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The walls and ceiling of this large, windowless room have been fitted with wooden paneling and flooring to cover cold stone. Kept polished, the dark finish gleams, and the thick tapestry on the floor muffles footsteps and further insulates from unwanted noise. Those wooden panels are set with tall shelves that contain ledgers and tomes, maps and diagrams from the first founding of Xanadu to the present. The shelves encroach and fill the room, and one can find - arranged by topic - the records of domestic Weyr management, wing statistics, weyrling management, diplomatic efforts, weather reports, events and vital statistics all dating back over one hundred and fifty turns.
Though kept scrupulously clean and in glass-fronted cabinets, it's impossible for the older tomes not to have gathered some dust and mold over time, so the scent upon entering is of antiquity - musty, earthy and rich. Electricity provides ample lighting with which to see, tuned by spectrum to minimize fading of the pages. A large wooden table sits in the center of the room with several seats arranged around it. Placed on the polished top is a stack of paper, a container of writing instruments, a large magnifying glass and basket of emergency glows.
In one shadowy corner, there's a service access - almost invisible behind the panel that forms the door but given away by the brass key hole set at waist high in the wood. As it is kept locked, one would need a very good reason for wanting admittance and seek the appropriate person having the key to unlock it - the steward, the headwoman or one of the weyrleaders.

Like most people, Rhodelia should probably be doing work around this wet and dreary spring mid-morning. Unlike more industrious souls, she's slipped past the headwoman currently recruiting any idle hand to help scrub in the halfways and weaseled her way past a not-so-eagle-eyed archivist on duty to an area deep within the archives in a section arcane enough to not be visited all that often. The woman's ignored those musty tomes as she makes a bit of a nest with a pillow pillaged from who knows where and a book that doesn't look very academic at all judging by the cover art. The book at least is good enough that she's not paid much attention to just how much space she's taking up and her legs have started to sprawl into the aisle…

The thing about an area rarely visited is that the people who do visit tend to know precisely what they are looking for. N'on is no exception. He skims the rows of antiques in search of one particular example, only to stop /just/ short of Rhodelia's legs. He blinks several times as he peers down, then leans over or around whatever she's used to hide her nest and just…watches. Like a creeper.

Rhodelia certainly believes in hiding in plain sight however… there normally aren't stacks of books actually in the walkways of the archives. And people curled up back in the shelves. It must be opposite day or something. The woman is blissfully unaware of any possible creeper-dom as she idly turns a page. That is, unaware until she yawns and streeeetches out an arm into an area that if it doesn't bonk a nose, becomes perilously close and she startles up, bumping her own head as she scurries out from the nest. No justification at the moment, just some wide eyes as she tries to hide the book behind her while rubbing her head with her free hand.

N'on grimaces when Rhodelia smacks her head. He instantly retreats a step or two and holds his hands up in a sort of 'We come in peace' gesture. This is followed quickly by tracing a circle on his chest with a loose fist. After a moment to recover from the startle, he rubs his head and points to her with a questioning expression.

A little bit of head rubbing makes it all better, or at least Rhodelia's noggin bump wasn't serious enough to require any further care before she's straightening up further. The circle tracing has her lost and she blinks as she looks around. "Did you get lost?" The shelves can be a bit of a maze if one isn't paying careful attention, or maybe just when Rhody isn't paying careful attention.

N'on shakes his head with another apologetic little smile. He points first, then reaches just past Rhodelia to pluck a book off a high-ish shelf, demonstrating what brought him to this out-of-the-way corner. He /miiiiight/ be also glancing to see if he can find out what the book is that she's so keen to hide.

"Oooohhh," That's a little bit of comprehension as the rider starts to reach and Rhodelia continues her shimmy out of the way. She certainly tries her best to keep the book hidden, but a glimpse of rather improbably fabulous hair might be caught before she can get properly restablished facing N'on and not in the way. She frowns a little bit as she watches him pluck up the book. "Huh. Surprised you went for that one. Looks like the last time it was checked out was thirteen turns ago!"

It's probably going to make for pretty dry reading indeed. It looks to be some sort of a genealogical record. But N'on just grins and gives a half-shrug in lieu of an explanation. He gestures to her little nest and takes several steps backwards, getting out of her way in case she wants to resume her previous position.

Rhodelia isn't in a hurry to resume her former position as her foot nudges the pillow back behind her as if putting it out of sight might make him forget that he saw it. "Can you ahhh… do me a favor?" She tries to give a smile with that but the awkward teeth showing is quickly ended. "And not mention this to the headwoman if you see her?" It'd be hard to miss her seeing as she seemed set on scouring all of the hallway clean.

N'on gives one of those slow, slightly self-conscious grins. He glances to the side, then up, and back to Rhodelia. He taps his throat, covers his mouth, then shrugs expressively. He gives a wink, then holds his finger up in a 'shh' gesture over his lips, as he backs away a few more paces.

Now the shh is a sign Rhodelia can definitely understand as she nods like a bobblehead, smile growing just a bit. "Thanks. I'll owe you one." One what will need to be determined later. Right now, she'll fold herself back up in her little make-shift hidey hole. Before too long she'll be back at work, but you can't expect her to just leave off on such a good chapter now, can you?

N'on gives a thumbs up in response to that, and grins a little as she goes back to her hiding spot. Then he's off to another part of the archives to borrow a table and some paper for whatever study he has decided to begin.

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