At Wits' End

Healers Hall - Master Fraille's Office

The office of the healer master Fraille is more like a supply room than an office, neat and orderly. It is a plethora of scents and sensations, randing from tuberoot to numbweed to sage and mint. A small slice of the forest. The room is a massive semi-circle, a horseshoe arrangement, and centered in the middle is Fraille's ancient desk, Flop dozing calmly on one corner. The woman sits behind it, working calmly, placing papers here, samples there. A few objects stand out on the desk's surface. One, an empty bottle, curiously shaped and stoppered. It looks like it once contained alcohol of some kind. The other is a small box containing a few effects that can be examined if one grows closer.

A tentative knock sounds at the door to Master Fraille's office, and whomever is behind it waits just a few moments before the dooor peeks open anyways. Poking her head in first Phylicia timidly enters the room, sneezing once as one of the scents tickle her nose overly much. "Excuse me." She says softly, both for her sneeze and to gain attention. "Master Fraille…?" Fully in the room now, one hand is stroking Estevan who sprawls across a shoulder, thrumming softly in comfort. It's been just long enough since the rumor started floating, where Phy has becomed worried, after making a careful jaunt out to Stormhaven.

Master Fraille doesn't look up at first from the notes that she's taking, and it's some few moments after that before she finally looks up. Ancient eyes study the woman for a long moment before she finally speaks, her voice like rust and gravel. "Senior Apprentice. You weren't at my lecture yesterday on basic forestry and herbology…" Something akin to a slight smile tugs at her craggy face. "And I don't give out notes after the fact."

Phylicia has a bit in the way of patience, so waiting quietly for Fraille to finish up whatever she's working on is no huge deal, though just being in the Master's presence alone is knotting up the girl's stomach slightly. "No. I wasn't." She affirms as she takes a few steps closer. She has to wonder if the woman already knows who she is. "I was out, checking on Stormhaven since the paths looked walkable." The explaination brings about the reason why she's even thinking about confronting this daunting ancient woman. "It's bare." One hand is still stroking at the thrumming brown, though her brows are creased with a slight frown that plainly says 'I don't fully understand.'

Master Fraille mms quietly, going back to her notes. "Then I'd say that no one's probably been there in awhile." She makes another few harsh scribbles before grunting, "Have you come to resign your apprenticeship to him then?" Another page done, and placed on a stack. A sample of some kind of plant is examiend next, and she mutters a few things about poor quality.

"No." Phylicia's tone is more waspish than should likely be directed towards a master of her craft, much less this master. "I've told him and I'll tell you, I'm not resigning as his apprentice until /he/ says he won't teach me anymore." Quickly the girl's complexion pales as she realizes how impudent she was being and her eyes lower to the desk. "Sorry, Master Fraille." She apologizes, only half-way meaning it. And that box is gazed upon, as she waits for either the forgiveness or the smack upside the head.

Master Fraille does stop then, looking up from her work with a smile that's more frightening than humorous. "Funny…I just told him that a month ago…before he left." IN an oddly familiar gesture, she tilts her head to more closely examine the young woman before her. "Now I know why he chose you," she says after a long moment. She leans back in her chair then with a little grimace. "What do you want, Apprentice?"

Phylicia manges to pale a little further as Fraille smiles and examines her from across the desk. "Excuse me?" She asks, sounding curious as to the reason why. A brown head butts at her cheek as she pauses after inhaling another breath, trilling softly. "I would like to know, at least, if he's alright. Ciaran and Estevan go somewhere, but don't make much sense when they return." Her shoulders lift in a shrug that could almost speak her frustrations at firelizards not having the same telepathic strength that dragons do. "Besides that, I want to know the truth." There's a momentary pause as she doesn't try to stare Fraille down, but she looks at the ancient master without dropping her gaze. "Did he turn in his knot?"

