of you to find time to help 'em out. You guys weren't too bad!" Now Kera is dumping marks on the table and Kiena tilts her head to peer at the Healer apprentice until all is explained. Blue eyes focus on that broken knife tip and carefully she sits up enough to lean forwards. "Mind if I get a closer look at it?" she asks, rather than just outrightly snatch the broken piece up. "Depends on the break." Kiena mutters thoughtfully and with a sharp (ha!) look to Ka'el.

Herdbeast bell? Ka’el laughs. “I’ll be sure to pass along the word,” he promises before he slides into a seat at their table, flagging down a serving girl to order something quick and simple. Like a sandwich. He must have a thing for sandwiches! “Thanks,” said to Kiena, looking and sounding amused. “But I think I’ll keep my day job.” With ordering done, his attention turns back to his tablemates and the sudden influx of money upon the tabletop. He quirks a brow at the marks that settle amongst shards of something. A something that is soon explained to be a knife. A brow inclines as he peers from the broken pieces to the healer that they belong to. “What’d you do to this thing?” he asks with a faint cant of his head. “You didn’t go on a mad stabbing spree, have you?” he asks, jest obvious. He leans forward but doesn’t take the broken piece, nodding to Kiena as she speaks. “And do you have anything else of it, or is this all you’ve salvaged?”

Kera grins around the table at the concensus about the beastbell's place in music. "Not any worse than a banjo." Dropping her marks back in the pouch, her head shakes at Kiena's question. nudging the tip and the wrapped bundle. "Go ahead, have a look." Smirking at Ka'el's first thoughts of how she would have broken the knife, Kera snorts in amusement and rolls her eyes. "Hardly. I was trying to pry the lid off one of the shipment crates, when it just snapped." Her eyes light up when she spots the waitress approaching with plates, that are placed around the table, and soon her meal is in front of her. "Thank you." and a headnod are offered to the waitress before she puts her marks away and grabs her burger, her growling stomach protesting her slowness.

Kiena places in an order too while the server girl is flagged down by Ka'el, though she'll wait until he's done with his order before tossing in her own. Her choice of meal? A salad. How boring. Though she's at least added an ale to that. Why not? She must not have work at the forges for later in the day. "What's wrong with a banjo?" she asks Kera curiously and half amused. Snorting, she shakes her head. "You think you'd be here all casual like if she had gone on a mad stabbin' spree?" Kiena drawls while she inspects the knife piece carefully before slipping it back to the table. She frowns. "Better tools to use for that than your knife. Even so… either you are quite strong or there was something faulty in the metal. How old was this blade?" Flopping back in her chair, she turns her head to Ka'el and smirks. "What'd you think on the fate of this knife? I'm thinking scrap."

"It could be her calm cover," points out Ka'el to Kiena. "Who knows? She could be a master assassin, here with only the disguise of your unassuming healer apprentice." Dun, dun, duuuuun! He gives Kera a narrow-eyed look, as if trying to see through the mask she's most assuredly wearing. A mask … of lies! A grin breaks through his serious face before long, and he waves his hand. "Yeah, what's wrong with the banjo? I like the sound it makes!" he says, glancing over to the ragtag group of not-harpers who are disbanding now, packing up their things. His attention shifts back to the task at hand, and he watches Kiena inspect the broken blade, then does the same thing once she sets it down on the table. He lifts it close to his eyes, turning it round and round, eyeing the broken edge and using his fingers to test the thinness. "Not a wonder it broke.." he muses as he lowers it down. "I say scrap," he agrees with the senior smith. "Might cost you just as much in the long run to get a new one as it would getting this one fixed over an' over. It's bound to break again."

Kera 's gaze flicks between the riders with an amused shrug to Kiena. "I didn't say anything was /wrong/ with it. Just that it has a distinctive sound, just as the bells do." Getting a good hold on her burger, she takes a bite while the bronzer's imagination takes off. Looking pointedly to the Weyrleader, leaning forward slightly, she stops chewing and just returns a steady gaze, as if she /were/ a secret assasin. Her 'mask' cracks however and she chuckles with an amused shake of her head while finishing her bite. "Well, then I'm a very bad assasin as I've not killed anyone yet. Or maybe, I'm still lulling you all in still with my 'healer' day job." Flashing a wink around the table before she gets a little more serious. After hearing both opinions on the knife, Kera winces. "Dad's not gonna like that. It was his old one." Taking another bite, she shrugs "Well it looked like it would pry off easily. Didn't look as sturdy as it turned out to be."

