Just Touch It! (Dragonhealers and Booties)

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands
A domed ceiling stretches high above the sands, enough open air for a queen and her mate to be comfortable with their clutch. Thin slits of windows around the edges let in a little light, though more of the illumination comes from electric lamps diffused off the dome. The sands are ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, the first third exposed to the sweltering heat of the sands but those in the back glassed off for the comfort of those watching.
The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Xanadu, where the sands are hot (and SO IS LEIRITH). No, wait. Xanadu, where eggs are on the sands (and SO IS LEIRITH). Uhm. Xanadu, where… LEIRITH IS. Okay, fine. FINE, LEIRITH. IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU. Leirith is on the sands of Xanadu, proudly looking over her clutch of eggs. Not that she hasn't seen them before, of course, but why should that make a difference? They're still, « Badass! » she observes of one of them, in tones loud enough to be heard through the complex but meant for Garouth, beside her on the sands. The bronze dragon is tucked in a more comfortable and relaxed position, in constrast to Leirith's enthusiastic (re-)inspections, tattered wings tucked in against his sides and tail curled in a position that seems casual until you realize it marks a part of the protective circle he's mentally drawn around these eggs. This is his territory (for now) and he will defend it!

The humans, well - they're here too. Garouth's rider is here, lounged against his dragon's side and just within the circle of the bronze's territory, and SO IS LEIRITH'S. (You thought she was done invading this pose, huh? WRONG. Beginning to end, that's Leirith!)

Jaelynn peeks out onto the sands before actually making her way onto them. A curious look is sent one way then another while a soft smile is seen as she moves on closer to where the four, well really more then four if one counts the eggs can be found. "Hi there… Everyone awake?" Is questioned curious like. Her hair is pulled back and seeing where they are she has her tunic and pants, boots no jacket cause it is hothothot here! Even though both Leirith and Garouth have been ok with her here in the past she'll pause offering them both a slight bow. "Everyone doing alright and the like?" Is questioned as she looks over the lot and over to the riders with a curious tilt of her head.

How could Leirith not be ecstatically over-enthused about those badass little eggies that she made with another badass (read: Garouth)? LOOK AT THEM. ALL EGG-SHAPED AND EGG-JESTIC. She almost died about A DOZEN TIMES getting those mismatched (but no less full of Jean-Claude Van Damme levels of badassery) soon-babies on the sands, and - LOOK! HERE COMES ANOTHER ONE TO SEE HER HARD WORK. The bow amuses the Dam, but the massive queen is just ridiculous enough to return the bow by sinking down on her forepaws and tilting her head to the side in curiosity. SHE KNOWS THIS ONE. And then RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! There might just be a mauling on the sands, because here comes Leirith moving faster than she probably should around little eggies that can't possibly protect themselves, but SHE MANAGES IT (without destroying any shells), clamoring to press her nose in against Jaelynn's stomach as a greeting… BECAUSE « YOU ARE HERE TO SEE THE BADASSES! GAROUTH! She has come to see the badasses. » Maybe; LEIRITH CAN'T BE TOO SURE, but who wouldn't want to come and see the wonders that she's gone and made with Garouth? Meanwhile, Risali's definitely taken up sanctuary by Garouth, leaning next to D'lei because do you see her dragon? There's no lounging on that one. Risa has the good grace to wince when Leirith goes BOUNDING ABOUT, but she pushes away from bronze hides and bronzeriders alike to move towards Jaelynn with an awkward smile. She sucks at people. "Too hot, I think but alright otherwise." And there she goes, shoving a gold snoot away from Jaelynn's person. "Sorry about her." A beat. "Are you okay?" SOS, D'LEI. SOS.

Garouth stays where he is as. Someone has to be the one keeping an eye on these eggs and making sure that nobody comes sneaking around from behind to steal them. Leirith worked hard for them, after all? The hardest! And maybe he did too, but she did it harder. Her pride is so very justified, as she bounds across the sands to greet Jaelynn with Leirith-level enthusiasm. And Garouth follows with his gaze, and with a deep rumble as he observes Jaelynn. It's a rather more reserved greeting than Leirith's, but a greeting nonetheless. « She is, » he replies to Leirith with the cool shadows that are at least in his mind even if they're nowhere else on these sands. « She will see that they are healthy… as well as badass. » Amusement, for that last, but of a fond sort. His eyes are spring green as he watches these greetings and salutations, intent but not concerned. He's just… gonna keep an eye on things, because that's what he does. And send D'lei to go make the word things, which… the rider does, after a moment when his head tilts back against Garouth's hide to look up to the domed heavens for an answer that does not come except in the form of a laugh. And then D'lei is pushing off Garouth as well, ambling across the sands with that slightly shuffling sort of walk that helps compensate for the shifting of them beneath his feet. "…Leirith is in fine spirits, in case it wasn't clear," he says with a grin as he gets close enough to join the conversation. "And I think…" A quick glance around. "…the rest of us are also doing well."

Jaelynn eyeswide as she can't help but freeze in her place at the gold bounding towads her. "Oh bugger…" Someone forgot what to do with large dragons might suddenly charge them it seems, though really can someone blame her with someone like Leirith running towards her right now? The nose to the stomach is much better then what she was fearing for a few moments there and even though she wasn't expecting it she doesn't get bowled over either. A faint giggle is actually heard and the dragonhealer gives Leirith's haw and muzzle a soft rub. "Well hi there. Yes I am very happy to see you as well." Her gaze lifts to Risali and she'll offer her a smile and nod. "I'm fine, no worries about her she's just… Happy?" Well there might be a few more thoughts that roll through her mind but anyway that is what sticks. She glances over to D'lei and he'll get a smile and slight nod. "I'm glad to hear everyone is well then." As for Garoth she'll even send him a slight wave.

Leirith turns her head into Jaelynn-provided rubs, wuffling contented appreciation for skilled dragonhealer hands before RUDE LIFEMATE HANDS are pushing her away from affection she so clearly deserves (because HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE EGGS?). It doesn't matter that Risali is the death of all good things; Leirith remains over-the-top, madcap enthusiasm as she shifts that too-big body and moves back across the sands to Garouth. She presses muzzle to his neck, running the length of it with snoot and an almost-purr of sound when she ends at the shoulder-bound joints of wingsails and nips. Then Leirith settles her bulk: butt on the sands, the rest of her on Garouth. Yep. She's just - excuse me - going to put her forepaws - watch those wings - right there and - just a little scooch - rest her head on top of his. WUFFLE. SNORT. TANGLE OF DRAGON LIMBS. « Of course they are healthy! And badass. We made them. » Shadows are met with carnival lights and the heady scent of spun-sugar, a mental punctuation to mark her enthusiasm just in case Garouth missed it. « And I love them! As I love you. And my Minion! And yours. And this one! » LOVE FOR ALL. Leirith dispenses it freely. "Happy is… a gentle way to put it," Risali muses on wryly dry tones, her smile an echo of those words as D'lei laughs and then joins them to do the word thing much better than she ever will. His placement eases some previously unnoticed tension from Risali's shoulders, the smile a little more relaxed, a touch more genuine a grey eyes flicker sideways while he speaks before settling on Jaelynn again. "I'm glad you're fine." And then she'll take a step back and to the side, as if to clear the way for an egg-tastic inspection. "Thank you for coming to look at them again."