Master Fraille makes an ugly sound that, after a moment, registers as laughter. "As much as I'd like to squeeze the ONE drop of common sense out of the good Weyrwoman's brain right now and give it to her as a Weyrmating gift, this was a lot easier with her." The laughter dies down after a moment. "She…" Then the old woman shakes her head. "She was…just a baby. IS. Just a baby. Like you…and I begged her not to ask questions that she didn't want the answers to, and she ignored me. And now…" She shrugs. A brief lean down brings her staff into her hand, and she raises from her chair with a grimace of pain. "No, child. The Fetch is not alright. He was, for a time, but he's not right now." With a grunt, she finally makes her feet. "And if you want to know the truth…look for yourself. But be careful…I told the weyrwoman this, and I'll tell you…don't ask the question unless you're prepared for the answer. *She* wasn't…" She gestures to the sealed wooden box on her desk, and then starts away from her desk to one of the bookshelves.

Phylicia starts slightly as Fraille starts to laugh, because that's /not/ what laughter is supposed to sound like. Phy's lips pucker up to accompany her furrowed brow as she thinks, looking at the master as one would reguard someone who's trying to trick you into something. And you /know/ there's a trick there, you just don't know what it is. "You almost make me ask just from the way you put that." The girl states testily. "Playing on a person's curiousity isn't nice." Her gaze has turned back towards the box on the Master's desk and she stops stroking Estevan to cross her arms. "I also know why Ten doesn't answer questions with answers…" She grumbles under her breath. She hasn't looked in the box just yet, but the shifting of her feet shows that she's thinking about it. "Is he at least physically well?" She asks without looking away from the box. Mentally well she can very well guess he's not, but she's a little sad he didn't come seeking her out before he left for whereever. After a few more moments of debate, the apprentice steps forward, reaching for the box to look inside.

"We're not here for NICE, girl. NICE is not what we do. Go talk to your daddy about that," Fraille growls, looking over her shoulder. "You didn't think I'd let the boy run off into the woods with a pretty little girl without looking into who she was, did you?" Then she grimaces. "I hope you didn't tell HIM who your dad was…he hates them." Another shrug, and she turns away again. "With good reason, but still." She pulls a file and begins leafing through it. "He was physically well when he came to see me around a month ago, if you count the vomiting, but that may have had something to do with the dragon. He doesn't fly very well." The flie is closed with a snap. "I answer questions with more questions because people don't handle information the way they should. You tell people something, and they never just…listen. They twist it and turn it and make it something in their own mind, and that's irritating." The box contains a few items: A drinking glass, half-filled with water, and slightly cracked on one side. A small, silver statuette of a dragon. A note with a poem on it from Thea. A silver necklace A Journeyman's cord. A Xanadu Weyr Knot. A small, wooden flute.

Phylicia can do glaring matches, or even yelling matches if that's what Fraille wants to get into. The girl has enough passion to her to forget silly little things such as rank. "He knows what daddy is. But not who." And she's been hoping that if he had any therapy sessions done, her dad wasn't one of the healers. That could lead to all sorts of … interesting situations. She's pretty much ignoring the comments about running off into the woods with each other, because that would take too much self control to keep from snapping at tender topics, such as being too young. It looks like she's about to say something else, but she pauses to think about Fraille's logic and ends up shrugging slightly before she turns her gaze back to the box. Some of the things in there have absolutely no meaning to her, but there's the two knots and the little flute which she can only assume is what dragged her out into the deep forest that one day. She deflates only slightly as she heaves a sigh, closing the box and putting it back on the desk. "I take it this means he," She has to pause for a moment to think of the right words, "renounced the craft? Did he tell you anything?" The girl hasn't shut down, but there's both a tinge of sadness to her voice and also a slight tremor of anger or annoyance. "Or give you anything to pass on?"

