Summer Boogie

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

The sun is high in the afternoon sky and the sands on the beach are warm. No, make that hot. Granted, these sands aren't as hot as the sands within the hatching area now, home to a dozen eggs and two doting clutchparents, but who wants it that hot anyway? Ka'el sure doesn't. Ka'el, who has had quite the journey through Weyrleadership so far. Ka'el, who has thus far survived meetings and paperwork and hardships and decisions! Ka'el, who .. like many a Quasar member, seems to have forgotten that rest days exist. Today is his, and unlike some he's taken it with no extra convincing needed. He's glad to strip himself of office wear and collared shirts and shined boots and that combed back hairstyle he's been wearing in favor of being regular ol' Ka'el again. Ka'el, in cut off shorts and a too-large sleeveless tee (with no knot!), a burly arm holding a thin plastic board beneath it as he makes his bootless way down onto the beach. He sure doesn't look the part of a Weyrleader anymore! Instead he looks like …. well, a young man looking for some summer fun! Time to let the mind rest and body play! Alloy, who has been his constant firelizard companion since that fateful day, swoops ahead with a chipper chirrup! heading towards the water which seems to be Ka'el's destination too.

No stranger to the beach, it's only strange for Kiena to be there to actually lounge rather than just passing through or aimlessly wandering. The smithing bluerider has actually made a conscious decision to go somewhere and (perhaps) relax, rather than attempt to work away the daylight hours in the forge. Could be too that it's just too hot. Hatching Sands, fiery forge… not comfortable in summer heat. So there she sits in the sand, on a towel, and dressed in a light blue sarong style dress that covers, more or less, the bathing suit she has underneath. Kiena swims? Apparently so! Just not yet. She's staring at the water and Ujinath is off somewhere to the side stretched out in the shallows and soaking up some sun. So what's keeping her?

Since Kera had morning duties, the rest of the day is hers to waste in however way she wants. So with borrowed fishing pole and partially filled bucket of water and some fingerfish, the apprentice follows after the brown lizard. Thankfully, she keeps a steadier path than the lizard, haphazardly winging this way and that as he chitters happily. Waving to a few sunning or swimming, she continues along the beach looking for the perfect 'spot' that the fish are hiding. Spotting Kiena and her dragon not far off, she slows her pace and alters her coarse towards the bluerider. Gaze drifts around more and she sees Ka'el lugging around a plastic board and watches him curiously a moment.

What's keeping Kiena from splashing about in the water? Well obviously she's waiting for a rambunctious Ka'el to jump start her! And thus, today is her lucky day, for Rambunctious Ka'el has spotted her. It's with a devious grin that the young man turns his walk to a trot, which soon turns into a Baywatch style run with his body board shifting from armpit to hands as he goes. "Gangway!" he shouts, zooming past her and onward towards the frothy water. His feet leave sloppy imprints in the sand, then splash in the shallows before he launches himself forward, positioning the board out and beneath him. *SPLASH!* He lands on the plastic on impact, and his momentum keeps him and his boogie style board skidding forward into the surf until *splash!* he collides with a small wave which capsizes him. Down he goes! The water's shallow enough still that when he falls, he's only under a moment before his head pops back up again, hair matted against his forehead and eyes. And below that? A big watery grin.

Kiena was mid-wave to Kera as the approaching Healer apprentice caught her attention. "Hey! Come to enjoy the weather too?" she asks with a faint and crooked smile. She's squinting a bit against the sun, most of her hair braided back in some intricate pattern but a few locks are left free. Then suddenly there's a Rambunctious Ka'el zooming past and Kiena starts, eyes following his mad dash to the shallows. "The he—" she begins to swear out loud, eyeing Kera for a moment before she pushes to her feet to stand, hand lifting to shade her eyes as she peers a little closer to the figure that pops up from under the water. Then she begins to laugh, short and gruff. "That you, Ka'el?" she calls out. No Weyrleader, no sir. Not needed, right? Not even she's wearing her knot right now.