Garouth stretches out his neck as Leirith nuzzles, eyes lidding about a quarter of the way but no further, because he has to keep an eye on those eggs. His wings flick at the nip, a bump up to thump at Leirith's cheek with their spar, and then - outta the way! Just because there's a dragonhealer to deal with it, that doesn't mean it's actually a good idea to get any more tatters in those wings. They're good how they are! …badass as they are, according to Leirith. Garouth snorts, rumbles, and turns his head to nip at a paw - er, wait, no, getting too squished, turn back! - as Leirith climbs right over him, and follows her settling with a low, elongated rumble just squished right out of him. Just like his eyelids are being squished to a quarter shut. Maybe even a third, but he is still watching and don't you forget it. « It is good. » he says, words far more reserved than Leirith's outpouring of love for ALL AND EVERY… and yet there is a contentment in his squished rumbles, in his gaze that is watchful but… for the moment, can rest from wariness. « This one took a thorn from my paw. » Reason enough for his trust! Well, that, and the way Jaelynn acquitted herself while doing it, but still. As far as Garouth is concerned, this is a reasonable person to inspect his eggs. Which, let's be honest, is the harder test here. (LEIRITH LOVE FOR ALL!) Speaking of… D'lei grins wryly at the word Jaelynn picks to describe the gold, with a dip of his head as if to acknowledge all those fine and accurate (but maybe not polite) words that she didn't pick. "So," he says, being the social one because someone has to (and it isn't Risali), "What are we looking for? I mean, how they're doing, obviously, but…" He's curious! And knows about as much as Leirith does about what a healthy and/or badass egg actually looks like.

Jaelynn gaze is pulled away and towards Leirith and Garouth, because let's face it that is not a normal thing one tends to see, a gold clambering and settling upon a bronze and she just wans to make sure she sees everything right. WHICH also means she is catching sight of a certain bronze's wingsails. "So what happened to Garouth's wings?" SO starts the questions, expect more to come if no answers are offered either. "Also… You should get someone to tae a picture of them like that, I know someone that does rather ice artwork by the way." She offers soft humm of a tune whiebrushing her hands off. "Oh your all welcome, glad I could come and see how they are doing." Sorta her pet project in a sense as she has been given a lot of time with this clutch as se's working on getting her grade three dragonhealer classes under wraps, almost there sooo close! Not that the older Dragonhealers arn't watching her like a hawk, which a few are over /there/ right now actually totally whispering about her and taking notes on the matter even. "It'll take more then that to hurt me." As for what she is looking forward, or what everyone is looking for well that could be a few different things. "Checking to see how hard the eggies are, check for any damage, any changes so to speak." She is moving on gingerly looking over a egg in the process. "Hello-hello. All ok in there?" Yes she is talking to the egg while taking measurments and the like. DO NOT JUGE HER!

« She helped with my eyes! » Leirith intones, somewhere in-between all of those wing-to-cheek thumps and squish-nips from a squished bronze. BABUM, BABUM, BABUM. « I think! I don't remember. I couldn't see! » And she's laughing at herself because almost-forgotten, but there-in-Risali's-mind childhood handicaps are hilarious. The gold shifts a little higher up on Garouth, canting her head to one side as she looks at a paw and… « Was it this one? » she asks, wiggling higher still so that she can NIP HIS PAW and squish him all the more (because WHO NEEDS TO BREATHE? NOT GAROUTH. GAROUTH IS A BADASS, HE DOESN'T NEED AIR; AIR NEEDS HIM). Paw-in-teeth, Leirith stills as Jaelynn approaches those eggs, dispersing her weight more evenly on Garouth and sands as she lifts her head and watches with whirling blue-eyes that certainly approve when Jaelynn SPEAKS TO HER TINY BADASSES while measuring them. AND EXCUSE YOU, D'LEI. Leirith knows all about eggs She was an egg once, EVEN IF SHE DOESN'T REMEMBER. Were you? BOOYAH. She knows a badass when she sees one (she totally knows nothing about eggs). Neither does Risali, much like she doesn't really know anything about people except that questions about Garouth should be answered by his rider because that's just polite. Still, grey eyes flicker to Leirith and Garouth both at the mention of a picture, Risali expelling a huff of breath that's definitely laughter despite its lack of longevity, and then she's turning her attention back to Jaelynn. "If only it were a rare occurrence," she says softly. And then it's all business, Risali letting Dash ask the important questions and listening for Jaelynn's answer. "What happens if they aren't… okay?" BABUMBABUMBABUM. « THEY ARE MINION! You disappoint me. » But she's all amusement at least, invading every mind she can reach just to let everybody know how much Risa fails at this confidence thing.

D'lei has an answer for that question from Jaelynn! It's just… not a very good one, as his wry smile leads. "Hatched that way," he says, the words followed by a glance to the eggs. What impediments might lurk inside those shells, hidden away until they hatch? (Or don't, but. NOPE. Healthy and badass, Leirith says so! And she …. CLAIMS to know.) "Monaco's dragonhealers never said anything about why, but… they've never seemed to stop him from flying." A crooked grin, and then he adds, "Pain in the butt to get properly oiled, though." Maybe they're to let Garouth breathe when he's being squished by golds. Like gills! …they're probably not gills. But they could be! The bronze curls his talons, squooshing at Leirith's muzzle as she nips him, and rumbles. « Maaaybe. » He doesn't remember, to be perfectly honest, but that doesn't mean he can't tease and make Leirith search! Or he would, if not for the distraction of Jaelynn actually approaching their eggs. This requires attention, and spring-green eyes dapple with watchful amber as Garouth watches the watcher. (That's who does it. It's him.) D'lei reaches to take Risali's hand, giving it a squeeze in a rather quieter answer to her lack of confidence… and then uses that hold to bring her with him, following Jaelynn to the eggs as she takes her closer look, measures (and chats) and does all those highly technical knowledge things to get the dragonhealer answer to how the eggs are doing. "Maybe we should get a portrait of them," he murmurs to Risali by way of distraction from just anxiously staring as Jaelynn asks the eggs just how happy and healthy they are. "If we could get Leirith to sit still long enough, that is."