"He said he didn't know what he was supposed to do anymore. That … so many of the things he thought were constants weren't." Fraille takes a breath. "He was robbed of his illusions, young lady. And he was robbed by the two people he least expected it to come from. Her…and himself." She gestures to the box. "That box represents the things he wasn't sure about anymore." Flop's head snaps up off of the top of the desk she dozes on then, trilling loudly about a half a second before a dry voice calls, "My knowledge." Soft bootfalls announce someone's further progress into the room, a moment later, Tenebrous bleeds into view from the doorway. "I have nothing else to give to you at this time."

Phylicia nearly jumps again as another voice - a familiar one - joins the conversation, Estevan warbling in greeting. She's still facing the desk, so the brief smile that touches her lips doesn't show until annoyance takes over now, and she turns around to face him. "As. If." Her arms cross under chest in that all to familiar pose. "Last I checked you were doing a fine job teaching me about pillarwood. And I doubt pillarwood and adonis are the only two plants you know." One eyebrow is quirked upwards, her her mouth doesn't follow suit with the extremely light tease, as it's line is more serious. Its the same situation as before. If he really wants to rid himself of an apprentice he's going to have to work harder at it than that. "You weren't planning on leaving me with Master Fraille were you?" And her cheeks have the decency to redden slightly. "If she'd even teach me." Well, she's not a complete snot, and yes, she does remember the other woman is right there in the same room.

The old woman snorts a little and turns back to her file. "She wouldn't, girl. You're a bit too pretty for me. Wouldn't be able to keep you focused and on subject with you going into heat every month the way you young people do…probably wander naked through the woods if the plantlife didn't discourage you…" She moves behind the shelves in the middle of the room then, placing the file somewhere else, and reaching for another. "Welcome back, boy," she calls gruffly. "I assume you've come to sign the resignation paperwork you had me draw up before you left for…wherever it is you went?"

Tenebrous shakes his head and then figures out that the old woman can't see him, and calls, "Not today. But keep it on file for me." Then he turns to regard Phylicia. "So this is the part where you and I have a heart to heart, right?" Wherever he's been…he's tanned now, hair just a little lighter. It might look good if his eyes weren't so cold. Bitter. "As much as the thought of that doesn't appeal to either of us, I think we should probably talk about your working under me."

Phylicia's entire face flushes at the master's running commentary. Not that any of that is true… or at least not in her mind it's not. But the master has answered, that she wouldn't take the girl on. But listening to Tenebrous has her flush under control rather quickly as she nods. "We should talk, yeah." She agrees with a small sigh to her voice. No, she's not really looking forward to this talk now that she knows he has resignation papers on hold for him. "Do you want to find someplace to sit?" She asks as she takes a few steps closer and looks him over. "You got tan. And your hair's lighter." She states the obvious as her head quirks as she looks at him. She caught the state of his eyes when she started to look at him after her came in. She's in a bit of a catch, because she wants to be both friend and apprentice. Both concerned and aggravated.

Tenebrous jerks his chin towards the door. "Let's go to my room. Or your room, or…whatever it is now. Leave her in peace." Then he raises his voice. "And stop sending my flits to the kitchen for eggs, old woman! One is bad enough, and she's finally staying where she belongs!" He waves an irritated hand towards the shelves, but it's clearly in good humor. Then he gestures to Phy. "Come on." He turns to start out of the room, but Fraille's voice stops him. "Boy…" She takes a breath. "Tenebrous." He turns at the sound of his name, one eyebrow raised. "You've … used my name a grand total of four times in the last sixteen turns, I think," he calls back to her, his face strangely emotional. "I won't make a habit of it," Fraille growls before her face softens as well. "Did you find what you were looking for, whenever you went?" Tenebrous sighs quietly. "No, Master…ironically, she found me…when I came back to Rubicon for the Lady Holder's checkup." There's a little hitch in his voice when he rasps, "It's over. All of it, I think." Then he's walking again, one hand pulling his hood up and onto his face. Fraille says nothing, simply watching him go like a healer who knows the injured is beyond her skill…

"It's always been your room." Phylicia says simply, "I was just hiding there for a bit." And there is a past tense there. She hasn't stayed there of late. She watches the exchange between the master and journeyman, the only movement from her being her head turning to watch either of them as they speak. For a few moments as Ten starts to walk away she looks at Fraille and purses her lips together before she turns on her heels, closing the door to the office behind her and takes a few hurried steps to catch up to her mentor, walking along side him since she knows the way as well as he does. She's not going to press yet, her hands clasped behind her back as she walks, quiet.

