Can Ya Take Me to Ista?

Xanadu Weyr - Dolphineer's Dock

A section of the dock has been set aside just for the use of the dolphineers. At the end of the plastic structure, a large raft is attached with a Dolphin Bell, floating low enough to allow easy access on and off, and easy communication with the dolphins. A shack for supplies is set nearby, out of the general walkway.

Late winter's thaw has broken the ice on the lake and partially melted the pieces that bob and clash together on the waves that the raw wind has whipped up on the grey water today. The dolphineer's dock is rocking, making the surface a precarious sort of place to be, but that hasn't stopped Thea, who appears to be trying to bait a fish hook, the pole having been dropped in the process.

Being that its winter, it happens to be a reasonably nice day. For that reason, or maybe just because, D'had is out checking on the thaw perhaps. Whatever the reason he spots Thea out on the dock, a smirk quirking his lips. "Any luck?" he asks, striding out onto the dock.

That smaller dock, a raft really, is tethered so as to keep it in place, but it is by no means stable. Add a second person… Thea's unsteady and this may be due to the movement, but it appears there's something more in play here for she seems to be having a hard time focusing on that hook while the bait in her other hand simply won't cooperate by impaling itself. It's a good thing she's kneeling. D'had's approach is unnoticed until his question has her lifting her head in languid slow-motion and admitting breezily. "Nope." There's an easy smile to go with.

D'had chuckles, careful steps on that floating dock. But then he has his sea legs. Leaning over her he takes one of her hands in each of his if she'll let him - guiding. "Helps if ya get the bait on the hook," he notes easily, if teasingly.

Thea's watching D'had step over, tilting her head back to keep him in view as he leans over to grasp her hands. It might help if she watches how he baits the hook? But she's busy saying hello. "I'm trying…" The movement of that dock has her swaying back towards his legs and her smile widens, "I didn't bait a hook and I caught you?" What was she doing now?

D'had slides the bait onto the hook, making sure its securely attached, releasing and wiping any bait slime on his pants. "There ya go," he comments, smirking down at her. "Your bait is that smile," he adds, one finger lightly tapping the tip of her nose before hands settle on her shoulders.

Thea's eyes cross at that nose-tap, but instead of her usual growl at such a thing, she just snaps at the finger, a rather uncoordinated attempt at that. As D'had's hands settle to her shoulders and she's left holding the baited hook, there's a moment when she just blinks at it. That pole is still lying on the dock, but she makes no move to pick it up. Instead she dangles the line over the water. "Just drop it in here?"

D'had laughs for that snap. "What's got into you?" he questions teasingly, tossing a wink down to her. His amusement continues with that question of hers. "You ain't never been fishin' have ya?" he asks in reply. "But sure, suppose ya could just drop it there."

"I… don't know." Thea's answer comes with a baffled shrug and a rueful grin. She rocks to her feet, reels a little as she straightens up. To his question of fishing before, "Nope." Her arm lifts, outstretched once more to dangle that baited hook over the water while a look slides to him. "Is there a better way then?"

D'had gives her a quizzical look for that first answer of hers. "Well whatever it was, I think I like it," he says with a chuckle. As for the fishing, "Might catch more a little further from the dock. "Here," hands shift from her shoulders when she stands, one reaching beneath her arm to guide the rod. "Push the button," thumb over hers. "Then cast and release," he continues, helping through the motion as he explains.

"Is." Thea corrects with a giggle back over her shoulder at him and unfortunately for her - or maybe fortunately for D'had, she hasn't got sea legs. The surge of waves rocking that dock have her swaying back into him, but then he's demonstrating, so she focuses on that in a half-way sort of happy concentration. Her arms are loose, offering no resistance at all as he guides her through the cast, the rocking of that dock had her staggering forward, unbalanced towards the edge as the line sings out.

D'had holds his other arm loosely around her waist. His balance holding them both in places as the dock rocks. "Just like that," he comments, "Ooup, hold up," he chuckles catching her from staggering too far towards the edge. "Maybe we should save fishin' for a calmer day though, hmm?"

Thea tries to turn her head to him, but instead her head falls back onto that shoulder behind her in an uncoordinated fail. "That's easy!" So saying, though she's never tried casting on her own even once. As he stops her teeter on the edge she snickers, "Wasn't much better on land ya know." Maybe he doesn't?

"Really now?" D'had asks, leaving the comment on casting unaddressed. "Least there ya aren't gonna fall in the lake. But, you were out here when I got here. Remember.." he trails off. Something is most certainly up with her today. "You been drinkin'?"

Thea nods happily, earnestly. "Really. Thought it would be better here, but…" She frowns in disillusioned disappointment, "I think it's worse." But she cannot stay unhappy for more than a fleeting few seconds it seems. The pole and fishing seemingly forgotten. Indeed her fingers have relaxed their grip on it nearly to the point of dropping the thing. She blinks in confusion at is question, "Drinkin'? You know I don't do that…. why?" Indeed, there are no fumes on this goldie.

D'had finds continuing amusement in that. "Well when the ground is movin' too…" he hints. "But how 'bout we reel in that line and head in before you fall in. Hmm?" He eyes her, not quite certain of believing that or not, but he knows better. "So what're you so happy about? Hmm?"

Thea hands him the pole, now that his mention of it has brought it back to mind. She blinks back at him in wide-eyed perplexity colored with a half-smile for his eyeing her. Questions about what she's happy about has her answering breezily, "Oh, everything!" An arm-swings loosely to include all of Pern in it.