"Oh really?" Jaelynn questions, she doesn't recall it when she tended to the bronze last, but she was putting her attention on his paw after all. "They don't hurt him or anthing like that then?" This questioned as she scribbles down a few things and is on to another, her steps soft and slow, touches light to the eggs andyes she is talking to each one while she works. "Oh… Your a cheeky one…" Is murmured to the egg that she is working with, though honestly giving the parents this sholdn't be a surprize. As for Risali she hasn't forgotten the question and peeks up slightly to the two. "Out of all the Weyr's to be at if there was a problem Xanadu is the best to care of any possible issues. We excel at it after all." She offers the riders a soft smile. "But from everything I've sen so far they are coming along fine. I understand it is a worry, a stress but try not to take it to heart. They have strng parents,they will all do well I'm sure of it."

"Leirith thinks it makes him more handsome," Risali offers up in regards to the state of Garouth's wings, though she's mostly silent for the exchange between Jaelynn and D'lei. UNLIKE LEIRITH, who is watchful but doesn't need to be silent to use her eyes. « You have a terrible memory, » Leirith informs Garouth, as if she does not also have a terrible memory (and there's humor in the words because she KNOWS that dragons as a WHOLE are really terrible at remembering things). « Maybe you should ask the dragonhealer to check your head. » NIP. But for as much of a disruption as the queen can be and the best days, she ceases her assault on her companion so that Garouth can watch Jaelynn - even if she doesn't move. Risali takes the offered hand, interdigitating her fingers with D'lei's and squeezing back with gentle pressure as she follows, perhaps stealing strength or offering wordless thank you's down the connection as Jaelynn interacts with eggs that interact back. Grey eyes flicker back to Leirith and Garouth again, and Risali leans her weight into the bronzerider as she tilts her head back with a smile. "We should. With the eggs, too. And one with all of the dragons once they've hatched - with their riders too." And of course Leirith and Garouth. But it's not Risali answering about Leirith sitting still; Risali's attention is on Jaelynn because she is being addressed again. No, it's that effervescent queen that's invading in a way that D'lei is probably VERY USED TO BY NOW because WHEN HAS SHE EVER USED GAROUTH AS A PATHWAY FOR BESPEAKING DASH? « I will sit on you, and I will be very still, mine of mine! Though I got the impression that you enjoyed constant motion. » Which is a jab at Risa, but shhh. Risa's ignoring her in favor of offering a muted smile to Jaelynn. "I guess it's just hard. It's like… they're my own children. But you're right; there's no better place to be if they're going to be unwell." Not that it matters, because reassurances are coming that have Leirith not-so-smug but cheerfully validated and informing everybody that, « See! Little badasses. »

"Not really?" D'lei answers Jaelynn. "I mean, sometimes he gets grit caught in the edges, and that can irritate it something fierce. But when it's being, y'know… normal… it doesn't hurt him." Normal in its abnormality! Such as it is. And certainly Garouth seems as unconcerned about those tatters on his trailing wing-edges as he does about being squished, and he snorts at Leirith's rejoinder. « It was remembering that, or catching my first wild buck. I made my choice. » And he teases with a fragment of that memory, of the wide-eyed beast's moment of realizing - too late! - that a hunter stalked among those trees. D'lei nods to Risali, shifting his posture a bit to better support her lean. "So if we search the artist, we can make their candidate duties all about getting us pictures, right?" His tone is light and playful, making it sound like a joke. Just like Leirith's threat to sit on him is probably a joke, and D'lei grins to the gold without even a trace of surprise at having her in his head because… well. Because it happens! "I got the impression you did too." And he is teasing her, big gold that she is, and D'lei is projecting an image to Leirith that maybe happened during that flight of hers, an urge to fly further, run harder, keep moving. And his grin is shameless and broad, beaming to gold and bronze with bright amber firefly-eyes before he turns his attention back to Jaelynn and Risali, with another squeeze of Risali's hand for her worries, a nod for Jaelynn's assurances. And then he changes the subject, or at least goes back to a previous one, with a lighter question for Jaelynn. "Who was that artist you mentioned, anyhow?"

Jaelynn is rather happy to be left out of some of the conversations here at the moment. "Well of course she does, it's like a rugged scar so it wuld make him more handsome." This offered to reason behind Leirith liking Garouth's wings. "What girl, or guy doesn't like things to make one a but rugged looking? I suppose i one goes for such things." Lynn is a bit busy with her scribblings or perhaps wouldn't have been so in the moment of that conversation piece, or perhaps she would. The normaly bookworm of a dragonhealer isn't really known for speaking out on such thing, or well anything if one was to get right down to it. Her blue gaze lifts as she brushes a bit of sand off her paper and she smiles before nodding to Risali. "I understand… I know know the feeling but I can see why it would feel that way. They area part of Leirith, so they are also a part of you, always will be no matter what always ays. Or how long some of them might remember." Certain dragons remember certain things she knows that very well. She'll glance over the eggies to make sure all have been checked and none missed before she moves over to where Risali and D'lei happen to be holding the notepad to her after tucking a few things into her pockets. "Everything that I can see they are doing fine. Of course I wll have the senior healer's check everything to make sure." Just normal steps to follow. "So, try not to worry and fret to much, alright?" She ohs and smiles to D'lei. "Well there is Triven, his a tatooist but does lovely artwork as well. Also I could get you something to help with his wings when the grit annoys him if you like."