Kiena laughs. "A master assassin? Where do you come up with these things?" Kiena remarks to Ka'el, though her eyes are turning to Kera with an amused glint to them. "Ahh, but see? You just gave yourself away by telling us of your plans and true nature!" she drawls and quietly observes as Ka'el takes his turn in inspecting the broken knife piece. Nodding her head in agreement, she can only shrug her shoulders to Kera with an apologetic grimace. "That's the thing with old blades and metal. Shame that it broke. Do you have the rest of the knife still? Scrap or not, the metal may still have some use as something else." Given how metals are not so abundant on Pern, it's no doubt they'll try to recycle what they can and Kiena is not shy about wanting to gather the broken knife in hopes of salvaging something from it. "Lesson learned then to use the right tools for the job?" Kiena goes on to tease Kera lightly. "So how long have you been playin' guitar, eh, Ka'el?" It's a belated question, as the bluerider drifts back to other topics. She also sends a curious look across the tavern. Where is her food?

Kera smirks and pretends to be embarrassed when Kiena points out she broke her cover. "Shells, I always mess up that part." Shoulders lift and drop quickly. "Oh well, maybe I'll keep the day job anyway." A nod tips her head at Kiena's explantion about the metal and gestures towards the small little clothe bundle. "Here's the rest of it. I was gonna turn it into the smithhall if it couldn't be fixed. But if you can use it for your work, you're welcome to it." The apprentice grins at the teasing and peers to Ka'el with a curious lift of her brow as she waits hear his answer. "I'm surprised you've not played at some of the beach gatherings. Like marshmellow night."

"Remind me to up security," murmurs Ka'el, words still just as joking as his former. "And perhaps hire a personal guard for myself. One who'll taste test my food..happily take a blade for me…that sort of thing." A grin, but it's one that slowly slides from his face as Kera mentions her father, and he nods slowly, pondering that. "He may understand. If it was his, then he'll know it was worn. He may not like you usin' it the way you did, but…better that it broke then than it breakin' when you really needed it." He pauses there, for now here comes food! Maybe they were just waiting for the sandwich to be done so that it and the salad can be brought at the same time? Whatever the case. Kiena's salad and ale, and Ka'el's sandwich and water are both delivered now. Ka'el voices his thanks before returning his attention to Kiena and Kera, nodding. "Kiena's right. The blade isn't all lost. There's still enough of it to be of use." As something! He picks up his sandwich as he answers Kiena's question. "Since…shell, as far back as I can remember. It was sort've .. a thing, at home," he admits with a faint smirk, glancing to Kera after. "No one gave me a guitar," he answers simply, laughing.

Kiena grins at Kera. "Probably for the best! Healer sounds a lot more of a promising career than assassin anyways!" Again she will lean forwards and tug the little cloth bundle closer. Just enough so that she can sneak a peek at what's beneath, though she does lift her gaze to the young woman in quiet thought. "Ka'el's got a good point. At least it broke when you were using it to open something," Even if incorrectly! And not, say… trying to defend herself. "But if the knife belonged to your father… perhaps ask him what he'd like to see done with it? Not sure if I want to take it now, in case he has some attachment to it even if not useable. Or did he give it entirely to you?" Ahh, there's their food! Thanking the server and paying for her half, she'll tuck into her salad with enthusiasm, still listening in on the conversation between bites. "Mhm. A thing at home?" Kiena asks curiously to Ka'el and then laughs a little as well. "To be fair, if no one knew you played why would they offer?"

Kera just smirks at Ka'el's outlandish plans to protect himself from her. After a few seconds, she leans towards Kiena "Wow, can you imagine going through all that trouble for little ole me?" A look of mock horror "Oh, I'll never live this down." dropping the act, her burger receives more attention then wavesw, off the bluerider's concern "Oh go ahead. As you said, it's just scrap now anyway. He gave it to me turns ago and have plenty more he uses." Smiling to assure the rider, Ka'el reasoning is considered "True, no one offered you one to play." Kiena's question draws a grins and she nods quickly to agree. "Yea, what she said."