The trip to Tenebrous' quarters is silent and swift. While he may have been away, he's apparently been keeping up with his jogging. One only hopes that Phylicia hasn't been taking the month off completely. It's only after the door closes that he turns to face Phylicia fully. "This is the only time I'm going to say this, because I don't have the energy in me right now to deflect your questions. Ask me your questions. I'll answer them."

Phylicia has been keeping up with some form of excersize, because she's only breathing a little harder from having to stretch her legs again to keep up with him. As the door closes she takes a deep breath which seems to end the heavier breathing. Any trace of humor or teasing has left her face, and even the pleasant face she had on before he started to go faster is gone. Her face is more or less neutral as it varies between concern for him and sadness. "Why no note, or something to say you were going off?" There's no accusation in her voice, just curiousity. "Are you okay? Some people besides Master Fraille do get concerned y'know." But she doesn't miss a beat. "And why are you thinking of resigning from the craft?" Now that one does get a little bit of hurt tone to it. By no means are those all of her questions, but they're three of the most important ones to her right now.

Tenebrous mms, leaning back against the wall. "One, because I don't really have a parent to leave a note for, and I have no children to leave a note for. I have two friends left here, and they're both intelligent people. And, because I just didn't think about it at the time, Phylicia. I wanted out, and everything about Xanadu reeked of Thea at the time. It still does…" He makes a face. "Especially now." Then he holds up two fingers. "Two. I'm…" He sighs. "Physically, other than needing more sleep and needing what I've heard women call 'A Good Cry(tm)', I'm fine. And as neither of those two are likely to change soon…" He shrugs. "And three…" He slowly sinks onto the bed. "Because I just…have no barometer right now, Phylicia. Of right and wrong, and friendship and love, and what they're all supposed to be. I have absolutely no barometer…I have no business playing healer when someone's life could be on the line." He gestures at the door. "Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I approached my craft with passion, and I couldn't tell them yes or no. And I'll be honest, I don't know how much of that's because i'm a little heartbroken right now, and how much of it's the fact that sometimes, every once in awhile, I can be a drama whore and don't realize it." Hello blunt honesty…

Phylicia's face flushes slightly as he answers her first question. "I got concerned is all. A month gone by and Estevan and Ciaran just not making much sense." Not that they've made too much sense ever. But that seems to be all that she's going to say as she slowly sinks onto the chair at the desk, sitting on it sideways with an arm draped over the back of the chair. After he finishes, her head has been pillowed on that arm, and a half-smirk quirks her lips as she chuckles shortly. "I can't really argue with any of that, as much as I want to." On an impulse she rises from the chair to sit next to him on the bed. "You could change having a good night's rest and a cry, if you want." She offers, her chocolate eyes soft as she looks at him. "There's even a shoulder for you." But she ponders his words about having no barometer. "Purely selfishly, I don't want you to leave the craft." She says after a short while. "I'd have to find a new mentor, and finding /you/ was a big enough pain." That comment does hold a touch of laughter to it, though it promptly tones back down. "But I'm not so selfish as that. You do what you need to do, Ten." One can almost see her wincing inwardly. "If it means you need to leave…" Her shoulders lift in a shrug as if saying 'that's what you do.' She leaves the drama whore comment alone, because well, everyone's a little bit of a drama whore.