Risali laughs, brows drawing in and grey eyes going distant with a memory that seems almost painful in the way that her lips pull into a grimace rather than a smile; in the way that grey eyes roll up towards the domed ceiling of the arena without looking back at Jaelynn as she exhales a soft, "Yeah. I guess if you're into that kind of thing." A beat, as if Leirith is considering the choices that Garouth has made, and ASSESSING THEM for worthiness before she brightly informs him that, « Of course you did, you badass. I would have been slightly disappointed if a thorn in your paw was the highlight of your badassery. » And yes, she's teasing, laughing with that maw going slightly agape as she bobs with the sounds that's purely metaphysical. Risali's attention is pulling back to D'lei, a soft sound in her throat that might be laughter as she blinks away memories and gives him a gentle nudge with an elbow. "Don't you dare find an artist to search just so you can make them draw things," Risali tells him, though her tone is equally playful despite the admonishment, mirth lurking in grey as Jaelynn becomes their focal point once more. "They are… and thank you. It's good to hear more than just Leirith proclaim that they're doing well." BECAUSE WHAT DOES LEIRITH KNOW? NOTHING. "I'll try." « That, mine of mine, is because I am a badass. » And OH! IMAGES! Leirith's momentarily distracted before she projects back things that we aren't going to talk about. Because she's only the rudest and most inappropriate dragon. And she's laughing, shifting her weight up and off of Garouth so that she can just - YEP - come and plop her OBNOXIOUS SNOUT on top of D'lei. THINK QUICK! "Leirith." Risali's pushing at the gold, but Leirith is just laughing at them both. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT? NOTHING. HAVE KIND OF SQUISHES, TINY GAROUTH-MINION. « Your minion thinks he is clever, Garouth! » He is, but admitting it isn't nearly as fun. "I'm sorry," Risali is telling Jaelynn as she pushes at snouts. "Ah - Triven!" A beat, and a flush. "I know who he is." She's just going to put more concentration into beating Leirith back, thank you.

"Two sets of eyes are better than one, of course," D'lei says to contextualize that senior-healer doublecheck. "But really, if there was anything going on… there'd be signs. Not like Leirith is subtle." He's really asking for it, isn't he? D'lei grins as Risali tells him no, that this is a bad idea, "But what if they're a really good artist?" he asks, because of course that would make it sooo much better! "And I mean, there's a picture of a clutch hanging at Monaco, fellow who drew it was a candidate… and he impressed bronze, so you know it works!" This is not actually how it works. This is not at all how it works. Shhh. And now? Now D'lei has a name to track down and … do nothing inappropriate with. "Triven. Right. I've met him before…" he says, which means he can connect the pieces of information into an elegant tapestry of knowledge. Or maybe a mixed-media mural. Like how he throws words and thoughts at Leirith, and gets them in return! Because this will definitely not end poorly. Chickens never come home to roost, and neither do - AHHH LEIRITH MUZZLES, THE LEIRITH MUZZLE HAS COME TO ROOST ON D'LEI!!! He laughs as he is squooshed, reaching up to thump at the sides of Leirith's head as she leans in on him and he sinks down into the sand like a tent-peg being hammered into the ground. "Ahhh! Lotion or something would - be good -" SEE LEIRITH? He can IGNORE YOU and carry on a perfectly normal conversation. With JAELYNN. NOT LEIRITH. Just… not for very long… and not very normal actually. OH WELL. D'lei tilts his head a bit, as if that'll help, and informs the underside of Leirith's jaw, "More like DAT ASS." And yes. He's using an image he stole from Garouth, of the view from behind of Leirith in flight. And maybe, if he can stare right in through her skull to Leirith's brainmeats, a view of Garouth from behind. Because why yes, he does think he is clever, and also he has no fear OR COMMON SENSE.

Jaelynn looks a bit amused and just smile a bit to Risali. "Everyone likes something about someone else I'm sure. Be a pretty boring place if not, right?" Or well what would she know, she's had her head in to many books for how many turns now? She's finally getting to have sme sort of freedom in a sense so her ideas might be a bit different with things perhaps. Her gaze drifts over to the dragons before she looks back to Risali and nods with a warm smile seen once more. "Oh your welcome. Your worry anyway so I wouldn't expect anything different honestly." She'll blink as Leirith is over and well not really attacking dear D'lei but she isn't to sure what to think at the moment and tilts her head while lifting a finger as if thinking about saying something. "Well… I can make some lotion or ointment from a few different herbs that might be helpful with things." Why is she attemping to carry on a conversation. "Ass?… Why are we talking about booties now?" Yep she just had to ask that question.

Faranth. Risali wants to die. "Like?" The goldrider's mouth opens, closes, opens again, and then she laughs because she doesn't know what else to do. "Faranth, no. No. Not that there's anything wrong with him, but I don't…" IS SHE FLUSTERED? She's flustered. "I bruised his ribs." THERE. It's out in the open. "He tried to grab me while I was… ah… in a state, and I checked him… with my elbow." See? "And he…" Risali makes a motion without letting go of D'lei's hand. "Rolled us." It ends lamely, with grey eyes seeking amber and then latching onto lifelines that don't involve physically harming tattooists. "Dashiel, that is not how any of this works." BECAUSE IT NEEDED MORE THAN META. And maybe Risa's voice is a little more punctuated than she intends, but that's because she's trying not to die. "But it's not a bad idea." Softly, devious. Well, she was recovering. « I think you mean DAT ass. » And… yep. Leirith is GIVING D'LEI IMAGES from her lifemate of D'lei's butt in them leathers while he runs; the queen doesn't just stop there though, she gives that image to Jaelynn as well. « It's almost as shapely and nice as mine. Garouth's is still better. » AND YES SHE IS LAUGHING. She's laughing and completely ignoring the fact that Risali's flush has nothing to do with the heat of the sands and everything to do with her lifemate being her lifemate. « Do not be embarrassed, minion! It is one of his best… assets. » AHAHA! SEE WHAT SHE DID THERE? PUNS FOR DAYS. So why does Risali look like she wants the sand to just swallow her whole so that she never has to face the world ever again? Probably because Leirith is abusing D'lei's memories to project Risa's assets as well. CAN'T LEAVE HER OUT. Leirith's even tilting her head to look at Jaelynn's behind and PROJECT THAT. Risali? Punching her lifemate's snout, and getting more laughter for the trouble. « SO FIERCE! LOOK AT HER, GAROUTH. She is fierce. » And Leirith? She's just nuzzling D'lei and not removing her stupidly big head from his body. She might even be trying to chew on his hair because she is the worst. Are they talking about booties? "Don't encourage her," Risali breathes to Jaelynn, because yes. Yes they are talking about booties. « Where is Zekath? He is missing out on the appreciation of shapely behinds. »