"Uh-huh…" D'had comments with a nod. Somehow he doesn't exactly believe all that either. Taking the rod he reels in the line. Any remaining bait is removed and tossed in the water before the hook is hooked around one of the eyes and the line tightened to keep it in place. "So what you wanna do?"

Thea has no sea legs? He lets her go to reel and she's reeling herself to land in an unplanned splat on her back. "Did we… catch anything?" This as he reels the line in. She levers herself up on her elbows to see him better, answering with a bright just-thought-of, "Wanna go to Ista? Seryth's asleep, can Siebith oblige?"

D'had shakes his head, "Not this time," he replies. A hand reaches down to give her a hand up. "Suppose so, but why Ista?" Not that he has anything against it particularly. Just curious as to the choice.

Thea manages to waver to her feet as he pulls her up, clinging to his arm for balance. "Ah, well… I thought I'd give Ysa a visit and tell her how much I liked her hospitality last time I was there." She sounds totally genuine in this, a euphoric smile up at him, "Haven't thanked her yet, so should, yeah?"

"For throwing you in jail?" D'had questions, letting her cling as they head towards shore. "Somehow I don't think she needs a thanks for that."

"Oh, but she should know I'm not mad." And indeed she doesn't look mad as she is led off the dock. She side-steps, stumbling on the soft beach sands, then suddenly stops, eyes closed. "Little dizzy."

D'had chuckles, holding carefully to keep her from falling in that stumble. "You okay?" he asks, concerned by that last comment, peering down at her. "Maybe we should stick to the ground today then. Hm? Go to Ista after drills tomorrow," he suggests.

Thea shakes her head with her eyes still closed, whether that's no she's not okay or no she doesn't want to wait, she doesn't say. But she's not arguing about Ista. Instead she opens her eyes, swaying against him as she flounders her way through the sands, in her attempt to find firmer ground. "Told ya it was just as bad on land," she snickers in his direction. "So, tried fishing, can't go to Ista. I'm… out of ideas."

D'had hmms. "Maybe should go see the healer if you're feelin' dizzy?" Its a thought at least. "Could go back and sit by a nice fire or somethin'.." Ideas, but nothing certain. "Whatever you want." That said he leans to sneak a kiss.

Thea is reaaaaaalllly happy today. But that mention of the healers is enough to have her wobbling to an unsteady stop and glaring at D'had. "Rather go to Ist-" Lips on hers stop the words, the glare and all thoughts of a distant island weyr that has no welcome for her. She's returning that kiss without reserve or thought of where they are. Legs that have held her up do so no longer.

Well then its a good thing that he's holding her up and has an arm there to catch her. It's just a quick kiss, though more than a simple peck. "Sure you're alright?" So he's a little worried, but that should be allowed. She's not acting like herself after all.

Thea looks disappointed as D'had pulls back, but she doesn't cling, "Fine, yep." She manages to get her feet underneath her with a muttered, "Thanks." She's not acting upset, or anything, just allows her arm to slip from his. "I'll just gonna walk…" And she's off down the beach, wobbling towards the meadow and the forest beyond.

D'had blinks. Okay then… he's more than a bit confused. "Be careful?" he notes, but that doesn't even see quite the right thing to say. "Ya need me, let me know. I'll be by later," he calls after her, watching as she goes.


Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.

The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.

A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

Early afternoon usually has Thea in the office, but not today. Today she's dressed casually, hair mussed by the winds outside, her normally graceful movements are absent as she wobbles into the nearly-empty caverns. She pauses just inside the door, bracing a hand on the wall for balance. She seems to be trying to decide which direction to wander in next.

Freed from sands sitting, much of Niva's time as of late has been spent directly overseeing the Weyr as the seasons change, winter edging ever closer to its end. Today, she's talking enthusiastically with Hisolda the headwoman apparently merely going along with the Senior's words, looking rather bored, while Niva's attention is darting here and there, apparently adding a laundry list of changes to the to do list.

D'had isn't that far behind Thea in entering the caverns. Far enough that they can't be mistaken for having arrived together, but he does seem to be watching her rather closely. Eyes narrowed in mild confusion, he pulls his gaze away from the junior to send a glance around the rest of the caverns.

Winter in Xanadu means that the gardener girl has much less to do, and despite generally keeping out of trouble, she's hardly been seen in the weyr proper lately. But at the moment, Cenlia is in the caverns, seated at a table with a nearly empty plate of half-eaten meatrolls in front of her. She doesn't appear to be eating, letting her firelizards take nibbles instead. What she is doing is holding up a glass of translucent orange-yellow liquid, nose wrinkled as she regards it with a critical eye. It's not a shrubbery, but it is being examined with that /look/ often reserved for sickly plants. There's an unmarked bottle of the same liquid nearby, nearly full. Cen isn't really paying attention anything but that glass, looking as if she's trying to decide something, perhaps. But little bronze Charmer /is/ paying attention, and when he catches sight of Thea there is a delighted trill for the goldie, and a crooon! He scurries across the table, wings half-open, posing apparently with great enthusiasm. He even adds in a tail-waggle. Cenlia's attention snaps back to her surroundings the girl blinking and raising a hand with a, "Hey," for Thea, for once not looking as if she wants to escape somewhere. She does give the goldrider a curious look for a moment, glancing at D'had when she spots him. And then Niva catches her attention and Cenlia suddenly does look nervous, the gardener girl quickly lowering her hand and that glass. Nothing to see here. Nothing at all.

