Who Let The Dogs Out?

Xanadu Weyr - Firelizard Theater

A natural clearing in the forest has grown a different sort of tree. The Courtyard of the Firelizard holds grass trampled into dirt around the wooden play structures.

In the northern part of this field lies a jungle-gym like fort, with two towers that soar to fifteen feet of height. One of them adjoins a large open deck with spiral staircase up and a metal slide down. That aside, the structure's made almost entirely of wood, the boards locked together either by being interlocked or by huge wooden bolts hammered into the boards. The towers are studded with uneven boards and rough spots, various climbing challenges on each of their faces. A swaying rope bridge with wooden slats connects the towers, and beneath it there's a sealed tunnel to run through or play minecraft.

Just past the fort, there are wooden sit-toys carved and painted into the likeness of dragons. They're about two feet high and four feet long, though the green is smaller than the blue. There's a place for a child to sit on the dragon's back, with their feet resting on the dragon's paws and hands on the bars bars attached to the neck of the dragon. Pushing with hands or feet will make the dragon rock and writhe.

In the middle of the field are two sets of swings, suspended by rope from from a wooden beam that's held up by crossbraces on either side. There's a set of monkey bars, made entirely out of wood but carefully polished until the dark bars glow, and a set of seesaws. The sandbox is set back a little from the rest, filled with sand from Xanadu's beach and scattered with buckets and shovels.

Trees border the area, including a massive Lemosian ironwood that has beneath its branches wooden benches with a view of the playground.

Who let the canines out? Who? Who? Rhodelia will certainly claim innocence if anybody asks, but tonight the full light of both moons make it crystal clear that somebody released the hounds and the blonde assistant is crouching down by one of those faux-dragons, clutching tightly to a bag that is dripping something. "I sure hope this works…" She mutters more to herself than anybody else. And for the dogs? They're too busy rough housing in the sandpit and over and under the tunnel to really be paying much attention to anything else, but their noise certainly fills the otherwise quiet woods nearby.

Nothing sketchy at all about walking later at night through the forests! Nope. Keruthien's got a valid excuse, at least, not that it's the focus here! All that noise, however? Is bound to be a suitable lure. So he veers from his original path back to the clearing and over to the theatre instead. "Okay, out of all the things that we're going through my head…" he announces upon arrival, likely right up alongside Rhodelia. HELLO, again! "… this wasn't on the list but shards it's WAY more adorable than someone being murdered!" Look at those cute puppies!

Look at those poor unsuspecting puppers, looking so innocent and cute, doing what good puppers do. Except, Percival is definitely a cat person and he's gonna make sure he does a heck about it. The butcher saunters his way over, glancing over at Rhodelia and Keruthien with a brow raised comically. "Murder? It's not murder if you're looking to use them for food. Maybe a few pairs of fluffy slippers, I wouldn't use the tongues. Remember, gotta be resourceful. Though, I'd say you're going to wanna fatten 'em up a bit. Might be able to get some meat pies at this rate."

"It's not what it looks like!" Rhodelia squeaks as Keruthien appears. She also spins, which causes some of the meat scraps she was holding to go flying. Two of the closer puppies are much to occupied with arguing over the same stick to notice, but the rolypoly one with all the wrinkles certainly does and he waddles over to claim one of those scraps, not without his own share of drool. But Rhody is too busy staring at Percival now to even notice that cuteness! She's glaring at the butcher like he's grown two heads or something. "What is wrong with you?" Then a glance over her shoulder. "I think they're supposed to grow up and be spit canines." Except for like… those five teeny tiny fluffballs that have claimed one of the tall climby things somehow.