"How will you know unless you try?" Dashiel of the no common sense asks Risali. It's such a reasonable question, in such unreasonable circumstances, and… that is definitely a grin to go with it, one that widens as Risali comes around to see the view of… his perspective. Or maybe his ass. DEFINITELY his ass once Leirith gets there, once she is squooshing him to the sands as Risali tries to sink there under her own power - but ooh, ooh! He's winning! He's sinking faster, the grains of sand pouring in around his boots as gold leeeaaaans on him and makes him just a bit shorter in comparison. …. okay so he's not sinking very far, and those are nuzzles and maulings of his hair rather than anything more dangerous, but still. « They have good meat. » is Garouth's considered opinion about asses, with visions of porcine-rump with its layer of soft fat that he slides into Leirith's mind in the outgoing channel. Him? Project to everyone? NAH. He's not getting his paws dirty. But Leirith is already shouting to the world, so HAVE MORE BUTT. Of… edible sorts, as opposed to YES OKAY LEIRITH, TRUE. THERE WAS BITING, but… SUBTLY DIFFERENT. NO SWALLO- OKAY, YES. YOU'RE WELCOME, JAELYNN. IT'S JUST WHAT YOU DIDN'T NEED TO PICTURE NEXT TIME YOU SEE THESE TWO. THUMBS. U- ….. LEIRITH. Garouth is behaving himself, by which we mean guarding the eggs with an occasional rumble and a marked lack of concern for his rider being squished and his clutch-mama being punched. « If she were not fierce, she would have run away from you. » Because, well. Leirith started her rampages early! "I'll sit my ass on you!" D'lei proclaims to Leirith, except her squooshing of his face muffles certain of the words. More like "MUHMIMA ASS UHOOO!" But, hey. That's the important part, right?

Jaelynn looks a bit confused as she glances over to Risali. "I mean like scars or something." What was she talking about? At the moment who really cares as ther is plenty of things getting tossed around here like a food fight but it is a verbal or mental one and booties are invovled for certain. The dragonhealer looks on curiously, a han lifting to scratching at her neck a bit. Her gaze bounces between one then naother and another and she steps back a bit while a certan gold is trying to push D'lei under the sand. "That might not be a great idea, sand is a bit hot after all." Thank you capt. obvious! SHE IS SO HELPFUL. "So how does one not encourage her?" This is questioned to Risali with a curious tone and look even while Risali is trying to get a certain Leirith to behave. Also why is a dragon looking at /her/ butt? She glances behind her wondering if there is sand or something before getting some of the booting images from someone over there and she laughs a bit before a hand covers her mouth and she just eyes the dragons. "Really?" She is amused honest.

Risali's dissolving into laughter, giving the already-Leirith-squished D'lei a punch to his upper arm. "Shut up, D'lei," she breathes. AND THEN PROMPTLY WANTS TO DIE AGAIN. What was she talking about? Open mouth. Close. "Nothing. Definitely scars. Not Triven." SHE TOTALLY DID NOT ASSAULT TRIVEN. SHUT UP D'LEI. SHUT UP K'VIR, SINCE YOU'RE HERE NOW TOO TO DOUBLE THE TROUBLE. "Your ass is not that nice, rider. Don't let it go to your head." It's definitely that nice. GAROUTH TO THE RESCUE! Or… or not. « You are right, Garouth! They do. MINION. Test it. » "Leirith, I am not going to bite D'lei's ass." « Just touch it then. » "Leirith, no." « Stop being a disappointment, minion! I MUST KNOW. YOU TOUCH IT ALL OF THE TIME! » "Not in front of people who don't want to see me -" « NONSENSE. Mine of mine has a perfectly nice bottom. I bet our dragonhealer is thinking about touching it too. » AREN'T YOU, JAELYNN? That's what Leirith's headtilt seems to imply. AND SHUSH, DASH. Jaelynn TOTALLY NEEDED those mental images for the rest of forever. BURNED RIGHT INTO HER RETINAS. WHERE THEY CANNOT BE UNSEEN. Leirith does lift her head though, right as Risali smacks Dash on the ass because her dragon bid it so. « Do it. » Leirith challenges D'lei, ALL AMUSEMENT. « She didn't grab it. Just set your butt right here. » Did she…? She totally did just open her maw. And she is laughing at the bronzerider. How does one not encourage Leirith? "Good question," Risali answers Jaelynn on dry tones. "I'm starting to think we might need to maroon ourselves to an abandoned island for a lack of encouragement, but I'm pretty sure she'll just make friends with rocks and it'll be even worse." Leirith tilts her head to see Jaelynn again, waiting for D'lei to MAN UP. « Really! It's shapely. You should shake it. The men would come. » Faranth.

Did someone call for assets? YES? No? Too bad. Zekath's getting some feedback or perhaps fed a HUGE HINT — where is that bronze, anyways? Doing what Zekath's do. Sentinel guard duty! Which means he's lurking somewhere near to the Hatching Grounds and if it's asses folks want in them sands? Well. Zekath's got PLENTY of 'em for viewing and selecting pleasure! Just what needs to be fed to Leirith and Garouth right now, right? Encouraging all the classy without so much as twitching a talon. Do do do. What? He's an innocent bronze over here! LOOK AT HIM BE A MODEL CITIZEN! K'vir would know better but K'vir isn't there or aware (because Zekath says so) and is on his way to the Hatching Sands instead. Probably NOT prepared for what he's about to see but he's become well accustomed to bouncing back from most surprises. Most.

« Is this what they mean when they say that has something has come around to bite them in the ass? » Garouth wonders amidst the images of butts flying through the aether. And now D'lei is ALSO getting punched, and still Garouth does not help. What sort of bronze dragon is he, anyhow? …the sort who guards eggs, apparently. And is probably being amused, let's be honest. « They are very silly, » he says of Risali and her hesitation to touch dat ass. « We flew through the air when we mated. Everyone admired us and wanted to celebrate. » Or at least, that's one interpretation for the metallic haze of dragonlust that cast its spell over the Weyr not so long ago. Maybe the people whose days were cast into chaos would have different opinions, but… Garouth is a dragon, he knows no shame. Neither does Leirith! Who is merely DISAPPOINTED in her minion… who at least pulls herself together enough to give D'lei's ass a smack and make him laugh. And - what's this? Leirith's head has moved and Dash can regain those four inches of height. "These boots will never be the same," he observes to Jaelynn, and then he turns that amber gaze on the ass-smacker herself. "Is it everything you hoped and dreamed?" he asks Risali with a grin, before…. whoop. His challenge is not over yet! Leirith requires MORE ASS. D'lei turns his grin on her as she gives the toothy open-mawed one to him. "I don't know, though," he teases the dragon. "What if you decide mine is so nice that you abandon Garouth?" The bronze snorts, dismissive of that ridiculousness. He's got an entire herd of asses to compare and contrast! Including Zekath's bonus content! But. Leirith is STILL WAITING. "Okay, okay," D'lei says. "But remember, you asked for it." And so? D'lei, bronzerider from Monaco, wingleader of Deluge, lifemate of Garouth who fathered this clutch… sits his ass down in Leirith's waiting maw, legs spread a bit to straddle her muzzle and keep his more tender bits from encountering too much tooth. Don't sneeze.