Thea pushes off that wall, her intent to reach the couches beside the fireplace. Her ambling gait has her on anything but a straight path, as she weaves across the room. She pauses beside Niva and Hisolda with a happy smile and a relaxed, "Hey guys." Her ebullient greeting unusually informal for her. D'had's behind her but his arrival is unnoticed as of yet, nor has she seen Cenlia. Charmer does manage to catch her attention, however. Her hand lifts to wriggle a few fingers at the firelizard, causing her to waver for balance just a bit.

To say that Niva is caught offguard by Thea's informal greeting would be a major understatement, the Senior Weyrwoman left to stare after Thea's meandering pace with wide eyes and a slightly open mouth. Hisolda, for her part, takes advantage of Niva's distraction to absently pat her on her shoulder and slip away, Niva's attention further distracted by that nervous looking gardener girl. Turning, she starts to address Hisolda before she realizes the woman has walked away, and Niva is left to sulk and do a bit of wandering of her own.

See now normally D'had would do his best to keep avoiding Niva's notice, but today is different. Hisolda on her way, leaving the Weyrwoman free and open, he turns his stride in her direction, keeping an eye on Thea all the same and rather oblivious to the idea that anyone else in particular is about. "It just me or she seem drunk ta you too?" he questions, drawing up beside the older woman.

Cenlia's eyebrows sneak upward as she observes Thea's… meandering. Charmer, of course, croons all the more, taking to the air to flutter off to a spot closer to the goldie and posing for her. Cenlia is soon to follow, leaving glass and bottle behind on the table, and skirting around Niva and D'had, the girl's eyebrows rising further as she catches the man's words. "Weren't my fault this time," the gardener mumbles under her breath, but curiosity she has, peering at Thea and asking a, "Y'alright?" as she goes to attempt to collect her overly-friendly firelizard.

Now that he's able to fully return to his duties within the mine proper, Satoris hasn't been getting much sleep. Or perhaps that's the baby's fault. Either way, the man has a fair bit of stubble and his hair is mussed, though that's not too far from normal for him. The only other sign of the lack of sleep he's been experiencing are the dark circles beneath his eyes. He strides with a steady gait into the Caverns shortly after Thea and D'had. His attention is sharp enough at the moment to draw in upon Thea and her… meandering antics and his eyebrows raise, amusment causing corners of lips to twitch upwards in a smirk. Stride only pauses for a moment before he's heading to the tables kept with food for sorts like him who wander in at any time.

Thea manages to get the wavering under control after just a second or two. At Hisolda's departure, she blinks at Niva, "Was it something I said?" She shrugs loosely, the Headwoman forgotten as something else pops into her head. "Let's go to Ista, Niva. Can visit Ysa and thank her for the nice room she gave me last time I was there. Whatcha say?" There's a giggle to go with that. Thea never giggles. Her smirk fades into a pout as the Weyrsecond steps up. "He," her thumb indicates D'had, "wouldn't gimme a ride there." The man's words have the pout turning to a frown, "Already -told- ya I wasn't!" Indeed, there are no fumes on her person. Cenlia's question has her nodding, frown chased by a wide smile. "Heya, Cen. I'm more than alright, yeah." Her back towards Satoris, she misses his arrival.

Niva reaches out to catch Cenlia's shoulder as the gardener girl attempts to go dodging past her and D'had, tsking a little bit as the Weyrwoman glances back at the table that Cenlia abandoned. "For some reason, Apprentice Cenlia, I'm not entirely certain that I believe you.." She comments, arching an eyebrow at Thea as she continues to talk, mouth seemingly stuck permanently open. "What did you do to her, Weyrsecond?" Niva asks D'had suspiciously, unwilling to let her eyes off the rambling Junior.

D'had rolls his eyes, shaking his head at the Junior. "Know ya did. Getting a second opinion." That's allowed. Right? And then he's being accosted by the Senior and he simply blinks, turning his attention more fully back to her. "'Scuse me?" he asks, staring in disbelief. "Didn't do nothin', was down at the docks a bit ago. Chased her off there so she didn't fall in…" But he did nothing! She was like that when he found her.

Overhearing some of the conversation, Satoris decides he's better off /not/ sticking his nose into things. The man, thusly, busies himself with loading up a plate with meatrolls and other good, hearty food, followed by a full mug of Klah. Then it's off to try to sneak on by for a table. Mind, Satoris doesn't sneak. He just plods along.

Cenlia catches sight of Satoris and is about to greet him when her shoulder gets snagged. Eep. Looking suddenly nervous, the gardener girl rubs the back of her neck, mumbling sheepishly to Niva, "'S the truth, ma'am," and then fairly boggles at Thea. "Ista?" Cen blurts out, blinking at the goldie and then peering at D'had a moment. Then back at Thea, she offers a third opinion, totally unasked, "Looks it. An' I /know/ I ain't sent along no cupcakes." There's a pause, "Er, 'least not since I got back." From Ista. Cenlia fidgets.

"Seryth's asleep," Thea announces to Niva, "Can I hop a ride with you and Kilaueth?" Still stuck on Ista, it seems. That suspicious question of hers has her smirking back, "Nothin' he'd wanna discuss in public." Her nudge at the man turns into a lean, balance being what it is today and her neck moves fluidly as her head turns his way, "You should believe me, though." Her attention, short-lived today, is caught by Satoris as he walks by and she informs him - as if he didn't know, "You look… awful." He's past Cenlia and it's with a blink her ears register the word cupcakes, her expression hopeful, "You got any more of those? They were good!"