Tenebrous turns to face her, his face full of cold lines and sad eyes. "Sleep? Maybe… Cry? Probably not. She took that from me… took it and kept it for herself. Really. She reached up to the corner of my eye, and took a tear, one shed for a good reason, and kept it. And she can have it. It did me no good." True story, folks. "I saw her. Earlier…A dragon transport dropped me off at Rubicon for some business, and she was there…" He laughs a little, and something approaching hot anger flickers into his eyes. "She tells me I … swayed her. That she regrets…all of it. Every last…kiss." Then he blinks, and that anger is buried again. "You were right, Phylicia. At Coldstone, you were right." He looks at the wall hard. "I don't…I know she's your friend, Phylicia, and I don't begrudge you that. And craft or not, member of this Weyr or not, I'll try and teach you as best I can, because I said I would. I just don't want to complicate your life. Anyone's life."

Phylicia actually does cringe slightly as the face he turns to her is filled both with cold and sadness. "That's not a good face for you." She murmurs softly before she gives herself over to listening again. Her own eyes flare for a moment in the middle of it all and drops away just as suddenly, leaving her looking a little tired in the end. "I'm her friend. I'm also an apprentice posted to this Weyr." Because of her own doing, and she's not backing out now. "But I'm also your friend. And friends don't keep friends where they don't want to be." Wait. Is she actually arguing for him going, if that's what he really wants to do? And she's also volenteering to be put in one of the most awkward situations ever. Being freinds with 'exes'. "Threadscore what you said, Ten. Things've changed." No, /really/? "Life is complicated anyway, whether or not you add to it." Her tone is marginally lighter. "What is it that you want to do?"

Tenebrous shrugs a little. "RIght now? I can't believe I'm suggesting this, but…I want to go back to Ista. I've got a…" A little bit of a smile creeps onto his face. "…a friend up there. One of the candidates. She's showing me around the place. The beaches, the cliffs near the shoreline, and perhaps most importatnly…the forest." Then that smile fades. "I want to give my Weyrknot up and just…wander. Anywhere but here. The forests here, the water, my HOME, for Thread's sake…they all smell of Thea…echo her voice…I tried going back to Stormhaven, and I just…couldn't do it. Not alone." He takes a breath. "But whatever it is, I want to find a way to keep helping you learn. That much, at least, I ahve no problems with at all."

Ista. Phylicia has reserves about that place, but understandably so. But she notes the smile. "So go to Ista." She says like it's a no-duh thing to do. If he'd ask, she wouldn't deny the fact him leaving to wander would make her sad. "Go anywhere, and just … forget about Thea." Her voice reflects a little bit of her sadness, especially at hearing that the whole weyr and its surroundings is currently tainted for him. The man gets a look from her, as her brain turns. "Tell you what, Ten." She sits a little straighter on the bed. "You go to Ista. Go wander, do whatever. Have some fun." There's a remnant of a wicked glint in her eye. "Relax if you know how to." She shifts on the bed. "I'll go to classes. There're always Master Fraille's lectures. And after a while, you tell me if you want to keep being my mentor." Or guilt trip Master Fraille into taking her. But there's no definition to this 'a while' idea. It's not like she's on a deadline for the next few turns.

Tenebrous looks at Phylicia for a long moment before he calmly asks, "Come with me? It…doesn't have to be Ista, Phy. I do know someone up there, but like I said, they're a candidate…There are other places to go. Rubicon…Western, Fort…And none of them are so far away that a good dragon can't bring you back here. I'd…take more time off, but I'll be honest, I'm afraid I won't come back here if I do. And I can't just ignore this place forever. It's got you in it. Janelle's here too, and it would break her heart if I never came back. BUt I don't…just want to leave you in classes. THat's not why you asked after me. That's not why I accepted."

Phylicia has the decency to look somewhat guilty though she smiles a little bit. "That's not something I can give you an answer to right now. It's not that I wouldn't like to go, but M'nol might go a little crazy if I just packed up and left on another trip. Especially a long one." Aka, it'd have to be something she talked over with M'nol first. "Anyways, were you going to take over all my lessoning if I did go?" There's a small laugh in her voice now. Being allowed back to Xanadu was under the understanding she wasn't going to shirk her classes or duties. Her smile grows a little bit. "It's nice to be included in your thoughts. Though I promise I can take a few months of classes if you need to unwind, Ten."

