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Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

It's late afternoon, a couple of candlemarks after midday meals. After settling in a couple of walk-in's to be seen by the Journeyman, Kera starts her next round of checking on the patients. Plopping a straw in a glass of laced-juice for a rider with a cracked jaw. Victom of a drunken arugument between wingmates no doubt. Finally, she's stepping past the curtain that gives Marel a bit of privacy and calls out softly while scanning the board and checking the time. "Marel..are you awake.?" The apprentice sets about preparing the rider's next dose of fellis, so it will be ready when needed. She tries to work quietly, but there are bound to be a few sounds to give away her presence, as she cast occassional glances towards the rider.

Marel does a good impression of someone sound asleep. So good an impression is it that it borders on the theatrical, right down to the too steady rise and fall of her breathing and the closed eyes that don't so much as twitch at all. She's got the blankets of her bed pulled high, right over her shoulders and almost over her head, but they're tucked in too much to give exactly how she wants them to, and so those blankets are very obviously held in place by the conscious will of the bed's occupant. Is she going to admit to being awake? It doesn't look like it.

Kera finishes preparing a drink for Marel in relative quiet since the rider seems to still be under. After a few minutes, she double checks the patient chart and frowns a bit a she mutters to herself. "…should really be changed…" That decided, she washes her hands again, something she does alot, and gathers items on a tray that will be needed to change the bandage. Placing the loaded tray close at hand, she reaches down to try and gently pull the blanket aside, to gain access to the wounded area. Quickly realizing the taunt fabric isn't budging, a hint of a smile slips over her face briefly, evidently used to this type of occurance from patients. "I know you are awake. I need to clean your injury and put a fresh dressing on." Canting her head a bit, "Do yuou think you can answer a couple of questions?" A few seconds later, she tries once more to pull back the blanket.

Marel stubbornly clings to the blankets, but it's an act that requires some leverage and the push of feet against the tucked in sheets; rather, the push of one foot and then, inadvisably, the foot of the injured leg. She turns her face in against the pillow to try and smother a off-key murmur of pain, but now that the game is up, she gives those sheets a yank, hoping to tug them clear of Kera's grip. Icy green eyes open, the brownrider's dignity collected all at once from wherever she can scrabble it from. "You ask someone before you touch them," she insists, low-voiced. "I don't care if you're a healer or a sharding gold dragon." All that fellis - all that in and out of consciousness - is doing little for her usually impeccable manners. "I can answer questions." And that's all she seems willing to do for now.

Kera 's grip is stronger than it seems, she keeps a firm hold on the blanket and lifts a brow to the rider's groggy comments. Not at all phased by yet another grumpy patient, Kera offers an agreeable smile "I've not touched you yet ma'am. And this /is/ me asking." With a little tug of her own, the blanket slips out from under the rider and loosens some. "You may still be feeling loopy from the Fellis and probably don't remember me checking on your injury before now. M'name's Kera by the way." Not that the loopy rider will recall later most likely. "Are you feeling dizzy or nauseated?" The Sr. apprentice flicks her gaze to Marel's face with an encouraging smile. "Or maybe a little hungry?"

Anger rises to join disorientation, fury plain to read in the harsh lines of Marel's features. It's a lapse that she will hopefully not recall when next she wakes. "You will let go of the blanket and then I'll answer your questions and let you look at my leg," she declares, her quiet fury fuelled by fear as much as anything else, control sought over what little she can keep in order, even if her hazy mind won't let her find a nice, calm equilibrium. That she's not quite in her right mind is sealed by, "Do you know who my mother is?" when she never throws about the fact that she's the Weyrwoman's daughter.

So much for answering questions. Marel's little tirade simply get's a lift of Kera's brow and a slightly amused smile as she nods. "Everyone knows who the Weyrwoman is rider. As well as her children." She does indeed let go of the blanket as she gestures towards the tray of items. "And while she's not here, I'm sure she would agree, tis better to have your leg tended, than for it to fester, rott, and need to be amputated." A shrug lifts her shoulders "But, if you would like, I can send for her and ask which she prefers?" She glances to the clock briefly with a litlte sigh, she has other patients to be seen to, but no, gotta deal with the stubborn one first.

Marel does not like that smile. Blanket relinquished, she gathers it up around her again as quickly as she possibly can, eyeing Kera distrustfully. "Don't you threaten me," she utters lowly, inching back across the bed, meaning to put some distance between herself and the apprentice. She's not slow to catch that glance at the clock, quick to insist, "Don't let me keep you." Sadly, for her, the moment that her head hits the pillow again, blankets drawn high, is the moment that her thoughts grow more cloudy and her vision blurs, the latter obvious from the way she blinks to try and clear her vision. "You get me another healer," the brownrider demands, struggling to make herself clear; determined to do so before she finds she has no choice in anything. "I don't want you touching me."

Kera 's brows both lift in surprise. "Threaten? I was simply stating fact of what will happen if your leg goes untreated. The choice is completely yours though. As for threats? Which of us is threatening to call mommy because ya don't wanna take your medicine?" Kera tsks a couple of times with a headshake. "Contrary to belief, there are not enough of us healers around for you to order up a new one at the snap of your fingers. The Journeyman is in surgery, which is /slightly/ more important than changing a bandage." Taking a slow breath, she glances around, then back to the patient. "I am the only one on duty right now that isn't busy up to her elbows. You're supposed to be an adult, yes? A Dragonrider at that. Then why this childish behavior?" Another shake of her head is given "The simple fact is, either let me tend to the bandage, or you can hobble up to the front desk and sign yourself out. I really don't recommend that however."

That option of escape and signing out given, in her hazy, muggy state, Marel leaps on it, tugging at blankets now to free them and get herself out of bed. "Fine. Get out of my way."

Kera just smiles at Marel's stubborness and holds up a finger and moves into the rider's escape path "Yes well, if only it /were/ that simple. Yes, you can sign yourself out. However, I can't allow you to leave until someone arrives to make sure you don't fall on your face two steps out the door." A little wink is flashed "Not to mention, you may want some assistance in getting dressed. Unless you /want/ to flash your backside to the entire Weyr?" Who knows, some people are just like that. Now, is Marel's really gonna bowl right over the little apprentice who only wants to help the rider feel better? Probably. Kera gestures to the juice she brought "If you're throat is feeling scratchy, the juice will help soothe it while we wait for someone to come for you. Who shall I send for?"

"You can be sure I'll be reporting you to your Journeyman. Your manner with patients is appalling." In Marel's opinion, that is, but then she's only one, drugged up person. "No wonder no-one ever wants to stay here. No-one feels safe, with you mocking us." She shakes her head, staying right where she is, if only to keep that distance there. "I don't need you to call anyone. Isyriath can speak with Kalsuoth." If he listens to her. If they're speaking at all. If she gets that far. Whatever the case, whether she calls for Mur'dah or not, not five minutes later, she'll be found asleep in that bed, not of her own volition. Maybe someone will be able to tend to her then. And maybe she won't remember any of this when she wakes up.

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