"Absolutely not." Niva says, still staring at Thea with a rather confused look, closing her eyes for a moment. Forehead furrows as her eyes dart to Satoris, and then back to D'had. "I can see why he doesn't, weyrwoman." Niva comments softly, shaking her head and freeing Cenlia, only to try and steer Thea into a seat. "No. No cupcakes." She says firmly, shaking her head as she leans against the table, looking at the others. "I don't suppose you have a hole we can drop her in until she sobers up, do you Miner?"

D'had holds up his hands. He did nothing. That he'll stick to. A nod of greeting to the miner along with a rueful look for Thea's comment to him. "No cupcakes," he repeats in perhaps surprising agreement with Niva, hanging back while the Senior leads the Junior off to a chair. "Sure seems drunk," he comments to Cenlia in an aside being that she's the closest still, "But.." He leaves it at that, hand scratching the back of his head. Yeah, he's baffled.

Satoris slows up and straightens, glancing from Niva, to D'had, and finally focuses on Thea. His lips twitch and straighten into a thin line. "I feel fine, however, and I'm not making a fool of myself." He thought he might like this Thea, but he's finding he was wrong. Pale eyes rise to regard Weyrwoman and Weyrsecond. "Maybe she ought to be seen by a healer?" A slight snort at Niva, "If only, but I doubt she'd forgive me once she did."

Cenlia just sort of stares at Thea. "Er, B'miel does?" Cen offers about the cupcakes, hesitating a moment before she says, "'S prolly not a good idea…" And there's a glance at D'had, eyebrow rising, but Niva is saying no cupcakes, and Cenlia looks sheepish all over again, scooting back to her seat when she's released. "Coulda hit her head or something?" Cenlia suggests to D'had, peering at Thea a moment and then nodding in agreement with Satoris about a healer.

Hope falls to disappointment at Niva's refusal, "No, ride to Ista huh." Thea's eyes slide towards D'had as she is steered to a seat, "You and Siebith could though." She flops into a seat next to Cenlia, propping her elbows on the table for balance, "I'm sober," she insists giving both the Weyrwoman and the Weyrsecond a glare before blinking at Satoris with an impish smile. "Not yet, you aren't. But when Baby…" Blink. There's mention of healers. "No healers!" The gardener's answer has her smile widening, her enthusiasm bubbling to the fore, "Let's go find him!"

Certainly, it might be frightening that more and more, Niva and D'had are beginning to agree on all matters of things. Niva's hand quickly goes to Thea's shoulder, exerting a certain amount of pressure to keep her in her seat. "No. No Ista. No cupcakes." A deep sigh, and she looks to the other three, gaze resting on D'had. "Did you try and wake up Seryth?" She asks idly, hoping the crafters are helping to keep an eye on the odd-acting Junior.

"No," D'had repeats as to a visit to Ista. How many times is that now? "She says she's fine." Not that he believes that which is certainly clear enough by now. "No healers, tried suggestin' that already. Don't think she's drunk though either.." He did, and she's certainly acting it, but.. "No," he adds, shaking his head in answer to Niva's inquiry. "Not yet."

Satoris is not helping! He has to eat! Satoris just shakes his head slightly at Thea and starts on a route towards a table so that he can devour the food he's gathered for himself.

Cenlia turns in her seat to eye Thea curiously when the goldrider sits down next to her, the gardener commenting, "Huh. Well, ya dun't smell like ya been drinkin', anyways. But ya sure are actin' funny." And while Cen certainly might not mind the sudden behavior change, it does have her forehead creasing in confusion. "Still, ya can't hold yer booze," she mumbles, "Wouldn't take that much," glancing momentarily at that glass of liquid and the bottle on the table. She frowns at it momentarily, "Somebody coulda spiked her klah maybe?" Mention of Seryth, however, has Cenlia pausing, the girl peering back at the dragoriders. Cen's eyebrows shoot upward as she has a bit of a lightbulb moment, perhaps recalling what the goldrider said once, Cen asks wryly of D'had, "She glowin'?" Cenlia might not be all that familiar with dragons, but she sure remembers /that/. And Cen does glance at Thea's hands briefly. Just in case the women might wielding something.

Thea's attempt to rise is thwarted by Niva's hand - it doesn't take much to stop her at the moment. She relaxes, leaning on one hand to peer up at the Weyrwoman and the Weyrsecond with a reproachful sigh, "No Ista, no cupcakes, no holes, no healers, no fighting renegades…. No, no, no. Can't ya two say yes once in awhile?" She perks, hopeful once more, "Can I go ride with you on Siebith when you do sweeps, D'had?" The miner's head-shake has her insisting with a contrary and so-mature, "Yea-huh!" to whatever it is she thinks he's disagreeing with. It's probably a very good thing her brother isn't around. That glance of Cenlia's has Thea's eyes following it to her hands, which flip over and back again. What? "I'm not holding any booze."

"I.. am going to have to stick with 'no'." Niva says firmly, shaking her head at Thea with a soft sigh, glancing at D'had, and then at Cenlia. A quick touch to Kilaueth and a bit of confirmation is returned, before Niva is sighing, and she's looking to the others. "She's your problem. Whatever you do, don't let her go to Ista." As for Niva? It seems like its a good time for a vacation. "I'll be in my office if you need me, getting things together." Until such time that she drags her weyrmate off for a day or two, so both may avoid a proddy gold. A nod, and Thea's left under the watchful eyes of the others as Niva disappears down the hallway.

"How should I know?" D'had replies with a question Cenlia's. Not something he was paying attention to the last time he'd seen the gold. "And no," he echoes Niva's comment of sticking with no as the answer to many an inquiry, a nod of assurance as to no visiting Ista and then he's watching the Senior head off, though only for a second. Still rather confused it takes a second for things to sink in and then he's staring a bit harder at the Junior for a moment. "Right… that explains alot."