Jaelynn lifts a finger as if about to says oemthing but that thought is gone as she just watches the three, well Leirith is the main attraction at the moment being there getting people to smack booties, and talk about booties, and what else can one do with a BOOTY? The poor dragonhealer's mind might be a bit broken after this sesson, she might need to speak to a mindhealer too. Oh how that talk will start… 'I was checking on the cutch… and then there was talking of touch this booty'. Jaelynn will get sent to the funny farm quicker then anyone if that is brought up! AN you better believe it she is going to remember those sights, and really how can she forget it? Dragon booty zipping through the air and then wait why are we talking about other booties and her booty? "I feel a bit out of place honestly…" She ponders. "Is… this typical rider conversation?" Well she doesn't have a dragon, and while she WORKS on the beasts none tell the secrets to her, nor the riders mind you. She blnks and a fant ah escapes her as she watches and Leirith is not grabbing D'lei's booty. "Check please…"

PPPPPFFFFBBBTTTT. Model citizen Leirith's ass (which is shapely and round, thank you very much). « ZEKATH! » BABUMBABUMBABUM. There you are, you silly bronze. « We can not admire your assets from there! Where is yours? Oh. Minion, Zekath has a catalog of asses for you! » Somebody save Risali. Really. NO, GAROUTH. NOT YOU - gosh darn it. You just had to go there. « They are very silly, » Leirith concedes. « They only mate where they think they cannot be seen. But look at our minions, Garouth, Zekath! Their mating would probably be celebrated as well. » DOES SHE SHARE? NOPE. She has vague impressions of learning that lesson a long time ago. Risali's attention is on D'lei when he laughs and regains those four inches of lost height, brows lifting in a playfully amused way as she breathes, "I'm not sure," around a deviant smile. "I think I might need a more thorough study later." And then D'lei's attention is back on her obnoxious gold as Leirith echoes Garouth's dismissiveness with a laugh and, « Mine of mine. We could not mate. Leave the catching to your Garouth. » LAUGHTER. And yes. INTO HER MAW D'LEI GOES. "Leirith, do not bite him." « Just a little taste. » "Leirith, do not -" « Just the tip. » "LEIRITH, NO." « He likes it. » "Knock it off." « Look at him, he's enjoying it. » D'LEI JUST LEAVE. Because if he does, she's going to bob her head a little (though she's carefully slow), and then shift to look at the entrance of the sands. « Mine of mine is coming. I know that ass anywhere. » GOOD LOOKING OUT, ZEKATH. K'VIR, RUN. Risali? She's giving up all hope of sanity and turning grey eyes onto Jaelynn. And then? She's laughing. It's not cruel; it's an overabundance of mirth and disbelief. "Faranth, no. I don't think it's typical conversation, but please don't feel left out. I'm sure D'lei won't mind if you touch his ass." AHAHA. YES SHE WENT THERE, and there's a devious little smile for the dragonhealer. "And ah - about what you said earlier. About the boots, and it not being a good idea…" A beat. "Hello from our family." Yeah, it's probably like this more often than not in their little corner of Pern. "I don't think anything we've ever done left anybody saying, 'What a good idea.'"

K'vir's ass is likely quite fine, thank you very much! He is the son of the man with the finest ass in Westor—- err, Fort! He may have his mother's eyes, but he picked up his sire's better, ah… qualities? In the physical realm, anyhow! K'vir is clueless of all the talk of ass or that D'lei's ass is up for grabs (he'll volunteer as tribute!) or that his own is up for debate now. He'll just saunter out like nobody's business and likely end up stopping not far from Jaelynn's side. "I don't think 'normal' is ever a 'thing', these days…" He's just going to toss his half-opinion in there as he doesn't have the WHOLE discussion to base it off off. He is eyeing Leirith a little suspiciously there, as well as D'lei and where the bronzerider is perched — that brings a bemused sort of smirk. WHAT has he MISSED? Risali, however, is given a broader grin. "Are we scandalizing and breaking more poor folks minds?" Is that the agenda, tonight? As for Zekath? He's RIGHT back to playing that innocent little angle routine! And… may be feeing Leirith and Garouth whatever imagery they want from the OUTSIDE!

D'lei is a TREASURE. He must be, how else would he be amidst (and having) so much booty? And Leirith is just being a traditional dragon (if not of the Pern sort) and hoarding treasure… in her maw. Okay, so maybe not QUITE traditional, and she had better not have a taste for jewels, but still. D'lei lingers his butt in that maw for rather longer than is a good idea - really, if he was sticking to good ideas, he'd never have done it in the first place - before he stands up and - "Oh my." A grin, and a turn around to bump at Leirith's nose with one hand in a playful bonk before he's turning back to… having his ass offered up to Jaelynn? A blink to Risali, and then a laugh. "I mean, it's got a protective coating of drool now, so you could claim it was professional. If you wanted." He grins to Jaelynn - because what else is he going to do? - and then leans over to Risali to place a kiss on her nose. "Nonsense. We have great ideas, they're just not the ones that anyone talks about." Because they're boring, that's why! But never mind that, he (and his ass) turn to see K'vir as he approaches, with a grin for the younger bronzerider. "I mean, isn't it normal to settle down with a nice man or woman, have a home together, talk about raising kids someday?" There's some sort of a tease in his tone, a gleam in his eyes and… then a laugh, and a look to Jaelynn again. "So are you scandalized yet?" he asks her, still with that grin. "Do we need to buy you a drink to bleach it from your mind… or just to thank you?"

Jaelynn tilts her head and can help but just peer at Leirith and D'lei for that matter and she looks rather confused to say the least. "I don't recall anything talking about this in any lessons before…" Because there isn't a lesson made for this crazyness that's why. She blinks at Risali and is suddenly blushing rather hotly at hat and glancing around, look somewhere else. "Um.." Is sputterd out. "I'm good… I think um… Well it just looks like Leirith has taken care ofthat swimmingly after all." What do you expect her to say to that sorta of a offer? She glances to a new person and glances to K'vir. "So is this normal deal for them to break people's minds?" She glances back to D'lei and clears her throat a bit. "Might be best to just pour it in my ears. I dono if drinking it will reach my brain and help or not." A faint grin i soon seen though. "Though this is all… Different… I'm not complaining mind you." She clears her throat a bit.