Ka'el bobs his head in answer to Kiena. "Uh huh, a thing." He pauses to take a bite of his sandwich to eat to quiet his stomach before continuing. "We weren't a family've harpers or anything, but my ma …. she liked… likes music. We'd have days sometimes after harvest or just after a day've work where we'd take dinner out in the fields and da would bring his guitar and play and my brother Kerrick would play with him and ma would sing." A corner of his lip quirks up at a thought. A memory that cause his blue gaze to cloud. "I learned to play in those fields turns ago. From my da and my brothers." Eyes refocus beneath a blink, and his two companions are given a smile. "And now that you know, I'll take to carryin' a guitar wherever I go, just in case you want a fireside tune." He laughs before taking a drink. "So, as for that blade. Are you going to proposition Kiena to make you a new one?"

Kiena leans a little towards Kera, only to laugh at the mock horror the girl displays before her focus returns to that still bundled knife. "Alright then. Thanks for letting me take it. Still not sure what I could do with it but I think it's worth the challenge." She does love her puzzles! A few more bites of salad are taken and between them her head turns again to Ka'el as she listens and her expression takes on a curious cast. Understanding or is it a sense of home sickness? Old memories. "Those sound like good times." she murmurs as she reaches for her ale and knocks back a good portion of it. Who needs to nurse a drink? Not her, it seems. Propositioning what now? Kiena looks a bit startled. "I'm not really supposed to be doin' commission work yet…" she admits, glancing from Ka'el to Kera. "Though I could ask for permission too. I'd just have to make sure it passes by a Journeyman's approval before I dare hand it over."

Kera smiles and reaches for her juice while Ka'el recalls some childhood memories featuring his parents and brothers. Agreeing with Kiena, she nods "Those do sound like they were fun times." A quick sip then she's setting the glass down and grinning "Oh, will you play us a new tune every time?" The question about what she had planned to do get a quick dip of her head over the plate "I was actually. If that one couldn't be fixed that is." Frowning a little when it seems the bluerider might have a couple of hurdles to jump. "Ah, well, I don't want ya to get in trouble." Considering a moment, she peers between Ka'el and Kiena, gaze finally settling on Kiena again "That would work. Should I go to the Smithhall and order it? Or do ya want to go about it another way." plucking a tubor crisp from her plate, she smiles "Nothing fancy. Just need a plain ole utility knife for everyday little things."

"Yeah. Good times," Ka'el agrees with a small, wistful little smile on his face. He busies his mouth with sandwich now, eyes still largely distant, though it's a different sort of look than the one he has when in conversation with Kanekith. But he still hears the two of them. He's listening, although his eyes say otherwise. "Ask permission," he agrees, blinking to Kiena. "They'll hardly have reason to say no to you usin' the skills they've given you. Besides, it's a knife, not a statue," said with a smirk. "Make it slightly decorative," he advises after Kera's insistence that it be plain. "Show'm what you can do without goin' too overboard, you know? You'll impress them." As for playing a tune, he gives Kera a smug look. "Sure. For a small fee."

"Trouble? Hardly. Maybe if I tried to sell under the table or shoddy work… Then I'd be in a whole heap of trouble." Kiena points out to Kera, only to smirk at Ka'el. "I know that!" she laughs. "I wasn't saying no, really…" Then what was she saying? She blinks at what follows, just eyeing the Weyrleader as if suspicious or just plain not expecting that from him. "Alright. Now I really do feel like I've been challenged." she remarks dryly and she gives Kera a wink. "You'll have to give me your preference for knives. Length, weight, style… Ahh, utility knife? Easy enough. And if she wants plain, Ka'el there's nothing wrong with that. Can make something stunning even if simple." So there! Finishing the last of her meal and ale, she pushes back her chair and stands with a slight stretch to her back. "Booze work as a fee?" Kiena drawls to Ka'el with a grin. "Much as I'd like to linger a bit and relax, I've got to tend to a few things before I make the trek to my weyr." Reaching down to pick up the bundle, Kiena will smile broadly to Kera. "Thanks again for letting me have this. We'll talk more later. And you too, Ka'el. Take care, both of you." Dipping her head in a brisk nod, there's one last crooked grin flashed and then she's striding on out of the taverns.