Such formal titles are definitely not needed when one is dealing with a Weyrleader who's acting closer to age thirteen than age twenty! Noticing that his board is beginning to float off without him, Ka'el lunges for it and ends up falling again. Kerpslash! He finally stands up, his tshirt clinging to his body, and makes his way back to the dry sands. "The one and only!" he calls back to the senior smith, his grin still at full blast as the receding water of a departing wave pulls at his ankles. Upon making it to shore, he pauses to shake his head doggishly, ending the motion with a quick swipe of fingers through his dark tresses which doesn't do much to keep them from sticking up out haphazardly. "This," he says as he approaches the two of them, "has to be the greatest invention ever." He holds out the body board to them, pausing his walk when close. "It has a power beyond anything I can describe. Have you used one of these before?" he asks each one in turn before fixing them with a grin. Oh yeah. "Hello and good day to you both."

Kiena's eyes drift over the fishing pole and bait bucket Kera had brought along and the bluerider smirks. "Probably not a good time for fishing now. He's likely scared all the decent fish well off." she drawls with an amused edge to her voice. She's watching as Ka'el goes splashing through the water again after his board and only shakes her head. "He usually like this?" she mock whispers to Kera, figuring the apprentice Healer may have known the Weyrleader longer that she has. The body board is given a cursory glance and she reaches out to grip the edge of it, applying some pressure before smirking and withdrawing her hand. "You act like you've just discovered it," she drawls. "And I've not used one but I've seen something like it back in Western Weyr and in the Isles where my cot hold is. And afternoon to you too." There! Some formality?

Kera gives an over dramatic sigh and shakes her head "Definately a quick end to thoughts of fishing, for a while at least." Her grin proves she's not that put out by the change in her plans. Kiena's question draws a quick laugh and a half shrug. "Well, this isn't the craziest thing I've observed him doing, but the day's not finished yet." Eyeing the board, she gives a headshake to the bronzer's question. "G'day Ka'el. I've never used one myself. I'm better in the water than 'on' it." She too reaches out to pinch the edge of the board briefly.

Ka'el smirkishly grins at Kiena's stage whisper. "Usually like what? Amazingly nimble? Impressively athletic? Jaw-droppin'ly fantastic? …. Yes," he gives his head a single, sage-looking nod. "Yes I am like this, always. You're surprised?" The grin that stretches now is boyishly playful, and after the inspection by both of them, he sticks the board into the sand, propping it against the side of his leg. "It isn't a new discovery, you're right," he confirms to Kiena. "But how often do I get to use such things? Never! So this is like the first time to me all over again." Or maybe he's just deliriously happy to have a day to himself and at least for a glorious twenty four hours (or however many hours there are in a Pern day!) he can pretend to be blissfully ignorant of the less than joyful things that plague his mind. His eyes shift to Kera's fishing things. "Ah, don't bother. There's not one single fish anywhere near here to be caught." With all of his noise, he's made sure of that! "You want to give it a go, either've you?" A nod to the board.

"Maybe I don't want to know!" Kiena drawls in reply to Kera and another one of her crooked smirks, eyes flashing with amusement. "Should I be worried?" There's no where to duck for cover out here! Ka'el draws her attention then and the blue rider's brows just rise riiiight up for his playful banter. She snorts, almost choking on the laughter that threatens to erupt. "Not if that isn't the most egotistical bunch of…" Wait, can she rib him like this? Coughing, Kiena checks her tongue less he actually does drop the playful act and go back to Weyrleader Ka'el. "I'll give you nimble and athletic. The jaw-dropping fantastic? Eh…" She flips her hand back and forth in a so-so fashion. Maybe? Then she rocks back on her heels a bit, as if to expect to have to beat a hasty retreat. "Suppose you got a point there," she admits when he explains how rare a chance he gets to use the board. She won't rain on his parade! "That's what I figure too, Kera. Looks… way too difficult to balance on that thing. That is what you do, right?" Or is she thinking of surfing? As for taking it for a spin, she eyes it warily and then shakes her head. "Knowing me, I'll fly right off that thing and break a limb and not even really be trying."