"Weren't booze 'm worried 'bout," Cenlia grins, just a bit, at Thea. Whew, no crossbow this time. "An' definitely no Ista," she chimes in, adding on a muttered, "Dun think X'hil'd survive /that/." Snicker. Cen watches Niva depart, the gardener relaxing abit now that the senior weyrwoman is gone. There's a snerk, though, at D'had, Cen telling him, "'Least she ain't wavin' a crossbow at ya?" There's lopsided grin on her face as she reached for the glass of unidentified liquid on the table and takes a sip, grimacing just slightly at the taste. "Guess ya don't gotta worry 'bout a hangover, 'least," this said to Thea.

Thea mutters at the Weyrwoman's affirmed no. She blinks after Niva as she walks off. Who's a problem? Her eyes return to the Weyrsecond with mild disbelief, "But… but you -said- just ask and…" She rolls her lips in, her thinking a slow thing. His stare is returned for a moment of incomprehension. Her mind is on something else, she asks him, "Ah, so you're done with sweeps for today?" Cenlia's grabbed her attention, her head swings the gardener's way, "Would never wave a crossbow at him." The smile she adds to that falters at the mention of a hangover. "Ya finally believe I'm not drunk. Good."

D'had blinks. Oh, um… He nods then given the excuse by Thea herself. "Tomorrow maybe ya can go with," he replies. At least he'll know where she is and what she's up to that way? For the mention of the crossbow, and particularly Thea's reply to it, he chuckles. "Right."

Cenlia snorts, still grinning lopsidedly, "Well maybe ya should get boozed. Way yer actin'," and she snickers. Setting the glass down, though, the girl nudges that unlabelled bottle toward the goldrider, "Late turnday present," or something. The gardener stands, shakingher head and telling D'had, "Yer lucky. Shoulda seen her wavin' it at X'hil." That was scary! And perhaps it's rememering just that incident that has Cenlia making an escape, muttering an, "I gotta check the greenhouse," and heading out of the caverns with a wave, firelizards swooping off behind her.

Thea smiles sweetly as her head turns back to the Weyrsecond, her fingers curling 'round the table's edge to steady herself. "Can we go for a ride now, then?" She waves a hand, "Nevermind, I'll go for a fly with Seryth." She's pushing with both hands on that table to totter back up. That bottle is eyed askance. "Just got rid of the last bottle of the stuff I had." There's a decidedly unhappy look over that statement before she calls, "Later Cen!" Then she's wavering in an attempt to turn away.

D'had chuckles, "Later," he replies, tossing a wave after Cenlia as the gardener ducks out. "Nah, can take ya," he replies to Thea. "Sie'd be happy to fly ya. 'Side's, don't think ya need to go runnin' around with her right now." Lets not send the proddy gold out flying with her dragon.

Thea's wavering turn is completed and she's making tracks for that door, albeit unsteady ones. An armwave to the Weyrsecond dismisses his offer, "Nah, she needs to stretch her wings. She's been sleeping all day." She keeps going, sidestepping once and grabbing a chair for support, she pauses for a moment.

D'had starts after her, a hand reaching for her shoulder at that sidestep. "Sure its a good idea babe?" he questions, trying to hint her into what's going on without saying it outright.

Thea's steadied by that hand, her attention caught by the question, she smiles and offers a breezy, "Sure." Another handwave towards the sky, "I've been in all day. She needs exercise." A shrug to release her shoulder in an attempt to go on out. "Won't go to Ista."

D'had nods slowly, uncertain if he should agree or not. "Mind if me 'n Siebith go with ya then?" He sighs, giving his head a bit of a shake to clear his thoughts. No. Surely she'll realize soon enough.

Thea is walking already as the Weyrsecond speaks, her turn back ends up in a few steps backwards until the cavern wall brings her up short. She blinks at him, answering easily enough, "Yeah, sure you can." There's another wide smile, "Siebith told her once she'd fly with him once her eggs hatched. They… never did." And then she's pushing off that wall to head for Seryth.

D'had nods, following. A look goes her way, to the wall as it stops it, and back to her. "Yeah, well things happened, got busy." So there are excuses for that. "But really babe, sure you should be going up with her right now?"

"Oh, yeah. Things did." Thea's easily letting that slide. She remembers that. Her continued unconcern about Seryth flying goes right along with her attempts to move about the Weyr in her current uncoordinated way. She gives D'had a bewildered look as she steps out of the Caverns, taking exaggerated care not to stumble.

Xanadu Weyr - Thea's Weyr

This clearing is sheltered by a thick canopy of trees, which seems supported at its centre by an immense, wild-growing fellis tree. Hanging from one of its high branches is a swing, made up of two ropes and a seat of softwood and leather. The grass is tall here and interrupted in places by clusters of white and blue alyssum. Alyssum covers the indentation of the wallow, remaining hardy despite being continually crushed. The constant sound of herdbeast in their pens can be heard close-by, though its source is invisible through the foliage.

The cottage itself is made of white softwood, like birch, though creeping vines cover all four of its walls from the outside and even encircle the brown-shuttered windows and matching door. The interior floor and walls are raw wood that has been sanded and lacquered to make them smooth and, for the most part, the inside is quite spacious. The bedroom area is plain, an ornately carved wardrobe providing the only real decoration, and at the rear of the cottage a brown lattice has been built into the doorway to a makeshift kitchen, where a breakfast nook has been carved into the wall, along with short counters. On one counter, a circle has been cut out and fixed with a clay-fired bowl with a nearby matching pitcher.