Tenebrous shakes his head slowly. "I haven't made a very good point of this, obviously, but I'm not sure *what* I need. Someone once told me that only fools stand still when they don't know what to do. And while I'm certainly starting to think myself the fool…" He spreads his hands. "I can't do nothing, as much as I want to. I can't just…switch off." He exhales. "I think I'm going to turn my Weyrknot in to the Headwoman at the end of the week. Keep my commission as a healer, but …" He waves his hand. "I don't think I can make my home here right now. Study here, perhaps. Teach you, without question. but…"

"Did I say 'do nothing'?" Phylicia asks somewhat rhetorically, because she didn't. "No, I said 'relax' and 'find some enjoyment'. And you're not a fool." Not unless she is too, which she could very well be since she was doing a whole lot of hedging with the M'nol situation. "And you shouldn't 'switch off'. It… doesn't help anything." Sounds like she may have tried that one at some point in time. But she nods as he continues on. "All you really have to do is give me a few days notice so I can tell the masters - and M'nol - y'know." She smiles. "Send Cila to me whenever you think it's time for another lesson." And to Master Fraille so the girl doesn't get her tush kicked out of the craft. "It's not like a lesson at Ista would be too different from a lesson here?" See, she's not trying to impede on his want/need to wander.

Tenebrous snorts. "A lesson at Ista would be…substantially different than here. Even the forests near Coldstone were familiar ground. BUt the forests around Ista are different. Tropical. Different flora. Different fauna." He makes a face. "And roving packs of idiots that have trouble keeping their clothing on." He leans back into the wall then, closing his eyes. "Your lessons will continue. Speak with Fraille, when I am not here. She will show you some of the rudiments of forestry…of botany and the lore of the woods."

Phylicia lifts a hand to rub at the back of her head. "That's … not exactly what I meant by different." But she doesn't make any arguements about what he said, nor an effort to correct herself. She turns her head to look over her shoulder at him as he leans back against the wall. "Didn't you hear her say I'm too pretty for her tastes?" Phylicia half-laughs, though there's a paleness to her cheeks at the thought of spending time with the crone. Pressing Master Fraille isn't quite something she's up to yet, even if she was getting a little uppity. "But… thank you." She says a little more softly, likely for not abandoning her to search out a new mentor.

Tenebrous mms. "You're welcome, for what it's worth." Then he inhales a little, and opens his eyes again. "I assume that you and M'Nol have made your peace? I don't see your undergarments everywhere, nor do I smell your hair. Can I assume you haven't been staying here recently?"

Phylicia's cheeks flush a light rose hue, and though she glares at him her lips are quirked in a smile. "Unless you were rummaging, my undergarments were /not/ everywhere." Maybe there was her night gown at the foot of the bed, but she didn't usually leave things sprawled about. She finally does nod to his question. "Me and him talked, after we got back." Well, more like the day after, because all she wanted to do upon returning was curl up. "And we've definitely made peace, as you put it." Her tone is all smiles, minus the portion that's still worrying about her friend here. "You can use your room again, if that's what you were wondering."

Tenebrous chuckles. "You know, ironically, this is probably the ONLY part of the Weyr that doesn't make me think of her. I never brought her here. Hell, I hardly ever brought *myself* here. That having been said…" He glances over at Phy. "I can sleep anywhere. You can't. Keep your key, and don't bring the boy here." He makes a face. "I can live with the image of you in my bed by simple virtue of your ovaries, but the TWO of you would be creepy." Then he takes another breath. "Last chance before I close the buffet. Other questions."

Phylicia snorts lightly at her friend, still smiling as she finally turns enough so she's not peering over her shoulder so much. "Why would I bring him here if this is meant to be a refuge?" And then one of her eyebrows quirks as she giggles. "What? Just 'cause I'm a girl you can stand to have me in your bed?" … Wait. Her cheeks flush a slightly deeper rose. Yeah, she really needs to learn to think before she speaks. However, he offers the slight distraction by making her think if she had any other questions. "You know that all you have to do is ask, and I'll at /least/ be a listening ear for you?" It seems that any other questions she might have had earlier have fled her head, or just don't seem all that important anymore.