"Huh? What would it look like?" Keruthien is puzzled and then mischievously smirking for Rhodelia's reaction — and, okay, those flying meat scraps! "… did you do it?" He asks in a staged whisper, leaning in and all before his gaze darts up to Percival's arrival. There's a snort, then some low chortled laughter. "That is so morbid!" But so true! He's probably exclaiming this right over Rhodelia's much different glaring answer. There's Roly Poly coming for the scraps! To which Ruthien points with cheshire grin. "Plump like that one?" He's just being a pain, folks! Honest. And he doesn't seem inclined to gather up those puppies, but rather continue to be a spectator to the adorable fluff chaos. "Probably spit canines! They look to be too big already for the one's they use to hunt vermin but I'm no Herder or Beastcrafter…"

"Yeah, suppose that one is plump enough." Just to prove the theory, the butcher goes up to Roly Poly and grabs the whelp by the scruff. The pupper grumblewhines and tilts his head, watching the meat scraps on the floor with a level of gluttony only the undead would possess. Fortunately for the group, they're very much alive… and likely gonna have a boot peed on if Roly Poly is deprived any longer. Percival puts the pup back down and dusts his hands off, placing them on his hips as he smirks at Keruthien. "He's a good size. Would make some good Pup soup broth." Theorhetically. Or something. "Seriously, Giblets. What are you going to do with the tiny horde? You're not bringing 'em all home with you… are you?" Percival narrows his stare at Rhody, looking for signs of weakness. DON'T DO IT, RHODY. FELINES ARE CUTER.

The evening is the perfect time to escape from a family event; the young woman is scurrying down the forest path with her hands in the pockets of her skirt. All the ruckus only makes her hurry faster, no need to miss out on all the fun! Although there are three people here, her eyes lock on the puppies, and a loud squeal manages to startle a few birds in a nearby tree into flight. "OH! HOW. CUTE!" The teen loudly exclaims, gathering her skirt up and plopping down on the ground, her hands are outstretched, and she's clapping them excitedly towards the dogs. Her total attention seems to be on enticing one of the tinies towards her, though she does give a shy smile to the people gathered. Puppy breath, then people.

"Something. NOTHING!" Rhodelia is oh so helpful with her non-answer answers. Her bag continues to drip all down her leg. One of the enterprising tiny (but long) beasts emerges from the tunnel to come lick her ankle and she clearly can't answer the butcher as she's too busy trying not to squeak or kick the tickle-licker. "It wasn't me. Somebody let them out." Clearly not her even though her bag jingles with the sound of a few leashes as well as the dripping meat of questionable origins. Her eyes fall on the newest comer to the gathering. "Maybe she let them out. Or maybe you did!" She's just going to cast the blame everywhere else.

"Oh, please! If I was going to unleash… heh…" Keruthien derails his own statement of innocence with a snickered breath before clearing his throat. "A pack of pups? I'd totally do it somewhere better than out here in the dark! Like… the living caverns or the baths. Or someone's ground weyr! Y'know." Shoulders shrug and his hands splay out. Just saying! His gaze slides back to Percival and his assessment of Roly Poly and he smirks, "Only soup, eh? Dunno, I think I'd stick to the usual meats. And I think she is trying something…" Pointing now, to the bag of suspicious puppy bait and the other that jingles. HMM! Another series of chuckles, along with a voice that shakes with withheld laughter. "Giblets?" This is said to Rhodelia, though he's peering between her and the butcher. Then there's that squeal and Evangeline makes them four (against how many puppies?). He grins at her, wiggling his fingers in a form of welcome.

What's this? What's this! There's loud squealing every where. What's this? Some stranger being weird. What's this? He can't believe his ears, he must be dreaming. Wake up, Percival, this isn't fair! What's this?! The butcher takes his pinkies and shoves them in his ear for a moment, wiggling them back into submission before staring at this new comer with a little bit of a frown, though he simply wipes his hands on the front of his shirt… Then pauses, glancing back down. Right! Off duty, no apron. That's okay because his fingers came out clean, so it's still good! Smug nod made, and then his attention is back to the future nuggets. "Definitely wasn't me. Sorry, Giblets!" To Keruthien, "Probably someone selling canine catching services. Setting up shop ahead of time. People are suckers."