A WILD K'VIR APPEARS! Not that Leirith didn't warn them all thanks to Zekath's very generous projection of the younger bronzerider's assets before he appeared on the sands. Risali's hands go to her hips, grey eyes straying from where they're narrowed on D'lei and Leirith (AND THEIR SHENANIGANS) to K'vir. Hopefully Leirith doesn't have a taste for jewels, because she needs those for later, thank you very much. AS IN FOR CHILDREN. STOP IT, JAELYNN. GET YOUR MIND OUTTA THERE, GEEZ. I mean, you're half right, but… BABIES. LIKE THE EGGS ON THE SANDS. STOP IT. "Are we ever not scandalizing and breaking minds?" Risali drawls back, tone dry, lips curling at the corners in a hint of humor before D'lei LEAVES HIS LEIRITH PERCH and it was nice knowing you, K'vir. Because yes, the queen WUFFLES at that snoot boop, bumping D'lei back with the tip of her nose before she not-so-sneakily dips her way behind him and… DRAGON NOSE IN A K'VIR BUTT. AND A LEIRITH IN HIS MIND. Well, in everybody's mind, really, but shhhh. « I know my minion would fight me. I'm just going to touch it a little. » NUZZLE. Risali? She's… nope. She's lost it. D'lei leans in to give her a kiss on her nose and she's catching at his tunic and then leaning into him because she's laughing that hard. The kind of hard that means there's no sound escaping her, just little gasps of air as her entire body shakes because apparently gold dragons bodily assaulting K'vir is hilarious. "Shut," gasp. "Up," here comes the laughter. "D'lei." BREATHE. Nope, she's just laughing again. Still, grey eyes are on Jaelynn and she's motioning at K'vir as if to say, 'Well you can touch his ass too,' before she's lost it again. REBOOTING. GIVE HER A MOMENT FOLKS. « IT IS A NICE BOTTOM, MINE OF MINE. I CAN SEE WHY MINE OF MINE AND MY MINION ENJOY IT SO MUCH. » RIP world. RUN JAELYNN.

"Kind of?" K'vir's reply is quick to D'lei's one statement there. As for the rest? Well. He MIGHT have had more to say, but that's promptly exchanged for a stifled exclamation and grunt when Leirith GOOSES HIM! That's… one for the scrapbook records? He's not against giving a good (affectionate) hard shove that the gold's muzzle either for what (little) good it'll do! BEG YOUR PARDON, MA'AM! "Satisfied?" he drawls as dry as dry can be to her, while rolling his eyes Risali's way for her laughter. YEP! Just laugh it up there miss! He'll figure out payback LATER! Even Zekath is radiating amusement ON THE INSIDE! So… where was he in this conversation? The bronzerider is too distracted. Give him moment as he tries to regain some sense of coherency after that sort of HELLO.

"Yeah, I'm not surprised this isn't in the curriculum… yet." D'lei grins, with a glance to the eggs. "Maybe they'll add it if these two breed true." Imagine it, all the little Leiriths and Garouths (and their new riders) roaming around the Weyr and causing trouble. It'll be great! …and that's even before those genetic offshoots of Risali and D'lei start adding their chaos. Not to mention K'vir, who may look innocent, but… well! He's a part of this chaos too. Leirith will ensure that with her snoot to his boot(ie). D'lei grins as Risali informs him of his Faranth-loving duty to shut up, and he wraps his arms around her to hug her in against him and let her just laugh it all out. Meanwhile, he does not shut up, but he does grin to Jaelynn. "Well, I mean, we certainly can pour it in your ears, but it's hard to enjoy the taste that way. We've got… hmmm. I don't know, does this sound like a bourbon occasion?" He tries to look at K'vir or Risali for their alcohol-based-opinions, but, well. They're… a bit lost. "Well," he says as he looks back to Jaelynn. "I think it sounds like a bourbon occasion. What do you think?"

Jaelynn gaze bounces from one to another and then another trying to keep up, getting bits here and there doesn't help. Yep her mind is skattered and on spin cycle a few dozen times. As Risali is not offering up K'vir's booty for her touching the dragonhealer glances over to K'vir and then back to Risali and is then blushing rather hotly again. "I should go…" Exit stage right, as quickly as she can before someone asks her to grab something else perhaps. "Nice to meet you…" Is sent to K'vir. "I'm sure you have a lovely booty but I'll leave someone else to do the touching." Yes she totally says that with a straight face too. As for what booze. "Rum… Rum works great for cleaning brains and I have some back in my room…" She is waving at the three, wait five if we include dragons. "I'll beack to check on the eggies in a few days." Maybe when no one human is aorund. "Enjoy your um… Night!" With that is she gone running past a set of drgonhealers that are just comning on the sands.

« For now, » Leirith beats back at K'vir, laughter accompanying the implication that there will be more butt touching in the future. For now, she accepts his shove with a wuffle and a counter bump with her snoot before she moves away from the humans and right back to Garouth. DON'T MIND HER. She's just going to CLIMB UP HALFWAY AGAIN and plop her head back on top of his. A couple of wiggles and a wuffle of sound, and she makes herself comfy. Risali? She doesn't miss that look from K'vir; in fact, it just makes her laugh that much harder as D'lei brings his arms around her and supports her. BUT OH NO, THERE GOES JAELYNN. And Risali… laughing harder. But she does wave, and she does manage to call out, "Enjoy your rum!" She pushes away from Dash, going up on her tip-toes to kiss his chin before catching his hand again and pulling him over to K'vir, where she head-thunks into K'vir's sternum and wrap her arm around his hip. And maybe she is grabbing his ass with her free hand when she tilts her head back to breathe, "Hi, stupid bronzerider. Took you long enough." And away she moves, ducking under one of K'vir's arms with her hand STILL ON HIS ASS and then slipping her other shoulder under Dash's shoulder so she can touch his booty too. LOOK AT THAT SMILE. She gives it to both of them in turn, and then says, "It's not fair, you know. The effect you two have on women." IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. "I'm pretty sure she's broken. Poor thing. Never stood a chance." And those grey eyes are going towards the entrance, mischief, mirth, and delight in her expression.

Poor, poor Jaelynn! She never stood a chance. "Rum is a good choice!" K'vir calls after her on her departure. He caught THAT much of the conversation going on! "Bourbon is a close second. Whiskey might be better. Spiced whiskey, if we're really going to splurge here…" His relief to not be probed by Leirith's nose in his tender bits is kept to a sigh and a smirk of amusement for the gold's antics. Now that she's comfy, he'll breath a little easier! Even with Risali then thumping her way against him and his sternum! Instantly, he will gather her in a brief but fierce hug and when she does grab his ass, it's met only with a low grunt and a look down at her. Which then darts to D'lei as he gets similar treatment! Is he thinking what he's thinking? "Drills went longer than expected!" IT'S NOT HIS FAULT, OKAY? D'lei would understand, right? S&R rider to S&R rider! He laughs, while leaning in against Risali and sliding his arm around her in turn. Even if his cryptic message failed to D'lei? He's going to exact his revenge and get a nice firm hold on Risa's ass. "Mhm. I think it's fair…" he mutters, while grinning wryly.