Kera eyes the board thoughtfully and carries on her mock 'whispered' conversation "Balance on it? Nono, I think the point of it is to see how quickly you can hydroplane yourself off of it…right?" Flashing an amused glance to Kiena, then to Ka'ek. "Or is it to see how quickly you can dunk yourself off?" Her smirk sorta ruins the innocent expression she was trying for, but oh well. Gesturing to the bluerider "Go ahead Kiena, give it a try." What's the worse that can happen? "There's no ice to crack a limb on." Yep, she'll sacrifice the fearless riders and see what happens before tryin it herself.

Ka'el lifts a hand to cup at his ear, leaning in towards Kiena a bit. "Egotistical piece've what was that?" he says, going as far as to angling his head so that his cupped ear is facing her for maximum..uh, hearing. "I don't think I quite heard that last bit there, Kiena." He grins as he drops his hand, apparently not dropping his playfulness in the process. Perhaps not an act at all! He snorts at her 'so so' assessment. "Obviously you need a physical examination," he says, jutting his chin up a tad. "Your eyes must be goin', and badly. Even the blind can see my fantastic..ness." Totally a word. By Weyrleader decree! Luckily, Kiena isn't given any reason to go running (yet), and as the board is spoken of he lifts it up and out of the sand again. "Kera has the right've it," he says, smirking at the healer. "Not for dunking, but for..gliding. I don't think there's a wrong way to use this thing, actually," he says as he turns it over, eyes flicking back to Kiena with a grin. "I think the likelier risk is drowning, but you'll be in the shallows! C'mon, it's fun." Peer pressure at its finest! "Besides, it's hot and standing on this hot sand isn't gonna make you any cooler."

Kiena grins wryly as Ka'el cups a hand to his ear and she simply sticks her chin up and acts completely innocent. "Oh, nothing." she drawls, only to roll her eyes and give him a narrowed look. Still in good fun, of course! "Faranth, no! No physical examinations. My eyes are fine, thank you very much! And that ain't a word!" She'll call him on it apparently. Tilting her head, she peers curiously at Kera as the young Healer attempts to explain the purpose of the board. None of which sound overly pleasant, at least to the bluerider. "So… you just hold on and hope you don't drown?" she asks, eyeing the board again. Uh, this is fun how? She scoffs, "Ice or not, hit the water fast enough and you may as well throw yourself against stone." Oh, silly Kiena-logic! And a sacrifice will she be? Kiena scowls (again, all in play), "Why's it always got to be me?" she grumbles, but when Ka'el gets in on the peer pressuring, she exhales gustily. FINE! Hands reach up to begin untying her sarong from around her neck and she neatly folds the fabric to set it on her towel. She's dressed in a two piece suit and kicking off her sandals too, she'll then reach for the board. "I swear, if this ends badly, you better hope I break a leg so I can't come after you. Both of you!" she threatens with a lopsided grin. Which… might not be entirely in jest.

Kera lifts a surprised brow that the bluerider is actually giving in and willing to risk life and limb. "Well, as long as ya don't let go, ya shouldn't drown." She grins encouragingly, though it's mainly the banter between the riders that has her amused. Kiena's threats cause something rather childish to slip out before she can stop. "Ya gotta catch us first." A wink is flashed to the bluerider before she continues "Don't worry Kiena. I've got a talent for resetting bones. You won't even have a limp." An effort to keep a straight face succeeds for a few seconds before she snickers. Her gaze flickers to the bronze rider "I'll wager a quarter-mark she stays on longer than you did." Wait, is placing bets with the Weyrleader against the rules in some big huge handbook somewhere?