Evangeline is steadily patting the ground with both her hands. "Heeerre baby, /come here/, yes, yes come to me" She is using her most enticing baby talk, to try and lure herself a dog. Watching Rhodelia freak out her lips purse and head tilts to the side, "They could be mine." Venturing with a mischevious smile, she catches Percival's tone and rocks back on her heels to stand up. "You said something about eating them, people don't really eat canines do they?" Oh my sweet summer child, she asks the question as if the answer is obvious and the world is kind and sweet. With a glance between the three of them she steps towards one of the dogs, making to try and pick it up if that's at all possible. "I will take the blame, I don't think I can really get in trouble here." She comments to Rhodelia, the smugness of someone visiting grandma.

Rhodelia is caught a bit off guard by Evangeline actually possibly claiming the dogs as she blinks, before loudly whispering in something that barely counts as a whisper. "I think she's a bit too young to have thirty seven canines." Thirty seven is an awfully precise number and only about twenty something are clearly visible at the moment. And then a bit louder, "Don't listen to Percival. Everybody knows he lost his taste in a tragic accident. It might have messed with the rest of his head too." She nods solemnly like this is totally truth. There are certainly more puppies coming out of the woodworks. Rhody takes a step or two closer to the smith, but the puppies are circling. "Maybe one of the canines did it with their nose. And then let the rest of his friends out too. It's kinda sad that they spend so much time in those little kennels, right?"

"Thirty seven!?" Now it's Keruthien's turn to exclaim loudly, but not nearly to the decibels of Evangeline's previous squealing. "How in Faranth's name are there that many? I thought it was just… ONE litter of pups we're talking about here!" Is he having second thoughts being attached to this amount of mischief? Maybe. He's about to answer poor, sweet, innocent Evangeline but luckily Rhodelia steps in and he's sufficiently distracted. "Oh damn, is she serious about the taste thing?" Of course he's focused back on Percival now, with renewed interest! Until Rhodelia is getting closer and those puppies are circling! Cue the jaws theme? "Well, I mean… they're working critters, aren't they? I don't see most folk batting an eye on keeping runners in stalls and ovines in pens?" He throws that out there, while eventually peering back at Evangeline. "You look a bit young to be tending to a puppy hoard… hoard of puppies? Ah, that's better." he slips into muttering over himself (maybe it's his head that isn't quite right), only to start stepping back (and carefully over any wayward pups). "Y'know, I think I'm just gonna get on with my nightly affairs here! As tempting as it is to enjoy this. Good luck!" With a impish smirk, he'll mockingly half-salute, half wave before striding off. NOPING right on out of any responsibility~

"Oh, come on, Giblets. That's not fair." WOUNDED. Percival looks at the dear girl with a dead pan face. The gears do turn and carefully, he makes his move. He joins his hands together, looking at those dear sweet adorable skewer fodders with nothing more than a somber look. "Well, when the winters get particularly bad, sometimes the weyr runs out of stock to feed it's numbers so it's a good practice to utilize anything available. Fortunately, we had plenty of stock for jerky so if you ever see any, be sure none of it goes to waste." There, there it is, a smile. Reassuring? Truthful? Downright creepy? It's a matter of opinion. Keruthien is given a nod of farewell and the man turns around to face Rhodelia, once certain is back is to the weird one, his composure cracks a tiny but. Thankfully, no sound came of it. Still, the pupper horde is eyed and he nods his head as a count takes place. "There's too many of 'em. I say dump 'em somewhere in the stables and call it a night. The crafters will deal with it. If they're stolen, someone will complain eventually." No puppers allowed in Percivals lair.

"What. NO" Evangeline gasps with an impish smile at Rhodelia, "That's more than.. Thats a lot." Gulp, maybe more trouble then Evi is willing to get into, her hands go to her hips and she sways back in forth in thought, what to do. "I.. could help catch them." Giving a small wave to Keruthien as he leaves. Every word coming from Percivals mouth slowly lower the hinge on her jaw, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape she stares at him for a long moment in horror. Turning to look at Rhodelia as if this can't be true, she grabs one of the canines and pulls it near to her, holding the squirming squiggling thing close to her protectively. "We can't return them, if they're going to eat them it would be so cruel." Taking in all the dogs, you can see the gears turning in the girls head. "What if, /some/ of them are never found?" Yes, yes, lost. Lost puppies.