D'had just shakes his head. At least he has an idea what's going on now. That helps him be less confused by the whole thing. A few quick steps bring him back to her side, looping an arm over her shoulders to help steady. Lets try to make it look less like Thea is drunk, yes?

Thea leans against that support, whether by choice or necessity, likely both. And with that steadying she makes it safely to Seryth's clearing through that path in the woods only to find the gold sleeping soundly in spite of the late afternoon chill of late winter. She stops short, blinking at the young queen, then mutters, "She's been asleep too long."

D'had hmms, raising a brow as he glances towards her. He stops as she does. "And…?" He certainly doesn't have any gauge as to how long is too long for the gold. And maybe that's supposed to be a subtle question to see if she's caught on yet.

"And she should wake up!" Thea answers D'had, her answer slightly sharp with worry. Clouds have covered the sun, and though the hide is brighter than normal, she doesn't notice it right away for her focus is upon those closed eyes. She takes a wobbling step towards the gold, "Seryth, wake up!" There's no response from the dragon, however. Her slumber is deep.

D'had sighs, letting her step towards the gold. "Anything else babe.." Hint hint. "About her maybe? With you…" She has to get it sooner or later. Right?

Thea turns her head to blink in confusion at D'had over her shoulder, the movement causing her to take a half-step forward to keep her balance. She turns back to the sleeping queen, her muddled brain trying to sort out what he's hinting at. She stares for long moments at the gold and as she does, the clouds thin and the bright hide shines enough so that she gets it. "Oh." She just sinks down to her knees with a soft whump in the half-frozen snow of that clearing. "Lovely."

"Hey, hey," D'had sys gently, sinking down to squat beside her. A hand rest on her shoulder, comforting hopefully. "Its alright. Only natural for 'er. Just figured it out back there," he nods back towards the caverns, "Wanted to make sure ya knew."

Thea nods absently, turning her eyes to his, "Yeah. Yeah it is." Comforted by that hand she is, offering him a bewildered sort of smile. "I… don't think I like how…" The snow is soaking through her trous, the chill following with it. "Help me up?" Seryth, oblivious to voices nearby, continues to snooze.

D'had stands back up, leaving that hand down for her to take so that he can give her a tug back to her feet. "Don't think what?" he inquires, gently prying for her to continue. "It'll be alright babe."

Thea places her hand in his, curling her fingers around it and allows him to pull her to her feet, swaying when she straightens. She clings to his arm with a muttered, "Sorry." Her gaze returns to the sleeping queen, "How it makes me feel and act?" She shakes her head - a mistake, that. She wavers, shuts her eyes to see if that will help. "I need to sit down."

D'had gives her hand a squeeze. "It'll be alright," he repeats. "Never lasts that like. Right? "And I'm here for ya now ya know…" Right? "Don't have to go anywhere or see anyone.." She can just sit inside, not that she's likely to go along with that but its all he's got right now. "Lets go in huh?" he suggests, stepping towards her weyr so that they can find somewhere for her to sit.

Thea opens her eyes, nodding at D'had, a smile for him. "I know you are." He's stepping her towards the cottage and she's wobbling along with his guiding arm. She looks at Seryth again over her shoulder, "But she should wake up." Go anywhere. Those words remind her, "Not gonna see anyone in the sky…" But she's not arguing.

D'had chuckles, opening the door and ushering her inside and to a chair. "Ya know what I mean," he comments. "You want Siebith to prod her?" he asks then, moving towards the fire to stir it back to life.

Thea flops into that chair, leaning onto the table in less than graceful form. "I… know what you meant, yeah… I'm just…" She rubs her face. "No, I would rather he took me up." She watches him stir the fire, reminded by the warmth in the room that she still has her jacket on and so shrugs out of it letting it slide to the floor. "She's only gone up twice…"

"At least it's not the first time?" D'had suggests, hoping it will be of some help to her, a smirked smile given over his shoulder before he sets a pot for klah to heat. "You gonna be okay?"

Thea nods, her mind on something else, apparently than his is on. "Will be fine. Just… the first two times I didn't feel like this… all stupid and dizzy." She smirks, "I can't seem to stop myself from saying stuff. And Niva…" She just faceplants on the table and starts snickering.

D'had shakes his head, "Don't you worry about her," he replies at the mention of the Weyrwoman. "She knows what's goin' on." Turning back to move towards her, draping arms over her shoulders he lets out a sigh. "Ain't ever been there babe." He's not of much, or any, help when it comes to feelings of proddiness.

Thea raises her head, a grin there on her face, "Not worried about Niva." She leans into those arms he's draping over her. Proddy. "Hmm. You haven't, have you." But wait. "You sure?" She's smirking again, "You were agreeing with her an awful lot today." More snickering, "Or maybe you were the one drinking?" Teasing obviously.

D'had chuckles, leaning to press a quick kiss to her cheek. "Nah, not yet," he teases, "She just made some good points.." Or something like that. He agreed anyway.

Thea flickers him a curious glance at that 'not yet', catching the teasing back, "You mean… you took that bottle of peach brandy Cenlia left?" She allows that kiss to her cheek to go almost unnoticed. "Niva. Made good points." She snorts, "You're saying that far too easily. And… why can't I fly on Seryth when she's glowing? They never mentioned that in Weyrlinghood."

D'had shakes his head, "No use leaving perfectly good brandy sitting around for just anyone?" Right? Right. And she offered it so why not… "Never had that training," he replies with a shrug. "But I think its more of a Not going to Ista thing.."