Ha! Yes! Kiena is going to do it. Score! The look on Ka'el's face is triumphant as the rider woman gives in. Muwhaha, no one can resist the power of peer pressure! He laughs. "I've yet to read any reports in which a person has killed themselves through wave boardin'," he remarks confidently. "And 'flattened by water-stone to the face death' hasn't crossed my desk either, so I think you'll be more than a little safe." He smirks smugly at her 'whyyy mee?' lament and in answer thrusts board-holding arm out to her. "Suck it up," is his advice to that, his grin devious. Formalities are null and void on rest days, apparently! His eyes follow the drop of her dress and skirt over her two piece just briefly (because yes, he is a guy) before settling on her face again, his grin still in place. "If you break a leg then I promise you'll have me as your personal servant til you're well," he solemnly swears, crossing his hand over his heart and everything! "Kera bears witness.." Kera, who is betting against him! "Hey!" he protests. "That's a bad bet. I've experience. A quarter mark it is!" Mwuaha. "You'll want a running start," he advises the rider. "You watched me, yes?"

"Right. And how easy do you think it is to hold on to this thing?" Kiena grumbles at Kera but ends with a crooked grin for the young Healer and then smirks, one brow quirking up. "Don't think you can outrun me forever! And uh… thanks?" She gives a slight grimace for the mention of setting bones. Ugh. Let's hope not! Now they're betting on her! Geez. No pressure there! To Ka'el, Kiena just jerks her head up in a flippant manner, because giving him the true flippant gesture with her finger that'd she love to do is not proper at all for the beach and well… he is still the Weyrleader despite all their joking around and the banter. But her eyes definitely flash in a sort of defiant, 'bite me' for his quip to suck it up. She'll ignore his glancing look too and with the board firmly in hand she takes a few strides forwards. "I'm going to hold you to that!" she calls from over her shoulder. Next she's eyeing the water, then the board and taking a slow breath. Well. Damn. Here goes? Running start it is! And Kiena can run, pretty nimble herself even with her lean, almost skinny, build. With a whoop that probably carries back up over the shore, she'll launch herself forwards and let the board to the rest! She won't last that long though, unfamiliar as she is with the board or the sensation of skidding over water and she'll be harmlessly tipped off of it by the next wave.

Kera grins to Ka'el with a lifted brow as if asking if he was serious, before nodding agreeably. "Alright, I'll witness. You agree to be her servant if she breaks her leg." Pausing a moment, she cants her head curiously. "What if it's an arm?" The apprentice smirks at the silliness of their wagering. and watches Kiena head towards the water. "Come on Kiena! You can stay on longer than three seconds." Oh! Ka'el agrees! Flashing a mock scowl to the Weyrleader, she shakes her head and peers back toward the water "No, don't listen to him, he fell right off!" Shading her eyes against the glare, Kera squints and watches the bluerider critically til she slips off. A few seconds pass and she nods determinedly "That was wayyyy longer than you Ka'el." The apprentice stands near the Weyrleader, making wagers between them, while watching Kiena attempt to stay on that plastic board.

Ka'el hopefully, he won't have reason to be held to his word! ;>.> At least he looks confident that not a single bone will be broken this day! And if it is? Uhhh…he can run and blame it all on Kera, right? He crosses his arms and watches Kiena smugly, still drippy from his own bodyboard wipeout, though it feels good beneath the hot afternoon sun. Ka'el is wet from head to toe, no knot in sight, and dressed in cutoffs and a sleeveless tee. Kera is nearby, fishing gear propped in the sand, and Kiena? Well, she's off whooping in the surf on a boogie board in her two piece! The Weyrleader's grinning now, abandoning his smug stance as his arms drop to his sides. "If she breaks an arm, then I'm off the hook. The deal was only a leg," he says to Kena, glancing at her with a jestful look before he nods with his head a gesture for her to follow. He heads to the surf. "Nooo, I was on for a full minute! Probably two!" he exaggerates as his feet splash in the extreme shallows. Here he slows and cups his hands over his mouth. "Remember, don't break anything!" he calls out to her in helpful encouragement, all of it accompanied with a large grin. "I'll demote you if you do!"