Tenebrous chuckles. "Yes, Phylicia. Just because you're a girl." He snorts and pushes her shoulder a little. "Relax. You're cute, but my hormones are on vacation. On the moon." The smile on his face is slight, but still there. "I tried the listening ear once, Phy. No offense, but…" He shakes his head. "Buffet's closed. For now, anyway. Ask me again in a month…"

Phylicia bobs back after she's pushed, her smile growing a little bit because hey, he's smiling too now. "A listening ear kinda requires someone who's willing to talk." She says with a small shrug. "I am relaxed." Mostly, at least anyways. She looks at the edge of the bed, evidently pondering standing up.

Tenebrous glances over as she stares at the end of the bed. "You should go home," he says quietly. "It's a wonderful thing to do…a wonderful thing to be able to do…" He shifts a little. "I'm going back to Ista," he says quietly. "I'll probably be there until the end of the week, when I turn my knot in. And as an added bonus… " He closes his eyes again, lips moving to form silent words. A moment later, there's a small pop in the air, and a tiny, bright, grass-green firelizard emerges from *between*. His eyes open, and he holds a hand out. "This," he murmurs, "is Truth." He glances over at Phylicia. "This is Phy, little one. Get to know her. You'll be passing messages to her for the rest of the week."

"As an added bonus? To whom?" Phylicia asks with a bit of humor as she leans forward a little to look at the tiny green with a smile. "Hello there, Truth." She greets the small 'lizard, holding out an arm incase the small lady wants to scuttle over. Estevan, who was napping atop the desk until now, lifts up his red-capped head and chirrups in curiousity, taking a few lazy flaps to carry himself over to the bed, so he can also inspect as he trills a greeting.

Tenebrous eyes the brown flit. "She's just a baby," he says evenly. And then, in a voice remarkably like Fraille's, he grumbles, "Youth." Truth apparently isn't shy about strangers, and she hops over to Phy's arm without hesitation. Estevan receives a little chuff of welcome from her before she continues crawling up Phy's shoulder. "I suspect that most people never bother truly tapping the potential that surrounds their firelizards. I'm investigating that in what little free time I have." The little green crawls all the way up to Phylicia's shoulder before looking her in the eye and purring. Little wheels start turning behind those eyes. "This will…make it easier for her to find you. And for you to find her. With notes…"

Phylicia doesn't wince as the green makes her way up her arm, mainly because her shirt is on the thicker side thanks to winter. "That should be interesting." Phy says as she raises a finger to stroke at one of the green's headknobs as she starts to purr. "To see what that gets you." She says as she spares a look from the cute little green. Estevan has taken up a position that could translate as sulking. "Oh you hush, sir. You get enough attention." She scolds at the brown before a grin is given to Ten. "Or letters." Estevan is looked at again, and her free hand nudges the brown, gently toppling the sulking 'lizard over. "Wherry."

Tenebrous mms. "If nothing else, I'll keep the cave renovated so I can lock my two little girls up when they come of age. I knew I didn't seal it up for a reason." He smirks. "Go home, Phylicia. Take her with you, if you want. She'll find her way back to Stormhaven eventually. And I'll find you when it's time."

Phylicia giggles, carefully leaning over to give Ten a light hug if he lets her, trying not to topple Truth who is still on her shoulder. Either way after she pulls back, she scoops Estevan up, depositing the brown on her other shoulder. "You talk as if you're going to be /able/ to stop them from mating." The girl notes with a grin. "Good luck with that. I'll just show her 'Nol's weyr, and let her get comfy with me." His last comment is given a serious nod as she smiles. "I'll be waiting." Is what she says before she starts towards the door.

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