"They say the truth hurts," Rhodelia gives a wink to the butcher. And joking lies might hurt just as much. As Keruthien probably honestly inquires, she'll give a very eager nod, trying to sell in her lies. As for the actual count, she shifts and not just because there's another of the comically long puppies trying to lick her knees. "At least I think I counted thirty seven when I… when someone… that's how many empty kennels there were. And runners and herdbeasts even get to frolick around in pastures during the days. Do you ever see the working dogs just rolling around in a sunny field?" Maybe it was an animal rights activism? More likely just misguided effort to get some puppy cuddles that went HORRIBLY ASTRAY. As for the younger girl actually believing the eating talk, she shakes her head. "He's pulling your leg, kid. And if some aren't found… it wouldn't be the first thing to go missing around here." Like a good amount of the paperwork she is supposed to be working on. Gone without a trace.

Look at that shady Percival, polishing his nails on his shirt like he did something entertaining or something. Something. He sends a sidelong glance over to Evangeline (did she ever say her name?) and offers her a playful shrug. "I've heard my share of things when I was in Igen's bazaar. In the right conditions, anything is possible." She'll learn the ways of the wild Percival if she sticks around the area enough. "That's way too many of 'em. I'd put up a reward sign for information on their safe return and when we find the person responsible, I'll hold 'em. You kick 'em in the nards as hard as you can. Make sure you use the good boots you wear when you go to the bar. I'll lend you my apron to keep the tears off your clothes." If they don't have nards, the box will do!

The puppy now firmly in her grasp, Evangeline is holding it tightly to her both arms locked around the trapped little creature but it's busy licking her face and in no visible distress. Rhodelia's commentary about runners getting to run recieves enthusiastic nods from the teen, "You're right though! No one ever locks a runner up for to long, they stock up and get sour." Words of obvious experience, or at least it would seem. With all the excitement around her introductions had not been made, and as Percival explains his comments further she frowns. "'Tis not nice to fib." Walking over and picking up a second puppy, the girl now has two of the longer ones in her arms. "As long as you promise they aren't this years meal, I.. can help." A shy smile given, "I am Evangeline, my grandmother and her brown have lived here /forever/." Eyes rolling a tad, old people right?

For those new to the scene, there's puppies here, there's puppies there, there's puppies everywhere and there's not hiding that from the light of both moons. The rough housing of the energetic canines can probably be heard for quite a ways. And it the middle of all this chaos (probably unsuprisingly) is Rhodelia with a bag dripping with meat juice, a few canine leash handles slipping out of the satchel while PErcy is doing his best Cruella Deville impersonation and the young girl holds a puppy. As for the fibbing, Rhodelia just shrugs. "It's not really fibbing if everybody realizes what you're saying is so outlandish it's gotta be a joke. That's just sarcasm or something. And you get used to it." As for the promise, she nods. "They're not anybody's meal. So… do you think your grandma could use a puppy or two?" Those that have been… liberated from somewhere.

CRASH. THUD. BOOM. HOW EVEN. You might question the sanity of your optical nerves, but we promise you that you aren't hallucinating. No, that is definitely a massive gold dragon PUTTING A PAW WHERE IT DOESN'T BELONG, in a playground where she SUPER DOESN'T FIT but MAKES IT WORK ANYWAY. That's even a SNOUT, coming to FLOP ITS HUGE SELF DOWN right next to Rhodelia with a wuffle of sound and blue eyes that whirl in the face of SMOL HUMANS and SMOLLER FOUR-LEGGED THINGS THAT WILL DEFINITELY PEE ON THE FLOOR AND MAKE HER HUMAN MISERABLE. « RHODELIA. » You're not imagining that. Leirith does not simply keep her mindvoice between herself and her rider, or herself and her rider's assistant; no, Leirith broadcasts BASS and DRUMS and that heady, heavy, nauseating inducing amount of NOISY AMUSEMENT into every single brain around, effectively becoming a ONE DRAGON ARMY against POOR, DEFENSELESS, PROBABLY (not) MELTING BRAIN-CELLS. « I HAVE HEARD THAT MANY A BADASS POSSESS A DOG. QUICKLY. I REQUIRE ONE. » And… and yes. Yes, the queen's maw is coming open because she absolutely expects you to put it in there. AND WHILE SHE WAITS, she tilts her head JUST SO, so that her attention can find Evangeline and Percival both. « GREETINGS. HAVE YOU COME TO ACQUIRE THE BADASS STATUS WITH YOUR TINY, FURIOUS WAR CANINES? » She just… thinks she's so funny, y'all. AND WHERE IS RISALI, ANYWAY?