Thea shrugs, waving a hand at the cupboard where the glasses are kept, "Don't let me stop you. The last stuff she gave me was…" she snickers, "better than I'd imagine the whiskey you usually drink." Not going to Ista reminds her, "Oh, but…" She's trying to get back up, "Let's go now on Siebith. Seryth can stay and you'll be there to make sure nothing happens…" What could go wrong?

D'had shakes his head, "I told her I'd keep you away from there. Can go fly if ya want though. Not goin' ta Ista though."

Thea flops back in her chair with a long blown-out breath of frustration. Then she perks, "You sleepy? Can take a nap if you want. I'll just go check on Seryth." Someone's in for a long night if Seryth doesn't rise before then.

"Nope," D'had replies, shaking his head again. "What's the deal with Ista though, hmm?" Why does she suddenly have the need to go now? That's got him curious. "Can just stay here all day."

Thea shrugs, "Ista's been on my mind for a long time. Ever since…" She flickers him a rebellious glance, muttering, "Niva booted Ysa. She used to be my friend." Her mood is mercurial. From annoyed to humor, she half-laughs. "You'll get mighty bored hanging here all day."

D'had ahhs, nodding as he moves back towards the fire to take the pot off now that its remembered. "Have a feeling it won't be too boring tryin' ta keep you here."

Thea could disagree with him, but she doesn't. Instead, when he's off to get that pot, she's up and out of that chair and making a staggering run for that door. She manages to make it, one hand on the knob, the other braced on the wall beside it for balance.

D'had nearly drops that pot in trying to set it down as he realizes her bolt for the door. "Uh-uh!" he calls after her, double timing it to throw a hand against the door to keep her from opening it. "Told you, staying here."

Thea mutters, weaving where she stands. Pointless to argue, she doesn't seem to realize in her current state that it's equally pointless to try to force that door open. So she tugs at it in an attempt to do so. She tries nudging him away from the door, throwing her weight back against him to move his hand.

D'had moves, but not enough for her to open the door. "Just sit down," he almost pleads. "Have some klah, you'll feel better." Or so he's hoping at least. "I'll take ya to Ista in the morning."

Reasoning might normally work? But no. Not with a proddy rider. At least not this one, maybe? Thea braces her feet against that door and pushes. "Need to go now." She's not upset or anything, just determined. And klah? "Thanks, no. Will keep me up all night." He must know what that means?

D'had sighs. "What's going to be different in the morning than is now?" he asks, leaning harder against the door to try and keep her from pushing him away enough to actually sneak out. "Do I need to lock you up?

"Already locked up, but…" A smirk up at him as Thea continues to straighten her legs to push a him, "Ista has a fine prison. Could take me there?" She's laughing silently to herself, "Don't know."

"Already told ya, ain't goin' to Ista today," D'had replies with a grunt for the shove she gives him. "/What/ has gotten into you?" He knows, proddy gold, but that's beside the point right about now.

Thea stops pushing suddenly, her legs folding hopefully unexpectedly enough to put him off balance. "I… uh…" She doesn't explain, she just appears to give up, watching him from the corner of her eye.

D'had is caught unaware by her giving up, almost loosing his balance and falling into the door. "That's what I thought," he notes, rubbing his forehead. "I'm gonna be up all night with you aren't I."

As D'had looses his balance and rubs his forehead, Thea is giving that door a strong yank. It's worth a try? "Should'a -stayed- outside," she's muttering to herself as she makes the uncoordinated attempt. His question remains unanswered. Likely, unless he comes up with some bright ideas…

"Promise me ya won't go to Ista," D'had says, words a cross between statement and request. Why she's so set on that he can't comprehend, but he'll do his best to keep her otherwise occupied.

"Uh…" Thea's tugging stops on that door handle as she stands there swaying, blinking back at him. "Nope." Proddy has done nothing to lessen her stubbornness. Her attention returns to the door and she resumes her attempt to pry open the door. One-track mind this afternoon, apparently.

D'had sighs, "Come on," he comments, reaching the hand that's not leaning against the door around her waist to pull her back. "/Why/ do you have to be so stubborn?" That's a rhetorical question, but yes he has noticed that extremely stubborn streak.

Thea hears the words 'come on' and, heedless of that arm around her waist to pull construes some other meaning to it, "Ah finally we're leaving, yeah?" The Weyrsecond gets a smile once more as she wobbles there, waiting for him to open the door. There's a shrug for his question, "I'm… like my da?" Recent events at Cold Stone Hold apparently forgotten for the moment.

D'had's other arm joins the first, a foot against the door to keep it closed as he turns to pull her off and back into the room. "We are NOT going to Ista," he's going to make that much clear right now. "Not today, not tonight. -After- she flies, then if you still want to go I'll take you."

Thea reaches for that door handle again, her intent clearly to keep him from pulling her away from the door. Her fingertips barely graze the knob. Just out of reach with him holding her waist the way he is. If she hears him, she doesn't argue, just nods as she continues to try to reach the door. At least she's not screaming and smacking him? She's just… persistent.

D'had pulls her back, or tries to at least. "Sit down," he says, turning her back into the chair she was seated in earlier. "We are NOT going anywhere." If he has to sleep in front of the door. "Now.. what would you like to do?"

Thea's feet skitter across the floor as D'had drags her away. She watches that door recede with a dazed sort of look. She's deposited into the chair and once again hangs onto the table for balance. "Not going…?" Darn. She tears her eyes from the door to ponder the question, "Uhhh…" There's noting to do in here? seems to be her silent answer before she shrugs and says the only thing that pops into her strangely-altered mind. "Try that brandy of Cenlia's that you swiped?"