"See you later!" D'lei calls to Jaelynn. Is that a hope, a promise… or a threat? Either way, it's delivered with a grin, a wave of farewell, and then… he nuzzles at Risali's hair as she drags him over to K'vir, tucks herself around the one bronzerider - then around Dash as well, getting that double booty action. Which he appreciates with a bump of his hip in against her, a glance past her to K'vir with a lean of his head over to bump the younger (but taller) bronzerider, and then… a look over to where Jaelynn vanished. "…she lasted longer than most," he muses, with maybe some tones of approval. Because hey, just because he takes his being-terrible duties seriously, that doesn't mean he can't enjoy a challenge. Meanwhile, Garouth gets comfy in his job of making Leirith comfy, with a stretch out of neck and shoulders and… yep, he's sinking into the sand too. Except, he's a dragon, and this is the warmest wallow to soak up heat from. Complete with golden blanket! Which does do a bit to explain his contented rumble, now doesn't it. Not that the eggs don't do their part as well! D'lei nods to K'vir's excuse. "Better drills going long than something falling into the ocean." A crooked grin, and a sideways look to see just how K'vir looks. How is he re-adapting to his wing duties? It's half concern for his family, half the instincts D'lei has developed as wingleader… but either way, the assessment's quick enough, and he tilts his head back down to kiss at Risali's hair. "Mmh. At least if the game's rigged, it's in your favor."

Ahh, hair nuzzles. Risali tilts her head to give D'lei a smile with her nose-scrunched, but then she's buried face-first in K'vir's chest and getting looks for the placement of her hand. It's a look that Risali returns with brows raised and her lips tilted upwards at the corners in a sultry kind of, 'What're you going to do about it, Kyzen?' that she doesn't have to voice because they've mastered that silent communication with the eyes thing. THEN HER LITTLE FAMILY IS ALL TOGETHER. And Risali is content, even when D'lei hip-checks her and Risali laughs as her body shifts with the bump. "She did," Risali sighs after her, bumping D'lei back. "She'll probably be better prepared next time around. We're going to have to work harder." Which also is provided in a tone that hints at approval for the dragonhealer's perseverance. Let's be honest: anybody who doesn't run from Risali is a-okay in Risa's book. It's kind of like Leirith's approval for Garouth's tolerance turned contentment at being squished. Leirith will just KEEP ON SQUISHING while the SQUISHING'S GOOD, if you know what I mean, and she will watch them eggs so good. If K'vir was expecting a reaction from Risali for his hand on her butt… It's probably not her furrowing her brows and then giving him a wicked look over her shoulder as she shifts hips to press back against his hand on her ass. "Promises, promises, bronzerider," she drawls, eyes gone fey with the tease as D'lei leans to kiss the top of her head, and Risa goes up on tip-toes to kiss his chin. "Mmm, I'm not so sure about that," Risali breathes, and then LONG SUFFERING SIGHS. "Enough about work. I do dispatch all day which, I assure you, is a lot less riveting than Search and Rescue." WHERE SHE ASKED TO BE PLACED AND WAS DENIED. That Goldrider life, though. "But you are okay, Kyzen?" And grey eyes are shifting to his face, that hint of concern in her expression as well.

"Let's see… Currently having my ass fondled by the girl I love and returning the favour, while sandwiching her with a man who's company I similarly enjoy and have come to respect…?" K'vir carries on in the most sarcastic of cadences here, all while grinning broadly almost ear to ear. A wicked curve for Risa, echoed to D'lei and capped with a wink. So many promises! SO MANY HINTS! He's more of a man of action than words. Words fail him too often! "Mhm, yeah. Yeah, I'd say I'm doing pretty damn fine right now! And you said no more talk of work, so…" If D'lei was looking for reports on his coping with S&R? It'll have to WAIT! Maybe that'll be something they can talk about over breakfast, while Risa sleeps… That's a thing, right? IT CAN BE A THING? For now, though, K'vir is content to kiss the top of Risa's head and a little squeeze-grope to her behind to which he continues to rest his hand. "If they don't run, you know they've a chance to be friends?" Belated suggestion, but THERE IT IS! Which is followed by a sigh. "Y'know, a drink really would be nice right about now….?" Hint hint, NUDGE NUDGE? Say no more?

Those important breakfast chats. They're no longer limited to "how would you like your eggs", in part because there is now an obvious answer of on the sands. Which, okay, is not exactly food, but still. They'll figure it out, okay? Just like they've figured out all the rest of it along the way to here. "And if they do run, you get to pounce them." Probably a joke. Maybe not. Certainly an idea that amuses D'lei… as does his follow-on. "That, or watch their asses." Which has his hand stealing down behind Risali, to trace fingers across the back of K'vir's hand to investigate those butt-gropes and maybe add a few of his own along the way. Because good things, they're for faciliating and continuing! As for K'vir's subtle hints… well. Whatever D'lei's wingleader skills may be telling him, they're certainly supplemented by the fact that if Kyzen has the energy to propose more… adventures… he can't be doing all that badly! So Dash grins, and takes a look over to where Garouth and Leirith sprawl on, respectively, the sands and Garouth. "They seem to have this handled," he says, with a glance to Risali to make sure she'll be okay with having their dragons go unsupervised in their supervision of the sands. "We could let them show how mature and responsible they are." While the three of them… well. MATURE CONTENT WILL BE INVOLVED, DOES THAT COUNT?

"I love you, too," Risali tells K'vir, smiling as she gives him another little squeeze on his bottom for those words and laughs when D'lei's hand finds her ass to add to the revenge-touch on leather-clad butts. Speaking of butts, those grey eyes are back on D'lei as Risali breathes out, "I think I'll stick to watching asses. I'm content to pounce the men I already have." SPEAKING of the men she already has… they are doing that thing again. That unfair thing, that has Risali going flush as she shifts booted feet on the sands and looks out towards Leirith and Garouth. A beat, and then, "Yeah, okay. A drink sounds good." Exhale. IS SHE READY FOR THIS? Probably not, but when is she ever? It doesn't matter; this is Risali, who swallows her pride and guides her men towards home.

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