Percival looks up at the sky as if he knows how to tell the time from some random bug flying by and he nods in agreement. Yep, the bug says it's time to go and going he's gittin'. "Alright, ladies. As much as I'd love to see how much waste these critters are about to unleash where the kiddies like to play, I've got work to do in the kitchens. So uh, yeah, have fun finding someone to take 'em off your hands. Maybe check the uh… I don't know. Check the- "Nope, not today. Maybe tomorrow when the stars are right?" Stars. Can't do it. Not today. You know that thing that some cities do with the WEE WOO WEE WOO once some natural disaster of epic proportions decides to rear it's ugly head, casting an ominous shadow over all life as we know it? Yeah, the group definitely didn't get that warning and Percival can only curse under his breath while the Queen of all things locked in a looney bin at the Healer Hall makes her appearance. He looks down at himself, then looks down at the puppies, then back at Rhodelia with a displeased look and maybe a little pout. MAYBE. He clears his throat and quickly offers a sloppy salute to Leirith and quickly strides out of view. "Later new girl! Later Giblets!" If one is able to hear any sort of silence in the presence of the gold, they just might be able to hear his raspy 'Arooo!' to the puppies in his wake. Translation? Meatballs.

A giggle slips through Evi's lips and she nods to Rhodelia, "I am sure Nana Enyou will take two of them, my Da says she needs to get out more and anything I give her she loves." Suddenly the contained chaos of several dozen puppies means nothing at all, the crashing of things around her startles the young teen. Even as she recognizes that all the noise comes from the queen, her body begins to quiver and she rocks a little forward and back. For a few moments her eyes are wide and blank, as if transported somewhere far away, a terrible memory holding the teen's mind hostage. As Percival exits her hand goes up piteously, as if to stop him or to comment before falling back to hold onto her puppy. The noise from the gold in her head frightens her again. "UM. HELLO." The young woman shouts, as if somehow the dragon might need hearing aides. As the dragons mouth open the girl quickly gathers a third canine into her already full arms. "YOU CAN NOT EAT PUPPIES, BAD. BAD DRAGON." Scooting backwards and holding her charges like a mother would hold a newborn child, while looking at all the others her face full of shock and sorrow.

"I'll save you a puppy or three!" Rhodelia calls out as the butcher departs. he better lock his door or he might wake up to some canines liking his face or something. As for the sudden Leirith arrival, the assistant barely even winces as the bass blares the gold's declarations and questions. Some things are just hazards of the Weyr that one must get accustomed to. Luckily, there's a pup right at her feet. It might be a little bit defective as it's snout is smushed up and it's eyes kind of bug out, but he's endearing in his own way. "You can have one, but first you gotta close your mouth." If the gold does so, she'll totally toss a piece of meat scrap up there and help the little canine scramble up her snout. If not, she'll just tie one of those canine leads around the pup's collar and leave the rest for the dragon to grab. TOTALLY RISALI'S PROBLEM NOW. One dog down and thirty six more to go! As for Evangeline's scolding, she just shrugs. "She's not going to eat them I don't think. She just needs another minion. Or her minions need minions or something." Same old story, but she's quickly pointing to two massive puppies that might as well be all legs. "Think your granny could use those? They might be big enough if she ever needs help walking, she could ride them when they're grown!" Depending on how large the mastiffs grow to and how small granny is.