This is clearly important and serious Weyr business. Because that's what Weyrleaders are supposed to get up to. Right? Anyway, Soriana's heading down along the shore, and she sees some people who look like they're having fun. Or falling down. Or maybe both? She's not entirely sure, so she wanders closer to try to find out. To hear… Ka'el's helpful advice. So she smirks, and continues to drift closer in her loose blouse and shorts. And sandals. Because she's a reputable junior weyrwoman and also she's not working right now. "…they call it sick leave," comes her voice in a helpful reminder. Not demotion.

For Kiena it's a bit of both worlds: fun and falling! Having been coerced into trying this board-thing, she gave it her best shot and is now pushing to her feet and striding out of the shallow waters. No limbs broken! She doesn't even look bruised and she's grinning from ear to ear. "Can't demote me! Craft ain't yours to fiddle with!" she calls right back at Ka'el, only to laugh as she spies Soriana joining them and lifts a hand up as if to say 'see?' "Or that!" Swinging the board, she'll threaten to smack the Weyrleader with it, but really she's just handing it back. Honest. "Afternoon, Soriana. Off duty too, huh?" she murmurs, walking back to where she left her sarong to slip it back on. It's while she's tying it back around her neck that she eyes Kera and then her grin turns a little mischievous. "Your turn! I went first, now you have to go! Only fair." Right?

Kera looks to Ka'el and shakes her head at his obvious delusion of staying on the board /that/ long. "Pfft. Did you have a drink or two before finding your way to the beach? It was more like two seconds before you went under. You're just tryin to get out of paying your debt." Laughing at his threats of demotion should Kiena break anything, it's Sorina that is the voice of reason. Smiling to her friend, she waves the werywoman closer. "G'day Soriana. You saw that right? She stayed on way longer than a few seconds didn't she?" Ducking out of the way as Kiena is about to smack Ka'el with the board,…sure she was just handing it back…, Kera chuckles, then turns a surprised gaze to the bluerider's challenge. "Well, fine. But he still has to pay up."

Phew. Ka'el can breathe a little easier. No blood in the water! The ocean predators aren't swarming into their lake. All is good! He lifts a hand to shade his eyes from the glare of the sun to watch Kiena pick herself up out of the water, grinning as she does so, and grinning even more broadly at the voice somewhere behind where the reach of the water hasn't grasped. He turns, eyeing the junior weyrwoman who has approached them already. "Is that what they're callin' it? Sick leave…" he tries it on for size, then makes a face. "Nope. Demotion sounds better," he says with a smirk before he looks to Kiena again. "Ha! I'm Weyrleader!" He's just not acting like it right now, see… *snerk* "I can do whatever I want!" he calls back in childish reply before the swinging board causes him to duck! … unnecessarily. Haaa okay she got him with that one, and as he straightens he gives her A Look (tm). … A look that's totally ruined by the grin that fights its way through, dang it! He snatches that board away and watches her with "threateningly glaring" eyes all the way til she gets back to her dress thing. "That's it? Done already?" He sounds disappointed! "Alright, Kera you're up, and you can expect your payment in ten to twenty business turns," he says. "I'll mail it to you."

And that swing of a board? Why, it must be a respectful greeting to a superior! As it should be. Apparently Soriana thinks so, at least, because she grins while watching it. "Hey Kiena," she replies cheerfully to the blueride, and also, "Hey Kera." To Kiena's question, she nods. "For now, at least." She glances in the vague direction of the caverns with a suspicious look, then back again with another grin. To Kera's? She just shakes her head. "Didn't bring my watch." And she can't judge time without it? Appaaaaarently not. Or maybe she has to use business seconds, to go with the business turns. "You could order the meanings of the words changed?" she suggests to Ka'el. "Executive order number… something."