Kera pulls her gaze from Kiena a moment and smirks to Ka'el's mention of a small fee. "Oh you and your 'fees' for everything." Shaking her head in amusement, another bite is taken from her burger while attention is given back to the bluerider. Smiling as Ka'el's taunts push the woman into agreeing to make a knife. "Excellant! I'm easy to find around the infirmary most days." Just in case there are any little details the rider wants to know later. As Kiena needs to head off, Kera waggles her figners to the departing rider "Hav'a g'day Kiena." This to the departing woman's back before peering across the table. Eyeing the bronzer a moment, she chuckles "..for a small fee…. Are you sure you were a farmboy? You're sounding a bit like a trader lately."

Ka'el smirks. "Booze always works as a fee," is said to Kiena. "And fine, make your plain yet stunning knife, and when it's done and approved, I'd like to see it too. Just so I can tell you how plain yet stunning it is." And how it could've been made even more stunning with a little bit of something here and there, likely! As she makes to leave, he rises from his seat to nod at her in parting. "See you, Kiena," he offers, nodding to her as well and sitting only after she heads off. Seat reclaimed, he turns to Kera, taking a bite of his sandwich. "Trader? Me?" he snickers, swallowing. "I wouldn't know where to begin. Nope, it's safe to say I haven't a tradin' bone in my body, though I suppose I'm just good at making deals." He grins her way. "You've been alright, Kera? Everything going well?"

Kera sets the rest of her burger down, and sips from her glass. A mischevious glint slips across her features. "Your way of making deals wouldn't be making bets and not paying up would it? Cause, I've still not gotten anything delivered from a Transport rider." She flashes a wink and grins to show she's only teasing. The questions draws a little head nod. "Things are goin well enough. More good days than bad days thankfully at the infirmary. Though recently, there may have been a few comments on my bedside manner. But ya can't please everyone right? Particularly someone who refuses help." A little shrug shifts her shoulders a bit as she thinks about what else has been happening. "I went to visit N'talya just before going to visit my parents for a sevenday. She said to tell you congratulations on Weryrleadership." Kera brightens a bit "She's definately in better spirits recently. Got a new girlfriend she met at Eastern."

Ka'el raises his brows dramatically. "Not paying a debt that I owe? Well that hardly sounds like me…" he says, looking away while doing a poor job of hiding a grin. The comment of her bedside manner does have him tilting his head a bit, a look of question in his eyes. "I was going to say I hope they were comments of the complimentary sort.." he says. "Though it doesn’t sound as if they were." Her journeyman likely will have that handled, right? He doesn't pry. He nods as she mentions her friend and smiles at the congratulatory message received. "Tell her thank you. I'd be happy to do it myself though I don't see me takin' too many trips off Weyr soon." There's slight puzzlement in his eye at the mentioning of a girlfriend, not quite sure if she means a female friend or the romantic sort. .. Whichever the case, he eventually nods. "Glad to hear she's doing alright." That seems like a nice general statement, right? Though the mentioning of girlfriends does remind him that he should head back to the admin hallway if he hopes to poke his head in on the radios for a minute before his next scheduled thing begins. "You'll have to tell me more about your visits," he says, rising now and flagging down a waitress to pay for all of their food and drink. His treat! "I've to get back before I'm missed. I'll see you again soon, I'm sure."

Kera smirks and isn't buying the innocent act Ka'el slips into about not paying the bet. "Uh huh." heard among her chuckling. But a quick shake of her head calms her amusement some. "I've not heard anything about if from Journeyman Cyrus, but the patient was rather….disagreeable with my presence. It's only a matter of time before I'm reprimanded." Breathing out slowly and is very eager to talk about something else and nods "I'll tell her next time I go visit." As Ka'el has to go and pays for all the meals, she frowns "Thank you, I'll get the tip." A smile slips over her face and she waves to the departing rider. "Have a g'evening."

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