PERCIVAL RUNS FOR THE HILLS. Bless him, truly. He's probably the only one around this weyr with any true sense of self-preservation. Or, you know… he's a COWARD. DOES IT MATTER? HE'S GONE, further chased by a boom of sound that's definitely laughter even as one of those massive eyes watches Evangeline's quivering, eye-widened, frightened form in response to Leirith being… well… Leirith. BUT FEAR IS FOR LESS BEINGS THAN EVANGELINE, and she BELIEVED SHE COULD (yes, Leirith is narrating this, it's fine) AND SO SHE DID! LIKE A TRUE, BONAFIDE, « BADASS! », one teenage girl finds her voice and stands up to a dragon EASILY A THOUSAND TIMES HER SIZE. And what does she get in return? Silence, the sudden deafening roar of TOO MUCH SOUND cutting out that, for sheer unexpectivity (LET ME MAKE UP MY OWN WORDS), CAN BE RATHER JARRING. But then she's back (FROM OUTERSPACE), and there's amusement in that giddy, bombastic, filled-to-the-brim with laughter voice as she booms a gentler, « WHY WOULD I EAT THE CANINE? THEN IT WOULD NOT SOIL THE FLOOR WITH ITS MINION-MISERY WET STUFF AND I COULD NOT GET REVENGE ON MY MINION FOR BEING SO DISAPPOINTING. » And Rhodelia. RHODY. You think that Leirith is going to close her snout? To be fair, that was probably the more dangerous option, and so she keeps it up, watching as leads are attached and — « HURRY. BEFORE MY MINION OR GAROUTH'S FIND ME AND TELL ME NO. » And SHE DOES IT TOO. She gets that lead and Leirith CATCHES IT AWKWARDLY IN HER MAW and LIFTS HER HEAD and throws out wings much too big to be allowed as she tests the dog's willingness to come. A beat and, « THIS ONE LOOKS LIKE I FEEL ON THE INSIDE EVERY TIME I SEE MY MINION: DISAPPOINTED, AND DISAPPOINTING. IT IS PERFECT. » And it happens. "LEIRITH!" Listen, Risali gave up affecting the air of dignity everybody expects from a Senior Weyrwoman a long time ago. She EVEN LEFT HER KNOT BEHIND, but all that tiny, dark-haired fury is getting closer. "LEIRITH, IF YOU — LEIRITH NO!" « WHY ARE YOUR LEGS SO SMALL? THIS IS AN UNEXPECTED DEVELOPMENT. COME, WE MUST FLEE. » And yeah, Leirith is catching that POOR PUPPY in dragon paw and beating her wings to take off JUST AS RISALI COMES RUNNING IN looking HAGGARD and harassed. She GLARES AT RHODELIA for HALF A SECOND, and then she doubles over to hold a stitch in her side. "This is your fault," she tells her assistant, though there's affection and amusement in her tone even as she squints up to find Evangeline through a curtain of hair and, after a few deep breaths and an awkward kind of hesitation, she forces a smile. "Hello." SHE'S GOOD AT HER JOB, SHE'S GOT THIS. NOBODY QUESTIONS HER RULE.

The noise of the dragon is all Evangeline hears and she shudders slightly at every word, because this is not typical of her experience with dragons. Rhodelia's words catch a moment of her attention and she shrugs, "Those two will be fine." Putting one of the longer ones down on the ground and sweeping the two big ones into her arms, as Rhodelia gives the puppy to Leirith the teens concern is visible on her face. "But what do dragons want with a dog?" She takes a step closer, as if moved to action. "WHY WOULD A DRAGON NEED MINIONS?" She's shouting due to the loud noise in her head, so very loud and musical. This has got to be against some rule. "DOES SHE ACT LIKE THIS ALWAYS?" The teen yells as her thought is cut off by the dragon again in her mind. "DON'T HURT IT." For a moment she follows the dragon. "What does she mean?" Total shock and suprise all over her face, what the hell is happening around here. A girl can't simply visit grandma anymore. As Risali rounds the corner the teen is side stepping towards the forest, she looks like she's just been mentally mugged her eyes huge as dinner plates and arms full of little canines. "Fine evening, um.. Weyrwoman.. Wonderful night for a walk right?" Totally ignoring her hands full of puppies, "Was that, your.. well." Dropping the thought as the question seems stupid once she started voicing it.