Kiena rolls her eyes again, looking ready to fire back some snarky little retort but figuring she's pushed her luck enough already for one afternoon, she only smirks at Ka'el. "Flaunting your power already, huh? I'd like to see you try to overrule a Master! Probably be downright entertaining." And she really wasn't going to hit him with the board, honest! So that look? Is ignored. Her smug smile is for another reason. Maybe because Kera agrees so easily too! "What? He's backing out on the bet? Tsk." Kiena shakes her head, "Would've thought you to be an honourable man, Ka'el!" Then he's speaking of the "future" payment and the bluerider snorts. Right! To Soriana, her mood seems to sober a little at least that she isn't grinning so foolishly. "Well, seeing as you've escaped then for now — you gonna try a spin on that thing?" By 'that thing' she means the board and she'll jut a thumb out towards it just for further emphasis. "And I'm done for now, yeah! Maybe not for normal swimmin' but on that? Once is enough."

Kera steps out of her sandals, leaving them near by the fishing gear she brought. Her waist pouch belt is next as she slips her attention to Ka'el and Soriana, a little smirk at the bronze "Sounds to me like you're just tryin to get out of paying up." Tugging the loose tunic over her head to reveal a light blue bathing suit, she can be heard muttering '..twenty business turns…pfft…' Loosely folding her clothes and dropping them on her sandals, she steps over and grabs up the board, eyeing it skeptically. Hands grip the edges of the board, then roam around some as if trying to figure out the best way to go about it. "It needs handholds." Head cants to the riders, "What do ya mean done already. She's been slaving away for sevendays." Her attention focuses on Soriana with a grin "Why, I've not even had the chance to tell you congratulations on being promoted to Dragonhealer Second class." Kera gives a little wink before chuckling to Kiena. "Once is enough huh? That bad?"

"Just like I've ordered fantasticness to be a word?" Ka'el gives Kiena a pointed look at the word 'fantasticness', as if by doing that it proves that it is a word! (now, because he's deeming it so). "Executive order number forty two. And I am nothin' but honorable!" he protests to Kiena. "Honorable and utterly fair. She'll get her money … in time." There was no expiration date agreed on! Mwuahaha, it's all in the details! "And fine, I can't fault you for bowin' out on the board. You tried it at least once, and that's good enough." As for regular swimming, he's game for that too! But first, Kera needs her turn. He draws his hand away from the board once it's claimed by the young healer, then steps out of the water to approach the dragonhealer. "Suggest that to the crafters," he says over his shoulder to Kera at her suggestion of handholds. "Plastics, I think!" Grinning, he promptly glomps Sori! That is, he wraps his arms around her in a mini pounce and presses his wet shirt and overall wet self to her. Hiiii. "You didn't say hi to me," he points out. And this, apparently, is retaliation for that.

Is she? Soriana eyes the board as Kiena suggests it. "Maybe." She sounds dubious, but hey. Anything's possible! First, though… she can watch Kera! And first-first… "Thanks!" she says to those congratulations, and gives the healer a grin before… Ka'el to the fa- er, front. Still! "Gleep?" she inquires of him, though her arms do come back up around him as… "…and tell the lake hi for me, too," she informs him. Oh wait. She can do it herself. What with being wet now. Buuuut she grins. "Besides. You didn't say hi to me either." So he did it (er, didn't do it) first!