D'had nods, "Brandy, right," he agrees, tracing back to grab the bottle from where he'd stashed it by the door on his entrance. "Wanna grab some glasses then?" he asks in the process, and returning to the table.

Thea eyes D'had as he moves off, but he is between her and that door. Alas. She pushes up from the table, weaves towards the kitchenette, grabbing the counter for support as she opens the cupboard. One at a time glasses are transferred to the counter, then with one in each hand she heads back for the table. Her balance isn't what it should be and likely she shouldn't be carrying glasses, but she is. As she nears the table, she stumbles, one hand lifts towards the edge to brace her fall. Unfortunately she doesn't think to drop the glass, which shatters upon contact with the table. She goes down, turning to land on her back with the other glass held triumphantly aloft unbroken.

D'had is not a babysitter, but he's not going to leave her to her own devices in her current state of mind. He's jumping for that stumble, but he's already to late. "Are you alright?" he asks hastily, ducking down beside her, leaving the bottle on the table and taking the unbroken glass from her and setting it behind him beside the brandy.

And Thea's not a baby? She looks up at him from the floor thoughtfully, no attempt made to rise just yet. "I am fine." She raises the hand that was carrying the glass for him to see. "Not a scratch." Her eyes shift from her hand to his face. "You're probably really wishing we hadn't run into Niva huh? If not, you'd be-" her hand waves towards the Weyr, "-oh, in the Tavern relaxing or something and I-" an impish grin touches her mouth, "I would be in Ista!"

D'had sighs, shaking his head. "No, kinda glad we ran into her for once." He stands again, turning to start cleaning up the broken glass. If she needs a hand up she can ask, for now it will hopefully keep her mildly busy so he can pick up the glass without having to keep her in.

Thea pushes to sit, then pulls herself back into that chair once more. Not attempting for run for the door. Perhaps something in his face restrains her. She slumps back in against the chair, watching him clean up the glass. Finally she murmurs, "I'm… sorry…"

D'had picks up the biggest pieces of the glass, depositing them in the wastebasket. He keeps an eye on Thea while he searches for a clothing to sweep up any smaller shards that might be on the table yet. That done he shakes it out in the trash as well, leaving the cloth then on the counter and returning to sink into the chair next to her a fill the remaining glass half full and push it towards her.

Thea stares at the tabletop, lifting her eyes only when he slides that glass her way. She makes no move to take it. "I'm sorry," she repeats with a wince. "At least it only happens every two turns?" She considers the glass, then pushes it towards him, adding humbly, "I think you need it more than I do."

D'had shakes his head, "'Salright," he replies, "And yeah, it does." But this is the first time he's been around for it and well… she's darn stubborn! "Go ahead," he finishes, nodding towards the glass.

Thea eyes him uncertainly before sliding the glass back. She lifts it to take a sip, peeking over the rim at him while she obediently drinks a small amount. That done, she offers him the glass. "I have more glasses if you don't wanna share." She nods towards the cupboard where they are kept.
"I'm good," D'had replies, reaching to pick up the glass and drain it. Only to fill it again. No second glass needed. He has the bottle yet if need nothing else.

Thea nods, blinking as he drains the glass. Why she's surprised, given the stuff he normally drinks unclear. She watches him fill that glass again, but says nothing. One finger traces to write an invisible word on the table and it is there that she fixes her attention. The letters look suspiciously like I-s-t-a.

The second drink is sipped more slowly, a glance and a raise of glass acting as a silent question of if she wants another drink. He sees that tracing, but isn't really paying close enough attention to it to have any idea what it says.

Thea lifts her eyes in time to see D'had raise that glass. She shakes her head at the silent offer, seemingly content to watch him drink that brandy all by himself. She slouches over that table, propping her head in one hand. "I'm… you… talk to me!" His total silence has her flustered.

D'had is quiet a long minute longer, taking a few more sips of that drink in hand since she's decided against it. "Don't know that now's the time," he replies.

Thea mutters to herself, a sudden flare of temper after a long afternoon of fairly good mood and grits out, "Nevermind." She pushes up from the table, sending her chair thudding over. Her stalk towards the bed would be more effective if there weren't a wobble to her steps. She flumps down, clothes and all, curls up on her side and drags a pillow over her head. Still muttering.

D'had surprisingly enough leaves the drink unfinished, setting the glass back to the table as he stands. Crossing the room he settles on the edge of the bed, a hand hesitant to find her shoulder. "What you wanna talk about babe?"

"Nothing." It comes out muffled from under Thea's pillow. "Won't make any sense to ya anyway. I suppose it's why you don't wanna talk to me, either. You think… Ya.. you'd be right." She doesn't shrug away from his hand, but that pillow remains to hide under. "Lucky you don't ride green…"

D'had's confusion shows even if she can't see it with that pillow over her face. "I don't get it babe." He knows that. She knows that. "But if you wanna talk, we'll talk okay?" That hand slides down to rub her back in what he hopes to be comforting.

Whether that rub to her back is comforting or no, Thea doesn't say more. The muscles he rubs are relaxed, not tense, the breathing from the rise and fall under his hand is slow and regular. Apparently the junior has fallen asleep, giving the poor Weyrsecond respite from what has most certainly been a long and trying day for him.

D'had continues to gently rub her back for a while longer. The pillow is pulled from over her head, careful not to wake her in the process, and he crawls over to lie beside her. One arm draped loosely over her waist, the other curled beneath his head.

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