There's a lot of things that can be blamed on Rhodelia and this is probably one of them that is most entirely all her fault (and R'hyn's even though he wasn't here in anyway at all except in spirit). Rhody just holds up her hands in that helpless 'what can you do?' gesture as Risali is there and passing blame. "I was just taking a walk and minding my own business when suddenly… puppies." Because she totally takes a walk through the forest at night with a bag of meat and canine leashes just for funsies all the time. Nothing suspicious here. "And uhhh… the kennels are totally not empty." They're just mostly empty, big difference. As for the girl's questions, Rhody just shrugs. "She probably thinks it'll be funny. Or maybe she thinks Risali's kids need another pet. If the kids don't claim it, I'll make sure that one gets to a good home… After I gather those." There are currently two of the larger dogs taking turns trying to actually eat the seesaw. "Hey! Hey! Hey! Here puppy, puppy, puppy!!!" Off Rhody goes into the mass of puppies armed with mostly just that bag of meat scraps. They'll all get somewhere eventually, right?

YOU MEAN WE CAN'T BLAME EVERYTHING ON RHODELIA? OBJECTION!!! « EVERYBODY NEEDS MINIONS, TINY ONE. EVERYBODY. » It could have been a really sweet, teachable moment; it could have been one of those because everybody needs a friend and these are mine moments, but this is Leirith. This is Leirith, and bombastic is the sum of all her parts. She leaves with all of those parts too, leaving Risali to the VERY POLITE GREETING of a VERY CONFUSED (read: sweet) TEENAGE GIRL, and Rhodelia BEING A COWARD AND RUNNING AWAY. WHAT. TELL ME THAT I'M WRONG. It's fine if I'm wrong; Risali thinks she's running anyway, that's why she SQUINTS AFTER HER, swallows down a couple more breaths, and then gives Evangeline a smile-that's-more-a-wince as she rights her posture and shifts in a manner that bespeaks to discomfort. IS SHE FIDGITING? SHE IS. "Ah… not… Weyrwoman, if you would. Just Risali is fine." A beat, and a smile that's meant to be encouraging but MAY FALL SHORT in the, 'Please help, I'm very bad at people', kind of way. "Please. I insist." And then she's bringing her hands to her hips, blowing bangs from her eyes, rolling greys towards where Leirith JUST DISAPPEARED, and waiting before she answers that question. Is Leirith her HEADACHE? "Yes. Yes, she is. Unfortunately." And then she's forcing another smile — not unfriendly, more a lacking of confidence. "I have to go…" a gesture, towards Leirith, then Rhodelia, then TOWARDS THE WORLD AT LARGE, PROBABLY, "but it was very nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy your stay in Xanadu Weyr." And there's a genuine smile now, the kind that comes with a slight wrinkle of her nose and a hint of canines as before she's dropping her arms and taking off in a run again. "LEIRITH GET BACK HERE RIGHT. NOW!" Because murder. SEE IF SHE DOESN'T.

The safety of her charges is her main concern, Evangeline gathers up her two puppies as best she can given their size. "She.. dragons have minions?" Still caught up on that point. Several small quick nods are given to Risali, "Risali, that's, but you are.. a titled." Words fail her and she snuggles her dogs. Full arms do not stop her from shooing puppies gently with her foot towards Rhody, herding them as best she can in the girls direction. A small shake of her head and suddenly an older woman come out of the forest. A slender 5'11 woman, with grey hair pulled back behind her ears, she moves with a jostling limp. Old knees and hips, her knot reveals her to be a retired brownrider of Xanadu weyr.

"Evangeline? Eva..Oh, there yu are, my dear yu need to get back home. Yur father won't stand if I let sumthin' happen to yu." The older woman looks around at the chaos of puppies, raises an eyebrow to Rhodelia's attempts to catch them and grabs the shell shocked teen by the arm. "What in the shard are you out here anyways."

Evi waves hastily as she is drug into the forest with her puppies in hand, her grandmother dragging her down the path.

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