"Not that bad! But only fair for others to have a turn too, right?" Kiena remarks to Kera with an oh-so innocent grin. That's a logical reason enough, right? Ka'el's pointed look is met with a dead-on star and stubbornness. "Still not a word!" she mutters at him with a little smirk. Nope! Never! She snorts, "Yeah, right. In time!" Cue the air quotations and she's about to reply to Soriana's dubious maybe, but she's being glomped by then by Ka'el and snickering, she only shakes her head. Facing the waters, she shields her eyes as Kera steps up to take her turn. "You can do it, Kera! Bet you beat us all at it!" Show the riders how it's done! Alas, she'll miss witnessing the Healer's attempt, as Ujinath is lifting his head from the shallows he's wallowed himself in. The blue rumbles as his head lowers and turns to face his rider. Time to go. Now apparently. "I need to go," Kiena suddenly mutters, gathering her towel and slipping her sandals back on. All are given a quick flashed smile and an equally hasty wave. "Have fun! And thanks for lettin' me try the board, Ka'el." Then she's off at a brisk pace, while Ujinath lumbers to the shore, shakes off the worst of the water from his hide and then springs aloft.

Kera gives a little absent-minded nod to Ka'el suggestion of speaking to Plastic craft, her attention ahead of her. "Well here goes." She holds the board in front of her of and takes off running towards the little wavelets. She misses Soriana's glomping and starts running at an angle towards the waterline towards the incoming surge. Two hurried splashing steps and then she's jumping at a sideways path instead of straight at the water. She skids a few feet, then goes rolling off the board when the water recedes. Laughing as she sits up, swipping at the wet sand all over her "Hmm, that didn't work too well…pffffuuupff" The apprentice spits out some sand while peering around with a curious frown "Where did Kiena go?"

He didn't? Ka'el makes a thinking face as he ponders recent events. Hmmmm. Maybe she's right. He didn't say hello! All well, this makes up for it. "Hello then," he says, sounding amused. Grinning, he squeeezes her, doing his best to assure that the moisture from his waterlogged attire soaks into her clothing, A kiss punctuates the end of his playful attack of wetness, then his arms fall away from her and he turns to watch Kera's go on the board, eyes drifting to Kiena as she shouts encouraging words. Beat them all? "Ha! Bet you last one second before fallin'!" he counters just before Kiena speaks of taking her leave. Aww. He bobs his head to her though, taking a glance to Ujinath in the process. But eventually, it's not the dragon that has his attention but the rider herself. Brows furrow just vaguely, but he doesn't question her. "See you, Kiena. Next time, you'll do it more'n just once!" He gives her an absent looking salute, too thoughtful to be truly official with much of anything. He watches her…then watches Kera just in time to see her wipeout. He can't help but laugh, even though tries to stifle it and answer her question. "Kiena? I think her dragon…needed her..

Soriana laughs. This is the hello she gets? Well… "Hi," she says back with an amused grin, and… yeah, she's getting kinda soaked here. Just on her front, though (except for the streaks from his arms), and apparently she's not that great a towel, because Ka'el is also wet still. It's like the wetness reproduced or something. But she kisses him back, and gives a little bump-wiggle against him before letting go, back to watching dragon-rider and board-rider… only the dragon-rider is leaving, and so she nods to Kiena before giving her and Ujinath a wave, then turns her attention to watch Kera's… attempt. A sideways glance to Ka'el. This is so not selling her on this thing. Even if she is already half-wet. As for Kiena and her blue? "He probably needed oiling." A shrug. Dragons. They're like that. No need to worry.

Kera nods at the bluerider's sudden dissappearance and gets to her feet. Stepping back into the water, she chasing after the elusive plastic board and manages to get her fingers on it. "Gotcha!" Keeping a grip on it, she splashes some water over herself to rinse most of the sand off before moving back towards the remaining riders, already holding the board out to either. "Okie, I admit that wasn't /sooo/ horrible." A grin is offered "Next."

Ka'el meets Soriana's sideways glance with a grin that clearly says 'that looks totally and awesomely fun and you can't wait to do it too, right??'. To Kera, he advises: "You've to work on your technique. I'll be glad to hold a trainin' session with you some time in the future. Show you how to do it properly….for a small fee, of course." Money, money, money, money! "And see!" he says with a sound of triumph. "I told you it wasn't so bad. Didn't I say that? Didn't I saiy you'd have fun?" Probably in fewer words, but he did say that! Maybe. As Kera hands off the boogie board to either one of them, he nods to Soriana. You're up! "Running. Start," is his advice

Riiiiiight, is Soriana's look back to Ka'el. "I can fall into lakes on my own," she says. Because, uh, that's what this looks to be. A fancy plastic device for falling into the water from! So yeah, no, she doesn't exactly reach for it. There are other non-horrible things she could be doing. Like… standing here! Standing here is downright okay. Ka'el advice, though? "Is that what you do after the training sessions? Once they've given you the money?" She grins.

Kera snorts with an amused roll of her eyes at Ka'el's suggestion, but gives an agreeable nod anyway. "Well, I couldn't get any worse at it. You can take the fee out of what ya already owe me." That's probably the only way the rule bending rider will pay up. Croucing down, she eyes the little fingerfish in the bucket a few seconds before grabbing it up and walking back to the water, pouring water and live bait back where they came from. That done, she turns her attention back to the pair of riders. "Oh go ahead Soriana, give it a go."

Ka'el wiggles that board a bit. Heeeere Sori, Sori, Sori! You know you want it. No one's broken a bone yet! So … that apparently means that it'll be Sori, won't it? Gasp! He exaggeratedly rolls his eyes at the goldrider, but when they do stop rolling, amusement can be seen in them. "Run after they give me the money? Pft," he makes a noise in his throat. "Course not. I snatch the money from their pockets an' flee. Waitin' around for them to give it to me takes far too long." Another grin is given just before Kera goes to release her bait. "Soriana will be the challenge of the day. Gettin' her on. But I'd wager I'll have her on one before the day's end." She won't be able to say no to the fun factor!

Now that is just a glowing recommendation. Come boogie the waves! You probably won't break a bone, unless luck's run out for the day. But, hey, as long as she doesn't break her hands, she can still do paperwork, right? So she can totally still be useful. Or something. …yeah this is not encouraging. She does smirk to Ka'el, though. "Oh, right. Silly me. And they've got this tendency to argue about your completely fair fees for the high-quality services you provide." Imagine, the nerve of them! She glances back to Kera, and gives a shake of her head, then returns it to Ka'el with an arch of one brow. "Yeah? What'll you wager me?" Just how much can she get out of refusing, huh?

Kera laughs at Ka'el's tactics for making his marks while slipping her clothes back on, pausing occassionally to brush sand away. Redressed, she gathers fishing pole and bucket in hand, grinning her amusement at the conversation. "Oh, you gotta try it now Soriana. You're probably the only person he will actually pay up to." A pointed smirk is flashed to the bronzerider before she wiggles her fingers to both "I need to get something to eat before. You two enjoy the rest of your afternoon." A head nod sent to each before she peers around the beach and whitles shrilly while heading back. A few seconds later, a brown blue darts after the apprentice.

"Some people just can't be pleased, Sori," says Ka'el gravely, waving to Kera as she heads off. "Yet, I do what I can." So noble! So selfless! So … full of it? His mouth twitches but he does manage to keep his grin at bay for a few ticks longer before it finally does peek through on his face as she asks what he's willing to wager. Hmmmmm.. He looks skyward for a moment, pondering the clear blue skies as if this was one of those soul-searching type questions. What would he wager? "I'd wager…” Something big! Something grand! Something..that he never does say because instead of making his wager, he launches his attack! *glomp!* But instead of clinging to her, this time he aims to sweep her off of her feet (literally!) and jog her into the shallows. Splash, splash! Water to the ankle. To the calf. And *toss!*Ka’el dunks her into the water, because why wager boogie boarding when he can play dunk the girlfriend on his day off? He laughs merrily, shielding his face with an arm as he readies himself for all out war! Water war, that is. Rest days were made for these kind of things, things that don’t trouble the mind, and he’s aiming to take full advantage of it.

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